Bewitched: Samantha's Problem Part I (mf,oral,voy)
by MB

Samantha Stevens knew something was wrong. She and Darren hadn't even been married a year yet but already something was wrong. Darren seemed disinterested in sex and when they did make love, it just didn't excite Samantha like she had expected. She didn't know what to do.

Louise Tate invited Sam to lunch. Although Sam was there, she wasn't really there. She was wondering if there was any way to save her marriage. Louise's husband was Larry Tate, Darren's boss and cofounder of McMahon & Tate. Louise had been probing and finally asked Sam outright, "Is everything alright in the Bedroom?" Sam began to cry and Louise knew she'd stumbled on to it. Sam told her Darren had already lost interest and even when they did it, it didn't do anything for her. Louise was stunned. When Sam saw Louise's face she asked, "Is it different for you?"

Hesitantly, at first, then opening up, Louise described her and Larry's regular routine. Now it was Sam's turn to be stunned. She thanked Louise then raced home.

She knew Larry had been out of town and would be getting home around 7:00p. When Darren got home at 6:00 and Sam had his dinner ready. After they ate, Sam excused herself and said she had a few errands to run.

Next thing you know, a twitch of the nose and Sam appeared at the Tate house to watch what really happens when Larry got home. She could see the Tate's but they couldn't see her. As Larry walked through the front door, Louise appeared with a drink in hand and wearing heels, stockings, and her panties...and nothing else. She met Larry in the living room, said "Welcome home", handed Larry the drink, led him to the couch and knelt in front of him. Samantha's eyes were almost popping out of her head. So this was a blowjob! Samantha watched and listened! Louise seemed to enjoy it as much as Larry did. It made Sam a little sad that she and Darren didn't seem to enjoy sex as much as Louise and Larry. But at the same time, Sam found herself becoming very aroused!

After about 10 minutes, Louise led Larry upstairs to their bedroom where Sam got a good look at Larry's dick. It was a little longer than Darren's, maybe 3/4 of an inch longer, and only a little thicker. But Larry sure used it and pounded Louise with it. After about 5 minutes he turned Louise over and started slamming it in to her doggy style. Then, BOOM, Louise started shrieking and bucking and screaming "I'm coming!" and Larry really started pounding then and he started grunting and groaning!

Finally Louise rolled over and said, "You big stud, you were hard tonight!" Larry seemed pleased!

Samantha started to realize how wet she had become just watching! She knew she had a lot to learn but she vowed to make Darren that excited/exhausted!

She would make an excuse to meet with Louise again and explore more of what she had seen. Once she was ready, Darren was going to be in for a treat!

End of Part I


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