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Written: October 2016

Codes: Mf, mind control, rape?, viol, supernatural, virgin

Pairing: Damon (Vampire Diaries) and Frankie (Bizaardvark)

Bizaardvark/Bunk'd/H20 Just Add Water/Vampire Diaries: Cherry Town Part 2 - Vampires
by Dragon333

"Zuri, are you OK?" Emma asked Zuri while Zuri was waking up slowly from the hospital bed.

"I don't even feel like I can get up." Zuri admitted. "Does this place have Power Ponies?"

"I'll see if they'll let me bring in a Blu-Ray." Emma told her.

"Hey! Paige and Frankie here! We got the hospital food delivered!" said Paige while she and her friend Frankie delivered food in a cart.

"Hey I know you two! I subscribed to your channel!" Emma told them!

"Really? That's great! We love our fans. Right, Paige?" Frankie said.

"We sure do."

"Hi, we can only allow 2 visitors per room at a time. I hate to tell you, but that's the rule." said a woman with olive skin who was obviously a nurse.

"Oh, we're not visitors. We are volunteers to deliver food for the patients at the hospital." Frankie said.

"You must be Paige and Frankie."

"Yes, that's us!" Paige said giving an uplifting smile to the nurse.

"I'm Ava. I'm one of the nurses here." she said shaking Paige and Frankie's hand.

"We get to call you by your first name?" Paige said excitedly.

"That is AWESOME!" Frankie said.

"Well, my name is Ava Fiore, so if you want to call me 'Ms. Fiore' instead, that's up to you." she smiled at them. "Ryker, will you show these lovely young ladies the area we keep the food for the patients?"

"Yes, Ava. Come with me Paige and Frankie." Paige and Frankie followed Ryker out of the room.

"Is he a nurse too? Cuz he looks kinda young to be a nurse." Emma asked Ava.

"He's a student volunteer. His school requires him to volunteer for one week somewhere and he chose here."


"Well, no, but since he waited last minute, this was basically the only volunteer place left." Ava said and then Emma giggled.

While Ava was talking to Emma about Zuri's condition Ryker was telling Paige and Frankie what a big fan he is of Bizaardvark.

"This is so amazing! I always wanted to meet you, but I didn't think the day I met you would be today!" Ryker told them.

"So Ryker, how old are you?" Paige asked.

"I'm 13. I made this necklace for you two but because I didn't expect to meet you yet, I only got one done." said Ryker pulling out a string with a small circle pendant with a red rose painted inside. "So I'm gonna have to give it to the most beautiful girl in the world." Frankie blushed.

"Oh wow, thank you so much, Ryker. I'm flattered." Frankie said blushing.

"I was talking about Paige." Ryker said. Paige's smile formed just as fast as Frankie's smile faded. Ryker then put the necklace on Paige.

"Wow, Ryker! I don't know what to say." Paige said as it was her turn to blush.

"Well, you could say, 'Thank you, Ryker. Will you be my date for the Halloween Dance this Friday?'"

"Um, Ryker, me and Frankie have a gig on Friday. I can't go. I'm sorry." Paige told him.

"I understand. It's OK. Well, I'm gonna go back to Ava and see if she wants anything."

"Paige, what are you doing?" Frankie asked her friend once Ryker left the room.

"Frankie, I can't go with him THIS Friday. We have a gig!" Paige said.

"We can forget the gig! There will be plenty more gigs! Haven't you learned your lesson from your last boyfriend?"

"I never had a boyfriend." Pagie said.

"EXACTLY! And you're not gonna get one if you keep rejecting every hot guy that asks you out."

Back in Zuri's hospital room Ava was explaining to Emma that Zuri said a man bit her and that Zuri must be having hallucinations.

"It looks more like a big rat bite. Or maybe a small dog bite. Anyways if it was a man that bit her it would not look like that." Ava said with Ryker standing next to her. "Ryker, bite my neck."

"Um, what?" Ryker asked confused.

"Bite my neck, Ryker. I'm trying to show Emma the difference between a man's bite and and animal bite."

"I don't want to hurt you." Ryker said.

"Don't worry, you won't." Ava told him. Ryker then slowly came up to Ava as she lowered herself for him and he bit her neck. Ava rolled her eyes once Ryker released his quick bite. "That won't leave a mark similar to Zuri's bite. Give me a hickey, Ryker."

"A hickey? I can't do that. I have a girlfriend now." Ryker said.

"Oh really? What's her name?" Ava challenged.

"You just met her today. Her name is Paige." Once Ryker said that Paige and Frankie walked by their doorway.

"Hey, Paige, do you have a boyfriend?" Ava asked her.

"OK, so I NEVER had a boyfriend! Why does everyone have to keep rubbing that in?!" Paige said running out the door.

"Paige! Wait for me!" Frankie said chasing her.

"Now that that's settled. Give me a hickey, Ryker. It's for your school credit." Ryker then went up to Ava and started sucking on her neck. "Use more teeth, Ryker. I'm trying to make a point." Ryker couldn't help but feel his dick growing longer and harder in his pants sucking on the neck of a hot girl with big tits despite she was much older than him and she was clearly an adult and he was clearly a young teen. Ava turned to Emma as soon as she had enough of Ryker's mouth on her neck. "As you can see by the bite mark that Ryker gave me, the teeth marks are small and not deep and have the same amount of depth for each tooth mark. Whereas, Zuri's bite marks have two teeth that are sharper and cut in deeper that are spaced out between each other. So even if you imagine Ryker's bite mark bigger to an adult size, it still would look nothing like Zuri's bite mark."

"Actually, it does kind of look like a vampire bite." Ryker said.

"RYKER! Don't freak her out with your non-sense! Vampires. Kids and their imagination these days." Ava said as she walked out the room.

"Cherry Town doesn't have that many lights at night do they?" Paige said.

"Apparently not." Frankie said. A man seemed to magically appear in front of them.

"Hey there kiddos. Halloween's coming up. Want to see a trick?"

"Sure, we LOVE tricks!" Frankie said.

"I'm not so sure about this, Frankie." Paige said. The man then looked Paige in the eye.

"I'm Damon Salvator. You will write down your number for me and tomorrow morning, you're gonna invite me to your house and give me the address." he told Paige. Paige then took a piece of paper out and wrote numbers on the paper. Damon then looked at Frankie.

"You there. Weird girl with the glasses. Tell me your name."

"My name is Frankie." Frankie said as she seemed like she was in a trance.

"Starting tomorrow morning, you're going to be my slut." Damon told Frankie. "Meet me tomorrow morning at the lake." Damon used his vampire speed to run away.

"Where did he go?" Paige asked. "Seemed like a close call, huh Frankie?" Frankie stayed silent. "Um Frankie? You OK, Frankie?"

"Hey there, bitches! You must be new to Cherry Town! Otherwise you'd know not to walk around at night! Now give me your money or I will shoot your arm off." the guy said.

"Look, Mister, I'm sure on a regular day you're a very nice person and you're just having a bad day, so let's talk out your problem?" Paige said as it was the only thing she could think of to get herself and Frankie out of the mess they are in. The guy just kept walking closer.

"Money! NOW!" he said.

"We don't have any money, but we're Bizzardvark! How about two tickets to our show this Friday?"

"Who? I'm Logan and my dad is a fire fighter. You don't care who I am either now do you?" he said.

"This can't be the end of Bizzardvark. This can't be the end of my life." Paige whispered under her breath with tears in her eyes.

"Time for you to die, bitch!" Logan said. Then Paige heard a gun shot. Still scared to open her eyes Paige wondered why she didn't feel any pain.

"Go! Run home while you still can!" Paige heard a young girl's voice say. Paige opened her eyes to see a beautiful young blonde white girl with slightly wavy hair stand before her in a white gown. She was barefoot; she had on no shoes. Her mouth was filled with blood. Paige looked down at the ground and saw Logan with a big bite mark on his neck.

"W-Who are you?" Paige asked thinking that she must be some kind of saint since she seemed to appear at just the right time.

"I'm Abby. That's all you need to know right now. Now please, ma'am, you HAVE to go home while you still can!"

"OK, Come on, Frankie!" Paige said as she grabbed Frankie's arm and ran back to their hotel room.

At the slushie shop Ryker was drinking a blue berry slushie. He looked around and saw Bella next to him.

"WOW! You're really pretty!" Ryker told her.

"Bella! You're back!" Harley told Bella. "I'm glad you gave us a second chance."

"Thank you, kid, but I have a boyfriend." Bella told Ryker.

"Your name is Bella? That name suits you very well." Ryker said.

"Don't you got friends to keep company?" Bella asked him annoyed.

"I came alone. Who did YOU come with?" Ryker snapped back.

"I came alone too. My boyfriend's swimming in the ocean practicing for his swim meet." Bella said.

"Hi, babe." said a guy with a six pack of abs wearing no shirt. He then kissed Bella on the cheek and Bella smiled. Ryker looked confused.

"I thought you said you came alone?" Ryker asked.

"He always shows up places my friends and I are at uninvited and unexpected." Bella explained.

"And you don't think that's a little..." Ryker said trying to think of a word.

"I think the word he's looking for is CREEPY!" Harley said to the side talking into space as time froze.

"Creepy." Ryker finished.

"See I told ya!" Harley said speaking into space once again. A gush of wind flew through the restaurant as they all heard the door open. Everyone looked around and saw nothing. Then all of a sudden they heard a man scream. They looked to see a vampire biting the man feasting on the blood of his neck. They stood in shock and horror. Then the vampire was biting Bella's boyfriend Will's neck.

"Oh my god! Will!" Bella shrieked.

'If someone doesn't do anything, then we'll all die.' Ryker thought to himself. Then Ryker took a pencil he saw laying near him, dipped it in his slushie, and ran behind the vampire, and stabbed the vampire in his heart through his back. The vampire screamed in agonizing pain and fell to the floor.

"Oh no, Will! How are you feeling?" Bella asked him.

"It hurts so bad." Will said. "I never felt this much pain before."

"Don't worry, Bella. I know a place where they can treat his wound."

* * *

The next day Frankie was at the lake. Damon zoomed in front of her using his super speed.

"There's my little sex toy chink!" Damon said as he pulled his pants down. "Now suck my dick, you little slut." Damon told her. Frankie got on her knees and put Damon's dick in her mouth. She pressed her tongue deeply into the bottom of his penis. Damon started humping Frankie's face. "Oh yeah, that's it you little slut! I love being a vampire! I can do whatever I want. As a vampire I own the world! Now that I'm no longer in Mystic Falls and no more Elena to slow me down, the world is mine!" Damon enjoyed Frankie's mouth all over his shaft. "Just for kicks, tell me I am God" Damon said cockily.

"You are God." Frankie said right before getting back to sucking Damon's dick. Damon then pulled Frankie's pants down, laid her on her back on the grass, and stuck his dick in Frankie's cunt. Damon made sure to get all 4 inches of his dick to go in and out of her. He kept going even after he felt something wet on his penis.

"Damn it! I can't cum!" Damon said as he pulled out. He looked at his dick and saw that it was covered in blood. "Why is there blood on my dick, chink?" Damon asked Frankie.

"Cuz I... I'm a virgin." Frankie said.

"Well you're not anymore, are ya?" Damon said with an evil smile. He then wiped the blood off his dick and licked the blood off of his hand. "The blood from your little love hole makes me stronger when I drink it." Damon said and then remembered something. "Chink, you're little friend is gonna invite me to her house any minute now. Then we can all have some fun together." Damon said as she widened his eyes in arrogance. Minutes have passed and it worried Damon. "Hey where is your friend? She should have invited me by now!"

Paige woke up in her hotel bed. She looked around.

"Frankie? Frankie where are you? Frankie where did you go?"



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