Blondie: The Back Door Was Open (mF,F-best,inc)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Blondie Bumstead smiled to herself as she stood naked before her mirror
and appraised what she was seeing. Her curly blonde hair framed her pretty
face perfectly. Her breasts were very full with large nipples on the ends.
Blondie cupped them in her hands, gently squeezing them as her fingers
automatically sought out and found her nipples, squeezing them and pinching
them, pulling on them as they screwed themselves into large hard knots.

Her hands trailed down her flat stomach to the small thatch of curly blonde
pubic hair that grew above her pussy. At the top of her slit her clit hood
peeked through her pussy lips and her clit, fat as a pinkie finger, stuck
out from beneath its hood.

Her hand trailed down and her finger trailed up through and between her pussy
lips, feeling herself and the wetness that was starting. She continued to
pleasure her warm squishy cunt and clit until she brought herself to a mild
climax. Men had always found her beautiful and at the moment she quite agreed
with them and wished that she had a big hard cock to fuck her.

Her husband Dagwood had seemed disinterested in making love to her lately.
She wrote it off to stress and the fact that he was aging. He was the same
age as his lovely wife but looked much older. His work had taken its toll
on him as his hair thinned and his body became soft and pudgy. 'I should
get him one of those new drugs like Viagra or Cialis,' she thought as she
rode out the last trembling flashes of her orgasm. 'A body like this is a
terrible thing to waste.'

She was still squeezing her breasts with one hand, her other still between
her legs when she heard it ... the creak of the bedroom door opening
slightly. She looked at the door ... startled and apprehensive -- to find
that her new neighbor's massive German Shepherd Duke coming smoothly in
through the open door.

She had been apprehensive when she first saw him a few days ago. He was a
magnificent beast but he was huge, standing close to waist high on her, and
there seemed to be a look in his eye as he gazed at her that made her feel
funny. She wasn't sure but it was like he wanted her ... in the biblical
sense. She shook off the strange thought as they met his owner.

She found out that the huge German Shepherd was named Duke, which because of
his regal bearing seemed very appropriate to her. The big dog turned out to
be very friendly and seemed to love the gentle feel of her hands as she
petted him and scratched around his ears. "Why your just a big softy, aren't
you," she said as he almost seemed to purr at her touch.

Now he was in the house. She was all alone and naked. "You!" she cried
reflexively. "What are you doing here? Get out!"

But Duke only snarled unintelligibly. He understood what the beautiful
housewife and mother was saying, but he chose to ignore her. He had to ignore
it, for the fiercely ruttish pounding in his genitals would not let him rest.

He had noticed the lovely lady when his master had moved in next door a few
days ago, and he'd wanted her ever since she'd touched him. With her curly
blonde hair and sweet scent, she was totally the most attractive female he'd
ever seen. She was a voluptuous woman and had such an essence about her that
the bestial urge to slip his cock into her and make her his mate was

So today when he had heard and sensed her presence in the house alone he'd
moved to her yard and found her back door slightly ajar. He pushed through
and had scented keenly in order to keep track of her smell as he took off
after the pretty blonde woman he wanted to make his bitch.

His keen nose had followed her to the bathroom, which had been closed, and
he had waited there for some time until he sensed her departing for the room
next door. With this one, the door had been slightly parted, and he had been
able to push it open further and ease his sleek body through the portal.

Now they were face to face, she standing naked there in the center of the
room, he with his eyes and flaring nostrils devouring the total compelling
magic of her scent.

He could feel his cock gradually filling with blood and sliding out through
its softly furred container. He was all ready to go ... this woman was so
enticing that he needed to claim her as his own now. He was becoming fully
aroused at the sight of her glorious loveliness. He wanted to sink his penis
up into her belly and hump over her until that moment when, convulsively,
his animal hunger was appeased.

"Get away! Get away, bad dog!" snapped Blondie, backing away, her hair flying
around, her breasts quivering in fright. The big dog growled and moved closer
toward her, its sharp canine teeth showing in a menacing snarl. This produced
a blast of fear in the trembling wife's loins, and the fright was in some
strange way a more sexually exciting element than kindness.

"Get away! Leave me alone!" she moaned, backing off until she fell against
the bed. But the big dog only growled in warning, making her loins cringe
with primitive thrills, and she stumbled backward and up onto the bed as
fast as she could.

Suddenly he leaped at her, landing right in front of the bed! Blondie
cringed and her voice came out in a piteous, helpless moan: "Please -- I'll
do anything you want!" Duke grinned evilly; showing his teeth then suddenly
jumped up on the bed and began nosing at her with his cold, wet snout.
Trembling with fear and terror, Blondie allowed herself to be nosed about
and pushed around by the huge dog.

By now the heated flow in her wetly throbbing loins had become a perfume that
was stronger than soap, she was terrified of this shaggy dog who could not be
understood or implored, who only knew how to demand and force her to do his

But at the same time she found Duke savagely exciting. There was something
marvelously masculine about the way he terrified her into submission in a
way that all females secretly love. The raging fire in her loins required
satisfaction desperately now, and as he was obviously intent on forcing her
to do his bidding, Blondie had the perfect rationale for being compliant.

This was rape! After her initial resistance, God could scarcely hold it
against her if she was terrified and allowed herself to be mauled and pushed
around by this magnetically dominating animal. She had done her best, after
all. She was just an innocent housewife and mother, while Duke was obviously
a dangerous, brutal beast. What sort of competition was there in that? What
sort of defense could a weak, delicate thing like her present?

"Please -- please ... what are you trying to do to me?" she continued to wail
helplessly. She found the answer to her question when he forced her to get
into mating position on all fours on the bed, her big full breasts swaying
and jiggling over the coverlet, her naked buttocks waving high in the air.

Unable to stop herself, she spread her long shapely legs wide, picturing her
own nakedness in her mind's eye as she presented herself to him. "Is this
what you want Duke?" she asked. "Is this what you want, you horny beast?"

Then she felt hot breaths against the soft mounds of her partially raised
buttocks, then felt the heat of his thick wet tongue slithering into the
soft smooth crevice separating them! She hardly realized it as she reached
back behind herself with her hands to spread her cheeks open, giving him
full access to her tiny anus!

Then his rough hot tongue was wetly caressing it, again splaying open the
ragged, hair-lined lips of her inflamed pussy to graze the sensually flushed,
pink flesh on its lewd path to the baby-like mouth of her defenseless rectum.

She raised up, elevating her widespread buttocks as she knelt, slave like
before the big dog in complete inner-surrender! Once more he drew his long,
thick, splaying tongue up through the full length of her sopping wet cuntal
crevice, and she gasped out her erotic delight. As his tongue lapped through
her warmly seeping pussy slit, her glistening cuntal lips clung to it. The
rough texture of his tongue served to magnetically bind her tender cuntal
folds to it.

She trembled thrillingly beneath his lavish tongue fucking. Her vagina was so
moist and flowing with passion she was afraid she might faint from sheer joy.
She tried to widen her knees even further to open the throbbing pink pussy
slit between her trembling thighs wider to him as she cried out, "OOHHHH ...
that feels so good ... eat me you bad dog ... oohhhhhhh yesssssss!!!"

His long wet tongue slavered through her moist pussy hair, then up in
scroll-form through her eagerly responding cuntal flesh to flick artfully at
her ecstasy-drenched clitoris as Blondie's cream-white thighs began to shiver
with longing.

Blondie had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation, which had
made such a furnace of her belly. The fluid cuntal channel between her legs
had become a raging river at floodtide. The full, sensually swollen mounds of
her breasts felt as if they were bursting with milk. Each time he lapped
through her hair-fringed pussy slit, her belly convulsed with new lust.

Her feverish brain had become a blank to everything except his tongue, and
her breathing now came in ragged gasps. She was trapped by an obscene emotion
that had no name. Then there was a swift, whooshing intake of her breath, as
the big dog's irresistibly searching tongue splurged out between her widely
spread buttocks to worm its way up between her tingling ass-cheeks to her
snug little anal mouth, where it lewdly burrowed in as deep as it could!

Then he abruptly discontinued his lapping and backed away from her. Blondie
wailed with anguish, gasped and looked back over her shoulder at him, her
eyes humid and smoky with lust. Her abandoned pussy folds clutched hungrily
after the swiftly departing tongue. She saw his eyes blazing with animal
desire then looked down and saw it! His huge, upraised red animal penis,
10 incredible inches completely exposed and glistening lewdly in its
blood-filled rigidity!

Duke drooled as his eyes fastened on her fleshy white ass cheeks. Growling
low in his throat with desire, he got up on his hind legs and staggered
forward awkwardly, his feet digging deeply into the softness of the bed,
until he was able to clamp his forelegs firmly around her body, locking her
in place.

The feel of his forepaws gripping her flaring hips drove Blondie wild with
excitement. She could feel the saliva growing in her mouth, and her cunt was
flowing copiously in heady expectation of what he planed to do to her.

In back of her, Duke's large cone-shaped hardness bobbed like a red-hot
branding iron, shining and wet. It jiggled and jerked in the air before the
panting, slavering dog as he tried to locate the wetly heated cleft between
her trembling white buttocks.

It slipped and danced in her tightly clenched portal, dredging gasps of pure
amazement and terror from the voluptuous woman. The dog snarled menacingly to
freeze her into position, and then began working the slimly pointed organ in
her slit. As she struggled to avoid being speared her wild wiggling action
moved the horny dog's cock up toward her fearfully puckering rectal hole.

It found her tiny rosebud and pressed in against it. Duke felt her hole as he
wiggled in desperation to mate with this alluring female. The bestial desire
to make it disappear through her snug anal ring was fairly compelling ...
indeed overwhelming.

Blondie felt as if she was going to faint as she realized that the big dog's
cock was poised to sodomize her. Duke's was the first penis she'd ever felt
pushing against her anus. Its touch sent instinctive waves of longing echoing
through her sensually awakening loins and anal canal in a strangely to her
submissive female reaction. It was the only way to protect her cunt from
being dog raped and somehow seemed more fitting, she thought.

When they'd first married Dagwood had wanted her to let him fuck her up the
ass, but she refused, telling him that it was unnatural and nasty. "Only a
slutty whore would let a man do that to her," she'd admonished him. She'd
secretly hoped that he'd be man enough to take what he wanted. To bend her
to his will and treat her like a slutty whore in his bed and fuck her up the
ass hard and deep, but he didn't and he'd never brought it up again.

She couldn't seem to help herself now. Despite the fact that she was
terrified of what was going on, there was still that feeling of primitive
thrill and heady excitement that she couldn't seem to fight. She was on her
husband's bed with a big strong demanding male positioned behind her to
take her anal virginity. Only it wasn't her husband Dagwood. It was the new
neighbor's massive German Shepherd that was forcing her to be the slutty
whore she secretly longed to be.

It was pure instinct that made her buttocks squirm lewdly backwards in search
of his penis, instinct for her body to want her sizzling anal passage filled.
The swollen mounds of her breasts were by now throbbing with desire; her
nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire loins were aflame with
obscene desire.

Suddenly she could hold herself back no longer. Uttering a savage little cry
of pure desire and release, she reached around in back of herself and grabbed
Duke's long animal penis, pulling it forward so that the tip of it pressed
snugly against her tightly clenched little anus.

The big dog slavered and gasped as his target was found, its haunches
still struggling for a firm position in the softness of the bed. His strong
forelegs gripped tightly around her naked waist and hourglass hips, his
slippery cock sliding effortlessly forward through her tight elastic anal

"Aaaarrrggghhh!" Blondie groaned as the huge instrument began to push away
her snugly fitting rectal walls. In spite of the initial discomfort, she
pushed her buttocks backward, trying to capture more of the delicious hard
tapered instrument. His long slender hardness seemed to fill up her very
soul as it pushed its way slowly through her throbbing, softly resisting
nether hole.

The pleasurable shock of being filled up with a dog's large, pulsating animal
cock was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Her nibbling anal
channel wanted instinctively to gobble it up until it disappeared up inside
her belly with Duke's soft stomach fur bouncing against the marble smoothness
of her backside.

"Ohhhhh you Daaarrrllling!" she whooshed, her breath coming in ragged gasps.
She wiggled backward, trying to impale as much of herself on his wonderfully
exciting penis as she could, but the twinges of pain she was beginning to
feel as the thicker portion of his bestial animal prick slammed into her
forced her to back off it again.

Duke was relentless, however. Gripping her flaring hips savagely with his
paws, he grunted, barked, and yelped as he hammered his rigid animal hardness
forward into her snug rectal hole yet one more inch.

Blondie's hair hung down over the bed, covering her panting, gasping face.
Now that the thicker part of the enormous rod of dog shaft had entered her
nether opening, the feeling was not near as sweet as it had been at first.

There was some pain as he spread her tender nether hole with his gradually
expanding penis. As moist and slick as it was, it was still throbbing with
the hard ridges of his swollen veins, and she could feel every last iota of
their savage pulsing pressure inside her futilely resisting passage.

She groaned as the dog rammed forward still further. Now it seemed as if he
would split her right down the center. Her belly felt as if it were on fire.
Still, though, she could feel surges of animal-like pleasure overlapping the
agony of her anal channel being sent asunder. She wanted this, and at the
same time she didn't want it. She couldn't make up her mind. It was
agonizing, and yet within that agony was a fierce, soul-dissolving sort of
pleasure that could not be denied.

Meanwhile, Duke's saliva was dripping all over her nakedly hunched back,
flowing down the indentations along her backbone and into the cleft of her
buttocks. Some of it managed to lubricate his wildly pulsating penis, and
trickling down the shaft it found its wet way into the crinkled mouth of
her anus.

As the dog drew back slightly, worming his penis around in her squirming
hot passage, the pain seemed to let up and her backside became somewhat
lubricated. Then with one powerful lunge of his haunches, he savagely
rammed his long hard penis up into her tightly resisting anus, burying
his dog cock to the hilt in her warm buttery flesh.

"Afrrrggghhh!" she gargled throatily as his enormous blood engorged cock
pushed forward into her softly yielding body. He was entirely inside of
her now, and he wormed his slippery organ around her nether passage to
drag harsh, broken little cries of ecstasy from her passion-drenched lips.

That seemed to act as a cue for the passionately enraged German shepherd,
and now he began squirming and fucking madly into the sex- crazed housewife's
glove tight little asshole, ringing piteous whimpers of insane lust from her
open and drooling mouth.

His long merciless cock seemed to be growing increasingly within her
fire-filled belly, and for a moment Blondie thought it was going to plunge
in all the way and come out her gasping throat! The resilient flesh of her
full, firm breasts rippled and jounced from each jarring impact of his
barrage, their pebble-hard nipples rubbing excitingly across the coverlet
of her bed.

Overcome now with lewd desire, the helpless wife and mother found herself
grinding backward with a mindless lust, pushing the wide-stretched moons
of her helplessly upthrust ass cheeks back onto his love-slick penis, its
pleasure-bringing hardness skewering wildly up into her passion-inflamed
anal passage.

By now almost all of the pain had subsided, and as her slavering animal
master pressed forward the final inch of his masterful, all-subduing cock
into her aching nether aperture, she found that she was more happy than
she was in pain. She felt his impossible large knot trying to enter but it
was just too large and her ass just too tight. She taken every inch, all
10 thick inches and felt his knot pound in against her butt crack, acting
like the hilt of his huge ass plundering shaft.

Indeed, the pain had evaporated until finally there was nothing but a
wondrous feeling of joyous surrender spilling outward from her wildly
tingling loins, a feeling of ecstasy and happiness greater than anything
she'd ever known in her life! There was a dynamic pressure building in
her hotly boiling anal channel that had a screaming, fluid urgency all
its own ... pressure pyramiding toward an incredibly high level of sheer,
unadulterated bliss.

"Ahhhhh ... ohhhhhh ... daaarrrling!" she sighed. "Fuck me!" she screamed,
groaned, and gasped, straining sluttishly beneath her canine lover, wallowing
in subjugation and bestial humiliation. His rampaging cock disappeared up
into her then came out again with her puckering anal lips clutching it like
a child's lips around a lollipop.

Then he thrust his throbbing hardness up into her tight little opening again,
bringing sharp cries of ecstasy from her open mouth. She gurgled and gargled
and thrashed beneath his inhuman maddening fucking that had destroyed all her

Blondie was vaguely aware that she was straining her lewdly upturned buttocks
back over his punishing cock in obscene cadence with his blissfully lewd
pumping of the churning inferno up between her trembling white thighs. The
helpless wife and mother was sure of little more than that, as she undulated
her hips back toward him in small, pleasure-seeking circles ... actually
abandoning herself totally in the breathtaking fucking she was getting in her
rectal hole.

Her beautiful head flailed wildly, her curly blonde hair flying back and
forth. Then she twisted her wantonly contorted face, capturing the intense
rapture their all-consuming bestial fucking was providing for him. For some
reason this seemed to her the ultimate compliment, and she suddenly felt
blissfully, wonderfully happy! The feeling in her loins was too great, too
beautiful! Why had it taken her so long to find this wonderful moment! There
was a tremendous, ever-expanding balloon in her belly that was blowing up
with pleasure!

With growing ferocity, rasping and grunting savagely, the big dog continued
to pump his wetly glistening penis in and out of her clasping nether passage,
shoving her face sidewise down into the bed with every obscene forward push.
Blondie ground her teeth with a mixture of shame and happiness, yearning for
him to empty at last his scalding animal sperm inside of her.

Her desire-confused brain whirled with the absolute luridness of their
situation, while her naked body trembled in its subservient position
to the overwhelming mind-bending sensations he had set blazing in her
passion-incited loins.

Then her glazed, lust-dragged eyes saw the reflection of their lewdly locked
position in the vanity mirror, and she groaned happily at the provocative
visions. The animalistic obscenity of the huge German shepherd straddling
the spread white moons of her smoothly curved ass cheeks sent a jolt of
unbelievable lasciviousness burning through her erotically quivering flesh.

Blondie gasped as she glimpsed as well the breathtaking sight of his long
moist cock emerging from between her whitely quivering ass cheeks, then
plunging back inside again. Duke's whimpering sounds also served to thrill
her lewdly as his forepaws struggled to hold onto the smooth curves of her
naked waist.

With a low-throated moan of ardent surrender, Blondie ground her hungrily
tremoring buttocks backward over his fiercely punishing hardness, her
feverish passion driving her wild! "Fuck me! Oh! Yes! Fuck me!" she wailed,
heedless of all morality.

Duke grunted lewdly and in response humped forward heavily, his sperm-gorged
balls slapping into her nest of soaked pussy hair up between her thighs. The
long spear of his thickly hardened canine penis moved deeply upward into the
hungrily squirming orifice of her backside.

Blondie's eyes bulged as she watched his furious attack in the mirror,
watched his scarlet penis slithering upward into her rectal channel with a
fierce wet rush, burying itself to the hilt in her well- stretched passage.
She saw and felt his sperm-laden testicles in their taut furry sac bouncing
against her quivering pussy flesh, and the sight almost drove her out of
her mind with a lewd desire that knew no bounds.

"Oh! Oh! OH!" she cried, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as her wildly
panting dog-love fucked all the more frantically into her slavishly kneeling
body. Her head felt like it would explode with every savage, breast rippling
thrust, as his long scarlet hardness pistoned into her without mercy and she
tried desperately to match his cadence.

Unprecedented sensations of animal lust filled her entire nervous system
until she wanted to scream out loud. Duke battered her virginal anal
helplessness with a ferociousness born of his bestial lust, his painfully
huge penis sinking to its immense full length, a relentless shaft of
slippery joy filling her sensually squirming belly with all of its wonderful

Blondie rotated her buttocks desperately over his powerful instrument
with uncontrollable whimpering mewls, clenching and unclenching her hotly
clinging rectal walls over the entire length of his heavily ridged cock
with a masochistic cry of wanton pleasure.

And then suddenly she could feel her first dog cock-inspired orgasm come
spiraling upward from the depths of her abdomen, sending jolt after jolt of
wildly ecstatic sensations surging through her loins. In the mirror her
passion-glazed eyes could see Duke's long red penis vanishing like a reddened
broom handle between the rotating cheeks of her naked gleaming buttocks. His
furious ass fucking was frantically jerking swifter than her addled brain
could cope with! And then ... and then!

"OH! OHHHHHH!" she wailed breathlessly, "OH, I'M CUMMING!"

Her clasping anal flesh clung like a tightened fist in a rubber glove to his
huge hardness as the big dog suddenly began jerking and shuddering its deeply
buried instrument squirting hot gushes of animal semen to slosh around like
liquid fire in the hungry bowl of her helplessly trembling belly. Her rectum
clasped hungrily around his cum-slickened rod as she felt spasms of
unbelievable delight rippling through her flesh totally unlike anything she'd
ever felt before.

Her nether passage sucked and milked on his madly spurting penis while the
little blonde wife and mother writhed through her own rapturous climax,
uttering sharp little cries of amazement and happiness, her flawless white
flesh breaking out with sweat as her rectum swallowed all of Duke's animal
cum and then sucked upward on it to get more.

"Oh! OH! OHHHHH!" she wailed, her cunt and rectum both gushing out their
liquid passion all over his sharply pistoning cock, his rapidly emptying
balls and lower belly, and flowing down the rounded cheeks of her trembling
ass, down her inner thighs, to fall onto the bedspread below.

And, in fact, she was so lost in her delirium of licentious desire and
orgasmic lust, that she didn't even notice when her teenaged son Alex began
standing in the doorway, seeing everything, witnessing all of her vicious
animalistic depravity as the neighbor's huge German Shepherd sodomized his
mother on her marital bed.

'Wow, mom is such a slut ... I can't believe she's fucking a dog on dad's
bed,' he thought. 'And up the ass too.' His eyes drank in her lush ripe body
as he got his first good look at his mother naked. 'I knew she was stacked
but damn ... she looks better than the models in the skin mags,' he thought
again, and then he suddenly realized that he could use this to his advantage.

He quickly slipped downstairs and returned with the video camera. He captured
his sexually charged mom in all her bestial glory as she wantonly fucked the
big dog until it shot its heavy load into her. It was a wild scene, his mom
on her hands and knees on her bed with a huge German Shepherd pounding his
massive dog cock up her ass. Her moans and his growls and yelps filled the
air as Alex captured it all on tape.

Then he nearly shot a load in his pants when he saw that the huge dog was
cumming in his mom's asshole as he fucked her furiously. Blondie took it all
as she whimpered and cried out in joy and her son captured it as his mother
cried out, "Oh god ... it feel's so good ... fuck me you brute ... fuck my
ass ... keep going you beast ... fuck me ... fuck me ...!" and began to
writhe and twist under him, her wildly wriggling butt pressed tightly against
the hard humping dog as a massive orgasm overtook her.

Then a minute later the dog stopped humping her but still stood with his dick
fully embedded as she continued to milk it of every last drop. He threw his
head back and howled, then after a couple of minutes he withdrew from Alex's
still moaning, quivering mother. He lay behind her and licked his gooey cock
clean. Then he got up over her, his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth,
sensitive flesh of her spread open buttocks. Alex captured his long tongue
lapping up the evidence of their bestial mating before he leapt off the bed
and shot out the door past Alex.

He could hear the dog bound out the back door as he moved the camera closer
to his mom. She was laying face down with her head turned away from him, her
sweet little ass displayed in all it's glory for him to capture on tape.

Her asshole was gaping wide open with a puddle of dog cum in it. The cheeks
of her lucious ass were on prominent display and her asshole was beet-red
with the dog's cum slowly oozing out. Alex zoomed in for a close up of the
thick dog semen oozing as long drips of cum began pooling on the bedspread
as it trickled from her gaping rectum down her legs.

Alex put the camera on the dresser facing the bed, still filming and looked
down at her, eyeing her beautiful ass. He slowly walked up behind her, and
slapped her on the ass. She jumped, and looked over her shoulder at to see
her teenaged son standing there, "Alex!"

He just grinned at her as he got down beside her, then reached around her to
cup her breast.

"Alex! Stop that!" Blondie demanded. He leaned forward, and started to nibble
on her ear. "Alex! I said stop touching me!" Blondie exclaimed, slapping at
his hands.

He turned her to face him, looking her in the eye, smiling slightly. "Mother,
you are not in a position to be telling me what to do," he said softly.
Blondie just stared at him as she tried to find reason.

"Starting right now, you are my sex slave. You will do anything I want you
to, or I will tell Dad what happened between you and the neighbor's dog." He
watched his mother's expression go from one of shock to one of pure outrage,
then he continued. "I have it all on tape. You will suck me, fuck me. You
will do anything, anytime, anywhere that I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Alex, I can't. It's wrong," she said.

He shook his head, "Mom, you don't have a choice ... what do you think Dad
would do if he found out you fucked the neighbor's dog? That he sodomized you
on the bed you share with him?"

Blondie started to cry, speechless. "Mom, it's not that bad," he told her.
"All I'm saying is that you have to fuck me. Whenever I want. Is that so

His mother looked at him, "Alex, I can't. It's wrong. No, no, no, it's
incest. I can't."

"OK, mom," he said. "Then I think I'll have to put it on the Internet too.
Either that or ... assume the position ... your favorite, doggie style. You
get to go for a double taboo ... bestiality and incest ... and on the same

She was defeated and see knew it. She looked up at her son as she thought it
out. Then she slowly rolled over and moved up into a doggie style position.
She watched Alex undress, surprised to see that his cock was much longer and
thicker than his fathers'. He got up tight behind her, positioned the huge
head of his penis on her vaginal lips and coated the head with the juices
leaking between her legs.

Alex looked down at his long thick dick and worked the big head into the
place he'd come from. His Mom gasped at his size and started thrusting back
at him, resigned to her fate. With a powerful stroke, he plunged deep into
his Mother's steamy pussy. On that first stroke she came, and came hard. He
could feel her pussy walls clinch as she screamed in pleasure, throwing her
head back.

He could see that she was facing into the camera on the dresser. He grabbed
her hair and pulled, controlling the speed at which she moved backwards into
his thrusts, pulling her head up and back. It was perfect. She was looking
directly into the lens; not realizing it was filming her fucking her son on
his father's bed.

She had her head back; her eyes were glazed, screaming in pleasure as she
committed incest. "Oh yesss! Jesus you mother-fucker, fuck me hard, take me,
make me cum again!" His mother's mouth was disgustingly dirty, nasty, and it
was making him want to cum! But he held back and fucked her hard and deep for
close to half an hour before he finally moaned, "Here I cum, Mom! I'm going
to fill your pussy with my cum!"

"Yes baby, cum inside your mother!" she yelled, as she thrust herself back
onto his huge rod, "Cum for me, now, you mother fucker!" With that, she
came, again. As her pussy convulsed on his cock, Alex exploded, filling her
with his hot incestuous cum. It felt so good as he fell down onto the bed,
exhausted beside his new sex toy.


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