Blondie: Break In At The Bumstead's (MM/Ff,ncon,inc)
by Wilcox

Jack Miller had been staking out the neighborhood for over a week now. He
selected his target and arrived at the house around two in the morning. He
found and carefully opened an unlocked window on the first floor of the quiet
house. Climbing silently into the dark room, he snapped on a small flashlight
and surveyed the interior as he pulled out an old pillow case from inside
his coat. Moving quickly to the buffet, he found a drawer full of expensive
antique silverware, which he quickly deposited in his sack. There was also a
beautiful sterling silver tea service and a small metal box containing three
hundred dollars.

Not bad for a few minutes work, he thought, while moving to leave by the same
way he had entered. All at once Jack was interrupted by the sudden flash of a
light being turned on and the sound of a man's voice! "Who's there," the man
yelled? Frozen for a second, Jack looked over his shoulder to see a man of
about forty standing in the far doorway. Hey, shouted the man, what are you
doing in here?!?

Now turning to face him, Jack reached into his pocket and produced a snub
nosed .38. "Hold it right there pal," he said with a snarl, "don't move and
nobody gets hurt!!" Coming up behind the man, Jack could see the outline of
a woman who asked, "What's going on Dagwood," while peaking over his
shoulder? "Get over here lady," Jack ordered the woman. "Both of you," he
said, "and get those hands up!" Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead both slowly
raised their arms and walked over to the middle of the now brightly lit
dining room.

"What are you going to do with us," asked and obviously shaken Dagwood
Bumstead? Ignoring his question, Jack asked, "Anybody else in the house?"

"No," answered Blondie a little to quickly!

Jack looked the two of them over for a minute, trying to decide what to do
with them when Blondie pleaded, "Just go, we won't say anything!!!"

"Yeah sure, lady," replied a more than skeptical Jack! How could he make sure
that they never would finger him, that was the problem! Just then another
voice echoed through the room, "Mom, what's going on?"

Standing in the doorway was a girl about seventeen years old. Looking over at
Blondie, he smiled, and turned back to the girl and said, "Come on in and
join the party!" Cookie Bumstead, now grasping the situation at hand, joined
her parents in the middle of the dining room. "Any more surprises?"
questioned Jack.

"Please leave her alone," cried Blondie, as she held her daughter tight! "Our
son is sleeping in his room." Just then a young man's voice called out,
"What's going on? Why all the noise?" Alexander, their eighteen year old son
sleepily appeared. Jack motioned to him with his gun to move over near his
family. Looking the four of them over, Jack smiled, because he had come up
with a plan!

"Got any cameras," Jack asked?

"Yes, A 35mm and a video camera, why?" asked Dagwood.

"Get me the video camera," he told Blondie, "right now, and no tricks!"

Blondie practically ran into the family room, returning with the camera and
battery pack. Taking the camera from her, Jack turned it on and hit the
rewind button.

While he was waiting for the tape to rewind, he pointed the .38 at them and
said, "Everybody strip, all your clothes, off, now!!!" All four Bumsteads'
looked at each other and then slowly removed their bed clothes.

"W-w-why do you want us to take off our clothes?" asked Blondie fearing the

"Just do it!" snapped Jack.

When all three were naked, Jack took his time in checking out their bodies.

Blondie, even though she was in her mid-thirties, had kept herself in great
shape, with curly blonde hair, full firm tits without a sign of sag, a
gorgeous butt, and long sexy legs, along with a beautiful face which made
for a very attractive woman indeed!

Dagwood was in pretty good shape with just a slight paunch hanging over a
nice sized dick.

Alexander was a young buck with a strong muscled body and a long thick cock
even bigger than his Dad's.

The best was for last! Cookie, the seventeen year old was a knockout! Slim
with big tits, pretty face framed by blond hair, a thin blond bush that
couldn't hide her pouty pussy lips, tight little ass, and long slim legs that
were enough to give any man an instant woody!

"I bet that you're all active in the church, am I right?" asked Jack.

"Yes we are," answered back Dagwood.

"Well, as you can see we have a problem here, I can't just leave hoping you
won't call the cops. You've seen my face and I can't take that chance. On the
other hand I don't want to kill you, not over a lousy bunch of silver ware!
So, the question of the day is, how can I be sure that you won't go to the
cops as soon as I leave here? The answer is right here in my hand. I'm going
to take some rather, how should I say it, explicit home movies of you four in
action! If I get picked up by the cops and charged with this burglary, copies
of this tape will be sent to every member of your church!"

"You wouldn't dare!" cried Cookie.

"It's either that, or a bullet," shot back Jack, "take your choice!"

Cookie, trying to cover herself, hid behind her mother and father. The two
adults looked uncertainly at each other, both realizing that there was no way
out of this mess, except to do what they were told.

"Let's go into the living room and get comfortable," ordered Jack.

The four captives walked slowly into the next room, with Jack bringing up the

"We'll start out nice and easy," said Jack, "all of you onto the couch", and
they all moved to the places Jack indicated. "Now momma, let's see you give
pops here some head!"

Very slowly, almost in slow motion, Blondie lowered her head into her
husband's lap and gingerly took his soft cock into her mouth.

"Come on bitch, suck him harder!" Jack commanded.

Blondie looked up at her husband's face with sad eyes, then went to work
sucking his now growing member.

As her mother was sucking her father, Cookie looked away, not wanting to see
her parents being degraded.

"Hey kid, what's your name," asked Jack?

"Cookie," she answered back in a soft voice.

"Well Cookie, I don't want you to feel left out, so I want you to watch momma
and daddy. I also want you to finger yourself, and play with your brother's
cock while you're doing it," ordered Jack!"

"No, please don't make me," she cried, as she turned and looked away.

"Pops, better tell Cookie here that she better do as she's told or bang
bang!" said Jack.

"Please, honey," pleaded her dad," do what he says!"

Slowly the young girl turned to face her parents. By now the prick in her
mother's mouth had grown to it's full eight inches, and her mother was moving
her head up and down as she deep throated her husband's cock. Cookie reached
over and slid her hand up and down Alex's lengthening cock as she started
rubbing her cunt with her middle finger. Jack was busy video taping the
events as they unfolded in front of him.

"Rub your clit for the camera, you little cunt," ordered Jack to Cookie, "and
boy, get your hands working on your sister's big tits, I know you've been
dying to anyway."

Cookie found her hard little nub and ran her finger over and around it,
causing her to gasp.

"Hey folks," chortled Jack, "little Cookie's gonna blow her nut on TV!"

Even though they were being force to have sex in front of a stranger and
their kids, the sex drive was just to powerful for them to ignore! Dagwood
was now breathing hard, groaning every few seconds as his wife worked on his
dick. Cookie could see from the way that her mother was sucking it, that she
was a very experienced cocksucker!

Her own little slit was now virtually on fire, from watching her own parents
doing oral sex. It was magnified by Alex's strong hands kneeding her full
thrusting tits and tweaking her hard spiky nipples as she was jerking off his
massive penis! Alex's eyes were getting a bit glazed as his sexy sister hand
jobbed him to full erection.

Jack knew the teenager was going to blow his wad real soon. Remembering his
own teenaged years, he thought to give the kid a real treat. "OK, little
sister, he's close to popping his balls. Get those sweet lips wrapped around
his big dick and suck that load out, now."

She hesitated and Jack pointed the pistol at her head saying, "it's your
choice honey. Suck that nice big juicy cock or die." Slowly she dropped her
head and took Alex's raging hard-on into her mouth. He was now a good ten
inches long and so thick Cookie couldn't close her hand around the shaft as
she continued to stroke the base. "Come on take it in and suck girl. Look at
momma suck cock and do what she's doing."

Slowly she bobbed her head, each time taking Alex a bit deeper until she felt
him pushing at the entrance to her throat. "Work those sweet lips girl,
that's it. Use your tongue, good, good. How's she doing boy," Jack asked.

All Alex could do was moan out, "Great, Oh God, it feels so good. I'm gonna

"Hold her head boy," Jack told him. "Don't let her back off. Little sister is
going to swallow your load, every drop of it, right girl."

Alex did as instructed and almost blew the back of his sister's head off as
his massive horsedick erupted and blew thick streams of jism straight down
her throat. There was so much that her cheeks puffed out as they filled with
her big brothers thick rich cum.

His huge cock had her lips so tightly stretched that only a few small
dribbles escaped at the corners and she had to keep swallowing to keep from
choking. Alex finally released her and she pulled back off his massive penis
having eaten all of his hot tangy spunk.

"That's a girl," Jack said, having captured every moment on tape. He then
turned back to their parents and saw that Dad was close to cumming himself.

"Don't cum in her mouth," Jack intoned. "When you cum, pull it out and shoot
it on her face, we want everyone to see what a good little cocksucker your
wife is!"

Blondie could feel Dagwood's nuts tighten up, indicating he was getting ready
to shoot his load, and while she usually swallowed his cum, this time she
pulled the pecker from her mouth as instructed and jacked it hard, holding
her face close so it would catch the first blast of her husband's cum!

Groaning, "I'm cumming!" Dagwood emptied his nut sack all over Blondie's
cheek and open mouth. Seeing her mother take a face full of cum, Cookie let
loose with a low moan as she frigged her hot slit to a very satisfying

Catching all the sound and action live on tape, Jack applauded their
performances! "Great job, guys," he laughed, "real academy award winning

Hoping that their ordeal was over, they started to get up and reached for
their night clothes, but were stopped when Jack said, "Not so fast, I've
still got some blank tape here, and I think we ought to fill it up!" Pointing
the .38 at Cookie, Jack asked, "Have you ever sucked a pussy?" Before she
could answer, Jack pointed to her mother and said," Over there, and eat it,
right now!!!"

Blondie started to protest, but Jack pointed the gun again at her daughter,
and she quickly shut her mouth! Blondie lay back with her legs spread,
exposing a hairy blonde thatch of pubic fur, and even under all this duress,
her slit was wet with pussy juice, the result of having Dagwood's cock in her

Cookie got down on her knees and bent over, placing her mouth directly on her
mother's wet cunt. She had always wondered what it would be like to taste a
pussy, and now she was finding out! Her nostrils were filled with the aroma
of fresh cunt juice, and it was intoxicating!

Working her tongue up and down her mother's slit, both women were soon
entranced by the situation. Although she didn't want to, Blondie knew that
it was useless for her to resist having an orgasm, because whenever Dagwood
ate her out, it was only a matter of time until her pussy would be shaken
by a huge climax. Pushing her cunt against her daughter's mouth, Blondie
let her know how urgently she needed to cum. Cookie, sensing her mother's
need, licked and nibbled on her erect clitoris harder!

Blondie's guttural moaning gave away any shred of decency. She needed to cum
badly, and now didn't care who was watching her! Jack kept the camera
rolling, and encouraged the two women on, while Dagwood was silently watching
his daughter orally satisfy her mother and his wife, and ashamedly he had to
admit it was exciting, and his own erection gave him away!

Seeing this, Jack had another idea and said, "Get behind the little cunt and
fuck her from the rear!"

Now almost on automatic pilot, Dagwood dropped to his knees behind his
daughter's cute little ass. Her cunt, glistening with moisture, was
unbelievably beautiful! Taking his thick cock in hand, he slid it up and down
her moist lips, teasing her with his big head. Finally settling over her
hole, he slowly sank deep into her hot squishy crack. She let out a loud moan
as the huge pecker forced it's way into her tight cunt.

Dagwood has in heaven. His thick eight inches of rock hard cock surrounded by
Cookie's tight little teenaged pussy. It fit him like a glove and he started
stroking with slow rhythmic strokes, gradually increasing the pace as he went
on. His hands moved to trap his darling young daughter's flairing young hips
in thier strong grip and he began to fullfill his deeply buried fantasy of
fucking her brains out.

Jack now told Blondie to scoot over onto her knees next to her daughter. He
turned to Alex saying, "I havn't forgotten you boy. Get over here and fuck
your mother the way your dad's fucking your sister." Alex's cock was again a
rock hard ten inches, thick as a beer can and throbbing with power.

He moved up close behind his mother's faboulous ass and fisted it in to her
hot squishy snatch as she let out a low moan at the forbidden contact. He
pushed it in, slowly sinking the entire length up Blondie's very tight pussy
in one long thrust.

Blondie went into instant orgasm as her young son's massive horsecock filled
her like never before and her glove tight cunt turned into a true snapping
pussy, milking Alex's entire fully embedded length like she had fingers
inside her.

Within minutes father and son were pounding the tight pussys surrounding
their throbing hardons for all they were worth and Jack was capturing it all
on videotape. They were oblivious to everything except their need to fuck the
tight little holes milking thier big cocks so deliciously.

Now all four family members were in a state of sexual frenzy! Blondie was
bucking her hips back trying to get her son's massive horsecock even deeper,
and Dagwood was now using his own daughter as his own personal fuckdoll!

He was now slamming his meat clear to the hilt with piston like strokes, a
mirror image of his teenaged son! Cookie for her part was wild with lust, and
she couldn't get enough, the feeling of getting fucked doggy style by her own
father was sending her over the edge! Alex was a sex machine, fucking his
sexy mom was a dream come true, his hips were a blur as he ravaged her tight
pussy hard and deep.

Jack panned in for close ups of the quickly moving crotches, focusing between
the two cock stuffed pussies. Blondie was the first one to go and she
screamed out as her orgasms washed over her. Hearing her mother cum, Cookie's
cunt spasmed around the tube of fuck flesh deep in her pussy. Her orgasm was
deep and long, the result of her father's big dick deep inside of her!

With the women now reduced to mindlessness, Jack went for the big finish. "OK
guys, fuck them up the ass, now." Dagwood could hardly contain his joy at the
new order. He'd been staring at Cookie's tiny anus clenching and unclenching
in rhytum to his deep hard thrusts and without thinking of what he was doing
he slipped all the way out of Cookie's tight spasming little pussy and rammed
his big dick up her even tighter little asshole.

She shrieked in pain at the sudden invasion of her virgin anus, but nothing
could stop her father from forcing open her incredibly tight spincter and
buring his long thick cock to the hilt. No way he wasn't going to fuck her
sweet young ass now that he was into it. He powered it to her and soon turned
her cries into those of joy and unbridled lust.

Alex wasn't quite sure what to do when Jack told him to fuck his mother up
the ass. So he looked to Dagwood for guidence. He watched as his dad fit his
cockhead into his sister's tiny shitter and slammed it all the way to his cum
filled balls. He watched in amazement as Cookie's tiny anus streached wide
open and his father's thick penis was absorbed to the hilt.

Then as his dad held Cookie firmly in place, his strong hands moulded to her
hips, he watched the transformation of his little sister from tortured to
pleasured. Then dad really put the boots to her and started fucking her up
the ass like a man possessed.

Alex followed suit and slid his massive fuck stick out of Blondie's spasming
pussy and up his mother's hot butt crack. He nuzzled it in against her tiny
asshole and rammed foward as hard as he could. Blondie had been totally
oblivious to what Dagwood was doing to Cookie only a few feet away from her
and was taken completely by surprise as her son's ten inch horsecock was
suddenly transfered from her cunt to her ass.

It was pumping her squishy pussy so wonderfully and then slam bam thank you
mame it was injected up her ass with the force of a battering ram. His heavy
balls slapped against the back of her thighs before the scream escaped her
throat. Nothing could have prepared her for the rush of sensations flooding
her body and mind at this frozen moment in time.

Alex was now pumping her with long deep strokes and she soon found that she
loved getting fucked up the ass. Even more so by her darling teenaged son's
giant horsedick. He had the strength and stamina of a bull servicing his
herd. She screamed in joy as even more intense orgasms consumed her and threw
her beautiful ass back to meet his hungry loins.

The two men ravaged the tight assholes presented to them as Jack taped the
family orgy. On and on they screwed until it became apparent that they were
on the verge of getting thier rocks off. Jack ordered them to switch holes
again and deposit their fertile seed deep in the women's cunts. Reluctantly
they complied and slammed their meat back into the hot squishy cunts,
resuming the drive to their orgasmic releases.

Dagwood was powerfully slamming his cock in and out of his daughter's loudly
squishing pussy when he shot his load and pumped her little baby maker full
of her daddy's potent seed. He pulled out and laid it in the crack of her
fantastic ass, slowly sliding it between her firm buns as more of his heavy
cream oozed out of the hole on the tip of his big cock. It dripped all over
her pretty little ass and his cum ran down the crack of her butt!!! He
unconciously fit it back into her newly opened anus and buried it to the hilt
in one glorious thrust, letting it soften in her exquisit tightness as she
whimpered softly, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch.

Alex didn't think of anything but his need to deposit his thick cream deep
inside his mother's hot cunt. She was milking her son's oversized cock so
well that he erupted inside of her before she could tell him to pull out. He
went stiff as thick streams of his potent seed fertilized his mothers' well
plowed furrow. So much filled her that it began to gush out around his hard
pumping shaft. He eventually went limp and fell back onto the floor, pulling
his thick horsecock out with a loud plop.

"Well ... now I've got the proof on just how close a family you really are,"
Jack told them.

Taking the tape from the camera, Jack held it out for all of them to see. "If
I even think you talked, you're history! I'll send this tape to everyone you
know, and even some you don't!! Be cool, and so will I!!!" With those final
words, Jack picked up his bag and went out the back door into the night.

Still naked, the terrified family hugged each other and slipped on their
night clothes. It was four in the morning and time to go back to bed, only
from now on they all knew that it would be a bed for four!



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