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Bloodrayne/Tomb Raider: The Lovers - Rayne And Lara Croft
by Knorg ([email protected])

Butterflies in her stomach, tingling in her nipples, goose-pimples on her
flesh, she was staining her nightdress. Lara shivered with anticipation as
she sat brushing her long hair, slowly, counting the brush strokes like when
she was little. She was wearing a long flowing white night-dress with nothing
beneath, sitting alone in her bed-room before her dressing mirror. A light
wind stirred the drapes around her open window and caressed her beautiful
tanned face.

Chnk. Metal against stone, Lara caught the faint sound outside as her
heartbeat picked up. She laid her brush on her dressing table and turned.
Rayne was rising from a crouched position, allowing Lara the briefest
glimpse of her pert nipples on pale skin as she stood.

Neither woman spoke. Fresh in the minds of each was their encounter on a hot
Californian night as each sought the Glove of Myhnegon for their own reasons.
They had both felt the passion and lust then, but it was neither the time,
nor as ever, the place; Rayne had promised Lara she would come to her in
England, on that night, and in a whirlwind of new feeling and emotion the
erstwhile Tomb Raider had spent every night at her ancestral home awaiting
the Dhampir. For Rayne, it had more than half a century since she'd met
anyone who made her feel like Lara did, who made her glad to exist, to keep
on going for more than 'doing what's right' and 'fighting for good.'

The English woman made her feel warm.

Lara stood by the bed and smiled, shyly. Rayne slid the arm blades, the
leather gloves she always wore, from her arms and rubbed the flesh gently.
She dropped them to the floor, and pulled Lara towards her. Lara almost
collapsed into Rayne's strong lithe arms as Rayne explored her mouth with
her tongue, tasting her and dominating her tongue. Lara's nipples showed
visibly through her nightdress, rubbing gently against Rayne's corset as her
breasts were pulled in against the smaller woman's chest. Lara moaned into
Rayne's mouth as the hungry vampire dropped her now bear arms down her back
and began scooping up her nightdress, dropping it forgotten to the floor.

Lara didn't want to break the kiss as Rayne pushed the dress up over her
head, and tangled her fingers in the short red hair of her lover. Rayne
caught the scent of blood in the air, rising up. It was Lara's time. Rayne
suckled on Lara's nipple as she gently moved the tomb raider back until her
knees hit her waiting bed, and she sank down upon it; The dhampir followed
her down and continued to play with Lara's breasts, licking, sucking,
caressing, gently biting. Lara sat with her head back and back arched
towards Rayne, her eyes closed. Soft moans escaped her mouth with sharp
gasps of pure pleasure. She thought she would climax just from the dhampir's
skilful touch on her bosom.

Rayne luxuriated in the firm feeling of Lara's large breasts, the taste and
smell of her skin, the quick shudders she was starting to feel and as she ran
her tongue again around one of the tomb raider's hard nipples, a heart-felt
pre-orgasmic groan that made the dhampir weak at the knees. Rayne dropped to
her knees, pulling her head from Lara's saliva-shiny tanned breasts and
kissing her way down her flat muscular stomach. Denied her breast induced
climax Lara gently took Rayne's head and looked her in the eyes. Rayne
immediately saw the need, the raw and naked emotional lust that was coursing
through every part of the Tomb Raider. Keeping Lara's gaze the Dampir pushed
her left hand down the waist band of her costume and gently pumped her own
slick sex with two fingers. Lara opened her mouth and sucked on the sopping
sticky digits as Rayne held them up for her, both moaning together.

The dhampir pulled her fingers from Lara's mouth and took ahold of her tight
buttocks with both hands. Lara felt herself being pulled closer to the edge
of the as Rayne returned to kissing her way down her lover's stomach. She
breathed deeply as if she could drink the scent of Lara's hot sweat, sex
and menses and live from it. Lara lifted her long legs gently sat them over
Rayne's shoulders, surrounding the Dhampir in the muscular warmth of her
flesh, loving the contrast of her darkly tanned skin against the dhampir's
paleness. Rayne blew gently on Lara's shaven sex, causing Lara to squeal
aloud as she untangled her hands from the red hair, clawed at he bed-sheets,
trying to hump her crotch forward.

Rayne gently licked her agile tongue the length of Lara's wet vaginal lips,
tasting her lubricating-juice and menses mixture, flicking it back into her
mouth and swallowing. Lara was shaking on the bed as Rayne paused again to
savour the flavour of Lara's blood and honey. It was too much for the Tomb
Raider, who groaned throatily as she pulled Rayne's face into her crotch
with lust-fuelled strength. Rayne needed no further cue and thrust her long
tongue inside Lara's slickly wet hole as she lubed her cold thumb from the
now freely dripping juices and began gently rubbing around Lara's swollen

Lara's thighs squeezed tighter about Rayne's head as she wordlessly mewled
her pleasure, holding herself tight onto the Dhampir's face. Rayne dropped
her spare hand back down to her own crotch, slipping it into her black
panties easily and her fingers into her sopping pussy even easier. She
finger-fucked herself with furious intensity, the soft liquid noises of her
masturbation growing with Lara's moaning as Rayne pulled the both of them up
to their first climax.

Lara locked her ankles together as her whole body stiffened and her brown
eyes rolled back in her head. She screamed a birth-scream of release as she
came, gushing like a hose over Rayne's face as the Dhampir screamed into her
own simultaneous orgasm, blood and juice and lust and love searing her mind
as the tsunami washed over and through her.

The lovers lay limply as the cool breeze kissed them through the curtains,
the whole night ahead of them.


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