Authors Note: If you haven't read my Harbinger series, some of this won't
make sense.

Crossfire: Crossworlds - Batman And Robin: Tangled Ivy (FF,celeb)
by Arcane ([email protected])

There were ways that Alicia Silverstone had wanted to spend her free time.

She had considered shopping, swimming, maybe just pigging out on junk food in
front of the T.V.

What had not made her list of things to do, what had never even crossed her
mind until it actually occurred, was spending time in the garden.

Alicia was not a gardening person. she could appreciate a nice bed of flowers
or a shady tree but that was about the extent of her interest.

Of course, this was not her garden.

Her garden would have had small, dainty flowers, maybe some roses and an
apple tree.

Her garden would not have vines.

Especially not vines that wrapped about her limbs and held her tight against
the wall.

The last rational thing she recalled was walking in a park, a storm was
threatening, so she sought shelter under some trees.

It was there she saw a small red flower. She had leant over to look at it.

That was where things got strange.

The flower spat at her. Alicia had coughed as a cloud of pollen puffed about
her. A second later she felt her head spin, then she lost her footing and

When she came too, she was in the middle of a dimly lit green house, her body
entwined by unrelenting vines.

Just when she thought things couldn't get any stranger, they went ahead and
got stranger anyway.

Poison Ivy entered the room.

Tight green body suit highlighting every curve, flaming red hair and glitter
make up. It was Uma Thurman done up to the nines in costume and make up.

At least that was what Alicia thought for the first two seconds. Then her
mind caught up and did a reality check, so to speak.

She was in a green house, bound by plants and met by a woman dressed like
Poison Ivy.

It was then that she decided, no matter how illogical it seemed, that this
really was Poison Ivy.

Knowing that she was imprisoned by a comic book villain did little to make
her feel better.

"My," Ivy said, her voice as smooth as leaf wax, "aren't you a pretty thing.
How did you manage to find your way into my garden?"

Alicia flicked a blonde hair from her eyes.

"Actually, I have no idea."

"Oh well, never mind." Ivy smiled again, running her eyes over Alicia. She
wore a white tank top and beach shorts, but her bare arms were covered in a
sheen of sweat, the humidity of the green house, effecting her already.

"My name is Ivy my lovely, what's yours?"

"Alicia." she replied. There seemed no point lying and no point yelling
abuse, as much as that seemed a possibility. If this was real, then she would
probably only get herself killed.

"Alicia. Such a pretty name. It means princess. In fact so does Sarah. Tell
me Alicia, have you ever been in love." Alicia nodded.

"Love is a funny thing. All a matter of chemical reactions. Now, I have plans
for all of this city, but I must wait until the time is right. Until then, I
have plenty of time to kill."

She raised her hand, palm spread and puffed.

Alicia closed her eyes as the pink cloud consumed her face. She knew exactly
what it would do. And she also knew there was no use whatsoever fighting
against it.

She took a deep breath.

The powder had a sweet scent, filling her lungs, almost making her sneeze.

She felt the drug take effect almost immediately. Her head became lighter,
almost floating. She could still think, just as well as before, but now a
euphoria seemed to full her. Her body was equally effected. Her pulse rose,
and her breaths became quicker
and deeper.

Her pupils dilated, eyes staring straight ahead at Ivy, who watched, silent
and smiling at the effects she knew her drug was having.

Her lips were poison, but they were so luscious, bending in that smile. A
pretty smile. A beautiful smile.

Her green suit was like a second skin, clinging to her figure, her perfect
figure. Green eyes, filled with joy, love and compassion.

* * *

Alicia ran her eyes over the body of her captor, the perfect body.

There was no denying it.

She was hopelessly in love with Poison Ivy. An artificial, chemically induced
love, but an intense one nonetheless.

"How are you feeling now lovely Alicia?"

"Good." Alicia giggled, not taking her eyes off Ivy.

"Yes. I'm sure you do." she stroked a finger Across Alicias arm, raised it to
her lips and tasted the sweat of her captive

"Everyone has pheromones Alicia, even you."

Alicia felt the warm heat even more. Her white top clung to her skin, semi
transparent. Beneath it, two nipples rose, pressing through the fabric,
without a bra to restrain them.

Ivy smiled, stroking a finger over Alicias covered nipple. "Yes. You feel
very good."

Alicia shuddered and let out a gasp. The mere touch of the woman to whom she
was hopelessly drawn, sent tingles through her body.

"Would you like me to kiss you?"

"No. You're poison.." Alicia shook her head.

"Oh. Never fear Alicia. I wouldn't want to lose you so soon. Of course. I
don't have to kiss your lips."

Ivy leant forward, pressing her lips in a soft kiss against Alicias nipple.

The entangled actress let out a gasp as she shuddered. Ivy kissed her way up
until she passed the fabric, her red lips touching Alicia's wet skin.

"Ohh!" Alicia let out a moan.

Ivy leant back and smiled.

"Of course Alicia, I have my pheromones too. Which is why the touch of my
lips feels so pleasurable to you."

Ivy kissed Alicias chest and neck, tongue licking at the salty trails of
sweat that covered her. Alicia was in a haze of delirious pleasure, lost in
the hot atmosphere around her.

Smooth fingers dug under her top, lifting it up until she felt the hot air on
her bare breasts.

Ivy took great care in caressing and kissing each breast, ensuring that the
erect nipples never once reduced in size. Her kisses continued, trailing
down, over her breast bone, her abdomen, her belly button until reaching the
line of her shorts.

Ivy tugged, pulling them down to reveal a pair of wet white panties. The
villainess shimmied the shorts down as far as she could, then leant forward.
Alicias body, ripe with the love and lust she felt for Ivy, had already made
the area pungent with Alicias own pheromones. Ivy leant down and kissed.

White heat ran through Alicias mind, overwhelmed by the thought of the woman
she loved so very close to the heart of her own sexuality.

Ivy kissed again and another surge ran through her.

A third kiss.

This time, Alicia came.

She let out a deep moan as her body shuddered, restrained by the vine bonds.
Her body was consumed by an explosion of love and lust, raw chemical sex
flowing through her like liquid lightning.

Ivy sat back, smiling at her own handiwork as she watched Alicia shake,
gasping for breath as she flailed her head from side to side.

Gradually the burning passion subsided, leaving Alicia with the warm
contentment, blissful in the ministrations of her love.

"Did you like that Alicia?" Ivy asked, running a finger over her flushed

"Yes." Alicia nodded weakly.

"Good. I'm sorry, but it must be the last thing you enjoy on this earth. I
simply can't have distractions right now."

She grasped Alicias chin and raised her lips, almost meeting in a kiss.


Ivy froze, an inch away from Alicias trembling lips.

Someone had told her to stop and she had. It was unusual.

She released Alicia, letting her head droop. The villainess turned to see who
had addressed her.

Silhouetted against the green light of the room, a woman stood watching her.

"Who are you?" Ivy asked, an unusual apprehension in her voice.

"Why," came a voice sounding all too much like her own, "I'm you. In a manner
of speaking."

Ivy watched, wide eyed as the woman stepped into the light. She looked like
Ivy had back when she was plain old Pamela Isley, albeit with a lot more
fashion sense. The woman stood calmly, dressed in jeans and tee-shirt.

"Well," Ivy smiled, "It's always good to have company."

She raised her hand, ready to blow her love dust.

"You don't want to do that." said the woman.

Ivy dropped her hand. Somehow, she didn't want to do it.

"Get down on your knees."

Ivy shuddered, then fell to the floor, doing exactly what the woman told her.

"Who.. who are you?" Ivy asked again, this time with true fear in her voice.

"You can call me Uma."

"What do you want with me?"

"I want you to go to sleep."

"But-" Ivy began, then crumpled to the floor.

Uma Thurman stepped over the slumbering body of her would be counterpart.

She had no doubt that the sleeping woman was really Poison Ivy. She had been
able to scan her mind well enough to discern that. Of course, that leant to a
whole string of complex questions, many of which she didn't want to answer.

Once upon a time she had helped save the world. Meeting Poison Ivy in her own
world, didn't really come as too much of a surprise.

"Uma?" came a dazed query from Alicia.

"I'm here Alicia. You can sleep now."

Alicia nodded, closed her eyes and was fast asleep.

Umas power was enough to keep them out of danger here, at least for the time
being. But it was clear that they were not in their own world.

Something out there was very very wrong. Yet Again.

And this time, there was nothing she could do to fix it.


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