BLOSSOM: First Date
By Uncle Mike

"Sure, I understand," Nick said into the phone. "No, no hard
feelings. Well, nice talking to you."

"Shot down again, huh?" His son Anthony came ambling in
from the kitchen.

"Yeah," Nick said, "and thanks for the sympathy. Hey, are you
doing anything Saturday night? Maybe we could rent a video, or

"Sorry, Dad, no dice. I've got to work." Anthony plopped down
in front of the TV as Nick's other son, Joey, came through the front
door. "Hey, Joey," Anthony called out. "Dad struck out with some
woman again. You busy Saturday night?"

"Uh, no," Joey said. "Why?"

"To go out with Dad," Anthony explained patiently.

"Oh. Uh, I'm busy."

"But Joey," Nick broke in. "You just said you were free!"

"Uh -- something came up?"

"But ..."

Not waiting for the rest, Joey ducked into the kitchen.

Just then Nick's daughter, Blossom, came down the stairs. She
was about 16, just on the verge of true womanhood. She hid a
developing body in an agglomeration of bits and pieces of old
clothes, but her growing breasts and slender legs were becoming
too noticeable to be hidden. Nick had done the best he could
raising her on his own these last few years since the divorce, but
secretly he feared he hadn't done enough. Was she ready for
adulthood -- and adult relationships? One son was a recovering
addict, another was -- not to put it too bluntly -- dumb as a rock.
Blossom was his last hope.

Luckily, he thought to himself, she never seemed to realize
how much hope and concern he had invested in her; she was
almost always cheerful, easy-going, ready for anything.

"Hi, Dad," she called out, heading for the door. "I gotta ..."

"Blossom!" he cut in. "Are you ..."

"Watch out," Anthony interrupted. "Dad got stiffed again. He's

"Again?" Blossom edged closer to the door. "Look, I've really
gotta go ..."

"Doing anything Saturday night?" Nick finished.

"Looking for someone to go out with him," Anthony said.

"Out to meet Six," Blossom answered as she slipped out the
door. "See ya!"

=== === === ===

"So, like, he wants you to spend Saturday night with him?
Your own father?" Six, Blossom's closest and dearest friend,
punctuated her amazement with a deep draw on the straw sticking
out of her ice cream soda.

"Yeah, Six, but I didn't say yes or anything," Blossom said.

"So what's the problem?"

"The problem is I think I should. Say yes, I mean."

"But, Blossom, this Saturday? It's, like, the biggest dance ever!
Like, everyone will be there! You can't miss it -- Oh, wait. Don't
tell me you're thinking of bringing your dad along?"

"No, it's not that. I just think we should have some time
together. You know, father-daughter stuff. With school and dates, I
hardly ever just sit down with him anymore."

=== === === ===

Nick was staring at some old movie on TV when Blossom
slipped in the door that evening. "Oh, hi, Blossom," he said
quietly, before dipping a hand into his microwave popcorn. He
tried to put just enough angst into his words to make her feel
guilty, without putting in so much that she'd catch on to the con. It
was a dirty job being a parent, he told himself, but someone had to
do it.

The young girl came up behind him and put her arms around
his neck. Nick's eyebrows rose. Had it worked?

"Hey, Dad, guess what? I am free Saturday," she said. "So
whaddaya say? Is it a date?"

"A date? Oh, sure, I guess, if you really want to," Nick said,
lazily. "I was going to do some work around the house, but if you
want some company ..."

Blossom put her lips close to his ear. "Nice try, Dad," she
whispered. "But I saw right through you. Pick me up at seven. And
it better be a nice dinner."

As she went up the stairs to her room, Nick turned around and
watched her go with a smile on his face. Well, he thought, I guess
my act didn't work, but who cares? At least I won't be alone on
Saturday night.


Six was sitting cross-legged on the bed as Blossom pulled out
outfit after outfit.

"What's the big deal, Blossom? You're only going out with
your dad. It's not like you have to look good or anything. Why
don't you wear that green thing?"

"What, I don't look good in that?" Blossom held the vest and
skirt against her body. "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing's wrong with it," her friend said, exasperated. "That's
my point. I think. Look, just throw something on. You don't have
to impress anyone."

"But I want to, Six," Blossom said, tossing the green outfit onto
the rumpled pile of rejects. "I know it's just my dad, but he's taking
me to a really fancy restaurant. And, besides, I want to look nice
for him. Show him how good I turned out, so he doesn't keep
worrying about whether I'll be a catastrophe."

"You? A catastrophe? Come on, Blossom. Now, me ..."

"Well, he worries. I mean, he doesn't say anything about it, but
I can tell. So I think -- hey, how about this?" She pulled out a black
velvet dress from the deep recesses of her closet and held it up.

"Wow, where have you been hiding that?"

Blossom blushed. "I bought it for one of the dances last year.
You know, the one I didn't go to? I thought I'd look all
sophisticated, but it was too big and I just looked like a little girl
playing dress up. That's why I stayed home at the last minute. I
don't know. Maybe I've grown into it?"

At Six's urging she slipped into the sleek dress. She had,
indeed, grown into it. As she twirled in the mirror, the dress clung
to her curves. Its deep V neckline plunged between her breasts,
showing off their firm young mounds, and the thin spaghetti straps
concealed nothing of the creamy sweep of her shoulders. Although
the hem fell to her knees, deep slits on either side showed off
flashes of slim thighs with every movement. When Blossom
stepped into a pair of shiny black high-heeled pumps, she
completed the transformation from frumpy teenager to blossoming
young woman.

Six stared open-mouthed. At last she shrieked in glee.
"Blossom! Is that you?"

Blossom made one last twirl in front of the mirror. "I do look
pretty good, don't I?"

"You look like a million bucks. But ..."


"Well -- you're not gonna wear that with your dad, are you? I
mean, Blossom, this is not a dress for going out with Daddy. This
is a dress for going out with -- I don't know, somebody hunky.
You've gotta save this!"

A cloud of uncertainty crossed Blossom's face. Then, with a
look of determination, she unzipped the dress -- but hung it in the
front of the closet, not back in the dim recesses. "That's the one,"
she said. "That way my dad will know his little girl has grown up."


Nick shrugged into a gray sports coat, smoothed out the
wrinkles in his slacks and tugged his tie into place. For a minute,
he almost felt like he was getting ready for a first date. Blossom
had insisted they go someplace nice, and Arturo's was the best
Italian restaurant in town. But it also had a strict dress code. He
twisted his neck back and forth and stuck a finger underneath the
collar. Darn shirts must be shrinking, he thought; they didn't used
to be this tight.

At 8 o'clock sharp he heard footsteps tumbling down the stairs.
He looked up ... and wondered how such a beautiful woman could
have snuck into the house without him noticing. It was only when
he glimpsed that unmistakable nose that he was really convinced
this was his daughter.

Blossom's lithe legs flashed down the stairs; with every step
the dress's slits parted, revealing a long expanse of leg encased in
sheer black stockings. The velvet clung tightly to her young body,
emphasizing the slim waist, the full breasts. A gold pendant on a
thin chain hung just between the twin rises. Nick had to force his
eyes away.

He tried to swallow and found that his mouth had gone dry. He
had never imagined Blossom could look so -- so, well, sexy. The
thought hit him hard. This was the little girl he was sending off
into the world? How could she protect herself? Every horny boy in
sight would be trying to get his hands on her. With a frown, he
thought of some greasy punk putting the moves on his daughter.

"Hey, Dad, cheer up," Blossom chirped as she hit the bottom
step. "Come on, this is our big date! You've got to show a girl a
good time!" She slipped her arm into his and steered him toward
the door.

The ride over to the restaurant, the conversation was just like
any other they'd had over the years -- what happened in school that
day, what dumb thing Joey had done now, stuff like that. But when
they got to Arturo's and the maitre'd in his tuxedo showed them to
a candlelit booth set with red linen, white china and sparkling
crystal, Nick didn't feel comfortable chiding Blossom about her
homework. Their talk turned to more serious topics -- her future
dreams, his future worries. Blossom seemed like a pro at it, he
thought; even as he went along with it he knew she was carefully
guiding their conversation, keeping it happy, trying to boost his
spirits. She seemed so mature, in these surroundings.

Maybe, he thought, maybe it was because seeing her outside of
the house meant seeing her outside of all the accumulated
memories of her childhood. In such an adult setting, he was finally
able to see his daughter as an adult -- or, he reminded himself,
almost an adult.

He tried to tell her that, but the words seemed to trip over
themselves and he couldn't get them out right. Trying to make his
point, he reached across the table and took her slim hand in his. It
started out as just a momentary gesture, but his hand lingered on
hers. He felt her downy skin, the pulse beating just below the
surface. Their eyes locked and for a moment neither spoke.

"Ahem." It was the waiter, bringing their main courses. Nick
took his hand away, slowly. The conversation lagged as they ate.

Halfway through dessert, Blossom suddenly whispered to her
father. "Psst. That couple to your right. Don't look now! The ones
having the lasagna."

Nick lifted his napkin up to his face, using it as a shield while
he snuck a peek. A middle-aged couple surrounded by a forest of
empty wine bottles and glasses looked away quickly as his eyes
caught his.

"What is it?" he whispered to his daughter. "What are they

Blossom leaned over the table, keeping her voice low. Her
young breasts pressed against the top of her dress as she bent
forward, and her pendant dangled just above her pasta.

"They've been staring at us all night. You know what I think?"
She winked.


"I bet they think I'm your date, not your daughter." She smiled.
"From the looks on their faces now, I'm almost sure of it!"

Nick leaned back, blushing. He was a bit embarrassed, but
Blossom seemed to take it as a great joke.

"You know," she said as the waiter picked up Nick's credit
card, "we could really drive them crazy. You want to?"

Nick smirked. This was the Blossom he always knew, the one
who loved to pull the leg of stuffy people. With only a passing
thought about pulling a practical joke in such a fancy place, he
nodded his assent. "What do we do?"

"Just follow my lead," she said. The waiter brought the check
back then; Nick signed off with a generous tip and rose from the

Blossom slid out of her side. As she did, her skirt rode up and a
slit opened wide, giving the couple at the next table a clear view of
her luscious legs. She tugged on Nick's shoulder as he started to
turn for the door. He turned back to her, and Blossom reached up
and flung her arms around his neck and kissed him.

It was no father-daughter kiss. She opened her mouth and
pressed it to his lips, slipping her tongue inside. He felt her body
pressed closely to his, her breasts squashed against his chest, one
of her legs wrapped around his. His arms surrounded her, and his
hands met on the bare, warm skin of her back. Blossom held the
kiss for a full minute, her hands tangling in his hair.

At last they broke their embrace. "Thanks for the dinner,
Daddy," Blossom said in a stage whisper as they passed the
obviously shocked couple.

Nick's mind was awhirl. To his own shock, he realized he now
had an erection, his hard cock pressing against his pants. He hastily
buttoned up his sports coat, hoping it would cover up the bulge.
For a fraction of a second, he had forgotten Blossom was his
daughter and had become lost in a passionate kiss with a very
lovely young woman. Now, realizing what he had done, Nick was
in a daze.

Somehow he made his way to the car. As he opened the door
for her, Blossom pecked him on the cheek -- a very daughterly
thing to do. By the time he'd gotten in on his side, he'd almost
convinced himself he was exaggerating what had gone before. He
felt his erection subsiding as he slipped his key into the ignition
and started up the engine. Then he looked over at his daughter. She
was looking out the passenger window, the light from a passing car
throwing her into silhouette. Nick smiled at the familiar profile.
But then his eyes went down, down to her chest, where he could
see her breasts heaving. It wasn't just him, he knew then.

And as the car passed and his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he
saw the smooth curves of Blossom's silky legs. He closed his eyes
briefly. His erection was back.

Suppressing his stormy emotions, Nick opened his eyes again
and pulled out of the parking spot. "Good food, don't you think?"
he said, an artificial brightness making his voice brittle.

"Hmm? Oh, yes," Blossom said, still staring out her window.
She seemed far away.

"Yes, good food," Nick repeated.

They didn't say another word while they drove across town to
the theater, got their tickets and settled into a back row in the
crowded screening room.

The lights dimmed, but it took a few minutes, while the trailers
zipped past, for the audience to quiet down. The theater was
hushed by the time the feature was underway. It was a romance --
Blossom had picked it out, of course -- filled with lingering
moments and tight embraces.

Nick became aware, little by little, of a subtle scent of roses.
He bent closer to Blossom -- yes, it was her perfume. She noticed
the movement and bent toward him, resting her head on his
shoulder. Nick watched as the light from the screen cast a
flickering halo around Blossom's long brown hair. Each strand
seemed to catch the light a different way, lending a sultry sheen to
her appearance.

A man from further down the row bumped past then. "Excuse
me! Pardon me!" Nick and Blossom settled back into their seats
after he passed.

On the screen, it grew cold and wintry as the lovers struggled
to make a go of it. The sound of the wind rushing through the
cracks in their hovel seemed to fill the theater, and soon everyone
in the audience was shivering along with the actors. Nick put his
arm around Blossom's shoulder and drew her close.

She burrowed into his side. He felt his heart thump loudly and
was amazed that everyone else in the theater didn't turn around and
tell him to shush.

Nick's hand was resting on Blossom's bare arm. Then she
shifted slightly and his hand slipped in between her arm and her
side. Instinctively he flexed his fingers and felt her warm flesh give
a little. The feeling was familiar. His eyes staring straight ahead,
Nick realized with a thud that he was groping his daughter's breast.
His cock grew harder and he squirmed a bit.

Blossom made no move to get away. It seemed to Nick that his
hand didn't belong to him any more. Without conscious direction,
it followed the sensuous curve of Blossom's firm mound. His
fingers moved slowly, tenderly across the velvet. A prickle of
electricity shot up Nick's arm as they strayed off the material and
onto her skin in the deep valley between her breasts. Her pendant
slipped over his fingers as they explored further.

"Sorry! Coming through!" The man from down the aisle
worked his way back past them, a huge tub of popcorn and a vat of
soda clutched to his body. This time when he passed Nick and
Blossom remained linked.

Nick's cock was rock-hard now, squeezed so tightly by his
slacks that the pain was intense. Suddenly he felt the pressure ease.
As he looked down, a small, pale hand was unzipping his fly.

Nick licked his lips.

A small voice within him continued to tell him it was wrong.
But the memory of his daughter's hot, burning kiss was stronger.
As the lopsided battle went on with his conscience, Blossom
spread apart the flap of his briefs and tugged his dick free.

Nick sighed at the relief as his massive erection sprang out.
While he tenderly caressed Blossom's breasts, his young daughter
grasped his shaft and began to rub. Slowly, at first. He felt her
fingers slide over the wide helmet and down the rod, tugging
slightly at the dry skin stretched tight by his hard-on. Soon, though,
a few drops of pre-cum oozed out of the tip and she rubbed them
down, lubricating his shaft as she began to speed up her

She was using only her thumb and forefinger to circle his cock.
Nick bent down and whispered in her ear. "Use your whole hand,
sweetheart. Oh, yes, like that. Honey, you know I love you. You're
making your father very happy now. Oh, sweetheart!"

Blossom, her head still buried in his side, murmured back, "Is
it really good, Dad? Am I doing it all right?"

"You're doing it perfect, Blossom," Nick cooed. "Just ... just ...

Two spurts, then a third and the cum boiled out of him,
erupting out the tip of his cock and flowing down over Blossom's
hand. She continued to rub until he pushed her hand away.

Taking his arm from her side, Nick reached into his coat pocket
and pulled out a handkerchief, offering it to his daughter.

But Blossom lifted her head and looked directly into his eyes.
Then she put her hand to her mouth, the hand glistening with
Nick's cum, and licked the fingers clean, one by one. After she had
finished, Nick bent down and kissed her. The taste of his own salty
cum in his daughter's mouth was incredibly erotic, and his cock
began to stiffen slightly.

Just then the credits began to roll and the house lights came up
slowly. Nick stuffed his cock back into his pants and zipped them

Nick weaved slightly as they walked out to the parking lot; he
felt unsteady and uncertain and very confused.

Blossom clung closely to him, but the crowd was everywhere
and it wasn't until they were both in the car that he felt it safe to

"Blossom..." he began.

"Dad..." she did as well.

They both smiled.

"You first," she said at last.

Nick began by looking at her, but found it easier to turn away
and stare out the windshield. He took a deep breath.

"Blossom, I -- I'm sorry for what happened in there. I let things
get out of control. It's my fault. I -- Can you forgive me? Can you
ever forgive me?"

Blossom put a hand on his arm. Nick flinched.

"Dad, it's not your fault. You can't help what happened. It was
me. I -- I don't know. Maybe I got caught up in the movie. All I
know is that I love you and ..."

"I love you, too, Blossom. But you know we can't..."

"I know!"

Nick could hear her sobbing quietly, but Nick still kept his eyes
straight ahead. His fingers were curled so tightly around the
steering wheel that the knuckles were a ghostly white.

"It's wrong." Even to Nick, his words sounded cold and flat.
"It's just wrong. Blossom, I'm your father. I should know better.
But when I saw you tonight, so beautiful, so -- so sexy, I -- NO!
No, I can't do that! I can't say that! There's no excuse!" His head
fell onto the steering wheel. "Oh, God, what have I done?"

"Dad?" Blossom put her arm around him. "Dad, I -- maybe I
wanted something to happen. I knew what this dress was like. And
in the restaurant -- well, you know. I have to admit I've wondered
for a long time what it would be like to kiss you like that. I've
never kissed a boy like that -- well, except for one, once, but that
was just to see what it was like. And it wasn't -- like it was with

"So it's my fault, Dad. Oh, please, don't hate me!"

"Hate you?" Nick turned toward her. He saw the tracks of her
tears running down her smooth cheeks. "Honey, I love you. I really
do. I always -- always ..."

Nick bent forward. The words were still dying on his lips when
he kissed the tears from her cheeks. But then he went on, to her
mouth. Their tongues met. A flame rose high within him. His arms
wrapped around her, pressing her against his chest. He felt her
heartbeat pounding madly. Eagerly, hungrily they kissed.

All hesitation and doubt had left him. There was room for just
one emotion in his mind, and that was a deep, abiding, erotic love
for this nubile goddess in his arms.

Their embrace lasted long after the other cars had left the lot.
Finally they broke it off. With trembling hands, Nick put the car
into gear and drove off.

What now, he thought? Now that I am madly in love with my
own daughter?

It was Blossom who made the next choice.

"Turn here," she said softly. "At the light."

Nick swung the car to the right. Within a few blocks they had
left the bright lights of the main road behind them. He looked
around. It had been awhile since he'd been in this part of town, and
he wasn't sure where they were heading. The street lights were few
and far between now.

"There, off to the right. See, between those two posts?"

Dimly he made out a rutted path. The headlights picked out a
narrow, rugged lane that went into the brush for a hundred feet or
so and then stopped in a dark, secluded clearing.

He turned to Blossom. "Where are we?"

"The kids at school told me about this place," she said quietly.
"They use it for -- well, special occasions. I've never been here
myself. I guess I never had a special occasion - until now."

Blossom's fingertips brushed Nick's neck as she helped him off
with his sports coat. The steering wheel jabbed him in the side as
he twisted.

"Maybe we should ..." Blossom said, motioning with her eyes
to the back seat.

She and Nick got out on opposite sides of the car. Blossom
quickly opened the rear door on her side and slid in.

Nick, though, closed the driver's door and then let his body sag
against the car's frame. The enormity of what he was about to do
seemed to concentrate itself into a roar in his head like a massive
wave breaking over the shore. I can't, he told himself.

There was a tap at the window. He looked in. Blossom crooked
a finger at him. He got in.

The young girl slid back to her side of the car. While Nick
loosened his tie and undid his belt buckle, Blossom slipped the thin
straps of her dress off her shoulder and reached behind her back to
pull down the short zipper.

Tugging his shirt out of his slacks, Nick found his thoughts
hopelessly tangled. In his mind's eye he saw Blossom growing up -
- a babe in arms, a little girl taking her first bike ride, a kid singing
along with him. But when he looked up he saw something else: a
lovely maiden lowering her dress, exposing a pair of exquisite
breasts. The thin moonlight rippling through the branches made
speckled patterns on her pale skin, revealing now and again the
small, dark circles at the peak of each breast, the darker nubbins
protruding from them.

Nick fumbled off his shoes and socks, then slid off his slacks
and briefs. Blossom reached out, her dress still half-on, and
caressed his chest.

And then she wiggled out of the dress. As it slumped to the
floor, she reached down and peeled off her pantyhose.

Even in the dim light, Nick could make out the dark patch of
hair, the voluptuous swell of her hips.

He moved toward her, stretching out on the bench seat. His
hand fluttered above her body, tracing out every curve and hollow.
They kissed, tenderly, and then he moved down, nuzzling her neck,
working his way to Blossom's perfect orbs. With soft, butterfly
kisses he surrounded them, until at last he reached the summit.
Then greedily he suckled his daughter's nipples, taking them into
his mouth, biting gently at their sensitive skin.

Blossom moaned, deeply, and writhed beneath him.

Nick's hand followed the swoop of her torso down to her
thighs. He ran the back of his hand over the soft skin, moving with
each pass closer and closer to her virgin treasure. Blossom opened
herself to him, spreading her legs apart.

Nick savored every second, every touch, every sensation.
Never in his life, he thought, had he seen such a perfect body.
Never had love and lust mingled so intoxicatingly.

His fingers brushed against the crinkly hair of his daughter's
pubic mound, and then slid down to her labia. He was delighted to
find them already slick. Tenderly he spread them, slipping a finger
inside, running it up and down her lubricated slit.

"Yesss," Blossom sighed, spreading her legs further apart.

Nick explored deeper into his daughter, pressing on until he
came to the maidenhead. A frisson of joy reverberated in his head.
Still a virgin! For a second some almost dead part of him called out
to let her remain so. But this felt so right.

His thumb found the little button of her clitoris and Blossom
shrieked for a second. Her breath was coming in gulps now as he
manipulated her clitoris and extended two fingers into her opening.

"I want you," Blossom gasped. "I want you in me now,

Nick shifted, rolling over so that his hips rested between hers.
He felt the underside of his cock rub against her pubic patch,
scratching delicately at the sensitive shaft.

"We don't -- we don't have to do anything you don't want to,"
he whispered to her. "I want you, honey, but if we're going too fast,
it's not too late."

"No! I want you!" she insisted. "Please, please, put it in me!"

Nick let the head of his cock slide down to the hot, wet
entrance to his daughter's tunnel. Blossom immediately began to
buck up at him.

He held back, letting his cock ride up and down the slick folds.
He wanted her first time to be as special, as gentle, as perfect as he
could make it. Still holding his cock outside her, Nick bent down
and kissed Blossom. She kissed him back hard, inflamed with lust.

Ever so slightly, ever so cautiously he pressed his cock into
her. The hot folds spread apart easily, opening -- blossoming, even
-- to accept his engorged rod.

With the helmet not quite all the way in, Nick pulled back
again. Blossom answered with a quiet growl. "You're teasing me,"
she protested.

"Love isn't something to be rush, Blossom," Nick told his
daughter. "It's like a fine wine. You should approach it slowly.
Explore it from every angle. Sip at it lightly, then savor the taste."
As he spoke, he again slid his cockhead into her. This time he let
the helmet pop all the way in, but held it there.

"What if I want to gulp it?" Blossom said. He could hear the
smile in her voice.

"There will be time for that later," he said. "But now, honey,
this might hurt a bit."

"I know, " she said. "But I'm -- I'm ready."

Nick covered her mouth with his as he pressed his cock up to
her maidenhead. The thin tissue held. He thrust once, twice, a third
time, and then felt it tear away, allowing his cock to slide all the
way in.

Her vagina was tight, tighter than he'd ever had before. He felt
every inch inside her, and it was hard to resist the urge to begin
driving his shaft in and out immediately.

But Blossom was biting her lip, and a tear or two glistened in
the corners of her eyes.

She must have sensed his fear. "It wasn't too bad," she

That eased Nick's fears, but he still was afraid to move. After a
few moments, Blossom moved her hips under him, urging him on.
Still he didn't dare.

His daughter put her lips to his ear and whispered softly.

"Fuck me, Daddy."

With a groan, Nick eased his raging hard-on out of Blossom's
cunt and plunged it back in.

"Oh, yes!" she cried, her hands clawing at his naked back.
"Yes, more!"

Nick complied with her request, driving his rod in and out of
her no longer virginal tunnel. On each up-stroke he would lift
almost completely out, so he could get the delight of feeling her
tight lips spread open before his pressure again and again.

Fucking his daughter, her hole so tight, but her body so willing,
made him feel like a teenager again himself, like he was
experiencing his own first fuck. He tried out different rhythms, he
wiggled his cock from side to side -- though there wasn't much
room to maneuver -- he even inserted a finger in her anus and felt
the pressure of his shaft through her asshole's wall.

Through it all Blossom kept up a running commentary,
complimenting his technique, suggesting new angles, screaming
her joy. Her mother had been almost silent in bed, especially
toward the end; this was a new and wonderful experience for Nick.
Blossom's encouragement -- especially, he found, the unusual thrill
of hearing her use language he never thought she knew --
magnified his ecstasy.

"Fuck me harder," the young girl moaned. "I want your cock in
me all the way. Please, please, push it in! Harder!"

With her vaginal secretions easing the way, Nick increased the
tempo, faster, faster, pistoning his rod into her eager cunt until he
felt a boiling in his loins.

"Oh, God, Blossom, I'm gonna cum," he groaned. "I'd better
pull out!"

"No, no! I'm on the Pill! Put it all in me!" She was a wildcat,
scratching at his sides as she bucked furiously. "I want it all!"

And then Nick felt the cum explode out of him, a hot jet of
jism surging into his daughter. He pressed his mouth to hers as the
cum poured out.

Blossom kept humping her hips, trying for more and more.
Nick's cock quivered under her attack; it had grown so sensitive
after the orgasm that every touch was a delicious agony. He
pounded his fists into the car's upholstery as his daughter fought to
push him into her cunt.

At last Nick's rod began to shrink, until just the tip was still
clutched in her vaginal lips. He raised himself on his arms and
tried to move away.

"Oh, no, you don't," Blossom said with a smirk. She had
wrapped her legs around his, holding in him place.

"I can't do any more," Nick protested. "That's it!"

"Maybe not," Blossom purred as she licked his sweaty neck.
"Are you sure?"

Nick thought he was, but now his daughter was caressing his
shaft with her cunt, bucking up at in in short, sharp movements. To
his amazement, his cock began to grow again. A third time in one
night? That was a record for him, he knew.

But Blossom seemed to take it for granted. God, what a devil
he had, Nick thought.

Obeying his cock's urgings, he resumed the in-and-out
motions, sliding through his daughter's pillowy tunnel. She sighed
as she matched him stroke for stroke.

It didn't last long this time. Nick's cock quickly grew larger,
thicker, pressing against the tight walls. "Oh, God, Dad," Blossom
said. "It's even better! Oh, please, please, take it slow. That's it!"

Nick played her cunt like a violin, running his bow over the
strings of his daughter's cunt. It built and built to a crashing
crescendo as again he felt his cum boil up.

And this time Blossom joined in his cries. "I'm cumming," she
moaned. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't sttooooopppppppp!" As the
jism pulsed out of his cock, Nick felt Blossom stiffen and then
suddenly release like a spring, and again, and again. Her wild
flailing milked every drop of cum from his cock until at last she
was still and he slipped his shrunken rod out of her, still cuddling
her to him as the sweat cooled their bodies.

"Dad?" Blossom whispered in his ear.

"Yes, honey?"

"I'm free next Saturday."


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