Blondie/Hi And Lois: Blondie And Lois Go To A Wedding (MF,MMF,reluc,ncon)
by Wilcox

Blondie Bumstead and Lois Flagston had convinced their husbands to watch the
kids while they attended old friends wedding a four-hour drive from where
they lived. Their husbands had both expressed concerns about two woman
traveling alone for such a long drive, but the two friends were adamant about
going and had finally overcome all the men's arguments.

"We'll be fine," Lois had assured them. "Nothings going to happen to us for
God's sake. We can take care of ourselves."

"Besides we haven't gotten away for you guys and the kids in quite a while,"
Blondie had added. "We need some girl time to ourselves."

Now three hours after they'd started the trip they were driving down a lonely
back road. They hadn't passed any buildings in quite awhile and Blondie was
having serious concerns about her friend's sense of direction. "Lois, you
said you knew the way," Blondie groaned. "You had to have taken a wrong turn,
now we're lost! Do you have any idea at all where we are?"

Lois slowed the car, hoping to see a signpost that would help them find their
way, but she saw nothing in the pitch-black night.

"What are we going to do now?" Blondie sighed, "We're never going to make
it to the wedding rehearsal on time. Look where we are ... in the middle of
nowhere on a deserted back country road!"

"Relax, Blondie," Lois replied, "Don't worry; I'll turn around and go back to
the last turn off. We can stop at a gas station and get some directions." The
pretty blonde-haired mother of four turned the car into a dirt side road and
put it into reverse. Then she backed out onto the road and headed along the
way they had come. She looked into the rear view mirror and saw a car
approaching them from behind.

"There's a car behind us," Lois said to her best friend, also a loving wife
and the mother of two children. "I'm going to pull over and put the emergency
flashers on. Maybe the other car will stop, and we can get some directions."
Blondie agreed that was a good idea. Slowing, Lois pulled the car carefully
onto the shoulder of the road. She saw the other car pull in behind her,
stop, and turn off its lights. The two married women heard the sound of doors
opening and footfalls above the murmur of their idling engine.

Dark figures abruptly yanked the doors of the car open, hauled both women out
of their car, and pushed them to the ground. Someone hopped into the car and
drove away, leaving Lois and Blondie frightened and dazed on the edge of the
dark highway.

"Are you all right, Blondie?" Lois asked her friend.

"Shut your mouths!" a harsh, masculine voice rang out.

"Oh, god" Blondie moaned, "Now what?"

The two women looked around and, as their eyes got used to the darkness, saw
the hulking forms of three guys standing over them.

"Please help us." Lois begged. "We're lost and someone just took our car."
Her answer was only harsh laughter. Strong hands grabbed each woman and
forced them both into the trunk of the other car. The engine started and,
after many minutes of driving, they felt the car turn off onto a bumpy road.
Another ten minutes of bouncing and banging about inside the trunk and the
women felt the car come to a stop. The silence of the night was broken by
some muffled voices. Shadowy forms released them from the stifling trunk
into the dark night.

"Please," Blondie begged. "Let us go. Don't hurt us."

A sinister voice advised them, "You broads ain't going anywhere for a while,
so just accept it and settle down." Firmly taken by an arm, each woman was
taken toward an unlit shack that emerged out of the darkness.

"Bring 'em inside," a voice ordered. "If these two broads give you any
trouble, slap them around."

"What are you going to do to us," Blondie whined, shaking with fear.

"You'll find out," one replied, "We're going to have a little fun; that's
all." He shoved open the front door and dragged Blondie inside the dark
interior. The other three followed bringing Lois. One guy quickly closed
the door and someone lit an old lantern, revealing a run-down hunting
lodge, with some chairs and bunks, tables littered with junk, and an unused

"Please," Lois begged. "Please don't hurt us."

"What are we going to do with them, Hank?" one the disheveled men asked.

"Well," Hank answered, "I think for starters I'm gonna fuck this hot-assed
blonde here and show her what a real man can do."

"No! Please no!" Blondie begged as she looked at the four big strong rough
looking males. They were all well over 6' tall and towered over the two
married women. "Don't touch me! Please stop!"

"Yes, don't do this..." Lois began, but a hard hand clamped over her mouth,
and her voice was reduced to a muffled scream, "Bitch, shut your fuckin'
mouth," the guy holding her said. "I won't be tellin' you again." The guy
shook Lois like a rat and then dropped her to the dirty floor, where she
cringed, quivering with fear.

Hank walked toward Blondie, who glanced at her fallen companion and then
looked up at Hank's stern face. "Okay, pretty lady, you and your friend won't
get hurt if you go along with the program, but, if you don't, you'll both
regret it." Blondie began backing away as Hank moved toward her. "My friends
and I are a little tense right now and need some female companionship to
relax us for some work we're doin' tomorrow."

"Please ... No ... Don't ... Please," she cried as she slowly backed up. "I'm
a married woman with children and so is she!"

"Did you hear me?" Hank answered. "You cooperate, you won't be hurt, at
least, not all that much, but we can make things really rough for you."

"That's right, babe," one of the others mumbled.

"You like getting fucked, sweetcheeks?" Hank asked, as he looked her over. He
liked what he saw from her big full breasts down to her flaring hips, firm
meaty ass and long sexy legs. She was strikingly beautiful he saw in the dim
light of the cabin with full pouty lips and a model's face framed by curly
blonde hair. Her friend was nice looking too, but this one was the prize.

Backing slowly away, Blondie bravely replied, "What business is that of
yours, you ... you degenerate?"

The four males laughed briefly, and Hank looked over his shoulder at his pals
and remarked, "I guess she doesn't get it yet. I'm gonna have to slap her
around a little." Blondie suddenly found herself backed against a wall, and
Hank was pressing against her, pinning her in place. She struggled to move,
but he was too strong as he held her in place with both arms pulled above her
head. He grabbed her dress with his free hand and ripped it open, tearing it
away and leaving her shaking in fear in her bra and panties.

"Whaaahoo," someone yelled. "Look at those boobs; this broad has a nice pair
of hooters on her!"

"Yeah," Hank replied, "Let's get a good look at these titties." He hooked a
finger in her bra and ripped it from her body. Blondie's big, firm breasts
bobbled free; her big nipples immediately swelled to perky hardness.

"Now, sweetcheeks, do you want to take those panties off?" Hank asked while
fondling Blondie's big tits. "Either you take them off, or I'll rip them

Defiantly, Blondie stared up at Hank, but tears flooded her eyes and her
jaw began to quiver. She knew they were trapped and would have to give in
to these strange men's lurid demands if they were to see their families
again. She slipped her hands inside her panties and pushed them down her
legs, finally stepping out of them. She heard sharp inhales of breath as
the thugs saw her exposed cunt.

On other side of the room, a low voice said, "Please leave her alone. Don't
hurt her... Please!" Hank turned his head around and said, "One of you take
a turn with her friend while I dick this broad."

"No! Please no!" Lois pleaded; Blondie heard a ripping sound and knew that
Lois's clothes were being torn from her body.

"So do you like to get fucked, babe?" Hank asked quietly. Blondie, head
lowered nodded yes. "You ever give head to your husband?" Again she nodded
yes. "Good because that's just what you're going to do to me, sweetcheeks.
I'd like a nice blowjob. So get started." Hank undid his pants and pushed
Blondie down onto her knees. "Get it out and get ta suckin'."

Looking up at him in the dim light, Blondie, her cheeks stained by tears,
lifted her hands to Hank's undone pants and freed his semi-hard cock which
was already much longer and thicker than her husband Dagwood's was when it
was erect.

"There we go, sweetcheeks; start suckin' me off. That's it, honey. Do a good
job on my cock." Blondie could see Lois down on her knees in front of another
guy with two others standing nearby, observing Lois's oral skills. The small
shack was soon filled with slurping noises and crude comments.

"That's it, Mel, fuck her mouth," someone urged. Blondie could see that Mel
had Lois by her blonde hair and was humping his cock into her mouth. The
other two were having great fun by commenting on the blowjobs Hank and Mel
were getting from the two married women.

"Hey, Hank," one of the observing men asked, "Which of these broads is going
to eat cum first?" All the men laughed briefly. Blondie, sucking Hank's cock,
resolved that she would somehow survive this, no matter what she had to do.
She glanced over at Lois, and briefly their eyes met with each of their
mouths filled with a strangers hard cock. Then Blondie turned her head away
in shame and focused on satisfying Hank. She began to pump his thick shaft
and fondle his balls. Soon he was groaning as he felt his sperm surging for

"Oh shit, lady, you really know how to give head!" Hank gasped. "That's
right. Keep those lips on my cock. I want you to suck me dry, you fucking
whore." Blondie flinched when the first thick gob of semen hit the back of
her throat, but she gamely kept her lips wrapped around Hank's big cock and
swallowed. Hank grunted like a hog each time his cock shot another dollop of
cum into Blondie's mouth.

Attracted by Mel's moans, Blondie looked over to see him jerking off onto
Lois's face. The head of his huge cock was just over her open mouth and a
large strand of his thick cum was dribbling down onto her extended tongue.

"Eat it all up, bitch," Mel gasped. As Blondie peeked around Hank's leg, she
saw her companion swab his cum from her chin and cheek and sweep it into her
mouth with her fingers. "Swallow it... Yeahhhhh, like that!" Mel ordered.
Blondie, even in the dim light, saw Lois's throat gulp down the semen just
as she had done.

After a few more minutes of sucking on Hank's slowly wilting prick, Blondie
let it slip from her mouth. "That was good," Hank said, "Now it's time for
you to take care of one of the other boys. What do you feel like, Luke?"

"Man, I want some of that sweet looking pussy."

"What about you, Lonnie?"

"Yeah, pussy sounds good to me too. I want to fuck this pretty blonde bitch
who sucked Mel off."

Hank led Blondie over to one of the bunks and pushed her down onto the
mattress. Another guy, Luke, came over, pulled his pants off and dropped his
briefs to expose a throbbing 9" cock. Pulling one of Blondie's legs aside, he
knelt between her thighs and began to feel her cunt.

"Whooee, she's all wet, Hank. I think she liked sucking your dick." Blondie
felt herself flush with shame at his announcement, not having realized that
she had been so excited by her lewd, forced fellatio. Glancing to one side,
Blondie saw Lois being led to another bunk by Lonnie.

"Give these two a good fucking," Hank urged. "They deserve some fun too."

Blondie looked down her body and watched Luke slide the head of his big dick
up and down her moist slit. It was a good three inches longer than Dagwood's
and it stretched her wider than she'd ever felt before when he pushed the
head into her vagina and lay down over her.

His lips sought her mouth while he shoved his cock deep into her cunt. Her
body was aflame with shame, realizing that she was obtaining enjoyment from
his violating penis. She turned her head to one side to avoid his face and
to distance herself from her forced coupling, but her eyes fell on Lois, who
had her legs around Lonnie and appeared to be heaving her pelvis against the
fierce pounding he was giving her.

Blondie turned her face back, not wanting to witness Lois's so active
participation in her supposed rape. Luke took advantage of her head turn and
pushed his tongue into her mouth.

"Fuck her, Luke! Fuck her real good now, boy!" Hank urged.

"Yeah," Mel yelled, "Let's all have some fun now!" Blondie noticed that he
had produced a bottle and had taken a swig before passing it to Hank.

Involuntarily, Blondie's hips began to roll with Luke's thrusting. His hands
groped her firm breasts, and bending down, he sucked her nipples as his thick
cock slipped in and out of her juicy vagina. She felt his teeth teasing her
nipples. An awful tingling began deep her.

"No!" she moaned. "Oh god, no!" She began to feel her unwanted climax welling
up. The shame of her coming under these conditions did not prevent her from
feeling a flood of pleasure wash over her body. Blondie's pussy betrayed her
with an orgasm provided by Luke's big hard deep fucking dick.

"Ahhh," she gasped as Luke continued to stuff her cunt with his hard cock.
He moaned into her mouth several minutes later when he ejaculated deep inside
her. Looking across at Lois, Blondie saw Lois's head thrown back and heard
the moan from her lips as she came with Lonnie's hard cock filling her with

Blondie tried to avert her eyes from her friend, but from time to time as she
lay on the bunk, she and Lois looked at each other, not daring to speak. The
four guys lounged around on the chairs, laughing and joking. She listened to
them discuss what they planned for their next bout with the two captive

"I think I'd like to have a blowjob next," Lonnie said. The others expressed
their desires. Blondie looked over at Lois, who seemed to be rather relaxed
and nonchalant, considering the circumstances.

"Maybe I'll give it to one up the ass," Hank said. Blondie quivered in fear.
She had tried anal once, but it had been very uncomfortable that she had
ended up begging Dagwood to stop. Recalling how large Hank had been, she did
not want to feel him shoving that massive hunk of meat into her butt.

"Yeah," he said. "I think I'll do the other one up the ass for my next
go-around." Blondie felt relieved, but then felt guilty, knowing her good
fortune meant bad luck for Lois. She looked at Lois, but Lois only shrugged
her shoulders and gave Blondie a brave, little smile.

Hank pulled a mattress onto the floor and yanked Lois out of her bunk. "You
know what I want slut, so get into position for me fuck that sweet lookin'
ass of yours."

She slowly walked over to the mattress, knelt down and bent her upper body
forward. Leaving her ass up, she rested her head and arms on the soiled
mattress resigned to her fate. Hank dropped to his knees behind her and
pulled her buttocks to him, until his erection was lying between her ass
cheeks. He slowly worked it through her buns as his strong hands kneaded
her firm fleshy buttocks.

"You've got a great little ass honey," he told the pretty blonde wife and
mother of four. "It looks like it was made for fucking. Your gonna love my
big dick up the ass."

Blondie watched wide-eyed as Lois's asshole was about to be fucked, but
first, Hank pulled back and pushed himself deep up her cunt. He pumped it
for lubrication as he spit on his hand and worked his finger into Lois's
ass, trying to loosen her up a bit. Lois did not seem to dislike this act
and sucked in air between her pursed lips.

"Here we go, babe," Hank said, as he pressed the head of his big penis
against her opening and pushed into her ass as he hauled her hips back
toward him. "Yeah! Oh yeah!" he exclaimed as the head popped in past her
anal muscles.

"Uhhh!" Lois moaned. Her face showed she had not enjoyed Hank's entry." But
then she relaxed, as he held himself back and allowed her to loosen up some
more. Soon he began to slide his cock in and out of Lois's asshole. He
gripped her hips and rode her harder. Lois seemed to be getting into it too,
while Hank's thick prick rammed deep into Lois's backdoor hole.

"Oh, fucking shit!" Lois screamed. "Shove that big hard cock into me, Hank!"

Blondie was shocked at Lois's reaction to anal fucking. She saw Lois begin
to rub her pussy while her ass was being reamed out. It was a long hard
ride, and then Blondie heard her friend scream out, "Oh god yes! Oh yes!
Unnnggghhh!" As she came, Hank grunted and shot his load of cum into the
wife and mother's bowels. For many minutes the two remained joined, Hank
listening to the favorable comments for the three other guys as he slowly
pumped his softening dick in Lois's anus.

Blondie now discovered that the mattress on the floor had become the arena
for future sexual activity. Lonnie led her out and told her to kneel down.
He pulled off all his clothes and stood over her. She knew what he wanted,
and took hold of his big erection marveling how all four of the men were
real hung. Dagwood's average sized dick was a boy's compared to these
hardened criminals she thought, inwardly smiling at her little joke in
spite of the circumstances.

She kissed the swollen head and teased it with her tongue. Looking up at him,
she swallowed his cock and saw his face change to awed disbelief. Letting his
pecker slide out of her mouth, she ran her lips up and down the slick length
before swallowing him again. Unconsciously she didn't him to come to quickly
and without realizing it she slowed her action down for a while, sucking,
kissing, and licking him.

"Oh, baby, I need to come so bad," Lonnie groaned at last. Blondie resumed
her efforts to bring him off. Cupping his balls in her soft palm, she teased
his perineum with a finger. As she bobbed her head, her other hand was
pumping his shaft. "Ahhhhh!" Lonnie cried out. "Ahhhhhhh... Shit!" His cream
jetted into Blondie's mouth, quickly to be swallowed. He was just able to
help her up and back to her bunk before he sank, exhausted, onto a chair.
"That slut has some hot mouth," he acknowledged.

"Wait a minute," Mel said. "Before I take another turn, I want to see the two
broads go at together. He looked to Luke, who expressed agreement.

"Hell!" Luke said. "That would be a really cool scene. I want you to fuck
each other for us. I want you tramps to eat each other out and suck on those
hot, juicy cunts, while we watch you do each other."

Slowly, Blondie lifted herself up and ambled back to the mattress, where
she met Lois. Standing together they kissed and reassured each other before
sinking down. Kneeling and holding each other, they whispered further
encouragement as they exchanged deeper and more sensuous kisses. They began
fondling each other's breasts and soon insinuated fingers into one another's
juicy cunts.

Slowly they lowered themselves down side-by-side into the classic sixty-nine
position. Raising legs to accommodate the other's head, they began to kiss
pussies that were drooling with cum and feminine secretions.

The guys were becoming super-excited by the wanton exhibition. Filthy,
disgusting words of encouragement were repeated over and over. They
continually shifted around the coupling women to get better views from
varying angles.

Blondie felt strangely stimulated by loving Lois. She had never thought of
her friend, or any other woman, as a sexual object, but now, overcome by the
raw abandon of the moment, she developed a deep passion for Lois and wanted
to satisfy her. It was clear that Lois has like feelings and their mouths and
fingers contended to bring off the other partner. Blondie was panting hard
and approaching an orgasm of her own, knowing that Lois was also close.

Moaning and writhing on the floor, the two experienced a sensational and
passionate mutual eruption of orgasmic pleasure. Both of them stiffened
at the same time, while their genitals wrenched together as a mutually
satisfying orgasm pulsed between them, the flood of their juicy orgasm
overwhelmed them, and the two married women lay clutching each other for
many minutes afterwards. This cuddling would have continued, but for the
need of the horny males watching them.

Trying to rise, Blondie felt herself being held down by Mel, who mounted her
doggy style and pushed his penis into her drenched pussy from behind. Next
to her Lonnie mounted Lois the same way. They had been hugely excited by the
sight of the Sapphic loving and both men pounded into their married captives
for close to fifteen minute before shooting they're cum into the ladies
over-filled twats. They'd made it a race to cum near the end as though the
women were their mounts in a strange sexual race.

Blondie was too spent to feel anything by the powerful fucking Mel had given
her as he shouted in victory. She dragged herself back to her bunk, still
befuddled and amazed by what she and Lois had done with each other.

Lying there, she watched as Lois made it to her bunk and was approached
by Luke for a blowjob. She saw that Lois was also somewhat adept at deep
throating. Luke deprived her of a cum reward by jerking off on her tits
and massaging his goo into her skin. When he left her Lois rolled on the
bunk, staring across at Blondie. Blondie gave her a hopeful smile as they
lay there, naked, raped, cum-splattered, and weak.

After about an hour Hank came over to the bunk and climbed on next to
Blondie. He pulled her to him for a long deep kiss, then rolled onto his
back with her on top of him. She could feel that his cock was now back to
full strength as she lay on top of it.

"Put it in sweetcheeks," he told her. "I want to watch you ride me."

Her knees bent, and slid in on each side of his legs. Her cum filled pussy
slid closer to his huge cock as Blondie straddled him. He fit his huge
erection into her ravaged cunt and began to lower her. He continued until
the head of his cock was nudged between her tight lips. Blondie whimpered
softly and slowly slid down his huge cock.

"Oh my God," she moaned as she felt his long thick cock stretch and burrow
deep inside of her. He made no reply as he held her tightly and thrust slowly
in and out of her. His cock was five inches deeper than Dagwood could ever
reach. And he was so much thicker. It stretched her like her husband never

"OH GAWD!" she let out when the base of his cock touched her pelvis bone and
she felt the wide head press tightly against her cervix. Blondie was leaning
backward moaning softly in her chest, her heavy breathing causing her full
melon breasts to jiggle up and down. He looked up hungrily at her beautiful
tits, rising and falling as she rode his cock.

He pulled Blondie down to him and took a nipple into his mouth and started
sucking. He nibbled on the nipple feeling it get longer in his mouth. Then
went over to the other tit for a similar feast. While doing this, his hands
slid from her waist down to grab her firm ass cheeks, taking a handful of
flesh in each hand as she bounced on his thick pole. After a while he slid
his hands back up to her fleshy mounds. He continued to play with her
nipples and cup her tits as she rode him, stroking him with even slow up
and down motions. He pulled her back down and his hungry mouth worked all
over them, suckling her full tits as she rode his long thick cock.

She became aware of loud moans coming from Lois's bunk and turned to find
her friend the female filling in a man sandwich. Mel and Lonnie had her
trapped between their muscular bodies as they ravaged her pussy and ass with
their huge hard charging cocks. It was the most incredible thing Blondie had
ever seen as she watched her friend being used and abused by the two big men
satisfying there horny urges in Lois's anus and cunt at the same time. Lois
eyes were glazed over as she took them both hard and deep while moaning

The sexually charged atmosphere was getting to Blondie and she moaned as she
began to ride Hank hard. She gripped him around the shoulders as he continued
to thrust himself deep inside of her. She started grinding her pussy on his
cock, riding him now like a cowgirl on a wild stallion. She was moaning
really loud now. He grabbed her head by a huge clump of hair, pulled her
mouth to his, jammed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like it
was his cock. She was groaning loudly into his mouth when she came.

He lifted her off of him then and turned her over so that she was lying with
her arms and head on the bunk. He pulled her sexy ass up in the air as he
knelt behind her. He wrapped his hands around Blondie's flaring hips, and
shoved hard, burying his massive cock to the hilt as she gently mewed and
wiggled her ass back into him. He then power fucked her doggie style with
her bent over the bunk, giving himself a close up view of his big cock
pistoning into her married twat from behind. He fucked her with long
power-laden strokes until she came hard twice.

Blondie's head was turned towards the bunk where Lois was being
double-teamed and watched as the massive dicks kept disappearing and
reappearing, glistening and slick with her best friend's juices and
accumulated cum. She was lying on Max; his dick deeply embedded in her
cunt while Lonnie plowed into her asshole. Her weight seemed to be
centered on her tits, her body pivoting back and forth on the flattened
globes, helpless against the onslaught of the men's immense shafts.

Hank began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on Blondie's
flaring hips, bringing her back into him with deliberate force. Then
suddenly, without warning, he pulled out and pushed his cockhead back between
her lucious buttocks to her tight, puckered sphincter.

Blondie whimpered as the big man's huge cockhead throbbed at her anus. He
grunted as he pulled her hips back to him watching her tiny anus cave inward
and yield under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips
forward. His wide cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep up her
asshole as her head jerked up and her face contorted in a savage grimace of

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Hank gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks; his head flung back as he
flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward. His cock squeezed deeper and
deeper into her tight little asshole.

Blondie's fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then,
incredibly to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly
good in her anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper
it went, and he groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick penis in her
tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks. He looked down at the
beautiful blonde's heart-shaped ass with his thick dick buried in her
impossibly stretched anus saying, "Your friend has a nice tight little
asshole baby, but I like yours even better."

Blondie was lost in the carnal moment, totally forgetting that she and Lois
had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped by these nasty men. All she cared
about now were the overwhelming waves of forbidden pleasure washing over her
trembling body as Hank held still with his huge cock fully embedded up her
tight little asshole. She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his

He gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he began
sodomizing her slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock grinding in and out
of her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices. She moaned and
shuddered, rocking to and fro before him like a bitch in deep rut, whimpering
loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame his passion and shock her now
watching best friend.

Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as she moaned thickly, "Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh oh yes
oh yes do it, baby ... fuck me! Fuck my ass, stud ... fuck my ass ... give it
to me ... fuck my ass ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big stud! Fuck me!"

Blondie finally exploded in climax, her fingers grasping at the bunk. Hank
sensed her orgasm and fucked her up the ass furiously. Blondie whimpered
and cried out in joy, "Oh GODDDD!" and began to writhe and twist in front of
him as he stayed still and held her wildly wriggling butt tightly against
himself. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as he got his rocks off,
his mouth wide open.

After a couple of minutes he withdrew from the still moaning, quivering
wife's ravaged little asshole with a loud plop. Then he turned around and
pulled Blondie's head to his goo-covered dick. "Suck it sweetcheeks," he

Blondie leaned forward and took his gooey dick into her mouth, sucking and
jerked him in perfect rhythm. As she sucked him he pushed her back so that he
could play with her jiggling tits. He pinched her nipples while she sucked
him off, cleaning off every gooey drop of their mating until his big dick was
shiny clean.

Hank got up and she fell back, turning her head toward Lois's bunk to see
that the two men had finished with her and had left her ravaged body sprawled
across the bunk with their thick cum oozing from her ass and cunt. Lois had a
strange far away look in her eyes as she gazed back at her friend.

From time-to-time the males would whisper and glance at the two spent
women. There appeared to be a mild dispute. Finally, Hank announced, "We
were thinking of keeping you two here for a couple of days, but we have
some other business to attend to. When we leave, you two stay here until
dawn, and nothing will happen to you ... as we promised."

Luke walked over to the lamp and blew the light out; a door opened, and the
two women heard feet moving from the hut. Soon a car started up and moved
away. Blondie heard a faint noise. She sensed the presence of Lois and
reached out to guide her friend into the bunk. The two lay next to each
other, sometimes dozing, sometimes exchanging a few words, glad to be alive
and holding each other close until a pink glow appeared beyond the open
door. Lois rose and relit the lamp. They walked around the room, gathering
up what was left of their clothing and trying to figure some way to make
the shredded garments cover their nakedness.

Blondie looked out the door and saw their car parked under some trees a few
hundred feet away. They discovered the keys were in the ignition and their
suitcases were in the trunk. Washing themselves at a pump in the yard, the
two dressed in fresh clothing then drove down a long pot-holed dirt road
onto a back road and continued down it until they found the highway.

While they had missed the rehearsal, they attended the wedding and reception.
By agreement, they decided that they could not report what happened, in part
because they had been unable to resolve some new mutual feelings. They both
needed more time to recover from their ordeal and they decided to retain
their motel room for another night rather than return home. They called their
husband's to tell them of the change in plans but omitting any mention of
their ordeal at the hands of four big strangers.

That night in the motel they watched a newscast and learned that an attempted
bank robbery had been thwarted in a nearby town. All four robbers had been
shot to death either by sheriff deputies in front of the bank or state police
officers at a roadblock. The news program had photographs of two of the
robbers from old arrest records. Lois and Blondie recognized Luke and Lonnie.
Only only the two of them now held the secret of what had happened and they
made an oath to keep it that way.


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