Battlestar Galactica (2003) (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The tale takes place in Mankind's distant future.

The human race has left its home, the planet Earth and moved into the stars.
They colonized worlds far beyond the earth's solar system. They managed to
colonize twelve planets which form the collective of worlds. Thousands of
years passed. Mankind forgot its origins. Earth became a place of myth, much
like the Holy Grail or El Dorado were, in primitive human cultures.

At some point, Mankind reached the peak of its technological evolution. Human
beings were living longer lives. They had vast technology and could travel to
even the most remote and distant places in the galaxy. The sheer power of
human civilization was truly phenomenal. But it was not enough. Mankind
always aspired to greater things. Like the development of new technology in
a radical new direction.

Artificial Intelligence.

The scientists of the Collective created a race of AIs. Artificial
Intelligence-type entities. At first, they were little more than powerful
robots. But something happened. The machines became self-aware. They decided
they did not want to serve the humans that created them. They called
themselves the Cylons.

A terrible war ensued between the Humans and the Machines. The Machines
were ruthlessly efficient. Automated factories produced killer robots by the
hundreds of thousands. The war went on for years. The Machines eventually
deemed the worlds of the humans not worth the effort of conquest and moved
on to bigger and better things, like deep space. The humans had won. But they
knew the Machines would not rest until every last human was destroyed. It was
the way of the universe. The strong conquered the weak. Humanity had created
a foe that was potentially greater than itself could ever be: the Cylons.

Fifty years passed...

Every year, the Collective sends one person to the Keep. The Keep is a
fortress in space. It was the place where the humans agreed to meet the
Cylons to talk peace. Every year, a man or woman went there. Every year,
the man or woman returned home safely since the machines never showed up
to discuss peace. It was a boring job, to be an Emissary.

Jax hated it. He was a small, slender man in his late fifties. He sat behind
a desk in the fortress that was the Keep. He had been an Emissary for the
Collective five times in his life. No man or woman wanted this job. He was
being paid to do it, but not much. He had done it before. No one ever came
to the Keep. The silent Fortress was always empty. So, imagine his surprise,
when he suddenly heard something.

He saw two mechanoids come into the vast hall, escorting a gorgeous blonde
woman clad in red. He watched as she came to him. She asked if he was alive.
He said nothing. She kissed him. Then, an explosion ensues. The Fortress is
destroyed, along with old man Jax and his new, um, acquaintance.


The worlds-famous scientist Gaius is in his apartment, a very plush place of
wealth. He is doing an interview. He is talking to a female interviewer about
his take on science. Doctor Gaius Baltar is a very important man. He has done
a lot of work on machines and thinks mankind's fear of anything remotely
connected to artificial intelligence to be simply stupid.

After the interview, he is joined by a tall, strikingly beautiful blonde
woman. She is more than a woman. She is Number Six, one of the Cylon Agents.
The Cylons have created the perfect spies. The CIs or Cylon-Infiltrators.
Essentially, a human body is genetically engineered. It is flesh and blood
but enhanced. Also, the human brain is replaced by an indestructible Mind
Core. The Mind Core is pure artificial intelligence. It inhabits the body.
It is programmed to travel to space, invisible and unstoppable and return to
a secret location where it will be placed in a new host body. There are many
CIs out there. They are the spies the machines have placed among the humans.
Baltar does not know the woman he has been dating is a half human, half
mechanical organism.

She warns him about the impending doom faced by all Humanity.

The Cylons are coming. They come in spaceships. They attack all Twelve Colony
Worlds at once.

Humanity is caught by surprise. Billions die as entire planets are blasted
out of existence.


A young woman is running through a race track. She is clad in sweat pants.
Her hair is blond and very short. Her body is wiry and muscular. Her name is
Cara Thrace, but all her friends call her Starbuck. Starbuck is what anyone
would call a pain in the butt. She is arrogant, a laughing, taunting
daredevil. She is also one hell of a fighter and one of the best pilots in
the Fleet.

Cara Thrace aka Starbuck is but one of many young people serving on the
Battlestar Galactica.

It's a massive spaceship that is roughly about the size of a big city. It is
powered by Ionic reactors. Basically, it never runs out of power. It has
automated factories that can produce enough food, drink and equipment for
several thousand people for three decades if properly rationed. The Galactica
is equipped with weapons of mass destruction. It can travel at approximately
one hundred times the speed of light.

But it is outdated.

The Galactica was built in a time when humanity feared the Cylons. No one had
seen a single Cylon in five decades. So, the Galactica was deemed obsolete,
as was its commander, Mr. Kay Adama. He is a tall, older man with dark hair.
He controls the Galactica with an iron grip. He is a man with a reputation
for running a tight ship.

He trusts only his second in command, chief petty officer Tyrol. Tyrol is
a stocky, bald man in his early fifties. He is aided by Lieutenant Sharon
Valenti aka Boomer. Boomer is a spry, hot Asian girl in her twenties. In
spite of her young age, she has experience. She is a dedicated officer,
and one hot mama. Boomer has had an illicit affair with her subordinate, a
young man by the name of Billy Keikeya. It started innocently enough. He
was working under They were working together. He came to her. She
felt attracted to him. They kept their affair a secret, meeting in lockers,
secret passages and their quarters, of course.

Starbuck went to eat with her friends. Tyrol was there. He made fun of her.
When she didn't react, he pushed the table off. She got up, red-faced and
angry. She punched him. Her friends restrained her. The punishment for
hitting a superior officer was two days in the Brig. Starbuck went in,

She waits in there. Time is slow in the brig. There are a few other
detainees with her. She is pretty much a regular here. They know her well.
She gets into a lot of fights with guys and girls on the ship. She is
sitting in her cell when suddenly a visitor strolls in. He is tall, lean
and handsome, with dark hair and eyes. His name is Lee Adama aka Apollo,
the Commander-in-chief's only son. One heck of a pilot.

"Hey, Starbuck, " said Lee, smiling.

Starbuck grinned. "What's up, soldier boy?"

Apollo shrugs and approaches the bars of the cell. He touches them, and for
a moment, Starbuck and Apollo's hands touch. His touch is tender on hers
and she entwines their fingers. Apollo looks into Starbuck's eyes. She is
smiling. Across the room, a big guy named Boxey grins and whistles. "Ooh,
lovebirds," he says. Apollo gasps.


Starbuck frowns as he withdraws his hand from hers. "So, how have you been?"
he asks, businesslike.

She understands his tone. She and Apollo had been friends since they were
little, growing up on the planet Briseis. He was the shy intellectual, she
was the wild and untamed tomboy. They were best friends. They were never
more than that. They could never be more than that. They both cared about
each other but knew that relationships did not last. Most were fucked up.
Marriages resulted in divorces. Speaking of fucked up relationships, a
thought popped in Starbuck's head.

"Apollo, have you seen your father yet?" she asks.

Apollo's eyes waver. Starbuck had always been able to read him like a book.
She loved this boy but he was transparent...

"That's Apollo-speak for no, 'I haven't talked to my dad because I'm an
asshole,'" she said.

Apollo winces. He always liked Starbuck's honesty. He remembered once, when
they were kids that he used to be scared to climb a rather steep hill. One
full of traps. She did it everyday for fun. He wouldn't climb it until she
teased and begged him to death. Finally, one day she stayed up there and
played dead. He called frantically but she did not move. He was so worried.
He climbed the hill and came to get her. Once he got there, she burst out
laughing. He'd been pissed and basically got ready to kick her ass. She was
half scared, half laughing and told him that she did it because she couldn't
stand to see him cower before anyone or anything.

"I'll talk to my dad when I'm ready," he said.

Starbuck is pissed. She had grown up all over the place. No family. No
parents. No friends. Commander Kay Adama found her and placed her in the
Academy for Gifted Youths. He had been good to her. She cared for him
deeply. She loved this man like a father. She grew up practically alongside
his son Lee Adama and was there when he thought up the name Apollo for
himself. She saw Apollo as a kid brother (he was three months younger than
her) for most of her life. Now, when they were in their early twenties, she
did not see him as a kid brother anymore. She wasn't sure what she saw him
as. But watching the Adama men not getting along with each other was awful.
She knew Apollo's mom had died and Apollo blamed his father for it. She did
not like to see father and son in opposition. "Apollo, go talk to him or
I'll kick your ass."

Apollo grimaced. He was still reluctant. She eventually sweet-talked him
into it. For Starbuck, sweet talk equaled a lot of swearing, threatening and
outright unprintable spiels. Apollo left.

He went to talk to his dad. He kept it business-like. His father understood.
He charged Apollo with the mission of fetching his ex, Laura Roslin the new
Minister of Education to bring her to the Ceremony of Decommission, scheduled
to take place in two days. Apollo reluctantly agreed.

Everywhere in the Colonies, human beings were dying. The Machines destroyed
the cities of the planets from orbit. It was a massacre. The President of the
Colonies left with his cabinet on a spaceship, the Seeker. They traveled from
the colony capital Naxus and headed to the largest still operational military

Traveling in space with Apollo were Boomer and her lover, Billy Keikeya. They
split from Apollo and go to a planet to see if they can rescue some people.
They take a few men and women, among them is Dr. Gaius Baltar. He is the man
who has been saved from the Cylons by Cyria "Number Six", a female CI
(Cylon-Infiltrator) that had developed romantic feelings for him. He is also
the only human being who knows that the machines have produced human-like
infiltrators and placed them in the military to spy on the humans.

Apollo encounters the Seeker. He meets the President's replacement, a
good-looking older woman named Laura Roslin. She is his father's ex. They are
not too fond of each other. Apollo does his mission and sets the Seeker on
the path of to meet the Battlestar Galactica. He learns of the Cylon attacks
on the Twelve Colonies and the massive death toll: 14 billion human beings
are dead. He insists on staying behind to help some people.

The Cylons have created a device which disables fighter spacecraft, rendering
them motionless and inoperable in space, paralyzing their human pilots. There
are many spaceships out there, rendered useless by the Cylon machine. Many
people in them. He takes a large spaceship and goes alone on a rescue
mission. He cannot stand the thought of men and women dying when he could
have helped them.

The Cylon machines send their fighter spaceships, all fully automated and
they start killing the humans in the paralyzed spaceships. Apollo fights but
he cannot be everywhere at once and he is only one guy. There are explosions.
It is assumed he is dead.

The Seeker makes it to the Battlestar Galactica.

Commander Adama meets his ex, Laura Roslin and learns the extent of the
damage done to humanity by the Cylons. The human race is almost extinct.
Adama tells Roslin that there are 1780 men and 1697 women on the Battlestar
Galactica. He sends a few of them in spaceships to rescue the paralyzed
spaceships and their human pilots. He is heartbroken when he learns that
his only son is most likely dead. The Galactica crew learns that they have
lost pretty much everyone they ever knew and lost their homes. They decide
to fight the Cylons with a vengeance. Many brave men and women go out there
to rescue "frozen" spaceships. Among them is Cara Thrace, known to her
personal friends as Starbuck.

She has taken it hard, the news of Apollo's supposed death. She feels
terrible, but she knew Apollo would want her out there fighting. So she
goes. She finds a few ships. The fighter spacecrafts from the Galactica
return to the Battlestar. All in all, the have rescued about 50,000 men,
women and children who had escaped the wrath of the Cylons from various


Starbuck is at the hangar, fixing her spaceship after man hours of non-stop
flight in space. There are a lot of people there. She looks around, seeing
a few people reunited with their families. Others were mourning lovers,
brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. Parents and siblings. Everyone
had lost someone or knew someone who lost someone to the Cylon Attack.
Starbuck lay on the cold, hard floor and started working to fix her craft.
The commander said they were expecting a Cylon attack anytime soon. The
sheer numbers of the Cylon Fleet gave them the advantage. She couldn't help
thinking about Apollo.

The only person in the universe that truly mattered to her....dead. Fighting
back tears, she told herself she would make the Cylons pay. Yes, let them
come. She would blast them all to bits. She heard something...saw a familiar
pair of legs standing before her. She could not see their owner, since she
was so low on the floor, way under the massive spacecraft. Her heart leapt
on her chest when she heard a familiar voice. "Starbuck." Starbuck jumped,
banged her head against the hull of the ship, cursed and rolled out from
under it.

"Hey, " said Apollo. He was just standing there, very Apollo-like.

She couldn't believe it. It was HIM!!! Apollo was alive!!!!!! GOD had
answered her prayers!

"Apollo?" she said tentatively. He smiled at her. "Glad to see you're alive,
Starbuck," he said.

Starbuck grinned nervously. "Back at you, man." Impulsively, he hugged her.

She hugged him back. He kissed her forehead and she buried her head in his
chest. "Oh, Apollo, I thought I lost you." she said.

Apollo stiffened. Starbuck almost gasped. Had she said the wrong thing?
She looked at him. "I don't think I'd know how to face life without you,
Buckster," he said. Starbuck grinned and hugged him tighter. He held
her face in his hands.

"God, you're..." he began.

Starbuck held her breath. The two best friends were interrupted by the sing
song voices of Lieutenant Boomer and Boxey, fresh out of the brig. "Oooh,

Everyone laughed. Apollo grinned nervously. Starbuck bit her lip and looked
at him. She could tell that even now, he wasn't sure of his feelings. Did he
still see her as a friend? Or did he want to be more? Was he embarassed to
be seen with her? All her questions were answered when Apollo kissed her. He
put his arms around her. She kissed him back with all the passion she could
muster. Starbuck could hear petty officer Tyrol's voice in the background.
"Well, I'll be damned."


Apollo went to see his father. He was glad to see his old man. "Good to see
you, dad," he said. "I love you."

Commander Kay Adama could not believe his ears. He had longed to hear his
son say those words for a long time. "I love you too, son."

The two men sat down and talked. The events of the last day. The destruction
of the Twelve Colony worlds of the Collective. The near extinction of

"In a way, I am glad," said Apollo. "This new war has made me realize who I
love. The people that are most important to me." He hugged his dad again.
"Love you, dad." he said. He walked out of the officers compound and near
the Pilots quarters. He had someone to see.


Starbuck's Quarters.....

Starbuck slowly unlocked her door. She gasped when she saw who it was.
Apollo. He was looking very tired, clad in fatigues. "Hello, soldier girl,"
he said.

"Hey, boy," she said.

He came in. They sat on her bed, holding hands and talking. This had been a
very tiring day for the both of them. Tired, they lay on her bed. Apollo was
looking at the ceiling, talking about all that had transpired. Starbuck
listened, watching him. He was so handsome. So sure of himself. Apollo, the
rugged bastard. She saw right through him, all the time.

"I've come to realize something," he said, looking into her eyes.

"What?" she said softly.

He held her hand, squeezed it. "I care for you, Starbuck, more than I ever
let on."

She brought his hand to her lips and kissed it. "I know, boy, I know." She
thought he was going to say more, he didn't.

Then, he began talking again. "While I was out there, all I kept thinking
about was you," said Apollo.

He looked at her, hesitated. She came closer, until they were close enough
to kiss. And did. Apollo kissed Starbuck passionately. His sleek hands
caressed her body. She kissed him, he kissed her back and they rolled on
the bed, playfully. They rolled and rolled, until Starbuck found herself
on top of Apollo. She took off her clothes and he rapidly undid his. They
laughed as they hurriedly got naked. Apollo caressed Starbuck's tits and
suckled them. With his hands, he caressed her neck, her navel and eventually
wound up playing with her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as his hands explored
her. He made her lie on the bed and began to please her, thinking only of
her pleasure. He licked her pussy, and tenderly bit her clit, making her
scream in pleasure and pain. He licked and sucked her pussy, his tongue and
nimble fingers ever-probing, causing new sensations in her. Soon, Starbuck
came, bucking wildly. She held her lover's head in her hands, screamed his
name. He brought her from orgasm to orgasm. She was writhing, screaming and
cumming. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

When she came for the fifth time that night, Apollo stopped. "That was...."
she began.

Apollo smiled at her. "I'm glad I could make you happy." He lay next to her,
holding her and kissing her forehead.

"Let me please you," she said.

Apollo glared at her. He hesitated. "Starbuck, I-I... love you, but..." he

"I want to make you happy," Starbuck did not wait for his answer. She
practically lunged for his cock, taking control of him. Apollo held his
breath as she began pumping his cock, jerking him off. Soon, he was rock

"Starbuck..." he said.

She looked at him. "You want me to stop?" she asked.

Apollo shook his head. She began to suck his cock. Apollo closed his eyes,
enjoying what she was doing to him. Starbuck's mouth was wondrous and worked
wonders on his manhood, and soon he was rock hard. For a fleeting moment, he
wondered if she knew his secret.

He brought pleasure to his lovers, few as they were but never allowed them
to please him. It was just how he was. He had made this strange vow to
himself long ago. To love, without allowing oneself to be loved back. Love
hurt too much.

"I want to make love to you," said Starbuck.

Once again, Apollo hesitated. God, he loved that girl and he wanted her.
Everything in him was screaming for her. But he knew once you loved
someone, you made yourself vulnerable. You stood to lose a lot. But this
was Starbuck...

He found himself embracing her. He returned her passion, once more enflaming
her flesh with his touch. But she would not be deterred. She was on top of
him. He was pinned down, only his cock was erect. She smiled. "I want you in
me, Apollo, I want us to become one."

Before he could say anything, she lowered herself onto him. Apollo gasped as
her flesh merged with his, and he was in her. She began bobbing up and down,
slowly. Apollo feels the tight pussy walls all around his cock, pressuring
him. God, that feels good. He lies down, enjoying this. He looks into
Starbuck's smiling, wildly beautiful face. He feels something build up deep
within him. He gasps. Starbuck knows what is happening and with a purely
voluntary reflex, tightens her insides. Apollo's cock shoots its cum within
her. He screams in pleasure. So intense is the sensation that he rises from
the bed where he lay flat, and Starbuck holds him in her arms, warmly
embracing him. Apollo is shaking, his body rocked by his first orgasm with
a woman he loved. "Wow," was all he could say.

The two lovers remain embracing each other. Not sated, they have a go at
it again. Soon, the room is full of the sweet sounds of pants, moans and
screams of pleasure. They made love several times that night, until they
lay exhausted in each other's arms.

"Apollo?" said Starbuck as they lay in bed.

"What?" he asks.

"I love you, " she said.

"Back at you," he said.

Satisfied with his answer, she smiled and went to sleep.

Apollo did not sleep. He listened to Starbuck's rhythmic heartbeat. He loved
this girl. His self imposed no-love-for-ever thing was over. He finally met a
woman he trusted enough to completely give himself over to her, to embrace
without restraint. He loved Starbuck and she loved him. They were more than
friends now. No going back.

Maybe this was the start of a wonderful new relationship, or maybe, like
Humanity's experiments with the Cylons, it was gonna blow up in his face.
Only time would tell.

He went to sleep.

The two lovers were not aware they were being watched. Two video-feeds were
coming from the room, placed by the other people of the Battlestar. The
friends of Starbuck and Apollo who wanted to see them get down. Practically
everyone on the ship had seen it. They were in for a nasty surprise the next

From his office, Commander Kay Adama watched his son sleeping with the woman
of his dreams. He grinned, turned the video-feed and toasted wine with his
guests, Laura Roslin and petty officer Tyrol. "It's about time," he said,

The End


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