Blondie: Alex Visit's The Neighbors Part 3 (MF reluct)
By Wilcox

Alex Bumstead was getting ready to go out to meet his friends when his mom
called up to him. "Alex, I want you to take some clothes over to the Woodley
house. Mrs. Woodley is collecting them for a fund raiser and I have a big
box of things to donate. I'd do it myself but I promised your sister that
I'd take her shopping and we're running late. Be a dear and carry it over

Alex's mind was instantly kicked into over-drive. What an opportunity. His
dad and Mr. Woodley were playing golf this morning and that would leave him
alone with his beautiful neighbor. He'd fucked her twice now. The first time
she was out of it from taking sleeping pills. Even so she'd fucked him better
than any girl he'd ever been with.

The second time had been much better. Circumstances had brought them together
and he'd made a move. She was a little drunk sure, but Alex had hammered her
real good. Her husband was even on the phone with her when Alex shot his last
load into tight pussy. Since then she'd avoided being alone with him. Alex
knew that she loved it but now she was feeling quilty and had told him that
they could never do it again.

This was too good an opportunity to pass up he thought. Alex knew that she'd
come around again if he got the chance to catch her alone; and everybody
would be away from the houses for most of the day. He knew that he shouldn't
appear too eager though. His mom would get suspicious if he just gave in and
acted like he wanted to go over there. "Gees Mom," Alex moaned. "I'm going
to meet the guys for a pick-up game at the school."

"Now see here young man," Blondie lit into him. "We don't ask a lot of you.
You can pitch in once in a while and help. This box is heavy and I'm running
late. All you have to do is carry it over there and help Tootsie put it where
she wants it. It won't take all that long, will it?"

'It will if I put it where I want it,' Alex thought. "OK, OK ,OK, don't make
a federal case out of it. I'll do it already," He told his mom.

Blondie and Cookie left after she showed Alex where the box was. He waited
until he heard his dad and Mr. Woodley drive off to the golf course before
he got the box and carried it across the yard to the Woodley's house.

He rang the doorbell and when the door opened, Alex's was gazing upon the
beautiful Mrs. Tootsie once again. Their eyes locked and it was like a jolt
of electricity coursing through each of them as they stood staring into the
other's eyes, it was as if time had frozen. Finally a passing truck jolted
things back to reality. "Hi Mrs. Woodley. My mom asked me to bring these
clothes by for you're clothing drive," he explained to her.

"Why thank you Alex" she replied a little nervously. She could not stem the
clenching of her cunt muscles as she pictured the handsome young man once
again pounding his huge cock into her. 'How can I think of such things!' she
told herself. 'I'm happily married to Herb and this handsome teenager is my
best friend's son! God, I must be getting depraved!' she chided herself. She
regained her composure and said, "I told you that we can get involved Alex,
so you behave yourself. What we did was a mistake. It won't happen again."

"Sure, don't worry Mrs. Woodly," Alex said. "I understand. It was great but
I'm not going to rape you or anything. You're my mom's best friend and my
dad and your husband are buddies. Please trust me."

"OK then," she responded with a relieved sigh, "My that box looks really
heavy. Would you be a sweetheart and carry it upstairs for me? I'm using the
guest bedroom to store the clothes for the drive."

Alex followed her and carried the box upstairs to the bedrooms. All the way
up the stairs he watched her tight little ass wiggling seductively under the
thin hip hugging material of her short summer dress. The top was low cut and
very tight around her flat tummy, which made her full 36C breasts look even
bigger. As he stared at her sweet ass he remembered how tight it'd felt
clenching around his long thick dick when he'd pumped it full of cum a couple
of weeks before.

In the guest bedroom Mrs. Woodley had a small step stool to get to the upper
shelf in the closet where she had boxes stacked. She stood on the stool and
went to move some other boxes of clothes on the shelf. Then she reached back
for the box of clothes Alex was holding. She lifted it up, putting the heavy
box on the shelf so that she could go through it later. That's when all hell
broke loose. The box was too heavy for the already overloaded shelf and it
began to come down. She quickly reached up to grab the shelf before
everything came crashing down on top of her.

If she let go the things on the shelf and the clothes would fall to the hard
wood floor. Alex noticed that some of the things on the shelf were breakable.
"Can I get a little help here?" she asked as she balanced there in front of
him, arms fully extended upward.

"I don't see why not," Alex replied. He stepped forward and was face level
with her great ass. He decided to take his chances and instead of helping her
out with the shelf he took advantage of the situation instead.

Slowly Alex ran his hands up the outside of her thighs. Tootsie looked down
in disbelief. "Please don't do that Alex, just help me with the shelf," she
begged. "This crystal was a wedding present. I don't want it to fall and

Alex ignored her plea completely and continued to slide his hands up her
sides to her full thrusting breasts. He cupped them and gave them a loving
squeeze, then slid his hands back down her flat tummy. "Oh Alex, don't," she
moaned softly. He reached under her skirt and slowly lifted it up to reveal
a tight pair of pink bikini panties. "What are you doing ... please stop
this and help me dammit" she begged. "I told you it was over. I can't be
unfaithful to my husband again."

Still ignoring her pleas Alex gently slid her panties down to her ankles to
reveal her great little ass. He could smell the muskiness of her pussy as he
buried his face against her ass. He brought his hand around and began to
caress the sweetening slit of her pussy while running his tongue over her
firm ass cheeks. "Oh please stop, please stop ... I'm a married woman. You're
my best friend's son, this would be so wrong," she moaned aloud as he found
her clit with his finger.

He slowly built up the momentum on her clit as he slipped his tongue into her
crack and probed her tiny rosebud anus. He worked his tongue back and forth
between her cunt and asshole until he could sense her building up to an
orgasm. She was now breathing heavier and heavier; then it hit her like a
tidal wave as a powerful orgasm washed over her. "Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ...
I'm cumming," she moaned.

Once he'd brought her to orgasm Alex released her and took hold of the shelf,
bringing it gently to the floor without dropping a thing. She just stood
there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say to what just took place. Then
Tootsie took a deep breath as a pair of strong male hands lightly grasped her
around her hips. She closed her eyes, panting for breath, as Alex's hands
moved forward to caress her abdomen.

She took a deep breath and tilted her head back as the exploring hands now
moved up to cup her full thrusting breasts through her thin dress and bra.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... !" she moaned as Alex's thumbs expertly searched for and
found her budding nipples, flicking them to stiffness.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Alex ... I ... didn't mean for this to happen!" Tootsie panted.
At this point, Alex knew that he had her. Her resistance was dissolving and
they were beyond the point of no return. Nothing could deter him from from
his goal.

"Ohhhhh, Alex ... it's not right ... we shouldn't be doing this!" she
muttered, knowing full well there was no stopping this young stud. "Oh, Alex
... please ... you need to stop this!" Tootsie chided the teenager, but at
that very moment she reached back to squeeze at his throbbing manhood through
his jeans.

Her dress was now being being peeled off her shoulders to drop to her feet.
"Ohhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as her thin bra was removed. Now
her pink nipples were being flicked and teased without any hindering garment
as she stood there naked before him.

The next thing she knew, Alex lifted and carried her to the master bedroom
and threw her down on the bed. He stared at her lucious form as he pealed out
of his clothes and kicked off his sneakers. Her eyes were locked onto his
thick ten-inch cock. It was throbbing to get into her hot little pussy and
she again marveled at its incredible size.

It was a good four inches longer and much thicker than her husbands' and she
looked glazey eyed at it as she slowly spread her long sexy legs wide open.
She knew that she couldn't stop him from fucking her now. She needed his big
cock to hose down the fire raging deep inside her hot squishy pussy.

The beautiful lady of the house and the teenage hunk from next door now
occupied the Woodley's marital bed. The bed had already been made and now the
two caressed each other's naked body upon the cool bedspread, touching and
exploring each other as they joined their mouths in a series of passionate
kisses. Tootsie moaned loudly as a sensitive pink nipple was captured between
the teen's nursing lips, her body arching up as a flicking tongue teased her
hardened bud. "Ohhhhhhh, Alex ... ohhhhhhh, yes ... ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss!"
she moaned.

Then as she felt her teen lover tracing his lips downward, Tootsie panted for
breath, knowing what he intended on doing. She arched up as the handsome teen
nuzzled his face into her soft curls, feeling his tongue moving about in
search for her most private treasure. "Oh, Alex ... I ... I'm afraid ... I've
never ... never ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddddddd!" she groaned as his hot
mouth clamped over her slick jewel.

Never had she ever experienced the sensation of being eaten by her lover
never had her husband attempted on pleasing her in this manner. Lifting her
knees, she planted her heels into the bed, arching her hips up into his
slurping mouth, giving herself entirely to him. "Ohhhh, God ... God, yes ...
ohhhhhhh, I'm cummingggggg ... ohhhh, Alex ... yesssssssss!" she groaned
after several minutes, her body arching up high to feed her young lover the
sweet love nectar from between her thighs.

Alex gazed down at the woman of his dreams, seeing her dark curly fleece
matted with his saliva and her love nectar. She looked so beautiful with
perfect breasts and perfectly formed pink nipples. Then he moved forward
between her wide spread legs and placed his huge dick against her juicy gash.
He looked down at her as he began sliding his rock hard cock up and down the
full length of her wet, swollen slit.

"Please ... please, Alex ... I ... I need it so bad!" she stammered. "OHHHH,
don't tease me baby ... fuck me ... fuck me hard ... put it in ... I need it
so bad!"

He leaned forward to push his thick cockhead forward, pushing it into her
tight slit. His cockhead was enveloped in her tight hot box and Alex pushed
forward again, his thick cock managing to slide in a few more inches. Panting
from the unbelievable pleasure he leaned forward further, feeling the extreme
tightness gripping him.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Alex ... ohhhhhh ... you're ... you're so big ... ohhhh, Alex!"
Tootsie moaned. Spreading her thighs as wide as possible, trying to ease the
pain. Tootsie then arched up to capture more of the thick throbbing shaft.
"Oh, God, Alex ... I ... I've never had anything so biggggggg before you
... ohhhh! Ohhhhh ... it's soooo deep ... oh, never so deepppp ... ohhh,
honey, yesssss ... fuck me ... fuck me!" she moaned. "Ahhhhhhhhh ...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... oh, Godddd!" she groaned. She felt his long thick cock
push deeply into her, deep into her womb, far deeper than her husband could
ever hope to reach.

Lifting up till only his cockhead remained, he slowly pushed his throbbing
cock back into her hot juicy slit. Then Alex began to speed up his hips,
bringing squeals and moans of pleasure from the beautiful wife, squeals of
delight that were so familiar to those of all the young girls who had
sampled his thick boner. Then he felt her long trim legs wrap themselves
around him as she arched herself up to capture more of his cock. He began
thrusting harder and faster while she was arching into each of his plunging

After several minutes he lifted and slid his hands up the back of her thighs.
Her legs released his body and he held her wide open as he powered his big
dick to her. Then he hooked her long sexy legs up over his shoulders so that
her little dark curly fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and
vulnerable. Alex leaned forward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to
her shoulders and fucked her for all he was worth as her arms went to his

She was pumping and rolling her hips hard up into Alex's. Her breathing was
in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all of her strength as
he leaned down and gave her a deep passionate kiss. His exploring tongue was
met in return by Tootsie's responsive lips as she sucked on his thick tongue.

As their passionate kiss ended, Tootsie felt her body shudder and spasm,
causing her to moan, "Oh, Alex ... oh, God, Alex ... yessssssssssssss ... I
... I ... .I'm cummingggggggg!" Her body arched up into the air, lifting
her teen lover's muscular body up with her. Then she felt her young lover
thrusting harder and faster into her, burying his throbbing cock deep into
her womb. Then she heard her lover groan loudly "Oh, Mrs. Woodley ... ohhhhh,
I love you! Ohhhhhh ... you're so tight ... so tight ... oh, God ...
ohhhhh, Goddddddd!"

She clasped her legs tightly around his neck, feeling spurt after spurt of
his thick hot seed spurt deep in her fertile womb. "Oh, yes ... fuck me ...
fuck me ... yes, cum ... cum in me ... cum deep in me ... shoot it in me ...
oh, Alex ... yes ... ohhhhhhhhh, yesssss!"

Alex dropped her long sexy legs off of his shoulders and leaned down on top
of her, pushing his rod hard into her to the hilt, loving the sounds of her
moans as he emptied his balls in her spasming cunt. She kept moaning as he
continued fucking her hard and fast. His teenage cock never missed a beat and
he rode her into round two.

Tootsie wrapped her trim white arms around him as her hands wandered to his
ass and pulled him towards her in sync with every thrust. Her cuntal sheath
was massaging the entire shaft of his manhood as he put the boots to his sexy
neighbor. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though his fat cock had
filled up her cunt to over flowing.

His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 36C tits as he
fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were melting in Alex's hands and
her nipples got even harder as he circled them with his fingers. The room
was filled with the sounds of her moans and pussy squishing mixed with the
pleading bedsprings and headboard bouncing off the wall. He looked over at
her dresser and watched the porno movie displayed there of him and Mrs.
Woodley in the big mirror as he fucked her brains out.

With every stroke, he made sure he pulled all the way out, then shoved it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He felt the tip of his long thick
cock pounding on the entrance of her cervix. He had her spread wide open and
his big prick was stretching her tight pussy to the max as it embedded itself
fully again and again.

He reached down with his hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With
her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, he circled her tiny anus
with his finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and
he saw her eyes became wide opened when he pushed his finger up her tight
little asshole.

It went in without a hitch, and with plenty of fuck juice, he was not
surprised how easy it was when he jammed a second finger up Mrs.'s Woodley's
tight colon. Now having both holes jammed he picked up the pace and he could
feel her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the thin wall
between her pussy and her rectum.

She shoved her hips up to meet his. She twisted and gyrated in circles on his
drilling cock. 'She'd never be able to enjoy fucking her husband Herb after
I'm through with her,' he thought, 'Christ her pussy won't even know his
limp dick is in her after I start fucking her regularly.' Alex hammered her
wildly, setting off multiple orgasms in the hot housewife. Sweat covered her
luscious body as she worked her spasming cunt on his huge cock. She came over
and over. She yelled and screamed as she climaxed endlessly.

Tootsie had never cum so hard in her life and she wanted more. Her body was
wracked with tremors as she peaked again and again. She was losing her mind
and becoming an animal. She finally crested after another orgasm and started
to calm down. But Alex was far from finished. He slammed her hard and deep.
She quickly got hot again and the next wave of climaxes started. She fucked
him back like a maniac. She needed his cock in her oven. She was on fire.

He tensed and then groaned. He could feel the end was approaching fast
when his heavy balls began tightening up signaling his need to cum in Mrs.
Woodley's sweet pussy and she cried out as she felt him begin to cum into
her, blasting his wad into her womanhood in long heavy spurts of his potent
sperm laden cum. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ....ooooooooohhhh!" she moaned, milking
the long thick cock with her tautly stretched pussy as it spewed his load
deep into her hungry cunt.

When he emptied the last of his jism into her pussy he pulled out and sat
back on the bed. Tootsie collapsed in exhaustion. Her body was weak and her
head rested listlessly on the bed. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath
of her orgasms. He rested for a little while as he looked down at the passed
out beauty. He watched as a thick flow of his jism oozed out of her sopping
wet cunt to coat her ivory thighs and soak the bed.

When he felt his strength return he got up, rolled her over and lifted her
sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe tits hung under her as Alex parted
Tootsie's perfect ass and found her tiny tightly clenched anus. He laid his
long thick cock in the crack of her gorgeous ass and slowly slid it through
her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it sniffed out her
sweet little asshole.

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. He forced it in deep past her overmatched
spincter, easily stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big cock.
It had been custom fit for his huge cock and Alex shoved forward and buried
all 10 long thick inches to the hilt up her tightly clenching asshole in one
power laden thrust of his hips.

His huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm
laden balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns. This was what he'd
dreamed of the last two weeks and now he was fucking his sexy neighbor up
the ass again.

She'd taken him this way before and she loved the sensation of having his big
cock buried up her asshole. She'd tried to hide it from herself, but she knew
deep down that she loved butt fucking. His long thick cock slid in and out of
her anus easily. She rolled her hips and pushed back to meet his thrusts like
the whore she'd become. She knew that she was Alex's love slave, his sex toy
to do with as he pleased. Her husband and friends be damned. She needed his
long thick cock. It was her addition now that he'd hooked her on it.

Tootsie had to bite down hard, into her husband's pillow, to keep from
screaming as Alex's thick cock rammed up her tight little ass. She was awash
on an orgasmic ocean as Alex held back his need to cum and reamed out her
tight little asshole hard and deep for a good half an hour before finally
dumping a huge load of sperm into her quivering anal passage.

That day the Woodley's bed creaked and strained, threatening to collapse from
the constant humping motion. Never had it ever been put to such strenuous
use. Tootsie had sucked Alex's teenaged cock back to life on three occasions
and it wasn't until 3 p.m. that the activity finally ceased. On the
overworked bed, the spent bodies were a sight to behold.

Tootsie was totally exhausted but was in a sexual glow from the numerous
climaxes she had reached. Alex reluctantly rolled off of her and withdrew his
sensitive but shrinking cock from her incredible asshole and the two lovers
were soon cuddling in the afterglow of the incredible fuck session they'd
just had.

Tootsie's hand slid down his muscular teenaged body and grasped his
pleasure-giving dick. She stroked it gently and then smiled at Alex and
said, "I should clean this off for you. It wouldn't do for your mom to
discover my cum in your shorts." He just smiled as his beautiful neighbor
went down on him, her soft tongue collecting every drop of love juice that
she found.

"God, I can't believe what a stud you are. You're still bigger than Herb is
when he's erect," Tootsie said as she sucked on Alex's flaccid dick. "You
know there's no way I can go with your big dick Alex. We just have to be
careful that Herb and your parents don't find out about us."

Just then they heard a car pull into the driveway. She sat up and took a
quick glance at the clock on her nightstand. "Oh my God," she said in a
panic. "Look at the time. Herb and your dad are back from the golf course.
What are we going to do?"

Alex jumped out of bed and told Tootsie to relax as he pulled on his tee
shirt and stepped into his jeans and sneakers. "I'll go out the window to
the back yard and you strip the bed and then jump in the shower. Every thing
will be fine. Don't worry." They embraced and shared a deep kiss. "I'll be
back," he said as he stepped out onto the roof.

Alex worked his way over the roof to the enclosed deck and then made sure
that his dad wasn't still outside before he dropped down to the ground. He
was on his knees weeding the flower bed when Herb came out on the deck
calling, "Tootsie, I'm home. Where are you?" He spotted Alex then and called
out, "Oh your here Alex. Do you know where my wife is?"

Alex looked up, "Hi Mr. Woodley. I haven't seen her in while now. I guess
she's in the house somewhere."

"What are you doing here," Herb asked him. "The grass is cut. What are you
up to now?"

"My mom sent me over with some clothes for your wife's clothing drive and
Mrs. Woodley asked if I wouldn't mind weeding out her flower beds before I
left. It's pretty neglected, it took longer than I thought it would to work
in your wife's garden," Alex responded with a smile.

"Ohh, yeah ... that was supposed to be my job. She's been bugging me for
weeks now to do it," Herb said. "I just never got around to it. It looks
like you've really gotten into it to Alex. You look like you've been rode
hard and put up wet. You've worked up quite a sweat there. Well better you
than me when it comes to satisfying my wife. Keep up the hard work boy. You
can fill in for me anytime you can to make her happy."

"Yes sir," Alex said with a big smile. "I don't mind long hard work. It'll
be my pleasure to make her happy for you. In fact I'll make a point of
satisfying her before I pull out and go home ... if that's what you want."

"Good man," Herb said with a smile. "This is going to work out real good for
me. Tell you what, I'll increase what we're paying you for the yard work and
I'll tell my wife that she can use you when she needs a man to do some hard
work for her. Are you sure you don't mind doing my work for me?

"Not a problem sir," Alex told him. "I can use the extra money and I get a
good workout at the same time." What he was thinking though was that he was
going to keep fucking Mrs. Woodley anyway, now that he'd won her over. Now
he had an excuse to be at the Woodley's more and more. On top of that her
brain dead husband was going to be paying him to boot ... while he was
putting the boots to his sexy wife.

"Good, that's settled," Herb said with a smile at the thought of getting out
of the extra work his wife was always finding for him to do. He went back
into the house calling, "Tootsie ... I'm home."

Alex cracked a knowing smile as he heard her reply for upstairs, "I'm up
here honey. I just got out of the shower. It's been a long hard day and I'm
sore all over. Why don't we go out for dinner? I'm much to tired to cook


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