Becker: The Good Doctor (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Dr. John Becker sat behind his desk at his office. He was a tall, handsome
man with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. He was forty years old. A
Harvard-educated doctor. He had started his own practice a few years ago
and tried to do the best he could, both for himself and his patients. At
the moment, Becker was a man with a lot of troubles. He hadn't had any
contact with his family in years and it was beginning to take a toll on
him. He wasn't exactly a guy with a lot of happiness in his life. Many
people knew but not everybody knew the real him. He kept his true self
hidden from those around him. He was a man with a lot of secrets. John
Becker was currently wrestling with his conscience. He had a secret, double
life. He was a sex addict. He had always kept that fact to himself. It was
the reason why he hadn't had much contact with his family in over twenty
years. His parents were religious freaks who could never accept him. Decades
later, he still couldn't get over it. He lived in a harsh and unforgiving
world. He was a brilliant man. He was a gifted man. He was a successful
doctor. He was a conflicted man. There were times when felt a lot of despair.
Today was one of them.

Linda stood outside the office door of Dr. Becker, and waited. She had been
rehearsing this moment for a long time. Linda had started working at the
office a couple of years ago. She was the aide of head nurse Margaret Wyborn.
She was a tall, slender young woman with black hair, bone-white skin and dark
eyes. She had been attracted to her boss, John Becker, for a long time. She
was really in love with the guy but he seemed to be oblivious to her. He saw
her as a colleague and an employee. Nothing more. Linda knew she shouldn't do
this but she couldn't stand to see him in pain. She burst into his office,
unannounced, he stared at her.

"Geez! What's going on, Linda?" he asked.

"I'm here for you." Linda said.

"Huh?" said Becker.

Linda looked at him. "I want to be here for you, John." she said. "I'm in
love with you."

He looked at her. "Really?" he asked.

Linda smiled. "I would do anything for you, John." she said. "Even things
other girls would never do."

He couldn't believe his ears. He looked at Linda. She was a real nutcase. She
was okay. He liked her. He just never seriously considered anything with her.
Hmm. She was pretty, she was willing... he was horny and frustrated... He
decided to play the game. "I've got a confession to make." he said.

"What?" Linda asked.

"I love you, too." he said with a serious face.

"Oh, John." Linda said.

"Come to daddy." John Becker grinned, waiting for her with open arms.

Linda rushed to him and kissed him. They started to make out on the desk, and
undressed each other right there. They admired and caressed each other's fit,
nude bodies. Linda looked at John. He had a really nice body. Becker checked
her out. Cute face. Sexy body. Nice ass. Yummy!

She looked at John Becker and grinned. "Come here." she said.

Linda kissed John Becker. They undressed each other at the speed of light.
She licked his lips and his throat before caressing his neck and back. Her
hands went to his chest and played with his hair and caressed his hard,
muscular body. John moaned under her touch. She smiled and licked her way
down from his chest to his groin. She blew her breath on his groin and
kissed his sex. She watched as his cock came to life and grew to its full
size in a matter of seconds. She just had to get a taste of that beef. She
held his cock in her hand and started to lick the shaft. She licked the
head of his cock and pumped it up by moving her hand up and down on it.
She started to suck it until he was rock hard and then came. She drank his
seed until he was dry.

"How was this?" asked Linda.

John just laughed and pulled her into his arms. She put her arms around him
and they rolled around on the bed. John Becker caressed her and sucked on her
tits. She went straight for the dick. He parted her legs and entered her. She
moaned in sweet pleasure as he fucked her. He thrust into her, hard and fast.
He went into her slowly a bit later, making it last. She shrieked as he
fucked her. He shot his load inside her, and fell back onto the bed. They
remained in a tight embrace.

"Did you like your surprise?" John Becker asked Linda.

"Loved it." she said.

The End


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