The Bumstead's Second Honeymoon (MMF,MF,voy,reluc)
by Wilcox

My wife and I had rented a cabin at a remote lake for a week. It was isolated
and as far away from the rigors of our every day lives as we could make it.
We left the kids with their grandparents for our first time to be alone in
many years. It was to be a kind of second honeymoon.

Now let me say that my wife, Blondie, is really hot with an incredible body.
She's a curly haired blonde with long legs, big full breasts and a fabulous
ass with firm, high riding buns that are highlighted by her flaring hips. I
was used to seeing men turn to stare at her every time she walked by them.

We were both virgins when we married and have always been faithful to each
other. Our sex life up to this point had always been great, although Blondie
was pretty straight-laced and usually only wanted to make love in the
missionary position.

We got to the cabin Saturday afternoon after stopping in town for groceries.
The weather was beautiful and after unloading the car and getting the cottage
arranged Blondie made us a nice supper. While she was cleaning up I grabbed a
beer and went to sit on the porch.

That's when I saw this guy pull up at the cottage next door. He carried some
stuff into the cottage and in a little while he came back out with a beer in
his hand. Wondering what was going on because the rental agent had assured me
that we would be all alone up here, I decided to check it out and walked over
to him.

I introduced myself and he said his name was Sam. He had a rugged outdoorsman
look and the build of a football player. His hair was clipped short and his
6'3" body bulged with muscles on top of muscles. He looked like he had a
30-inch neck and could start as a linebacker for a pro team.

He told me that he had rented a cottage on a lake about ten miles away but
the cottage he was to stay in wasn't ready. He'd called the rental agent and
told him that he'd better find him someplace to stay. The agent violated his
agreement with me and sent him here. He said he drove over to check the place
out and that one his buddies were going to drop in later.

At about this time Blondie came out and joined us. I introduced them and I
noticed that Sam was undressing my wife with his eyes. It was something I
was used to and I accepted it as a fact of life when you married a beautiful
woman. After talking about the weather and who knows what else for awhile we
went back to our cottage.

When we got back in our cottage I got us both another beer. We sat and
made small talk for a while and Blondie brought up Sam two or three times,
wondering where he lived and what he did. I wasn't interested in Sam and
after awhile when my beer was gone I suggested we go to bed a begin enjoying
our second honeymoon. I stripped out of my clothes and got under the covers
naked while Blondie went into the bathroom.

When she came out she had on a baby doll nightie. I pulled her to the bed
and buried my tongue in her mouth, one hand rubbing her breasts and the
other going under her panties and rubbing her pussy lips. She reached for
my cock as I started pulling her baby dolls off and started licking my way
down to her breasts, taking a nipple in my mouth and stretching it out with
my lips.

After giving both nipples a good tongue-lashing I kissed my way down her
body. What I found surprised me, she was soaking wet, I licked her juicy
slit and stuck my tongue in as far as I could before going back up to her
clit. Blondie was moaning and lifting her hips off the bed, thrusting into
my face. I moved around to the 69 position to get my cock by her face. She
licked it a few times and kissed it but avoided letting me put it in her
mouth, instead urging me to put it in her.

While licking her clit and pussy lips I shoved 2 finger in her and tried
to reach her G spot. I must have found it because she started screaming
and cumming. Her nectar was sweet as honey. As she settled down I quickly
reversed ends and drove my cock in her. She was so wet it went all the way
in with just one stroke. This sent her over the edge again and as her cunt
gripped my cock so tight it took me along with her. It felt like I wouldn't
stop cumming, throb after throb I kept going, sliding in and out, keeping
her thrusting with me until we both had cum again.

As we slowly rolled apart I pulled her to me, telling her how much I loved
her and kissed her. She held me and told me she loved me too. She laughed and
said she had cum at least three times and didn't think she had ever cum that
much before. As I held her to me as we basked in the afterglow and cuddled
together we soon fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning the dawn was just beginning to lighten up the
new day. I was still spooning with Blondie and had my arm across her waist.
Sliding my hand up to her breasts I gently massaged them, enjoying the
feeling of her full meaty mounds, but I also had another feeling telling me
I needed to hit the bathroom.

After taking a leak I came back to the bed and gently shook Blondie awake
and told her that we had our first full day to enjoy. I told her to go in
the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee while I took a quick shower. After
the shower I put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and headed to the kitchen.

For some reason Blondie had not turned on the light and as I started to do
so she quickly said, "Don't turn on the lights." Looking around in the
darkened kitchen I saw her looking out the window. She had put on a robe
but it was hanging open and her hand looked like it was moving between her

Walking up behind her I put my arms around her inside her robe, caressing
her breasts. Leaning over her I looked out the window over her shoulder. The
other cottage was only about 20 feet away and our kitchen window looked right
into the bedroom of the cottage next door. There in all his glory stood Sam.
Naked with a towel on his head drying his hair, but that was not what had
Blondie's attention.

Between his legs hung a monster of a cock. It hung half way to his knees
and it was still flaccid. She was really turned on by the sight and was
unconsciously masturbating as she gazed upon our extremely well hung
neighbor. As I squeezed her nipples she began to moan and shudder as an
orgasm swept over her. Sam turned and walked out of sight so I kissed
Blondie and patted her on the ass and told her I would make the coffee
and for her to go take a shower.

After we had breakfast we drove into town and looked around the area for most
of the day. We returned by late afternoon and decided to laze away rest the
day down by the lake. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The mirror-surfaced
lake reflected the trees and rising mountaintops in the distance. It was
still rather hot out and Blondie was wearing the tiny little string bikini
that I'd gotten her especially for this vacation. I'd spotted it in a shop
at the mall and when I pulled out the white bikini that seemed to be mostly
of strings she said, "You expect me to wear this?"

"There's nothing to this," Blondie said in amazement. A sales girl approached
and asked if we needed any help. "Do women really wear this skimpy thing?"
Blondie questioned.

"Oh, yes, it's a good seller," the clerk replied. "Let me show you how it's's not as hard to put on as it looks," The sales girl continued.
"You take the top strings and bring them up over your shoulders and tie them
behind your neck, and the bottom strings wrap cross and around your back and
tie back together in front. For the bottom, the two top side strings tie on
the sides of each your hips with the bottom strings on the end of the thong
that fits between your buns. With a figure like yours, it will truly show you

"That's what I'm afraid of." Blondie said, giving me a concerned look.

"If you want Honey, you can wear it only when we're alone," I'd told her.

"If I wear it at all, you mean," she flashed back at me. She finally gave in
and we bought it and I was never happier. Until this morning that is, because
Sam was outside as we walked down to the waters edge. His eyes were glued to
Blondie's practically naked body.

The two tiny triangles of material barely covered her nipples so that both
sides of her full thrusting tits were clearly visible. They had a seductive
jiggle going on as we approached him. The bottom triangle of the thong
exposed her flaring hips and basically just provided a slash of color over
her mound. Her firm naked buns rolled with the sway of her hips and I truly
regretted talking her into getting it as I saw the lust on Sam's face.

There were only the three of us. The rest of the cabins were empty and we
made small talk as the sun began to set. Sam went back to his cabin and
returned with a cooler full of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I tried
to beg off on the drinking but Sam insisted and Blondie went along saying,
"Oh lighten up Dagwood. We are on vacation after all."

We broke out some cards and began to play "Hearts." We also started some
heavy drinking and I was pretty smashed in no time. I'd always had a low
tolerance for alcohol. I guess with the drinks and the fact that Sam hadn't
done anything really outrageous, Blondie and I began to relax, and (as
usual, after a few drinks) Blondie became quite tipsy and very flirtatious.

Around about 9 o'clock, Sam asked if we ever went skinny-dipping. I guess
he could tell from the look and smile Blondie and I shared, that we had --
quite often, as a matter of fact.

He grabbed the deck of cards and said, "I thought so. Well, we're all
alone up here Let's play a few hands of `strip blackjack' and then we'll
go swimming."

I started to decline, when I felt Blondie's hand on mine, "What the hell,
Dagwood. There's just the three of us and we are on vacation. Let's have
some fun and be a little naughty."

I couldn't talk her out of it and reluctantly agreed. I'm sure the fact that
I was shit faced helped me back down on my objections.

Sam was the dealer and, to my surprise, he lost the first hand. He was
wearing only his swim trunks and he stood up and lowered them off his hips.
He had the largest, thickest cock I have ever seen, hanging semi-rigid
between his legs, it was easily twice the size of mine and I could see my
wife Blondie, wide eyed, giving it a very close inspection and unconsciously
licking her lips. It looked ever bigger than it had earlier this morning
when we'd seen it through his cabin window.

He started to deal, and I asked him what he was betting since he didn't have
any more clothes on.

He smiled at me and said, "Don't worry about it, Dagwood my-boy."

He won the next hand and I shed my shirt. Sam gave her a pass but told her
that if she lost again her bikini was coming off. I tied Sam on the next
hand, but Blondie went bust.

"Blondie, Blondie, Blondie. Time to pay the piper, Dear." Sam grinned from
ear to ear as Blondie stood next to him and slowly removed her bikini making
a little strip-tease out of it.

Sam's eyes drank in her lucious naked body as she wiggled and jiggled in
time to the music coming from the radio. His eyes traveled from her big full
thrusting perfectly formed tits, down over her tiny waist and flat tummy, her
sexy flaring hips and firm, high riding little buns, her blonde little muff
and long sexy legs.

"I knew you were a natural blonde -- never doubted it for a moment, Blondie,"
he said reaching out and sliding his big hands all over her magnificent body.
"And your incredible tits -- magnificent," he said as he lifted and fondled
her gravity defying breasts. "You give new meaning to going `bust," he said
as he tweaked and rolled her spiky nipples with his fingers. Sam lifted his
eyes from Blondie's full breasts to stare into her eyes and smiled.

Blondie smiled back totally relaxed with her nudity and his hands feeling her
up. Her eyes were locked on his long thick cock as it twitched and extended
to become a massive erection close to a foot long.

I staggered up, "Well, I guess the game's over. Let's go swimming."

Sam grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back down into my chair. "Dagwood
my-boy, what say you and me go mano-a-mano for one hand? Winner take all?"

"What are we betting, Sam?"

He smiled at Blondie and then looked at me, "Well, the loser gets his cabin
for the night."

"And the winner?"

"Don't be dense, Dagwood my-boy. The winner gets Blondie."

I tried to get up, "Don't be ridiculous, Sam. This has gone far enough. You
can't intimidate me into a crazy bet like that." Of course I was drunk on my
ass and knew I couldn't stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do.

In an instant, Sam grabbed my wrist and clipped my feet out from under me. I
fell forward, to the table, hitting it with my chin, and was held there, in
his iron grasp. He wasn't even sweating.

Blondie placed her hand on Sam's huge chest. "Please! Please don't fight.
Don't hurt Dagwood, Sam."

"I don't want to be ignorant, Dagwood my-boy. Let's ask Blondie if she's
game." He turned and looked at her standing there, naked and glowing in the
moonlight. Still holding me, he stood and slapped his huge semi-hard dick
on the table.

"What do you say, Blondie, Honey? You look like a good sport. It'll be a good
time for you, either way -- I guarantee it. Dagwood and I will play one more
hand. The winner takes you to bed. Do you want to be the prize, Blondie?"

Blondie giggled and hiccuped. She looked at me, then at his huge cock, and
back at me. She nodded her head, once.

"I'll take that as a yes. Good! I'll deal." Sam dealt me two cards and I went
bust on the third. He stood and grabbed Blondie around the waist. His big
hand cupped her breast, lifting and squeezing it as he pulled her over to his

Over his shoulder, he glanced at me and said, "See you in the morning,
Dagwood my-boy, and don't worry about your sexy little wife here, she's in
good hands. Be a good boy while she's entertaining me?"

To my right his bedroom light came on. I walked over to the window and looked
into the room. The bed was in front and to the right of the window but the
light was coming from the left, it must be on the dresser.

I figured that I could stay to the left of the window and in the dark and
still see all of the bed. Just as I got there Blondie and Sam came into the
room. Blondie looked so beautiful I felt myself getting hard. Blondie pushed
Sam so he was setting on the edge of the bed and she got down on her knees.
Blondie stared at his huge cock like she couldn't believe her eyes. "God," I
heard her say, "it's beautiful." She had both hands on it, stroking it and
tilting it all around, starring at it.

"What are you going to do with it?" Sam asked.

Blondie didn't say anything, she just bent her head down and started kissing
and licking it then trying to put it in her mouth. She could get only the
head and maybe two inches in her mouth but she was kind of in a feeding
frenzy, kissing, licking and swirling her tongue around it. I thought then
that it looked like she was going to cum just by sucking on his cock.

Sam let her go to it for a few minutes and then reached down and pulled her
up, turning her around and laying her on the bed. He then got on his knees
and dove between her legs. After his first lick he said, damn your soaking
wet down here. He then went back licking and sucking her cunt and in about
two minutes he had her thrashing about on the bed yelling, "OOOHHH GGGGGODDD,

"You're a hot little bitch, aren't you," Sam said.

Blondie giggled and then asked him to go get the rubbers she had brought with
her, They are in the front room, she said. Sam argued that he didn't like to
use rubbers but Blondie pleaded with him to use them and finally Sam relented
and went and got them. After he put one on, Blondie said, "now hurry up and
put it in me." She was dying for that big cock.

Sam got up and pushed her further up on to the bed and then got between her
legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her cunt lips. She moaned and
told him to go slow, she had never had one that big before.

Sam pulled her legs up to his shoulders and that gave me a birdseye view. He
slowly pushed the head in and I could see her cunt lips spread to take him
in. Slowly he sank into her, two inches, four inches, six inches. Blondie was
moaning and saying, "Oh God, Oh God, slow, wait a second till I adjust, OK
now some more, OOOOhhhh God, aren't you all in yet?"

"Couple more inches," Sam told her.

"OK stud, give me all of it," Blondie told him.

Sam sank the rest of the way in until his balls banged into her ass. He had
no sooner started stroking in and out before Blondie started moaning and
jerking her hips around and yelling, "I'm cumming." Sam held still until
Blondie settled back down. He then pulled all the way out and I saw him reach
down, pull off the rubber and throw it on the floor.

He then slide it back in and the started giving her long, slow strokes.

Blondie must have noticed that the rubber was gone because she yelled, "NO,
put the rubber back on." Sam ignored her and started to speed up. By this
time it's too late for her to stop him. I watched as Sam leaned forward and
laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked her for
all he was worth as her arms went to his neck.

"I knew you'd like it rough, bitch. I could see it in your eyes, all night.
You're the type that has all those sweaty construction workers fantasies.
You like the big, strong man taking you, don't you?" he taunted as he fucked
my wife.

And he was right. She was pumping and rolling her hips hard up into Sam's.
Her breathing was in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all
of her strength, going crazy under him again, moaning and groaning again,
then screaming, "OOOOhhhh God, OOOOhhhh God, I'm cumming, IIIIII'm

This put Sam over the edge too as he tightened up and started cumming with
her. His heavy load started to leak out all around his cock as he pumped her.
Sam slowly pulled out as his cock started going soft and he lay down beside
her, pulling her to him in a big bear hug and kissing her. That's when I
noticed that he had given her a hickey on her neck.

By this time I can hardly see because of the tears in my eyes. They lie side
by side for about ten seconds before I see Blondie reaching for his cock
again. As she starts stroking it she asked, "How long till he can go again?"

"That depends on you," he said. "If you want to go soon you'll have to give
me a blowjob."

Blondie scooted down on the bed and started to suck him again. "You'll have
to tell me how," she said, "I've never really learned how."

Sam moved down to sit on the edge of the bed and told her to get on her knees
on the floor between his legs. He then put his hands on the sides of her head
and slowly pushed his cock into her mouth. When he hit the back of her mouth
he told her to run her tongue all around it, especially the underside of the
head. Then, pushing and pulling her head he started to fuck her mouth. As he
kept going deeper he told her to relax her throat and breathe through her

Blondie was trying but when he went in deep she started to gag and couldn't
get her breath. Sam told her to breathe through her nose and to try to
swallow at the same time. Still holding her head he continued to fuck her
mouth and as I watched she must have been getting the hang of it because
before long she's taking almost all of his 10 inches down her throat.

After about two minutes he let go of her head and Blondie continued to go
down on his cock. Before long Sam put his hand behind her head and started
pushing in harder and his balls tightened up as he started to cum. When he
finished he pulled out of her mouth. She swallowed most of it and there was
just a little cum around her mouth. Blondie jumped up on the bed beside Sam,
kissing him and asked, "How did I do?"

"Great Baby," he said, "with a little practice you'll be able to deep throat
like a pro." Blondie blushed and said that she didn't think that she would
like it but she really enjoyed it and that the taste wasn't as bad as she'd
thought it would be. "In fact," she said, "I really liked the taste of your
cum." I was shocked that she actually looked rather proud of herself.

Blurry-eyed I made my way back to our cottage. Lying down on the bed I
couldn't get the image of her sucking his cock out of my mind. I knew I
should get some sleep but every time I closed my eyes that was all I could
see. After tossing and turning for about 20 minutes I heard a car pull up
next door. Again going to the kitchen window I looked into the bedroom next
door and saw a man enter. I quickly went outside and back to the bedroom

By the time I got to the window the new guy was striped. This guy was bigger
than Sam was. He must have stood 6'6" tall and weighed at least 300 pounds.
That's when I remembered that Sam had said that he was expecting his buddy
Jerry to stop in.

Blondie was on her knees, grabbing both cocks and comparing them. Jerry must
have been two inches longer than Sam and half again as big around. Blondie
then started trying to fit this big guys cock in her mouth. About all she
could get in was the head. I heard her giggle and say, "You're right Sam, he
is bigger but there is no way I can deepthroat this. It's all I can do to get
the head in my mouth."

I then I heard Jerry say, "Damn Sam, you didn't tell me what a foxy lady you
had here. Don't worry about deepthroating me girl, just get up here on the
bed, I want to get in that tight little pussy of yours."

Blondie immediately climbed on the bed and spread her legs. Jerry laid down
on his back and told her, "Get on me, girl. This way we can work it in and
you can control how deep and how fast it goes." Blondie straddled his hips
and reached down for his cock. She brought it to her pussy lips and slowly
started to sink down on him. She wiggled around trying to get it in and
then said, "It's too big, I don't think it will go in. I can't even get the
head in."

"Hold still," Jerry said, "we'll get it in honey." He then put his hands on
her hips and pushed her down while thrusting up into her. The head suddenly
popped in and Blondie started to moan, "It's too big, I can't take it."

"Sure you can girl," Jerry said. "With pussy, one size fits all." He then
started pushing up with his cock and pushing down with his hands on her hips.
Slowly his cock started to slide into her. When he got about half way in he
stopped for a few seconds and then lifted her up until only the head was
still in her, He then started pushing up into her again, this time she took
a little more of him. He repeated this over and over, each time getting more
cock into her.

After several thrusts he was balls deep in her. She took him all. Slowly he
started to fuck her with long slow strokes. Blondie was panting and moaning
like crazy. She seemed to be having a mini orgasm over and over again.
Suddenly his hand slapped her ass with a loud splat. Blondie jumped and
started humping him harder. He continued to slap her ass and Blondie exploded
in major orgasms, one after another.

At about this time Sam came up behind her and slide his hands over her
beautiful ass. It was sticking up in the air as she raised and lowered
herself as fast as she could on Jerry's cock. He then started to kiss
and bite her ass, After a few minutes of this he started to lick up and
down the crack of her ass. Her hands tried to reach back to push him away
but Jerry held her tight.

"Don't do that," said Blondie, "I don't like for anyone to touch me there."

"You don't know it yet Blondie, but you're going to love this," Sam said as
he continued to lick her asshole. Soon he was sticking his tongue into her
ass and Blondie started moaning and groaning again and began humping for all
she's worth on Jerry's cock.

Sam got up and went over to the dresser and came back with a jar of
Vaseline. Getting a gob of it on his middle finger her started pushing it
into Blondie's asshole. Blondie was crying "Nooooo not there!!!!" as she
struggled to get away from him without success. Soon Sam had his finger
all the way in. He then rolled it around in her ass and then pulled it out.
Getting more Vaseline on his fingers he started pushing two fingers into
Blondie, slowly pushing in and pulling out. Sam then pulled Blondie's
asshole left and right, stretching it, as he continued an in and out motion
with his hand. He then pulled out and got more Vaseline, which he liberally
applied to his cock. Looking back at her ass I could see a hickey and teeth
marks beginning to show.

"Hold her still, Jerry," Sam said as he positioned himself over Blondie's
ass. He then put his cock at the entrance of her puckered hole and slowly
pushed it in.

Blondie started screaming and yelling, "No, No, not there, I can't take you
there. You're too big, it won't go in, you'll split me. NNNNoooooo."

Sam ignored her and continued to push the head into her ass. After a couple
of seconds and some more pressure the head of his cock popped in past her
spincher. He held still a few seconds and then applied more pressure. Slowly
he sank in a couple more inches. Blondie continued to struggle but she
couldn't move away, as Jerry and Sam had her sandwiched between them.

Sam again held still and let her body adjust and then started to slowly
slide in and out, gaining a fraction of an inch each time. Sam repeated this
maneuver several times until his cock was completely buried in her asshole.
By this time Blondie was no longer struggling but again began moaning and
pushing back a little.

"God you're so tight!" he said gripping her flaring hips. "And wet!" Jerry
said filling his strong hands with her big jiggling tits. They worked up a
rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock through the thin membrane
separating them.

I cringed as I heard Sam call out, "God damn, what would her limp dick
husband say if he could see his sexy little blonde wife now, huh Jerry?"

Blondie was providing the cream filling on a bed in an isolated cabin
sandwiched between two huge, heavily muscled strangers. Her once exclusively
reserved little pussy being seriously resized by an unbelievably thick
twelve-inch cock while an another thick ten-inch rod of solid steel was
stretching her tight little asshole taunt as it was being piledriven to the
hilt up her ass.

I watched Blondie going into a different kind of orgasmic stimulation! She
just climbed higher and higher as their large cocks plunged into both of her
holes! It seemed that she lost all touch with reality and the men had to
hold her to keep her from flopping and hurting all parties!

She was now being overtaken by the crashing waves of a continuous orgasm.
Lost in her orgasmic throes she began screaming! "Oh God, I'm
CCCCccuuummmiiinnnnggggg. Oh God, fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck my ass. Oh
God, Oh God, fuck me."

Blondie's orgasm must have been too much for Sam as I saw him tighten up and
start cumming in her ass. As he pulled out I saw his cum leaking out of her
gapping asshole. Jerry meanwhile was still fucking her for all he's worth,
pounding his cock up into her as hard as he could. Before long, he too
started tightening up and began shooting his cum deep into her womb. This set
Blondie off again and she began jerking her hips up and down as fast as she
could as she cried out, "Oh GGGOOOODDDDD," Over and over again.

They rolled apart and Sam got up and left the room. Jerry paused momentarily
and turned Blondie over so she was on her knees. He grabbed her gorgeous ass
and pulled it back to him, then guided his massive shaft back into her cum
drenched pussy and proceeded to pump her doggy style. Blondie's ass cushioned
Jerry as he, piston like, bounced back and forth off it while drilling her
like a jackhammer for several minutes. Her ass and tits jiggled like a bowl
of Jell-O with every strike.

Her full ripe tits shook and flopped about wildly under her as he parted her
ass and stared at her cum oozing anus twitching in response to the earth
shattering orgasms they'd forced from her lush, ripe body. He pulled out and
laid his long thick cock in the crack of her ass and slowly slid it through
Blondie's buns.

"Honey," he said, "I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole before I
leave. Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass. Say it sweetcakes. Beg me
to fuck you up the ass."

My heart skipped a beat as I heard my wife tell him, "Yes..Please ... Fuck my
ass, I want you to fuck me up the ass with your long thick cock."

"That's a good girl," he said. "Now who could refuse a request like that,
especially from such a gorgeous little sweet thing." He placed his massive
cock at the puckered entrance to her cum oozing asshole and pressed hard
against her anal ring, again caving in Blondie's ravaged rear passage.

His big cock was slick and lubricated and he forced it in deep, stretching
her tight anal passage taunt around his big footlong cock.

Blondie screamed in pain as it broke through and began shoving deep inside
her. The agony seemed unbearable. Jerry's massive cock was much longer and
thicker than Sams' and the increased size stretched her anal canal skin
tight around him.

He powered it to her and soon he was all the way inside her ass and was
thrusting her hard with all twelve thick inches of his rock hard cock. Only
her creamy pussy juice coating his thick rod and Sam's heavy lode of male
seed, freshly deposited in her ass, allowed for enough lubrication to keep
her anal canal from ripping apart.

I knew I couldn't do anything to stop him from fucking her asshole. I watched
as she clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and permitted
him access. He was just too big and strong and Blondie grimaced as his huge
cock split her wide open.

His hairy balls banged against her cum soaked pussy as he rammed into
Blondie's ass. Her fingers clutched the sheet tight as she tried to endure
the pain as he continued banging her asshole harder and harder for what
seemed like an eternity.

Then mercifully, Jerry cried out and his cock exploded deep in her ass. This
was a mixed blessing. The wetness of his cum made it easier for Blondie to
take his cock. But his thrusts increased and became harder and deeper as he
came inside her, which brought about more pain as well.

He finally withdrew his cock from her ass and Blondie fell forward. I went
back to the chair by my cabin and must have fallen asleep. At daylight, I
woke and walked over to Sam's cabin, only to hear more moans and groans. I
peeked through the window. Blondie, my beautiful, innocent wife, the mother
of my children, was on all fours in the middle of the bed with Sam up close
behind her.

Her head and shoulders were down on the bed and her ass was held high with
Sam's hands locked onto her flaring hips. She was wiggling and moaning
pushing herself back to him as Sam pounded his massive morning erection in
and out of her tight little asshole! Jerry was no where to be seen and I
looked out front and saw that his car was gone.

I went back to the window and stood there in total dejection, then when I
realized I couldn't stop him from doing whatever he wanted, I went back to
my cabin. In a little while, Sam came in and sat at the kitchen table.
"Morning, Dagwood my-boy. You don't look like you slept too well. I slept
like a baby, after I fucked the shit out of your hot assed little wife.
Man is she a great fuck, or what. She really knows how to work that tight
little cunt of hers to pop a guy's balls.

"You're a real bastard, Sam. That's my wife you and your buddy did that to!"
I said as I swung at him. Of course, he caught my hand and crushed it in his
huge fist. I crumpled to the floor in pain, my hand still in his vise-grip.

"I didn't do a single thing to your little lady she didn't want me to do,
Dagwood my-boy. And she seemed to like it, too. She's got a hot and ready
little pussy, and likes to use it. You didn't hear her yelling for help,
did you?"

I managed a "no" between my clenched teeth.

"No, she didn't. Look, she's been married a long time -- she just wanted to
have a little excitement. Don't make a big deal out of it, okay? All right,
now, Dagwood. I'm gonna let go, but you gotta behave, okay?"

I nodded.

He let go of my hand and I held it gently with my left. It felt like all of
the bones had been crushed to powder.

Blondie walked into the kitchen, dressed in one of Sam's tee shirts and
looked at Sam as though they were just meeting, not acknowledging that he'd
been fucking her up the ass only a few minutes before. She looked at the
floor and not at me.

Sam smiled. "Well, here's the party girl, now. Dagwood was wondering if you
had a good time, last night. I told him you did. You did, didn't you?"

Blondie nodded.

"Tell him, so he knows you're alright. Tell him you had a good time, Blondie.
Tell him what you liked the best."

Blondie looked at me, then back to the floor. "I had a good time, Dagwood. I
enjoyed myself, last night."

Sam smiled, "See, Dagwood my-boy, everything's alright. Blondie, just so
Dagwood my can see that you WANTED to participate in the fun, last night,
what say you show him how you like to suck my wang?"

"No, Sam. I can't do that,' she said shyly. "Not here, in front of Dagwood.
Not this morning."

He reached up and grabbed Blondie by the hair, pulling her face to within
inches of his. "Listen, you little cunt. You think back to last night and
then tell me you can't. You were the hottest, cock-greediest, little slut
I've fucked in a long time. Don't go playing Miss-Prim-and-Proper with me.
You know you are a dirty, little whore." He grabbed Blondie by the shoulders
and forced her to her knees. "Unzip me, bitch. You know what to do."

I stood there, cradling my hand, as I watched Blondie take Sam's hard cock
out of his pants and lower her mouth down onto it.

"Dagwood my-boy, in the spirit of goodwill, why don't you lift your little
lady's skirt and do something useful with that limp dick in your pants. Show
her there's no hard feelings for being such a good little bitch. She's such
a nasty girl, I know she'll love it. Try her back door, Dagwood my-boy. It
was a real struggle getting' my dick in last night, but it should be easy
going, now that I stretched out her sweet little ass."

After having her suck his big dick for several minutes, Sam pulled his long
thick cock out of her mouth, sat down on one of the chairs and lifted her
over his lap so that they were face to face. He placed her juicy cunt down
on the head of his raging hard and let gravity force her down over his huge
erection. She rode him to one orgasm after another, there at our kitchen
table as I watched.

Finally, Sam stood up, still holding Blondie on his cock, her sexy buns in
his big strong hands. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist
as he walked her to a wall. He pumped into my wife, pinned up against the
wall, fucking her loudly squishing pussy until he came. He then released her
and Blondie slid off his pole to the floor.

Sam stepped closer to her and held her chin up in his hand. "You know what
to do, slut."

Blondie knelt before Sam; licking and sucking his cock clean of all their
love juices. When she was finished, she gently replaced his still-semi-hard
cock in his pants and zipped them up.

Sam sat back in his chair, "Ah! You know? A guy could really get to like it
around here. Now, who's cooking breakfast?" he asked. Sam acted as if what
happened the previous night and that morning was as normal a thing as could
possibly happen. We spent the day at the lake as Blondie and Sam both needed
time to rest after their all night fuckathon.

That evening I drank quite a bit and went to bed early. I awoke with a start.
The clock said it was after 1 am. The bed was empty beside me, and then I
heard the heavy breathing. Blondie was on all fours on the floor beside the
bed and Sam was plowing into her tight asshole, doggie style. I rolled over
and tried to go back to sleep.

I woke up around 3 am, and as I looked to the side, I realized that they were
now on the bed, right next to me and that it was the bed bouncing from their
hot and heavy fucking which woke me. Sam was on his back and Blondie was
stifling her cries as she came, riding Sam's big cock, lifting and dropping
her wiggling little ass as she took his long thick horsecock to the base with
each bounce. He was lying back letting her do all the work as he pinched and
pulled the hard spiky nipples on her big, jiggling boobs. Sam was right --
she was a slut!

* * *

Sam stayed for the entire week, and it was the same, every night. Sam came
into our bed and fucked my wife, again and again, until the small hours of
the morning. It was a second honeymoon all right only I wasn't the one
fucking the bride's brains out.


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