Chapter One

Nick Russo waited and worried. He knew Blossom was at her prom, he
knew she would be having fun, but he had also told her to be home early,
and it was now nearly 2 am.
Blossom was drinking, having a good time with Vinnie. After the
prom, they had gone up on the Hill and fooled around, though Blossom
didn't allow Vinnie to go too far.
Nick heard the car and he quickly turned off the light. There was
no sense in letting his sixteen year old daughter know that he was up
Blossom felt very light headed as she went to the porch, Vinnie a
step behind her. She turned and met him with a long, passionate kiss
that he returned.
Nick burned as he looked out the window. She was late, and what was
she doing? Kissing that hoodlum? Nick nearly came out the door when he
saw Vinny squeeze Blossom's breast. Until he heard her giggle. That made
him burn.
Blossom let Vinny handle her breast a while longer before she
stopped him. After all, they were a steady item, and it was her prom
night, the one night when she thought she could get away with a lot
Nick pretended to be asleep as he heard the doorknob rattle, heard
Blossom's keys in the door, heard Vinny's car roar to life as he started
to drive away.
Blossom appeared suspicious when she first came in the door and saw
her father sitting there. But the longer she stood there, the more
convinced she was that he was really asleep.
Nick stared at his daughter through slit eyes. When she came over
to kiss him good night, one of her breasts fell out of her prom dress.
It took all of Nick's inner strength to not wake up and fondle Blossom.
Blossom quickly tucked her breast back in, gave her father a light
kiss, then she woke him, telling him she was home from the prom. Blossom
then told her father good night.
Blossom headed up the stairs, and after a few seconds, Nick
followed his daughter. He was hard, he was excited, he was determined to
see a lot more than just a breast.
Nick opened Blossom's door slightly, wanting to make sure it wasn't
too obvious, yet wanting to make sure that he could see all of his
Blossom had her back to the door. She unzipped the dress, which
fell to the floor. Her tanned back faced Nick, as did her small pair of
white panties, and garter belt.
Nick felt his prick harden as he stared at the panties. When had
Blossom bought them? They didn't cover her ass at all. In fact he could
see a lot of her ass. And how did she get such a good tan, even on her
ass? She didn't have obvious tan lines, so he had to assume that she
had, at some point, tanned naked in his yard.
Blossom didn't hear her door open further. She was busy undoing the
garters from her stockings. If she had only turned around, she might
have been able to stop her father.
"Slut!" yelled Nick. He knocked Blossom down to the bed, following
her down as he ripped her small panties down and off. "I bet you put out
for that son of a bitch boyfriend, didn't you?"
Blossom was stunned as she listened to her father, felt her father
rip her panties off. She tried to struggle with him, but she was face
down on her bed, with her father leaning on the middle of her back.
"Ohhhhhhh Gooddddd" screamed Blossom as loud as she could. "Noooooo! Daddyyyy! Stopppp!"
Nick grabbed the slim hips of Blossom, then reared back and thrust as hard and as deep in her ass as he could. God, was she tight!
Blossom felt her father enter her ass slowly, and she shrieked with pain as he went further and further in. The pain was incredible as she felt the last of her father enter her ass.
Nick stood there for several moments, not wanting to move, afraid to move, knowing that the tightness of his daughter's ass might make him peak before he was ready.
Blossxom shook left, then wildly right, searching for a way to escape her father, escape the pain of his prick as he slowly started to thrust in her ass.
Nick smiled as Blossom shrieked in pain as he thrust in and out of her ass. She was so young, so tight, so perfect as he went faster and faster.
Blossom had never experienced this kind of pain, and she didn't know how to handle it. She could feel her father going faster and faster, and she felt helpless to stop him.
Nick felt so good as he fucked his daughter's ass. To be able to feel her ass, to be able to look down and see his prick as he went in and out, that was what excited him.
Blossom knew that she should fgight, but her senses were overwhelmed by the pain as her father went faster and faster in and out of her ass.
Nick peaked now, shooting his jizz deep in the ass of Blossom. As he continued to work in and out of her ass, he listened as she started to cry.
Blossom felt so helpless, so disgusted, so useless. She had never been forced to give in to a man the way she just had her own father. Her own father! The very thought boggled her mind. She had fought him, and she had lost.
Nick had a wide grin on his face as he started to pull his prick out of the ass of his daughter. The look of pain, the feel of her ass, the sound of crying, all kept him hard.
Blossom rolled to her side when she felt her father pull out of her ass. She covered herself with a sheet and closed her eyes, hoping that he would just leave.
But Nick was still very excited. He stared down at Blossom, stared down at her tear filled face, and he got even more excited. He slapped Blossom.
Blossom's eyes opened in shock as her father continued to slap her again and again. As she opened her mouth to scream, she gaggted as he grabbed her face, then thrust in her mouth.
Nick listened as he entered Blossom's mouth, then sxmiled as she started to choke and gag. Though he had only part of his prick in her mouth, she was doing as he hoped.
Blossom tried to look up at her father, but she couldn't. Her own father had his prick in her mouth, and he was now pulling her short hair.
Nick started to work in and out of Blossom's mouth. He had never felt quite a sensation as he went faster and faster. Her mouth was warm, her throat cool.
Blossom's eyes almost came out of her head as Nick thrust all the way down her throat. Her loud choking and gagging excited him, and he started to pull her closer.
Nick moaned as he felt the lips of his daughter, the tongue of his daughter on his prick as he went faster and faster in and out of her mouth.
Blossom felt so disgusted, so used. She had never sucked a man, and now her own father was forcing her to do it. She could see that her tears had no effect on him.
Nick felt so powerful. To be able to look down, to be able to see his prick go in the mouth of his daughter, to be able to hear her chokes and gags, overwhelmed his senses.
Blossom cringed, because she had talked to her friends enough to know what her father's moans meant. Her father, the man she adored, was about to come in her mouth.
Nick wanted to make sure that Blossom never forgot tghis night, so as he peaked, he pulled out, sending several waves of his jizz across her face and into her hair. Only then did he bring his prick back to her mouth and force it back in.
Blossom tried to wait out her father, but he just stood there, his prick shooting in her mouth. She finally had no choice but to swallow his jizz.
Nick smiled when his daughter swallowed. He knew that she would never forget tonight, and he still planned on making it even more special for her.
Blossom had started to cry again, and when her father pulled his prick out of her mouth, she started to moan and whine as she looked away from her father.
Nick already knbew what else he wanted to do. He slapped Blossom several times, then he turned her over on her back. She screamed as he spread her legs.
Blossom couldn't believe this was happening to her! And on her prom night!
Nick could only stare down between the legs of his daughter. Blossom had no tan lines. Her pussy appeared to thrust forward, but the lips remained closed. She had a small forest of hair in the middle. The rest appeared hairless.
"Ohhhhhh myyyyy Gooddddd!" she screamed at the top of her voice. "Noooooo! Dadddyyyyy! Plleassee! Goodddddd! Itttt hurrtttsss!"
Nick spread Blossom open as wide as he could, then thrust forward and down. Blossom was so tight, he barely entered her. He tried a second time, then a third. Finally, on his fourth thrust, he thrust down, felt the hymen break, and felt her blood start to flow.
Blossom screamed with every stroke as she felt her pussy fill with the blood of her broken virginity. What she had fought her entire life to keep had disappeared in an instant.
Nick kept thrusting deeper and deeper. Only then did he start to work in and out of his daughter. He kissxed her, he slapped her, he spread her wider.
Blossom felt so overwhelmed by the pain. She had never felt this kind of pain before. She slapped her father, but all he did was slap her back.
Nick kept thrusting in and out. He was fucking his daughter's brains out, and there was nothing she could do to stop him as he went faster and faster.
Blossom tried to kick her father, she tried to head butt her father, she tried everything she could think of to escape her father, escape his prick. But he had her spread and he was fucking her, and that was all that mattered.
Nick went faster and faster. He didn't know which was better: to feel Blossom's pussy as he fucked her, or to be able to look down and see the blood as he worked in and out.
Blossom collapsed to the bed as she allow the pain, and her father, to overwhelm her. Her mind reeled at the implications of what had just happened to her.
Nick peaked now, shooting his jizz deep in the tight, bloody pussy of his only daughter. He knew he would never forget this prom night, and he also knew it was just starting for his daughter.
Blossom screamed and yelled even as she felt her father pull out of her pussy. She tried to kick him, but her legs were so tired they fell weakly down.
Nick was staring, open mouthed, at the door.
Six stared at Nick, then down at Blossom, her fingers working in her own pussy.
"So how was she?" asked Six.
Nick smiled.
"Not as good as you."
Blossom stared at her father and her best friend in stunned astonishment. She screamed as Six slammed the door.


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