Bewitched: Two Witch House (MF, FF, MFF, trans, magic)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Darren got out of bed, still with no idea for the advertising slogan for the
new product they had. He stood in the shower washing his hair when he felt a
hand grab his cock and looks down to see his lovely wife Samantha. Her tongue
was wrapped around it like a snake as she took it in her mouth with no
problem taking him deep in her throat. Darren stood under the water while Sam
stood and kissed him. Reaching for his hard cock she put it in her pussy.

"FUCK ME!" she said.

Darren held her up and began to fuck her knowning he was going to be late.
Sam twitched her nose and time went back a full hour. They fucked Sam taking
him in her ass, too, for she did enjoy his cock in her ass.

Darren was in his office when Larry Tate came in with a younger man. "Any
ideas?" he asked.

Darren just looked at him, "Not a one."

"That's okay pal," Larry said. He gave the young guy the product.

Darren looked at him his eyes ablaze, "YOU CAN'T!!! You bastard! I racked my
brain, and you just give it too the punk kid."

Larry told Darren to take a few days off. Darren left. He walked the street
for he had been drinking. He walked into a old book store, milled around and
found a book that looked pretty old. He bought it and went home where Sam was

"Larry, that bastard!" Darren sat on the couch. "I'm going to bed," he said.

He showered laid in bed naked. He picked up the book thumbed through it.

Just then Endora popped into the room. Darren threw a sheet over his cock,

"Oh, dum dum," she laughed. "I have felt your cock remember." She laid next
to him.

"What do you want?"

"Oh, just to help. I could tell you what's in that book for starts. It's a
magic book."

"Really?" he said, "And how can you help me?"

"I have some pull with the witches' council. I could teach you what's in the

"You mean I become a witch?"

"No silly!" she laughed, "A warlock maybe."

Endora called her daughter. Samatha entered the room seeing Darren naked and
her mother in a sheer gown. Endora tossed her the book.

"Where did this come from?"

Endora looked at Darren, "This is a warlock's spell book. Very powerful

Endora stood, dropped her gown and told Samantha to strip, too, which she
did. Then with a clasp of thunder the council appeared. Endora stood and
pleaded her case to teach Darren. One on the council asked Darren if he
wished to go thru with this.

Darren looked at his wife, she knodded yes, "Okay," he said.

"As you study your wife will be our pleasure. For you will have no time for
such things," they all disapearred.

Endora had Darren in a room full of vials and jars still naked. Samantha was
on a bed sucking a very large cock, while a tongue was in her pussy. Darren
studied through the days while Sam was being fucked and breeded. She had
given birth to two witches which Darren would never know about.

Soon the time was over. Darren stood in front of the council with his new
powers. Samatha sat holding two cocks in each hand. Darren preformed for
them, even doing Endora's powerful spells. Samatha was so pleased she jacked
both cocks til they came.

Darren soon found himslf back home like nothing had happened. "Now to get my
job back" he said and said the spell which turned him into a woman.

Sam whistled for he was a knock out. "I could eat your pussy," she licked her

Darlen raised her skirt, "Go ahead."

Sam was on her knees pulling off the panties, her finger rubbing the wet
slit. Her tongue licked the clit before her and soon found it's way into her
pussy. Holding Sam's head Darlen moaned in pleasure. Soon they both were
naked licking each other.

Endora popped in seeing the two women. She asked where Darren was. Sam
smiled. "You mean..." Endora looked.

"Yes mother," Darlen said, "Come join us."

Endora had her pussy sucked until she shook the house. Sam ate Darlen until
she shot her cum out of her pussy. They laid in bed as Darren had changed
back and he had Endora sucking his cock while Sam sat on his face. Darren did
a spell which gave him two cocks. Both mother and daughter fucked him that

With renewed effort and his powers Darren went back to work, as nothing had
happen, but he had the top accounts and he was fucking them too in every way.
Even Louise was geting fucked by Darren.

Darren had just finished with her when Larry called and asked if Darren came
by. Louise dipping her fingers into her freshly fucked pussy replied, "Yes,
he came by."

He kissed her and left.

In time Darren became the head of the company, called it Stevens Inc. Larry
had retired. Darren set him up for he had Louise and Sam both for it had
become a two witch house.

The End


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