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Just a few notes. Since this is MY story, I have made a few casting changes.
Where not indicated, the cast in the same. In this chapter, Celeste is
played by Elizabth Berkley from Showgirls. Sugar is still played by Drew
Barrymore. Spice is played by Shannon Doherty.

Batman Forever: Part 4 (MF)
by Roger T Pipe

Chapter 1

Riddler entered his run down apartment with his new lady in tow. Sugar
hadn't said two words to him on the entire journey. Two-Face had said she
was less than dynamic sexually, but Riddler had plans for her. He had a
feeling about this one, and couldn't wait to find out if he was right.

One of the side effects of the beam that he had not revealed to Two-Face,
was a combination of the mind reading and mind control power of the beam.
By combining them, he found that the beam would find a subject's deepest,
darkest sexual fantasy and make them act on this desire. Somehow, Riddler
thought that beneath that innocent look Sugar had, lay a passionate

"Sit down my dear." Riddler said, preparing the beam for his experiment
with the cute, virginal blonde.

* * *

Back in the warehouse, Two-Face had finished his meal and was standing next
to the seated Spice. "Time for dessert my dear." He said smiling. Without
another word, Spice unzipped his trousers and fished his growing cock out
with her fingers. "Make it good darling. You're going to have to do if for
us both this evening."

The brunette nodded and bent her head down to Two-Face's cock. As she
wrapped her soft lips around the head, both sides of the villain's face
smiled broadly. Spice's willing mouth opened wide to accommodate the
growing prick that worked its way to the back of her throat.

She noticed that Two-Face's prick was growing bigger and harder than ever
before. In the past, the dueling personalities had split his attention so
that Miss Goody-Goody Sugar took half of his energy and lust away from her.
Now that she was out of the picture, Spice could see that all of the
attention and lust would be directed at her. The idea excited her, causing
her pussy to gush more than usual as she bathed his beautiful cock in her
saliva, gulping it deep in her pulsing mouth.

Harvey was amazed at how quickly all thoughts of his precious Sugar faded
away. Perhaps his more twisted side was right, bad girls could be so much
more fun. At that point his twisted half took over completely. "Hang on
Harvey." He muttered. "This is going to be a bumpy ride."

Knowing that there would be no interruptions this time, Spice went to work
on Two-Face like never before. When the fat head bumped against her throat,
she simply shoved her mouth down harder, forcing the throbbing member into
her throat. Two-Face held her face in his hands, gave her cheek a gentle
caress, then plunged the final few inches of his cock deep into her throat.
This was the man Spice lusted for, a brute with a ten inch dick and no
qualms about using it on her sexy young body. Spice began to shudder in
orgasm as he squeezed her head tightly.

"AHHHH" Two-Face moaned. "My little slut is cumming already. I suppose
you deserve it. We have been dividing our attention for far too long. Not
to worry, I think we can convince old goody two shoes here that sometimes
bad is better." He laughed wildly as he pulled her to her feel. "Have a
seat my dear. I believe it's time for my dessert." He set her onto the
edge of the table. with strong hands, he tore open her top, exposing her
small but firm breasts. The cocoa colored nipples stuck straight out, erect
in her aroused state.

Two-Face kissed Sugar hard, probing her mouth with his tongue before running
his mouth down over her neck and attacking her breasts. While his mouth
worked over one of her nipples, he pinched the other between his fingers
roughly, making Spice moan loudly. He moved down, thrusting her legs up off
the table, slamming her flat on her back. Two-Face ripped her wet G string
from her body and tossed it aside. He took a moment to enjoy the sight of
her neatly trimmed pussy. Then he dove in like a man possessed. Two-Face
loved the taste of her hot pussy almost as much as he loved fucking it. He
used his fingers to spread her lips wide open so that his tongue could
explore deep within her wet folds, gobbling her up like a warm slice of
cherry pie.

Spice was loving Two-Face's tongue action. He was penetrating her pussy
deeply using his tongue like a cock on her, all the while, roughly groping
her firm thighs. Once she had been thoroughly licked, Two-Face inserted
two fingers into her dripping cunt. Spice moaned loudly, loving his brutal
technique. Two-Face lifted her up onto the table, positioning himself
between her spread thighs. His swollen head brushed against Spice's
dripping pussy lips, causing the brunette vixen to shudder with desire.
"Oh God." She moaned. "Fuck me baby. Please ram that prick deep inside
of me. Fill me full of cock."

Such words were music to the evil side's ears. Harvey was surprised to
find that they fueled his burning lust as well. Taking Spice's thighs in
his hands, Two-Face raised them off the table and spread them even wider.
He thrust forward, plunging his thick shaft into her red hot slit. Spice
groaned lustily, loving the way he was fucking her. No more Mister nice
guy to hold him back. His ten inch cock pounded in and out of her, his
heavy balls slapping against her ass.

Spice wrapped her long slender legs tightly around his back and pulled him
in harder and deeper. His hands clawed roughly at her small firm breasts
as they jiggled about wildly. Spice dug her own nails into Two-Face's
chest, scratching him like a caged animal. Without warning, Two-Face
pulled from her pussy, causing her to moan at the loss. He pulled her off
the table, spun her around and bent her over at the waist. Spice's
luscious, round ass stuck high in the air roundly as Two-face grabbed her
hips and thrust his prick back inside of her. Reaching around with one
hand, Two-Face grabbed her tit, squeezing the firm handful of flesh. His
other hand was slapping her ass red and raw. Loving every wonderful second
of it, Spice was busy rubbing her clit to mach his rapid strokes. With her
other hand, Spice reached down and added two fingers to her pussy, filling
her even more and stimulating his shaft at the same time. She knew this
would drive him right over the edge along with her.

Two-Face grunted wildly as he fucked his favorite vixen. Her fingers rubbing
against his cock drove him mad. Past the point of no return, Two-Face simply
drove into Spice as hard as he could. Knocking her into the table, his wild
pounding sent them both over at the same time.

"Oh Yes!" screamed Spice. "I'm cumming."

"Shut up slut." growled Two-Face, slamming her down harder as he climaxed,
pumping his load deep into her womb, flooding her innards with spunk. Spice
never stopped playing with her pussy as he pumped her full. Her strong
cunt muscles milking her man's cock, draining every drop of cum from him.
Two-Face collapsed motionless on top of Spice, panting heavily in his post
orgasmic state. Never one to stay down for long, Two-Face rose up, pulled
his shrinking cock from Spice and said coldly. "Clean it up you slut."
Obediently, Spice spun around and knelt before him, licking their collective
juices from his long cock, savoring the taste. Two-Face laughed madly.
"Batman." He said, picking up Riddler's mind control device. "There is no
place you can hide from me now.

Chapter 2

Back in his apartment, Riddler lay on his bed. He had zapped Sugar with the
beam an hour ago and was just waiting for her to get cleaned up and ready.
To heighten his anticipation, Riddler had zapped Sugar, then hurried out of
the room, leaving her alone with a dozen or so sexy outfits to choose from.
His mind raced wondering just which persona would best represent Sugar's
deepest fantasies.

His thoughts were interrupted by the turning of the door knob. Riddler
smiled and locked his eyes on the doorway as Sugar came into view. She
looked much different than before. Gone was her long white gown and pinned
up hair. Now her long, blonde hair fell freely about her shoulders and her
face was heavily made up. The outfit she wore was straight off the Modern
Hooker rack. A thin, white mini dress that hugged her every curve and
showed the outline of her pert, hard nipples. She teetered on five inch
stiletto pumps, her hips swaying, her firm breasts bouncing invitingly.

"Ahh my dear." said Riddler, grinning broadly. "I see you have found some
clothes that better suit you, and you new image."

"Image?" she questioned. "Yeah, whatever." Clearly, the beam had found
some deep desire in Sugar to be someone else.

She stood at the foot of the bed, swaying her hips slowly. "So," she spat.
"where's the money?"

Riddler looked a bit puzzled. "Money?" he asked.

"Honey, and engine like this don't run without gas." she replied.

Riddler chuckled aloud as he began to understand. His beam had found in
Harvey Dent's virginal girlfriend Sugar a desire to be a whore, right down
to her pay to play attitude. He made a mental note to cure her of that
annoying little habit as he pulled a small wad of bills from his nightstand
and set it in front of her. "And there is a lot more where that came from
my dear. If your performance is as hot as you look." he said.

"Even better." she purred, taking the cash from Riddler and tossing it onto
the night table. "Now, why don't you just sit back and enjoy the show
lover." She slowly slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders,
letting her pert breasts support the garment wholly for a moment before
shrugging it off and allowing it to fall to her waist.

Riddler now got an unobstructed view of her perfect, firm tits. They were
a handful, no more, no less, with dark pink nipples jutting out towards him,
begging to be sucked. The firm orbs sat so high and proud upon her chest,
he thought momentarily of the thousands of women in Gotham who had paid
money to have breasts half as perfect as hers. With a sleek wiggle of her
hips, Sugar pushed the dress down, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her
clad in only her heels and a thin white G strong, just barely covering her
pussy. She stepped away from her dress, walking slowly to the bed and stood
next to Riddler.

He reached out and caressed her smooth, pale thighs. Sugar's flesh was firm
and warm, almost too perfect. While he enjoyed the feel of her skin, Sugar
busied herself with removing his shoes. Riddler laid back on the bed,
watching her body move as she bent over him, unzipping his body suit and
slipping it down his body. A startled sigh came from her lips as the suit
slid past his hips. Such a tight suit did not allow him to wear anything
underneath and as the suit slid down, she saw his growing prick come into
view. Even half erect, Sugar couldn't believe the size of it. It was a
good nine inches and still growing. Like the man, the stiffening rod was
slender and long even as Sugar returned to her task of stripping her man.

By the time she had Riddler naked, Sugar could not help but notice his now
fully hard, throbbing cock. It was easily the biggest one she had ever seen.
Of course, before Harvey, Sugar had only seen one other, but she always
imagined a ten inch hard cock like Harvey's was about as big as they got.

Riddler chuckled at the look of awe on Sugar's beautiful face. He had only
been with two women in his whole life, but both of then had shared the
blonde's shock when they first laid eyes on his over developed member.
"It's fourteen inches long." he said proudly. "Feel free to measure it if
you like." Edward had always had an unusually long cock, but since his
transformation, it had grown three more inches and had kept first a ruler,
and now a tape measure beside his bed at all times to keep track of any
further growth.

"I don't think that will be necessary." Sugar purred as she grasped the long
member in her soft, warm fingers.

"Are you sure you can take it my dear?" Riddler asked, knowing full well that
the virginal Sugar would have run away in terror at the thought of being
split in two by his monstrous log. However, so deep was she into her fantasy
world, that she truly believed she could handle an elephant's cock and begged
for more.

"I think I can manage." She whispered as her lips met his in a gentle kiss.
She traced his lips with the tip of her tongue, slowly trailing it over his
chin, down his neck and to his nipples. Riddler responded to her techniques
by moaning deeply. Sugar was by far the most beautiful woman he had ever
been with. As an added bonus, his beam had given his an almost virginal
Princess who would soon fuck him like an expert whore.

She sucked his nipples hard as her two hands now began to stroke his long
cock. Harvey had pampered this young thing, and her fingers were smooth,
soft and delicate. Using techniques she had seen Spice use on their master,
Sugar stroked up and down on Riddler's cock while twisting her wrists to
give a nice 'wringing out a wet rag' action.

As Sugar lowered her head , again trailing her tongue down his belly and
over his hips, Riddler's pelvis was already writhing uncontrollably. He had
so much built up sexual tension, that he was certain he would explode at any
moment. He felt her soft lips, sticky with the over abundance of lipstick,
touch his cock head. Riddler's hips arched up violently, desperate to feel
her hot mouth wrapped around his throbbing prick. She backed away coyly and
flashed him a wicked grin. "You're in such a hurry lover. Don't worry,
you're paid up for the whole night." she cooed. "I'm not stopping until you
say so."

She still held his prick in her delicate hands, rubbing the purple head along
her lips, smearing it red with lipstick, letting it mix with his now leaking
precum. Such a sexy sight, Riddler had only dreamed of. Sugar snaked the
tip of her tongue out and licked the glistening drop of clear fluid off his
piss slit, causing Riddler to shudder. With a smile on her face, and a gleam
in her beautiful eyes, Sugar sucked his long cock into her hot, wet mouth.

Since his transformation, Riddler felt he had more cock than any woman could
handle, even one who thought of herself as a highly skilled whore. Still, as
he felt his cock head hit the back of Sugar's throat, Riddler couldn't help
but be a bit disappointed. A full nine inches remained outside of her
heavenly mouth. That simply would not do. He bucked his hips up, almost
involuntarily. Sugar choked a bit on the intruding member. She pulled back,
contemplating what to do next. Many times, she had seen Spice wolf down
Harvey's cock and was determined to out whore that slut.

With renewed vigor, Sugar slid his cock back to her throat, then, taking a
deep breath, relaxed the back of her throat and pressed down harder on his
cock, forcing it past her tight muscles. Riddler smiled broadly. His beam
was the perfect toy to turn all of Gotham's finest citizens into stark
raving sex fiends.

Sugar eased his cock onto her throat slowly, feeling the tight muscles
stretch and convulse as more and more of his lovely meat found its way into
her. She was holding his balls in one hand and had a good ten inches down
her throat now. "That is as long as Harvey's." she thought to herself
proudly, but she knew there was still work to be done. Riddler was getting
antsy, ready to grab her and force the rest down her throat if she did not
hurry up about the whole thing. Before he could even complete that thought,
Sugar took another deep breath through her nose and strained a bit as all
but the very last inch jammed all the way down her throat. By the time she
finished, Sugar's lips gripped so tightly near the base of his cock that it
felt as if she might pinch it off. Her throat was filled with dick and even
Riddler had to let out a little whistle of admiration at her impressive

Before Sugar backed off his cock, she let her throat just feel the heat of
his throbbing member. She had not completely swallowed all of the monster
prick, but still she had for exceeded most human females. That alone was
enough to set her own juices flowing heavily. Pulling back slowly, Sugar
could feel her throat gripping Riddler's cock like cunt muscles, bringing a
low moan from the prone man.

Sugar repeated her long strokes on Riddler's cock with increased speed, each
time coming just short of finishing off his huge monster. When, at last, he
could stand no more of her oral assault, Riddler pulled her face away from
his cock and smiled into her eyes. "Now let's see how my little whore

She shuddered in near climax at his words. The deepest fantasy from the
farthest reaches of her mind was coming true. "Whore." The word made her
want to cum. As she sat trembling, Riddler moved quickly, placing her on
her back in the center of the bed, a pillow under her ass to raise her
pussy up off the bed. Now, as he knelt between her spread legs, Sugar's
hips tilted by the pillow, Riddler was able to place his cock right at the
opening of her wet pussy. Rubbing the head along her slit to lube it up,
he paid special attention to pressing against her clit, sending the little
blonde whore shivering in climax. He smiled at her as he inserted the
head of his prick into her still spasming hole. Sugar was hot and almost
unbearably tight. Harvey had truly taken it easy on this one. "No more
of that treatment little one." Riddler thought aloud, as he slid his long,
slim snake into her body, filling Sugar's gripping pussy.

Her hard climax almost had Sugar out of control with lust, but such a deep
invasion of her womb quickly brought her back to reality. Riddler's cock
felt giant inside of her, but at just over ten inches, it hit bottom,
banging against her cervix. Riddler pulled out slowly, savoring the tight,
clinging walls of her cunt. Sugar tired to spread her legs wider,
disappointed that she could not handle his entire length. Not at all
deterred, Riddler drove deep within Sugar, harder this time, bringing a
cry form the blonde as he banged against her womb.

If her pussy wasn't deep enough, Riddler didn't show any signs of letting
it bother him. He had shifted his weight forward and was pumping in and
out of Sugar faster and faster. Although not all of his cock got buried in
her, the part that did was absolutely on fire. Her cunt gripped him so
tightly, she was the perfect combination of a virginal young thing and an
practiced whore.

Sugar could sense the urgency in Riddler's increased strokes. She pulled
her thighs back and hooked her heels over his slim shoulders. Now all his
weight slammed down onto her prone body. He had forgotten to ease up as
his rod pieced her cervix, s ending shards of pain through her cunt. To
offset her discomfort, Sugar reached down and rubbed her clit madly.
Intense pleasure soon overmatched the pain and the two were moaning

"Such a tight little whore." Riddler grunted through clenched teeth.
"Take my cock like the slut you are."

"Oh yeah baby. Fuck me deeper. Come on, do it harder." she replied. Sugar
was lost in a series of mind rocking orgasms as Riddler finally withdrew his
long prick, his own orgasm finally hitting. He shot streams of thick white
cream across Sugar's pale skin, streaking her stomach and chest with his
juices. As he kept spraying, Sugar used her free hand to continue to stroke
his cock, coaxing every last drop of cum from him. The transformation had
altered his sperm production as well, as cock size and as the last few drops
were milked from the pulsing head of Riddler's cock, Sugar was covered with
lose to a cup of hot semen.

Exhausted, Riddler leaned back onto his knees panting. Sugar lay on the bed,
running her hands over her body, smearing Riddler's hot cum all over stomach
and rubbing it into her small tits, and absent mindedly licked her cum
coated fingers. She looked, and indeed felt like, the whore she had always
fantasized being.


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