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Just a few notes. Since this is MY story, I have made a few casting changes.
Where not indicated, the cast in the same. In this chapter, Celeste is
played by Elizabth Berkley from Showgirls. Sugar is still played by Drew
Barrymore. Spice is played by Shannon Doherty.

Batman Forever: Part 3 (MF)
by Roger T Pipe

Chapter 1

At the same time Bruce Wayne was enjoying the oral talents of Dr. Chase
Merididan, young Dick Grayson was just turning the Batmobile onto Old Gotham
Road where he opened it up to 90 MPH. "Damn, this baby flies." He half
shouted as he sped down the deserted road towards the heart of Gotham. "Now,
for a little driving music." He mumbled, finding the in dash CD player in
the Batmobile. Cranking the volume up to ten, Dick soon heard the sounds of
adult contempororay blaring though the sound system. "What is this crap?"
Dick muttered, edjecting the offending disc. "Micheal Bolton? Fuck that."
He tossed the small disc out the window and pulled a CD case for his leather
jacket. He picked a disc, interted it and in a few seconds, the Batmobile
was filled with the rocous sounds of The Offspring's 'Smash It Up'. "Now
this is ass kicking music." He said, lughing and speeding through the black
night into Gotham City.

* * *

The north side of Gotham city was by far the most dangerous, crime infested
neighborhood this side of south Metropolis. The streets bustled with gang
members, prositutes, drug adicts and pimps. No one was safe out here form
the roaming ganga of thugs who ruled the streets like a pack of blood
thirsty wolves. That is, until the Batmobile cruised down the dark avenue,
scattering the evil doers like so many cock roaches when you turn on the

Dick drove through the run down neighborhood, scoping out the ladies of the
evening who flocked on the street corners. Seeing a partially promising
group, he pulled the car up to the curb, sending the johns scurrying
scurrying away. One of them, thought Dick, looked very familiar, "Like that
British actor who's been in town to promote his new movie." He muttered.
No matter, he had found what he was looking for, some working girls.

The hookers hathered around the Batmobile like lust starved groupies, dying
for a glimpse of the Dark Knight. When the hatch of the Batmobile slid open,
they were instead treated to young Dick Grayson's smiling face. "Hello
ladies." He said, flashing a cocky Tom Cruise like smile.

The small crowd backed away laughing. "That ain't Batman. Looks more like
Batboy. Bratboy is more like it. Hey Boy, Disneyland is farther west."
They jeered.

Dick was angered by their ridiculing. "Hey, I'm man enough to steal the
Batmobile from Batman. I'd say that makes me man enough to..."

His words were cut off by a death scream coming from one of the darkened side
alleys. It sounded as if someone werer being tortured. Before he could even
try to think about it, Dick swung the Batmobile around and headed in the
direction of the screams.

Celeste Stallings should have known better than to be out at night in this
part of Gotham. She had been on a sorrority initialtion prank for Hell Week.
All she was supposed to do was bring in a condemned sign from one of the old
burned out slums. Somehow, she had taken a very wrong turn and ended up here.
While tying to use a pay phone, the pretty coed had been harrassed by some
gang member who chased her away from her can and dwon this dead end alley.
As they closed in around her, now twenty strong, she let out her desparate
cry for help.

The leader of the gang, a large man wearing leather clithes and white stage
make up, had a hold of Celeste's long black hair and was about to speak when
someon in the crowd shrieked. "Oh shit, it's Batman." All eyes turned to
the open ind of the alley just as the sleak, black vehicle pulled in. Just
the sight of Batman struck fear in the hearts of the gang members who backed
away as the Batmobile slowed to a halt at Celeste's feet. She could see the
big leader's body tremble as the hatch opened. Then, as some young punk,
not the dreaded Dark Knight, hopped out of the vehicle, the tension eased
and the gang began laughing aloud. "It's not the Batman." Said one brave
soul, stepping forward to challenge dick.

Begining to realize the potential danger of the situation, Dick knew he had
to act quickly. "I just forgot my suit at the cleaners." He said, mustering
up all his confidence. "Let the girl go now."

The leader laughed with his followers for a moment then held up his hand for
quiet. The moisy alley fell utterly silent. "What if I say no?"

"Well," Answered Dick confidently. "Then I'll take her, and kick your ass
on the way out."

Again the larger man luaghed loudly at Dick. "I doubt that." He nodded at
the cloest gang member who emdiatly swung into action, striking out at Dick
with a wooden stick he held. Effortlessly, Dick sidestepped the blow,
grabbing the stick from the hood. Spinning around quickly, Dick cracked
him in the back of the head, knocking the attacker cold.

The remaining members stood stunned for a moment, not quite sure what to make
of the young avenger. Before they could regroup, Dick used the end of the
stick to butt three more gang members in the face and gut, clearing a path to
Celeste. In a fllash, Dick had a hold of her arm and was backing her towards
the Batmobile.

But now, the leader had regrouped a bit from his initail surprise. "Get
him." He shouted. Shielding Celeste from the attackers, Dick flew into
action. Using his acrobatic skills and the stick, he fought throuh the first
dozen or so thugs. Dick knew that he was hopelessly outnumbered and could
not deat them all. Turning to Celeste, he yelled. "Get in the car."
Celeste climbed into the Batmobile, leaving Dick to fight throught the few
until he to leapt into the car. In a flash, he hit the button to clese the
fatch. Just befor it sealed out the evil doers, Dick smiled and gave a
heard filled. "Have a nice day."

With a blast of flames and the screech of tires, the sleek car raced
backwards out of the alley and down the street, leaving the cursing gang
memebers in its dust. Dick drove silently for a while before noticing
that Celeste was crying.

"I wouldn't worry too much about your car Miss, all in all, you are very
lucky" Dick said, trying his best to sound like a confident super hero. In
fact, however, his heart was racing and he was thankful to have survived the

"It's not that." She sobbed, wiping her eyes and trying to compose herslf.
A few moments later, she continued. "I would have been murdred by those
creeps. You saved my life." She again sobbed.

"No need to cry Miss." Dick comforted, pulling the Batmobile to a stop in
fromt of the Delta Chi Pi sorrority house. "It's not so serious as all that.
You're safe now and I'll call in your car to the police as so as I get back
to..." he paused a moment, catching his near mistake. "As soon as I dump
this car. I wouldn't want the real Batman to catch me in it."

Celeste turned to him, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. "You sure acted
like the real Batman back there."

Dick swallowed hard. His experiences with women were rather limited. Most
people had always assumed that because he was an entertainer and a gymnast,
that he must be gay. In fact, Dick had been with only two lovers in his
life. Niether of whom had been nearly as pretty as Celeste.

"Just doing my good deed Miss." He said, his voice dropping into a mock
super hero tone.

Celeste bit her lip coyly. "Doesn't the super hero get to kiss the girl?"
She asked.

Dick stannered a bit. "Ye, well, I guess, I suppose so, but I'm really

Celeste shut him up with a hard kiss on the mouth. The near death experience
had her blook pumping and she could not remember ever feeling quite as turned
on. She was hoping to convey her desire to be taken in her kiss, but to
make sure, Celeste took one of Dick's hands and placed it onto her breast.
Breaking the kiss, she moaned, "Take me upstairs Batman."

"But I'm not Bat.." His words were muffled under another kiss. Her actions
told him without words to just shut up and play along. His pride was hurt a
bit, but the way this pretty girl kissed made the sting fade with the promise
of exquisite erotic adventures.

After a few minutes of kissing and groping, Celeste got our of the car, her
eyes beckoning Dick to folow her. She led him silently by the hand through
the ground floor of hr sorririty house. Her snotty sorrity siters looked on
in disgust and disbelief at the punk Celeste was taking up the staris. She
was violating the rules and risking getting herself thrown out just for a
fuck with her savior, and the idea made her panties soaked.

Inside her room, Celeste slammed the dorr behind them and attacked Dick. Her
mouth covered his, her tongue probed his mouth. Her hands groped and grasped
at his body. She tore off his leather jacket, tossing it aside. Dick began
to follow suit, tearing her t-shirt in his haste to get it over her head.
They struggled with each other's jeans, but seen stook naked in each others
arms. Her aggressivness had Dick a bit off balance, but his hands found
their way over her perky breats and down to her firm, round ass.

He was about to take her over to the bed when her kisses dropped down to his
neck, then lower, onto his chest. Soon, she fell to her knees befor him and
grasped his throbbing cock in her hands. For only the second time in his
life, Dick Grayson felt the head of his cock slip into a got, wet, female
mouth. Celeste devoured his cock like a hungry animal, taking all six inches
of his thin prick deep into her throat, then sliding it back out so that she
could stroke it between her palms. Celeste was drooling wildly as she
attacked him with her mouth. She was exploring a new side of her sexuality,
an umcontrolable, nasty side brought on my the rush of adrenilne. Dick knew
that this girl would not stop on her own until she had brought him off, but
he wanted to be inside of her. Taking her lovely face in his hands, he
helped her to her feet, lifted her off the ground and carried her over to the
bed where he laid her down.

Dick had in mind a bit of muff diving, but Celeste was busy reaching into her
nightstand, fumbling around for something. At last, she smiled up at him and
said. "Skip that, put this on and fuck me." She tossed him a foil packet
with a condom in it. Dick looked puzzled for a moment. "A girl has to be
careful these days, even with a super hero." Celeste added.

Dick scrambled to his knees beween her spread thighs. His trembling fingers
made it tough, but at last he was able to slide the smooth latex condom over
his dick, and positioned himself against her wet pussy lips. "Take me
Batman." She whispered.

Dick smiled down at Celeste as he pressed himself into her. This pretty
co-ed was so much better than and of the hookers he could have hoped to pick
up. Her heat fest as if it could belt the rubber. It felt like a wet oven
around his throbbing prick. A few quick strokes lubed the condom up good
and Dick penetrated Celeste easily. The perky co-ed, reached down and pulled
her thighs up and apart, begging Dick for more.

"Oh yes." She hissed, not at all like he would have expected from her.
"Fuck me deeper." She cried. Dick was already giving her every inch he had.
Knowing anohter way to get deeper inside of Celeste, Dick manuevered her legs
up onto his shoulders, stretching her thighs and pludging deeper into her

Celeste's mind was reeling. She was being taken by a stranger, by the man
who had saved her life. She belonged to him, wanted to serve him. It was
such a primal feeling, so unlike her. His body slapped against her, his
heavy balls bouncing off her ass while he pumped her.

"Oh fuck me harder." She cried, losing herself. It was the first climax
she had ever experienced with a cock inside of her pussy.

Something seemed to break loose inside of Dick. All of his shyness
evaporated in a cloud of steaming passion. all he could think about was
ramming his cock inside this girl harder and faster. Adreniline from his
earlier activity fueled his fires. "This must be why Batman goes to see
the hookers." He thought to himself, remebering the rumors of the Dark
Knight's sexual proclivities.

Dick felt Celeste shudder beneath him as she came a second time. When she
stopped, Dcik pulled out of her, quickly silencing her moans of protest by
flipping her over ont her hands and knees. With a firm grip, he took hold
of her slender hips and drove his latex encased rod into her steaming pussy.
Celeste shuddered as Dick's hips slammed into her ass loudly.

Young Dick could never had imagined such passion, such abaondon. The harder
he fucked Celeste the harder she bucked back. Slowly, she brought one of her
hands up off her bed and moved it back to her ass, leaving it tantalizingly
vulneralbe to him. As lost as he was in his own lust, it took Dick a few
moments to notice her hand, but when he did, his reaction was instant. He
grasped her wrist tightly, holding it in place behind her back. His hard
thrusts now nearly knocked the girl off balance. Siezing on another
opportunity, Dick jerked Celeste's other arm out from under her, driving her
face down into the pillow. In one hand, he held both of her wrists together
in the center of her back, never slowing the pace of his furious fucking.

Celeste found this new position very exciting. She had been fucked doggy
style before, but this was wild. Having her arms pinned back made her feel
so vulnerable and controlled. Her face was smothered, making it all seem so
desparate. Also, with her ass so high and exposed, even Dick's cock seemed
huge, slamming all the way to her cervix. She came a third time almost

Dick was lost in a fog of lust. He was holding this pretty young coed down
while he fucked her as hard as he could. Pulling up on her writsts, Dick
forced Celeste's head up off the pillow, her weight strainging against her
shoulders. Now he could hear her screaming out in ecstacy. Reaching down,
Dick grabbed her dark hair, pulling her head back and using it to add
leverage to his thrust. The pure animal rage of it all pushed Dick to the
edge and he began to cru out as his climax apporaced like a runaway train.
"Oh God." He moaned. "So fucking close."

"Yes." Celeste hissed. "Fuck me harder. Fuck my cunt. Cum in me please.
I'm gonna cum. Ohhhhhh"

Dick could feel Celeste's pussy contracting around him as she came, milking
his cock. That was all he could take. This hot coed pushed him over the
edge. He pulled back on her hair hard, straightening her up against him as
he began to climax. So intense were the waves of pleasure rushing through
Dick's body, that he fell flat on top of Celeste, driving her face first
into the matress as he continued to pump her.

As his climax shook his body, Dick felt his hot cum fill the condom,
engulfing his throbbing member in a wet coccom of hot liquid lust. He gave
a final few thrusts into her prone body, punding away, his weight smothering
her, stiffling her whimpers. Never before had Dick felt such power in a
sexual conquest. He flet all of the pain and anger over the loss of his
family dull and fade as he looked down at the quivering coed. He tore the
condom from his still hard cock and tossed it down on Celeste's ass.

She lay there for a moment, feeling the wet rubber on her lower back, the
sticky fluid was leaking slowly onto her skin. Celeste had cum four times
from the cute stranger's cock and she didn't even know his name. Oh, how
things were going to change for her sexually. As she rolled over, she was
just in time to catch a glimpse of Dick's bare ass as he vaulted out the

Upon making his decision to leave, Dick had dismounted the bed, grabbed
his clothes and using his gymnastics skills, leapt from the window, onto
an awning and safely to the ground below. It was best not to ruin a
momumentally perftect sexual encounter by getting all mushy over it. So
he left, without looking back. Had he taken a last glace back, Dick
would have seen Celeste empty the contents of the condom onto her toungue,
revelling in her first taste of sperm, and shuddering as her fingers
brought her to climax one final time.

* * *

Dick dressed on his way home. The evening's adventures playing back in his
head. The heroic act of saving the poor girl, the thrill of doing battle
with twenty hoods, the fear of being outnumbered, the rush of adrenaline
that came as he defeated them, the pure lust he felt for the girl, the
anamalistic sex. It had all made his inner rage fade. But even as he pulled
the Batmobile onto the dirt road to the Batcave, the pain and bitterness were
coming back. How he longed to make it go away forever.

As Dick hopped out of the Batmobile, satisfied with his first night as a
crime fighter. He was surprised to see Bruce Wayne sitting at a computer
terminal, a look of impatience on his face. As Bruce got a look at Dick,
who had forgotten to do his fly, Bruce shook his head and turned away.
Before leaving, he said flatly, "Tomorrow, you and I have to have a talk."

Chapter 2

It had taken Edward a few costume fittings, but he was satisfied with his
choice. As he stood outside the abandoned werehouse that served as
Two-Face's hideout, dressed in a day glow , green body suit, adorned with
black question marks and marching mask, he truly looked the part of a master
criminal, or an escapee from the asylum.

Finding Two-Face had been rather easy to do using his new found intelligence
that the beam had sucked from numerous test subjects and the mind reading
capablitites of the same invention. However, Ed knew the dangers of barging
in on Two-Face. He only hoped he could buy enough time to show what his
beam could do before that madman's completely insane side tossed him into
the river.

Inside the werehouse, Harvey Dent, also know as Two-Face, Gotham City's one
time District Attoruney and current reinging King of Crime, was just sitting
down to a pair of lovely dinners. The old werehouse had been decorated to
fit both sides of his twisted nature. One, decked out in the finest antiques
and artwork, all stolen from Gotham's finest homes. The other side was part
sewer rat, part trailer trash chic.

Before him on the table were two complete meanls, one for each of his two
personalities. For Harvey, it was roast duck, a green salad in a vinigrete
dressing and a glass of fine brandy. For the dark side, it was blackened
pigs heart, raw oysters and twelve grain alcohol.

Seated on either side of him were the two women in his life, (For the time
being). At Harvey's side was Sugar, a blonde virginal looking young woman
dressed in a slowing Mae West type gown. To the left of Two-Face sat Spice,
a heavily made up, leather clad, punk looking brunette. The women were
similar in height and weight, however in all other ways they lieterally were
as different as night and day.

Two-Face gave them each a kiss and was about to sample the cuisine when he
heard an ear splitting call come from behind him.

"Luuuccccccyyyyy. I'm home." Two-Face and the women turned to see where
the noise had come from. What they saw made them burst out laughing. A
tall, lanky man, dressed in a ridiculous costume and a mask. His hair was
cut in an odd sort of uneven crew cut and dyed bright orange. He looked
ridiculous even to the two women who shared their bed with the acid damaged

In a blink, Two-Face was on his feet moving towrds the intruder. Nevermind
his appearacne, the clown had found his hideout and penetrated it. Not even
Batman had been able to do that. He was taking no chances.

"What the hell do you want?" Growled Teo-Face. The gangly man strolled
casually around the room, oblivious to the gun Harvey had pointed at him.
Ed knew that his window of opportunity was small, the slightest slip and
he'd be dead.

"Love the decour. Modern Werehouse? Better Tombs and Dungeons?" Two-Face
was not amused.

"Who are you, and why shouldn't we blow your fucking brains out of your
skull?" He hissed, raising his gun.

"What? And ruin all this?" He said, gesturing around the room. Still not
amused, Two-Face cocked the gun.

"We'll risk it." He said coldy.

Sensing his string had run out, Ed smiled weakly. "All righty then. Let's
get down to business shall we? You can call me... The Riddler. As for why
I'm here, that's easy. I need your help, and I have something to offer you
in return for it." He gently turned the barrel of the gun away from his
face. "Allow me to demonstrate."

From the waist band of his suit, Riddler pulled out a flashlight-like
device. "This, my friend, is the answer to your dreams, your prayers."

Two-Face looked at the odd man. "Looks like a flashlihgt, so what?" He

"Ahhhhh, but watch." Riddler aimed the device at Harvey and a lone of blue
light shot stright to his forehead. Another stream of light shot over to
the TV set causing it to glow. Two-Face, Riddler and the two women watched
as a series of odd images flashed across the glowing screen. A courtroom...
A vile of acid... A bat crushed under a giant flyswater... The brunette
woman on her knees... A law school class... A bat shot from out of the sky...
The blonde woman in a wedding dress... A Bat torn apart by its wings.

The odd images flashed before them all. The girls stared, consumed, at the
screen, but Two-Face knew what they were. "Turn it off." He grumbled at the
Riddler, aiming his gun at him once again. "Now!"

"O.K., O.K." said the Riddler, shutting down the beam. "I see you understand
what my little toy can do."

"Yeah, all right, so it can read minds. Great party trick, but what does
that have to do with us?" Two-Face replied.

Riddler half skipped over to him. "I'm so gald you asked. Imagine this."
He said gesturing grandly. "A huge one of these set up to a satelite
sysetem. A smaller one in every home in Gotham City so that we can monitor
the thoughts of everyone in town. Including Batman."

Two-Face smiled. "Read the Bat's thoughts? Oh how delightful." His smile
faded. "But why shouldn't we shoot you and steal that thing?"

Riddler grinned bit. "Interesting point. Of course, if you did that, you
woulnd't really know how to work it would you?"

The two sides of Harvey seemed to be having a mental discussion. "All right.
What is it you want from us?"

"I need capital to mass produce my little toy and get in every home. You
have the resources to help me steal the money I need."

"And in return?"

"In return, I will give you fifty percent of the profits and I deliver you

Two-Face pondered the idea for a bit. He never like the idea of sharing his
take, however this little beam could be a bit asset. At last, they made up
their twisted mind. The deal was struck. As the two villians shook hands
on their new agreement, Two-Face smiled. "So, as a gesture of out good will,
please choose one of these two beauties for your own enjoyment."

Riddler grinned. "Ohh, thank you." He skipped over to the women and looked
them over like two prize peices of meat. At last, he turned to Two-Face and
pointed at Sugar. "I like this one."

Two-Face lauged. "All right then. She's yours." Walking over to Riddler,
he whispered to him. "I'm afraid you'll find her a bit of a bore. You see,
not only is her appearacnce somewhat virginal, so is her lovemaking."

"Oh?" querried Riddler.

"Yes, complete lack of imagination and enthusiasm I'm afraid." he replied.

"I'll suffer." said Riddler, taking Sugar by the wrist. "Come my dear."

"Oh, please, don't hurt me." she squeaked, bringing laugher from both men.

"Now." Said Riddler rudley. "I will say thank you and leave you to finish
your dinner." He then lead Sugar out the door, stoppping one final time to
bow to his new partner.

"One more thing." said Two-Face. "You try and double cross us, and we'll
kill you."

Nodding his understanding, Riddler made his exit.


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