Blondie: Visitor In The Night (M/F)
by Wilcox

As soon as you walk through the door, it's obvious to your husband that
you're in a foul mood. You mutter, "Hello" and stalk off to fix yourself a

"Bad day, honey?" Dagwood asks. You tell him about your latest catering
clients calling off a big party at the last minute, after you'd already
prepared for it." He decides that you need some TLC and calls out, "Why don't
you let me take care of dinner tonight honey? The kids are staying over
friend's houses so it's just the two of us."

That seems to help your disposition, although you still sit and sulk and
consume a few more stiff ones. Your mood is slightly better as you sit down
to dinner, now very tipsy, but it soon becomes apparent from the look on
your face that your still totally pissed. Dagwood makes a few unreciprocated
efforts at small talk and humor, but you mostly eat in silence. After Dagwood
finishes cleaning up dinner, he finds you scowling at the TV, drunkenly
flipping the channels.

He sits down and says, "I have an idea for something that might make you feel
better." You look at him. He continues, "It might help release some tension
if we fooled around," and he smiles at you invitingly. You look back at the
TV and say, "I'm NOT in the mood," as if he had just asked you to take out
the garbage.

"Honestly, sweetie, I think we're both a little tense because we haven't
had sex in more than a week." You just grunt "No" while continuing to flip
through channels. After a while, you get up, "I'm exhausted. I need to get
a good night's sleep." As he watches you stomp up the stairs, he thinks,
"Yeah, I know what YOU need, and it's not sleep."

Soon, you're dreaming about being alone in a cabin in the mountains. It's
so peaceful, so relaxing. Your lying on the bed listening to the sound of
rushing water and birds singing. There are hands caressing your body, your
sides, your arms, your stomach, and now gently circling your breasts. It
feels so good, you can't resist as they tease and tantilize you so

You start to return to the real world and realize that the hands on your
body are not part of your dream. You have woken up in bed to find a man's
hands exploring your body. You can hear the sound of his heavy breathing.
You assume that it must be your husband, but when you open your eyes to look,
you can't see anything. You reach up to see if there is anything over your
eyes, but quickly realize that it is simply pitch black in the room.

The door and curtains must be closed and the nightlight out. "Why did he do
that?" you wonder. You feel him in the dark sit up and then reach under your
nightshirt for your panties, which he yanks off unceremoniously. His left
hand lunges between your legs, his forefinger slips between your ass-cheeks
and his thumb slides through your pussy lips.

You are surprised at how forcefully he does this, but you also discover that
you are quite wet. He must have licked his finger, because it slides easily
around your anus. Your brain screams, "Don't touch me THERE," but your hips
buck in response to the pleasure they are getting from this new game. You
feel very drunk and strangely vulnerable, and realize that the heaving of
your hips is the only motion you've made since you woke up to find his hands
upon you. "Dagwood," you start to say, "I told you that..."

He silences you by quickly pulling up your nightshirt and roughly spreading
your legs wide open. He moves up over you and mounts you before you can
react. You're surprised again as he enters you. He feels so much bigger
tonight, longer and much thicker? God, has he started taking Viagra without
telling you. This isn't how you'd come to expect him to make love to you. In
fact, it isn't really making love at all. This is raw naked fucking... his
huge cock is pounding into your juicy pussy like a piston.

You feel the tip of his cock hitting your cervix with every deep thrust as
his heavy balls slap up against your upturned little ass. God, when have I
ever felt him so deep, you think. The motion is regular, hungry, and selfish.
When his hands reach down to your big breasts they grab and pinch, pulling
and twisting your spikey nipples. You're just a toy for his pleasure. You
feel on the verge of cumming, but also frightened as your hands explore his
body. "I didn't realize he'd been working out," you think at not finding his
familiar flab.

"Is it you?" you whimper. "Please tell me it's you honey."

In response, the man covers your mouth with his own. You find yourself
exchanging tongues submissively. Your so drunk that the uncertainty and fear
are intoxicating to your already weaken mind. You feel completely in his
control, yet somehow completely free... he's doing it all to you. You didn't
ask for it, so you're not responsible for it. You drop over the edge... your
orgasms are so intense they hurt. You'd scream if his mouth weren't muffling
your mouth and his tongue weren't dancing with your own.

As you writhe under him, the rythm of his fucking speeds up... he'll cum soon
you think. You'll be able to tell by his moans whether it's him. But he cums
quietly, like he's afraid to be discovered. You feel his hot seed rushing
into the depths of your pussy, blast after blast splashing the back of your
womb, and the uncertainty you feel makes your orgasm grow in intensity.

The force of his cum was unlike anything you'd ever felt with your husband
before and your pussy involuntarily clenches his thick meat, milking out
every drop. All the time he continues kissing you. When you come back down to
earth, you can't catch your breath.

As the thoughts whirled through your mind, you began to feel him moving
inside you again, slowly pulling his half-hard cock out of your pussy lips
before thrusting back in, and he was growing harder by the second. You
couldn't believe how fast he'd recovered and blinked in shock. Maybe he's
started taking Viagra, you think.

You scream in unsure delight as he begins pounding your pussy with his cock.
The intense feeling of being fucked so masterfully by such a large cock makes
you have one orgasm after another. You're bucking wildly as you moaned in
pleasure beneath him.

Just as your about to reach release again, he pulls out of you and moves down
your body with his hungry mouth. Savouring your heaving breasts then lifting
your hips with his hands and devouring your soaked pussy with his lips,
pushing his thick tongue where his manhood had just been. At the unfamiliar
sensation, you scream out, "God!" and clench the bed sheets at your side.
Soon he has you moaning again as he gobbles down your flowing juices.

He pulls back and rolls your trembling body over onto your stomach. You make
an effort to say, "No, don't... I can't take any more...," as he raises you
up on all fours to mount you from behind. You start to struggle and try to
crawl away from him, but he grabs you again by the hips, pulls you back to
him and locks you in place.

You arch your back and moan as he easily punches his huge cock into your
swollen, cum drenched cunt. You bury your face into the pillow, it muffles
your constant moans as he rams his long thick cock up inside your tender
blonde fringed little pussy and fucks your glove tight cunt powerfully doggie
style, a first for you.

"Aruggggggggggggg..." you moan, cumming on the thick pole that's ravaging
your precious body. Twice more you reach mind shattering orgasms as you're
fucked doggie style on your bed.

You feel him getting close. His cock is swelling within you. With a mighty
thrust, he slams all he has inside of you. His body tenses as his testicles
explode, sending cum shooting up inside your womb again. Your barely able to
speak as he shoots load after load of his thick warm cum into your quivering
body. He pulls you against him as hard as he can as his cock empties inside
of your clencing pussy. Then you both collapse onto the bed. His huge cock
still deep inside your pussy as he falls on top of you from behind.

Slowly he begins humping you again, trying to bring his cock back to full
staff. The sensation of your slippery pussy walls tightening around him
brings a deep groan of satisfaction to his throat. You can't believe he's
still going at you from behind. His weight presses you deep into the mattress
and brings a moan from you as your sensitive nipples scrape against the
sheets. He's cum in you twice, something Dagwood had never done before

You can feel his hot cum flowing out of your pussy, running down your crotch.
As he again picks up the pace, you just lay there taking it, thinking to
yourself, "What's happenning. Is this Dagwood or not?"

"Ungh," you moan as he pushed so deep inside you you wonder if he'll come out
your throat. He stills and you feel him pull out again, this time completely.
His hands massage your firm buns and you moan, hoping he's finished. Then you
feel him insert a finger, then two, and scoop out some of his cum from your

The movement brushes against your clit, and you orgasm instantly. It was so
powerful, you don't even feel him spread his juices around your anus, and
you realize too late what he has in mind as he begins to push his cockhead
against your tight rosebud.

"Oh, god, no! Not there!... Oh my god!" you scream as he pressed forward.
He's never even tried this before and now he has you face down and
defenseless as he prepares to drive his big cock into your ass.

You whimper as his cockhead throbs at your virgin anus. It yields under his
pressure as he flexes his buttocks and rams his hips forward. His big
cockhead pops into your rear channel and deep up your virgin asshole as your
head jerks up and your face contorts in a savage grimace of pain.

You arch your back and clench your jaw as he presses his thick cock into your
tight asshole. You've never wanted to let Dagwood fuck you there, and now you
know why. It hurts like hell. "OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" you cry as
his fingers dig into the softness of your creamy buttocks, his head flung
back as he flexes his buttocks and grinds his hips forward.

His cock squeezes deeper and deeper into your tight little asshole. Your
fingers tighten into a fist and your face creases in pain. Then, incredibly
to you, the pain begins to change in nature, hot and hard, searing inexorably
inward. Deeper and deeper it goes, and he groans, burying the enormity of his
thick penis in your tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to your quivering

A few minutes later, you're panting and clutching the bedsheets again, your
ass thrust up in the air as he starts moving, thrusting in and out, he sighs
and groans, in total bliss at the glove tight grip of your virgin asshole.

You grunt as the pain fades, replaced by an most pleasurable sensation as you
start to get into it. Pretty soon, you're humping up at him, begging, "Fuck
me... fuck my ass." You're whimpering, writhing your buttocks erotically in
his crotch. He gasps, running his hands down your body to squeeze your
breasts as he sodomizes you slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

His squeezing hands send electric currents of unknown, before now, pleasure
surging through your body from your tingling breasts. His big cock grinds in
and out of your impossibly stretched open anus as though it were the most
natural thing in the world for him to do to his loving wife.

You moan and shudder, rocking to and fro underneath him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seem to inflame his passion. Your
body rocks and jerks under his thrusts, his hands on your hips, pulling your
tiny anus up and down the length of his demanding cock.

"Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, baby... fuck me!
Fuck my ass!" you call out uncontrollably.

He stops suddenly, jerking his cock out of your anus and, quickly, pushing
it down, rams it heavily into your cunt. You cry out thinly, lurching and
jerking as he ram fucks your cunt furiously, hammering his hips at your
buttocks, reaming his cock deep into your little pink slit.

Suddenly, he lurches out of your cunt and again drills your anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and he sodomizes you thoroughly. You explode, your
fingers tightly clenching the bed sheets.

He senses your orgasm and slides out of your anus and into your cunt again
and fucks you furiously. You whimper and cry out in joy as you orgasm, even
harder than before. He slams his cock deep into your pussy for one more
thrust before he pumps you full of his baby juice again.

His big cock is inhuman, it feels as though a bar of molten steel is inside
of you. Mercifully he pulls out and you sigh in relief that it's over, but
instead of falling to the bed he fits his dick against your spasming little
asshole. His cockhead throbs at your anus as he presses foward. It yields
under the pressure as he flexes his buttocks and slides his hips forward. His
cockhead pops back into your rear channel. Your head jerks up in disbelieve
as he begins to sodomize you again.

You become numb in your body as he fucks you up the ass for another half hour
non-stop, then he deposites another heavy load of spunk deep up your tight
little asshole before he pulls out for good, finally leaving you laying on
the bed in total exhaustion.

He immediately got off the bed. You hear him fumbling in the dark. Then you
hear him pulling clothes on. He darts out the door. The hallway is dark, and
you can't get a clear look at his outline. He seems shorter. Or was he just
stooped over? Did he have a big head of hair, or was that some kind of hat?

You're so in shock that for a few minutes it's hard to even move. But you
eventually pull your nightshirt back on, go to the bathroom to clean up and
splash water on your face, and then stumble downstairs, walking gingerly. You
see Dagwood sitting in the living room with his back to the stairs, reading a
magazine and listening to something with his headphones on.

You check the front door... locked. You check the back door... unlocked. You
come over to your husband and get his attention.

"Hi," he smiles, taking off the headphones.

You hear U2 blasting out of them. "Why are you wearing headphones?" you ask.

He looks puzzled. "You said you were going to sleep," he explains.

You slowly nod and then say, "You left the kitchen door open again."

"Oh, sorry," your husband says, "I'll be more careful," he promises. He
stares at me for a moment. "You okay?" he asks. "You seem a little flushed
and your walking strange, what happened to you."

"Ohhh, It's nothing," you say. "I just had a... strange dream and I tripped
earlier and strained a leg muscle."

He nods and gives a sympathetic smile.

Actually, my legs muscles have been strained by the pounding my tight pussy
and asshole just took as they were stretched as never before, but you can't
tell him that, can you. You wonder whether you should ask him some more
questions. It occurs to you that, if you had to, you could check to see
whether your smell was on his body.

But that would destroy the fantasy... one way or the other. So, you just say
"Goodnight" and head back up the stairs. When you get in bed, your so horny
at the thought of one of your neighbors possible slipping into your bed that
you start to masturbate. Suddenly you think, "MY GOD, his cock felt so damn
big, I wonder if he was black?"


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