Just remember two things before you read on. This story is a work of fiction
and I in no way own the rights to this series. I'm just taking one of the
hottest women on TV today and doing to her what we all wish the show would.
And as always this is for people over 18.

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Previously on Boston Public:

Winslow High's newest teacher Ronnie Cook finds a note written by one of her
students that gives her a unique opportunity to act like the dirty slut she
had been in her old job as a lawyer. She invites the student back to her
apartment where she gives the young virgin the chance to do whatever he wants
to the beautiful young teacher.

When we left things, Kevin had just blown his second load of the afternoon
all over Ronnie's legs.

Boston Public: Ronnie's Dirty Day Part 2 (mF,F-mast,fist,voy)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

"...Because we still have to rid you of that nasty virginity of yours."
Ronnie Cook's voice was low and very husky and made Kevin Nash's 17 year-old
cock stand up for a third time in only an hour.

"Sure looks like you've got more for me." Ronnie said looking down.

"So... What do you want me to do for you now?"

"Umm." Mumbled Kevin.

"I've got a idea." Ronnie said, standing up and walking over to a chest in
the corner of the living room. She bent down to open the chest's lid and gave
her skirt-clad ass a shake.

"Ever seen a woman masturbate Kevin?" She asked as she rummaged through the

"I caught my sister once." Kevin said watching her ass as it waved from side
to side.

"That doesn't count." Ronnie said with a laugh as she stood up and turned
around. She held in her hands a small black box that she hefted as she spoke.

"Then no." Kevin said looking at the box.

"Well then... Your in for a treat." Ronnie walked over to the couch, put the
box down and opened the lid. Kevin leaned in for a look and found himself
gazing at a assortment of sex toys. Dildos and vibrators of every size and

"What do you want me to use?" Asked Ronnie, smiling at the look on Kevin's
face. "Just pick one." Kevin looked at the contents of the box and pointed
at one of the dildos.

"Oh yes." Ronnie said in approval, picking up the rubber toy and holding it
in her slender hands. Now that Kevin could see it better he guessed why his
sluttish teacher liked it so much. It was twelve inches long and black. Large
veins ran up and down the length and a large head that was almost wider then
the shaft topped it.

"I love this one." She said looking down lovingly at the dildo. "I call him
Bill." She moved over to beside the television and pulled a coffee table into
the middle of the room. She placed it so it was length ways with one end
facing the couch.

"Feel free to join in at any point." Ronnie said before sitting on the edge
of the table facing Kevin. She gave him a bright smile before sticking the
head of the huge dildo into her mouth and sucking on it with relish.

"Mmmm." She said pulling the head out. "Gotta get it wet before I fuck my
tight little pussy with it." She then put it back inside her mouth and began
to feed it down her throat. She tilted her head back so Kevin could see the
progress of the dildo as it went down. About five inches went down before she
started to gag slightly… But she continued trying to stick more of it down
her throat. She gagged harder and started to fuck her own face with the
dildo. Kevin was so transfixed with the display in front of him he hadn't
even started to jerk off again. Ronnie pulled the now slick dildo out of her
mouth and looked at him with a very dirty grin on her gorgeous face.

"I'll do that to your cock any time you want Kevin." Kevin just smiled.
Ronnie put the dildo down on the floor for a moment and stood up. She stood
with her long legs slightly apart, grabbed her short skirt and began to hitch
it up around her hips. Kevin gasped as her pussy came into full view. It was
stunning, with a small amount of neatly trimmed hair that looked as if it had
been recently tended too. The lips were slick with wetness and were very

"Like?" Asked Ronnie.

"Oh my god yes." Kevin said gazing in wonder at the first pussy he'd ever

"Glad you like it." Ronnie said, sitting back on the edge of the table. She
spread her legs wide and reached one hand down to stroke her pussy while she
looked at Kevin with lust in her eyes.

"Do you know how many times I've wanted to just play with myself in front of
you students?" Before today she'd have said that she'd never thought of it...
But now she knew that there had always been a part of her that had.

"Some days it's all I can do to stop myself jumping up on my desk and jamming
my hand up my pussy so all you boys can jerk off." She used two fingers to
spread her pussy lips apart and then stuck two more inside her dripping gash.

"Oh yes!" She cried in pleasure as she found her clit and pinched it between
her fingers.

"Do you like watching your teacher masturbate? Does it make you want to cum?"

"Yes." Kevin answered, grabbing his cock at last and beginning to jerk off

"Well check this out." Ronnie stuck the rest of her fingers inside her pussy
and began to fuck herself with her whole hand. She moaned and grunted as she
balled her hand into a fist while it was still inside her cunt.

"Oh this feels so fucking good!!!" She wailed as she pumped her fist in and
out of her pussy.

"I'm gonna... Ahh!!!" A powerful orgasm ripped through her body as she

FUCK ME HARD!!!" She stopped shaking and pulled her fist out of her pussy and
proceeded to lick it clean.

"My pussy juice is so tasty... Want some?" She bent forward and offered her
hand to Kevin who hesitated.

"Go on." Ronnie prompted.

"It tastes nice." Kevin lent forward and licked a little of her juice off
her hand.

"See." Ronnie cooed as Kevin smiled and then licked the rest of her juice

"Now... Bill is waiting." She said after he was done.

She sat back, picked up the still wet dildo and placed the head at the
entrance to her pussy.

"Here we go." She said before jamming the black rubber roughly inside her
pussy. She lay back on the coffee table, took the dildo in both hands and
started to thrust it in and out of her cunt quickly.

"I WISH THIS WAS YOU KEVIN!!!" She screamed as Kevin's hand became a blur of
motion on his cock.


Kevin couldn't take any more. "Oh Ronnie!!! I'm gonna cum again!!!"

"NO!!!" Ronnie shouted.

"Come up here and fuck my boobs!" Kevin was there in a flash. Straddling the
table so he was sitting on Ronnie's belly. He started to unbutton her suit

"Just rip it open!" Ronnie ordered. Buttons flew as Kevin tore the jacket
open to release her massive breasts. He placed his cock between the two
beautiful globes and pressed them together so they made a tight seal around
his tool.

"Fuck them Kevin!!!" Ronnie gasped as Kevin thrust his cock within the
confines of her breasts. He soon was fucking them as hard as she was fucking
her pussy with Bill.

"Ahh!!!" Kevin grunted.

"I'm cuming Ronnie!!!"

"Cum all over my face baby!" Ronnie moaned as she hit another body-shaking
climax of her own. Kevin's load burst forth, covering Ronnie's face with
warm goo. It landed in her hair, in her eyes and even went up her nose.
After he was finished, Kevin hopped off her and stood there looking down at
his teacher... Laying on a coffee table, covered in his cum with a large
dildo sticking out of her pussy and her large breasts hanging out for all to
see. Ronnie took her hands off the dildo and wiped the cum out of her eyes
and licked it off her fingers.

"Having fun?"

"Fuck yeah." Answered Kevin.

"Want more?"


Ronnie Cook pulled her favourite dildo out of her pussy, stood up and took
Kevin by the hand.

"I think we are too dirty at the moment." She said.

"Better take a shower."



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