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Starring: Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

Codes: Non-Con, MF, MMF, oral, anal.

Bioshock Infinite: Heroines' Fall Part 1
An erotic video game fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Elizabeth was lost. That was not good. Admittedly, she'd never once been out of the tower she called 'home' aside from the occasional look out into other worlds using her 'gift' to tear a hole in reality. However, with sudden appearance of Booker and the promise to take her away and give her freedom, even with her suspicions about his motive, was too good to pass up. However, it had been already a trip full of danger and risk. Loyal agents and supporters of her father, looking to bring her back and trap her in that library once again, were almost everywhere. One major firefight later, and that mechanical beast Songbird crashing through a building, she and Booker were separated. Now she was in unfamiliar territory, in more ways than one.

The gorgeous, young woman with her hair in a loose ponytail stood out like a sore thumb in the less than rich 'slubs' of this area of Colombia. A white blouse hugging nicely to her sizeable chest, with a long blue skirt and black boots down below while a blue scarf acting like tie and a choker around her neck acted as accessories. She was lost, afraid, and the continuous looks (some of clear disgust) as her walking around weren't helping that mood.

"Hey, lass! You lost or somethin'?" A sharp, Irish voice called out to her, making her stop her fruitless walking as she looked to the man.

"I... Yes, yes I am." Elizabeth admitted with a sigh. Seeing the man, in overalls and a flat cap beside a dark skinned man in equally shabby and worn pants and a shirt. "I'm afraid I'm just, not really familiar with this part of, well you know..." She said, attempting to be as polite as possible.

"Heh, that's pretty clear to see darling..." The black man said, a glance over her. "Young girl walking around here, looking like that? You could end up in some serious trouble." He stated the obvious.

"I can handle myself, as it goes." She claimed, putting on a brave face. "But... I'm actually looking for someone. A... Friend of mine." She said, hiding her true relationship with Booker, but she was hoping to find him again. "He goes by the name Booker. He's got a really distinctive mark on the back of his hand." She started to explain.

"Booker? Never..." The Irishman started to say, before he stopped and glanced to his friend. "Actually, Carl? That guy who stopped by our little hideout earlier on, didn't he say his name was Booker or somethin'?" He lied, and nudged his buddy as if to say 'go along' with the line.

"Booker? Yeah... That was his name, Mickey..." Carl claimed, catching on with things. "Said he'd swing by later on, see if anyone had seen a gal... Blue dress, white blouse, looking pretty as the day but talking tough like the night..." He added, clearly saying what this beautiful woman would want to hear.

"That must be him!" Elizabeth said with a smile, buying the false story the men were selling. "Where is he??"

"Tell ya what darlin'. How about you come with the two of us, and we'll keep ya safe until this friend of yours comes back. How's that sound?" Mickey offered with a well practised, fake smile.

"That sounds perfect!" She agreed with a nod. "I could honestly do with a rest after all this running about."

"Good call... And we'll fix you up with a drink too for good measure." Carl said, as the two men moved to either side of the younger woman. "It's our business that we do, as it goes."

"Drink? What kind of drink?" Elizabeth questioned, raising an eyebrow slightly.

* * *

"G-Goodness!!" Elizabeth laughed, before she coughed slightly as she put down her tankard. Another deep mouthful of the Moonshine (or as they'd simply told her it was, just special brew alcohol) hitting her hard than the woman, not used to booze to begin with, would have liked as she sat at the table. "That's really strong stuff! But good!" She said with a laugh, her eyes already looking fuzzy as she looked between the two men. "How long as this stuff been made around here?" She asked, sounding even more like a fish out of water than she already was in this neighbourhood of Colombia.

"Heh... For long enough lass, long enough..." Mickey said as he and Carl sat either side of the beauty. Using the back room at their far from permit approved 'distillery' as the makeshift waiting room for her to sit at. The table usually one for card games and the like now with already a couple empty bottles of Moonshine on it from how much they'd convinced her to drink as the afternoon went on. Both men sitting far closer than men should if they were just being friendly with her.

"Well, it's damn good stuff I must say... If you'll excuse me language..." She said with another giggle, before looking between the two men. "I wonder if what's-his-name would enjoy this stuff... What was his name again? The guy I'm supposed to meet?" She asked, showing how much the booze was affecting her to cause her to forget such an important thing.

"Don't worry about that guy no more, girl..." Carl said, as he put a hand on her skirt-covered thigh. "Me and Mickey here will take real good care of you from now on..." He said, but with the kind of wide smile and tone that made it not exactly a suggestion to her.

"Care of me? But you've already both been so nice..." She misunderstood their words, but soon found her face being turned towards the other man.

"Nice? Oh, I see somethin' real nice here, lass..." Mickey stated, looking over her. "And it's about time me and Carl started collectin' the tab you've been runnin' up here with us..." He claimed, referencing to the booze they've been giving her.

"Wh-What do you... MMMMMPHHH??" Elizabeth's eyes went wide, as her slurring words were cut off when the Irishman forced his lips onto her for a kiss. Her hands defensively coming up to push him back, but only ending up resting on his chest. That allowing him to grab one by the wrist to further hold him as he forced his tongue against her lips, sliding against her teeth to take advantage of the drunken beauty.

Same could be said for what Carl was doing to her as he put a hand down under that long skirt from the top. Finding her panties and firmly gripping her, making the woman groan as he began to explore her. A smirk on his face as he liked what he felt, brushing back and forth across her as she sat and just like his partner in crime, he grabbed her other hand to further keep their new prize in place. Even as helpless as she already is from the intoxication. Their plan obvious from the start to lure this young, to them impressionable beauty away and use her for wicked ends. Having no idea the importance this woman has to Colombia as a whole.

The kiss was eventually broken, just as Elizabeth felt that hand no sliding blindly under her panties to actually press against her tight snatch. "W-Wait!! This... Ahhhhhh!" She groaned in reluctance. Distracted by the hand between her legs, so not seeing Mickey standing up to pull off his overalls. A part of her knowing full well this isn't right, and wanting to resist. "This isn't right! We... Hnnnnng!! We can't do... MMMMMMPHHHH!!"

Sadly her attempts to reason with the men were soon silenced again, but this time with a hardening cock forced between her lips. Making her stare up with shock at the grinning face of Mickey who was now holding her by both one hand, but also the ponytail now as he started to work his shaft in and out of her mouth. Moaning as his size continued to swell in her warm and wet mouth, and her words now just extra sensations as they bounced off his tool. Abusing this woman's oral hole on the same day as having first met her, and showing no care to the pleading look in her hazy eyes as he claimed her mouth.

It was a combined attack as Carl kept sliding his fingers against her pussy down under her clothing to keep the woman squirming and moaning around that dick. Clearly making sure her senses were being further clouded by forcing pleasure through her gorgeous body while his friend had his fun with her mouth. That left his dark fingers to start entering her tight, white pussy as he slipped a digit inside of her for a clearer moan. Having figured that this woman was unlikely to have seen much action before, so it made sense to break her into things at a more gentle pace. Or as gently as a woman having her mouth raped while getting fingered at the same time can be.

"MMMMMPHHHH!! HMMNNNPHHH!! STTTHHHHPPP HHHHHHHTTTTT!!" She groaned around the rock hard, sizeable shaft between her lips as she stared up. Trapped with no place left to go as this cock pushed in and out of her, already getting slick from her saliva and all the attempts to speak she'd been making. Conflict in her bright, blue eyes as she stared up at the still smiling face of this man she barely knows. The spit starting to seep out from the sides of her mouth to slowly drip down her chin as the Irishman pumped himself into her oral hole. His moaning approval clear, and ignoring the pleas and looks being sent up at him by a woman he had no intentions of trying to help out, but instead is now helping himself to some of.

"Bet this dame is gonna be tight like a vice!" Carl stated, continuing his job of working his finger in and out of her box to force stimulation and arousal into the not exactly willing to begin with stunner. Eyeing up her lovely body with desire, even as he had his hand right down between her thighs. Slipping a second finger up inside her starting to dampen folds and noting the throaty moan she'd let out from the action as his work to make her body further betray her mind bore fruit. The two men double teaming her and working over two of her holes at the same time as one fucked her mouth and the other finger-banged her twat.

"UHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHHH!! NNNNNHHHHH!! MMMMMM!!" More muffled moans and cries of resistance were let out as that rod pushed back and forth to fill up her mouth already quite unlikely anything she'd experienced (or wanted to) before in her life. The saliva now dripping from off her chin and that thick piece of man-meat. The spit leaving damp spots across her scarf and white blouse from the sinful action. Elizabeth having to close her eyes, as if that could somehow make this nightmare of a situation go away. But not just the feeling of the shaft sliding between her lips reminding her of the reality, but the grip on her ponytail keeping her in place serving as an extra sign of how hopeless this is for her.

"Mmmmmm... Enough of the old foreplay there, Carl..." Mickey announced, pulling his dick out from her mouth before he grabbed a bottle of Moonshine from the table. "Here, lass! Bottom's up!" He told her, before forcing the neck into her gasping mouth and tipping the bottle.

"GLLLLUGGG!! MMMMPHHH!!" Elizabeth gagged as the strong, far from legal booze splashed down into her throat. Little choice in her weakened state but to gulp it down for fear of choking, and when he pulled it out from her she groaned as a fresh wave to dizziness hit her. Making sure that she was strongly intoxicated and therefore weakened against them both.

"Sure thing... Let's see how she handles some of the dark stuff..." Carl said, removing his hand from under her as both men forced her up, and then roughly bent her over the table to knock an empty bottle off from the surface. "And I ain't talking about our cheap fucking booze either..." He added with a chuckle. Already undoing his pants as he moved around the table to where Elizabeth's head was.

"Knock yourself out, mate!" Mickey chuckled, as he hauled down the woman's long skirt. Exposing her gorgeous, rounded ass in a pair of white panties. "This bird must be from some real rich feckin' family!" He commented, but soon yanked the underwear down as he stepped forward and lined up with her warmed up entrance.

"AHHHHH!! N-No!! Sh... Sthop thisss..." Elizabeth tried to protest with drunken, slurred words. Looking back and groaning when the Irishman's cock invaded her snatch from behind. Forcing a moan from her as his more than average inches and thickness already made her snatch spread apart to accept him. "I'm not usssed to thisssss... MMMMMPHHH!!" Once again, her fruitless attempts to reason with these cruel, lusty men were yet again silenced. This time an even longer, thicker cock as the black man pushed his dick between her soft white lips to invade her oral hole. Making her take the first threesome of her young life in unwilling fashion as she was made to take a dick in both ends at the same time. The thrusts into her snatch making her body jolt as she took more stimulation, being freely used by these two knock-off booze merchants.

"HHHHHLLLKK!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMPHHHH!!" The Miracle Child gagged as this long, black cock pushed deep into her mouth. The fat crown hitting the back of her mouth to give her more inches than she could even handle if this had all been willing. The choking sending saliva splashing all around his length as it passed in and out of her. Her eyes now half-closed as she stared up looking already defeated and just now letting this all happen as her arms weren't even trying to push either man away. A sight made worse by Carl holding her head in place, the occasional tug used to bring her face along his length and make her gag again as her saliva drooled out.

"MMMMM! Bugger me! She is feckin' tight!" Mickey grunted with approval, holding her by her slender waist as he pumped his dick in and out of her snatch. Feeling her inner walls gripping his man-meat as he pushed in firmly. Nowhere near the size of his friend at her other end, but his more than average size more than enough to make her groan out and feel pleasure despite the clear reluctance to this all. He's of course more concerned with his own pleasure as he fucks this drunk beauty from behind. Watching her rounded ass start to ripple as he firmly pumped in and out of her snatch from behind.

"Mmmmmm... Just means... Ahhhhhh... Plenty time for us both to break her in..." Carl said with a cruel chuckle as he started down. Watching his tool vanish forward into the oral hole of the half naked beauty before reappearing covered in spit that was now dripping onto the table she was being fucked over. His grip keeping her head almost bobbing along his pole as he slipped it in and out of her. Caring not for how her eyes were welling up with tears of discomfort from the rough way he was abusing her mouth as she stared up. That glimmer of hope she had that someone might save her from this fading fast with every pump at both ends that she was made to take.

"MMMMPHHHH... GGAHHHHHHLLKKKK... MMMMMHHHH..." Elizabeth continued to gag and groan as she was fucked in almost a spit-roast. Her snatch now wet, but not willingly, from the cock that was pumping into her balls deep as she was taken bent over this table. Her mouth similarly filled up with even more cock as she was roughly introduced into deep throating. Let alone interracial sex with her pretty, white face being pulled back and forth along that thick, black cock that was driving into her. "HHHHHHRRRRLKKK... MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHHH..." Her eyes opened in a daze, staring upward for a moment as all the sensations along with the booze now in her system overwhelmed her. Strands of hair falling out of place as she was jolted between the two sinful men who were forcing this sexual action onto her. Having no clue she's the daughter of the founder of this place they're making a living in.

"Speakin' of breakin' her in..." Mickey said, pulling out of her snatch with a moan of his own. "About time you got a piece of her, right?" He said to his fellow Moonshine brewer as he moved around the table.

"Nice of you to offer, partner..." Carl joked with a smirk, as the men switched placed. Not before they rolled her over onto her back, and shoved her semi-nude form up onto the table so she laid out on it. Reaching down, Carl roughly pulled apart her blouse to tear it. Exposing her large, rounded chest in a white bra for the two men to gaze over. "Yeah... You don't see a pair like those around these parts..." He added, as he helped himself to snap that underwear by the front clasp, and promptly started groping her mounds once they bounced free.

"Hnnnnnng!! Oh fuck!! Y-You men... Yerrrrrr too much..." Elizabeth slurred, as one of her hands moved up onto Carl's arm as he groped her. "We... We sssshouldn't be... MMMMMPHHHH!" Like a broken record, the action from before was repeated when Mickey stopped her speech with his dick pushed into her oral hole.

"Aye! She's got a crackin' set of knockers..." Mickey said, once more holding Elizabeth's hair so he could keep her looking at the side so he could start pumping his dick into her. The bulge of his bell-end into her cheek visible for the first couple of motions. "Bet she'd look real good in a corset..."

Yet again Elizabeth was made, reluctantly, to take two dicks at once. Now the black hunk of the two men pushing his rod into her snatch for the first time. Forcing loud moans to escape her as her love tunnel was further stretched apart by this new invasion. Carl holding her legs apart by the boots she still had on as he worked his hips back and forth. Driving his dick into this gorgeous, white woman to enjoy her tight, wet snatch all around his fat pole. Grinning as he stared down to switch his gaze from between her legs to watch his cock vanish up into her, or up slightly to see her more than generous chest jiggle away as his motion made her body slide against the surface of the table she was getting fucked on now.

At her head, the young beauty was having those moans and groans muffled by that Irish dick. Tasting her own pussy perhaps for the first time from off of his tool as he pumped it in and out between those full, lovely lips of hers. Although holding her by the ponytail for more of a feeling of power, he no longer had to force her head to move along his length. Showing how broken she was becoming from the effects of the booze and their work on her body, she was no actually bobbing her head under her own power along this dick. Slurping as her tongue flicked up against his tool passing in and out of that abused oral hole. So far gone she doesn't remember she'd never consented to this. Treated like a living fuck toy by two men she's only met today, when she should be trying to escape Colombia altogether.

"MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM... MMMMMPHHHH..." She groaned as she bobbed, with her hand resting the thimble-covered pinky on the Irishman's hip as she sucked on that now familiar cock. Her eyes glazed over as she stared up, showing more lust than before as she groggily moved her head up and down on his shaft. The best motion she could manage considering not just her inexperience, but her intoxicated state. All as she moaned around that dick as she took a deep fucking in her twat from an even bigger cock. Her eyes occasionally glancing down to watch that black dick ploughing into her snatch to keep her aroused and unlike before, there was a lot more approval for it as the feelings of pleasure increased with every pump she took.

"We hit a fucking jackpot... MMMMM!! With this broad..." Carl said back-handedly about the woman he and his fellow illegal alcohol brewer were raping together. Loving the tight feeling of this barely touched until today snatch still vice-like around his member, even as he finally plunged in to the hilt to stuff all his inches into her wet slot. "Heh... Maybe we can get her a collar... AHHHHH... Instead of that little choker she has on..." He further mocked, to show no respect to the woman he and his buddy had to booze up in order to get a piece of. Only caring for how good it was to pump in and out of her soaking pussy. Double stuffing her for far from the first time today as he handled her pussy, while the Irishman stuffed her mouth with his dick so all of them were moaning out, but the sensations being far from real or willing for the beauty in the middle of this all.

"MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMMM..." Elizabeth's eyes rolled back before the flickered to close but not simple from the effects of alcohol. That huge rod driving into her snatch, combined with the dick filling her mouth making her body experience the first hard orgasm of her life. A fresh splash of juices going out over the big, black cock stuffed into her wet, white pussy as she shivered between the two dicks she was having to handle. Only increasing their pleasure as her moans vibrated around the Irishman's dick, while that dark skinned male felt her inner walls gripping his member delightfully as she rode out that sexual high. No break in the action however as the men kept their dicks buried inside their new plaything, to force her to moan out and carry on like nothing had happened once that peak faded away.

Saliva now coated Mickey's tool once again from the groggy slurping and sucking that Elizabeth was doing to his tool as she tiredly resumed her efforts. More spit dripping off that length and from her face onto the table she's been fucked over. Her new state of drunken arousal clear as she used her free hand to grope her own chest to squeeze and rub herself in the middle of this non-consensual three-way. The sound of grunts and groans mixing in the air with the smack of skin hitting skin as she bobbed on the cock stuck in her mouth, while her body rocked down to meet the thrusts going balls deep into her snatch at her other end. Sweat now coating her stunning enough already frame to make it look like taking on three twisted, sex-craving men was second nature to her. Instead of the reality that this was her first time in a threesome, let alone this all being without her wanting this in the first place.

"Think she's... AHHHHHH... A kinky one, huh?" Mickey questioned as he pulled out of her mouth with a groan. "Gives me a feckin' idea then..." He said as he stepped away from the table in order to open up a storage case.

"Here darling..." Carl said after removing himself from her wet snatch. Picking up the Moonshine bottle. "Top yourself up with some of this..." He said, but like during all of this wasn't giving her a choice in what happened next to her. Just forcing the bottle neck to her lips to force more strong booze into her mouth.

"Gulllp... Mmmmmmmphhh... UUUULLLKKKK..." She groaned as her mouth was filled up for once not by cock, but almost gagged when the booze was so much it spilled over her lips. A hungry couple of gulps drinking it down, but leaving Elizabeth with her eyes rolling upward as the fresh wave of intoxication hit her hard in her already worn down state. "D-don't sttthhhhop yet... Mmmmmm... I... I want shhhhhhome more..." She slurred shamefully before she coughed hard from that alcohol. Her head rolling as it looked like she was barely able to think straight now from all that cheap and illegal booze she's been forced to drink down.

"Good lass..." Mickey said returning with a small pot of lubricant. "We'll give ya plenty more, don't feckin' worry about that..." He stated, as Carl helped to raise her hips off from the table for a moment.

The woman named among other titles as the Lamb of Colombia could only groan as gaze lazily across as she felt a cool substance being pressed against her asshole as the Irishman started to lube her up. Anal sex would have never crossed her mind before today, but she's in such a state that she can't even form words to protest even if she wanted to. Leaving her open for his finger to push up into her tightest of holes. Spreading that lubricant as far up into her as his digit can reach with a short round of pumps for good measure. Leaving her groaning and mumbling from the sensation by the time he pulled out and the drunken woman was lifted off from the table.

Elizabeth grunted as she now found herself impaled on the black man's cock once again. Sitting on his lap while he rested on a chair with her facing him. Her blurry vision just about making out the grin on his face as he held her. Soon, feeling her ass cheeks being spread as after taking a second to lube up his own dick, Mickey was moving behind her as he pressed the head of his dick against her backdoor. A long, loud moan escaping her as she tossed her head back to send her ponytail flying as he claimed her anal passage with a firm thrust forward. Now she was getting double teamed in both her lower holes for the first time in her life, and was soon set off to just jolt and moan between their cocks as they started to fuck her snatch and ass at the same time.

"MMMMM!! Kinky like a feckin' street hooker!! AHHHHHH..." Mickey said with approval and a dirty smile to match. Gripping that ponytail with one hand and the other squeezing her rump as he fucked her backside from behind. Moaning each time he worked in or out of that tight passage. Even with the lubing up, she was even more snug than her throat or snatch had been when either of them had first ventured into her. Not exactly giving her a kind introduction into anal sex either as his thrusts were stiff and steady. Clearly just wanting to use her tightest of holes for his pleasure instead of any mere test to see what she could handle.

"AHHHHHH... She's one of a... MMMMMM FUCK!! Fucking kind, that's... UHHHH!! For sure..." Carl added between his own grunts of pleasure as he pumped his dick up into her soaking wet tunnel. His hands gripping her slim waist as the beauty with just her blouse barely hanging onto her sweating frame was getting bounced between the thrusts done by himself and his partner in crime. Helping himself by leaning in and capturing a breast to suck on the nipple before a hand came up to properly help with the action. Just making her moan out even more as she was rag dolled between the stiff pumps she was taking as Carl continued to bury his cock straight up into that dripping snatch.

The smack of skin now even louder not that there were two dicks going into her and connecting off that sweat glistening, curvy body of the young woman. Her rear cheeks shaking each time Mickey plunged forward to fit more of his inches into her previously untapped hole, while underneath the heavy black balls of the other male slapped against her skin when he drove upward. The beautiful woman at their total mercy thanks to the Moonshine they brewed and made her drink to render her into such a helpless state. Getting both her lower holes raped at the same time by these two. Her body jolting against each and every thrust so her body was almost bouncing on the dick in her twat, while her ass pushed back against those incoming thrusts into her rear.

It was little surprise then, as out of it as she already was from drunkenness and pleasure, that Elizabeth was forced straight through another, even more powerful than before orgasm. Mouth open and drooling as her tongue hung a little out of the side, as her eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling of this brewery back room. Another flood of juices going over that black dick that was slamming into her soaked, but still snug white pussy. While that not quite as long but certainly far more than average Irish dick hammered home into her backside at the same time. Her stunning frame shivering between their dick as her arms hung limply at her sides. Fucked not just senseless, but into unconsciousness as her head rolled on her shoulders even with the man behind her holding her by the ponytail.

"MMMMMM... Heh! Guess we were... MMMMM!! FUCK... Too much for her..." Carl said with an uncaring chuckle as even though he and the other man could see she was totally out of it now, they continued to fuck her. Further abusing her and her holes as they kept their shafts sliding up and down into their respective holes. Resizing her anal passage while keeping the sinful, squelching sound of juices dripping from her pussy being heard as their dicks rammed away into the young beauty. Still clueless that she's not only the daughter of the founder of Colombia, but more important in a far grander scheme of things than just that. Yet only treating her like a set of holes to be used, taking advantage of what they saw was a scared, alone woman and turning her into a drunk, sex-loving whore in just an afternoon.

"FECK! MMMMM... Gonna bust soon!" Mickey warned, pulling his starting to pulse cock out from her rear as he stepped back.

"Well then! MMMMMM... Let's give our new friend a branding then!" Carl stated, lifting her limp frame from off his cock so he could set her down.

Both men had to grab her hair, with Carl holding the top and Mickey still with the ponytail in order to keep the out of it beauty on her knees in front of them. The free hands used to stroke their dicks rapidly as the aimed down at the slumbering beauty and her exposed, heaving for air chest. Not too much ceremony done as first the Irishman, and then the black man began to unload across Elizabeth. Shots of thick, creamy jizz sent splashing across her gorgeous young face to leave seed not just dripping from her cheeks, nose, lips and across the eyes, but matted through the hair across her sweat-coated facial features. Plenty of cum too sent down onto her tits as well for good measure as the men pumped and emptied their balls onto the unconscious woman. Finished off by smearing the last drops from off their bell-ends onto the stylish choker she wore for a little extra humiliation before they finally let go of her now messy hair.

Both men laughed as Elizabeth simply slumped to the floor, sweat soaked and now covered with spunk across her hair, tits and face. Likely to wake up with more than just a hangover from what the two had done to her.

"Shite... You're right, mate." Mickey said, looking to his friend. "No way we can let this bird fly away from us..." He said, having no clue the unintentional puns he was making about her true status in Colombia.

"Heh... Know what I'm thinking?" Carl asked, looking back. "You know that plan we had? To get off this flying dump and make a real living back down in a normal place?"

Both men looked back at the knocked out, and well fucked beauty at their feet. Smiles growing wide as they were both thinking the same thing...

* * *

Some time later... Far away from Colombia...

"Ah, you want the 'Book of Song Birds of Colombia', do you?" Mickey said to the suited gentleman at the other side of his counter. "Come this way, Sir." He motioned to the man, before glancing to the other worker at this 'book store' store front. "Take over for a bit. Gonna look in the back room for this gentleman's book. He said. The other worker nodding knowingly at what that meant.

Soon Mickey and the client walked past a curtain into a room with a couple bookshelves in it. Going up to one, he pulled one empty covered one out and tapped on the back wall in a code before replacing it. The false shelving sliding open like a door, and on the other side Carl was stood. Removing his hand from inside his jacket, like he'd been ready to pull a gun out.

"Our 'Songbird' has a new client." Mickey simply stated, motioning for the client to step through.
"Heh... She always does..." Carl said, closing the false door once the man had stepped through. "For our top woman? That'll be..." He started to explain, before the man just pulled out a roll of notes and handed it to the black man. "Ah, you've heard how things work then." Carl said with a chuckle as he checked the amount. "Makes things easier..." He shrugged before leading the man down the corridor.

The sounds of moaning, filthy sex, and satisfaction were heard from behind the doors of this secret Brothel as the men walked down. Passing one woman in a towel who batted eyelids and flicked her tongue seductively at the client when he passed. However they soon arrived at one, more grander looking door that unlike the rest had a guard outside of it. The man nodding as he unlocked the door. "You're timed from when the door closes, not that anyone has yet lasted the full time with her." The guard bluntly told the client. "Behave yourself. Don't damage the goods, or I damage you." He said as a clear threat as he opened up. "Oh, and enjoy yourself... Then again, we all do with a girl like her."

The client's eyes went wide when he entered the room. Sitting on the edge of a lavish bed, in just a tight corset that pushed up and out her large enough already tits, and a tiny pair of barely covering panties, was the star of this secret Brothel. A sultry smile on her lips as the dark haired, ponytail-styled woman looked over her latest paying customer as she held a bottle of not exactly legal booze in her hand.

"Well well... Aren't I a popular girl?" Elizabeth giggled, as she took a big swing from the bottle. Showing tolerance to the booze as she licked her lips after the mouthful. "You're the fourth one today... But let's see if you can last for as long as any of them did..." She said, spreading her legs invitingly wide for him to further stare at. "So... Which hole do you fancy trying out first?" She offered with a wide, sinful smile of a well trained, and experienced, whore.

To have gone from being a powerful, fabric of time manipulating woman trying to escape isolation and capture. Only to be forced into being a Brothel whore selling her stunning body for cash and booze, along with the sinful thrill of sex with random men she may never see again?

Such is the fate of those who suffer a Heroines' Fall...

* * *

While I am not accepting suggestions or ideas for this story or series, feel free to send any feedback to [email protected] Thanks for reading!


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