Note: I realized there were no Blade stories that I could find. Sure there
were the crossover ones where Blade's an additional character, but none
starring this amazing superhero. So this story goes along the lines of the
movie version, where Wesley Snipes portrays Blade. This takes place a month
after the movie, and where Whistler didn't die. Please send comments,
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Blade: Part 1 (MF,inter,oral,bond,cons,ncon)
by Thugster ([email protected])

"Come on baby, I'm gonna show you a good time." the woman said leading the
man out of the club and into the dark night. Looking around quickly, she
took hold of his hand and led him into the nearest alley. It was dark and
a perfect place she thought.

Jim smiled to himself as he follwed the hot blonde. He had been sitting by
himself in his own booth when she had come up to him. He had noticed her
first off. She had one of those long, sleek bodies that made you instantly
hard. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress with black purse and black
high heels. The dress showed her legs and hips, and with it's low cut front,
showed her deep cleavage. Her large 36C breasts pushing out the front of her

Jim followed her into the dark alley as she walked to the back of it. It was
a dead end blocked off by a brick wall and there was a dumpster there they
could be hidden by. Jim watched her lovely ass wiggle in her tight dress as
he followed. "So what did you have in mind?" he asked as she turned and
pushed him against the wall.

"How about I show you." she said tilting her head up and kisssing him on his
lips. She then dropped to her knees onto the ground in front of him.

Her eyes were drawn to the bulge in his pants. Reaching up she could hear him
breathing harder as she undid his belt, running her fingers lightly over his
covered crotch. Finally she unzipped him. Jim watched as she opened his pants
and took out his hardening cock. No to bad, she thought as she looked at the
7 1/2 inch dick. She licked her lips, wanting to taste it in her mouth.
Without looking at the man, she set to work and began stroking it. She then
brought her head to his crotch and let the hard pole slide inbetween her
lips. As the head slid into her mouth, she suckled it gently for a few
minutes and then slid it all the way to the back of her throat.

"Ughhh!" Jim groaned loudly as she worked her lips and tongue on him. Jim
watched as she devoured his cock hungrily, her head bobbing up and down on
his shaft.

She licked and sucked him for another few minutes occasionally taking his
cock out to rub across her lips and then plunge it into her throat. When she
sensed that he was about to cum, she let him withdraw completely from her
mouth and left it open for him. He came with a satisfied moan. Four full
shots of sperm and her mouth was full of jizz. More dripped on her lips and
chin. She swallowed it and stood up. She wiped her face with her fingers and
sucked them clean. "Oh that was good." she said to him putting her tongue
out and running it sensuoulsy across her lips. She then wrapped her arms
around him and started kissing him. Her lips trailing from his chest up his
neck and to his lips. She then began licking and sucking on his neck. His
semen was definitely good, but it wasn't what she craved. She needed the
rusty, copper taste of his blood.

Jim stood against the wall as she ran her tongue along his neck. "Oh yeah,
that feels good." he said to her. "Ahh!" he yelled out as he felt her teeth
poke into his neck. His skin piercing as her fangs bit into him. He stood
there shocked as he felt his blood running down his neck. "What the fuck
bitch, get the hell away from me!" Jim yelled pushing her away from him. He
looked up at her and could see her mouth smeared with his blood. She smiled
at him and then hissed. He could see the long canines she had used to
puncture him. She then pushed up against him and attached her mouth to his
neck again. "Noo!" he muttered as he began to feel light headed and unable
to fight back.

The alley was dark. A light noise could be heard from in it. He knew one was
in there. Stepping into the alley, he walked down it, his eyes constantly
watching his surroundings. As he came closer to the large dumpster at the end
of the alley he drew his automatic pistol from it's holster. His heavy boots
making a slight crunching noise as he stepped onto debris on the ground.
Looking around the dumpster he found his prey. There was a woman on top of a
man. Her mouth was attached to his neck. She was sucking and licking the open
wound she had made with her fangs. The thick blood flowed from his major
artery, covering his shoulder and her face in it. She ran her tongue up along
his neck, scooping up the delicious blood.

Cocking the gun he pointed it at her. The snapping noise of the gun brought
the woman to look up. Fear filled her eyes as she saw him. He was tall, clean
shaven except for the trimmed mustache above his upper lip, and handsome. His
eyes were dark brown. His black, leather trench coat was long and was held
back exposing the many weapons attached to him. The thick metal chest plate
and padded suit he wore. The belt of silver spikes that lined his right thigh
and the two guns strapped to his hips. His pants were black and form fitting,
he wore high boots with metal plated tips.

She had heard of him, heard the stories they were told of the Daywalker that
huinted them down, but never thought she would see him. See Blade. He looked
down at her, she could see him crack a smile as he raised his gun at her. The
vampire jumped off her victim and swung her clawed hand at him. Raising his
left arm he twirled it in a circular motion, catching her arm under his as he
twisted it around and brought it forcefully up. The bones in her arm snapped
violently as she let out a scream. She threw her other arm at him, but Blade
brought up his leg and kicked her squarely in the chest. She flung back,
hitting hard against the brick wall. Her head snapped back as she collided
with it. Shaking her head as she tried to focus, the last thing she saw was
him aiming his gun and firing two shots into her torso. The garlic laced
bullets penetrated her body as she let out a cry of pain. Her skin began to
disintegrate as it burned away from her body, the garlic causing a major
reaction with her as she was reduced to an exploding ball of ash in a matter
of seconds. Blade turned quickly, the tail of his coat snapping in the air.
Looking down at the man the vampire had used for food he continued on his
way. Once out of the alley Blade headed for his car.

* * *

Meanwhile back at Blade's mobile base of operations, Abraham Whistler was
finishing polishing the metal of his leg brace. Setting the rag and polish
grease onto the the large metal table, Whistler swung his legs around the
chair and stood up. A slight grimace of pain as he put pressure onto his
bad leg. I'm getting to old for this, he thought to himself. He walked over
to the table where he had been working on making a new weapon for Blade. He
was working on a chemical mixture of essence of garlic and a extract he had
found in the root, and was injecting it into the steel bullets he was

He heard a metal gate open and looked up. Dr. Karen Jensen, the doctor Blade
had saved when Quinn had bit her. Whistler had thought it was a bad idea to
keep her, but she ended up saving Blade from Deacon Frost's evil plan to
release the blood god, and he was thankful to her for that. They had ended
up getting along with each other real well. She was carrying a tray with a
few blood samples on it. She set the tray down on the table opposite of
Whistler's. There she had a microscope and other lab equipment set up.
Sliding the tray under the microscope, she bent down and looked into the
view piece. The red blood cells came into view as she focused it.

While she did that, Whistler watched her. Her nice, round ass sticking up
and pointing at him, her jeans nice and tight showing off her shapely rear
and legs. How he wished he could see her naked, but he knew she wasn't
interested in an old man like him. Even though, the thought of setting her
onto that table and spreading her chocolate legs and fucking her madly made
him hard. He could feel the tightness in his jeans as his cock erected.
Damn it, what a time for this, he thought as he tried to get back to work.
The thought of her just kept coming back to him though.

Then she set down what she was look at and took the sample to the small
refrigerator they had been using to store blood samples. Turning she headed
up the stairs to the room she was using as a bedroom. Whistler let out a
sigh, knowing she was gone, he could now jack off quickly.

Karen headed around the corner and to the three door hallway. She entered
the first door. It was a small room with one barred window and a bed in the
middle. It gave the look of a prison cell almost. She realized she was horny.
She had seen Whistler peeking at her and that's why she wiggled her ass
slightly at him. Why not give the old man somwthing to jack off to.

Taking off her sweaty tank top, she tossed it onto the bed. She looked down
at her size B breasts, she ran her hand over them and cupped them. She was
happy with her body. Her pink nipples contrasting against her light brown
skin. Karen then began to take off her pants and her panties. Once she was
naked, she lay on the bed. Her hands trailed down to her her well trimmed
pussy. She kept it cut into a small bush abover her cunt. That's the way she
liked it. Running her cold hands over her nipples, it made them rock hard.
She lightly twisted and pulled on them. "Umm." she moaned lightly.

Then with her right hand, she placed two of her fingers into her hole and
began moving them around in circles. "Ohhh." Karen moaned as she moved her
fingers in and out of her cunt. Then with her left hand she began rubbing
the area under her cunt, her finger slowly rubing her anus. Suing her middle
finger, she moved it around in circles, teasing her shit hole. Then slowly
she placed it into her rear. Karen's finger slowly entered her asshole and
then she began moving in and out as she did the same to her cunt. She lay
there moaning as she gave herself double penetration. She worked herself
for a few minutes like that.

* * *

Meanwhile Whistler was still working and had saw Karen had left her purse on
the table, he headed up the stairs to give it to her. As he came to her door
he forgot to knock and opened it. "Oh shit!" he said as he saw her naked body
masturbating ferociously.

"Whistler!" she said, not slowing down her fingering. She was getting to

"I'm sorry, I'll set this here." Whistler said setting the purse down and
turning to leave.

Then she had an idea. "Whistler come here, I need you now!" she yelled to

He turned and looked at her as she stopped masturbating. He stepped down the
two steps into the room and walked over to the bed. His penis hardening as he
saw the sight of her nude body covered in sweat form all the work she had
been doing. She got off the bed and stood before him. Whistler swallowed hard
as Karen dropped slowly to her knees in front of him. He couldn't believe
this was happening. Quickly, Karen unbuckled his pants, and pulled them down
as far as they would go till they hit his brace.

"Just take it off." Whistler said as she undid the metal brace.

She handed it to him and he set it down on the bed as she helped him out of
his pants. His cock strained against his underwear. Karen eased them down
over his hard cock. Whistler stepped out of his underwear as he was now
standing there naked form the waist down. Karen ran her hands over his hips,
she cupped his ass and brought his cock tantalisingly close to her mouth.
Whistler moved against the wall so he didn't have to support all his weight
on his leg. Karen still on her knees, moved along the floor with him. He
watched as her smooth, lips covered his dick. He glanced down, running his
hands through his hair as Karen took him deeper into her mouth. She was
slidding it in very slowly, adjusting to it's thickness. She guessed it was
about 8 inches and pretty thick. Not bad for an older man, she thought.

Whistler grinned. He hadn't felt a real mouth on his cock in a long time. His
eyes were fixed on Karen's bobbing head. Karen then increased the pressure
she was putting on him, and took him deeper. His cock was now sliding into
her soft throat. Her breasts pressed against his knees as she reached up and
cupped his balls in her hands. "Karen I'm gonna cum soon...Ughhhh!" Whistler

Karen pulled her mouth from his rigid pole, a strand of saliva attaching her
lips to his cock. "I want to save you." she said to him sexily.

She then stood up and brought him to the bed. She had him sit on the edge as
she took a step forward and sat down on his lap. Her slender arms wrapped
around him and she kissed him passionately. They kissed for awhile, their
tongues exploring each other's mouths, before she broke off and smiled at

"I need you in me." she said and kissed him again, this time she moved her
hand down between his legs.

Whistler dropped his head to her chest and into her small cleavage. It had
been awhile since he had felt soft skin like this as his kissed and neaded
her breasts. He licked her orbs and took her nipples into his mouth, tugging
lightly on them.

"Ohhh yes." Karen moaned as she pulled him closer and pressed her breasts
into his face. Her hand slipped down to his crothc and took hold of his cock.
She raised herself up slightly and aimed the cock at her cunt. Spreading her
glistening labia, she sat down onto the warm tool. "Ahhh!" Karen let out as
inch after inch slid inside her. It filled her up, spreading her insides, as
she felt the pulsing man meat in her. Slowly she began rocking back and
forth, reveling in every wave of pleasure that came from the cock inside her.

Whistler began breathing hard, his hands and mouth still caressing the her
breasts. Whistler then began thrusting upwards, as he pumped into her. He
thrust deeper and deeper insider, bringing her closer and closer to her peak.

"Ohhh yes, make me come!" she moaned, pulling him closer to her. Her first
orgasm hit her hard. She ahdn't felt one so strong in a year. "Ahhhh!" she
yelled out as her body spasmed. Her cunt contracted down on Whistler's
member, making his orgasm peak too. "Come on, fill me with you warm, sticky
seed!" she yelled out as her muscles continued to squeeze his penis. She
felt him when his cock beagn to pulse.

With one final thrust Whislter exploded inside of her. She cried out in
pleasure as she felt his warmth fill her. She kept riding him, her body
sucking up every last drop of his seed. He just kept coming, and figured
it must be hard for him to get off all the time with him being so busy.
"Ughhh!" Whistler moaned and then he finally stopped. He looked into hereyes as he brought his lips to hers.

"I underestimated you old timer." Karen said with a wink.

"That was incredible." she said as they continued to kiss.

* * *

Blade took the corner sharply as he parked the car on the opposite street.
Getting out, he walked across the street to the main entrance. A large,
bouncer type man stood there letting people into the club. "Can I help you?"
the man said when he saw Blade.

"I'm looking for Quinn." Blade said as he continued past him.

"I don't think so!" the man yelled to him as he reached out for him. His hand
was just about to grab Blade's shoulder, when Blade ducked under his arm, and
in one quick movement pulled his titanium sword out from it's place on his
back. He brought the sharp sword down onto the man's arm right at the elbow.
The blade cut cleanly through as he yelled out in pain. Blade then swung the
sword above his head and slashed it thorugh the vampire's throat. His body
disentegrated like they always did and Blade entered through the door.

He took the main corridor down into the main lobby. To one side was the
double doors that lead to the club, to the other side was an elevator. Blade
stepped up to the elevat or and hit the up button after a few seconds the
door opened. Inside the elevator was a guard brandishing a machine gun. "Hey
stop there." he said raising the gun.

Blade stepped in and struck a quick blow with the palm of his hand into the
man's face.

"Ah shit!" he said as he was knocked backwards.

The guard hit the back of the elevator as Blade twisted his gun out of his
hands and pulled the trigger. The man's body shook as bullets filled him.
Blade then dropped the guard's gun and turned. He hit the top floor button
and the doors slid shut. He felt the elevator start to move.

When the doors opened, Blade saw there were four large men standing there.
Blade could tell two of them were vampires and the others were regualr
humans. Blade stepped out onto the floor and stood there waiting for the
first attack. Everything was quiet as the elevator doors shut with a clang.
As soon as the noise sounded, the men attacked. The biggest one went after
him first.

As the man reached to grab him around the neck and shoulders, Blade placed
both hands on his opponent's hips, stopping his forward motion and leaving
a short space between him and the vampire. Blade through his arm up and
nailed the vampire in his face with his elbow. As the stunned man staggered
back, Blade pulled a silver stake from his hip strap and slammed it into
the man's chest. "Ah!" the vampire hissed as his skin burned away from his
skin and then his bones burst into ashes.

As they watched the one man die, the other three attacked. The next man
attacked from the side, but Blade backfisted the man, and then swung his
leg up and gave a roudhouse to the head. The man's neck snapped and he
fell to the ground. One vampire and one human left. The man threw his fist
forward at Blade, but Blade grabbed his fist and threw his own. His fist
landed, making contact with the man's solar plexus. He gasped as he grabbed
his chest and fell forward. As he fell, Blade brought his leg up and kicked
him under the chin. His head snapped back and he fell to the floor out cold.

As his foot landed, the large vampire that was left grabbed him from behind
in a powerful bear hug. He lifted Blade up off the ground. Blade threw his
head back smashing his head into the vampire's temple. He released Blade in
pain. As Blade landed, he uppercuted the vampire and then pulled another
stake out and slammed it into him. The vampire disentegrated as Blade caught
the falling stake and slipped it back into his stake holster.

Standing there, the fight lasted no more than ten seconds. Blade walked down
the hall towards the main door on the floor. With guns drawn, Blade kicked
the door open and stepped in. Everyone in the large room looked up. "Shit
it's Blade!" he heard someone yell.

There were about thirty people in the room. A small party. Quickly scanning
the room, Blade saw Quinn pushing a woman away from him as he zipped up his
pants. A half smile broke on his face as he saw the one he wanted. Blade made
a straight line for Quinn, people attacking him from both sides. Blade just
kept firing rounds off, taking out anyone who came to close. He saw Quinn
yell something and a side door in the room broke open and five armed guards
ran in.

A burst of gunfire broke out and Blade twisted his body into the air as he
jumped behind a table. Knocking the large punch bowl and food of the table,
Blade flipped the table to it's side as bullets splintered into it. Ducking
behind it until the fire ceased. Quickly springing to his feet, Blade fired
enough rounds to take out two of the men.

As he ducked back down he saw the occupants of the room scattering as they
tried to escape. Quinn was standing inbetween the three remaining guards. He
too was holding a gun. "Waist that bitch, I want him dead!" Quinn yelled as
he fired at the table Blade was behind.

Blade knew the table wouldn't hold the bullets for much longer. Pulling his
razor sharp boomerang from it's place on his suit, he sprung up again and
released it at the men. The blade cut through two of the guards as it flung
around the room and back to him.
Quinn and the last guard had just missed it as they ducked. Catching the
razor sharp blade with complete skill, Blade replaced it and aimed his gun
at the recovering Quinn and guard. He shot the guard but Quinn had jumped
out of the way behind a couch. "You are seriously becoming a pain!" Quinn

Blade heard a clip fall to the ground and knew Quinn was reloading. Leaping
up, Blade pulled his sword from his back sheath and jumped over the couch.
Quinn was standing at the same time Blade lept and barely had enough time to
react. He fired a short burst of fire at Blade. The bullets lodged into
Blade's chest plate as he swung the sword at Quinn. It caught him right at
the wrist sending the gun and his detached hand across the room. "Ah shit!"
he yelled as blood spurted from his limb.

Blade then slid his sword back into his sheath and pushed Quinn against the
wall. "I thought I had taken care of you when I killed Frost, but it looks
like I was wrong. You are just one stubborn bastard." Blade said pulling out
a stake from a different strap than usual. This stake had a small ball the
size of a golfball attached to the end. Blade slammed the stake into Quinn's

"Ahh!" he yelled.

"Now stay put for awhile." he said turning.

All of a sudden the doors were pushed open and more guards came in firing.
Bullets bounced all around him as he brought his arm up to shield his face.
A sharp pain spilt through his body as a bullet piereced a weak spot in his
suit and lodged into his upper thigh. Blade ran for the large window near
him as a few bullets hit his back. They bounced of the body armor as he ran
straight for the window and lept through it. The window smashed as he jumped
out it.

Looking below he saw a dumpster under him. Pulling a small remote control
from his pocket, he hit the button that signaled the detonator on the ball
he had drove into Quinn's shoulder. A loud explosion rocked the building as
fire and debris flew out the window Blade had lept out of. Landing hard in
the dumpster, Blade got up and out. He looked up as he saw the flames draw
back into the hole. Walking around the building corner, Blade saw his car.

As he went to cross the street, a van pulled in front of him and the doors
opened. A man holding a large rocket launcher looking device fired at Blade.
A net fired out of the weapon and hit Blade hard. He hit the ground, entwined
in the net. Blade struggled to get free but couldn't. As he looked up one of
them men that was in the car brought his fist down at Blade and hit him hard.
A drop of blood trickled out of his lip. The men in the van then hoisted
Blade in and shut the door.

They drove for awhile as Blade lay on the floor. The men in the back of the
car had removed his weapons while they drove. Finally the van stopped and the
doors opened. The men dragged Blade out and carried him into the building
they were in front of. It was a Chinease Restuarant on the water front. They
took him in through the back and down into it's basement.

Once there, they set him up on a large table and tied his arms and legs to
it. They had removed his leather jacket, pants, and chestplate along with
his weapons and set them all on a table at the othere side of the room. Now
he was tied to the table bare chested and weaponless, wearing nothing but
his boots and his boxer briefs.

Blade felt helpless. He had already broken the vampire's hand who had tried
to get him tied to the table, and broke another vampire's nose when they
tried to get his armor off. The room was well lit and Blade saw the only
exit was the large steel door they had brought him in through.

One of the vampire's in the room took hold of the top of the table and tilted
it. A clicking noise sounded as the table was raised vertically making Blade
fall slightly forward, but he was held there by his bonds. One of the
vampires in the room walked up to him and studied him. "So this is Blade.
Don't look so tough to me!" the vampire said.

"Why don't you untie me, and we'll find out." Blade said.

The vampire looked up at him. "Don't get smart with me." he said and slugged
Blade in the stomach.

"Ughh!" Blade coughed as he jerked forward.

"Enough, that will be all, everyone leave." a feminine voice said.

Blade looked up and saw a woman standing at the entrance to the room. All
the vampires filed out and she shut the door. She looked to be close to 5'9"
tall, but she had a pair of heels on that added six inches making her look
taller than 6 feet. The heels had straps that wrapped around her sexy calves
and tied together a few inches below her kneecap. She was definitely in good
shape as her legs showed. Her thighs were tight and the musles in them
showed. She was wearing a black skirt that clung to her hips and outlined her
ass. The skirt hung low on her it's watistline coming to rest above her pubic
area. Her entire stomach was visible and her tight six-pack clearly defined.
The half top she wore was also black just like the rest of her outfit. Her
breasts pressed the material outwards, her nipples noticeable through the
material. Over top the half top was a red leather jacket that offset her
entire black outfit. The woman had a beautiful face. She looked to be a mix
of white and asian. Her perfect cheekbones, nose, and eyes, with slender red
colored lips. Her hair was jet black and pulled tightly behind her, as it
hung halfway down her back. It was braided into one long braid that touched
right above her ass. Her pressence attracted you to her.

"Well Blade it looks like we finally meet, I must say it is an honor." she
said walking towards him.

"Who are you?" Blade hissed.

"They call me The Dragon, but you may call me Morgana." she said stepping up
to him. She placed her hand on his chest and ran one long finger nail over
his skin and around his nipple. "So strong, so powerful." she whispered.

Blade watched as she placed her face against his chest, nuzzling against him.
Her mouth coming close to his nipple as she let out her tongue and licked it.
"What do you want from me?" Blade asked.

"Oh there are so many things. You see I was once a protege of Frost's.
While with him I learned of you, the Daywalker, and of his obsession with
you. After he failed raising La Magra and you killed him, I left and took
control of the chinese section of this city. Since then I have ruled this
with an iron fist. And now you are here, for I want to show every vampire
that I suceeded where all have failed in killing you, but first I want to
have a little fun." she said flicking his nipple again.

She then ran her hands down to his only item of clothing left on. She took
out a butterfly knife from a hidden pocket she had and sliced thorugh them.
She quickly tore the briefs away letting Blade's thick cock into the open.
"Mmm, it looks so nice and big. Maybe I'll keep you for a little while." she
said looking at the limp penis resting against his thigh.

Blade felt vulnerable like never before as he struggled with his bonds.

"Don't worry yet Blade, I'm going to make you feel good, then I'm going to
show you pain."

She then lowered the table back to it's horizontal setting. Morgana walked
up to the table where his head rest and started licking him, running her soft
tongue along his cheeks and forehead. Blade could tell she knew what she was
doing. She then brought her mouth to his and kissed him.

"No!" Blade said spitting at her and moving his face away. "I will not take
part in your fun witch!" he said.

"For that you're gonna pay, but not yet!" Morgana said angrily.

Morgana continued her seduction as she moved down his body towards his
crotch. She spent an extra long time at his nipples as she then headed for
her prize. The feelings were to much and Blade couldn't help it as he felt
his penis growing. Morgana looked down and saw it had already grown to 8
inches and wasn't fully hard.

"See I knew you couldn't hold out, you know you want me to suck you." she
whispered to him. Morgana took hold of his cock with one hand and put her
mouth on it and kissed the head. She then began licking from the bottom of
his shaft all the way up like it was a popsicle. Blade had never felt
anything like this before, she was amazing. Morgana continued till it was
nice and wet. Then she stroked it a few times and placed it in her mouth.

Then quickly, she plunged her lips down all the way to the base, her nose
pressing into his curly, black pubic hair. She then moved her mouth all the
way to the tip again. Blade had never known any woman who could deep throat
his 10 inch member. She then took her mouth off nad kissed his balls. She
took one into her mouth and sucked it, and then did the same with the other.
She worked her tongue on the small orbs the hairs tickling the roof of her

Then she removed her mouth from his crotch, and held his massive rod straight
up in the air. "Now I think it's time I shed some clothes, not let you feel
lonely being naked." she said stepping back some.

She removed her red leather jacket and set it on the table with hit weapons.
Then her half top. It had a hidden zipper that started at her neck and went
down to the end of it right below her breasts. She unzipped it and opened it
in the front. Pulling the sides apart, she let her breasts fall out. The 36C
creamy orbs standing firm on her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra, and didn't
need one. Her dark nipples were small and hard as a rock. Blade noticed right
away the richly colored tattoo of the chinease dragon that wound around her
breast. The dragon's mouth opened right above her left breast's nipple
looking like it was about to devour it. The rest of the body trailed along
her breast and down her side to her waistlin where the tail ended.

"So that's where you get the name." Blade muttered.

"Not exactly, I got this because of the name." she said admiring her tattoo.
She ran her hands up her sides and pushed her breasts up, holding them in her
hands. "I know you want to taste them, to taste my flesh in your mouth." she
said sedutively as she toyed with her nipples. She the pulled the top off her
arms and set it with the jacket.

Morgana was now naked from the waist up. She ran her left hand down to her
skirt and pushed it and her panties down a few inches so that the beginning
of her black love triangle were exposed. He had to admit, her body was
flawless. Never had he seen a woman who looked like this. But then he had
to keep reminding himself she was a vampire, how he hunted bitches like her
and drove stakes through their hearts. She then unzipped her skirt and let
it fall down her thighs as she stepped out of it.

Standing there wearing only her thong style panties and high heels she looked
stunning. Blade's cock was throbbing to feel her mouth on him again. Sliding
her fingers into her thong waistline, she slowly pulled them down to her feet
and added them to her clothes. Her clenched thighs hide her pussy from view.
She could see Blade's eyes straining to see it. "Beg me." she said.

"Let me see your cunt." he said helplessly realizing he had given into her

She opened her legs exposing her slit. Her cunt lips exposed as well as her
small clit sticking out from between them. Her pubic hair was cut into a
small black triangle right above her slit. A small glimmer of moisture could
be seen on her labia. Blade swallowed hard at seeing her in all her glory.
Morgana then walked back to the table. She walked up to where Blade's head
was. Leaning down she kissed him and he kissed her back. Now she knew he was

"I know you want to taste my sweetness, so here." she said as she climbed
up on the table, barely straddling his upper chest while on her knees. Her
vagina was completely exposed to him. Blade liked her well kept cunt. As
Blade breathed he could tell she was sweet, her cunt smelled like
strawberrys. Morgana then slid up his chest more, her pussy coming right
against his face. Blade began sucking her labia, and then slidding his
tongue into her warmth. "Ohhh yes Daywalker!" Morgana said leaning back
and hissing.

Blade continued to work his tongue all over her vagina, and then seriously
working on her clit. Raking his teeth lightly across her clitoris, as she
moaned loudly. The anticipitaion of fucking her cunt kept his cock hard.
Morgana became impatient and began rotating her hips to Blade's licking.
She reached down and grabbed the back of his head and she furiously drove
her pussy into his face. Her sweet juices fillign his mouth as he sucked.

"Enough of this, now the main course." Morgana said pulling her cunt away
from his face. She pushed herself back over his chest and to his crotch,
leaving a wet trail of her cunt juices along him.

Morgana stood above his cock as she slowly lowered herself down. He watched
as his dark colored cock slipped into her pale body. Blades cock disappeared
into her love canal as he felt incredible heat. She started moving on top of
him. Only letting half of his cock into her for the first minute. Then she
slid down onto the rest of it bringing a loud moan from him. She was now
completely impaled on his mighty shaft, her cunt lips being tickled by his
pubic hair. Then she began to slid up and down on his cock. Blade joined in,
thrusting up at her each time. It was amazing, how tight and warm she was.
She used her cunt muscles to grip his penis as she moved on him. Blade was
hammering up into her as hard as he could. His restraints stopped him from
getting up, but he could still move his hips.

"Ohhh yes!" she screamed as she rode him. Then she felt a quick release as
her juices flowed rapidly running down his shaft and she screamed out in
orgasm. "Ohhh Blade!" she screamed.

Morgana rocked on his cock as he continued to pump into her. With each thrust
he felt himself hitting her cervix. Morgana continued to orgasm. She was on
the edge of a third when he really started thrusting. He thrust in and out
with hard and deep strokes, making her scream with pleasure. Just when
Morgana thought she could take no more, he came. "Uhhh!" Blade gasped.

She felt his warm cum jet inside her, and she felt another orgasm hit her.
He continued to empty himself inside her. She milked his cock with her
vaginal muscles till he was dry. She then lifted herslef off him on shaky
legs. She stood above him, letting his cum leak past her cunt lips and drop
onto his stomach. "Oh that was amazing." she said.

"Oh my god, you're still hard!" she noticed as she grabbed his cock in her
hand. "I have an idea for this big boy!" she said stroking his soaked cock.
She let go and grabbed ahold of her butt cheeks. She spread them open and
Blade saw her small, puckered anus. Morgana lowered herself down towards the
still hard cock. She squatted down, stopping for a second when she felt the
head of the cock pressing against her tight anus. She knew she was crazy for
trying this, she had never had something so big up her butt, but she had to
have him now. Morgana bit her lip as she felt the stretching sensation of
the hard cock pushing against her ass muscle. "Ahhh!" she said as she
finally felt her anus give in for the massive shaft.

Slowly at first, Morgana worked herself down on the cock. Her thighs began
to shake as she slid down several inches, stuffing the huge cock far up her
warm butt. After seven inches she felt she could not get it farther in. It
burned intensely at every movement she made. The fluids on his cock were
wearing off. She realized she should of used some kind of lotion or cream.
Morgana slowly beagn to ride his cock, ignoring the pain. It hurt but she
thrust her body up and down it. "Ohh!" she moaned as she slid it in and out
of her rear. After a minute of this she felt his cock twitcheing and his
warm seed filling her ass. "Umm! Now that feels nice!" she said as the
liquid cooled her burning ass.

She then pulled her ass off his cock and got off the table. "I have to admit
you were good. No man has ever made me sore like this, but now the pleasure's
over and it's time for pain." she said with a smile. Blade lay there

Morgana dressed quickly and walked over to Blade. She ran her nails along his
chest and then raked her hand across it, cutting deep into him. Blade gasped,
trying to hold the pain in. "Oh so you want to yell for me?" she said as she
grabbed his thigh and pressed one of her nails into his bullet hole.

"Ahhh!" Blade yelled out.

She watched as blood trickled out of the hole and onto her finger. She licked
it quickly off. Removing her finger she then began to smack and hit Blade
with her fist and knees. "So much for being a big boy." Morgana said with a

She then walked over to the table they had set his gear on and picked up a
whip that they had set there. She unraveled it and snapped it loudly. She
then lashed it out across Blade's chest, leaving a small, bloody gash on
him. She swung it again and again hitting him all over with five more blows.
Finally she stopped and walked back over to him. She leaned up and kissed
him. As she did so she reached down and squeezed his limp cock. "I'm going
to miss this." she said as she stepped away from him. "Goodbye Blade." she
said punching him hard in the stomach.

She then walked to the door. Opening it, she let in two large vampires.
"Blade meet Hire and Tulu." Morgana said to him. "Boys go at it." she said
with a wicked smile as she left.

The door shut behind her as the two vampire thugs walked up to Blade. They
untied his arms and legs and let his exausted body fall to the ground.

"Ughh!" Blade moaned as he hit hard.

They then procedded to kick and punch Blade. Blows to his face and stomach
and all over. Tulu then picked him up with one arm and threw him into the
wall. Blade dropped to the ground in pain. He opened his eyes as Hire punched
him in the chest and then the face. Blood trickled from a cut in his lip and
on his eyebrow. Tulu then kneed Blade in the stomach and lifted him in the
air. "Ahh!" he yelled as he threw Blade across the room and into the table.
Blade's weapons and clothes scattered all around as the table broke from the
force. Hire noticed the bullet wound on Blade's leg and dropped to his knee
next to him and began repeatedly punching the area.

"Ahhh!" Blade yelled out as he writhed on the ground in pain.

Tulu then smacked Blade in the face. "Don't you go unconscious on me, I want
you to feel all this!" he said hitting Blade again. He then reached down and
grabbed a hold of Blade's testicles. He twisted them cruelly in his fist.

"Uhhh!" Blade cried out.

Hire then let go and kicked Blade in the side. He stood over him and spit on
him. "Haha so this is the famous Daywalker, laying here beaten and broken!"
they said laughing.

Blade reached out and grabbed the stake that had fallen near him when he hit
the table. Tightening his hand around it he threw his arm up and drove it
into Tulu.

"Ahh!" Tulu yelled as he grabbed the stake sticking in his thigh.

Blade climbed to his feet and threw a fist into Hire's face, knocking him to
the side slightly. When both vampire's looked at him they saw he was pointing
his guns at them.

"How, but I thought you were almost dead." Tulu gasped in pain.

"You thought wrong!" Blade snarled as he shot the two vampires full of holes.

The bodies turned to ashes as Blade stumbled over to the broken table. He
picked up his stuff and began getting dressed, his whole body in pain. Once
he was dressed and had all of his weapons, he knocked ont he large door. It
opened and a chinease man looked in. "Holy shit!" he gasped when he saw
Blade. That was the last thing he saw as Blade snapped his neck.

Blade made it out of the restuarant quickly and onto the street. He knew he
was close to his car and stumbled down the block. When he reached the block
his car was on, he crossed the street and got in. Starting it up, he pulled
out into the street and headed for the base. Stepping on the gas he could
feel the wound in his leg start to burn. The only thing he could think about
was healing and going after Morgana.

* * *

Back at the abandoned warehouse behind the train tracks that they were using
as a base of operations, Whistler and Karen had gotten cleaned up and figured
they would act normal around Blade.

"You know I never told you this, but you are one beautiful woman." Whistler
said to her.

"Well thank you, your not to bad yourself." she said looking back into the
microscope she was studying.

They heard the car turning into the warehouse and both looked up as it
streaked to a stop near them. The driver side door opened and Blade tumbled

"Oh my god!" Karen said running for the car.

Blade lay there on the ground halfway out of the car.

"Blade?" Whistler hollered. "Shit!" he murmured as he limped over to the car.

The two of them helped him out of the car and over to a chair. They laid him
back in it as they began to get his armor off. "Oh shit!" he gasped as they
did so. His whole body throbbed in pain. Once they had gotten him down to his
pants, Karen beagn to run a wet cloth over his body.

"What the hell happened?" Whistler asked as he got a dose of Blade's serum
ready. Strapping Blade's wrists down, he injected it into his kneck.

"Mmmmm!" Blade groaned as he shook. He felt the serum taking affect, as it
ran through his body.

As Blade calmed down from the serum, Whistler unhooked his arms and helped
Karen get him cleaned up. "There's a new one out there, was an aprentince to
Frost. She's strong too." Blade muttered.

"She?" Whistler asked confused.

"Yes, the names Morgana, goes by The Dragon." he said tensing up as Karen ran
the cloth over one wound.

"Alright well you need to get some rest, I'll look into it." Whistler said
helping Blade towards his chambers.

To be continued...


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