Becker: Good To Be A Man (MF,anal,reluc)
by The Fan

Doctor John Becker, America's most outspoken, tough and quite frankly
uncompromisingly masculine, Harvard-educated physician walks into his office.
It's only six in the morning but he's there nonetheless. Why? Well, the moron
who's the super of his building didn't fix the heat, so our hero woke up in
the cold. His apartment was frosty. Becker went to the superintendent and
gave him a piece of his mind. Then, he got into his old car and took off. He
drove the streets of the Bronx and made his way to the office. When he got
there, the good doctor was in for a surprise.

As soon as he walked into his office, he noticed that things weren't the
way he left them. Becker got pissed and started one of his favorite rants.
Cursing everything and everyone under the sun. that's Becker for you. He
doesn't hold anything back. Man, woman, animal or inanimate object, if you
piss him off you're going to get what's coming to you. Little did Becker
know that he was not alone. His assistant, Linda, was in the office. Becker
gasped when he saw her. Linda smiled. The tall, slender, pretty-faced
brunette was wearing a long black leather duster which covered her whole

"Hello, doctor Becker," she said.

Becker looked her up and down, "Hey, Linda. What are you doing here so damn

Linda shrugged. "You really don't know, do you?"

Becker frowned. He really wasn't in the mood to play games. "Well, what is
it? Trouble at home?"

Linda shook her head. "I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, doctor Becker."

John Becker smiled. "Why, thank you, Linda." He crossed his arms and
grimaced. "How did you know?"

Linda smiled. "Doctor Becker, I always make sure I know what's going on with

Becker laughed. "Well, that's dedicated of you. Wait a minute, you're not
stalking me, are you?"

Linda smiled. "Nah, doctor Becker. I'm just a good friend who wanted to give
you a birthday present."

Becker smiled. "Really? Is Margaret in on this? Who put you up to this? Jake?
Chris? Regina? Hector? Come on, tell me!"

Linda smiled. "Nope."

Becker scratched his head. "Well, alright, Linda. You surprised me. Thanks.
I got to get to work now."

Linda smiled and stood closer to him. "Don't you want to know what your gift

Becker smiled. "No, not really. I hate parties, and surprises. You had a nice
thought, thanks, but no thanks."

Linda shook her head, then took off her long black leather jacket. Underneath
it, she was completely naked. Becker's eyes widened when he saw her.

"What do you think?" Linda asked seductively.

Becker looked her up and down. "Very nice, Linda. But I have to get back to

Linda pouted. "Don't you want to touch me?"

Becker laughed. "Look, Linda, you're pretty. But I don't sleep with people
who work for me."

Linda thought about it. John Becker wasn't the kind of man who easily got
into bed with anyone. Whoever tried to get to him had to wear him down. He
was like Blade the Vampire Hunter, only white, and older. But just as
handsome and stubborn. A manly man's man. The kind of man who was rare
these days. The kind of man she desperately craved. She had to get creative,
or he'd toss her out of the office and laugh it off later at the bar.

"I'm not working for you anymore," Linda said. "I quit as of yesterday."

Becker frowned. "Yeah, right. Margaret didn't tell me anything about this.
Why are you doing this, Linda?"

Linda let out a frustrated groan. "I want you, John! I always have!"

Becker looked at her. "What are you talking about, Linda?"

Linda hesitated, then let it out. "John, I've wanted you for years. I've
never met any man like you. You're the only real man in America. The only
man with guts in this man-hating ages. I've always loved you. Always."

Becker blanched. "Look, Linda, I think you're cute, but I'm twice your age.
Besides, you work for me. It wouldn't be proper."

Linda felt her heart skip a beat. Why was he so resistant? She wanted him.
She'd wanted him for years. For years she dressed sexily at the office, and
he never noticed. She made up nonexistent boyfriends to try to make him
jealous, but he didn't care. Maybe he simply did not want her. But she had
to try something...So she played the only card she had. She grabbed him and
started kissing him.

John Becker stood there, staring at Linda as she confessed her feelings. One
minute, she was going on and on about wanting him.

The next, she was kissing him. And surprisingly, he was kissing her back.

When their lips parted, Linda smiled and told him breathlessly. "Take me

John Becker hesitated, but only briefly. Truth be told, he hadn't gotten any
in a while and Linda was definitely kind of hot. So, he grabbed her and
started kissing her passionately. Linda was especially eager. She practically
ripped off his clothes. Soon, they stood naked before each other. Linda
looked at John's nude body. The tall, handsome and masculine doctor had a
good enough body. And he had a big dick, too. She couldn't wait to feel that
body of his.

Linda kissed Becker, all over. She played with his chest hairs and placed
gentle kisses on his lips and neck, while stroking his long and thick, uncut
and slightly bent cock. She felt it lengthening and thickening in her hand.

"Wow, John. How big is that thing?"

John smiled. "My manly tool is ten inches of Irishman power, babe."

Linda grinned, then got down to business. She knelt before John, and began
sucking on his cock. John caressed her hair as she sucked his cock and licked
his balls.

"That's it, Linda." He said. "Good technique."

Linda stopped sucking for a second. "Why, thank you, John. I learned in

John smiled and Linda resumed sucking on his Johnson. Pretty soon, she had
him nice and hard. She kept sucking him until he finally came, then she drank
his masculine seed. Linda loved the taste of John's sperm. And she let him

"You taste good, doctor." Linda said. "Better than most I've been with.
What's your secret?"

John laughed. "Becker family secret, Linda. If I told you, I'd have to kill

Linda laughed, and resumed licking his cock, sucking every last drop of cum
out of it. When she was done, she looked up at him. "What do you want to do
now, doctor Becker?"

Becker laughed. "Lick the cat." With that, he grabbed Linda and pulled her
into his arms. He kissed her again, and fondled her breasts. While sucking on
her tits, his hands went between her legs. He slid a finger inside her, and
Linda gasped.

"Oh, John. Do that again!"

Grinning, John added another finger, and continued licking her tits. Linda
spread her legs, welcoming John's probing digits inside her. His fingers were
so long and thick. She couldn't wait to feel something else inside her. But
John made her wait. Practicing the most enjoyable of tortures. He propped her
up on his desk, and spread her legs. He licked a path from her breasts to her
belly, before diving right between her legs. He breathed in the smell of her
pussy, decided he liked it, then began licking away.

Linda felt John's fingers and tongue probing her slit. The good doctor seemed
to really know his stuff. "Lick that pussy, John," she pleaded. "Fuck it

John continued what he was doing, licking and probing her pussy, getting
Linda wetter and wetter. He went on until Linda couldn't take it anymore and
begged him to stop. He teased her just a little bit longer, partly because he
felt like it but mostly because he's John Becker.

"What do you want to do now, Becker?" Linda asked, getting up from the desk.

John looked at Linda's sexy ass. "I've got to confess, I've sometimes thought
of that ass of yours."

Linda smiled. "Really? I loved showing it off for you. Why do you think I
wear tight pants all the time?"

John smiled and nodded. "So, have you ever tried, you know, Greek love?"

Linda grinned. "Are you asking me to have anal sex with you?"

John nodded. "Well, yeah. I want your ass, Linda."

Linda grinned. "Grab some lube, doc, and let's have a crack at it." She
laughed. "Pun intended."

And have a crack at it they did. John looked for some lubricant. He finally
found some hand lotion. "Where's the KY when you need it?" He said, almost
to himself.

"Margaret and Bob probably used it all up," Linda said evenly.

John laughed. "What do you mean, Bob and Margaret are an item."

Linda laughed. "Yeah, John. And from what I hear, they're both into Greek
love, if you know what I mean."

John grinned. "What a world. Oh, well. Let's do this."

Linda grinned. "Finally." With that, she assumed her favorite position. She
got on all fours and stuck her cute little round booty in the air, then
spread her sexy butt cheeks invitingly.

"What are you waiting for, doc?" She asked, almost pouting.

John looked at Linda's ass and felt his cock harden again. He took the lotion
and rubbed it all over his cock. Then, he smeared some of the liquid on her
puckered asshole, getting it nice and slick.

"It's cold," Linda said. John laughed. "Don't worry, I'll warm you up."

With that, he placed his cock against Linda's asshole, and pushed. Slowly, he
worked his cock into Linda's ass, which was surprisingly tight. John had anal
sex before, with Regina Costa and, one drunken night, with Jake. People who
regularly engaged in anal sex had supple holes, not airtight fortresses.

"Wow, you're tight," John said, wincing as he pushed his cock deeper into
Linda's ass.

Linda grimaced. "I do special exercises to tighten my buns, but I love anal

John laughed. "I bet with you." With that, he clapped her sexy ass and Linda
yelped in surprise. She smiled. "Do it again."

John did, and thrust his cock deeper into Linda's ass. He withdrew his cock
from her asshole partially, smeared it with lotion before putting it back
inside. Holding her by the hips, he thrust into her. Linda screamed in
pleasure and backed up her butt, driving him deeper inside her.

"Give it to me, doc!" She screamed. "Fill my ass with that big cock!"

John laughed. "Gee, Linda, you sound like a porno movie!"

Linda laughed. "You should see my porn collection!"

John grinned. This was fun. "Wait, I want to try something else," he said.

"What?" Linda asked, smiling. "Is it kinky?"

John shook his head. "I want to look at you, face to face, when we do it."

Linda nodded. "Okay, that's cool, I guess. Most guys I've done anal with
prefer me on my hands and knees."

John scoffed. "I'm not most guys, my dear. I am a man."

Slowly, he pulled out of Linda, and helped her get up. They tried a new
position. She lay on the desk, on her back, legs in the air. John came and
positioned himself between her legs. He took the lotion bottle and doused
both his cock and her ass with its contents.

"Ready for this, babe?" John asked.

Linda nodded, then smiled cheerfully. "Let's get rocking, doc!"

Smiling, John put his cock back inside her ass. He pushed himself deeper into
her. Linda looked at him and winced, then smiled bravely. She wrapped her
arms around him, wanting him deeper inside her. It hurt like you would not
believe, to have all of his cock inside her, but it also felt good. Wickedly
good. Besides, she wanted to please John, whom she loved. She ignored the
pain. And took the cock up her butt like a champ. All for the man she loved.
Looking at him lovingly, she smiled.

John thrust into Linda, feeling her tight ass yield to the power of his
passionate penetration. So, this is what sex with a woman who was as into it
as you were felt like. Who knew? He looked into Linda's eyes, and
He didn't have a name for it. But he knew what it was. Something none of his
ex-wives or girlfriends had in their eyes when they looked at him. But Linda
had it. It excited and thrilled him like he couldn't believe. A wave of
pleasure, both emotional and physical, coursed through him. Linda looked at
him and held him tighter as the same pleasure emanating from him filled her
as well.

They remained like this, locked in a passionate embrace, on his desk. Linda
was the first one to speak. "Wow, John, that You were...we were...
damn, good. Wow."

John grinned, that trademark John Becker grin of his. "You don't have to tell
me, Linda. I was there."

Linda laughed. This was bona fide John Becker. The man. The myth. The doctor.
The hero. But mostly the man.

"You're something else, John." She said, earnestly.

John smirked. "Oh, yeah. And you know it."

Linda grinned. Boy, she loved this man. And she always would. They kissed

"I love you, John," she said. John blinked. Linda smiled, then put a finger
on his sexy masculine lips. "You don't have to say anything, John. This isn't
an ultimatum. I'm just letting you know."

John smiled. "You're terrific, you know that?"

Linda smiled. "I've been told, but go on."

John smirked. "Hey, I'm done complimenting you today. Say, want to go another

Linda smiled. "Sure." Laughing, they happily romped away in a way that would
make a Roman orgy partaker blush.

Two hours later, when Margaret came to the office, she was in for a surprise.
She found John Becker and Linda in each other's arms, semi dressed, deeply
asleep on the couch. She stood there and smiled.

"It's about time," she said, mostly to herself.

The End


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