Baywatch: Summer Quinn's Rape (MF,oral,anal,hand,ncon)
by Lost Soul

This day, this Sunday, this normal day of a normal week had started like any
other Sunday had and might and would: This Sunday, as every Sunday, only a
crew of Lifeguards was on duty, and this crew liked being on duty on a Sunday
as much as having the flue. Saturdays and Sundays were the two days were most
things would happen during a week. Weekends meant, that the beaches were
crowded and that meant that all the Lifeguards were constantly under stress
since on those two days most people acted like they had no idea that swimming
in the Pacific Ocean was a dangerous thing to do. Normal Sundays meant a lot
of work...

But this Sunday was different.

On this special day, almost all the beaches on the L.A. coast were closed. A
bad weather front was heading for the shore and there was not much left to
do. Every precaution had been taken, and now only that skeleton crew was on
duty as a fail safe.

But in Summer Quinn's opinion, it was a waste of time: No one was there to
protect. No normal human being would go for a swim on a dark and cloudy day
like this; especially not when a storm front was on its way.

The young woman, now in the typical bright red Lifeguard-Swimsuit, had come
to L.A. only a few weeks ago to become a Californian Lifeguard. When she had
passed the entrance exam, the twenty years old girl from the Midwest had been
the luckiest girl in the whole wide United States...if not on the entire
planet. A few weeks of training...learning, sweating and crying helplessly,
had made her a Lifeguard. It hadn't been easy, but the slim and petite girl
had done it. She now was officially a Californian Lifeguard. The grin on her
young face just wasn't meant to leave.

And, even now, that she had to do this meaningless shift on a dull Sunday,
the young woman in that bright-red swimsuit kept on smiling at anything and
anyone that would come up to her attention. Not that there was much attention
to be paid. She and two other lifeguards (one male, one female) were confined
to spend the day in the Baywatch-Headquarter. It was one deserted building
that normally would buzz with activity. But now...

Summer sighed and kept on walking up and down on the upper level. She was
looking out for anything unusual, aside from the fact that an empty beach
certainly was an unusual thing to observe on the Californian coastline.

"Just empty...just empty...," she placed her hands on her hips and turned her
head from left to right, "no one accept you my stormy friend."

Some lines were forming on Summer's forehead when she saw the sky getting
darker and darker. And there, somewhere in the distance, she could hear the

A small shiver ran down her spine when she thought about the next few hours.
And if this storm would not pass within the next few hours, Summer and her
colleagues were forced to spend the night and the upcoming Monday in this
lonely building. Not that she had to worry about anything...they were save in
the Headquarter, so much was sure. Her boss, Mitch, had told them so often,
that he had lived through some thunderstorms in his lifetime. And when it
came to this building, he had absolute confidence in the work of whoever had
built it.

Summer sighed again and shook her head slightly. Well, she thought, if my
boss has this much confidence in this house, who am I to question him? A
small smile (not the usual smile about her new job), crept onto her features
and Summer turned around, pacing the room in a slow and somehow bored kind
of way.

Ever so often, the young girl with the dark blonde hair lifted her head in
order to take a glance around. And every time nothing happened but the built
up of really bad weather...

Thunder echoed in the distance and due to the never changing way things
folded out before her, Summer somehow slid into an almost meditative state
of mind. And when her mind almost slipped into a light sleep the young woman
stumbled and almost fell to the ground, with the result, that she broke out
into a loud giggle.


At this very moment Summer could hear someone coming up from the lower level
of the Baywatch-Headquarter.

- Of course, right now when I make an idiot out of myself -

"Hey, Summer!" Matt smiled at her.


"What happened?"

She smiled back.

"Do me a favor, Matt, and don't tell anyone what you just witnessed."

The young man again smiled at her.

"My lips are sealed."

Suddenly a loud bang seemed to shake the foundation of the wooden House.
Summer let out a scream of surprise and whirled around. She saw lightning
zipping down from an almost black sky. Rain, massive in quantity, accompanied
the roaring thunder and the world turned into a living hell.

Matt looked at her.

"My God."

Summer nodded, unsure of what to do next.

What was she...what were they supposed to do anyway? There would be no one on
the beach, and the Headquarter was safe...or so she hoped.

"We better check if everything is tightened and safe," Matt said.

Summer nodded, again.

"Yes...but maybe I should remain up here...I don't know."

"No, come with me. There is no one to protect up least at the


Summer and her friend started running down the stairs. Half way down Sue, the
other, female lifeguard appeared on the stairway.

"What happened?"

Matt pointed downwards.

"The End of the world happens...let's get down and see...," he seemed to be
out of breath, "...let's see if everything is alright."

Sue nodded and turned on her naked heel.

The three, young lifeguards made their way into the lower level and split up
to find out if every door and every window was safe and secure.

Summer took the way to the garage, where all the bright-yellow SUV's were
parked. She pulled open the adjoining door...

And when she had made it three steps into the garage...when the door had hit
the frame again, she looked up...

And she looked up into the barrel of a gun.

* * *

Summer stopped in the middle of her step, her mouth as wide open as her eyes.
She instantly felt her heart racing...fear jumped at her like a predator.

"Stop, right there..."

Summer gulped away some saliva and found herself looking into the dirty
features of a man.

"Who are you!" he yelled at her.

She did not answer him immediately, taken aback by her fear and surprise.


But the man did not seem to be a very patient man; the man hit the young
woman square in her face.

Summer stumbled backwards while she let out a scream of surprise. Her left
foot hit the doorframe and she went down. While she tried to get back her
orientation, the man came closer...standing tall over her and looking down
on a frightened and young lifeguard in a bright red swimsuit.


"I...," again she tried to swallow up some saliva, only to figure out, that
there was none left, "I am a Los Angeles County Lifeguard. And you are in the
Lifeguard Headquarter, Sir."

He smiled at her, and then lifted his head to look left and right while
Summer tried to get to her feet again. And then two other men came into view:
One short and bulky looking creature, and one very fragile man. They all were
dressed in Jeans and Jeans-Shirts...

And then there was something else, the young woman noticed: They were
constantly looking around them, as if they were running away from something
or someone.

"Are there any other Lifeguards around?" Guy number one asked her while
Summer tried to get up.

Within this short moment the girl tried to think if it would be right to
answer him correctly...or if she should keep her mouth shut. Maybe Matt and
Sue could overcome those men...maybe...

But this thinking wasn't doing her any good. It took Summer too long to come
to a solution to her problems, and the guy number one grabbed her by her
throat. With a panic filled scream, she stumbled backwards again. This time
her young body hit one thin wall and her hands went upwards to her throat by
instinct. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think...

"Answer me, bitch...or I will kill you on the spot. Wouldn't be the first

-Wouldn't be the first time....-

Now she knew where they had come from.

And...hadn't she heard the News just a few hours ago? Hadn't they talked
about some men who had escaped one L.A. Jail...

They were here...they were here in the Headquarter, right here in front of
Summer Quinn...


-A told them about Matt and Sue...-

She could have hit herself for giving away that information.

But the grip around her throat loosened and she could gasp for air again.

"Alright...," the man grabbed her by her left arm and pulled Summer away from
the wall. Then he hit her in her back with the other hand in order to show
her into the direction she had just come from.

"Show us to or something," he then turned and bent
down a little. Summer could see him grabbing a rifle.

"Go, my little pussy...go or I will kill you."

Summer's heart was racing fast in her chest. She felt blood pumping in her
temples and knew that fear had her in its grip.

-Think Summer, think...-

She went back towards the stairs that led upwards and expected to see Matt
and Sue.

-Oh my God...-

They were alone...with no help in sight. Only Summer, Matt and Sue against
three brutal criminals.

* * *

The upper level was deserted. Neither Matt, nor Sue was back from their tour
to check the safety of the building. Only black clouds and a now massive
pouring rain greeted the three criminals and their young hostage.

"Alright then...get onto the couch."

The leading man pushed Summer very hard in the back, and the young Lifeguard
stumbled forward, only to be stopped by the red sofa that her boss Mitch
loved so very much. She sat down, shaking with fear and unable to say or at
least think something straight.

"Where are your friends?"

He approached her and pulled out some old looking gun from his black belt. He
leaned forward and pushed the gun against her head.

"Where are those Lifeguards, bitch?!"

Summer's heart kept on racing in a very fast pace; her eyes were wide open
and her fingers were digging into the fabric of the sofa.

"Down...downstairs, checking..."

"Checking for what?"

Lines of suspicion formed on his forehead. He heard something like 'checking'
and immediately thought about cops.

"Storm...I mean..."

"Shut up, pussy. I know what you mean."

Then he turned on one heel and headed for his friends. They stood together in
a very tight circle and kept on whispering. Summer shook with fear and felt
disgust for herself at the same time. She was a trained Lifeguard after all.
She was supposed to do something. There would be...she...

-Oh my God, I cannot even form a straight thought. I am not worth anything...
not worth being a Lifeguard...-

"Hey Summer, everything is..."

She looked over to stairs that led downwards: Matt's head was sticking out of
that hole, unaware of the dangers that awaited him up here.

The moment, the young man realized what was happening, one of the three guys
had leapt over to him and kicked him in the head.

Summer let out a loud and very fearful scream. They had hurt him...maybe he
was dead...

She jumped up from the sofa and ran over to the stairs without a thought
about her own well being.


Summer wanted to follow him downstairs, wanted to check if he was alright,
when she was grabbed from behind.

Rough and strong fingers closed around her arms and held her back.

"Where are you going, Pussy? You stay here, with us..."

It was the leader of that criminal Rat-Pack who held her firmly in his grip.

"We have something for you that this little Lifeguard of yours won't be able
to give you."

The two other men, who so far had been very quiet, started to roar with

"Yes...didn't have a woman in years."

That was all the young woman had to hear.

In horror she stopped moving and closed her eyes for one moment. They had
just told her that they would rape her....

"No...Matt please....!"

The leader now whirled the young Lifeguard around and let Summer fly through
the room. Again she landed on the sofa...shaking and helpless.

"," he pointed at one of his quiet colleagues, "you go checking for
that Matt-Guy."

The man nodded and hurried after Summer's friend.

* * *

She felt her own breathing more pronounced that usual; could hear her
heartbeat echoing in her ears...felt sweat and goose bumps at the same time:
Summer was in fear. No, she was in terror and totally not in control over the
situation. The young woman involuntarily grabbed the fabric of the sofa with
her fingers, pushed them as deep into the material as it was possible. She
looked at the leading man with his dirty, greasy hair, with his muscles and
his gun. Summer Quinn did not act as she thought a Lifeguard would do, was
required to do. And for this lack of strength the girl in the skintight red
swimsuit hated herself.

"And you go look after that other Lifeguard... Get those young people up

The other man gave his boss the slightest of nods when he made his way to the
lower level of the building...

And than they were alone in the upper level of the Baywatch-Headquarter of
the L.A. County.

It was almost quiet there with only the up building storm outside to cause
a distant sound. Rain hit the large window front and one young heart was
pounding in one chest, sending signals of fear in a very frightened young
Summer Quinn.

Otherwise there was no sound, and one could have heard only the sound of
beating hearts.

The Leader crossed the room with a knowing smile on his face; he even put the
gun on one desk before he reached his target.

But finally the slim man stood in front of an old sofa, looking down on one
shivering, young woman who had wrapped her arms around her upper body. The
young woman looked up at his with widened eyes and visible goose-bumps on her
smooth skin.

"And little Lifeguard...we come to our fate."

* * *

Summer started to crawl back; she wanted to get as far away from this man as
was possible, only to figure out, that there was no escape.

"Get up...little soldier."

He stood tall over the young woman, knowing which power he possessed.

"On your feet," he said, sounding angry.

Summer did not want to experience him being angry. She stood up, somehow
hoping that her compliance would please him. And, maybe, when he felt more at
ease, he...would think about harming a young lifeguard who would be marked
for life if he raped her...

The man grabbed her by her shoulders, bending down, looking into Summer's

"Do you have any idea, my little, beautiful girl, how much time has passed
since I had a woman?"

Summer did not know how much time had passed, and so, though she knew that
his question was only a rhetorical one, shook her head.

"No? No, I did not think so. But let me tell you this, girl," and his hands
slowly slid down her arms, "it's been too long."

The man went backwards, pulling her along till they stood in the middle of
the room.

"You are a very beautiful young woman, you know that?"

This time she nodded.

"Well, of course you know that, girl...and, by the way...what's your name,

"My name...," she stuttered.

"Yes," he said in a very quiet voice, "your name. I think it would be prudent
for me to know your name, girl. Somehow it isn't right when I call out 'Oh my
little Lifeguard' when we make love."

* * *

Her mouth stood wide open, her breathing stopped and her brain just couldn't
believe what it had just been fed to process.

"What...," Summer whispered.

The man grinned...

"You heard me. You know, girl, it'll be some time till the storm has passed,
and I think me and my buddies will need to do something to kill time. And
then...," he made a gesture that was supposed to tell her that all his
reasoning was perfectly natural, "...and then as I told you...we need to fuck
a woman. And you, you are just my type. the way again, what was your
name again?"

Summer kept on looking into his brutal features. Only slowly did her mind
comprehend that she had to say something...that she had to do something in
order to prevent that rape from happening.

" name is Summer Quinn."

He nodded.

" the endless summer in California."

"Please, Mister, please don't do that to me. Please...I don't want to have
sex with you. Please show mercy."

-Show mercy...- Summer shook her head -yeah, that's mercy. Now
he will show you mercy and won't fuck you, Summer. Good words...-

Again the tips of his mouth went upwards. And now his hands started to move
upwards as well. When they had reaches Summer's shoulders, they stopped.

"You know, Summer...I know what you are thinking: Of course you don't want to
have sex with me. Of course you want me to go away before I stick my cock
into your openings...that is perfectly normal. But you know what?"

Summer looked at him with open eyes, knowing that her fate had been sealed
the moment she had seen him and his friends downstairs.

"Well, Summer...the truth will not be asked if it is OK for you.
You will not be asked...the only thing you'll have to do is...spreading your
legs, opening up your mouth and bending forward. The rest will be done by

He smiled again...

"And...I do not care if you like being fucked by me, or not."

She simply stared at him and somehow did not know what to do or to say. The
man whispered one final word...


Then the leader of those Inmates shoved his dirty and rough fingers
underneath the shoulder strap of her bright red swimsuit.

"I think I will fuck you right now, little Summer."

"No," her young face became a mask of disgust and fear while Summer pulled
back, only to realize that he still had his left hand on her shoulder,

The young lifeguard stumbled backwards, wanted to get away from the dirty and
mean man as far as was possible.

But he just smiled at her and closed the fingers of his left hand around her
right arm.

"You stay here, my little stay here."

He pulled her closer and inhaled her scent.

"Oh you smell wonderfully, little Summer...and God will I like it to have my
big cock in...there..."

She hadn't noticed his right hand moving away from the shoulder strap. But as
fast as his moves were, that hand had moved down...and now when the man spoke
those words of intimidation, he had those rough and dirty fingers on the
height of her lap...still a little away from there destiny...

"What...were...," confused and in terror as she was, Summer did not
comprehend the meaning of his words, obvious as they were, she
subconsciously knew it already.


And with that one word, the leader of those criminals shoved his right hand
between Summer Quinn's legs and pressed the fingers hard against her vagina.

* * *

Her mouth dropped open and air escaped her lungs when Summer froze solid
over. She felt the pressure against the vagina, felt the fingertips caressing
her, pressing down, pressing the thin but durable material of her swimsuit
entering her vagina a little. And then...the pressure against the clitoris...
he unwanted but inescapable rush of pleasure...


Again the young woman tried to break free...again her face became a mask of
terror and disgust while she tried walking backwards, away from her captor.


"Please let me go..."

Only when she heard that other voice for the second time, Summer realized
that one of his men had come back from the lower level.

The leader then withdrew his hand from her lap and even turned away and
around to face the other man.


His voice definitely sounded angry when he stared at the other criminal.

"Well...," the other guy seemed to realize that he somehow had disturbed his
boss when he scratched the back of his head.

"What is it, dam it?"

"We have taken care of the other two Lifeguards. They are tied up in one
storage room. you want me to bring her as well?"

Slowly the leader was calming down and Summer's fear grew.

"," he interrupted himself and looked at his young prey, "you two
will come up here and I...," he again placed his right hand onto her left
shoulder and again started pulling down the shoulder strap of her swimsuit
till Summer's left breast was exposed...

The breast was moving slightly when the confinements of the swimsuit was
taken away abruptly and Summer looked at her own breast with eyes that were
wide open.

"No...," she whispered.

"Yes...," he said and cupped her breast.

The second man was grinning all over his dirty face when he saw his boss
massaging the girl's breast.

"Me and my new lover...Summer...will go downstairs, looking for one private
place where we can show us how much we want to fuck each other..."

The second man nodded.

"OK, Boss...I will tell...him and be back in a sec..."

The leader did not pay much attention to those words. He simply kept looking
into the young face while he pressed his fingers deep into the soft but firm
flesh of Summer Quinn's left breast.

In one brief second, the young woman wondered why she did not try to pull
back this time. She simply stared at him, feeling the changing pressure on
her breast...and that the nipple became erect in only one moment.

"Oh, my little lover, I see that you cannot wait to have me in your pussy

Then he started laughing. And it was a loud and roaring laugh that flooded
the upper level of the Baywatch Headquarter.

* * *

Summer Quinn dreaded the moment the other two men arrived. She did have to
endure his massage of her breast, but even worse was the constant fear of
the rape that was to follow. Never in her young life did she have sex before.
As strange and backwards as some people would think about this lifestyle of
a young and beautiful girl, as much was her believe that giving away her
virginity was a very important thing in one woman's life. Everything beyond
caressing and kissing was a "No-No" to her. And certainly she did not want
to have her first sex with a brutal criminal...But did she have a choice?

Summer's heart was racing way to fast in her chest. Sweat covered her smooth
skin and adrenalin kept on flowing in her system while she stood, pressed in
one corner, in front of her captor. He pressed her against one wooden wall
and kept on fondling her left breast.

The only thing left to do for her was to close her eyes, to turn her face
away from his grinning expression and to hope he would soon get bored by his
present action. But then, after what seemed like and eternity, she heard the
creaking noise of the upper most step of that staircase winding up from the
lower level.

And suddenly the leader let go of her breast. And suddenly he even stepped
back, leaving one frightened young woman in that corner, gasping for air.

The other two men stood there...only a few feet away, grinning. Summer could
make out their forms, but she couldn't see them very clearly. Streams of
tears filled her eyes and thunder echoed in her temples. And this thunder did
not only come from the roaring sound that crossed the dark sky outside.

"The other two are secure boss."

He nodded.

"Very well," he then turned around again and grabbed Summer's left arm,
pulling her away from the wall.

"My little Lifeguard and I are going downstairs now. Take care off our
safety, will you!?"

"Yes, Sir," said number three.


He now grabbed the other arm too and bent down a little so that he could see
into her frightened eyes.

"Summer and me...we are going down now to...make love."

"No....," she whispered in terror.

"Oh yes," the leader now pulled her across the small distance to the
staircase and did not care for saying anything else to his men. Summer, by
incident, saw the huge erection in his pants and inwardly cried for help.

Then she was pushed and shoved and pulled at the same time. She almost fell
over when her feet did not find every step. But somehow she made it down the
stairs in one piece, her captor always close by, so that she wouldn't be
tempted by the thought of getting away.

When Summer and the man were downstairs and her breathing was slowing down,
she saw him looking around. Only a moment later he pointed to her left,
pointed on a door with a Red Cross sign on it.

"Is there a stretcher or...or a bed in that room?"

At first summer wanted to say ‘No', thought that denial would spare her the
sex with him, but she instantly realized that there was no going around it.
She howled in frustration, stepping hard onto the floor like a child that
wasn't very pleased with her parent's decision to take her to a trip to an
unloved relative.

"Ok, Summer, let's go there..."

"No," she turned, looking for eye-contact, tried to force her heels into the
floor, tried to avoid that room...tried everything to avoid the rape...

But the leader was determined; he hit the girl square into her face and
Summer went down.

It all became a blur of light and there wasn't any comprehendible direction
or anything to grab...or...and so the young Lifeguard found herself laying on
the floor, crying and feeling a burning sensation in her knees.

But then there was no time to think about anything...not about getting
away, not about avoiding the rape...not about the bleeding knee when the man
towered over her, bending down, grabbing her arms and pulling her hard and
with incredible strength to her feet again.

"You bitch...don't try this again. Don't try this ever again," he shook
Summer by her shoulders, "is that understood?!"

Summer's eyes still were swimming in tears when she nodded.


Again he shook the slim figure of a girl.

"I did not understand you? I was asking you if you understood that you have
to comply with my whishes!"

Summer gulped away lots of tears and saliva when she, again, nodded.

"Yes...yes Sir."

"Say it!"

"I...," Summer wanted to be dead, "I...I will do whatever you wish."

Now he grinned and Summer felt the slightest of relieve.

"You know, Summer," he let go of her shoulders, "if you try to avoid my of your friends, up there," he pointed at the direction of the
upper level, "one of your friends then will suffer your actions."

The girl nodded.

"Well," he now pointed to the first-aid room, "if you please go in there."

Summer again nodded when she turned around and started walking towards that
one room that would seal her destiny. That one room...the place where she now
would have her first sex...

That one room, where she now would get raped...

* * *

The storm was howling outside. She could hear him screaming, could hear how
angry he had become. And, like the storm knew what was going inside the
light-blue painted wooden building. Sand was wiped against the outside and
fear had three young lifeguards in its grip. But fear wasn't equally
distributed among those young people: The one male lifeguard seemed to be
the bravest and a slim and tall blonde, called Sue, was afraid of those two
criminals who had pushed the two of them into a small room that normally
would serve Stephanie or Mitch, their bosses, as a make-shift office. But
right now, in the middle of one stormy and rainy night, this small room,
right next to the first-aid room, served three escaped criminals as a cell.
But being locked up in that cell wasn't the worst part of it...neither for
Matt nor for Sue. The worst part was...the sound, the voice of her beloved
friend...Summer Quinn.

* * *

He closed the door...

He closed the door and the sound it made when it hit the doorframe, was the
sound of doom in her ears. Summer no longer could hold back the tears and
could no longer suppress the violent shivers that went through her young

"Please Mister...please, let me go...I...I...," but Summer just did not know
what to say. She did not know what reasoning would change this mans plan. She
stood there, in the middle of the room, right next to that table were they
would normally take care of the wounded and looked at the leader of those
escaped criminals, pleading to be released from his plan to rape her.

The man simply stared at her, smiling, his chest pumped up, and playing with
his gun.

"Now, you'll sit on that table."

And, to underline his order, the man pointed at her with the barrel of his

Summer felt her throat tighten...

"Sit...on...that...table," he smiled, "or I will have my friends hurt your

Only the fraction of a moment later, his face became a mask of threat, a mask
that would tell the young woman that he wasn't kidding with her.

With shaking legs the young woman in her bright-red swimsuit turned and
stumbled over to the table where she then again turned and heaved herself on
that table.

She held herself on the edge and cried helplessly.

"Please, Mister...please don't do that to me...please..."

Tears hit the floor...

* * *

The man stood in front of her and put his gun away. He looked down and then
grabbed her knees. Slowly he pushed her legs apart...


But he only grinned and pushed her legs farther apart.

"Lean back, my little lifeguard...lean back."

Summer did as he had ordered her to do, shaking in terror, crying and on the
edge of fainting out. But only the fear, that he would do something to her
that she wouldn't have and control over, kept her from losing consciousness.
But then again...

-He will rape me...he will rape me...he will rape...Oh God, please...-

His rough hands moved up her thighs, gliding over strong legs till the
fingertips touched the red fabric of her swimsuit.

He smiled and Summer lifted her head in order to see him into his grinning


"Oh yes, little lifeguard, you won't have to beg me anymore to fuck you. Now
it's our time to make love."

Her head sank back onto the table and Summer closed her eyes for a moment.
Her chest moved hard up and down and she tried to think of something that
would ease the upcoming pain. But she couldn't think of anything...

-He will fuck me...oh God...I don't want to be fucked...I don't want get

Her face was already wet from sweat and the never ending stream of tears...
her arms and legs were shaking...

...when he pushed his fingers underneath the red fabric...


His fingers moved further up...till his hands were covered by the tight red
fabric...his hands on her stomach.

Only inches away from the pubic hair...

"No, oh no, no...," she whispered.

His fingers started moving, creating circles; always brushing through the
pubic hair, always close to her sensitive lips, always very near her vagina.

Summer closed her eyes, feeling the hot and salty tears running down her
face, shaking in despair, shaking in horror when his hands lifted, underneath
the bright-red fabric, upwards, and then closing down again. He then pushed
his hands upwards, stroking over her belly till the tips of his fingers
touched the young girls breasts.

"Oh my God, I am as horny as they come," he roared breathlessly.

But before the girl could adjust to the new situation, the man withdrew his
arms and hands from underneath her swimsuit.

Towering over her, he smiled and the urge to get relieved of his urges stood
all over his face. He placed his shaking hands onto her stomach, starting
immediately to stroke her body on top of the swimsuit. But he did not hold
himself back for very long. Soon he cupped her small but firm breasts.

* * *

Summers eyes went wide when he started massaging her breasts; her mind
was racing, her thoughts were on the hunt for a way out of the rape...but
couldn't find one.

The man pressed and knitted her breasts; sometimes he would rub over erect
nipples, sometimes he would simply press her breasts very hard against her
chest, causing incredible pain in her young body.

Her face became a mask of that pain; her eyes red and filled with tears, her
cheeks reddened and her mouth wide open, speaking silent cries for help.

The man, the criminal, the inmate...kept on massaging small and firm breasts,
enjoying every second and soon becoming very impatient.

Summer wouldn't see the erection in his pants, but in wasn't necessary for
her to see it. It only was there and it had grown so much that the man would
do now what he had in mind for such a long time. In fact, he had thought
about doing it when he had seen that girl for the very first time.

And so he let go of hurting breasts and shoved his fingers underneath
bright-red strings over shaking shoulders. He then pulled those strings over
her shoulders, and furthermore down her muscular but now very helpless arms.
Summer Quinn's breasts now were exposed to every conceivable element and his
lust full glances. He saw her breasts, saw the sweat covering them saw the
fear, the horror...and smiled. Yes, this had always been the favorite part
of every rape: The fear of it.

The actual act certainly would be very much satisfactory...yes, yes..., but
the time before he would stick his cock into dry and cramped pussy holes...
that time always was the best part of it.

But right that he was pulling down the skin-tight red material, he
wasn't concerned with any data of the past. Now he would....

His breathing became faster....

* * *

Summer closed her eyes again. She just couldn't form a straight thought
anymore. The tension and the panic had grown so much in the last few moments,
that she would only hear the pumping blood in her temples and the thundering
echoes of her own heartbeat.

-Now... it happens now...-

She felt the material of the Baywatch-swimsuit, gliding over her body... she
felt the fine hairs on her body being stimulated by a very light wind that
made its way into the room through closed windows that weren't so closed.

Her chest moved harder, moved up and down...

The swimsuit now only covered her lower body....

-Almost there- he thought while he couldn't pull his eyes from her tits away.
So gorgeous, so well formed and tipped with erect nipples, like cherries on a
birthday cake...

But then again...

He pulled the flexible, red fabric over the girl's hips and exposed dark
pubic hair that she obviously had trimmed. And...yes...there, those pink
lips. Still closed she was, not yet ready to receive him.

He started laughing aloud...

No, this certainly wouldn't pose a threat to his needs. He simply would push
his already rock hard cock with brutal force into that tight opening. Oh yes,
he had done such thing so often in his life, that he practically was a master
in this. The man took a deep breath before he stepped back, pulling the
swimsuit along. Finally the red material slid over Summer's feet...

The man held the swimsuit in his right, clenched fist...above his head, with
a wide grin on his dirty face. It was a trophy, a living proof that he was
about to carve another line in his imaginary gun to show people that he was
the greatest fucker in the world. But, only a moment later, his attention was
drawn close by the naked body on the small table. The swimsuit found its way
to the cold floor when his hands were placed on the Summer's knees. Again he
pushed them apart, now being able to see her vagina...

"Time to fuck my little Lifeguard."

* * *

A shudder ran through a young and slim body that lay on a cold operating
table in a first-aid room in the Baywatch-Headquarter. The girl felt her
chest rising, felt her heart racing...felt fear, incredible fear. Sex was
supposed to be one very good thing, but Summer Quinn was in terror when
she even thought about the upcoming act. This man, this dirty creature
would push his penis into her vagina. He would hold her by her pelvis and
ram that thing again and again into her body.

"Oh God....," more tears ran down her soft cheeks.

And then she heard bells ringing...

Confused she opened up her eyes and lifted her head. What she saw was the
creature that was opening his belt. She saw the massive buckle and heard it
when it hit the edge of the table. She saw him pushing down the pants, heard
them rushing down...she saw the huge erection in his underwear and her head
sank back.


Another rustling sound...Summer supposed that it were his underpants...and
then a sharp pain shot into the joints of her legs: The man pushed her legs
even further apart.

"Please, Sir, don't rape me....please let me go....!"

But this time the man did not bother speaking to her. He came closer and
Summer lifted her head again. And she saw the cock coming closer...

And when the tip of this cock touched her sensitive lips, the young Lifeguard
started screaming out loud in terror.

Her fear was met by a loud and heard full laugh...

The penis of a criminal pushed hard against those reddish lips...pushing them
slightly apart.

"Oh God, you are tight, my little pussy."

"No...," her voice was drowning in tears...

And the cock found its way into a cramped and dry vagina.

Again the young woman was screaming. This time the horror was mixed with
physical pain...

And the cock slid further into the warm body of Summer Quinn.


Finally a dirty, smelling, and large cock had found its way as deeply into
her body as was possible. The criminal's pelvis touched the girls pelvis...
the cock was buried deep into Summer's young body.

* * *

She couldn't breathe. She just couldn't breathe. It was like her body refused
to function any longer. There was this...this strange sensation of having
something in her body that did not belong there. This was new and totally
different from what she was used to. And then, then...

-Oh God...I want to die...please, make him go away.-

Iron hard fingers were buried into her pelvis...left and right...holding her
young body firmly on the small table...


His lower body started moving...

Back and forth...

He slid deeply into her tight canal, causing pain...

Then he would pull his cock out...a little...

His fingers were so hard...tears, more tears shot into Summer's eyes...

And again...deeply...

Pain...only pain...all the pain in the world...

How in all the world could any woman enjoy having sex? It simply was
unimaginable for the young lifeguard that any woman would like having a cock
in her body...

The criminal pushed himself deeper into her cramped vagina...

"God, you are so tight. That's the way I love it...God!"

He was screaming out aloud...enjoying every second, every moment. He
possessed the power of the girl. What he wanted would happen...

Summers Hands were wrapped around the edges of the operating table, holding
herself to it...

Again....hard and deep...

His movements became faster, harder...and there was even less concern for
safety or the well-being of a young girl. He only pushed his huge and hard
cock into her vagina. Again and again he pushed himself into her, always on
the edge of pain since her vagina was dry and cramped...not even slightly
ready for the penetration. But the man liked this so much. He enjoyed it...

Again and again the reddish cock for buried into Summer Quinn's vagina and
the table started moving, made creaking noises...

The room was filled with screams of pain and pleasure...

The room was filled with the horrors of rape...

The room was filled with doom...

The room...

* * *

Summer starred at the ceiling, holding on to the table, trying to think
about...nothing. Something...anything that might help...trying to push the
rape out of her conscious mind...with little success.

Her body was taken by a man who did not care at all for her. He simply fucked
her, he simply raped her...took her like she was a piece of meat. Again and
again he pushed this thing deep into her hurting vagina.

Her face was wet now from all those tears of pain. Sweat covered her young
body and her small but firm breasts were shaking with every thrust of his

Maybe he would stop soon.

Maybe God would have mercy...maybe this man would have mercy.


And after a while the physical and mental pain did not mean anything at
all. Everything became unimportant. She just lay there, on that table, and
received the cock, received the pain, received his cock...

Surely everything would end soon.

And if not...?

If not...

She did not care anymore.

There was nothing beyond the pain she had to endure. And if he would kill her wouldn't mean anything. Nothing mattered.

* * *

But the man stopped.

He felt it coming shortly before it happened. His cock started hurting and
it was like a vibration would fill his body. And then it shot out of him...
white, hot sperm shot out of the man's cock...shot into the dark, warm and
not so wet vagina of a young girl, a young lifeguard...

"Yes...oh God...yes...."

His fingers were pushed even harder, even deeper into her pelvic bones and
this time Summer was screaming out loud in pain...

Sperm found it's way into the caves of her body...filled her, spilled back...

Some sperm would find the way out, would run down, over her ass and onto the
table...but the majority of that liquid stayed in Summer Quinn...

The man stopped.

The man, the criminal, and the leader stopped pushing...after a few more
thrusts he stopped...

His fingers left her pelvis, leaving dark...very dark...spots...

He placed his hands on the lower end of her thighs and pushed a little to
leave her vagina...he pulled his weakening cock out of Summers vagina....

Her legs closed over her lap when he had stepped back, closing the entrance
to Summer Quinn's vagina.

* * *

Her eyes were closed and she only heard the sound of her beating heart. She
felt sweat, felt tears...and the cold...but nothing else.

Summer was beyond pain. Her body shut out the pain, wouldn't dare accepting
the reality. She had been raped...

No, this simply wasn't true. This could not have happened.

And then there were those bells again...filling the room, reaching her ears.
Bells that rang...a fading sound...

Muffled sounds of...unknown origin...

And a voice...a voice she did not fully understand...

With great effort Summer lifted her head and opened up her eyes.

"That truly was the greatest fuck in years, my little lifeguard."

She simply starred at him, not nodding, not showing any sign of

Summer did not comprehend his words, did not understand them for a little
while...but then her mind opened up again, coming out of the dark the girl
realized what had happened, what had been done to her and she broke down.

Her hat hit the table and the young, slim body started shaking like there was
an earthquake in the area. She curled up on that table, hugging her knees,
lying on the side, shaking...crying...helplessly. She realized that this man
had raped her, that he had robbed her of her virginity, of all the innocence
she had possessed. The most valuable part...that what she had hopped she
would give to a very special man...all this...he had taken it away from

Footsteps filled the room...the man came to her side and then he placed a
hand on her left arm.

"Get up Pussy...we want to clean you up...there certainly is a shower
somewhere...get up..."

When Summer did not act, when she did not follow his orders immediately, he
hit her face hard and the young woman screamed out aloud. She pulled up her
arms, trying to protect her head from any further attack.

"No, please...don't hit me...!"

Her body, covered with sweat and shaking in terror, was without any strength.
She only wanted to get away...

"Then get up bitch, or I'll hit you again and again..."

Summer nodded and swung her legs over the table. She stood up and had to hold
herself on the edge of that table since her knees were so weak and wouldn't
support her whole weight any more.

"Good, Pussy...," the man had the biggest smile on his face while he crossed
the small room in order to pick up her red bathing suit.

"Come, show me your showers."

He grabbed her left arm and pulled the naked, young woman out of the room.

* * *

The water engulfed her slim body and Summer Quinn closed her eyes, feeling
grateful, feeling better. All the dirt, all his fluids, and all the pain
seemed to be washed away and would leave her alone. She was still shaking
when she leaned against the cold wall behind her...

A thousand words, a thousand dreams were rushing through this girls mind when
she took deep breaths, when she felt a little more at ease with herself. Yes,
she had just been raped, but Summer started to realize, that matters would
turn worse if she now would give in to all the pain. She had to shut this
pain out, she had to become stronger if she wanted to survive this...if she
wanted Matt and Sue to survive this. Those criminals wouldn't stay here
forever. They had to go if they did not want the police to catch them. Monday
morning at the latest this building would be swarming with Lifeguards and
other people. So, the trick was to survive this hostage situation long

She sighed and turned, placing both hands flat on the wall. She let her head
hang down, closed her eyes, and felt a little better. She had to shut this
pain out...she was strong, strong, strong.

Again Summer sighed and then turned off the shower. She left the bath and
went over to her personal locker where she picked one fresh, bright-red
swimsuit. There was simply no way she would wear the old one. That swimsuit
had been the one he...he...he...had taken off...that swimsuit had been the
one she had worn when the man had...

She closed her eyes.

"Don't think about it now, Summer. You are a strong are a
Lifeguard. So, pull yourself together girl and show them who is in charge!"

She sighed again and then dressed.

* * *

"There you are, my little fucking Lifeguard."

The leader smiled when Summer stepped out of the locker-room.


His smile grew broader.

"Looks like you are over our little fuck, honey. Well, come; let us go up to
see if anything is new."

Again he took her arm and led Summer towards the staircase.

"You now," he began when they had reached the upper level, "I really needed
this fuck."

There was a sharp remark waiting to be released from her tongue, but Summer
stopped herself from doing it. There simply was no point in provoking that
man any further; she knew he was in a stronger position, and though Summer
also knew that she wanted him to be dead on the spot, she wanted to stay
alive much more than that. And so she simply starred at him, saying nothing.

"Go, Pussy, sit on that red sofa of yours. Your lover has some serious work
to do."

The next moment he did not care about the young Lifeguard anymore. He simply
turned and walked over to his friends, talking to them...laughing and telling
a story about a beautiful young woman he had just raped.

* * *

Hours went by, the storm grew in intensity, and Summer did not hear a word
about her colleagues, about Mat and Sue. They had brought them downstairs
before they had...well, before she had to go downstairs as well. And ever
since they were almost...erased from reality... Summer wondered why they
had only...done that to her and not to Sue. She shook her head, curling
together, trying to stay warm. And all of a sudden she felt tired. The
thundering weather, the absence of anything she could do, the hidden fear
and...and the...what they had done to her...all together it felt a lot more
promising to take a little nap than to think about the situation, about

Summer fell into a light sleep.

But that sleep did not bring her much of refreshment; she was hunted by
horrible the echoes of a near by her rape...

He, again, stood between her legs, pressing them hard apart. He stood over
her, laughing and holding his cock with one hand, ready to push it into her.
Someone was crying, someone was screaming out aloud in terror. It took her
quite some time to realize that this one, this person, that suffering voice
was her own voice. She felt the terror, the horror, and the pain of her rape
again. Her vagina was burning and her breasts hurt beyond anything she ever
had to endure.

Her chest was heaving up and down, and every taken breath felt like the fires
of hell were swarming her body. Tears ran down Summer's cheeks, and sounds of
pain escaped her mouth.

She was shaking in horror, she was shaking...

"Wake up...wake up...!"

A smile appeared on her beautiful face...

Oh yes, Mommy was there, waking her up. Summer had to go to school. It was
her big day, her day... today she would be called a Lifeguard.

-Yes Mommy, yes...I'll be downstairs in a minute-

"Wake up, bitch...on your feet."

Burning pain pushed her out of her dream; her right arm stood in flames...
someone shook her hard.


At first the girl did not realize what was happening to her, but when she saw
her captors face again, she knew that this was reality. She remembered all
the things...she remembered him raping her...

"Oh God..."

"Come, Honey. I need you."

* * *

The world stopped turning; time stopped progressing...Summer heard those
words and all of a sudden she knew that he would rape her again.

"No...," she whispered without any strength but followed his orders and got
to her feet.

"Don't worry, Pussy, I won't fuck you."

She sighed and immediately felt a lot better. He wouldn't rape her again.

-Oh God...I love you God-

"Well...are you going to get up, Honey, or do you want me to drag you to that
office of yours?"

Summer looked at him, feeling better and seeing things more clearly now. She
left the sofa and got to her feet again.

"Fine...Now, follow me to that glass-office over there."

Summer simply nodded and followed him, while he kept his grip on her arm.
They were headed for Mitch's office in the fare corner of the upper level.

When they had reached the office, the man dragged her inside and closed the
door, though anyone could see what was happening inside.

He went over to the desk and took the chair...pulling it around the desk.
Then he sat and made an event out of the simple act of sitting and relaxing.

"Now, honey, come here..."

He made a gesture that would underline his order.

And again...Summer felt her throat tightening. He had said he wouldn't fuck
her...had that been a lie? Was she about to get...raped again?

"Come...," this time the tone of his voice let her know in no uncertain terms
that he would take care of her if Summer didn't follow his orders.

And so, on shaking knees, the young woman went over and stopped only inches
from his knees.

The man sighed and leaned forward; he placed his rough hands on Summer's hips
and she flinched.

He started laughing...

"Now, now...don't worry, Pussy...this time I won't fuck you. I told you

To her confusion the man started stroking her hips; his thumps went
underneath the stretchable bright red fabric and slid over her skin. If that
wasn't supposed to start sex...she had no idea what would.

But Summer did not dare to back up; she still was in horror, was so afraid
that those criminals would kill her or her friends. She let it happen...

After all, it was only stroking...even if it came from that creature.

"You are a beauty, Pussy...incredible..."

His thumps were pulled from underneath the fabric and his hands moved
upwards, stroking her hips...moving towards her belly...stroking her...

It was like he was sculpting a girl out of clay. His hands carefully went
over Summer's body, never missing a spot. And then...

Without any warning...he pushed his right hand between Summer's legs,
directly onto her vagina.

Her first instinct was to close her lap, was to push her thighs together, was
to step back and do anything what would be necessary to avoid any physical
contact with him. But a glance onto his face, that expression of violence
told her otherwise. And so the young Lifeguard's thighs only shook in a short
contraction and relaxation of her muscles; she let his hand were he wanted it
to be.

The man smiled while he pressed his middle finger hard against her vagina,
pressing the red fabric a little between those sensitive lips. He kept on
stroking, pressing, and he obviously would feel a slight wetness that Summer
hated. How in all the heavens could her body react with pleasure when a
criminal, the lowest of the lowest was stroking her vagina?

"Oh, my little Pussy likes that...don't you?" he kept on laughing.

Summer just bit her lower lip and fought the urges of stepping back and
slapping his hand. She thought about Sue and Matt; she thought about getting
out of this alive, and only that single thought, that will to survive, let
her be so strong to endure him toughing her.

But the amount of psychological stress on her young soul would increase:
After a short while the man thought it wouldn't be enough to press onto her
vagina above the swimsuit, and so his hands moved back to her pelvic bones
again. Then they went downward, onto the front of her thighs.

His left hand left Summer's body while the right hand moved slightly towards
her lap again. The left hand suddenly grabbed the red fabric above her left
thigh, lifted the material from her pelvis while the right hand was pushed

He pushed his hand forward...and onto her naked vagina.

Before Summer could react, before the girls eyes would turn wide, the man
pushed his middle finger hard and brutal into her vagina.

Her face distorted into a mask of pain...tears ran down her face and Summer's
hands clenched into fists.

"Well, well, well...," he said while he used his fingers as some sort of
penis...pushing it in and then pulling it out only to push it back in, "...I
knew you little beach whore would like this...hmmm, hmmm, do you like that,
little Lifeguard?"

His finger came closer to her clitoris and then it would rub over it,
stroking the upper end of the vagina.

"Please...let...oh...," Summer wasn't able to say anything that would make
sense. And deep inside the girl knew that nothing she said would change this
mans mind: He would keep on torturing her. He liked it and he liked the
powers he possessed over her...there was simply nothing she wouldn't do for
him....Summer knew that and in frustration she howled out aloud.

"Well, now we are a wolf...," he laughed, "and...little girl...what do

She did not answer.

"They sit on their backs and howl into the nights. Now, get on your knees..."

He seemed to be out of breath when he pulled his finger out of Summer's

"What...," she shook her head, looking at him, asking him to tell her why she
should do that.

"Get the hell down on your knees...I want you to give me a blow-job!"

* * *

If she had thought that there would be nothing he said or did would surprise
her anymore, Summer now was proven wrong.

"A blow...job...?"

"That's right," he smiled, "you get down to your knees and take my big fat
cock into your beautiful little Lifeguard-mouth."

Taking his cock into her mouth...

-Oh God, not this...please...please let it be. He fucked me, he raped me...
but not this...-

The shear thought of taking that thing into her mouth, sucking on it, rubbing
over it so that finally he would spill this stinking, gooey fluid into her
mouth was too much for her, though after the penetration she had thought that
this would be impossible. Wrong...

"I...," she did not know why, but Summer looked pleadingly around, as if
to see anyone and to beg for help. But there was no help...Only the storm
outside was watching her and the rapist.

"Why do I always have to ask you twice my little Lifeguard? I want you to get
down on your knees...right there," he pointed between his legs, "down on your
knees and take my cock out of its confinement. Stick it into your mouth, suck
on it and suck on it...I suppose you know how to give a man a blow-job, even
if you had never real sex before I fucked you?!"

She nodded. Yes, she knew how to give a man a blow-job, though she hadn't
done it. But doing it...

Summer felt her throat tighten and her stomach rebelling against this

"I...," she looked at him, pleading for mercy..."please Mister...please don't
make me do it...I...I just can't!"

"Oh yes, my little will give me a blow job, right now, or I will
have your friends executed."

Slowly the girl went to her knees, her eyes wide, and her heart thundering
in her chest. Summer almost fell over but still tried to avoid his knees as
support. She did not want to touch him at all...

Finally Summer was facing his lap.

"Oh God..."

"Take him out...," he leaned back in his comfortable chair, smiling.

Summer's first thought was about refusing this order. She had to draw a
line...this far and no further. But then the thought about Matt and Sue
filled her mind and Summer sighed. With shaking fingers she touched the
buckle of his belt...

"Come can go faster, Baby."

Tears had to be blinked away when the girl opened up his belt. She then
pulled the button open, found the zipper...

The pin slipped from her shaking fingers and she howled in frustration. But
then she pulled the small metal pin down. And there she could already see
it...big and hard...pointing towards her face.

-Oh my God...I can't....I just can't...-

Her heart kept on racing and her pulse was almost going through the roof.

"No, no, no...," she whispered while a fine layer of sweat covered her slim
body and made the bright red fabric of her swim-suit stick to Summer's body.

With great disgust she pulled his underwear over the erection and then had
to face the massive cock. She looked at it and still couldn't bring herself
to the thought of taking it into her mouth. It had been bad enough, terrible
enough that this man had pushed the cock into her vagina. It had been the
most horrible thing in her life, but now...facing this thing...

"Do you want me to call my men, little Lifeguard? Do you want to have your
friends killed?"

Again she looked into his smiling face. Again she sighed; again tears ran
down her young face. She shook her head...


"Alright then... Take him into your mouth..."

Summer nodded.

And then she opened up her mouth...and closed her eyes for a moment; But she
realized that she had to see it in order to take it into her mouth and opened
her eyes again. Her head moved a little forward and with great disgust she
took his cock into her right hand.

She felt the warmth, she felt the was sort of throbbing...

And Summer Quinn took the man's penis into her mouth.

* * *

"Now...suck it...,"

A last shiver, a last sigh, and Summer gave the man the first blow-job in her
life. She started sucking and her stomach started spinning...

She sucked on it and her right hand closed hard around the penis; the hand
went up and down and down...up and down...

"Yes, my little Pussy...yes, yes, yes..."

A helpless groan escaped her mouth and more tears found their way down her
soft cheeks. It felt awkward, strange, so unlike anything she had
done in her life. But she instinctively felt she was doing it right; up and
down her hand went. Her fingers were closed around this cock, she held it
tight, and she...gave him a hand-job while her tongue kept on playing with
the tip of the penis. And the taste...if she weren't having too much to take
care off, the young woman would have made a grimace to show her total disgust
of this situation. But Summer had to lick, had to suck, had to...

Her head started to move forward and then backward. The man had put his two
hands on Summer's head and pushed her away only to pull her closer. It was
like her mouth had taken over for Summer's vagina. Her head was a lower body,
her mouth...

Everything was spinning around Summer and she almost fell over. Only in the
last second did she find her balance and could avoid to touch this man too
much. Though...considering that she had his cock in her mouth, this thought
about not touching his belly or his legs was a little stupid. But Summer
Quinn was in no position to take care off her own needs. Since, above all
other needs, the need to survive this Sunday was paramount. And so the young
lifeguard kept on pressing the lips of her mouth around this man's penis
like they were a vagina.

* * *

Minutes passed; minutes of agony, minutes of dizziness, minutes...minutes of
prayers to God. And then it happened: A slight shiver was felt; a shiver in
the man, a little earthquake that ran through him...

Summer knew it would happen now but had no time to react properly. Of course
the young woman had no desire to have that white, stinking liquid in her more than having it still in her body...but...but there was no

The criminal leader's upper body moved forward and his hands left Summer's
head, only to dig deep into her shoulders....and before she was able to led
out a scream of pain, a load of sperm shot out of his penis...hit the back
of her gum and then ran down to finally rest on her tongue.

Some of that sperm ran sideways off her tongue and started its way into the
back of her mouth, closer and closer to her throat...

Panic arose in the young woman's, she did not want to swallow it...
no...not for everything in the world...

But a second later his fingers found her head again. This time the man
pressed them harder against her skull so that tears...more tears...shot into
Summer's eyes.

"Don't you dare to spit it out...whore..."

Summer looked at him with begging in her eyes...begging for mercy...

But she only saw his needs and a determination that those needs would be
fulfilled. Otherwise he would inflict some serious damage to her or her

"", he said while his eyes went wide and an aura of power
evaporated from his body.

At this moment time stand still.

At this moment when she still thought that she had a choice...

And this choice was pro life.

Summer Quinn gulped...swallowed the man's sperm.

* * *

The penis slipped out of her mouth and Summer fell backwards, only to lay
still on her back, waiting for her destiny to fulfill itself.

Now it did not matter what this man would do to her. Now she did not hang on
to anything anymore. She had been fucked...she had given him a blowjob...and
there was simply no humiliation left.

Out of the corners of her eyes she saw the man getting up from the chair and
pulling up his pants. But she did not care...

He then stepped over the slim body of a young lifeguard, dressed in a bright
red swimsuit, looking down on her, smiling...and reaching out with his right

"Get up, my little sucker."

Summer tilted her head, looking directly into his grinning face. She felt...
nothing...and only the stale taste of his sperm made her realize that she
wasn't dead yet.


Those words were spoken very slowly and even through the fog of depression
that surrounded the young woman she realized that he wasn't joking at all.
She had to get onto her feet...

And so she grabbed his hand and let him pull her into a standing position.
The man started laughing and hugged her. He hugged her pulled her close, so
that her head was leaning against his chest.

This gesture of sympathy was totally wrong...she knew it but she had powers
left to withstand him. She simply leaned against him and more tears left her

After a moment though the man stepped back and took hold of Summer's left
arm. He pulled her out of the office were Summer had given him a blow job.

* * *

Outside the glass office they ran into one of the leaders men: a short guy
with wild eyes and an obvious lack of intelligence in his eyes. Summer felt
her lower lip trembling and knew that she wouldn't be able to feel anything
good for quit some time. But still, there was this heightened awareness in
her senses that kept her alert.

"Was it good?" the shorter man asked with a stupid grin on his face.

Summer's captor...Summer's rapist...nodded.

"I am still thinking about taking her with us."

Sirens were shrilling in her head and she looked at him with panic in her

-Oh God, no...please let it be over now...He, he will rape me forever if
takes me with them...please....-

The man seemed to recognize her panic and his grin got even broader.

"Relax, little much as I regret it, but we won't take you with us.
Where we're going there are plenty of whores to pick from. You will stay with
your friends."

A huge bolder left her heart and Summer involuntarily sighed.

-No more more more-

"Speaking of leaving...," he went on with his eyes focused on his shorter
partner, "have they called us yet?"

The shorter man nodded.

"Yes...only a minute ago."

"And? When do they pick us up?"

"They wanted to wait till the storm is over..."


"Relax Boss, relax...I told them to come here as soon as possible. As soon as
this storm is over the police will come here...I'm sure of it."

"Well, so am I. So...when will they be here?"

"Twenty minutes at most."

The leader nodded.

"That's good news. Well, tell him," he pointed downstairs, "to finish up what
he is doing. We're leaving."

-Oh God...thank you-

At that moment she realized that there were sounds drifting up from the lower
level. Sounds of...

-Oh no...-

...sounds of lust and sounds of pain...

"Yes, yes...oh...yes you bitch!"

It was the third man...and he was raping Sue.

Summer closed her eyes and knew that there were no tears left to cry.

* * *

"Hey boss...."


"Well," the shorter man started, "I know you wanted to have her for

He had pointed onto Summer and instantly the girl knew what he was about to
ask his boss.


"Well, considering that we're about to leave her behind...anyway..."

The leader looked at his watch.

"All right, take her with you and fuck her. But do it fast...I will not wait
for you...understood!?"

The shorter man nodded fast and was grinning all over his face.

Summer on the other hand...

If she had thought that there was nothing they could do to her anymore that
they hadn't done to her already...she was wrong.

Panic manifested onto her features and she looked at the leader...

"," she was screaming out aloud.

But the shorter man simply grabbed Summer's right arm and pulled her away
from his boss.

"Come on, pussy...time for you to receive the biggest cock in the world...!"

And without any further word the man dragged the girl towards the staircase
and then downstairs to the lower level. He would fuck this young and
incredibly beautiful woman. A huge grin covered his face...

Summer almost lost consciousness...

"Please, Mister...please leave me be. more rape...please...!"

They had reached the lower level and Summer could hear Sue's voice coming
from that room where she herself had been raped hours ago. Summer closed her
eyes and started wondering if there was any hope in this whole wide universe
left. Were they born to suffer...was she born to get raped by men...

"Well, honey, looks like my friend is still pumping your friend."

The short man stopped and Summer felt her knees weaken...she felt dizzy and
recognized strips of black floating in her vision.

"Well, let's go in there...," he pointed toward the garage and Summer was
forced to follow him.

* * *

It was colder in here and the sounds of the roaring storm were more
pronounced while they were drifting in underneath the garage doors. Summer
felt like she was being lead to her own execution. Her vagina still hurt and
the taste of sperm on her tongue told her that rape was now a part of her
young life. Even if there wouldn't be any rape in the upcoming years she
knew...she would always know that two men had done that to her... man...for now...but...

"Come over here...bitch."

His grip was brutal and Summer howled out in pain while she was thrown
through half the garage only to be stopped by the hood of one Lifeguard
truck. The sound that was produced when her young body hit the metal
echoed throughout the garage and she sank onto the cold floor...crying

"Onto your feet bitch or I will make you pay for this."

Summer looked up to that short and strong man and slowly came to her feet.

"Good," he said while he came so close that she could smell his breath, "what
shall we make with you," he smiled.

His left and his right hand found there way to her trembling hot shoulders.

"What would you like honey? Maybe a good pussy-fuck?"

Summer quietly looked at him and knew that she had been wrong: There were
more tears to be cried.

His right hand left her shoulders and he pushed those rough fingers between
her legs, right onto her hurting vagina where he instantly pressed the middle
finger hard against the lips.

Instantly Summer hissed and bit her lower lip; her young body stiffened and
her eyes were swimming in tears. The shear thought off having sex with this
man...this short, brutal and obviously not very bright man...made her stick
to her stomach. Summer thought about the first rape, thought about the
leader who had pushed his cock into her vagina and who had robbed her of her
virginity. The pain both physically and mentally had been...and still was...
incredible. But somehow that rape would be much better than sex with this bad
smelling, low level thug.

But then he withdrew his fingers from her vagina...

His two hands then found their way onto her breasts, and instantly he started
pressing and massaging them.

He had no sensitivity whatsoever. He simply pressed his fingers into the warm
flesh and sometimes he would press her breasts against her chest.

More pain...


"Well, well, well...not much tits..haahh..."

Soon he had enough of pressing small breasts...

Summer was trembling and she felt her knees becoming weaker and weaker by the
second. She was certain that she would faint out any moment now...

-Please, God, please...don't let him rape me...-

But then the connecting door between the garage and the working-area flew

" that you with the girl?"

Summer's head went around and she could see the third man, standing in the
doorway and scratching his crotch.

"Yes...fuck you...yes, it is me with the whore....what do you want?!"

The tone of his voice told the frightened, young girl how much he disliked
the interruption. He wanted to fuck her...

"They'll be here in better hurry with your bitch if you still want

"Yes, yes, yes...God...why do I have to hurry and you guys had all the time
in the world?!"

The other man started laughing.

"Sorry man...I leave you two lovebirds alone now...!"

"You do that!"

Then the door was closed again and Summer Quinn was left alone with her

* * *

His face turned towards Summer and a huge grin turned the stupid man into a
man who knew he had powers over her.

"Now, where were we?"

Summer gulped away some saliva and leaned back against the hood...a little
further away from the creature.

"Please don't rape me...please...!"

And then, all of a sudden, he seemed to have made up his mind.

"Now I know how to give it to you, honey. Now I know...!"

Again he grabbed Summer by her shoulders; he stepped back one step and then
turned her around, so that the young lifeguard would face the yellow truck.

"Lean forward, bitch...grab something on the hood...!"

Summer did not know what this man had in mind, but she also had no time to
think at all. She was coughing out loud and her shaking hands found the edges
of the yellow hood.

Why would she have to hold on to something? Was he about to drive the
truck...or what?

"You have a nice ass...honey...very nice, did you know that?!"


What was he talking about...

Two rough hands hit her buttocks...again and again...

It was like this man was beating her ass up...bit with not much strength.

Summer shook her head in confusion.

"What do you want...."

The next moment one hand left her ass finger found its way sideway
underneath the part of the swimsuit that covered her buttocks.

A sound of helpless surprise flew over the girls lips...and she still had no
idea what was about to happen to her...

"Nice hole too...and...," she heard him laughing, "tell me...girl...did you
ever have an ass-fuck?"

* * *

The air froze...and Summer Quinn's heart stopped beating for one or two
seconds. She felt dizzy and was somehow glad that she held on to the yellow

"No...I...," she muttered under her increasing breath frequency.

-Oh God....-

The horror that arose in the young woman by the shear thought off anal sex
was almost too much for her. And maybe it was only the even bigger horror
that arose in her when she thought about fainting out and the things the
man could do to her without her knowledge that prevented her from losing

"Oh God...please no...!"

There was no sense in pleading for mercy anyway. Summer knew that this man
would never stop doing what he had in mind when...

Suddenly she felt one cold finger stroking her left buttock...

The girl shook and she turned her head slightly to see what he was doing to
her when all of a sudden the criminal pushed that one finger into her anus...


She was screaming out loud and could hear him laughing...roaring about this
amusing thing he did to her.

He pushed in a second finger and immediately did circles in her ass only to
widen the small opening.

Summer could hear chimes in the back of her head...or...or was it the sound
his belt-buckle made when he opened his pants to let out his cock?

A rushing sound followed that crystal clear sound of his belt and Summer
Quinn knew that his pants had been dropped to the ground.

"Hold on to the car...honey...."

He pulled out his fingers and Summer felt the fabric of her bright red
swimsuit tighten in one direction when the next shock waited for her:

A wet and hard thing touched her naked ass on her left buttock...

"Wait...I only have to adjust it to...the pussy....!"

He was coughing and laughing and spitting out onto the cold ground of the
Baywatch-Garage when finally the hard tip of his cock was properly focused
over the opening of Summer Quinn's anus...

The next thing she knew was him grabbing her hips and coming closer...
pressing his hard cock as hard as it was possible against the opening.

"No...," she screamed out aloud", no, don'!"

Her screams were as loud as she was able to and all the horror of the rape
finally flooded over her lips...

It just wasn't was hurt so much...

Tears were streaming over her reddened cheeks and Summer's hands were hurting
from the grip around the edges of the yellow hood.

Inch by inch her anus widened...parted for the intruder.

The face of the young lifeguard was distorted, was a mask of pain and
torture. It hurt so much when the penis slid slowly into her anus that she
almost lost consciousness again. And then, after an eternity she had to
spend in hell...the long and hard and throbbing cock found its way as deep
as possible into Summer Quinn's ass.

It was totally buried in her ass and the man stopped doing things for a very
short moment. He only was breathing heavily and the girl knew that the worst
things were ahead of her.

His grip around her pelvic bones tightened; his fingers were digging deep and
hard into her body and more tears shot out from her eyes...

"Time to give away some sperm...!"

And then he started to fuck her.

* * *

Her body hit the car each and every time the man pushed his lower body
forward. The sound vibrated through the garage and it mixed with two voice performing a ritual of animal pleasure and one voice
lost in pain. Heavy breathing was framing the rape of Summer Quinn while
a long and hard penis rammed into her rectum and ripped apart the thin
skin in her anus. Blood came running out of the pain throbbing opening
and the massive, reddened cock found its way again and again into her

The man pushed his cock hard and fast into Summer...he wanted to be done
when his friends came for him. He was in a big hurry to fulfill his sexual

And his creature was used to taking the sex he needed. He was used to rape
someone from many years of jail time had changed him for worse.

His hands left her hips and he let them slit over her back; rubbing the
durable red fabric of her swimsuit till he found the strings that held the
swimsuit properly on her shoulders. And without stopping his fuck he pulled
those strings over Summer's shoulders...he pulled the swimsuit down so that
now the young woman's breasts were laying unprotected on the warm hood. And
very slowly he pushed his hands underneath her upper body to grab her
breasts, to squeeze them, to press them while his cock was buried deep down
in Summer's ass.

He was moaning in pleasure, he was crying out loud his lust with a staccato
of words that all described his view of the young woman underneath his
massive body. He simply considered her to be useful for the rape, simply
useful to receive his sperm. And his hands then would press harder and
harder, would squeeze Summer's breasts with rough fingers so that later
there would be lots of dark spots covering the young woman's breasts.

Each and every time his huge belly hit Summer's lower back while the rock
hard cock found its way into her rectum.

The pain was unbearable and streams of tears covered her face while she had
a lot of problems to hold on to the warm and yellow hood of the truck.

And then...

She couldn't say why or what was exactly happening, but a fraction of a
moment before it happened there was something like a vibration that ran
through this mans body. He started coughing and the squeeze of his hands
became even more painful...

And then...

-Oh God...-

A full load of hot sperm shot out of the criminal's penis and entered Summer
Quinn's rectum.

* * *

Summer's head hit the metal of the hood and she closed her eyes while the man
kept on pushing his cock into her rectum for a short while. But then he would
have to give in to nature and he stepped back to let his manhood slip out of
the girls ass.

" has been incredible, little pussy. Wow....!"

She heard him stepping around, dressing up, and expressing the greatness of
his rape, but Summer did not care anymore. All the strength left in her body
was used to hold herself to the car.

There was hope that those creatures would leave her alone now. She had to
endure three rapes...

They had stuck their cocks into her vagina...

They had stuck their cocks into her face...

And now this lowest of the lowest creatures had fucked her ass...

Summer's body was burning in pain and her soul was almost lost, almost

"Please leave me alone," the young woman whispered while she refused to look
up. No, no, no...she would not want to see what those men were up to. Maybe,
if she kept on refusing to recognize their presence, they would leave her
alone now.


The pain in her anus was hot and burning...she would never, never in her life
have something like this again...she hoped....

But then the connecting door flew open and though Summer did not see them,
she could hear her latest rapist's friends talking and laughing.

"Leave it to you man to be out of jail after such a long time and then fuck
someone into the ass...!"

They were laughing and joking while she kept on looking onto the yellow metal
of the hood.

"Are they here now?"

"Yes man...waiting outside..."


"And you're done with her?"

She heard a mumbled sound of confirmation.


"What a shame we have to leave her behind."

And then a third voice...

"Why don't we take her with us...I mean only to play with her pussy once in
a while."

"Yes," the ass fucking rapist confirmed, "why don't we take this pussy hole
with us, boss?"

-Oh God...-

Summer turned her head and now saw the three criminals standing close to the
big garage door.

"No," the leader said, "guys, there will be plenty of whores where we're
going. I don't want this burden on my shoulders."

-Please God, let them see his point-

"But we could use this pussy as a hostage...and could fuck her senseless."

There was a moment of quietness...


"You guys really would fuck this one again, don't you?"

They confirmed his question with confirming sounds.

"Please no..."

Summer Quinn let go of the car and stumbled backwards. She managed not to
fall to the ground while she hastily pulled up the strings of the swimsuit
so that those men wouldn't be able to see her breast anymore. She just did
not want to lead them into temptation.

The men turned and saw her right into her wet face.

"What do you want, pussy?"

Now she pulled together all her strength...

"Please leave me behind...please."

The leader came closer and instinctively Summer stepped backwards.

"Why? Why should we leave you behind, little girl? You heard my men...they
want to fuck you. What can you tell me that would change my men's mind?"

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something....anything that would make
them understand that they had to leave her behind. Surely three rapes were
enough for them...

But then Summer realized that she had no chance whatsoever to avoid becoming
their sex toy. They would take her with them to wherever they were going...
and those three guys and their unknown friends would continue to rape Summer
till they had enough of her. And when that happened, she was sure, they would
kill her and leave her dead body in the dessert or the ocean or...whatever.

She closed her mouth and felt more tears running down her face.

"Ah," he said, "you cannot tell me why we should not fuck you again, don't

A heavy sigh escaped her mouth when Summer shook her head.


When the man had reached her, he placed his hands onto her trembling
shoulders and Summer lifted her head.

"So the one thing to do would be to take your beautiful, young body with us
and play with your pussy whenever we want to. The one thing would be to use
you as a hostage."

Summer didn't say a word...there was nothing left to say.

But then, to her great relieve, the leader of that criminal rat pack simply
shook his head.

"Don't worry my young beauty. This time you're lucky. Where we're going, we
don't need you. great as the fuck with you has can stay

Summer could hear sounds of frustration that came from the other men, and
though this man...right before her...had actually raped her two times, she
now felt a surge of thankfulness for him. She even smiled at him.

"Thank you..."

He let go of her shoulders and returned to his men.

"Come on, guys...they're waiting outside..."

She could hear them sighing and watched them leaving the garage through then
now open door.

Before the leader left the building, he turned again and looked at Summer.

"Take care."

Then he left her alone in the huge garage while the sound of thunder and rain
came flooding in.

* * *

She was alone; alone in the whole wide world. She had to hold on to the
yellow car that had been the perverse bed in the horror she had to endure.
A single tear came running down her left cheek and Summer closed her eyes
before the storm of feelings hit her with all the force in the world.
Suddenly she fell into loud and uncontrollable crying. Her young body shook
in pain and Summer sank down to the grey concrete of the floor. There she
leaned against one wheel and covered her wet face with her hands. She shook
so hard in pain that she almost fell over and could only support herself in
the last moment with and outstretched hand. Now all the pain that had summed
up in her over the last couple of hours broke free...all the pain over those
three rapes...the physical pain and the mental pain.

Her anus hurt so much...still blood was flowing out of it sucked up by the
fabric of her swimsuit...

She could still taste the stale taste of sperm in her mouth...

And her vagina felt hollow...was burning...wide...wet...hurt so much.

But the greatest pain of all was about loosing her virginity to a gang of
criminals and not to a man she would love. This fact could never be corrected

If, by any chance, one day she were a grandmother and her grandchild would
ask her how she had lost her virginity...she would have to answer that she
had been raped...

"Oh God..."

Now she fell over and covered her face with an armpit.

A young lifeguard lay on the cold pain...broken. Summer
Quinn had been raped.

* * *

The storm flattened out and turned into a stronger wind by six o'clock on
Monday morning. By that time Matt had called the police while Summer was
talking to her boss Mitch on the phone. Under tears she told him about what
had happened to them and half an hour later the police and Mitch arrived.
And when Mitch hugged her...when Summer would burry her wet face into his
chest...this was the very first moment she felt better.

After another hour of talking and comfort she was brought to a hospital where
she got a bed and some first minute counseling. The sky turned brighter and
brighter...the storm disappeared and finally Summer fell into a light sleep.

She did not dream. She did not dare to dream. No more more
nightmares. No more...

* * *

After three month Summer Quinn returned to duty. She was stronger then and
was able to talk to Sue who had to endure at least one rape during that
horrible Sunday. Three month of counseling, three month of quietness...of
finding a way back to her self had been helpful but certainly not enough to
give her back a joyful smile on her face. She still had to do a lot of soul
searching and she knew that. But it was OK for now...

She wanted to work again. She wanted to be among friends again and she wanted
to see if those three men...those three rapists...came to justice.

But still, above everything else...the fact remained that she had been raped.
She had lost her virginity and she had been raped...three times...

Summer Quinn closed her eyes and let this moment pass.


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