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Blade: Part 3 (MF,inter,oral,anal,cons,ncon)
by Thugster

A dark figure landed on the top of the building, the black length of his
trench coat folding around him like it was a cape. The only sound to be heard
was the hard pelting of rain as it poured out of the night sky. Standing up,
he emerged from the dark shadows and walked across the slick, dim-lit roof.
As he walked, he passed through more shadows. They blended together as if he
was part of them, as he moved smoothly across the roof, stepping over a few
pipes and bundles of wires towards his target. Once he reached the edge, he
peered over and at the ground below. A large neon sign flashing `Ming Chos
Dynasty' hung above the door casting a reddish, flickering glow all over the
street. The glare from the sign just reflected off the dark lenses of his
sunglasses. Looking below, he studied the area. Two large men stood outside
the double doors, whiling a person or two would occasionally walk up and
after exchanging a few words, would enter. He watched their movements
carefully, noticing the slight differences that distinguished them from
humans. Reaching behind his back, he unclipped a small box from his belt and
opened the main, electrical converter box on the roof. Attaching his little
black box to the main power cables, he flipped the small switch and watched
the detonator light turn red. Once done, he closed the converter box and
slipped around the other side of the roof. Rain poured down his slick, black
coat as he moved quickly in the night. Setting two more detonators on the
buildings power boxes, he walked to the front again and looked down.

Looking at the street two stories below and the guards at the entrance, he
quickly grabbed hold of the ledge with his gloved hand and flung his body
over the rail. Falling amongst the heavy rain, he dropped through the air
quickly, his trenchcoat whipping behind him. Landing on both feet, he dropped
his left hand to the ground to evenly support the weight shift in his fall,
whiling his right hand grabbed ahold of the gun at his hip. The two,
bouncer-type guards looked up, surprised at the shape that had appeared
before them. A crisp crack sounded as the end of his trench coat snapped to
the ground around him. Rain poured off the dark, crouched figure before them.

"What the fuck?" one muttered as both guards reached for their concealed

He raised his head and looked at both of them through his dark glasses, the
only color appearing when his lips parted and he gave a quick smile with his
teeth. It was the kind of smile that told them they were dead no matter what
they attempted. Both guards knew who it was and felt fear run through them
as they acted on training and reached for their guns.

In the quickness of a blink, the shape moved and he had leapt forward and
quickly rose directly infront of them. The last memory burned into their
minds was as the silver etched sword cut through their necks. Hisses escaping
their throats before the sword finished it's task. Their skin burned away
from their bodies and they burst into thousands of pieces and their bones
disintegrated into the air. The rain washed the pieces of ash away into a
puddle of water as they dissolved for good. In a quick twist of his wrist,
his sword sliced through the air and slid back down into the sheath concealed
and strapped onto his back. Standing there infront of the exclusive club,
Blade was now ready to make his appearance. He cracked his neck to both sides
and walked up to the door, his heavy boots stepping in puddles and splashing
water around each step.

Pushing the doors opened, Blade walked in and down the corridor. The walls
were covered by old posters and flyers promoting bands and clubs all over the
city. Blade pushed past the next set of doors and stopped. Lights flashed
over him as he stood looking at the room before him. Strobe lights flashed
all around as well as fog machines and other hypnotic, trance lights adding
to the rave style. The room was filled with around 150 vampires dancing all
around, their bodies bumping and grinding against eachother as they moved.
Loud music pumped out of the speaker units placed all around on the walls. He
put his hand on the wall and secretly placed one of the small black boxes on
the door frame. Removing his hand, Blade walked down the two steps infront of
him and merged into the chaotic crowd. All over he could see vampires feeding
and cutting into themselves with razorblades and knives. One man lay there as
two women dressed in leather bikini style clothes bit into his body. He lay
there writhing in ecstasy.
Blade continued through the packed room heading for the staircase at the
other side. He cleared a path as he pushed through the vampires. As he
walked he stopped once more and placed a black box on one of the large
subwoofers under the DJ booth. Once it was all set, he emerged from the
crowd of vampires and up to the steps. He took a glance back behind him
to make sure no one was watching and quickly headed up the stairs. Each
step he took made a small thump as he walked up the old wooden stairs.
A door sat at the top of the stairs with a sign on it that read `PRIVATE'
A small, closed hatch was about eye level on the door, and Blade gave a
hard knock. Blade raised his gun to the hatch and waited for it to open.
A second later a voice came from the other side and an unlocking noise
could be heard. The small hatch slid open and a pair of eyes came to the
opening. "Shit." was all the voice behind the door could mutter before
Blade pulled on the trigger and sent a silver bullet through the vampire's
head. He could already hear a commotion starting from behind the door
and acted fast. Taking a step back from the door he slammed his foot into
it, the power of his leg behind the kick. It broke open and Blade walked
through the jagged doorframe, his guns drawn. Quickly firing rounds off,
Blade killed the four vampires standing guard.
Suddenly a door swung open and two vampires wielding swords stepped out.
Following them were two more vampires with machine guns. The two swords
swung down at Blade, Blade stepping back and missed the strike. Both swung
the swords at him again and when they hit the floor, Blade slammed his
foot onto the flat sides, holding them there. He shot two bullets into
the first ninja's legs and made him fall to the floor in pain. Blade then
twisted his body, turning quickly and delivering a hook kick to the side
of the second ninja's head. The vampire's head snapped to the side and hit
the wall hard. Blade then finished off the injured ninja on the ground
with two more shots into it's head causing it to burst into ash, and then
slipped his guns into his holsters. The last ninja pushed himself away
from the wall and thrust his sword at Blade. Blade deflected the weapon
and pulled a silver stake from the strap on his thigh. Before the ninja
could step back, Blade jammed the stake into its chest. "Ahh!" it yelled
as Blade pushed the stake through the vampire's chest plate.

Blade kept going as the vampire's body turned to ash and fell around his
arm. Pushing through the falling remains, Blade slammed the stake into the
vampire next in line. He moved his weight onto his left foot as he jumped
to the side of the hall, just missing a shot from the machine gun. In a
fast blur, he knocked the gun out of the vampire's hand and hit him twice
in the chest. The vampire stumbled backwards and into the other as its body
erupted and burnt away. Blade then struck out in a fury of blows to the
last vampire making it stumble backwards down the hall. Fists connected to
neck and face, whiling his legs pounded into the vampire's ankles and
stomach. The vampire's head jerked back as Blade delivered an uppercut to
it's jaw. It took two steps back and fell against the wall. Leaning forward
it fell to the ground as Blade stepped up and slammed a stake into it's
back and through it's heart. Blade dropped to his knee as he drove the stake
into the body and to the floor, the body turning to ash and dissentegrating.
Standing up, he put the stake back into the strap on his leg and wiped his
sleeves clean of any vampire ashes. Turning to the door, Blade walked

"Stop, your not going any further!" a large vampire said running at Blade.
The vampire ran up to Blade and swung it's fist at him. Blade leaned back
and turned his shoulder as the fist went right by him. Grabbing hold of
the arm he pulled the vampire off balance. Blade then quickly knocked him
to the side and pulling his sword from his sheath, slashed through the
vampire's torso, the silver edge making him explode into dust. Replacing
his sword, Blade kept going as he stepped into the main office. Pulling
his guns again, he began firing bullets into the slightly crowded area. He
killed five vampires as he stood there shooting into the office, there
bodies erupting all over the desks they sat at. Blade stopped firing when
only the manager sitting at the farthest desk was left. Walking across the
room Blade reached out and grabbed ahold of his shirt. Pulling him out of
his seat he brought him near his face.

"Where is she?" Blade hissed looking at the shaking vampire. The fat man
raised his arm and pointed to the only set of doors left on that level.
"Thanks." Blade said letting go of the vampire's shirt and walking to
the doors. "Oh by the way." Blade said turning back to the manager. The
vampire looked up right as Blade shot him and his ash fell over the desk
and floor. Blade then turned back around and went through the doors.

He entered a large room that was designed like a martial arts Dojo. The
floor was covered by a large mat and small statues were set all around. The
air was filled by the scent of incense as the large sticks burned in the
center of the mat. Blade could see the room was separated into two pieces
by a large, silk tapestry hanging from one wall to the other. He knew she
was behind there, the one he had come for, Morgana. Walking through the
smokey room, he headed towards the silk fabric that divided the room in two.

Pulling the tapestry aside, he stepped through. Before him was a smaller
area about 20 feet by 15 feet and in the corner of the room was a large bed
covered in silk sheets and soft pillows. It looked more like an Arabic style
bed with vivid colors and designs. Large pillows sat on it and on the floor
next to it. To the other side of the room was a small set of steps that led
into the sunken pool filled with steaming water the size of an oriental spa,
which inside sat Morgana. The mist rose all around her beautiful form.

"I'm glad to see you've made it this far Blade, but I'm afraid this is as
far as you go." she said standing up from the water. Water ran down her
slick body as she walked up the two steps and stepped up onto the floor.

"I don't think so. Your finished." Blade said as he watched her amazing
naked body from twelve feet away. His hand rested on his hip, ready in an
instant to pull his gun. His hands clenched together and then released as
he readied himself for anything.

Small puddles of water dripped off her body as she walked over to her bed.
Her firm 36C breasts lightly bounced as she walked. Blade could feel his
pants tighten around his crotch as his cock began to grow. He looked at the
dark nipples that capped her tan bosom and the dragon tattoo that went from
her left breast to her waist. A part of Blade's mind wished he was the
dragon on her breast that's mouth was about to take hold of her nipple and
suck on them. It was amazing the power her body had on him. She was so
seductive and wasn't even trying. Morgana picked up a towel and began
patting her body dry. She rubbed the towel over her breasts and down her
tight stomach, and to her water soaked pubic patch. Beads of water ran out
of the black triangle of pubic hair as she began drying it off. "Oh." she
moaned lightly as she rubbed the towel across her pussy. "I wish you would
drop your clothes and fuck me right now." she said in her soft voice.

"I don't think so," Blade said, his eyes taking in her full beauty.

"I remember what happened when we were `together' last time."

"Oh but I've learned my lesson, you can come over and spank me for being
such a bad girl if you'd like." Morgana said sucking on her finger and
working it in her mouth. He watched her slide her finger in past her full,
red lips, coating it with her saliva. She then turned and faced her firm,
heart shaped ass towards him. Her long braided, black hair came down to
right above her tight asscheeks. Pulling her finger from her mouth she
ran her saliva coated, fingernail down her lower back and inbetween her
buttcheeks. "I know you want to feel my tight ass squeezing your hard
cock." she said pulling her cheeks apart and exposing her wet cunt and
little, brown anus.

Blade watched as her fingernail made small circles around her anus, and
then it dropped to her pussy and slipped quickly in. Pulling her finger out,
she placed it back in her mouth and sucked the juices off. Morgana then
turned back to face Blade. "What do you say, will you fuck me with your
large cock? I know you want to, I can see it straining in your pants." she
said, her eyes locked on his crotch.

"No." he muttered taking his eyes off her quickly and looking at the bulge
in his leather pants.

Morgana saw her chance and pressed the small remote she had concealed in her
towel covered hand. Suddenly a powerful electrical surge was sent through the
floor where Blade was standing. She had the metal plate installed under the
floor for just this reason, Morgana had known she could get him to stand
there for the time needed. Electricity shot through Blade's body as he shook
violently. Morgana released the button and a few seconds later it stopped.
Blade fell hard to the floor, steam rising off his back as he lay there not

"Hahahaha," Morgana laughed as she walked across the floor to where Blade
lay. "So handsome, and so foolish." she said leaning down next to him and
setting her hand on his back. She could feel the heat coming from his body
armor. "Too bad there was no time for one last fuck." she said going to
stand. Suddenly Blade hooked his arm across the floor and swiped her feet
out from under her. "Ah!" she yelled as she fell back on the floor and
landed hard on her ass.

Blade quickly swung up onto his knees kneeling next to her waist. He grabbed
her wrists in one hand and held her throat in the other. "Now that's where
your wrong," he said in his gruff voice, "See...your fucked." he said holding
her struggling body on the ground.

"No!" she gasped trying to breathe.

His hand tightened on her throat as she struggled, her arms and legs swinging
around. A loud bang cracked through the air and Blade looked around quickly.
One of Morgana's men had a large pistol aimed at Blade. Morgana lay there and
quickly rolled back and swung her legs up. She wrapped them around Blade's
neck and pulled him backwards. Blade stumbled back and fell onto his back,
then he and Morgana both spun up to their feet. Blade felt a sharp pain in
the back of his head as Morgana's henchman hit him with the butt of his gun.
Blade fell onto his arms and then kicked up and sent his foot into the
vampire's stomach. It doubled over as Blade reached up and snapped it's neck.
The large body fell over top of him and he pushed it to the side as he stood.

Blade then looked up and saw Morgana running towards the black painted window
near the pool. He pulled his gun and went to fire at her but before he could,
she leapt through the window, the glass shattering around her and cutting
into her naked skin. Her and the broken glass pieces fell to the alley two
stories below in the drenching flow of rain. Rain began pouring in through
the broken window, as Blade just made it to the window to see her running out
of the alley and into the street. Two cars screeched to a stop as her naked
form ran into oncoming traffic. Blade's sight was barely visible through the
downpour of rain, but he watched Morgana pull a man out of one car and drive
away quickly.

"Shit." he yelled seeing she had gotten away from him again and slammed his
fist on the window ledge.

Blade could hear people coming through the offices and pulled out a small
remote from his pocket. Pressing the switch with his gloved hand, Blade heard
multiple, loud explosions as the building lightly shook and the lights went
out. Each small, black box he had placed all throughout the building and on
the roof exploded with the force of a stick of dynamite each. He could hear
screams and yells as he jumped out the window and into the alley below. Glass
smashed under his feet as his boots landed on the muddy ground. Looking up,
Blade looked to the window he had came from. Water ran all over him and drops
splashed on his sunglasses as he watched the window for a second. He then
turned away and ran out the alley to get to his car.

* * *

He sat in the darkness of his office alone, the steel walls surrounding him
as his eyes slowly opened. Nothing covered the walls excepts old parchments
and scrolls covered in Vampiric writing. He sat slightly hunched over his
desk, with his hands placed on the wooden top. His fists clenched together
tightly as he meditated. As his eyes opened, his vision pierced the dark,
his blood red pupils giving off a glowing feel. His eyes where the kind
that would burn a hole through you if he looked at you, they had the power
to bring fear and break a person's confidence just by staring into them. He
raised his powerful hand to his chin and slowly ran his fingers down the
long braid of hair. His goatee was held tightly by a blood red bead the
same color as his eyes.

Sitting there, he slowly rose to his feet. Power filled every aspect of his
movement, his muscles tightening and working. Straightening his black, Armani
suit out smoothly with his hands, he unbuttoned the last two silver buttons
on his suit top and slid it off his shoulders and onto his leather seat. He
then loosened his silk tie and pulled it off his neck. Unbuttoning the top
buttons to his shirt, he removed it and set it on top his desk. His
conditioned upper body seemed to suck in the darkness as his skin touched
the cold, stale air. He had been locked in his office for hours, all knew
that to disturb him was death.

Bacalla now stood there, cloaked in the darkness, as he breathed in heavily,
his chest rising as his lungs filled with air. The only thing on his now
unclothed upper half was a gold chain that dangled from his neck. Attached
to the chain was a small pendant with a ruby. The ruby was in the shape of
a blood drop that lay against his chest. Stretching out his arms, he turned
his forearms over with his wrists pointing up. He held his fists clenched
as he held his muscles tight. He then let out his breath, and walked to
his desk. Opening the right drawer, he reached in and removed the silver
container from within. Setting it on his desk, he held both hands over the
box and unlocked it. Lifting the top, the contents became visible to the eye.

Inside lay a small shot and next to it was a bottle that held a fluorescent
blue liquid. Picking both items into his hand, he removed the plastic
covering off the tip and slipped the needle into the bottle of liquid.
Drawing the right length into the shot, he pulled the tip out and set the
bottle back into its box. Holding the shot in his right hand, he brought his
left hand up and placed his palm on his forehead to brace himself. He then
brought the needle around the back of his head and aimed it directly at the
soft area of flesh where the top of the neck connects to the bottom of the
skull. The spot was marked and concealed by his family seal. A crest tattooed
into the back of his head that enclosed his families symbol in a closed
circle. When in the light it stood out from the pale color of his shaved head
and skin, but now it just blended with the darkness. Pressing the sharp tip
into the back of his head, he kept going till he felt the soft tissue of his
brain was reached. There was no wincing involved, as he had grown accustom to
this process through the years.

He then slowly injected the liquid into his brain. The cold liquid introduced
right into his body's central nervous system. As it flowed into him, he
jerked forward and let out a deep hiss, baring his extended canines. It was a
painful process, but he had become addicted to it. It was a pure rush, as his
blood felt like it turned to liquid fire. His whole body heated up as his
blood boiled and he cried out. "Ahhh!" he hissed standing there, every muscle
in his body strained and pushed to their limits.

His eyes were closed tight as his body shook. He felt his blood flowing
through his veins in a fastened pace, and then removed the needle and
replaced it in it's case. His body convulsed slightly and then he had
regained his control. Opening his eyes, Bacalla could see everything in
the darkened room seemed to glow in a silvery light. "Blade!" he hissed
smashing his fist down on the table. As his eyes adjusted, he wiped the
sweat off his body and put his shirt and tie back on.

This was his serum, a mix of advanced science and an Ancient's blood. Bacalla
had purified it through years of research and found the keys to rid himself
of the weaknesses of his race. He was now stronger and faster, and immune to
silver or garlic. The process had also forced him to not need to feed as much
on human prey, his serum was now his food. Unfortunately the next step in his
process had been halted temporarily. In order to inject high amounts of the
serum into his body, Bacalla had to know if he would be able to sustain it.

Through the years of injecting himself he had become almost immune to the
serum and needed higher amounts. His research lab began cloning Bacalla's DNA
to give an exact copy to test the high doses of serum on. For two years they
had been growing three test clones, monitoring them at all hours. Finally
they had reached an old enough sample to test the serum on. That's where
Blade came in. Blade had found Bacalla's research lab in search of vampire
blood banks, and destroyed everything in it. All data and experiments had
been lost. Two years Bacalla had waited and Blade had ruined it all.

Lately Bacalla had been having violent reactions to the serum and he knew he
needed higher doses, but without the knowledge of what would happen to him,
he couldn't risk it. But Bacalla wouldn't continue research till Blade was
gone. He did not want to risk having his research disrupted again. Bacalla
then pressed the button on his desk and the lights came back on. He sat back
down in his seat and pressed the intercom. "Send her in." he said in his deep

Morgana had waited outside Bacalla's office for two hours to see him. She
knew not to disturb him until he called, especially with the news she had
for him. After escaping from her near fatal meeting with Blade, Morgana had
driven the stolen car to another of her clubs, and gotten some clothes from
there. Her skin showed light blemishes from where the window glass had cut
into her from escaping Blade. In another hour or so she would be fully
healed. Morgana had put on a red skirt that just covered her ass and hugged
her sexy thighs tight. She had also slipped on a black thong to keep her
prize cunt hidden incase her skirt rose another inch or two. Morgana was
wearing one of her normal black tops that exposed her smooth stomach and
had a deep cut neck to show her cleavage, her nipples visible through the
thin material. She had left her red jacket back at the first club, so now
she was wearing a black, leather one, with a silver dragon stitched into
the back. Her shoes were two inch high heels with straps that only wrapped
around her ankles, and she had applied new lipstick to her full, luscious

Bacalla's secretary looked her over. The secretary had blondish brown hair
and a cute face. Nothing compared to Morgana's however, but it was enough
to get her men. Her skinny but shapely frame was in a white blouse and a
black skirt that hugged her hips. She had small glasses that sat atop her
little nose and a few freckles on her cheeks. Morgana took her eyes off
the woman and looked around the room.

"You can go in." Bacalla's secretary said and she pressed the button and
the door slid open.

Morgana stood up and straightened her skirt by pushing it back down to
cover her ass. Once she entered the room, the door closed quickly and
Morgana gulped deeply. Bacalla was the one man she feared, such a
powerful vampire was he. Bacalla sat in his chair, his hands resting on
his desk like she usually found him. He sat upright, his powerful frame
looking menacing and overpowering.

"Sit Morgana." he said in his heavy tone. Morgana obeyed and sat in the
chair. She too was one who demanded respect and controlled people, but when
she was with him, she asked nothing of him, and knew she couldn't control
him. "You failed again, things like this do not please me." he said looking
at her.

She felt as if he was looking right through her with his fiery red eyes.
"I'm sorry Bacalla, Blade surprised me, I will get him next time, then we
will be rid of him" she said.

Bacalla looked at her and stood up. He slowly walked around his desk speaking
as he did. "I have no need for you, I should just kill you now." Bacalla said
walking next to her.

"I will get Blade next time." she said sitting there and watching him out of
the corner of her eye.

"No one fails me!" he yelled grabbing her by the back of the neck and
throwing her forward out of her chair. Bacalla held tight to the back of her
neck as he slammed her face down onto his desk and held her there. She stood,
bent over his desk, his nails pressing painfully into her neck. "Yet I will
give you a final chance to redeem yourself." he said lightening the grip he
had on her.

Morgana gasped and tried to regain her normal breathing. "Bacalla, you will
not be sorry, but remember this is a partnership, I do not expect to be
treated like this." she said more confidently. She wished he would pull his
hands off of her. If she had stronger forces she would have loved to kill
off Bacalla's holds of power and take control of his regions. How she wanted
to stand above him and watch him beg for his life before she ended his
existence. She had begun to hate him since coming to work for him. She knew
he was a head vampire, and a powerful leader, but that didn't mean she
couldn't get rid of him. Frost had done it to the head of the Council,
Dragonetti, and taken control of the whole Council before Blade had killed
him. She remembered how Frost had talked a few times of Bacalla when they
were alone. He would tell her a little about him, how Bacalla wished Blade
dead instead of using him to resurrect the Blood God. Frost had said Bacalla
had a strong hate for Blade, but never knew why. Morgana tried to lean up
off the desk, but Bacalla slammed her back down.

"Did I say you could move?" he asked stepping up behind her and placing his
free hand on her lower back to hold her firmly. "Your job was to get rid of
Blade, and so far you haven't. This is your last chance or you will not be
paid, and as I promised before, I will kill you myself." Bacalla said.

"I understand, now let me go." Morgana said defiantly.

"Apparently it sounds like you need to be taught who is in charge." Bacalla
said holding her still.

"What, what are you talking about?" Morgana yelled. "Get off!" Bacalla took
the hand he had on her lower back and ran it over her ass and took hold of
her skirt. Her skirt being so short was not covering her lower ass now. "What
the fuck! This isn't how our partnership goes, now release me!" she yelled
when he pulled her skirt up to her waist and exposed her perfect ass. The
only thing keeping her private area from his eyes was the small thong pulled
tight between her cheeks.

"I know you want it so bad, your little body yearns for cock, it satisfies
you, you can't deny it." he said taking hold of her thong and pulling it off
her body. He continued to hold her down as she struggled under his force.
Morgana tried to push up off the desk, but found Bacalla was too powerful.
His large, strong hand cupped her right asscheek as he squeezed it, feeling
the firmness. He then trailed his fingers in between her cheeks and found her
anus and vagina. His fingers ran lightly over them, just barely touching her

"Uhhh." Morgana gasped in amazement at his touch. Then her eyes got big when
he pushed his thumb deep into her ass. "Oh!" she cried as it burned, she
wasn't ready for it and had no time to relax.

With one finger in her ass, Bacalla slid two more into her pussy and began
fucking both her holes with his hand. "See you little slut, you want it so
bad." he said continuing to finger her holes, his long fingers diving deep
into her warm depths. "Enough pleasure, it's time to service." Bacalla said
and Morgana felt him pull his fingers from her body.

He still held her down with the force he applied to her neck. She then heard
his belt buckle being undone and the sound of his pants dropping. Morgana had
heard him undoing his pants and wanted to see how big his cock actually was.
She tried to turn her head but couldn't see. Bacalla held his thick growing
cock in his hand and let it harden as he looked at the perfect ass before
him. Once it was fully hard at 12 inches long, Bacalla was ready to introduce
Morgana to it. He rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy and brought it
near her unlubed ass. Bacalla could see her trying to turn her head to see
his cock, but he held her there firmly. "You'll find out the size when it's
up your ass!" Bacalla said smiling.

"No, you can't Bacalla!" Morgana yelled. Then Morgana's full, sexy lips
opened and she cried out as she felt Bacalla begin pressing his hard cock
into her ass. Morgana knew she was couldn't get free from him, and knew he
was going to fuck her ass violently. She wanted to scream, but her throat
and mouth became incredibly dry and she couldn't talk. "No!" she managed
to yell out as her ass was on fire.

Bacalla tried to slide his cock into her tight ass but found it wasn't going
to be easy. He knew after this, she wouldn't be walking straight for awhile.
His cockhead pressed hard into her shitter, the elastic ring opening slowly.
Morgana winced in pain as her skin stretched and burned. Bacalla kept his
eyes on her asshole as he slowly pushed his weight into her backside. He
watched her brown star spread to encompass his cock.

Suddenly Bacalla pushed his 12 inch cock into her asshole as hard and fast
as he could. His dick was throbbing and like a spear, and he knew he had
ripped her asshole with his first thrust. She screamed in pain and started
to cry as he continued filling her hole with his meat. It hurt his dick as
her tight passage squeezed his thick cock, but he kept going, he wanted it
all in. He watched as her slightly bleeding ring widened even more to take
his rod.

"No, please...stop!" she cried. Morgana had never felt such pain before.
She thought Blade had a big cock when he had fucked her ass, and now she
knew Bacalla's was even bigger.

Bacalla placed his hands on her asscheeks and pulled them apart to give
himself a better view, and hopefully make it so he could fit more of his
cock into her. Watching, he could see he had 8 inches in. Fed up with
trying, he began sawing in and out of her clenched hole with his dick.
"Oh I should of done this to you much sooner than now, you are amazing!"
Bacalla said with a laugh as he thrust in and out of her sexy butt.

Bacalla raped her ass for more than ten minutes, pounding her body into his
table with his powerful thrusts. In and out he slid into her, taking it
faster and faster. Bacalla then began a full pounding of her rear, slamming
hard into Morgana. She could feel another inch or so fit into her on this
thrust. The pressure on her insides was great as he fucked her. Morgana had
thought about servicing Bacalla before, but never about being bent over his
desk and having his large cock slammed into her fleshy butt. It felt like a
log was being rammed into her. Since Bacalla hadn't used lubrication, her
tunnel was raw and bleeding, the blood making it a little easier on her, but
the cuts in her anal passage stung as his dick slid along them.

"Uh, Uh, Uh,!" Morgana cried as tears had puddled onto the desk
and she was savagely raped. Suddenly Bacalla slammed forward and stopped,
as he looked down and saw all 12 inches buried fully in her ass. Morgana
realized it too as she felt his heavy balls come to rest on her wet pussy
lips. Then she felt her bowels filled with a warm liquid as Bacalla began
plastering the walls of her butt. As he filled her up, little squirts of
cum escaped her filled butt hole.

Finally Bacalla finished and pulled his messy cock out. He wiped his dirty
cock off on her skirt and stepped back whiling pulling his pants up. He
watched as semen flowed from her wide open asshole, the white globs running
down the back of her thighs. Morgana's body just slid off the table and she
landed on the floor, laying there unable to speak or move. "Maybe next time
you will watch your tongue when we speak." Bacalla whispered to her in an
ancient Vampiric tongue. He then sat back at his desk and pressed the
intercom. "Rasshin, please help my guest out." Bacalla said into the box.

His door opened and his secretary walked in to see Morgana's abused body
laying on the floor, semen leaking out of her once tight ass and onto the
carpet. Rasshin said nothing but just grabbed Morgana and dragged her out
of the office, the door sliding shut as she walked out.

* * *

Blade stood infront of a table, looking over the items on it. He had taken
off his body-armor and weapons and now they sat before him on the table.
"Tonight..." he whispered running his finger along the sharp tip of one of
his silver stakes, "We finish it."

Blade turned and walked past a few tables and various welding equipment and
heavy machinery. He walked down a hallway and then turned and headed into a
small room where the floor was covered in a mat. Lowering to his knees Blade
looked at the small wooden table infront of him. Sitting on top of the table
on a display stand was his sword. Next to the sword lay a few items of his
past. The most memorable was a small leather wallet that lay open displaying
a drivers license.

The picture was one he had studied many times over the years, one he had
memorized every detail of. It was the only memory he had of his mother. The
woman who had brought him into this world. Blade sat there and took a breath.
Closing his eyes he rested his open hands on his thighs and meditated. He
would stay like that till night, a procedure trained into him.

* * *

Meanwhile Whistler and Karen were busy. Whistler was busy smoothing a few
rough edges off of a set of bullets he had finished molding, while Karen
was running sequences in the computer. She rested her elbows on the table
she sat at and rubbed her eyes. She had been looking at the screen for
about four hours so far and was getting tired of it. Whistler looked up
and watched her sit there. She rubbed her eyes once more and went back to
looking at the screen.

Standing up, Whistler walked up behind her. "You know when you feel tired
you can stop." he said standing next to her and looking at the screen. He
set his hand on her shoulder and massaged it lightly. He rubbed the
tightened muscles in her neck and upper back out and helped her relax. His
fingers worked her muscles into dough in a matter of minutes. Karen sat
there letting the man who was old enough to be her father, massage her body.
Age didn't matter right now, in the last week she had fucked him and Blade
both. Blade was much better, but Whistler was still great.

"Yes, I think I'm going to go get some sleep, but first it's time to repay
you for the massage." she said standing up from her chair.

Karen stood infront of him, looking into his eyes. Whistler looked her over
quickly. It was hot and she was dressed for the heat. She was wearing a
skimpy tank top that was slightly wet from sweat. Small beads of sweat sat
on her skin. Whistler couldn't believe he had fucked this ebony goddess a
few days ago, her body was amazing. Her stomach amazingly firm and flat,
and her thighs were firm and athletic from the daily running she used to
do. Karen was also wearing a low riding pair of jean shorts, that were low
enough to show the white strings that wrapped around her hips from her satin
thong. He hadn't fucked a woman before her since about twenty years ago
when his wife had been killed. `God was she something,' Whistler thought
remembering the long sessions he and his wife used to have. It was an all
night fuck fest when they had time, fucking in all kinds of positions and
areas of the house. But now she was gone and he had Karen before him. Karen
was definitely better looking, but his wife still held a place in his heart,
it was what fueled his desire to continue the hunt.

Karen pulled her tank top off and exposed her dark unblemished skin, and
beautiful breasts with rosy, round nipples. She then gave him a smile and
slid down to her knees infront of him. Whistler watched as her light ebony
hands unhooked his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Once they were loose,
she pulled them down to his feet and looked at the cock infront of her face.
Whistler smiled as the pretty girl took hold of his cock in her hands and
began massaging it and rubbing it slowly. In her hand's, Whistler's cock
grew to hardness. She brought her face close and as she jacked his penis,
she opened her mouth and took one of his hairy balls into her mouth.

Lightly sucking on the orb, she then switched to the other. His ballsack
now glistened from saliva as she pulled on it tenderly with her mouth and
sucked on the testes. She ran her tongue along the prostate gland that ran
from his penis and to his ass. Using her hands to continue to jack his dick,
she planted kisses all the way to his asshole. Once she got there, she slid
her tongue out and licked his tight anus. She then slid it in and worked her
tongue past his anal ring and began rimming him.

"Oh damn." Whistler moaned grabbing hold of the desk for support, pleasure
jolting through him.

Karen worked his ass with her tongue as she squeezed his balls and rubbed his
cock with her hands. Whistler already felt like cumming as her tongue pressed
on his prostate gland from inside his ass. She had gotten her tongue deep as
she stimulated him. Finally she pulled her tongue out of his ass and slid out
from under him. Whistler was breathing heavy now. She kissed him on the head
of his cock and when she saw he was watching, slid her mouth quickly over the
shaft and let it slide right into her tight throat.

"Ohhh!" Whistler cried out when he saw her suddenly deepthroat his cock.

When he looked to his crotch, he saw her nose buried in his pubic hair. She
worked his cock with her throat as her hands rubbed his balls together. She
then pulled her head back some and let his cock out of her throat. Karen
then proceeded to suck him hard, running her lips and tongue up and down his

"Tell me when your going to cum." she said and then took his cockhead back
into her mouth.

Whistler watched her mouth close over his raging cock. She sucked him lightly
making the blowjob last. Whistler then placed his hand on the back of her
head and forced her face down slowly onto his cock, making her take it all
till her nose was in his pubic hair once again. As she pulled her mouth and
throat back off the shaft, Whistler thrust forward, slamming his cock back
in. Placing his hands on her head firmly, he began to fuck Karen's face hard,
burying his dick to the balls with each thrust. Whistler leaned his weight
onto the chair behind him as his body shook in pleasure. He was getting
close. Karen continued running her mouth over the slick saliva coated penis,
her hands rubbing his balls together.

"I'm gonna cum!" Whistler groaned barely able to form the words.

Karen pulled her mouth off his cock and jerked it quickly with her hand. She
kept her eyes on the shaft as the first spurt of cum flew out. It splashed
out and landed on her forehead. Opening her mouth, Karen took another shot
in her mouth, then a third on her nose and cheek. Whistler pulled her hand
off his spurting cock and began jerking it furiously. Karen just closed her
eyes and tilted her head back as Whistler let loose more strings of cum onto
her face and body. His sperm rained down onto her other cheek and then a
rope of sperm landed across her breasts, followed by a second. He aimed up
and let another powerful spurt land on her sexy lips and then brought his
dick right under above her breasts and jerked the last drops all over the
top of her chest. Karen used her fingers to smear the streams of sperm on
her chest and then opened her eyes. Her pink tongue licked her lips, wiping
the sperm into her mouth. She swallowed it and then took hold of Whistler's
shrinking cock. She then ran her tongue slowly over the head, cleaning the
cum off it. Once she was done, she stood up with a smile. Whistler looked at
her face and chest splattered with his semen and let loose with a grin. She
used her fingers to wipe the running areas up and licked the cum off her

"Now I'm gonna go get cleaned up and go to bed." she said walking off and
leaving Whistler to work.

"Damn look at that ass." he said watching her walk off, her tight butt moving
as she walked away. Whistler waited a second and couldn't take it anymore,
his choices were to either finish polishing the bullets or follow her to bed,
and he wanted more. Pulling his pants up, he headed towards her room.

When he entered she didn't hear him. He had opened the door and just walked
in. Looking over at the other side of the room, he saw Karen leaning over a
small utility sink and washing her face off with water. With the water
running she couldn't hear him, and there was that ass sticking up and
pointing at him. What made it even better was Karen had taken off her shorts
and thong and was standing naked at the sink.

Whistler then removed his clothes and approached her, his hand masturbating
his cock to hardness. Once he got up to her, she had just finished scrubbing
the slimy semen off her sexy body and was turning the water off. Whistler
let go of his cock and placed his hands on Karen's sides as he pulled himself
onto her.

"Uh!" Karen gasped as she was surprised by Whistler, and then she knew
what he wanted. She could feel his already hard cock brushing against her
asscheeks and pussy. "Back for more already?" she asked in a mocking tone
and turned around to face him.

"Of course, you know what they say, `With age they only get better',"
Whistler said as they kissed briefly, their tongues flicking each others.

"To the bed this time." Karen said leading him to the mattress.

The two naked adults climbed onto the bed and continued kissing and rubbing
each other. Karen then laid down on her back and motioned him to her.

"Come on and fuck me you old geezer!" she said teasingly.

"Wait till you see what you've got coming!" Whistler said climbing in between
her legs and Karen grabbed ahold of his cock.

She then guided the hard shaft against her lips. With that, Whistler's cock
slowly slid into Karen's hot cunt. "Ohhh!" she moaned loudly as she was
filled with man meat. Whistler also moaned as his cock came to rest deep in
Karen's body. Karen then began to push her hips up against Whistler's
thrusting hips as she matched his rhythm. His cock drove deep into her hot
body, her tight cunt grasping his shaft firmly. His strokes were long and
slow as he slid into her. He then slipped out and repositioned his dick.

"I'm not gonna last long." he said as he slid his cock back into her.

"Neither will I." Karen said.

Upon hearing those words, Whistler with renewed energy began pounding away
at Karen's cunt, his balls smacking against her ass. Bracing the bed tightly,
Whistler quickly slammed in and out of Karen. She yelled out loud as her
juices flowed from her body.

"Oh god yes!" she screamed trying to keep up with his thrusts. Karen writhed
on the bed as she experienced multiple orgasms under the fast moving body of

Then Whistler slammed in with one last thrust, sending out a pleasured cry
from both of them. He released the small load that his balls had left in them
and pulled his penis out of her. A few milky drops fell from the limp cock
and onto her stomach. They laid there together kissing and recovering from
the amazing sex they had just had. Then Whistler got off the bed and moved
towards his clothes. "I have to finish some things before tonight, you get
some sleep." he said taking one last look at the sexy woman he had just
emptied his sperm onto and into and then left.

* * *

That night Blade dropped silently to the ground. He was now past the
security fence and his only worries were of the guards patrolling around.
Blade slipped around a small building and came to the side of the concrete
shack. It was a guard post. He gave a quick rap on the door and stood to
the side. Waiting only a second, the steel door opened and two guards stuck
their heads out and looked around. As soon as their heads turned and saw
Blade, they were turning to ash from the blade that had just cut through
their torsos. Blade looked around and stepped into the guard booth. A set
of monitors showed all the outside perimeters surrounding the main building.
That's where he would find him, Bacalla was there. After finishing Frost
off around six months ago, Blade had thought they were ahead for right now.
The council was pretty much destroyed by Frost, then Blade found out about
Bacalla. A head vampire with roots deep in the vampire nation. He had found
one of Bacalla's research facilities and destroyed it, but it didn't stop
him. Through Whistler's connections they knew Morgana worked with Bacalla
so when he found either, he would find the other. Blade reached under his
black coat and pulled out a detonator and large mound of C-4 explosives. He
quickly placed the C-4 in the guard post and set the detonator. Once done,
Blade looked at the video monitors quickly then ran out into the night air,
heading for the main building.

"Stop!" someone yelled out and suddenly bullets flew past Blade as he pulled
himself around a corner.

Not waiting a second he leapt out into the open with his sub-machine guns

"Shit." one of the guards said as he watched his fellow guard fall before
him. Then in an instance he felt the burning sensation as the silver tipped
bullets lodged into his body, making him cry out as he fell to the ground

Blade watched the guard burst into ash before him, then turned and continued
on. Seeing a ladder that led to the top of the building, Blade grasped the
first bar and began climbing, making his descent up towards the roof. Once
there, Blade peered down and watched a group of guards walking below. They
were looking for him, but luckily he hadn't drawn all the guards attention
to him. Now it was time to distract them.

Blade pulled a small remote from his pocket and pressed the button. He
watched a large explosion erupt from the guard post, flames of immense heat
billowing outwards. Suddenly the entire facility was in alarm. A high pitched
siren began ringing alerting guards and those in the buildings. Blade flung
himself down from the roof of the one building onto another. He then sprinted
across this smaller building till he had come upon the main center. It was
the largest of all the buildings surrounding it, made of solid stone, with
ancient languages and symbols carved into it. At the main entrance was a set
of steel doors and a small platoon of armed guards awaiting any threat. They
were ready for anything. Blade jumped off the ledge he was on and threw his
body forward. The guards looked up as a shadow fell over them.

"Up there! It's Blade!" one yelled as they all raised there weapons at the
attacking form.

Blade was ready for them and released the small object from his hand. The
metal tube landed among the group of guards and with a small explosion, set
them on fire.

"Ahhh!" they yelled as they fell to the ground trying to put out the fire on
their clothes and skin.

Blade landed silently among them and with a slice of his sword, dropped the
first guard with no trouble. He then moved past the rest of the dying men,
sheathing his sword as he did. Blade then turned around with his gun in hand
and emptied a clip at a few approaching men. Without slowing, he reloaded
and entered the building.

Once inside he placed a sensitive trigger on his side of the doors and set
up a pressure switch connected to a small amount of explosive. Once set, he
turned and ran through the lobby till he came to a security locked door.
Pressing the small earpiece he was wearing, Blade quickly spoke. "Shut the
main power and security systems down."

Whistler sat suspended from a harness above the ground by two feet. Infront
of him was the main power generators for the entire facility. He was busily
cutting wires and rerouting power. "Give me a second and we'll show these
sweethearts a good ol' show." Whistler replied to Blade over the headset he
was wearing. He flipped a few more switches and watched a light next to him
flicker. Blade had distracted all the guards to his area of the compound,
and they didn't even know Whistler was there. "Alright here it goes." he
said flipping the last switch. All the lights and power suddenly shut off
in the entire place.

Yells could be heard about checking the main converters and circuits as men
rushed around blindly. Whistler held his flashlight in hand as he looked at
the large, open power box infront of him. Whistler looked around and waited
a few seconds and suddenly the entire room was cast in a red light. The
emergency backup lights began turning on, but that was all the power there
was. "Time to finish this." Whistler said cradling his machine gun in hand
and pushing himself off the power box, he fired a few rounds into the
delicate switches and circuitry. Sparks flew out as Whistler made the work
he had just done unfixable. He then let the gun fall around his shoulder
and he began pulling himself up the long metal air vent he had entered

* * *

Bacalla sat in his office looking through the progress his labs were making
on his computer when he heard the alarm going off and the lights began
flickering. Once the power went completely off, Bacalla knew it could only
be one person. He quickly stood up and left his office. A few seconds later
the power came back on that level. This was one of the reasons Bacalla had
a generator running power on the entire level and level above. Bacalla
looked over to his secretary's desk. There he saw his secretary grabbing her
things to leave. She looked up and seemed surprised to see him. "Bacalla..."

Before she could finish, a quick backhand smashed into her face sending her
falling onto her back in pain. "None shall run when we are in the midst of
our greatest battle and soon to be triumph!" Bacalla hissed and walked past
her. He took his private elevator up to the next level and walked out. He
entered a large circular room with a tiled floor. Other than the large room
was the hall that led to the facilities main elevator. This was the last
floor accessible from it. Bacalla was surrounded by his bodyguards, ten
armed vampires wielding high powered assault weapons. The head guard pointed
towards the hall leading to the elevator and three guards ran down it. They
came to the end and dropped to a knee, their guns aimed at the elevator.

* * *

Blade let go off the dead man and let his body fall to the floor. He then
finished prying open the elevator doors and peered down the long, dark shaft.
He stepped off the floor and onto the non-working elevator. Grabbing hold of
a large cable, Blade cut the chord and the elevator began falling quickly
downwards. Levels passed by as Blade watched the ground coming quickly. He
then leapt up into the air and let the elevator fall away from him. Twisting
quickly, Blade grabbed ahold of the chord and slammed hard into the side of
the shaft. "Uhh!" he cried as his arm jerked hard when the chord went tight.

Blade looked below and saw the elevator smash into the ground. Fire leapt up
the shaft and Blade pulled himself to the side as flames flew past him. He
pried open a metal panel and crammed inside. The heat burned his arm as he
waited for the fire to die down. Once it was over, Blade slipped out from the
open panel, and dropped down onto the burning ruble below.

Bacalla watched the burning ruble before him. When the elevator had landed,
it had blown the metal doors open, and sent the doors flying down the hall.
The three guards near the door waited, ready to shoot. Suddenly a form stood
up from the flames in the elevator shaft. "Fire!" was yelled and the guards
began sending hundreds of bullets into the open, flaming area. Bacalla stood
there watching, trying to see through the flames.

"Seize fire!" the commanding guard yelled standing up and walking towards the
flame filled hole. As he approached, he moved his gun in a sweeping motion
over the area. As his boot stepped down onto a piece of smoking debris, a
quick slice of silver-etched steel cut through the flames. "Ugh!" the guard
cried out as the sword cut into him. He dropped to his knees grasping his
chest. His flesh burned away as his body instantly fell apart into ash. Blade
jumped through the flames and emerged before the last two guards in the

"Shut the defense doors!" Bacalla yelled as he watched Blade come out of the
fire at the end of the hall. "Shut them now!" Bacalla yelled to his nearest
bodyguard. The bodyguard hit the panel on the wall and a solid steel door
began moving down towards the floor from the 30 foot ceiling.

Blade slammed his foot into the first vampire's shin, breaking it backwards.
"Ahh!" the vampire hissed, baring it's long canines. Blade slashed through it
with his sword and then uppercutted the second. The vampire guard stumbled
back just as Blade lunged forward piercing it onto the tip of his sword. Ash
fell around him as Blade looked towards Bacalla's direction. The large doors
were no more than 7 feet off the ground now.

"Bacalla!" Blade yelled as he ran full out towards the room.

The door moved slowly, almost to the ground now. Two guards dropped to a knee
and took aim at the charging man. Bullets tore past him as Blade threw his
sword forward. The weapon flew through the air and stabbed deep into one of
the guards. The remaining guard took aim and fired a short controlled burst
at Blade.

"Ahh!" Blade yelled as he felt a bullet pierce into his leg and shoulder. The
force of the bullets knocked Blade off balance and he tumbled to the ground.
He grasped his shoulder as he slid through the shutting door. Blade just made
it threw as the heavy doors slammed shut. "Mother fucker!" Blade yelled
kicking out and hitting the guard with his leg.

"Take him down!" Bacalla said pointing to Blade.

The five remaining bodyguards ran at Blade's slouched form and began hitting
him with the butts of their guns.

"Uh!" Blade yelled as his head hit the floor, blood leaking onto the ancient
tiled floor. Blade swung upwards and hit one of them but they continued with
their assault. One fist hit hard into Blade's stomach as a foot slammed into
his back. Blade delivered a punch to one vampire's chest and then another's
chin. The force of the punch sent the guard hard into the far wall. The
guards all swung down knocking Blade back down onto his knees as they pounded
his back and head hard.

Stunned, Blade just lay there. After a few seconds, he jumped up ignoring the
pain that shot through his entire body. He pushed past the blow delivering
punches and kicks and rose from the pile. Blade leashed out with a fist to
one's face, then another punch to a midsection. Blade then lunged forward,
driving his shoulder into a guard's chest. Blade kicked out with his leg andslammed the heel of his boot into another guards face. The guard fell to the
ground, his head smacking hard onto the floor. Blade then turned quickly and
fired off a burst of punches and kicks to the two last standing guards. They
fell fast as Blade stood above the fallen guards. Blade drew his arm across
his face, wiping the blood from his mouth and nose.

"Bacalla." Blade hissed looking at the powerful vampire before him.

"I have waited for this Blade, and now you will see my wrath!" Bacalla hissed
removing his suit jacket and tossing it aside.

Blade cracked his neck to the sides and rolled his shoulders back preparing
for the fight. Bacalla tore off his tie and suit and now stood before Blade
in a ready position. Blade looked at Bacalla's private elevator as the door
opened. Morgana walked out and into the room. She was being followed by one
vampire. The vampire saw Blade and went to fire at him, but Morgana stopped

"No." was all she said as she looked between Blade and Bacalla. Blade trailed
his eyes down his blood streaked body armor and onto the bloody stone floor.
"There is nowhere for you to run coward, we are trapped in here, sealed off
since you killed the power."

Blade then looked up and into Bacalla's eyes. "Then we finish this now!"

Blade suddenly took a step forward and both he and Bacalla ran full speed at
each other. They collided hard, delivering a series of blows and strikes at
eachother in rapid speed. Morgana stood there watching as they both deflected
the punches and kicks.

"You are no match for me, you are just an accident, a freak of nature!"
Bacalla yelled as he lashed out at Blade landing a few well placed punches.

Blade took a step back and put all his weight into a hard roundhouse kick
that landed hard against Bacalla's side. The two continued on swinging and
moving around the room in a fury of fighting. Suddenly Blade slammed Bacalla
against the wall. Bacalla grabbed Blade in a bear hug and held him tight,
squeezing his arms tighter around Blade.

"I am stronger, you cannot defeat me!" Bacalla hissed as he tightened even
more trying to smash Blade's chest.

Blade then thrust his arms outwards breaking Bacalla's grip. As Bacalla's
arms flung out, Blade slammed his fist hard into Bacalla's chest making him
drop to the ground as he gasped for air. Blade then climbed over top him and
wrapped his powerful arm around Bacalla's throat. He stood above him choking
him. Bacalla dug his claws deeply into Blade's forearm, drawing blood from
the wounds, but Blade continued to hold on.

"Kill him!" Bacalla gasped.

The guard standing next to Morgana raised his gun and took aim at Blade.
Morgana saw this and slammed her clawed hand into the guards throat and
ripped it out. Blood squirted out as the vampire fell. "Finish him
yourself." Morgana said looking down at Bacalla struggling in Blade's

"You will pay!" Bacalla yelled his eyes filling with even more hatred. He
then dropped one hand to Blade's thigh and another to his shoulder and
grabbed ahold of the areas where the bullets had entered.

"Ahhh!" Blade yelled as Bacalla smashed his fingers into Blade's wounds.

Blade suddenly released Bacalla and fell back off him as Bacalla leapt
forward. Bacalla dropped to his knee and turned towards Blade who jumped at
him. Bacalla grabbed a hand full of sand from the floor and flung it at
Blade. The dust hit Blade's eyes and he fell to the ground shortly blinded.
It was enough time for Bacalla to deliver a few hard blows to Blade's chest
and head. Blade fell onto his hands in agony as he looked up, his vision
coming back as he wiped the sand away from his eyes. He looked up and saw
Bacalla was pinning Morgana to the wall with his hand on her throat.

"You will pay for that betrayal!" he yelled as he choked her.

Blade climbed to his feet and ran at Bacalla. Before he could reach him,
Bacalla had pulled Blade's sword from the floor where it had landed when it
pierced the vampire guard earlier. Bacalla then turned and lashed out with
the sword. The sharp tip cut deep into Blade's arm sending him falling into
the wall next to Morgana.

"Noo!" Morgana yelled and then Bacalla released her and drove the sharp tip
straight at her.

Blade pushed himself off the wall and contacted with the sword, knocking it
away from Morgana. The sword fell right at Blade's feet.

"Damn you Daywalker!" Bacalla yelled slashing out at Blade.

Morgana turned and fell over Blade just as Bacalla's long claws dug into her
back. "Ohhhhh!" she cried out as she felt his claws pierce her insides and
tear her back open with a long gash. Morgana fell off of Blade and onto the
ground, blood running from her lips as she lay there motionless.

"Nooo!" Blade yelled grabbing his sword from the ground and driving his body
off the floor with all his power, he thrust the sword into Bacalla's stomach.

Bacalla doubled over as the long steel object slid through him. Blood spurted
out of his mouth as he fell to the ground, his hands grasping at the sword
handle. "No...this is not over!" Bacalla yelled, blood pouring out of his
mouth. Blade stood there watching in surprise as the silver bladed sword did
not affect Bacalla. "I am immune to the affects of silver Daywalker...just
like you." he gasped, more blood flowing from his mouth as he pulled the
sword out of his stomach. He dropped the weapon onto the ground and took a
step towards Blade.

Blade glanced over at Morgana. She had pulled herself up against the wall and
now lay there watching, a small blood trail under her. Blade then turned his
attention back to Bacalla. "Your not immune to this!" Blade yelled jumping up
and throwing his leg out in a semi circle, he connected the kick with
Bacalla's face.

Bacalla's head snapped to the side just as Blade hit him with another to his
neck. Blade landed on his feet and hit Bacalla hard with another combination
of hits. Finally as Bacalla stumbled back, Blade stepped towards him and
picking his sword up off the ground swung with all his strength and brought
the sword from around his back and slashed it through the air right in front
of Bacalla. Bacalla watched as the edge slashed through his muscled neck and
his head rolled off, followed by his body falling to the ground.

Blade watched as the body melted away, it's composition degrading and turning
to ashes. Blade let out a deep breath and watched as the ashes fell before
him. Turning he saw Morgana laying against the wall, she was breathing hard.
He walked up to her and dropped to his knee. "Thank you." was all he said as
he took her hand into his.

"Blade..." she muttered. Blade stood there listening. "I'm sorry...cough...
cough." she gasped and a little blood ran out the side of her mouth. She
looked deep into his eyes and pulled him close to her. "Puh...puh...please...
take me." she said shifting her weight so she was laying back more on the
ground and she opened her legs slightly. She pulled her skirt up exposing her
naked area. Her panties having been torn from her no more than an hour ago by
Bacalla. "I love you." she said holding his hands tight. She let go of his
hands as he stood above her.

He could think of nothing than to give her last request. Blade slowly
unclasped his belt and stepped out of his pants. He then slid inbetween her
smooth naked legs. Blade placed his penis at her opening and slowly eased
in, her warmth engulfing him. Morgana wrapped her legs around Blade's body,
pulling him deeper inside of her.

Memories of when they had last been together were wiped out of Blade's mind
as he and this dying vampire made love. Blade slowly slid in and out of her
tight body. He brought his lips to hers and kissed her gently as he rocked
into her. Her hands settled on his upper back whiling she slowly pulled
herself up and into each of his pumps. Blade's large penis filled her
completely as they fucked together in the large room.

Blade had been her first real love, even when she had taken advantage of him
earlier, he had shown compassion as he did now. He was not like the others
she fucked to just get ahead in power, or the one's like Bacalla who all
through her life had taken advantage of her. She found she actually cared
for Blade. Her hands held his powerful back tight as his cock slid all the
way to the base in her. Sliding almost all the way out, then in really
working her for her last fuck. Blade slowly thrust in and out of her, her
body tight around him and against him. he kissed her again as they push and
pulled against each other.

Blade fought his reflex to move faster, just slowly moving in and out, loving
the sensation of fucking Morgana for once without worrying about her trying
to kill him. His balls lightly slapped against her ass as he fucked her. This
caused her to groan lightly when his ballsack knocked against her earlier
raped asshole. Some of Bacalla's semen was still dried around her anus.

"Ohh!" Morgana moaned, gently biting Blade's neck, and digging her nails into
his back. Morgana lay there feeling her orgasm building.

Blade felt her pussy squeeze him as he pushed his cock into her over and
over. He started to thrust a little harder and faster, hearing her moan and
suck on his neck. She did not even think of biting into his neck, instead
just sucking on it as he moved into her harder. Suddenly Morgana's hips
shook and she pulled Blade fully on top of her no matter the pain. Her legs
squeezed him hard as she climaxed and moved in pleasure under him. As
Morgana's tight vagina became even tighter, Blade couldn't hold back anymore.
He slid as far in as he could and let himself go. She felt his warm semen
fill her as she felt finally satisfied, something she had never felt through
all the fuckings and drinking of blood she had done. He let his balls empty
inside her and slowly pulled his limp cock out. The two just laid there
kissing eachother till Morgana broke the kiss.

"Finish me now." she said to him.

Blade looked into her eyes. "No I can't." he said kissing her lips once

"Come now Daywalker, surely you want to kill this vampire here." she said
running her hand over his back.

Blade lay there thinking. " I don't." were the words out of his mouth.

Morgana was taken back by these words, but she knew she was dying. "Then
goodbye Blade." she said and drove one of Blade's silver stakes into her

He couldn't stop her quick motion and he watched as she perished. "Noooo!"
Blade yelled as Morgana's body disintegrated and fell to ashes below him.
Blade's arms couldn't hold him anymore and he fell to the ground.

After an hour or so Blade had finally put his pants back on and he now sat
there in the room by himself, sealed in. Suddenly the door began to move and
Blade climbed to his feet, his sword in hand, ready to attack. As the door
moved up, Whistler came into view. The old man stepped into the room and
walked towards Blade.

"You look like shit." Whistler said breaking a smile on his worn face.

"Ha, coming from you old timer?" Blade replied watching the man approach.

"Come on, let's get the hell out of here, I got the place rigged to blow."
Whistler said helping Blade walk out of the room.

"Good I need some rest." Blade said, a picture of the kiss Morgana blew him
just as she killed herself flow into his mind, and then just as fast as it
had appeared it was gone, and so were the two vampire hunters.

The End

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