Bewitched: A Witch Switch (MF,oral,magic)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Endora was watching her daughter, and what's his name. As Darin left for his
job, Endora reappeared. She gave Samantha a kiss, "Really Samantha! I don't
know how you do it, you look like a slave."

"Oh mother" Sam said, "I love Darin."

"Yes, I can see that, but still can`t figure out why."

"Mother, if you want to know, we could switch places for a day," Sam said.

"Me! Become a common house wife. HA!" Endora laughed. Then she thought, maybe
she could teach him a few things. "Okay," Endora said, "We'll start tonight."

"Mother you won't do anything to hurt him?"

"OH, Samantha, he'll be all in one piece."

As the evening came about, Endora stepped into the role of Samantha. She
walked behind him running her finger along his neck. "Comfy dear?" handing
him a drink. She then sat on his lap, gave him a kiss. Her tongue danced
with his .

"Sam, what's wrong?" Darin looked at her.

"Why nothing dear. Just want husband to feel comfy." She stood up walked to
the stairs. "I am going to take a bath."

She dropped the strap off her dress. It fell to the stairs. She walked up
taking the rest of her clothes off. Darin watched as his cock was getting
hard. He sat his drink down made his way up stairs. He got to the bathroom
and walked in. It looked like a Roman bath.

With Sam in the water, "Come wash my back," she smiled.

Darin was out of his clothes. Endora seen the large cock he had. She licked
her lips knowing she would taste his cum. She knew of many men with large
cock, but his was very impressive.

Darin kissed Sam his hands found her stiff nipple. He bent down, bit it
pulling on it. It sent shiver all through Endora`s body. Darin put her on
the edge of the bath. Then began to lick her thighs. Finding her clit he
attacked it. Sucking, licking he continued to finger her pussy, too. She
came like a thunder bolt squeezing her legs around his head.

"My turn," Darin said.

Sam was on her knees. She took hold of his cock began to lick the head and
around his piss hole. She took him deep, holding his balls like two marbles.
Her tongue running along his big vein she sucked his balls. Darin groaned
with pleasure.

Darin soon was rubbing his cock along her swollen wet pussy. Sam opened her
pussy wth her fingers. Darin stuck his cock deep in her pussy, she moaned
pushing her pussy up against his cock .

"OH FUCK ME!!" she screamed. "Yes, fuck me with your big cock."

Endora just couldn`t believe the pleasure she was getting from a mortal.
Darin turned her over and fucked her from behind. Sam playing with his balls
"OHHHH, dont stop!" she babbled.

Darin was about to cum. She could feel his cock begin to swell. Just before
he came, he rubbed her clit and that sent her through the roof.

They both laid in bed, Darin told her he thougt her mother was kind of sexy
with those free flowing gowns.

Endora just smiled, 'If he only knew.' "Well, dear if I was to talk to her
would you mind if she joined us sometime."

"You mean have sex with you and your mother at the same time?"

"That's if you want too."

Thinking about it was getting his cock hard again. "To fuck Endora, sure why
not," he said.

"I'll call Mother tomorrow, right now I want some of this," she grabbed his
hard cock. She held it and lowered herself on to it. She gasped as it went
in, she rode his cock until she just fell on him.

That morning Darin was almost late from the night of fucking. He was glad he
finished the Moore account the day before. Larry Tate walked in seeing Darin
working with a smile. "What's up with the smile?" Larry asked.

"OH I'm going to fuck my mother-in-law tonight."

Larry looked at him. "Hey what ever turns you on. Just have the Moore account

* * *

Meanwhile Endora laid naked on her daughters bed. Sam walked in naked, too.
She began to lick her hard nipples. "So you like Darin's cock?" she smiled.

"MY dear, he is well hung, far than most mortals."

The phone rang it was Darin calling see if she got a hold of her mother.

"No dear, not just yet."

Endora disappeared and reappeared in front of Darin in her light blue gown,
which showed her ample breast. He could also see her pussy. Endora did a
strip show and she knelt taking his cock out and began to suck it. Darin shot
a huge load down her throat.

"See you tonight," she kissed him and fanished.

The night to follow Endora was getting fucked and sucked.



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