This story is not meant to be taken seriously. I watched an episode of
Baywatch recently and thought of this story as I was watching. I repeat.
This is a story strictly of fiction! Enjoy!

Pamela Anderson as CJ
Alexandra Paul as Steph
David Hasselhoff as Mitch
David Chockachi as Cody
Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline
Gena Lee Nolin as Neely
Old Man as Old Man


Baywatch: The Troubles Of CJ (f/f,m/f,ncon)
by Adam ([email protected])

Chapter 1: Consoling CJ

It was nearing dusk and Cody and CJ were still out on the beach arguing
about how Cody was not being as sincere as he was at the beginning of their
relationship. CJ was telling him that if he didnt want to be apart of the
relationship then he should at least be a man and tell her. She then stormed
off. Cody just kept walking down the beach.

CJ stormed into the Baywatch Headquarters and went to the dressing room. She
had been in there for about an hour before Stephanie came in. She saw CJ had
a bottle of Jack Daniels that was just about empty. She came in and sat down
beside her. She asked her if she wanted to talk about it.

CJ started to cry and said, "He just acts like I'm not good enough for him
anymore. It seems as if everything I do, he dosen't appreciate it."

Stephanie brought her closer and gave her a hug. She then told her, "You'll
get through it, right now I'm going through the same thing with Mitch. I
tried for 3 years to get him to take me out on a glorious vacation and right
now he is out with Skylar on his yacht."

As she reached for the Jack Daniels, which by now was just about gone, she
drank the last of it and put her hand on CJ's leg. CJ stared at it for a
minute as Stephanie started moving up the leg.

"You know CJ, they say that noone can please a woman like a woman."

CJ just turned away with her back now facing Steph.

"I'm sorry CJ, I'm not trying to be pushy, but you will get over him."

"I know, its just im so tired of it. Everything I do.."

"I know what you need. You need one of my world famous back rubs." She
started to rub her back. "You know CJ, this would feel a whole lot better if
you would remove your shirt. You can't get the full affect of the massage
with your shirt on."

"I don't know Steph, what if someone came in?"

As Steph started grabbing the bottom of the shirt, "What's the problem all
I'm doing is giving you a massage?'

Steph got the shirt off and started rubbing again. She got to just about the
middle of the back when she started to undo CJ's bra.

CJ turned around and said, "Steph I want to thank you for everything, but I'm
just not into women like that."

Steph then told her, "Relax hun, I'm not either I just want to give you one
of my excellent massages."

CJ agreed and let her undo her bra. Just as quickly as she undid it there
were CJ's two most beautiful breasts. Steph complemented her on the size and
beauty of the two. She told her that she had never seen such beautiful
breasts before. She took off her tight red bathing suit. She cupped her
tiny titty jokingly and said that she didnt have much to work with.

CJ tried not to look but everytime Steph said something they would go up and
down and catch her attention again. Steph told her that she would love to
give her a full body massage, and no longer then she got the words out of her
mouth she started rubbing the front of CJ's chest.

CJ was shocked, but decided that she never had a full body massage before, so
she let it contiue. Steph told her that she could do it alot better if she
would remove her ass hugging cutt-off shorts and lay down on the bench. It
must of been the alcohol finally setting in because she just did it with no

There she was laying there in her red thong riding up her nice round ass.
Soon after she layed on her chest Steph sat down on top of her ass and
started to rub her back again. She got down to her ass and started to
squeeze it tightly. CJ started to moan a little bit and Steph knew she had
her after that.

Before she knew it Steph was kissing her neck. The sensation was sent from
her neck down to her toes and she just let loose. She rolled over as Steph's
lips made contact with CJ's. As Steph's tongue enterd her mouth she greeted
it with her's. Then Steph started to slid her tounge down CJ's yellowish
petite body until she was met by CJ's red thong.

She took her two fingers and slowly slid the thong down until she got to the
knees and then on down and threw it on the floor. Steph then made her way
back up the slender body of CJ kissing every inch of it. She made her way
back to CJ's clit where she buried her head inside and started to eat her

CJ started moaning with excitement. She couldn't help but pull Steph's head
up and began to kiss her as she got on top. She slowly licked her way down
Steph's body as she approached her already moist clit. She spread the two
lips as she started to lick back and forth as Stephanie screamed in

As CJ finished up and started kissing her way up Stephanie's body they heard
a voice. CJ got off Steph and started to pick up her clothes. Just then
Caroline walked in. As she walked in she saw the two naked women standing
there and all she could do was stare.

"We were just getting ready to go out for a late night swim. Your welcome to
come along," said Stephanie.

"No I think I'll just change and head home. I'll see you there right?" and
then she got her stuff and left.

Steph told CJ that she was sorry about that. She just admired her since the
first day she saw her. CJ told her that it was her "pleasure" and the two

Chapter 2: Cody Makes His Choice

After that exhilarating pep talk by Stephanie CJ finally built up the courage
to tell Cody what she thought. She made her way to his house. When she got
there she heard a female voice inside, but couldn't make out who it was. She
knocked on the door and Cody came to the door wearing the boxer shorts that
CJ had givin him that year for Christmas. He looked suprised to see her.

"What are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow," he said.

CJ looked at him and said, "Look I know we've been through a lot the last
couple of years and I know that you love me and I love you. I just hope that
we can work this out whatever it is."

After saying that he invited her in.

"Is there something wrong with me? Do you not find me as attractive anymore,
or is it... Another girl?"

Cody told her the truth. "You're still as beautiful as the day we met, its
just that... Well... I have found somebody else."

This news about floored CJ. As she burst out in tears she asked who? Just
as she finished asking out from the bedroom comes Caroline.

"Your old news Bitch... Cody don't want you any..."

Cody butted in, "I never said I don't want her, I just said I want you too."

They both looked at him. CJ then got up and stood next to Caroline.

"Pick... you want her you got her, you want me you got me, but there is no
way in hell I'm sharing you."

Cody thought to himself for a minute. "You both want me right, I mean you'll
do anything to keep me as long as its to yourself am I correct?"

They both agreed.

"Well then I got a little idea."

The girls looked at each other perplexed.

"We're gonna play a little game on who is the best looking, most obedient,
and most adventuristic."

They both smiled.

"First off I want you both to strip down."

CJ started to remove her shirt as Caroline followed. They both got down to
their underwear when he told them to keep going. CJ and Cody had never had
sex in the 3 years that they were seeing each other, and up till the little
session with Steph she was a virgin she would barely let him even feel her

Caroline on the other hand everyone knew was a slut. She had been with just
about every male that was a lifeguard and who knew about the women. As
Caroline was standing there without anything on, CJ looked over at her and
then back at Cody.

"CJ is there a problem? Because right now your not showing much

She quickly threw her bra and panties aside. They stood there side by side
butt naked as Cody spoke up.

"Well isn't this a site. Now lets move on... 1 out of our 3 contests out of
the way. It was tough but Caroline was the most obident one out of the 2.
Our next test is adventuristic."

Cody told Caroline since she won the last one that she would go first. He
told her to suck on CJ's tits. Caroline never has had a sexual affair with
a woman and was a little vigourous at first but made her way to CJ's tits.
She started to gently kiss them at first, but Cody told her that he said
suck on them. She made her way down to the dark part of the tit and started
sucking on her nipples.

Cody was noticing that as she sucked CJ was getting more and more turned on
by the way her hand was moving down towards her pussy. He told her that was
enough and told CJ it was her turn. He told CJ to lay Caroline down and eat
her out. CJ was shocked. She could never do this in front of someone else.
But she had too she loved Cody so much.

She took Caroline over to the couch and took her by the nice round hips
and layed her down. CJ then got on all fours and took her fingers to part
Caroline's pussy lips. Much to her surprise Caroline was already wet. CJ
then just started to lick Caroline's pussy and took her hand and cupped one
of Caroline's tits. Caroline let out a holler and started rubbing the other
tit. CJ licked her way up Caroline's body until she got to her tits and
started sucking on them. As she made her way up to Caroline's mouth she
started sucking on her lips. Cody told them that was enough.

"Ok. That test is over and it looks as if CJ was the most adventuristic. So
that means we have a tie, and there is one test left. But that is a no
brainer. I'm going to have to choose Caroline. Sorry CJ I hope you find a
nice man or woman that makes you happy."

They both laugh as CJ gets dressed and makes her way out the door.

Chapter 3: CJ's Abduction

CJ made her way back to the Baywatch Headquarters where she changed to her
flowerd bikini and decided to take a late night stroll on the beach and maybe
a swim. She got changed and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Look at yourself, you got the best tits in all of Baywatch. You've got the
best ass not to mention your smile, why even waste your time with that no
good Cody?"

As she started to leave she once again started to cry. As she walked along
the beach, the warm summer air hit her and she decided that she would go in.
She made her way to the docks and ran into the water. The water felt great
it wasn't too cold, but it wasent too warm. It was perfect. She swam for
about 20 minutes and she noticed the waves were starting to get pretty big.
She decided that she would make her way back to the beach.

As she started going she got sucked under by one of the waves and it took her
and threw her into on of the support boards on the dock. She was instantly
knocked out. A husky old man saw her laying in the water and looked around
to see if anyone was around. He noticed he was all alone so he threw her
over his shoulder and took her to an abandoned warehouse.

CJ woke up about 15 minutes later and noticed that she couldn't move her arms
or legs. She was strapped to a bed. She started to scream but saw the big
husky old man coming towards her. He was a tall muscular man. She couldn't
make out his face because he was in the shadows.

As he walked towards her she noticed that his face had been severely burnt.
She was horrified. She began to scream hoping that maybe somebody passing by
would hear her and help her. He quickly put his hand over her mouth and told
her that if she didn't cooperate that he would have no problem in killing
her. She was trembling as tears started to run down her face. He took his
hand off of her mouth and wiped the tears away.

"Wha... what do you want with me?" she asked.

"I think we both know what I want, its just the fact of you accepting it.
Look at me, I'm a 39 year old man with facial features of a demon. What
girl would have sex with me? And then I found you. You fit into my plan

"Plan? What plan... I just want to go home... I promise I wont tell noone
you're here."

"You don't get it do you bitch, I'm grotesque. I've been like this since I
was 10 years old so I have never had sex before until now."

CJ just started balling, "Please don't do this to me... I promise if you let
me go I wont tell noone."

He put his hand on her nice long slender legs and started to rub up and down.
She started to scream again.

"Did you not understand you dirty slut, I will have no problem in killing you
and don't you even think that anyone will find you because this warehouse has
been abandoned for years."

She stopped screaming and closed her eyes and tried to imagine that this was
all a dream. He moved his hands to her belly and started his way up until he
got to the bottom of her bikini top.

"Now we can't have this thing interuppting our little journey can we?"

Taking his fingers and untiing the back and removing the top. He stared at
her as her tits jiggled around until coming to a stop. He took both hands
and started to man handle her tits. He then made a trail with his fingers
down to her bikini bottoms. He slid them down her legs with his teeth and
kissed his way back up to her pussy. He started kissing on her tits as he
took his fingers and rubbed them on top of her pussy lips. He stuck his
fingers inside of her and started to finger her. He started to kiss her on
the lips when he just couldnt take it anymore. He took his pants down and
jumped on top of her. He drove his cock into her pussy making her let out
a screech in pain.

She had never had anything that big inside of her. She told him to take it
out it was too big, but he just jabbed it in farther. He placed his hands
over her mouth as she continued to scream. He about blew his load inside of
her when he took it out and stuck his dick in her mouth. He told her that
if she did anything other then suck on it she would be dead.

She started to suck on it and about 2 minutes later he shot his load inside
her mouth. He told her to swallow. She did. Just then Neely came in and
pointed a gun at the guy. He tried to tell her he found her like this and
went to the table to grab his gun when she shot him.
Neely ran over to the bed and started to untie CJ.

Chapter 4: Neely's Discovery

Neely was trying to untie the knots when she started to check out CJ.

"I'm so glad you came in Neely, I'm sure he was going to kill me after all

"Dont worry CJ, your safe from him now, but not safe from me. I think I like
you like this."

CJ just looked up at her perplexed. When Neely cupped one of CJ's tits into
her hand. "Neely what are you doing?"

"Just relax, Stephanie told me all about your little experience. Trust me
I'm a whole lot better."

CJ didn't know what to do. She tried to squirm, but she was still bound by
the ropes. Neely kept rubbing her tits when she leened down and kissed her.
CJ felt her tongue on her lips and she just opened up. The two tongues met
and the sensation raced through Neely's body.

She took off her shirt and exposed her two perfect round tits. CJ was amazed
at the beauty of Neely tits. She just stared at them as neely took down her
shorts. Not only did she not wear a bra, but she wasn't even wearing
underwear. Neely sprawled out ontop of CJ and rub bed her pussy against

She started to kiss CJ again sucking on her tongue as she led her fingers
down until they met CJ's pussy. She teased it by just gently rubbing the top
of it making her pussy beg to be touched. When finally she entered. She
took the free hand and maneuverd it behind CJ to her ass. She rubbed her ass
and slid her fingers in and out of CJ's moist slit.

CJ was in heaven. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed this when Neely
finished fingering her she turned around and switched to the "69" position.
She started to lick her juices that had come out of her pussy as CJ did the
same to her. Neely started to kiss the area around the pussy, as CJ starts
to lick hers back and forth. Neely then stuck her tongue inside her pussy
and started to move it in a circular motion. CJ let out a light moan.

Neely got off of her and started at Cj's feet and kissed her way up until she
got to her forehead and she gave her one final peck on the forehead. Neely
then started to untie CJ again and got her untied. They both got back
dressed and CJ gave Neely a hug.

"Thank you so much for everything. I don't know what would of happend
without you."

"No hun... Thank you." and the two left together.

The End

You are welcome to do whatever you want to this story but I would appreciate
it if you would email me the revised story if you revise it I hope that you
enjoyed it and just remeber that this was fiction!!

[email protected]


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