Blondie: I Loved Watching (mF,inter,voy)
by Wilcox

The thump of a car door outside the house woke Dagwood. He realized quickly
that he had been asleep in his chair, and he moved quickly to the window to
see who it was. He'd returned from his business trip a day early and had been
surprised to come home to an empty house. He saw his wife coming up the walk,
but was not expecting to see her being propped up by an extremely tall young
black man he immediately recognized as Derek, the son of one of their

Blondie was in a short black skirt and a low cut top, and she was carrying
her high heels in her hands. Curious about what she did when he was away, he
flipped off the television and slid into the shadows in the corner of the
living room. He was listening intently to their muffled conversation outside
the window as Blondie fumbled for her house keys.

"Are you sure it's cool Mrs. Bumstead?" he heard the young man ask.

"Trust me," she giggled, "my husband is away on business and the kids are
both on sleepovers. I told you that if you helped me home from the party at
your house that I'd make it worth your while, didn't I?" A few seconds later,
the door lock clicked and the door swung open.

"Help me honey," Blondie slurred at him drunkenly. "The steps are tricky when
I've been drinking, and my bedroom is right at the top of the steps."

Dagwood didn't know what to do, jumping out now and interrupting them would
certainly cause one hell of a scene the next day, but he also knew that her
intentions weren't necessarily pure either. A part of him was excited at the
prospect of a long held fantasy of watching his wife with another man. The
fact that it was a young black stud around the age of his own son only
heightened the feelings swirling over him.

The debate raging in his mind was short-circuited by movement on the steps,
as the 5'4" Blondie led their 6'4" young neighbor up the steps slowly. He
instinctively huddled into the corner being careful not to breathe too
loudly. His heart was practically beating out of his chest and he realized
that if he didn't say anything soon it would be too late. He ran out of time
to make a choice however, as they reached the top of the steps and quickly
shut the door to the bedroom.

Now, short of breath and with his head swimming, Dagwood found himself
extremely excited. His ragged breathing told the tale, and he realized that
it was a pivotal moment. He could either march up there to his bedroom and
ask Derek to leave. Or he could do nothing. But nothing was not what he felt
himself doing in the next instant. Rather than marching up the steps, he was
quietly sneaking on to the patio. Being careful not to be seen in the dim
light outside, he stared up at his window. No lights were on, but the
streetlights showed that the curtains were open slightly in the middle.

He couldn't fight the desire inside him to see what was going on inside that
room. The bedroom window opened on to the roof over the back porch. Moving
like a burglar, he crept across the patio, and climbed on to the three-foot
retaining wall at the other end. Here he could actually climb on to the porch
roof, and hopefully he could shuffle across the shingles quietly enough to
see what was going on inside the room. After what seemed an eternity, he was
finally close enough to take a small peek inside the room. All he could see
was the closet door. He would have to sneak closer if he really wanted to see

Before he could debate that, a light flipped on inside the room. The sudden
flash caused him to start backwards and almost fall before he regained his
balance and quickly hit his stomach on the roof. He could feel the grit of
the shingles under his hands and knees as he tried to catch his breath.
Still, barely a sound could be heard. He realized that with the light on,
as long as it stayed on, they wouldn't be able to see what was outside the

He crawled forward slowly and finally reached the window. He raised his head
above the sill and was face to face with his wife! The moment of pure panic
passed quickly though as he realized she was not looking out at him. At the
moment she was bent over at the waist, with her hands on her spectacular ass,
giving their young neighbor a show while he reclined on the bed watching her.

Her eyes were half closed, as she was still wobbly from the alcohol. Her
skirt was on the floor and her top was pulled up, revealing a big firm
perfectly rounded set of breasts. Her flared hips were grinding to a silent
beat, and slowly she stood and started to move seductively facing the bed
and giving Dagwood a perfect view of his beautiful wife as she did her sexy
dance for their neighbor's son.

It was like he was watching a porno, he thought, as he played Peeking Tom
at his own bedroom window. The classic taboo situation, the white blonde
housewife and mother and the black man, or in this case the black teenager.
Blondie was still a knockout at 5'-4", 118 lbs. with curly blonde hair and
even after having two kids she had maintained a fantastic body with big
firm 38C breasts, a firm flat tummy, flaring hips and a beautiful high
riding ass.

His cock was instantly hard and he didn't bother to take the time to think
of what he was doing. His own wife was dancing, stripping, for a young black
guy in front of his own eyes. Blondie inched closer to the bed, turning again
to bounce her ass up and down in front of the boy's face. He reached out and
caressed her ass then turned her towards him and pulled her closer. His
muscular black body pressed up against her white skin, embracing her lucious
body, sucking on her pert nipples as he cupped and squeezed her ass.

Another minute passed and she was now on the bed, fully nude, on her knees
in front of him rubbing her pussy and grinding her hips towards him. Dagwood
could see everything, and while his eyes were locked on to his wife's
incredible body, he took a moment to glance at the young man she'd brought
into their bedroom.

In his right hand was the biggest cock he had ever seen. It was close to a
foot long and the head was the size of a large plum. Not only was it long,
it was twice as thick as his own dick and shaped like a torpedo, fatter in
the middle and tapering down to the wide head. The young man was slowly
pumping his hand on it, staring right into Blondie's eyes, and she was
smiling, licking her lips, all the while grinding away on her own hand.

They were speaking to one another now, but their whispered words were
inaudible. He was instructing her, talking her to an orgasm, and she was
responding to his words. The more he spoke, the more his hand moved up and
down, the harder and faster she bucked against herself. With a small cry,
she pitched forward on to the bed, on her hands and knees, her face buried
in the blanket. Her curly blonde hair was tangled all over her back and
covered her face as she held her ass up high in offering.

Dagwood watched Derek sliding his jeans off and his eyes bugged out when he
saw the massive equipment that had been slightly hidden to that point. A set
of balls larger than he had ever seen in a porn film was hanging between his
legs. His cock, which was now only three-quarters erect, was bent out at a
bizarre angle making it appear even more gigantic than before.

He ran his fingers through the thin growth of hair covering her pussy then
slipped a finger inside her, then two, pumping lightly. He rolled her onto
her back and she spread her legs wide apart as he moved in between them.
Her hips arched up as Derek's hot mouth clamped down on her golden treasure,
her eyes rolled as his tongue dipped into her honey pot and teased her
sensitive clit.

Planting her heels into the mattress, she grasped his head as she arched up
in response to the pleasure he was giving her. After several minutes she
moaned loudly and Dagwood saw his wife's body shaking uncontrollably in the
most powerful orgasm he'd ever seen her experience.

As she came back down to earth the black teen kissed his way up her body and
spent several minutes fondling and squeezing her firm fleshy mounds and spiky
nipples as they locked lips in a deep kiss. He broke off the passionate kiss
and Dagwood watched as he kissed and sucked both of Blondie's nipples as she
moaned in delight.

With a slow and deliberate move, Derek rolled onto his back and pulled
Blondie towards him. He guided her towards his expansive balls, and with a
flip of her hair he saw her close her mouth around them. Dagwood's own balls
were now tight; his cock was pushing so hard against the fabric of his shorts
he thought they would explode. And as Blondie started to slowly worship and
tickle the young stud's balls with her tongue, Dagwood found himself fumbling
with his own zipper, trying to free his cock.

Before long Blondie had worked her way up the shaft of the monster with her
tongue, she was on her knees between his legs now, and working away at her
pussy again. She pulled the head of the thick black snake into her mouth and
looked up at him, trying as hard as she could to get more and more inside her
mouth. This bizarre attempt at swallowing even half of the cock in her mouth
was obviously pleasing to the young man on the bed, as he kept whispering to
her, smiling and forcing her head down even further.

With a gasp she pulled her head off, drool and spit running down the shaft,
which she greedily licked back up as she dived on it again. Ten minutes
passed and Blondie had now gotten past the halfway point of the thick black
rod in her mouth and was anxiously rubbing herself and those two orange sized

Dagwood was now lost in the moment, pumping away at his own cock that at this
moment seemed like nothing more than a popgun compared to what his wife was
practically ramming down her throat. Her drool and spit was now all over the
bedspread and she had positioned her pussy over his knee and was grinding on
the thick muscle above it with a fury.

Her right hand had moved from his balls to the shaft and she was quickly
pumping it into her mouth while pulling the hand all the way over the head.
The black stud was now laying back with his mouth open, his hips slowly
rising and falling in rhythm with her strokes. It seemed that he would cum
any moment, but he never did.

With a jerk of his hand Derek caught Blondie by the hair and pulled her off
of his cock. A brief moment passed while he stared into her eyes, her mouth
hungry for more. And with a word, she was off her knees and positioning her
ass over him. This wasn't possible Dagwood screamed in his head, his tiny
wife was about to take this massive cock and he wasn't even wearing a condom!

His temper flared momentarily, he had to put a stop to this, it had gone on
long enough. But the moment he saw the lips of his wife's pink pussy kiss the
tip of that big black ramrod, he felt the beginnings of an orgasm in his own
balls. There was no stopping it now, he was going to cum, right here on his
porch roof while his wife tried to stuff a foot of black meat inside her.

Holding his cock around the shaft, not even moving his hand he fought the
muscles, trying to hold back the explosion. He heard Blondie grunt a few
times as she gamely fought to take all of the cock between her legs. But as
soon as Dagwood saw her muscular legs and ass start to work up and down, he
knew it was hopeless. Cum blasted out of his cock, each pump more sensational
than the last.

As the last few dribbles of cum were still leaking out over his knuckles, his
wife had finally mastered the cock in her pussy. She was pounding her ass
against the rock hard thighs of her lover. Her eyes were closed, her mouth
was hanging open, and he knew that she couldn't last much longer after seeing
her cum the first time.

Blondie was leaning backward moaning softly in her chest, her heavy breathing
causing her full melon breasts to jiggle up and down. He saw Derek looked
hungrily at her beautiful tits, rising and falling as she bounced on his
massive cock. The black teen pulled Blondie to him and took the right nipple
in his mouth and started sucking.

After a while he went over to the left tit for a similar feast. While doing
this, his hands slid from her waist down to grab her firm ass cheeks, taking
a handful of flesh in each hand as she bounced on his thick pole. He moved
his hands back up her body to play with her nipples and cup her tits as she
rode him, stroking him with even slow up and down motions. His hungry mouth
worked all over them and he suckled her full tits as she rode his long thick
black cock.

Then Dagwood watched his wife collapse in a heap on top of the young stud,
every limb in her body twitching and her face contorted as if she were in
pain as a powerful all consuming orgasm washed over her. Her head was now
wrapped inside Derek's massive biceps and for the next minute she simply
laid there jerking, trying to catch her breath. When she regained some
semblance of composure, there was still the matter of that rock hard cock
that was inside her. And it was obvious their young neighbor had decided
that he was going to take control.

Derek flipped Blondie over on to her back, and quickly climbed between her
legs. His six pack of abdominal muscles was glistening with his sweat and her
cum now, and he slapped the giant head of his cock against her pussy lips.
She was almost unable to move against him, and that seemed to suit him fine.
She was his to do with as he pleased. He was on his knees between her legs,
and with a hard shove half his massive cock disappeared deep inside her.

Dagwood could see a bulge rise up under her tight stomach muscles and he
instantly realized it was his cock pushing against her from inside. Derek was
not gentle now as he fucked Dagwood's beautiful blonde haired wife. She had
started it and he was going to finish it ... his way. He attacked her pussy,
ramming more and more of himself deep inside her.

She responded by reaching up to him, trying to pull him down on top of her.
And with a final desperate shove, he responded by falling on top of her, and
continuing to bang away as hard as he could. Dagwood could actually hear it
now, their bodies slapping together through the window. And he couldn't tear
his eyes away from the sight.

Blondie's ankles locked behind the muscular black ass and with each stroke
the two bodies on the bed bounced up and down. The muscles in Blondie's legs
were tight now, she was actually wrapped around the body of her young stud
and Dagwood recognized that she was about to cum again. With a massive grunt,
Derek reached his end at last, and as he took her pussy as hard as he could,
she bucked against him, lost in a flood that didn't stop for almost thirty

Dagwood thought that it was over but was amazed to see Derek lift up and take
hold of Blondie's long sexy legs, spread them wide open and hooked them up
over his massive shoulders. Sex for Dagwood was a one-time event that would
have ended long ago. He watched his wife's big full tits jiggling as she
began to roll her flaring hips against the young stud as he ground his fully
embedded cock into her.

Dagwood was amazed at the young stud's stamina as he watched through the
window. He saw Derek lean forward and lay over his wife Blondie, pinning her
knees back to her shoulders. He watched as the black teen's hips slammed
down and he drove his massive cock all the way to the hilt on each powerful
thrust. He then watched as her arms went to his neck as their young black
neighbor fucked her for all he was worth.

He could clearly see that his supposedly faithful wife was pumping and
rolling her hips hard up into Derek's. Her breathing was in loud gasps and
moans. She was clinging to him with all of her strength. Dagwood had seen
enough. He rolled to the side and sat with his back against the wall as he
tried to think it all out. He couldn't quite decide how he felt about the
whole thing -- angry, jealous, and also very scared. After quite a while
he still couldn't decide how he felt and hoping that it was over, he moved
back to the window.

The fuck was indeed over but there was his wife positioned over Derek's
still-hard cock with her mouth around it, licking and slurping the goo
between her lips. He couldn't believe it, there was his sweet innocent
wife, her curly blonde hair, all hot and sexy looking, framing her
beautiful face, as she slid her wide stretched, full pouty lips, up and
down the young stud's massive shaft!

He held Blondie's hair in his hand, pulling her head up and down on his
erection. Her head was bobbing as she sucked Derek's huge black horsecock
in and out of her mouth. She was moaning with pleasure, her ass rotating
in the air. Dagwood watched as the young stud took his other hand and
inserted three fingers between her legs and into her cum filled cunt. His
fingers were glistening with lubrication when he pulled them out and
roughly shoved one, and then two, and, finally, the third finger into
Blondie's tiny anus.

Dagwood rolled to the side again trying to regain control of his breathing
as he tried to comprehend what he'd just seen. By all indications Derek was
intending to sodomize Blondie on Dagwood's bed ... but it wasn't possible ...
was it. He was just too big, it would never fit and Blondie would never allow
it. There was just no way that Blondie could, or would take the boy's wrist
thick black horsecock up the ass. No, her tight little asshole just wasn't an
option, he decided before rolling back to confirm his thoughts and hopefully
see the boy leaving.

He peeked into the master bedroom to see them both still on his king-sized
bed. Blondie, his beautiful, innocent wife, the mother of his children, was
on all fours in the middle of their bed with their young black neighbor up
close behind her. Her head and shoulders down on the bed and her ass held
high with Derek's hands locked on her flaring hips. She was wiggling and
moaning pushing herself back to him as the young stud pounded his massive
erection in and out of her tight little asshole!

No, it couldn't be, he thought ... but there before his eyes his faithful,
innocent wife was whimpering as she writhed her buttocks erotically in
Derek's crotch. Dagwood watched as Derek ran his hands down her body to
squeeze her breasts as he sodomized Blondie slowly, deeply and thoroughly.
He could see the boy's big cock grinding in and out of his wife's impossibly
wide stretched anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices as he took a
ride up her Hershey Highway.

He rolled away, not believing what his eyes had seen. He sat staring for
the longest time off into the night sky, then felt compelled to see more.
He moved back to the window and saw Blondie rocking to and fro before Derek
like a bitch in deep rut. Her body rocked and jerked under his powerful
thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing, his hands on her hips,
pulling her anus up and down the length of his cock.

The muscular young black stud was skewering her heavily, going in deep and
sodomizing her thoroughly as Dagwood watched from outside the window. The
muscular teen was fucking his long thick organ into Blondie's asshole with
authority. All but the head of his glistening dark flesh appeared with each
piston-like cycle, each time driving back into Blondie's tight little ass
to the hilt, his huge sperm filled balls banging her dripping pussy.

Dagwood watched on as Derek pulled Blondie tightly against his loins, his
long thick cock buried as deeply as it would go up her ass. He saw his
loving wife explode in orgasmic release as Derek's ass clenched, signaling
that his big cock was spewing out a heavy load of his potent jism into her
bowels. Blondie exploded, her fingers tightly clenching the bed sheets as
her screams of rapture filled her husband's ears.

They stayed locked in place as Blondie milked out every last drop of semen
from Derek's churning testicles with her spasming anal canal. Then he pulled
out of her well used asshole with a loud plop and rolled over onto his back
as Dagwood's wife fell forward onto the bed in exhaustion.

Her body was weak and her head rested listlessly on the bed. She twitched and
jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms. Her legs still spread open so that
Dagwood could see her obscenely stretched cum oozing anus as the black boy's
thick semen began to puddle on the bedspread under her twitching ass. In one
night the young stud had pumped more cum into her the Dagwood could have
managed in a month of trying.

And just like that, it was over. Two minutes later, the young man was dressed
and pulling on his shoes. They never spoke. He reached across the bed, gave
her a kiss as he squeezed Blondie's tits, and left the room. She responded by
pulling the bedspread across her body and closing her eyes, a crooked smile
on her drunken face.

Dagwood got down from the roof and went to a motel, but didn't sleep a wink.
As he lay in his bed listening to the ceiling fan in his room, he though
about what had happened. He stroked his still hard cock and he hoped it would
happen again and that he could watch.

He knew that in the morning she would be sober and would regret her actions.
She'd probably call Derek and swear him to secrecy. If he tried to resist she
would most likely tell him that she'd yell rape and ruin his life. Well, he
thought, if it happened once it could happen again. Derek would jump at the
chance to fuck her ... so Dagwood knew that it would be up to him to try and
make it happen.

He'd start by befriending Derek and pulling him in closer to the family. He'd
start by inviting Derek and his parents over for a bar-b-que this weekend.
Maybe hire him to do some yard work on Saturday mornings when the kids would
be out and he'd be playing golf. He'd slip a powerful aphrodisiac into her
orange juice at breakfast before Derek was due to arrive.

Yes, he thought, as he got deeper into his plan. He'd secretly set up motion
activated cameras in the bedroom to capture for his later enjoyment what ever
might happen ... knowing that something would. She'd be too hot and horny to
resist him ... and he'd want to fuck her again ... and Dagwood wanted to


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