Blondie: Alex Visit's The Neighbors (MF, nc)
by Wilcox

Herb Woodley was feeling very horny as he watched his pretty wife Tootsie
emerge from the kitchen. He made a playful grab at her but she eluded him
saying, "Not tonight honey. I had a long day and I'm really tired. In fact
I'm going to take a couple of sleeping pills and go to bed early." Herb
watched her cute little ass wiggle up the stairs then went over to his
liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

He poured himself a stiff one thinking about the stiff one he wanted to give
his wife tonight. Over the next hour Herb put down several more drinks as he
fumed about his wife turning him down once again. As he sat there he glanced
out the window and spotted his next door neighbor's teenaged son Alex
Bumstead emerging from his house and heading for the family car.

Man he thought, 'look at that kid. Big and strong, 18 years old and darned
handsome to boot. I bet he gets all the pussy he wants. The girls are
probably all chasing him. What's the old saying how do you stop a girl from
being promiscuous? You marry her." Herb went to the door and called for Alex
to come over for a minute.

Alex came in and immediately saw that Mr. Woodley was really drunk. He looked
around for Mrs. Woodley. She was his mother's best friend and they worked
together in Blondie's catering business. Secretly he'd had the hots for her
for years and often stared at her sexy body when he felt no one would notice

She was nowhere to be seen and the reason why was soon evident as Herb
started in about how his loving wife would rather take a sleeping pill than
make love to him the way a wife is supposed to. "Remember son, never buy the
cow when the milk is free," he told Alex. "Know what I mean?"

"I'm not sure Mr. Woodley," Alex said, playing dumb.

Herb suddenly focused on Alex and said, "You think my wife is pretty hot,
don't you boy?" He continued, "Come on now. I've seen the way you look at
her. Well, women change after they get married. Trust me, I know what I'm
talking about boy."

Alex looked at Mr. Woodley and figured 'what the hell, he's so drunk I think
I'll play along and see where this leads.' "Yes sir. Mrs. Woodley is a very
beautiful woman," he told Herb.

Herb broke into a shit-eating grin and slurred, "Did you know that she sleeps
in the nude. She's up there right now stark naked ... want to take a peek?"

"Gee, I don't know Mr. Woodley. What if she woke up?" Alex replied trying to
hide his true emotions.

"No chance off that," Herb laughed. "When she takes those pills, she's out
for the night. Christ, I could probably fuck her brains out and she wouldn't
remember it in the morning. Hey ... Man that's a good idea. It would serve
the bitch right for refusing to perform her wifely duty." He broke into
another grin and said, "Come on boy. I'll show you."

Herb staggered up the stairs with an assist from Alex and led the way to his
bedroom. He pushed open the door and entered the room followed closely by
Alex. Alex's eyes shot wide open as he saw on the bed the object of his
secret desires, stark naked. Tootsie was lying on her back and her lush body
was displayed to the horny teenager in all its lust-inspiring glory. Long
sexy legs, dark furry bush, flaring hips, flat tummy and full melon breasts.
Her beautiful face was framed by her dark curly hair and Alex felt his big
cock begin to stir to life as he gazed at Mrs. Woodley's naked form.

Herb staggered forward and began to fall. Alex caught him and guided him to
the plush reading chair by the window. Herb settled into it and almost
immediately passed out. Alex looked down at him and then slowly turned
towards the bed as Herb's words about the effect of the powerful sleeping
pills and how he could probably fuck his wife without her knowing it flashed
into his mind.

Alex moved to the bed and sat beside Tootsie, his eyes drinking in the
beautiful form of his sexy neighbor. He slowly reached out a hand and placed
it on her flat stomach as he carefully looked at her face for a reaction.
There was none, so he slowly slid his hand over her soft flesh up to her full
ripe breasts. He gently moved his finger over the perfect mound and strummed
her nipple. Still no reaction, so he opened his hands and cupped Tootsie's
breasts, slowly feeling their mass as he gently squeezed and fondled his
neighbor's tits to his hearts delight.

After a few minutes he leaned down to her and captured her erect nipple in
his mouth and suckled at her breast. Seeing no reaction, other than a low
soft moan, Alex contented himself by nursing on Tootsie's big tits as he slid
a hand down in between her legs. He moved his fingertip around in small
circles through her bush as she slowly open her legs to his inquisitive
finger. He then dipped into her sweet cunt and rubbed against her clit as he
worked his finger through the length of her moistening gash.

After several more minutes Alex lifted his head from Tootsie's engorged tits
and looked over at Herb slumped over in the chair. "You were right Mr.
Woodley. I do believe that you could fuck her now and she'd fuck you back.
Just look at her hips moving around as I finger her pussy. I've got two
fingers into her as deep as I can and she's squeezing on them real nice. You
know ... maybe I should check to see how she'd respond to a little tongue
action. What do you think? You don't mind if I eat out your sexy wife do you
Mr. Woodley?"

Alex kissed his way down her body, spread open Tootsie's legs and positioned
his head between her sexy thighs. He dipped his tongue into her sweet gash
and worked up and down her slit very slowly, teasing her clit with a gently
lick each time he passed over it. She became wet very quickly and her
breathing became rapid as well. She slowly moved her hips in rhythm with
Alex's tongue, gently grinding her pussy against his face.

After a few minutes he slid his arms under her legs so that they were over
his shoulders. This tilted her juicy pussy up to him and allowed his hands
free access to her big firm tits. It also presented her tiny rosebud anus to
him and he worked his tongue between the two holes, repeatedly digging the
tip of his tongue as deeply into her asshole as he could on each pass.

She reached orgasm after several minutes and Alex could detect a sweet change
in her taste as her juices flowed into his hungry mouth. He lapped it all up
and finally had to get up and free his throbbing cock. It was so hard that it
was straining his jeans and becoming very uncomfortably. He looked over at
Mr. Woodley as he unzipped and stepped out of his jeans and shorts. His
massive cock sprang free, all ten heavy inches of it.

He pulled off his shirt and stood there as naked as Tootsie, slowly stroking
his meat. "Well the next step in the experiment is to see how she reacts to
a hard cock sliding up her tight hole, right Mr. Woodley ... and of course
since your unable to perform, if you don't mind that is, I'll be glad to fill
in for you. What do you say? You don't mind if I fuck your wife do you ...
after all it was your idea and I'm only helping you out to prove that you
were right."

Alex climbed onto the bed, lifted and spread Tootsie's long sexy legs wide
open so that her little dark hair fringed gash was spread out, totally
exposed and vulnerable. He moved forward and placed his huge dick against
her, sliding his big cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen

She began to respond to his knock on her love temple's door. The pills had
her in a dream state that removed conscious thought yet allowed her body to
respond to her natural sexual urges. Alex looked down at her big full tits
jiggling as she began to roll her flaring hips in a definite 'come on and
fuck me, big boy' motion. What a fantastic body she has and she's so
beautiful, Alex thought as he watched her unconsciously preparing to fuck
her teenaged neighbor. Her best friend's horny son.

He moved forward, continuing to slide his rock hard cock up and down the
full length of her wet, swollen slit, the cockhead dipping a little into the
slick entrance but not enough to push through the tight elastic like fissure.
Then he finally had enough teasing and fit himself in. Alex slowly pushed
into her warm tight little love canal. She gasped in her drugged stupor as
she felt his massive cock enter her and then sighed as Alex began to push it
in and out of her, her wetting passage becoming covered with her juices as he
pushed deeper into her. "Ohhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Mrs. Woodley moaned loudly
as his thick cockhead forced its way into her slick but tight entrance.

She moaned again as his thick shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining
another few inches. Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched around his
thick dick like a glove a size too small and he continued to push himself
forward until he'd buried his ten inch dick into her well lubed vagina to
the hilt.

Alex felt the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped
against her upturned little ass. The sensation of splitting her tight,
velvety cunt muscles almost made him cum after one plunge. Tootsie was
wiggling under him, her head rolling side to side as he let her adjust and
get used to having twice as much man meat as she was used to stretching her
wide open.

It was wonderful; her pussy was like silk. Her flesh was so tender. Alex
fought to keep his composure. He remained still for about a minute, just
enjoying this once in a lifetime moment. He looked up at her face, she was
so pretty he thought. Her face never changed, even with 10 thick inches of
strange dick in her she was out like a light even though her body was
responding to his long thick cock.

Alex looked over at her passed out husband and said, "Well Mr. Woodley she
took my dick all the way to the hilt so I quess it's time to see if you
could fuck her. Do you want me to continue ... I'll take that as a yes? I'm
just glad to help out."

Alex started to pull his cock out and then pushed it back in slowly at first.
He could feel every fold and ripple of her sweet wet pussy and then he was in
for the shock of his life as she began milking his fully embedded member with
her instantly spasming cuntal canal. He'd never felt any of the girls he'd
fucked do that before and it was an incredible feeling he'd never forget.

Mrs. Woodley was slowly rolling her hips up to meet his long deep thrusts
into her sweet little cunt. It was fantastic. Alex looked down at his cock
and could see that it was shiny with a thick coat of her pussy juice on it.

His hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 36C tits as he
fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts were melting in his hands and her
nipples got even harder within seconds as he circled them ever so lightly
with his fingers. The only thing he could hear now were her moans and pussy
squishing. She was milking Alex's fully embedded member like it was her
honeymoon all over again as she slowly worked her hips up and around, not
realizing that it was her best friend's teenaged son who was fucking her.

Alex pumped his big dick slow and deep up her tight hole, his heavy balls
slapping up against her incredible ass on every long stroke. He maintained a
steady fuck for a good half hour then started stroking harder and harder as
he raised her legs up high and hooked them over his shoulders.

He leaned forward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders
and fucked for all he was worth. Alex pumped her glove tight little pussy
for another twenty minutes, ramming her as hard and deep as he could, making
her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust. Nothing could
stop him now; he was going to cum in Herb Woodley's gorgeous wife's sweet
little pussy.

Alex felt his orgasm building and pumped harder as he really pounded into
her warm squishy hole, enjoying the exquisite milking action of her glove
tight little cunt. He bent down and softly kissed her on her open mouth,
slipping his tongue just inside, while at the same time continuing to ram
into her incredible tight box.

Mrs. Woodley instinctively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers,
enveloping Alex's tongue and giving him a hot deep kiss as he worked his big
dick into her sweet honey pot. That was all it took, Alex could feel his
balls tighten up, and knew that he was close to cumming.

Like an animal, he let loose. Alex grabbed her by the hips and started
pounding her pussy. He took a look at her face and then exploded with
unbefore felt power, jet after jet of hot thick cum shot out of his long
thick cock and went deep into her pussy. It was so intense it felt like it
would never stop. His whole body was just tingling as he pumped his load
into her womb.

When Alex stopped cumming, he felt dizzy and breathless. It was the greatest
feeling he'd ever felt. Her quim really worked it's magic on his big cock, he
could feel her pussy squeezing his cock and milking out all of his cum. He
didn't even know a pussy could do that.

He fell back and sat on his heels, looking down at the most beautiful thing
he'd ever seen in his young life, his cum leaking out of his sexy neighbor's
well fucked pussy. His looked down and saw that his cock was still rock hard
and coated with their mingled fuck juices.

Alex looked at the clock on the VCR by the TV. It was only 9:00. His parents
wouldn't expect him home for a couple more hours. He felt powerful. His dream
woman was his to do whatever his heart desired. He looked over at her passed
out husband and said, "Well the first part of the experiment was a rousing
success Mr. Woodley. What do you say we move on to the next part ... doggie
style? You don't mind if I fuck your wife again, do you Mr. Woodley? It's in
the name of science after all and it was your idea to see if it was possible
to fuck her while she was under the influence of her sleeping pills."

Alex sat up and grabbed his mom's best friend's hand, lifted it up and then
let go. Like a rock falling from the sky it fell hard and fast landing by her
side on the bed. "Your wife just fucked me like a rabbit and she's still out
for the count. I'm going to fuck her doggie style now Mr. Woodley, because I
want to see that fantastic ass of hers while I fuck her."

Alex flipped Tootsie over on her stomach and put her right into fucking
position. Her gorgeous ass was in a perfect spot, and her flaring hips made
her ass seem wider. He started to rub her ass with both hands; it was so
firm yet soft to his touch. Alex had always checked out Tootsie's ass as she
walked around in the past and always wondered what it would look like without
any cloths. Now there it was right in front of him, and even sexier than he'd
ever dreamed of.

How he'd longed to bend her over in front of him and lay his long thick cock
between those firm cheeks of hers and now he was doing it. Alex's huge sperm
laden balls were touching her bright pink slit as his thick shaft nestled in
between her fabulous buns, the head peaking out over her back as he slowly
sawed it through the sexist little ass he'd ever seen.

Alex used his thumbs to spread her ass apart as he fit his big cockhead into
her juicy little slit. Then he just moved his hips forward and his thick cock
slipped back into her cunt as though that was its home and that's where it
belonged. On the first thrust he went deep into her already slick pussy. Alex
rammed his long thick cock up inside her tender dark fringed little pussy and
began to fuck her glove tight cunt powerfully. His cockhead slammed off of
her cervix with each deep thrust and her pussy started contracting and
squeezing his big cock yet again. It felt wonderful.

Alex locked his hands onto her flaring hips and started pumping. It was
awesome, her hips where like handle bars on a bike. She was truly built for
fucking. He was lost in this wonderful world he'd had created in his
neighbor's home. He was fucking the beautiful Tootsie Woodley on her marital
bed right in front of her passed out husband. Alex really got into it now.
He felt like a star in a porno movie as he watched their reflection in the
big mirror on the dresser by the side of the bed.

Her pussy was just oozing; his first load pumped deep into her cunt made it
seem like his cock was sliding on glass. Every time he thrust his big cock
into her tautly stretched pussy, her ass made a small wave and rippled
forward. It was amazing. It was like watching the ocean.

Each time Alec withdrew his dick, her juices glistened heavily on his thick
shaft as her pink little pussy seemed to be pulled inside out, clinging to
the sides of his long thick dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as
it's being pulled off inverted.

Alex really went to town on her pussy now. The headboard of the Woodley's
bed began banging against the wall and the bedsprings were moaning in rhythm
with his powerful fucking action. It was music to his ears. He was hitting
it hard; the noise from their bodies slapping together joined with the other
sex sounds and filled the room. Alex grabbed her hips real hard, pulled her
to me and held her there. Then his big cock exploded with another all
encompassing orgasm dumping another big load of sperm into her drugged body.

Satisfied, Alex pulled back out and lay there recuperating. He was amazed at
how long he'd been able to hold back his cum. He quessed that it was the
realization that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that had given
him superhuman staying power. As he was recovering, Alex rolled Mrs. Woodley
over onto her side. He knew he couldn't leave without fucking her gorgeous
ass. There was no way he was going to go home without sodomizing Mr.
Woodley's sexy wife.

He looked over at her passed out husband and said, "Well that part of the
experiment was another success Mr. Woodley. What do you say we move on to
the next part ... her tight little asshole? You don't mind if I fuck your
wife up the ass, do you Mr. Woodley. What do you say ... you agree with me
fucking her tight little asshole, right? Good, I thought so," Alex told
Herb's passed out body.

The small brown hole was very tight and it was difficult even with the aid
of their mingled juices combined to get his finger in. Eventually Alex got
not one but two fingers knuckle deep in Tootsie's ass and began to twist
them around to stretch her out and unsure that she was ready to take his big

When Alex was again hard he flipped her over onto her back and picked up her
legs. Sliding in between them Alex lifted her legs up high. He pushed them
forward until her knees were almost up to her face and her legs were tightly
pressed against her big boobs. Her ass was now spread wide open for Alex to
fuck. He slid his dick into her sopping wet pussy and gave it a few pumps.
When he pulled it out it was all gooey and slick with their combined fuck

He fit the wide head of his big dick in against her tiny puckered anus and
caved it inward. Driving forward, Alex pushed his long thick ten-inch dick
into his neighbor's ass, overcoming the resistance of her overmatched
spincter his head popped in, followed by three inches of his thick shaft.

Slowly pushing in and out Alex could feel the incredible grip and heat from
her tight little asshole and it was fantastic. It took several minutes to
stretch her rectum open for him to fuck as he worked every inch of his thick
cock to the hilt. Once Alex felt himself sliding in and out more easily, he
began really pounding her asshole, picking up power and speed until he was
fucking her up the ass as hard as he could.

Alex's hands were filled with Tootsie's big full boobs and he really worked
them over, squeezing them hard, pulling and tweaking her hard spiky nipples
as he got into fucking her up the ass like a conquering savage. Alex rammed
his whole ten-inch rod balls deep for a good twenty minutes before her glove
tight grip milked him to the edge and he felt the hot boiling over feeling
coming from his balls. He pumped more semen than he could ever remembered
pumping before into Herb Woodley's sexy wife's tight little asshole as he

Alex fell back on his heels, again gasping for air. Mrs. Woodley rolled over
and her sweet lucious ass was displayed in all it's glory for him to see. He
watched his thick cum start leaking out of her ass, then big thick white
goops of cum came pouring out her ass as long drips of cum began pooling on
the sheets as it also trickled from her equally gaping pussy down her legs.
It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Alex really felt great. On
this night he'd really become a man.

Alex looked at the clock on the VCR, and it said 10:15. He still had some
time and he wanted this night to never end. He was thankful for being at the
sexual prime of his life as felt his cock begin to harden once again. He
looked at Tootsie and than at her out of it husband Herb. "What do you say
one more time to make sure Mr. Woodley."

Alex rolled her onto her tummy and moved back behind her. He lifted her to
her knees and pushed her legs apart as he moved forward and fit his
reawakened dick against her tiny asshole. His cockhead throbbed at her anus
as he pressed forward. It yielded under the pressure much more easily this
time as he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cockhead popped
into her rear channel. Tootsie's head rolled in small circles on her pillow
as he began to sodomize her once again as Alex fucked her up the ass for
another half-hour non-stop before he deposited another heavy load of potent
spunk deep up her tight little asshole.

As he recovered he looked at the clock and realized that it was time for him
to get the hell out of there. He cleaned himself off and dressed. Then went
down into the kitchen and got some paper towels. He cleaned the evidence of
his ravagement from Tootsie's pussy and asshole and then sopped up the pools
of cum from the sheets. Then he got Herb undressed and put him in bed next
to his wife and carefully examined the room.

Mrs. Woodley looked so pretty lying there. He bent down gave her a soft kiss
on the lips and said, "thank you for a night I'll never forget Mrs. Woodley."
Alex took one last look around, went down stairs and headed out the back
door. He went into his house next door and found his parents still in the
living room watching a movie on the TV.

"Hi mom, hi dad, I'm home," he called to them as he went up to his room.

"Did you have a good time tonight honey," his mom called after him.

"Oh yeah, mom. It's was the best ever," he called back to her.

* * *

The next morning Tootsie was in the kitchen making coffee. She turned as
Herb entered the room with a sexy smile on her face. "Where you a bad boy
last night?" she asked. Herb just eyed her through his hangover and asked
her what she was talking about.

She said, "Well dear, when I got out of bed this morning cum began running
down my legs and my ass is really sore. Were you feeling horny last night?"

Herb just smiled at her, his mind was a blank about last night. He was so
drunk that the previous evening was a big blur. He vaguely remember thinking
that he could have his way with her while she was under the effects of her
sleeping pills, but he couldn't remember what happened. He eventually thought
that he must have followed through and actually done it. He told her, "I hope
you're not mad, I couldn't help myself."

She just laughed and headed for the shower. "You animal," she playfully
called over her shoulder as she left the room. Herb sat there and thought
about last night. There was something about someone else being there ...
maybe ... but he couldn't be sure. Just then his neighbor's son knocked on
the kitchen door. "Come on in Alex," Herb told him.

"Good morning Mr. Woodley I wanted to check if it's OK to cut the grass now.
Is your wife up yet?" Alex said expectantly. He was nervous about what he'd
done last night and needed to check if his plan had worked.

"Not so loud, my head is killing me," Herb responded as he held his pounding
head. "Yeah, she's in the shower."

"Well, you sure have a pretty wife. I bet you guys got into it last night,
huh Mr. Woodley," Alex smiled. "Man, if I had a wife like yours, I sure
wouldn't let her sleep much either. God, she is so fine," he said with a

"Yah well, I quess we did at that. You can do the lawn now. It's no problem,"
Herb told him.

Alex just smiled as he turned and went outside. 'Man it worked like a dream,'
he thought. 'I fucked Mrs. Woodley's brains out and neither one of them knows
it was me who fucked her. If I play my cards right I can do it again too.
UMMMM man she's a great piece of ass. Life is really good.'


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