Blondie: Mistaken Identity (MF,inc)
by Wilcox

My name is Alex Bumstead and I grew up in a middle class family. Dad was the
office manager for Dither's Construction and Mom ran her own catering shop.
She got bored staying at home when my sister Cookie, who was a year younger
than I was and I got older. We didn't need her as much as when we were little
kids so she turned her love and skill at cooking into a business that let her
get out into the world.

Mom and Dad weren't really drinkers. Oh they would go out on occassion on a
Saturday night and sleep late Sunday, but that was the exception and not the
rule. Actually from hearing them talk the next day they thought that they had
a good time but they didn't remember very much of what happened. It was the
same story every time they'd drink.

Dad was 37 and Mom was 36 at the time. Dad stood six feet tall and weighed
about 190 pounds. At 18, I was the spitting image of him, same hair color
and style, same height and weight. I played on the varsity football team my
sophomore year in high school. All the family, Mom included couldn't get
over how much I looked like Dad.

Mom was quite simply a beautiful woman with an incredible body. She's really
hot but a bit naive. She's a curly haired blonde with long legs, big breasts
and a fabulous ass with firm, high riding buns that are highlighted by her
flaring hips. I was used to seeing men turn to stare at her great ass every
time she walked by them. In the last few years, I lost more than a few
friends over comments they made about my Mom.

Now on to the story of the best night of my young life.

My cousin Betty was getting married at the end of June. It was a three hour
drive to get there and there was a bachelor party for the groom on Friday
night and a big party for the bride and other women on Saturday night. The
guys had a poker game scheduled for Saturday night at my Grandfathers house
where we were to stay. Dad had been out of town on a business trip for two
weeks and didn't get home until late Friday night, so we didn't leave until
early Saturday morning.

Because so much family had come in for the festivities there wasn't room for
everyone in the big house and we were quartered in a small guest house out
back where my dad's grandmother once lived. It had a combination kitchen/den,
bathroom and bedroom. My great-grandmothers full sized bed had been replaced
with bunk beds in the bedroom and there was a couch with a pull-out bed in
the den. My parents claimed the bunk beds and my sister and I got assigned
to sleep on the couch. It was only for a night so we decided to make the best
of it and not complain.

The men started drinking in the early afternoon and the card game started
around 6. The women left for their party about an hour later. With the main
house holding the card game my sister and I stayed out of the way in the
little house watching television. Cookie fell asleep about midnight and I
was just about asleep when I heard someone fumbling at the door. I got up
and opened it and my dad came stumbling in. He was really drunk and stumbled
over to the sofa bed, sitting on it beside my sleeping sister.

He told me to help him get his shoes off and with that collapsed onto the bed
next to Cookie. There was no way I could move him so I pulled his shoes off
and covered him up with a blanket. With my sleeping spot gone I went into the
back bedroom and got into the top bunk because I'd heard my Mom tell my Dad
that afternoon she was sleeping on the bottom bunk.

I don't know what time Mom came in, but she woke me when she bumped into
something in the den. I turned my head and in the dim light of the night
light in the wall socket I saw her coming into the room. She stood there
for a few moments as if she was trying to get her bearings. I was lying
up on the bunk with my eyes half open just watching her. It was obvious
she was very drunk because she was swaying from side to side as she stood

As I lay there, I suddenly found myself watching my mother undress. She
removed her blouse, threw it on the floor and struggled with the clasp of
her bra. I was only a few feet away and the sight of her with her boobs
pushed out like that sent a tingle to my dick. I know she's my mom but I
was a horny teenager and like I said she had a great body, what can I say.

She finally got her bra undone and slid it down her arms and onto the floor.
Her breasts were very full with large pale nipples on the ends. I watched as
Mom cupped them in her hands, gently squeezing them as her fingers sought out
and found her nipples, squeezing them and pinching them, pulling on them as
they screwed themselves into large hard knots.

It was then that I realized how much my body was responding to the sight
before me in the dim light. Mom unzipped her skirt and nearly fell as she
tried to push it down over her hips. She finally got it over her hips and
it fell to the floor around her feet. Mom stood there with her black bikini
panties slightly pulled down on the right side. She turned and placed her
hand against the wall to brace herself as she stepped out of her skirt and
kicked her shoes off.

The black panties were very tight across her rear end, which was fantastic.
She adjusted her panties and pulled them up. By this time my dick was
harder than it had ever been in my life. It had begun to make small jerking
movements and I wondered what I was going to do.

Mom looked up at the top bunk and suddenly disappeared crawling into the
bottom bunk. I figured she was going to sleep, but in a moment or two I
heard her get up again and looked up just as she hit the door frame on her
way out of the room. I guessed she was going to the bathroom.

In a few minutes Mom returned and closed the door as she came back into the
room. I watched as she came across the room and climbed up the ladder to the
top bunk. When she got to the top of the ladder she kind of fell into the
bed beside me. I lay very still while she flopped around for a few moments
struggling with the sheet before she got under it with me.

She smelled like liquor. She moved close and I could feel her naked breast
against my arm and her pubic hair against my thigh. I lay very still hoping
she would just go to sleep, but suddenly I felt her hand move across my
stomach and her fingers slowly entered my jockey shorts and touched my hard
dick. It responded by jerking uncontrollably in her softly stroking hand.
Then it hit me. Mom thought I was Dad and she not only had taken her panties
off; she had every intention of having sex. Not only was she drunk, but Dad
had been gone for two weeks so I guess she wanted some.

She giggled softly, then lifted up and pulled my shorts down. I just went
along with her and raised up to help her pull them off of me. I was now as
naked as she was and almost lost it when her hand returned to my dick and
began stroking it. Then without warning mom threw her leg over me and
climbed on top.

The inside of her smooth thighs rubbed against my legs as she reached down
between us to grasp my firm cock in her hand to guide it in. She rubbed her
clit with it and I watched her bite her lip and moan. Then she dragged it
through her slit a few times before she pushed down and fit the head inside
of her. I could feel her warm wetness envelope me as she slowly wiggled her
hips over mine. Her small pink nailed hands rested on my chest as she slid
down over my throbing erection and stared glassy-eyed into my blue-gray eyes.

I heard the air exit her lungs in a slow soft gasp and she began to rock her
hips very slowly. "God baby, you feel so big tonight," she moaned. "Lay back
and let me ride my stallion. I really need it baby ... God I'm so fucking
horny. It's been two weeks and I missed you so much."

There is no way to describe the feeling and sensation I was experiencing.
Real or imagined, I don't ever remember experiencing it again with any other
woman. I loved the sight of my sexy mother, her big boobs jiggling in my face
as she forced herself down around my long thick dick. Her pussy felt so tight
and wet around my manhood. I moaned as I thrust my hips upward lightly
gripping her hips in my hands.

Mom finally enveloped every inch of my cock. Shutting her eyes tight she
arched her back, grinding her clit into my pelvis. With her arms together, as
her hands lay upon my chest, her large tits stuck out from her body proudly.
The fan in the corner of the room blew her golden blonde hair around while
she slowly rose up and down a few inches at a time.

"Oh ... oh ... oh ... y-yes ... oh god ... baby, you feel so much bigger
tonight," she moaned as she rode me.

'What the hell,' I thought. "She'll suspect somethings wrong if I just lay
here." I reached around and groped her soft ass, kneading the flesh in my
hands. Then I brought my hands up, caressing her stomach before cupping her
large tits in my hands. Teasing her nipples with my thumbs, I began to thrust
upward faster, relishing the tight wet heat inside of her as I kneeded her
full fleshy boobs.

Mom squealed as she felt me move beneath her, "That's more like it baby."
Taking that as a cue to move a little faster, she leaned forward and started
to rotate her hips in quick circles, matching my tempo. "Oh ... fuck ...
me ... Ugh ... Oh god ... s-so good!" She exhaled as she felt every inch of
me grind inside and stretch her to the limit.

I grabbed a pillow to place under my head then eagerly reached up and caught
one of my mother's nipples in my mouth. I sealed her nipple with my lips as I
swirled my tongue around the hard tip. "Mmmmm!" I moaned around the mouthful
of tit-flesh. It was incredible as my sexy drunken mom rode me like a cowgirl
at a rodeo.

I spent several minutes nursing on her boob like I had as a baby, then moved
over and sucked on it's twin sister. I was in heaven, fondling and squeezing
Mom's firm fleshy mounds and spiky nipples as she bounced up and down on my
throbing dick. I kissed and sucked both nipples as she moaned in delight, her
tight pussy milking my fully embedded prick deliciously. She was rotating her
hips and lifting up and down as I trust up into her for God knows how long
before she fell forward onto my chest and gave me a deep kiss with lots of
tongue action.

I heard Mom's breathing become deeper and then slight throaty moans. The pace
of her hip movements quickened and I knew she was coming. I moved my hips in
time with her movements and within moments we were both coming. I could feel
Mom's breasts touching my chest and I reached between us to fondle them. She
raised her upper torso slightly to allow me access as my hand found the left
one and began to lightly massage it. It was so full, soft and smooth. The
nipple had swollen quite a bit and was hard as a rock.

Mom's hip movements became furious as I played with her breasts. Her moans
became louder and her breathing quickened. She pushed against me to ensure
she had the full length of me inside her, suddenly I exploded deep inside
her with a fantastic orgasm. She continued her movements for 20 to 30
seconds longer as she finished coming and rode it out.

Mom collapsed on top of me and for the first time I realized we were both
soaking wet with sweat. I felt my sperm dripping out of her and going between
my legs. I rolled her to the side and kissed her, lightly at first then
harder, lips mashing, tongues swirling. I kissed her hard and hot for several
minutes, stroking her breasts, then began kissing down her neck, onto her

I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and my little head was doing
my thinking for me as I regained my strength to fuck her again. I sucked on
her big sexy breasts for a while as my hands slid down her body, stroking her
thighs and her pussy. My fingers slipped into her steaming hot cunt and I
found it wet with our juices.

I loved being able fondle and squeeze the firm fleshy mounds and spiky
nipples that I'd suckled so long ago when I was a baby. I kissed and sucked
both nipples as she moaned, unable to stop herself from responding to the
feelings rising within her again.

I slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her clitoris
was up hard as I twirled my tongue around it and feasted on our combined
juices flowing out of her. My tongue slid up and down her hot crack as I
alternated between her sweet pussy and tiny puckered anus. My demanding
tongue was digging deeply up her tiny asshole as she loosened up and her
tingling body gave in to my every demand.

"Oh, tongue fuck me baby, tongue fuck me!" she cried out drunkenly. "It's
been so long."

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, pulling her ever closer to me and then
ran my palms up her body, cupping her big tits and kneading them, then
pinching her nipples. Her moans became louder, more insistent as she bucked
her hips toward me. I pulled my tongue out of her and began lapping at her
cunt, drinking the juice that spilled forth. She wrapped her legs tightly
around my head, her soft flesh pressing against me as she began to come. I
flicked my tongue against her clit as she exploded into a fiery orgasm, her
body lurching in convulsions of pure joy.

I backed off and hooked my mother's legs with my arms. I moved close and slid
my once again rock hard pulsating cock up and down the full length of her
wet, swollen blonde fringed slit. I was getting it good and lubricated as I
stared down at her juicy cunt, watching my huge head part my mother's lips
and become covered with her pussy juice.

After coating the head of my big dick with her juices, I placed my oozing
cock at the entrance to mom's little treasure box and pushed forward nice and
slow so I could watch the huge head disappear between her widely stretched
pussy lips.

Mom's mouth opened as she moaned but her hips lifted and angled upward
instinctively to accept my hot meat injection. I moved back and forth in
short easy strokes, stretching her tight cunt little by little and plunging
slightly deeper with each thrust.

She kept moaning but she did nothing to stop me from fucking her hard and
fast. Instead, her hands wandered to my ass and pulled me towards her in
sync with every thrust. She began using the muscles in her vagina to massage
the entire length of my manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even
though my fat cock had filled up her cunt.

I bent down and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping my tongue just
inside, while at the same time continuing to slip into her incredible tight
box. Mom pursed her lips slightly as my lips touched hers, enveloping my
tongue and giving me a hot deep kiss as I worked my big dick into her sweet
honey pot. I could taste the alcohol on her breath, and knew this would work
as I felt her feet hook me behind the thighs. She used the added leverage to
rotate and push up into my thrusts as I worked my long thick dick into her
juicy cunt.

"Oh it feels so big baby, so bigggg," she moaned as I worked it in deeper.

I smiled, knowing I was much bigger in length and thickness than my dad as I
started to fuck her. She was pretty lubed up so I had no problem nailing her
hard and fast. She was gasping for air, and panting like a dog in no time.
"Honey ... Honey ... Honey yes!" she kept moaning, thinking I was my dad. I
started to make out with her as I drilled her on the swaying top bunk.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them up over my shoulders and started fucking
it in deeper. She loved each second of it, and I watched as I nailed her
g-spot. I must have hit it damn hard, because her eyes glazed over and she
just kept chanting my father's name.

I held her legs wide and pumped her violently without mercy, opening up her
depths and slamming my balls against her ass cheeks. I felt as if I was
turning her pussy inside out as I withdrew and it gripped me tighter than any
of the girls I'd every fucked before. I loved the exquisite feel of her glove
tight twat, the beautiful sight of her pink inner lips pulling out with my
withdrawal and her blonde fringed outer lips stretch in with each plunge of
long thick shaft.

I decided that I'd have enough of this position, and pulled out. She
immediately flipped over, got up on all fours and wiggled her sensational
buns at me. I just had to smack her ass, and did over and over again until
she whimpered. I reached my right hand around and cupped her mound as I
placed my left hand on her back for support. I placed my big dick between
her ass cheeks and against her juicy cunt. In one quick shove I was inside
of her again.

I lubed my thumb with the juice leaking out of her around my pumping dick
and pushed it as far up her ass as I could. It went in without a hitch and
she whimpered but just continued panting and groaning my father's name, and
I just kept on slamming in.

She suddenly started to shake and I could tell she was going to cum, so I
reached around with my other hand and played with her clit as I fucked her.
"I'm cumming Dagwood! YES! YES! YES! OH YES!" she screamed. I grasped her
ass cheeks and squeezed as I repeatedly thrust into her. I must have been
in a position to rub her g-spot or something because she began exploding
into one orgasm after another. By the fourth one she was screaming in

I felt her tense up, and buck back against me wildly as she came, then she
fell down to the mattress, exhausted. Without saying a word I spread her
ass cheeks, pulled out of her wet pussy, and using her cum as lubrication,
started to push into her tiny puckered anus. She drunkenly encouraged me
saying, "Yes ... Take my ass Honey! Fuck my hot little ass baby!"

Being the obedient son that I was, I applied pressure against it and she
screamed as I pushed in, caving it inward and forcing my oversized cock into
her tight little asshole. Once the head was in, I rammed it up her glove
tight asshole with a series of piledriver thrusts until my huge cock came to
a stop with my balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns. It was
the most incredible feeling of my young life as I lay on top of my beautiful
drunken Mom with my dick fully imbedded in her tight little asshole.

I slowly rotated my hips, grinding against her buns as I stirred my dick in
her vise like shitter. At first she whimpered in pain below me. But she never
complained, and took it like a true drunken slut and was soon moaning in
pleasure. "Ohhhhh... Fuck my tight little ass baby! Bang me! Bang me hard
Dagwood!" she began yelling.

She was humping up and moving with me as I savored her loving anal grip for
a long long time. Then I began to lift and started fucking her harder and
harder. My cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled her
hips and pushed up to meet me as I sodomized her. I picked up speed and power
and fucked her up her tight little asshole like a conquering barbarian taking
a village wife after plundering her home and killing her husband.

After cumming already I was primed for a long hard ride. It seemed an
eternity before I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled out, "Get ready, I'm
gonna fill your sweet little ass with my cum." She cried out, lurching and
jerking as I ram fucked her up the ass furiously, hammering my hips at her
buttocks, reaming my big cock deep into her ass. She exploded in orgasm, her
fingers gripping at the sheets in a vise like grip.

Mom whimpered, arched up against me and cried out as I rammed my big dick up
her tight little asshole to the hilt. My balls released a huge load of cum
and I flooded my mother's cock stuffed little asshole. She groaned loudly in
pleasure as my hot load sprayed deep into her. I bucked my hips against her
buns until every drop was gone, then I collapsed onto her, our naked, sweaty
bodies clinging to one another.

After a few minutes of savoring the feel of Mom's twitching anus milking my
softening cock I backed off of her, my big dick pulling out of her tiny anus
with a loud plop and I rolled over beside her. In just a few minutes I heard
Mom began to lightly snore, she had fallen asleep.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just had sex with my drunken Mom.
Not only did I let her climb onto me and let her think I was dad, but also
after that I virtually ravished her as I took her pussy and then fucked her
up the ass. If she woke up now and realized it was me instead of him she'd
kill me. If my Dad found out I fucked her he would kill me and either way
I'd be dead.

I lay there for quite a while thinking what to do as I fondled her firm meaty
ass. Mom was out for the count, snoring loudly. I decided the best thing to
do was move her to the bottom bunk and hope she didn't remember what happened
in the morning. I knew that both her and Dad were so drunk that they would
sleep until someone woke them up. I moved Mom to the bottom bunk and opened
the door. Then I got back up on the top bunk, but didn't sleep a wink the
rest of the night.

At about 9AM I woke Dad and Cookie and we went up to the big house because he
wanted coffee. Mom showed up about 11AM walking very gingerly saying she was
sore all over and we went home late that afternoon. Mom and Dad went to bed
early that night because they were both exhausted from the trip and the

To my knowledge, Mom has no idea this ever happened. That her horny teenaged
son took advantage of her when she was so drunk that she thought it was her
husband with her. Now every time I look at her great ass I see it in my mind
as she was bent over before me on that top bunk, wiggling it and undulating
it back against me, taking my big dick hard and deep. I get a woody every
time and I can't wait for another opportunity to play Dad with her.


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