Blondie: Blondie On The Farm (F-best)
by Wilcox

The Bumstead family was out for a Sunday drive when they decided to stop at
a family oriented farm offering fresh produce. There were a number of people
there with their kids, attracted by the farm's horse drawn wagon to take
people out to where the crops were ready for picking. Blondie decided to stay
behind and look around at the plants for sale while Dagwood took the kids out
to the fields.

Blondie was walking past the barn looking at the plants when she noticed a
mule out in a pasture by itself. As she was looking at him, she noticed that
there was a stream going through the pasture and over a small hill there
appeared to be a grove of trees that looked very inviting. Little did she
know that the mule was a prize stud and had been isolated because it was in
a very horny mood and had been trying to hump every animal in sight.

She quietly slipped through the fence and walked down to the stream not
noticing that the mule has moved closer. He had his eye on her, noticing her
voluptuous figure as he watched her stride across the pasture to the stream.
Her big jugs were jiggling and bouncing in tune with the seductive roll of
her flaring hips. The expectant spring in her step reminded him of the
farmer's daughter when she came out to the stable late at night for his
services. The horny animal drifted closer to find out if her scent would
tell him that she was ready for his big dick.

Blondie walked along the stream until she found a secluded spot near the
grove of trees she had seen from the fence near the barn. After assuring that
she couldn't be seen from the main area of the farm she decided to cool off
with a quick dip in the small pool. She removed her shoes and stripped off
her summer dress, leaving her in bra and panties. Another careful look gave
her the courage to fulfill a long time fantasy to go skinny-dipping. With a
naughty smile at her brazenness she unhooked her bra and stepped out of her
panties before stepping into the water.

The water was cool and refreshing and she was thoroughly enjoying herself
when she got the strange feeling that she was being watched. She covered her
breasts with her hands, looked around nervously and spotted the mule under
one of the trees. Relieved that it's only an animal she decided not to press
her luck and started to get out of the water. As she did the mule approached
her with a lustful gleam in its eye.

She was not overly concerned until she noticed that his cock was emerging
from its sheath. The term hung like a horse also applies to a mule she
thought as she stared mesmerized at the massive male organ emerging from
it's furry sheath. There, right next to her, stood the mule with his
gigantic cock sticking out of his underside.

The size of it shocked her and also gave her cunt a little tingle. 'It must
be at least two feet long and as thick as my arm,' she thought. The sight of
it was surreal to her, as was the fact that she might be responsible for
arousing such a monstrous looking cock. Never had she heard of such a thing,
but the prove was standing right beside her.

She quickly glanced around once again; assuring herself that was no one in
sight. She looked back at the mule cock and was shocked at her thoughts
because she felt a growing desire to feel it. 'It's the chance of a
lifetime,' her brain screamed at her. 'Who would know if you did it?' She
hesitatingly lifted her right hand and touched the animal cock with her
fingers. She pulled it back almost as fast. The heat that was generated
from the mule's cock felt almost scalding in comparison to her husband's.

She got her courage back and reached out to grasp the animal's cock again.
Blondie stroked her hand along the immense length of mule cock and the lurid
act caused her to get all warm and squishy. She was amazed how sturdy he was
along its full length. The shaft was so stiff; it felt like trying to bend a
metal rod, rather than one of flesh. She was fascinated at the strange
flatness of the head. And by how thick the veins were, running along its
sides. Even the pisshole was so different from what she would expect.

The sudden realization of what she was doing struck her then and she dropped
the massive cock and stepped back. She was shocked at her boldness and at the
incredibly naughty thing she had done. Even more so that she felt a growing
tingling sensation of arousal between her legs.

She stepped over to retrieve her clothes when the mule moved at her and
nuzzled her side, almost knocking her from her feet. It had picked up the
sweet irresistible scent of a female in heat coming from her and her eyes
bulged as she looked at him and saw the gleam of a horny male in his eyes.
Her eyes moved down to his bouncing dick. It seemed even bigger and harder
than it had only moments before.

She slowly slid her hand down his flank as she began to think about the term
'horsecock' and she couldn't resist the urge to fondle his huge ball sack.
'In for a penny, in for a pound,' she thought. 'What would it hurt and the
mule seemed to enjoy it. What harm could it possible do to enjoy this
unnatural moment a bit longer before stepping back into her accustomed role
of chaste wife and mother.'

She once again looked around to make sure that no one could see them in the
secluded grove of trees by the stream. The overpowering desire to see the
well-hung animal cum clouded her sense of reason. If any of his spend got
on her body she could wash it of it the stream, she reasoned as she again
began pumping his long thick shaft with one hand while she reached down and
slid two fingers into her steaming cunt and strummed her clit with her thumb.

Blondie slowly rocked on the wiggling fingers in her cunt and spent several
long moments in increasing waves of pleasure. Her left hand was full of a
slick animal cock of enormous dimensions, quickly slipping over the fat head
and down its length. And she slid two more fingers of her left hand deep
into her cunt.

The mule's flaring nostrils again picked up the unmistakable scent of her
arousal and he pushed against her again, almost knocking her off of her
feet. She became afraid then and decided that her little game was over.
Unfortunately the horny mule had a mind of it's own and it was consumed
with the idea of mating with Blondie the same way he did with the farmer's
daughter. He pushed her again and she brought her hands up to fend him off
and keep her balance at the same time.

The horny mule pushed her again with its head, almost knocking her over.
She caught her balance and pushed the animal away as her mind fought to
comprehend the change in the formerly docile animal. As their strange
dance continued it finely dawned upon her what the animal was up to. It's
lust filled eyes and long bouncing animal dick, it's attempts to push her
over were unmistakable signs of the horny mule trying to get her into the
mating position, on all fours, so it could drive it's massive tool hard
and deep into her.

'My God ... he wants to mate with me like he would a female mule,' her mind
screamed in agony. 'He wants to fuck me with his massive animal dick ... God
help me ... what have I done? I'm naked ... how do I explain that? What can
I say if I call for help? But, I have to call for help ... he's too big and
strong ... it's only a matter of time before he gets me where he wants ...
and ... and ... OH MY GOD!!!!'

He pushed her again just as she was about to scream for help and as she
stepped back her foot caught on a root and she fell over backward. Her head
hit the ground hard and she was dazed as she lay on the ground at the foot
of the horny animal.

He dipped his head and inhaled her fragrant female odor, assuring himself
that she was in heat and in need of servicing. He dipped his head closer to
the source of the intoxicating smell, pushed her over onto her stomach and
nuzzled her legs wide apart. He flicked out his tongue and tasted the
inticing juices of Dagwood Bumstead's beautiful blonde wife. He continued
to lick her juicy slit and found that it was like priming a pump, the more
he licked the more of Blondie's sweet tasting pussy juice came out for him
to lap up.

Her overpowering aroma was intoxicating. His massive mulecock was extended
to it's full length, bobbing stiffly beneath him as he moved up over her
naked, laid out body, filled with lustful intent. He squatted down and
felt his thick cockhead slide through the cheeks of her firm meaty ass.
His lewdly bobbing bar of rock hard mule flesh slapped and poked against
Blondie's buns as he sought to fulfill his bestial purpose. She was only
half-conscious and in her confused aroused state she automatically lifted
her hips to allow her husband a better angle to penetrate her.

After a few frustrating minutes the animal's wide cockhead found the juicy
mouth of Blondie's upraised, sopping wet cunt. He pressed forward against
the tight little hole and his huge dick squeezed inward several inches.
Blondie's tautly stretched cuntal sheath felt like a second skin wrapped
around his thick mulecock as he paused and savored the intense feelings
that coursed through his body as he impaled Dagwood's half-conscious wife
with his massive dick.

The horny mule began a slow steady push into her steaming depths as he rose
up slowly to bring her up onto her hands and knees underneath him. Blondie's
horny body was on cruise control and she responded by rolling her hips up to
meet the animal's huge battering ram of rigid mule flesh as it forced it's
way in deeper and deeper, well past Dagwood's accustomed depth before she
slowly began to regain full consciousness.

"OOHHHH," she moaned as she emerged from the darkness. Her cock stuffed pussy
started to clench and milk the incredible thick, pleasure giving, rod as her
mind cleared and she slowly became aware of her surroundings. Her first
thought was that she was in her bed and her husband Dagwood was taking her in
her sleep ... but wait ... he was never this big, this incredibly big.

It felt like a baseball bat was pumping up into her pain and pleasure racked
cunt. Ohhh Noooo, it all came back to her now ... she was on a farm ... lying
in the grass ... the horny mule. She tried to lift up but was stopped. She
felt a huge hairy body above her. "OH MY GOD," her brain shirked as the
reality of her situation flooded her consciousness. "The horny mule is ...
is ... fucking me."

She tried to escape the massive shaft plundering her depths, but his
forelegs had her locked under him like prison bars. Her frantic wiggling only
increased the pleasure her glove tight cunt was giving to the animal's deeply
plunging animal cock. It was so deep, so demanding. Suddenly a massive orgasm
washed over her. Her female juices gushed out around the deeply embedded
shaft on every long out stroke. The added lubrication only increased his
ability to burrow into her and he was able to work in an additional three
inches as she screamed her head off.

She couldn't believe what was happening. It felt so incredible good as super
intense sensations shot through her tingling body. Then she recalled what
had happened earlier. She'd been fighting him off when she'd been pushed
backwards ... she'd tripped and fell. Her head throbbed, almost as much as
the overthick bar of bestial flesh stretching her cuntal sheath like never
before. It wasn't possible; she couldn't be fucking an animal while her
family was out in the fields. She tried to find reason as she continued to
work her spasming cunt over the horny mule's massive, deeply pistoning dick.

Her ass was moving in unison with his heavy strokes as she moaned, "Oh ...
this is just too crazy. How did I get into this position? God it's my own
fault for stroking its dick, for turning it on and causing this to happen.
This must be God's punishment. OHHHHH, I must be going insane ... but it
feels so good. Oh God help me. I'm fucking a mule. Who'd believe it," she
lamented as he drove his massive cock in another two inches deeper. 'OHHH
MY GOD ... this can't be happening,' she tried to reason as she continued
to work her spasming cunt over the horny mule's massive, deeply pistoning

The flattened head of the horny mule's massive tool pounded against her
cervix and nearly knocked the breath out of her. Knowing that the limit
had been reached, the animal started to pump in and out of Blondie's
lewdly stretched hole, just as he would were he buried deep in a mare.

The sensations inside the beautiful blonde wife and mother's belly were
beyond description as her equine lover slid almost all the way out of her,
and then pushed back in. Over and over Blondie felt at least fourteen inches
of hard mule cock slide into her, until she was beside herself with ecstasy.
She couldn't stop now, even if her husband, children and all the farm hands
came to her rescue and found her lustfully working her once exclusive pussy
over the massive cock of the horny stud mule.

"Oh God!" she wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as the horny mule
began to fuck rhythmically up into her from behind. Her head jarring from
his every fierce breast-quivering plunge, Blondie tried to concentrate on
the long, thick length of hardness slithering into her as she began to move
rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes!

Blondie thrust backward onto the incredibly thick mule cock skewering deep
into her raging, hot belly from behind. Furiously, the mule's body battered
and thudded resoundingly against her yielding, wide-spread ass-cheeks, his
incredibly huge mule cock a relentless shaft of glistening, bestial joy
sinking deep in her tightly clinging vaginal channel!

With whimpering moans, she lewdly rotated her rounded, hard-working buttocks
back at him with a lewd frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging pussy walls back
over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a masochistic
cry of wanton passion. "Oh God... fuck me you magnificent beast!" she cried,
"... yes... yes! I'm yours ... yours forever... Oooohhhh... God!"

Abruptly, Blondie raised her sensuously slackened face to whimper out a
guttural, animalistic groan of her own emanating from deep in her throat. Her
glazed blue eyes grew round and unseeing. "Ooohhh... ooohhhh, Darling... I
can't stand it! I-I'm going madddd! I have to cum ... make me cummmm ... do
it to me harder... please do it for me! Oooohhhh!"

Her hands went under her upraised hips, down between her legs and with the
left circling the hot flesh sliding into her, her right slid through the top
of her pubic hair and began fingering her electrified clit. She wanted to cum
so badly, but knew her body could never withstand the animal's powerful pace
for long.

She felt the shaft within her twitch and swell, and knew that the mule was
near cumming. As she slipped her middle finger over the hard bud of her
clitoris, she heard the animal snort, and the chain of events that followed
were far beyond Blondie's wildest dreams. As the horny mule was making his
final thrust before cumming, Blondie started to cum; causing the muscles
of her impossibly stretched pussy to tighten around the hot bestial shaft

Her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her head tossing
insanely from side to side, her hair wildly flailing as she began the first
convulsions of her climax. She skewering her white, passionately undulating
buttocks back onto his long, thick shaft of male hardness with a wantonness
that she had never even imagined she was capable of.

The horny mule snorted loudly at the unexpected pressure. He jerked back a
half step and his long thick cock slid a ways out of Blondie's spasming love
tunnel, just far enough to leave room for the nearly pint of mule jizm that
jetted from the hole in the end of his cock in pulsing spurts. Blondie felt
the scalding liquid in her belly, and was wracked with yet another orgasm,
one of proportions she had never before experienced.

Shaking and twitching uncontrollably, she lay beneath the massive beast she'd
just fucked. Blondie felt the wonderful hot shaft within her start to slide
out of her, and wanted it to remain. As the flat head pulled past the mouth
of her cunt, she heard a sucking pop, and her thighs were flooded by the huge
gush of mule semen that drained from her gaping hole.

Free from his cock Blondie slowly rolled out from beneath him. Standing
unsteadily in front of her four-legged lover, she hugged his nose to her
naked breasts, and she saw a wink from one of his big brown eyes. "My God,
that was just incredible. I can't believe we did it. I've never been fucked
so well in my life," she gushed as he gave her ripe tits a loving lick.

Blondie looked over towards the farm and seeing no activity there she turned
back to her animal lover. "MMMMMMM, just how often can you do it big guy,"
she asked as she lovingly ran her hand along his neck. "We have another hour
or so before my husband and kids return from the fields. I'd love to do it
again if you're up to it?" The loving wife and mother's inner whore was now
emerging from within her deeply surpressed inner being.

Her descent into the depths of depravity was about to continue as her other
hand fingered her cum drenched pussy. She brought it up to her mouth, thickly
coated with the animal's potent spunk. "MMMM, it's so tasty," she said as she
licked her fingers clean. "I want to suck your big cock and watch you blow a
load all over my face. You'd like me to suck your cock, wouldn't you big
guy," she said with an impish little girl smile.

Blondie ran her hand over his powerful body, along his muscular flanks. She
slowly reached under his belly surprised to find his big cock extended out of
its sheath once again. She ran her fingers down its rubbery length. "My, my,
what do we have here?" she said in her innocent little girl voice. His cock
was now fully distended and becoming erect. The effect on the lovely Mrs.
Blondie Bumstead was electric. She dropped to her knees and started slowly
pumping him with both hands, wondering just how big she could make it get.

She worked her mouth down over its thick length and found that she was able
to take it into throat. It was not yet fully engorged and she knew that soon
it would much to thick to even attempt this. She took as much as she could
and began bobbing her head, deepthroating the mule's long cock until it was
just to thick to continue.

She knew that if she let it stay in her throat, its incredible thickness
would become lodged and choke her to death. "My, my," she laughed out loud
as she backed off the throbbing rod of thickening mule flesh. "I wonder what
Dagwood would say if he saw me sucking on a huge mule cock."

The mule's massive cock was now rock hard and she used both hands to encircle
it. A drop of slippery ooze appeared from the slit on the end of the bloated
cockhead and Blondie stuck out her tongue and licked it off. It tasted a
little salty as she licked all around the bulging head and ran her tongue
down his impressive length, then back up to the tip.

She parted her lips and pushed a little of the head back into her mouth. Her
hands resumed their pumping motion and she pushed as much of the prick into
her mouth as she could. The horny mule's massive cock began to throb and
Blondie knew what was about to happen. She pulled back with her mouth open,
her eyes locked onto the eye of his pulsating cock as she quickly moved a
hand down and buried her fingers into her hot squishy cunt as she prepared
for her facial.

Suddenly a huge blast of cum showered her mouth and face. Then another as a
big a spurt shot up her nostrils. She took it into her mouth completely then
and the hot, white liquid filled her mouth as she took a big swallow, but it
was filling her mouth faster than she could swallow it.

She took the cock tip from her mouth and got another blast of cum in the face
and on her bouncing breasts. Her own orgasm peaked and her pussy clamped down
on her fingers wiggling within as the mule continued to pump thick globs of
cum all over her heaving breasts and stomach.

Blondie and the mule shared their orgasms for several more moments before she
rolled over and lifted her backside up to him in bestial offering. It was an
invitation that he could not refuse as he moved over her and buried his
twitching cock deep up her sopping wet cunt. Blondie's head was spinning and
she dropped her head and shoulders down onto the grass as fourteen inches of
mulecock slammed into her orgasm racked body.

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS, she screamed. "Your such an animal ... fuck me
lover ... fuck me hard and deep as only you can!" She was literally covered
with thick sticky mule cum and now she was filled with more cock than she
had ever felt before this day. The horny mule responded as though he could
understand her words and fucked the beautiful wife and mother to another
powerful orgasmic release before pulling out.

He remained standing over her as Blondie lay unmoving for a long, long
moment, refusing to let thoughts that she'd done something very bad flood
her mind. Instead, she thought only of the beautiful, wildly arousing orgasms
she had just known. The she felt the mule's movements behind and over her.
Suddenly, she felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of
her spread open buttocks as his long tongue lapped up the evidence of their
bestial mating.

Blondie tried to slip out from under him saying, "It's getting late big
boy and we've had our fun. I have to get back to the barn before my family
returns on the wagon."

The mule stayed over her, preventing her escape. Suddenly Blondie felt a hot
wet object goose her in the buns and she desperately tried to wriggle free,
knowing that the mule wanted to mate with her once again. 'My God, he's
insatiable,' she thought. 'Now I know what being a stud really means ... how
can he be ready to go again so soon ... or even want more?'

His rigid penis kept probing into her rear, getting nearer and nearer to her
sopping wet cunt. It was still swollen and sore from the fierce pounding he'd
just given her and her wild wiggling to prevent another fuck only succeeded
in positioning her cum drenched asshole in line with his searching dick. She
found that fact out just then his searching cock found, and entered ...
Blondie's anus. She gasped. But she couldn't stop herself from instinctively
pushing back in an attempt to get away.

The horny stud mule never missed a stroke as his dick entered her hole.
As Blondie gathered herself to push back he'd quickly pulled back a short
distance, not far enough to extract himself though, and with his own
desperate surge forward drove himself deeply up her tight little asshole
as Blondie pushed back against him trying to throw him off.

Her attempt to escape only assisting him in driving his massive mule dick
deep up her ass as Blondie screamed at the unnatural entry. She gasped again
as he moved forward and reestablished his position. His long thick hardness
seemed to fill up her very soul as it pushed its way slowly through her
throbbing, softly resisting nether passage. The pleasurable shock of being
filled up with the mule's large, pulsating animal cock was like nothing she
had ever experienced before as he relentlessly sought to drive his big animal
cock all the way up her ass to the hilt.

Skyrockets went off in her head as his long thick mule dick plundered her
tender asshole. He was relentless as he hammered his rigid animal hardness
forward into her snug rectal passage yet one more inch. Now that the thicker
part of his enormous rod of shaft had entered her nether passage, the feeling
was not near as sweet as it had been at first. There was some pain as he
spread her tender nether channel with his gradually expanding penis. As moist
and slick as it was, it was still throbbing with the hard ridges of his
swollen veins, and she could feel every last iota of their savage pulsing
pressure inside her futilely resisting neither passage.

She groaned as the mule rammed forward still further. Now it seemed as if he
would split her right down the center. Her belly felt as if it were on fire.
Still, though, she could feel surges of animal-like pleasure overlapping the
agony of her anal channel being rent asunder. She wanted this, and at the
same time she didn't want it. She couldn't make up her mind. It was
agonizing, and yet within that agony was a fierce, soul-dissolving sort of
pleasure that could not be denied.

Meanwhile as the horny mule drew back slightly, worming his bestial penis
around in her squirming hot passage, the pain seemed to let up and her
backside became somewhat lubricated. Then with one powerful thrust of his
haunches, he savagely rammed his long hard penis up into her tightly
resisting anus. With no cervix to hinder him he buried his cock to the hilt
in her warm buttery flesh.

"Aarrggggghllllhhll," she gargled throatily as his enormous blood engorged
cock pushed forward into her softly yielding body. He was entirely inside
of her now as he wormed his slippery organ around her nether passage to
drag harsh, broken little cries of ecstasy from her passion-drenched lips.

His long merciless cock seemed to be growing ceaselessly within her
fire-filled belly, and for a moment Blondie thought it was going to plunge
in all the way and come out her gasping throat! The resilient flesh of her
full, firm breasts rippled and jounced from each jarring impact of his
barrage, their rock-hard nipples rubbing excitingly across the grass as she
knelt in sacrificial offering before him.

She couldn't ignore the erotic sensations that skyrocketed in her horny
aroused brain at the forbidden union, even more so because he was sodomizing
her. Overcome now with lewd desire, the helpless wife and mother found
herself grinding backward with a mindless lust, pushing the wide-stretched
moons of her helplessly up thrust ass-cheeks back onto his love-slick penis.
Its pleasure-bringing hardness skewering wildly up into her passion-inflamed
anal passage.

His cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and
pushed back acting like a total slut and reveling in it. Despite the fact
that she was terrified of what was going on, there was still that feeling of
primitive thrill and heady excitement that she couldn't seem to fight.

It was pure instinct that made her buttocks squirm lewdly backwards, sliding
her glove tight anal passage over the incredible thickness of his huge penis,
instinct for her body to want her sizzling anal passage filled with his long
thick mule cock. The swollen mounds of her big breasts were by now throbbing
with desire; her nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire loins
were aflame with obscene desire.

"Ahhhhhh ... ooohhhh ... ooooooooooh ... FUCK ME," she sighed, groaned, and
gasped, straining sluttishly beneath her animal lover. His rampaging cock
disappeared up into her, then came out again with her puckering anal lips
clutching it like a child's lips around a lollipop as he thrust his throbbing
hardness up into her tight little opening again and again, bringing sharp
cries of ecstasy from her open mouth.

She gurgled and gargled and thrashed beneath this inhuman, maddening fucking
that had destroyed all her reason. She groaned, "Oh, YES!" as his long hard
rod aggressively slipped deep into her ass repeatedly. Her eyes had gotten
as big as saucers as she felt his hard urgent cock pounding her up the ass.
Blondie felt his hairy haunches strike her buttocks as he sank his massive
mule dick all of the way into her wide stretched anus again and again.

"Oh God ... you feel so good in my ass ... Oh God!" Blondie moaned
unbelievingly as she worked her rectum over his jackhammering shaft of thick
mule flesh. Blondie had to admit that she loved having anal intercourse with
him. It was so naughty and unexpected and in a strange perverted way, she
knew that he was the perfect male to have an illicit affair with. Who would
believe that she was fucking a stud mule on a farm while her family was
enjoying themselves elsewhere on the property?

She was in heaven kneeling there, bent forward, her big boobs pressed into
the grass. Behind her the stud mule was humping the living shit out of her
ass. Blondie wasn't in any pain now as she reached down to enhance her
pleasure by playing with her clit. It felt so good to be fucked and still
be able to finger her clitoris and she finger fucked myself in rhythm with
the stud mule's huge demanding shaft. With a low-throated moan of ardent
surrender she ground her hungrily tremoring buttocks backward over his
fiercely punishing hardness, her feverish passion driving her wild!

"Fuck me ... Oh! Yes! Fuck me up the ass!" she wailed, heedless of all
morality and not caring if she were heard.

The mule grunted lewdly and humped forward heavily, his sperm-gorged balls
slapping into her nest of soaked pussy hair up between her thighs. The
long spear of his thickly hardened mule penis moved deeply upward into the
hungrily squirming orifice of her backside.

The horny stud mule was fucking Blondie's tight little asshole like crazy. He
was going incredible fast, taking short hard strokes. His cock was slipping
in and out like nothing she'd ever felt before. She could feel the heat build
up. She squealed with pleasure each time he thrust his long hard cock into
her glove tight little asshole and rotated her buttocks desperately over his
powerful instrument with uncontrollable whimpering mewls. She was clenching
and unclenching her hotly clinging rectal walls over the entire length of his
heavily ridged cock with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

The mule was having a great time too as he fucked his second human lover
and in his own animal mind was looking forward to his next session with the
farmer's daughter. He was going to fuck her hard and deep up the ass as well
now that he felt how pleasurable it was.

Blondie was now fucking him every bit as much as he was fucking her and they
were both enjoying it very, very much. Her hips sort of twitched to meet each
thrust that the mule made. He was picking up speed rapidly. Never had her
husband Dagwood humped her so hard and fast.

He buried his long cock fully into her and started making short thrusting
jabs, not like the delicious long slow strokes that her husband was capable
of, seemingly trying to get into her anus even deeper. Blondie was squealing
and groaning, urging him on. All of a sudden it was like she couldn't get
enough air and she nearly passed out.

"OH! OH! OH!" she wailed breathlessly. "OH! I'M CUMMMMMING!" Huge waves of
orgasmic release rolled over and over her again and again. Blondie could feel
her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as
far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to
stop stroking it in time to the animal's thrusts.

The stud mule showed her no mercy as he plundered her tight little asshole
like the beast he was. Her overwhelmed body rocked and jerked under his
thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he pounded into her.
Over and over Blondie orgasmed. Then the mule took a long deep powerful
lunge that drove his long thick cock as deeply as possible.

She felt a forceful swelling in his penis, fully buried to the hilt so that
the lovely Mrs. Blondie Bumstead's asshole was filled with every long thick
inch of his massive mule cock. He exploded into her straining body. Surge
after powerful surge followed giving Blondie exquisite pleasure.

Her rectum clasped hungrily around his cum-slickened rod as she felt spasms
of unbelievable delight rippling through her body totally unlike anything
she'd ever felt before. Her nether passage sucked and milked on the stud
mule's madly spurting penis while Blondie writhed through her own rapturous
climax. The sexually charged wife and mother was uttering sharp little cries
of amazement and happiness, her flesh breaking out with sweat as her rectum
swallowed all of his animal cum and then sucked upward on it to get more.

"OH! OH! OH! OOOOHHHHHHHH!" she wailed, gushing out their liquid passion all
over his sharply pistoning cock, his rapidly emptying balls and flowing down
the rounded cheeks of her trembling ass, down her inner thighs, to fall onto
the grass below.

She fell forward onto the ground and his massive cock emerged from her
obliterated anus with a loud pop. Blondie slowly rolled over. She couldn't
contain her trembling smile of happiness, feeling the heat of the mule's
animal sperm still pudding deep in her satiated belly as she drifted off to

When she awoke later that afternoon she felt incredibly satisfied and very
sore as the memories of the bestial activities that had taken place to her
flooded her brain. She stirred lazily in the grass, then reached one arm up
above her head and stretched. She had had a pleasant doze, and was thankful
for that. Then she realized that she had to return to the barn area to
reunite with her family.

She went to the stream and washed off the evidence of her bestial mating
with the mule, then put on her clothes and began walking back to the barn.
She spotted her anxious family and waved as both Alexander and Cookie asked
in unison at the sight of their gimpy walking, well fucked mother, "Mommy,
are you OK, we've been looking for you?"

"OH yes ... never better kids," she replied to her children with an exhausted

"You were walking an awful long time," her husband said. "... And what's
wrong with your legs? You're walking rather strangely."

"It was a beautiful experience out by the stream, but I think I pulled a
muscle. I guess I lost tract of the time," she responded with a sly smile.
Only it wasn't her muscle that she pulled ... it was the prize stud mule's
love muscle as she took it hard and deep down her throat, in her cunt and
up her tight little ass. The well-hung animal had fucked her brains out and
she had a sore pussy and even sorer asshole at the moment.

"Well are you guys ready to go home?" she asked. "I for one am very tired.
This has been a marvelous day but it's also been long and hard ... for me at
least. What say we bring take out home for dinner honey? I'm too exhausted
to cook tonight. I think I'll go straight to bed when we get back."

Her husband readily agreed, as did the kids. Then as she was getting into the
car she caught sight of the mule coming over the hill in the pasture. "This
is such a beautiful place, why don't we come back next weekend?" she asked
Dagwood. 'I'd really love to cum here again."


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