Blondie: Blondie Gives Santa A Treat (M/F,inc)
by Wilcox

Alex Bumstead finished putting on the red suit that he had to wear at the
children's hospital tonight. His father had begged him to fill in for him
this year when he was called out of town on business at the last minute. The
suit was the same one his dad had wore to the children's hospital for the
last fifteen years and because they were now roughly the same size it fit
perfectly. It had become a tradition for his father and the kids would've
been let down if Alex hadn't filled in.

Alex drove over to the hospital and spent almost three hours entertaining
sick kids with Christmas cheer. His father had given him two bags a big one
with a modest toy and a small one full of candy canes. When Alex had finished
his rounds with the kids he figured this was not all that bad, the looks on
the kids faces was pricey even for a eighteen year old high school kid.

Alex drove home anxious to get out of the hot red flannel suit and fake
beard. He figured it would be a rare night alone with his sister away and his
mom at a big Christmas party. He was surprised when he saw his mom's car in
the driveway. Alex thought he would surprise his mom with the outfit and they
would get a big laugh out of it.

Alex put the beard back on and walked into the front door. His mother Blondie
was laying on the couch. Alex drank in her beautiful form and had to agree
with his friends who said his mom was the epitome of womanhood. She was a
vision with long curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a tight curvacious
body of 5'4" and 118 lbs, big full thrusting breasts and a tight sexy ass.
All of his buddies joked that they wished that she was their mom because her
big tits was just made for sucking and they'd all still be breast feeding.

"Ho Ho Ho anyone home," he said in his best fake Santa voice.

"Well hello Santa," she said as she staggered out into the front hall.

"Hello little girl have you been naughty or nice this year?" asked Alex as he
looked at his drunken mother.

"I've been very naughty this year Santa," she purred as she moved in close to

"Oh, well then I don't know if I can give you a present this year little
girl," said Alex.

Blondie responded, "Maybe I can convince you. The kids are away so we don't
have to worry about them saying that they saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, now
do we."

She leaned forward and kissed him. Alex had kissed his mother a thousand
times before, but never like this. He felt her lips press to his and then ...
he felt her tongue push into his mouth as she gave him the deepest, most
passionate kiss of his young life.

She broke off saying, "What if suck your cock Santa, will that help," as she
slowly slid down to her knees before him.

"Oh shit thought Alex, she thinks I'm dad. She'll figure it out when she gets
these pants undone," he thought. Then we can have a good laugh.

His mom undid the pants and pulled out his semi hard cock and started to
stroke it. Alex could not believe his very sexy mother had her hand wrapped
around his dick and he was not stopping her. Alex could feel shivers run up
and down his spine as she slowly licked and kissed her way up and down his
thickening shaft.

Her lips went around the head of his cock. She was swirling her tongue around
the wide bulbous head and digging into the pee hole with the tip while
pumping Alex's thickly veined shaft with her hand. Alex started moaning
loudly as his mother used her soft full lips to suck the tip of his cock. He
groaned, instinctively pushing his hips forward.

As she bobbed her head in response, waves of pleasure rippled through the
bundles of nerves in the head and neck. Alex glanced down, she still had hold
of the base of his big cock but about 4 or 5 inches, about half of it was now
in her mouth and her tongue was working all around his throbing shaft.

Alex watched her through slitted eyelids and when he noticed her glazed over
blue eyes looking up at him, he opened his wide to satisfy the voyeur in him.
He had often wondered what his beautiful mother would look like with his big
cock in her mouth. That curiosity was now satisfied and there was no doubt in
Alex's mind that she she loved doing it.

She instinctively withdrew and spit on his massive member, coating it with
her tongue so she could slide more of him down her throat. "My God honey,
your so big tonight," she said. "I really love the north pole Santa brought
me." She took him back in and really started to bob up and down, faster and
faster. His huge dick spread her mouth and throat to the max as she barely
was able to get it passed her tonsil.

Blondie almost gagged but relaxed her throat, allowing his thick cock to
slide deeper than she imagined she could ever handle. She took the entire
length of his cock into her mouth and slowly worked her full pouty lips down
over his thick shaft as it entered her throat.

Alex was thrilled at the sight of his loving mother's mouth going down his
cock as she took his cock down her throat all the way to his balls. He was
amazed by the way her neck expanded as she took his big cock deep down her
throat. Blondie retreated and gasped for breath as his huge manhood was
withdrawn from her air passage.

It was all wet and slimey with her saliva and Alex let out a moan that as she
ran her mouth over the sensitive parts of his cock. "Oh SANTA I think your
cock has gotten even bigger and harder this year, have you been taking viagra
without telling me?" she said before she wrapped her mouth around it and deep
throated her son's big cock again.

"Oh yes little girl, suck Santa's cock" Alex hissed.

He started to feel his cock swell as she worked her lips and tongue up and
down his long staff. He knew he was close to blowing his load as she
continued her oral attack. She really started bobbing again when he started
to tense up. She noticed his cock thicken in her mouth but she had no idea
what was coming, expecting the small drizzle of semen she usually received
from her husband. He held her head down as she took his cock deep down her
throat and he exploded.

She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and a warm burn deep
within. As she pulled back she tasted his warm thick cum that was continually
shooting into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the first blasts.
As she tasted his cum he repeatedly unloaded his gun into her mouth.

He was shocked when she seemed to prefer swallowing all of his potent cum.
She swallowed all she could and licked it clean. She started to bob on it
again and sucked his massive tool until it regained it's size.

Blondie stood up, saying, "My God honey, where did that come from. So much
cum and it tastes so sweet." She removed her tight clinging dress to reveal
her matching black lace bra and thong underwear. She took Alex by the hand
and led him to the living room where they could be on the couch. Blondie
laid on her back and spread her legs, Alex stood over her and looked down
at her beautiful body.

"Oh Santa turn out the lights, but leave the tree on." she said.

"Ho ho ho!" said Alex as he complied with her request. In the semi-darkness,
the dim lights on the christmas tree behind him left him a shadowy figure in
her blurred vision. Alex knew that he was roughly the same size as his dad
and he took off the beard as he approached her, hoping she wouldn't notice it
was him.

When he got back to the couch she had her under garments removed. "I forgot
to put out milk and cookies for you Santa. Will this spread do instead," she
said as she opened her legs wide apart and fingered her glistening slit.

Alex couldn't resist and dove between her legs, drawn to her hot wet pussy
like a moth to a flame. As his tongue touched the folds of his mother's cunt,
he heard her moan. Alex's tongue worked in and out of her cunt, finding her
sensitive clit, then flicking his tongue to tease it.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddddd!" Blondie groaned
loudly after a couple of minutes, her hips arching up into her son's slurping
mouth, body shaking in a wild convulsion as a massive orgasm washed over her.
She grabbed him by the head and ground her pussy into his face screaming
about how good she was cumming.

She smelled good to him and tasted even better. He ate out her wet cunt until
he had her to the edge again, then worked his thick tongue down her crack to
her tightly clenched little asshole. He reamed her tiny anus as she went off
again then made his way up her body and deeply kissed her again. He almost
lost his cool when she whispered frantically, "please baby, fuck me."

Alex stood up and removed the coat that he still had on. He climbed onto the
couch and spread his mother's long sexy legs wide open so that her little
blonde fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable. He moved
foward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding his long thick cock up
and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit.

The feeling of his cock head parting her puffy cunt lips was pure heaven but
the heat of her sex was too much to handle as her incredibly tight cuntal
sheath streached around his thick dick like a glove a size too small. Without
any concious thought Alex continued to push himself forward until he'd buried
his ten inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt.

He felt the tip of his cock hitting her cervix and his balls slapped against
her virgin asshole. The sensation of splitting his mother's tight, velvety
cunt muscles almost made him cum after one plunge but he fought the urge off.
He fucked her like this while both sucking on her tits and kissing her on her
mouth. His mom licked her own juices off his chin which just excited him

She kept moaning as Alex fucked her hard and fast. Her hands wandered to his
ass and pulled him towards her in sync with every thrust. She was using the
muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of her son's throbing
manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though his fat cock had
filled up her cunt.

Not wanting to ignore anything, his hands crawled up from her tiny waist to
her big full 36C tits as he fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were
melting in Alex's skillful hands and her nipples got hard within seconds as
he circled them ever so lightly with his fingers. She was pumping and rolling
her hips hard up into Alex's. Her breathing was in loud gasps and moans. She
was clinging to him with all of her strength.

The only thing he could hear now was her moans and the wet slurping of her
juicy cunt. With every stroke, Alex made sure he pulled all the way out, then
shoved it back in as fast and as hard as he could. Alex felt the tip of his
penis pounding on the entrance of his mom's cervix on every balls deep

He had her spread wide open and his big prick was streaching her like never
before as it embedded itself fully again and again. Finally, she whispered
softly, "It feels so good! I've never felt so filled. It's so fucking big, so
long and thick, so much bigger than I ever remember honey."

Alex reached down with his hands and started playing with her ass. With her
pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny puckered
anus with his finger for a while. She was getting nervous as her breathing
became louder.

She gasped as Alex watched her eyes shoot wide opened when he pushed his
finger up her virgin asshole. It went in without a hitch and with plenty of
fuck juice, Alex was not surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second
finger up his Mom's colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the
pace. Alex could feel her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through
the thin wall between her pussy and her rectum as he powered his big cock in
and out of her.

Her thighs were contracting in spasms, never having being split like this
before. Alex removed his fingers from his mother's sweet little ass and slid
them up the back of her upraised legs. Her long sexy white legs were now held
up by Alex's strong hands at the back of her firm white thighs.

After a few minutes he hooked her legs over his shoulders and started to fuck
her brains out. As he powerfully thrusted, he repeated buried every thing he
had into her glove tight passage as she pumped and rolled her hips hard up
into Alex's.

He leaned foward and laid over his drunken mother, pinning her knees back to
her shoulders and fucked her for all he was worth, pumping her glove tight
little pussy for a good ten minutes, ramming her as hard and deep as he
could, making her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he
slammed home repeatedly.

Blondie screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his long thick cock.
The intense feeling of being fucked by her son's large cock made her have one
orgasm after another as he pounded her hard and deep for another ten minutes,
enjoying the exquist milking action of her glove tight little cunt before
letting her legs down.

He had to hold onto her as she couldn't lay still. He held her waist as he
powerfully thrusted his meat into her faster and faster. Blondie was bucking
wildly as she moaned in delight. Alex was amazed by how hot and wet he was
making her. His hands crawled up to her big full 36C tits as he fucked her
hard and deep.

Blondie no longer made any attempt to restrain herself. At one point Alex
pulled back too far and fell from his mother's cunt. He heard her utter one
word, "No!" Alex needed no further encouragement. He pressed into his
mother's waiting cunt and yet again began rhythmically fucking her.

He arched over and took Blondie's breast into his mouth. The same breast he
had suckled as a child he was once again sucking. He pressed down upon her
and with one final thrust unloaded his semen into his mother's womb.

Her tight cunt clamped down on him as she also climaxed. Alex couldn't begin
to describe the incredible satisfaction he experienced as he filled his
Mother with his sperm. He was back inside the woman who bore him, back in the
very place he'd started from.

After achieving an orgasm this way with his mom he wanted to see her ass, so
he pulled out and rolled her over. He placed his dick between her asscheeks
and up against her cunt. In one quick shove he was inside of her and began
fucking his mother doggie style. She seemed to enjoy this even more because
she was bucking and screaming like a cat in heat. Alex saw how her little
asshole was puckered and he rubbed his thumb over it. She did not protest so
he gently inserted it into her ass while they fucked.

She claimed the alcohol was getting to her and begged him to finish. She kept
calling him by his dad's name begging him to cum because her pussy couldn't
take anymore. Alex pumped her doggie style for another ten minutes and then
shot a huge gusher into her until his balls were completely empty. She
collapsed on the couch and within a minute or two she passed out.

Alex grabbed a quick shower and went downstairs to make sure she was alright.
She was out like a light and still had the afghan Alex covered with before he
went up to the shower. Alex instantly got hard again as he stared at her and
then he remembered her hot little ass. He wanted it now. So he went to the
downstairs bathroom and returned got a jar of Vaseline. He lifted the blanket
and rubbed some into her ass gently trying not to disturb her. He took two
couch pillows and gently slid them under her pelvis.

Sliding in between them Alex lifted her legs up high. He pushed them forward
till her knees were almost up to her face and her legs were tightly pressed
against her big boobs. Her ass was now spread wide open for him to fuck.

Alex slid his dick into her sopping wet pussy and gave it a few pumps. When
he pulled it out it was all gooey and slick with their combined fuck juices.
He fit the wide head of his big dick in against her tiny puckered anus and
caved it inward. Driving forward, Alex pushed his long thick nine inch dick
into her ass, overcoming the resistence of her overmatched spincter his head
popped in, followed by three inches of his thick shaft.

Slowly pushing in and out Alex could feel the incredible grip and heat from
her tight little asshole and it was fantastic. It took several minutes to
streach her rectum open for Alex to fuck as he worked every inch of his thick
cock to the hilt. Once Alex felt himself sliding in and out more easily, he
began really pounding her asshole, picking up power and speed until Alex was
fucking her up the ass as hard as he could.

His hands were filled with his mother's big full boobs and he really worked
them over, squeezing them hard, pulling and tweaking her hard spiky nipples
as Alex got into fucking her up the ass like a conguering savage.

He rammed his entire ten inch rod balls deep for a good twenty minutes before
her glove tight grip milked him to the edge and Alex felt the hot boiling
over feeling coming from his balls. Alex pumped more semen than he could ever
remembered pumping before into his mother's glove tight little asshole as he

Releasing her, Alex pulled his dick out of her asshole with a loud plop. He
carried her up to her bed and cleaned her up. Alex wiped her clean and made
sure she was covered back up. He went back up to his bedroom and went to

The next morning the phone rang and Blondie reached over to grab it off the
endstand. She was still drunk from last night. "Hello," she said groggily.

"Hey hun, sorry I didn't get to touch base with you before I left yesterday."
said her husband.

"You left." she said confused.

"Yeah I got Alex to do the Santa thing for me at the hospital. Hey I got to
go to a meeting. I'll be home on sunday love you," he said.

"Love you too." she said now fully awake.

Alex was Santa last night slammed into her conciousness. She thought for a
minute as she felt cum ooze out of her pussy and ass. That little bastard was
supposed to tell me his dad left and he let me suck his cock and fuck him.
"Oh my god," she said putting her hands to her face. "What am I going to do
about this and why the fuck does my ass hurts so bad."

At the top of her lungs she screamed, "Alex get your ass in here right now."

She didn't know what to say or do when he got there. She'd been so drunk and
horny last night. As she waited vivid memories of last night flashed through
her confused mind. It had been faboulous, the best sex she'd ever had and his
dick was so much bigger than his fathers' flashed into her brain. She began
to remember the blurred events of last night as her cum filled cunt began to
tingle. Oh God, what am I going to do?

She was sitting on the edge of her bed, trying to still her beating heart
when Alex appeared at her door. She looked up at him, then blushed and looked
away, not sure what to say. She didn't really notice as he closed and locked
the door, then walked up to stand before her, staring silently at her.

"Uh... er... Alex, I.. ummm... last night ..." Her stuttered attempt at
speech trailed off as she noticed his hands moving to his jeans. He unclipped
them, lowering the zipper and sliding them and his boxers down to his hips,
where they dropped to the floor.

She gasped as his big, limp cock was exposed, hanging just in front of her
face. She tore her eyes away enough to glance up, see the serious and intense
look he was aiming at her, then looked back at his cock. It was growing....

His cock swelled up, stiffening, getting larger and beginning to stick
straight out... angling up, higher and higher.... Bigger and bigger. Her eyes
widened as she watched this amazing show. Within 60 seconds, her 18 year old
son's cock was fully erect. It was huge.... At least 10" long, and very
thick... a huge rod all covered with ridges of protruding veins that throbbed
and pulsed just inches from her face.

Her husband had an average 6" dick, which had always satisfied her. But her
young teenage son had a monster cock that dwarfed her husband's. And it was
making her heart pound in her chest, her andrenaline flowing. She couldn't
avoid the gasp that escaped her lips as blurred memories of last night again
flooded her mind.

Alex grinned and grasped the massive cock at the base. He leaned forward and
rubbed the fat, blood engorged head over her face, her cheeks, and her mouth.
Then pressed it insistently at her lips.

"I don't think..." she was cut off as Alex took advantage of her protest to
slip his cock into her mouth as it opened to speak. "mmff!"

Instinctively her tongue rolled around the thick head and she began to suck
the huge rod filling her mouth. He slowly pushed it in, further, inch by inch
and she relaxed her throat muscles as she felt the fat head press at the
entrance to her throat.

Alex placed his hands on her head, the fingers wrapping and tangling in her
long blonde hair as he held her head still, pushing his cock further. She
gagged as the huge thing pressed at the opening of her throat, and Alex made
his first sound, a soft low moan as he entered her throat.

"Ohhh, yeah......" he said, forcing his entire length down her now bulging
throat repeatedly. He loved seeing her face as she fought to breathe, the air
blocked by the thick 10" cock.

Blondie fought the gag reflex and relaxed more, then began to suck. Her lips
squeezed tight as her mouth became a vacuum, her tongue licking under the
huge cock. One hand grasped his balls and squeesed as she began to bob her

Her son began to fuck her face, his cock plunging deep into her throat. Her
eyes rolled from the lack of air and then Alex withdrew to allow her to
breathe again as he established a rythym.

"Uhhnnnnnnmmmmmmm ohhh yeah!!!!" he cried out softly, tensing up. He
shuddered, his cock swelling, then held her head tight and jammed his cock as
deep down her throat as he could get it and emptied his load, huge thick gobs
of hot teen boy cum shooting down her throat.

Blondie swallowed, gagging again as she ate his cum. She felt her body burn
with lust and shame, both at her longing and how she let her young son do
this to her. She swallowed and sucked his cock clean, until he pulled it out
of her slurping mouth.

Alex stepped back, stepping out of his pants and taking his shirt off. He
stared at her, his face and eyes bright with lust and intensity.

Blondie blushed more, "Alex, I don't think we should-"

"Take off your robe." He said calmly, insistently, as if expecting his orders
to be obeyed.

And what was worse, Blondie thought, was that he was right. Oddly enough,
she felt herself letting her robe fall off her shoulders, exposing her huge
breasts and showing the neat trimmed patch of blonde hair she had between her

Alex looked her over appreciatively, "Now lay back."

Blondie mutely obeyed, her mind in turmoil but her traitorous horny body
obeying. She lay back provocatively on her marital bed, legs spread some,
arms to her sides. Alex grinned and laid down beside her, "You need this,
don't you?" he asked. Blondie just stared at him in shock and disbelief, but

He grinned, "I know.... always being left alone, and when dad IS here, he's
no match.... Not for this..." he said confidently, grasping his cock briefly.

He leaned down and kissed his submissive blonde mother, lightly at first then
harder, lips mashing, tongues swirling. He kissed her hard and hot for
several minutes, stroking her breasts, then began kissing down her neck, onto
her chest.

He sucked on her big sexy breasts for a while as his hands slid down her
body, stroking her thighs and her pussy. As his fingers slipped into her
steaming hot cunt, then found her wetness, "Oh, yeah.... You need it...." He
said arrogantly, cockily... and much to her shame, Blondie agreed.

Spreading her legs, Alex climbed between them, grabbed her ankles and placed
them on his shoulders. Then he aimed his huge cock at her cunt. Grinning at
her, eyes meeting, Alex watched her face as he plunged his cock into her cunt
in one hard, single stroke. Her eyes bulged out as she gasped, "Uhhnnn!!!!"
and her head whipped back and forth on her pillow, her curly blonde hair
waving in the air.

Blondie had never had a cock so big in her before last night, and she was a
tight fit for it. Only her excessive wetness eased it in at all. "Ohhhhh
goddddd..." she moaned softly.

"Fuck, yeah..." Alex replied and began to pump, slowly at first, long deep
strokes, then faster as the tension grew.

"Ohhh ...ohhhh ...ohhhh ...ohhh ...ohhhh ...!" Blondie now chanted in time
with each rapid thrust into her moist pit. Then the strokes slowed as Alex
wanted his beautiful mother to feel every incestuous inch of his long thick

"Damn, that feels so good mom....." he said, and Blondie blushed in shame
but kept moaning, her lust-crazed body responding, hips rising to meet his
thrusts, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock repeatedly.

The beautiful mother began arching up to keep her son's big cock deep within
her snatch. He smiled as he felt her firm body beneath him tense then shudder
in convulsions, hearing his lovely mom cry out "Oh, God ....oh, God ....I'm

Holding her trembling asscheeks up to him, his long thick cock buried to the
hilt, Alex took great pleasure in seeing his beautiful mom react with such a
powerful orgasm.

Faster and harder he fucked, "Tell me, mom... tell me how you want it...."

She resisted for a while, but eventually caved in, "Yesss... oh god yes....
Fuck me... I need to be fucked sooo bad... fuck me, Alex!"

Alex grinned in triumph.

Blondie cried softly in shame, but replied, "Yes.... I want you to fuck me
with your big cock!"

"YESSSS!!!!!" cried Alex, pounding her violently. Blondie was being fucked
harder and faster than ever before, her glove tight pussy being hammered by
her son's huge cock.

Suddenly, her body began to tremble and shake, squirming under his
murderously heavy pounding. She was cumming! Oh, god ... she was having an
another orgasm ... one of the most intense ones ever, in fact, "Ohhh god, I'm
cumminggggggggggggg!!!" she cried, in shame and humiliation and depraved

"Cum, mom! Cum on my big dick!" he said, feeling his balls tense as they
slapped her ass, "Yeah!!!!" he cried grasping Blondie by her feet and
rearing back. Only to begin his jackhammer like fucking of his beautiful
mother. He pushed her feet over her head and bent Blondie in two, buring his
massive 10" cock all the way into her wide open womb.

Blondie felt the throbbing of the plum size cockhead. Feeling the throbbing
deep within her, the cock's head expanding further caused her mind to clear
somewhat. She realized that her son was about to unleash his potent cum,
intent on planting his seed deep into her womb.

She was helpless, shoulders pinned to the bed by her thighs, as Alex held her
bent in two. "Arguuhh!" she cried, as Alex's cock ground its way in and began
spitting out its thick gooey jism.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

"Ohhhh fuck godddd yessss!!!" Blondie cried back.

Several minutes later, their orgasms fading, Alex let go of her trim ankles
allowing her long legs to straighten and rest along his muscular body.

As she lowered her legs, she wrapped them around his back and Alex felt her
ankles lock over his asscheeks as his fully embedded cock continued to twitch
deep in her glove tight snatch, still oozing out its jism.

She finally released his hot sweaty body, lowered her legs to the bed totally
exhausted and his huge cock pulled out of her ravaged little cunt, leaving a
trail of its sticky juice on her beautiful little blonde muff.

He rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe tits
shook and flopped about wildly under her as Alex parted Blondie's perfect ass
and saw her tiny tightly clentched anus. The rectal opening winked at him as
it twiched in response to the earth shattering orgasms he'd forced from her
lush, ripe body.

He laid his long thick cock in the crack of her georgeous ass and slowly slid
it through her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it
snifted out her sweet little asshole. "We're not done yet mom," he gloated as
his strong hands locked onto her flairing hips and pulled her ass back to his
waiting cock.

"Mom," he said, "I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole now, just like I
did last night. Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass. Say it, beg me to
fuck you up the ass with my big dick." He pushed his cockhead between her
georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against her tiny anus as Blondie whimpered.

He knew that she'd agree to anything he wanted now and he wanted to hear her
say it. "Yes ... please Alex...," she said, "Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck
me up the ass with your long thick cock," she replied from her stupor.

"That's a good mom," he said. "Now what son could refuse a request like

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to his mom's tight little
asshole and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and
he forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, streaching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big cock.

Blondie knew she couldn't do anything to stop him from fucking her asshole.
She unconciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and
permitted him to enter. She grimaced as his huge cock split her wide open.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Alex shoved
forward and her anus yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and
rammed his hips forward. His massive cockhead rammed deep up her asshole as
Blondie's head jerked up and her face contorted in a savage grimace.

Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed deeper into her ass and came to a
stop with his heavy sperm laddened balls slapping loudly against her firm
little buns.

The pain soon faded and Blondie got used to the sensation of having a cock
in her asshole. She even came to love ass-fucking and began milking his
oversized cock wildly.

His cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and
pushed back, acting like a total slut and revelling in it. She whimpered,
writhing her buttocks erotically in her son's crotch. Alex gasped, running
his hands down her hot firm body to squeeze her big jiggling tits as he
sodomized his mom slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Alex's passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands back on her flairing hips, pulling
her anus up and down over the length of his thick cock.

"Yes uhhh YES uhhh ohmauhhhh YES uhhh ohyes oh YESSSS do it, baby ... fuck
me! Fuck my ass you big stud ... fuck my ASS honey ... give it to me,
lover ... that's it ... FUCK MY ASS ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big dicked
stud! Fuck Mommy up the ass hard and deep!"

He knew he had her, he'd fuck her whenever he wanted to from now on. He
reamed out her tight asshole hard and deep before dumping a huge load of
sperm into her quivering anal passage.

He fell back off of her, his big dick pulling out of her tiny ass with a loud
plop. Then he gave her one last long, hot kiss, then said, "Thanks mom, that
was great." Alex got off the bed, dressed, and left, without saying anything

"Ohhh god...." Whispered Blondie to herself, ashamed and humiliated, knowing
she should say or do something, vowing never to let it happen again.... And
knowing deep in her heart it would happen anyway, and she wouldn't fight it.
Pulling a cover over her naked, cum-filled body, she slowly fell asleep
knowing that her life had changed forever.


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