Blondie: Dinner Party At The Bumstead's (M/F,ncon,reluc)
by Wilcox

Dinner parties at each others houses had become our regular event and
tonight it had been my husband Dagwood's and my turn. The other two couples
we took turns with were our next door neighbors Herb and Tootsie Woodley,
and old friends Hi and Lois Flagston. We were all very middle class and
having known each other for many years were well established in our evenings
entertainment. This mostly involved chatting over a few bottles of red wine
during dinner, then drinks, followed by card games or a movie, capping the
evening with a coffee before heading home around midnight.

This particular evening, with the kids sound asleep in their beds, we ushered
everyone to the living room to watch a foreign film that had recently come
out. Being the hostess I busily sorted out all the drinks while Dagwood set
up the video, turned down the lights, then returned to grab a seat.

As always, everyone was very jovial as the tape began and as I moved to sit
on the floor near the back of the room, due to the lack of seating. Herb
sitting on the big hair in the back corner, grabbed me and sat me on his lap,
laughing that that would be a bit more comfortable.

Herb was my best friend's husband and a close friend, so I readily accepted
and my buns were glad of the comfort. I could tell by his slighty slurred
words that he was feeling the effects of all the drinks he'd consumed, but
thought nothing of it.

Now it should be pointed out that there was nothing of any sexual nature in
this move, we were all very conservative and sex was not a subject that was
ever discuss within our group. Sex was confined to the bedroom and the
thought of swapping or illect one-on-one sex was not even considered.

I made myself comfortable on Herb's lap as he put an arm around my waist to
hold me in place and we all settled down to the movie. The lights were turned
down even lower as the tape began.

Some way into the film a sex scene started to materialise. At with moments
like this we all stayed silent with our eyes glued to the screen, just in
case we caught someone's eye, as it was all a bit embarrassing, but then the
room was dark anyway. Herb moved a little uncomfortably under me and to my
shock I felt a bulge pressing against my buns. He tried to move a little more
but this just compounded the problem.

I didn't know what to do and I could feel my face reddening. I didn't dare
move as it would only embarrass him and me, so I pretended I hadn't noticed
and concentrated on the screen.

With some relief the scene ended but Herb's bulge remained, now a huge hard
log under my ass and his arm seemed to tighten around my waist pulling me
down onto it. I tried to move again but this time he pressed himself hard
against me, moving his hips so that his long thick erection moved under me
and nestled in between the length of my butt crack.

I could now feel his big hard-on throbing through the thin material of my
dress as he brought his hands to my flairing hips and moved me so that my
firm ass slid back and forth along its length. I looked around the room and
saw that they were all engrossed in the action on the screen and unaware
what Herb was doing to me.

Soon one of his hands slid up and cupped one of my breasts. I froze and I
guess he took that as approval because he began to fondle it, molding my
firm mound in a forceful grip as his fingertips rolled and tweaked my
hardening nipple. Again no one could see what he was doing to me as I tried
to think of a way out of this situation with my best friend's husband,
without causing a major scene.

After a while I finally figured out a way to escape and called out, "Anyone
for coffee," and Herb's grip released. I jumped up and took the orders,
smiling pleasantly at Herb as I asked him what he wanted, as if I hadn't even
noticed the incident. I felt this was the best way out, so neither of us were
embarrassed and the whole event could be forgotten.

Standing in the kitchen, watching as the coffee spluttered out of the
machine, I became lost in my thoughts. I grinned slightly, thinking of how
Herb must be feeling now. He probably wouldn't even be able to look at me
again without going red, but I decided that I would put the whole incident
out of mind.

At that moment and without warning, two arms wrapped themselves around me,
one hand cupping my full thrusting breast the other dropping to the hem of
my dress and placing itself against my inner thigh. I threw my hands forward
to steady myself against the kitchen counter, a gasp coming from my mouth as
the hand on my thigh swiftly moved up till it came to rest, cupping my mound
through my panties.

Herb's voice whispered into my ear, "You`re a real fox Blondie, who'd have
thought it."

Thought what? My mind swam. I couldn't seem to get a clear thought, I
couldn't collect myself, take control of the situation. My legs seem to go
numb as his fingers pulling at the elastic of my panties and snaked their
way underneath to touch the sensitive skin that lay below.

His other hand had moved inside the top of my dress and was kneading the bare
flesh of my breast, rolling the spiky nipple between his fingers. I tried to
push him away with my butt at the same time retreating from his fingers as
they probed my pubic hair for thier target. But Herb just saw this as an
invitation and pushed his crotch harder into my rear end.

Through gritted teeth and heavy breath he hissed, "Not so fast girl, you'll
get it soon enough. Your going to love my big cock inside you. Does Dagwood
know you like it like this?"

I seemed unable to move, his weight pushing on my back forcing my arms to
remain where they were so I didn't fall onto the coffee machine in front of
me. The only word I could utter was a faint "no".

I tried to close my legs but his fingers had found what they were looking
for, the sensation as they touched my clitoris making me gasp with shock and
surprise. The whole scene became like a dream as Herb probed and played with
my body. My thoughts seemed to wander as they became detached from the
realities of what was happening to me. What would anyone think if they walked
in now?, what did Herb mean 'I like it like this', was I enjoying this?.

My thoughts were broken as Herb moved me down the counter a bit, his hand
slowly removed themselves from my breasts and from between my legs. I seemed
to snap back into reality at that point thinking the ordeal was now over.

"OK, Herb," I said with shaky voice, "I won't tell anyone and we can leave
it like that."

"Sounds good to me you little fox," he salivated.

I tried to turn to look at him but before I knew what was happening he
pressed my upper body down hard onto the counter with my ass sticking out
towards him. Again this was totally unexpected and as I struggled to get up
he held me firm with one hand on my back while the other lifted my dress up
over my back, then fumbled with the front of his trousers. Again I tried to
look around to see what he was doing just as he pulled my panties down to
my ankles.

"No, Herb," I blurted with a voice as authoritative as I could.

"It's OK" he replied, with lust in his drunken voice, "They can't hear, the
TV is up too loud, the kitchen door is shut and they're really into the

It wasn't till that point that I realized, he was convinced I was all for
this. But the shock that now erupted in my head was replaced by utter
disbelief as I felt the end of his hard dick brush between my wide spread
legs. Again I tried to move, "No, not here," I gasped, trying to buy time.
I couldn't scream, it all just seemed to have gone beyond the point of
explanation to our spouses and friends.

He didn't reply and once again I gasped as I felt the head of his big prick
brush against my pubic hair and run the length of my vagina, oozing its
pre-cum to help lubricate it's entrance. The sensation shot through my body
and to my shame a moan escaped my lips.

"That's it baby," he grinned and spreading my buns with one hand he thrust
himself into me. The sharp pain of his forced entrance into my semi-moist,
exclusive opening expelled all my air in a yelp as my body tensed from it's
sudden and unexpected violation.

As I gasped for air he thrust again, parting my labia with each forward
movement stretching my inner muscles to accept this strange and unwelcome
intruder. God, it was so much larger than Dagwood's. I'd never felt anything
like it. It was so thick my tight cunt was stretched taunt around the massive
shaft as he pounded it into me. "Oh Blondie, your sweet little pussy feels so
good. I've been wanting to do this for years, I've been just waiting for the
right opportunity to fuck you sweetcheeks," Herb said.

I battled for breath with each of his powerful thrusts, my knuckles white
from their tight grip of the edge of the counter. His thrusting became easier
for me to take as my own juices uncontrollably began to flow and sensations
of pleasure flowed from between my legs. My mind desperately tried to fight
the sexual excitement that was slowly taking over my body.

He felt so different in me than Dagwood and he had a good four inches more
than my husband could ever hope to give me. It was like I could feel every
bump, every vein in his thick dick as it slid in and out. He seemed to fill
me up, stretch me beyond my limits, making me force myself onto his length
to slow his desparate onslaught.

Grunts now escaped both our lips as I spread my legs to allow more of his
manhood into me, accepting every long thick inch he had to offer. He let it
soak in my tight cunt then began a deep pumping action with his hips and
began banging me powerfully. After about five minutes I orgasmed hard. I lost
all senses for a moment while the pleasure washed over me. I collapsed in
exhaustion. My arms were weak and my head rested on the counter as I twitched
and jerked in the aftermath of my orgasms.

His pubic hair now pressed against the tender flesh of my buns, as he buried
his massive penis to the hilt with every piledriving slam of his hips up
against my firm ass. He slid his hands up my sides to capture my breasts as
he continued to pound against my upturned ass. He began squeezing my big
meaty mounds, rolling and tweaking my hard spikey nipples as he impaled my
loudly squishing pussy with his thick penis all the way to the hilt.

Then incredible it got even better. Herb caressed my stomach, sides and
breasts lovingly while we rhythmically joined and separated, then reached
down with two fingers of his right hand to stroke the cradling folds on
either side of my sensitive clitoris. He maintained his demanding pumping
motion for a good ten minutes. His rhythm became frantic, grabbing at my
hips to ensure my co-operation as he pushed to satisfy his building orgasm.

Then with a loud exhalation of air and one last ass splating thrust, he
stopped, with his massive cock buried to the hilt within me. I could feel
his girth pulsing and with one more grunt his hot seminal fluid flooded into
me, coating my cervix with his thick cum. His whole body seemed to convulse
with each spurt, his hands gripping my hips not allowing me to move till he
had given me every bit of his male seed.

As he fell forward onto my back, gasping for air, the movement of his
withdrawing penis caused my body to slightly shudder as another incredibly
intense orgasm raced through my body. I lost all senses for a moment while
the pleasure washed over me. I collapsed in exhaustion. My arms were weak
and my head rested on the edge of the counter as I twitched and jerked in
the aftermath of my orgasms.

He recovered his breath quickly and stood up pulling his now shrinking dick
from my cum drenched pussy with a loud plop. The sudden withdrawal again
caused my body to uncontrollably quiver only to be replaced by the emptiness
between my legs as his cum oozed out and ran slowly down the inside of my

Herb quickly wiped himself with a kitchen towel. He playfully slapped my bare
ass and headed for the door turning only to say, "The coffee's done. Mine's
milk, no sugar, but then you know that," and he was gone.

As I entered the living room with the coffees I expected everyone to see
from my face what had happened, but nobody said a word as even Herb acted
normally. My only proof of the events some five minutes previous was a
slight tenderness of my pussy, and the wetness of my panties as the
remainder of Herb's cum oozed and seeped from within me.

I had no idea what would happen between us in the future, but Herb's big
cock had satisfied me like my husband's never had and I knew that out tight
litttle group was in for some major changes.


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