Bewitched (MMF,oral,inter,M-dom,slash,magic)

Endora and her niece, Serena sat on cloud 9 and watched as Samantha Stevens fixed breakfast for her husband, Darrin. Both women were angry. Endora because her daughter, Samantha, Sam for short, was married to a mortal, instead of a Warlock. Most of her anger was directed to Darrin because, despite the fact she has humiliated him several times by turning him into various animals and objects, he and Sam are still happily married.

Serena, on the other hand, was insanely jealous of Sam. She was madly in love with Darrin and has tried several times, unsuccessfully, to seduce him and make him her lover.

After Darrin left for work, Sam went to the kitchen cleaning off the table and washing the dishes, the mortal way. This enraged Endora and she shouted "This is it, I'll not have any more. Serena, let's bring this up to the Witch's Council and demand they do something."

After hearing both women's complaints, embellished with exaggerations, the Council decided to remove Sam's powers for 2 months. Endora was told to inform Sam of the verdict, which she was very happy to do.

Sam, upon hearing the verdict, replied "Good! Now I won't be tempted to use them to get things done. Darrin will be so happy."

* * *

Darrin was in a meeting with his boss, Larry, and a new client they were trying to sign up. Serena appeared and froze everyone except Larry. He was happy, but confused, as he had a crush on her and her cousin, Sam. She explained to him what she and Endora planned for the couple. She ended with the idea that then he could have his way with Sam and get even with Darrin.

She reminded him that his boss, Mr. McMann, was always complimenting Darrin for his hard work despite the fact that Larry was always claiming the credit. He looked over to their new client, Ned. He was from Africa and was looking to expand his business into the U.S. He stood 6'6," very muscular and black as coal. "I know just what to do." he thought.

Serena removed the spell and disappeared. Larry then told Darrin to call Sam and prepare to have Ned as a guest for dinner. "I know you and Sam will do everything and anything possible to have him sign the contract. Your job is at stake."

After Darrin left, Larry pulled Ned to his desk, opening a drawer and showing him a picture of Sam in a bathing suit he had taken last month. Ned's eyes opened wide and he gasped "She's beautiful. Too bad she's married. I would like to fuck that."

"You can. Remember what I told Darrin? Anything and everything to get you to sign? You lucky dog, you. I envy you. I haven't been able to get so much as a feel of her ass."

* * *

Darrin called Larry on the intercom and informed him that Sam was going out shopping for tonight's dinner. Larry thanked him and reminded him everything and anything goes. He then went out and purchased several security cameras and recorders, placing the cameras throughout the Steven's home and the recorders in the garage. He could also access the cameras from his computer.

* * *

Sam met the two men at the door wearing slacks and a blouse, sans bra, with her hair down to her shoulders. Being introduced to Sam, Ned saw her eyes widen and she gasped as he took her hand and kissed it. He was head and shoulders taller than she was. Serena was looking on and decided to put a spell on Sam to have her go up and change into a sexy wrap dress that revealed more of her breasts and thighs when she walked or sat down.

"I think Serena is behind this," she informed Darrin. Ned just stared at her and remarked "You are beautiful. Truly, you should not hide your charms."

They all sat down and began eating. Afterwards, sitting in the living room, Darrin tried to talk business but Ned had other ideas. "Later," he said, "I want to have some fun before talking business. I left a package on the back seat, a present for Sam, would you go get it for me, please?" Turning to Sam, he continued "It is a gift for you to wear tonight, my beautiful hostess. I want to see you in all your glory."

Sam took the package from Darrin and went upstairs to try it on. She called down "Ned, I can't wear this. I'm almost naked and can't wear any underwear."

"Come down and let me be the judge."

She slowly came down the stairs, her arms folded across her chest. The dress, if it can be called a dress, was a sheer pale blue and very revealing. Thin straps across each shoulder widened to cover most of her breasts and came together below her belly button. The straps in back came together very low on her hips and together with the front panel, reached halfway down her thighs. Both front and back panels were held in place by a thin silk tie on both hips.

"You look wonderful, Sam. You shouldn't hide your body. It is very beautiful."

"She can't go out like that" cried Darrin. "It's indecent. She'll get arrested."

"Don't worry, Darrin, we're not going out. We will just enjoy ourselves here."

With that, Ned reached out and, taking Sam's hand, pulled her to sit on his lap.

Darrin moved to stop him but Ned reminded him what Larry had said "everything and anything I desire." Sam, pressing her breasts against Ned's face looked at her husband and said "It's alright honey, it'll be worth it after the contract is signed. It's only for one night." She then replaced Ned's hand on her ass, bent down, and kissed him hard on the lips, which he eagerly returned by pushing his tongue deep into her willing mouth.

Breaking the kiss, he told Darrin to undress himself, then to undress him and Sam. He did and after removing Sam's dress began undressing their guest. Placing his shirt, jacket and tie to the side, Darrin then knelt before him to remove his shoes and socks before undoing the belt and snap on his trousers. Pulling the zipper down the trousers slid off his hips to fall at his feet, causing his now hard nine inch cock to spring out and up to Sam's delight. She reached to touch it and playfully bounced it off Darrin's face causing him to recoil backwards unto his ass.

Ned placed his hand behind Sam's head and pushed it down until her lips were touching the tip of his cut cock. "Kiss it, then open your mouth and suck on it. Darrin, you play with my balls and kiss them and suck on them." He then reached around and began squeezing her breast and pulling on the nipple.

After a few minutes of this he told them to switch. Sam raised her head and pushed the hard black cock to Darrin's waiting mouth. "Go on, honey, you'll like it. Use your tongue to lick it all over." Darrin hesitated when he saw a drop of pre-cum sitting on the slit. "Lick it up," she said, rubbing the head of the cock across his lips, smearing the gooey mess as his tongue reached out to lick it up.

He was quite surprised with the taste, gooey and a bit salty, but not distasteful. He lowered his head and took the head of Ned's cock into his mouth, circling his tongue around the head. Then he opened his mouth wider and took the cock further into his mouth until it hit the back of his mouth causing him to gag a bit. He was determined to swallow as much as possible and soon had his lips being tickled by Ned's crotch hair.

After a few minutes, Ned pushed Darrin's head off and had Sam lay back and spread her legs so he could fuck her. "Go slow and easy" she said as he pushed his cock into her pussy. She moaned and grimaced as the first cock, other than Darrin's, entered her. It was the same length as her husband's but much thicker. He slowly entered and pulled out several times, going deeper each stroke. He finally bottomed out, causing her to have a fantastic orgasm as she swung her legs around his thighs and pulled him in closer. He then began to fuck her hard and after a few minutes came in her as she cried out in passionate release as she came again. Darrin was told to clean Ned's cock and Sam's pussy.

After he cleaned Ned's cock and Sam's pussy he laid back with Sam between them and fell asleep, only to be awakened twice during the night to do his cleanup duty.

The sun shining through the bedroom window woke them both up to find Ned had left the house. He had left to return home, leaving a note thanking them for a wonderful time and leaving the signed contract under five $100 bills. They looked at each other, smiled, then kissed passionately.

"I guess he called Larry for a ride since he didn't wake us up." said Sam as she went to the shower followed by her husband. "What time do we meet with Larry and where?" queried Sam.

"At the office" he replied, drying Sam off and then himself. "You really surprised me, Sam, taking to Ned like you did. Did you really enjoy him fucking you or were you faking it?"

"Don't worry yourself, darling, I really did enjoy him but he could never replace you. And about surprises, I couldn't believe it when you took his cock into your mouth. It turned me on to see you sucking him and eating his cum from my pussy. How did it feel and taste?"

"A bit salty and bland except after he fucked you. Then it was still a bit salty but the taste had a sweeter tang to it."

"We better get going. You know how Larry gets if we're late. Besides, Ned should be there too."

* * *

Larry's secretary, Barb, showed them into Larry's office. He greeted them both, taking Sam into his arms and attempting to kiss her, which she averted by turning her head. "Now, now, Larry, behave yourself. You know your wife Louise and I are best friends. What would she think? "

"You will change your tune when you watch this," Larry said as he inserted a disc into the player. He hit the play button and the scene opened jn the Steven's living room showing a nude Sam and Darrin licking Ned's cock.

"You son-of-a-bitch" shouted Darrin. "You wired our house. Why?"

"I wanted a way to get Sam on her knees sucking my cock and watching her naked body as I fuck her. Yes, I've lusted for her but she would not let me even get a feel of her ass. Now you both will be my sex slaves or this video will be on the internet along with your names and address." replied Larry as he reached out to stroke Sam's breast. She shied away saying "You bastard."

Just then the door opened and Barb ushered Ned and Louise into the office. "What are you watching?" Ned asked and then, seeing what was on the screen looked at Larry saying "You sick bastard. Why? Were you going to blackmail me too? Why? You already had my signed contract when you set this up."

"You bastard" shouted Louise "I'm sick and tired of your greed and lust for Sam. You don't have time for me but you scheme every day to have Darrin do your job so you'll look good to Mr. McMann. I'm leaving you."

Just then the door opened and Mr. McMann asked "What's going on here. I could hear you in my office. What's that filth on your computer? Darrin" he shouted "Is that you and Sam? And Ned? What's going on?"

Ned explained his part, that he was shown a picture of Sam and that Darrin was told to do 'anything and everything' to get him to sign the contract that already had been signed and that it would also help Larry get to Sam. He went on to explain that he did not know about the cameras. He then apologized to
Darrin and Sam for his part.

Darrin went to Ned, shook his hand saying "No apology necessary, we understand and we enjoyed the evening." Sam echoed Darrin's comment and put her arms around Ned's neck, kissing him on the cheek. "Are we still invited to meet your board of directors in Africa?"

Louise piped up "Can I go, too?"

Mr. McMann then announced "Larry, you're fired. I can't have a greedy bastard like you on my payroll. Darrin, you are now a vice-president of this firm and in charge of all African accounts. Louise, if you want, I'll put you on the payroll as Darrin's secretary."

Louise promptly accepted the job and went to the Stevens and put her arms around them.

Mr. McMann removed the disc from Larry's computer, placed it in his pocket, turned and walked out saying "I have some research to do, take the rest of the day off."

* * *

Endora and Serena were then summoned to the Witches Counsel and reprimanded for their part and lying to the counsel. They were also told to never again interfere in the Steven's affairs and were not to visit them unless invited and no more than once a year.

McMann's and Steven's advertising business surged with new African contracts while Darrin, Sam and Louise enjoyed traveling Africa with Ned and his friends.


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