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Babysitters Club: The Rape Of Mary Anne (MMF,FFf,inter,oral,anal,fist,bond,bukkake,first,ncon)
by The Collector

Mary Anne was going through her notebook scheduling the other girls to babysit. A guy called in asking for a babysitter for his baby daughter. They scheduled Dawn, but the guy asked, "Any way possible I can get Mary Ann? I heard that she is the best out of your group."

Mary Anne shrugged her shoulders sand said, "Sure."

The next day after school, Mary Anne went to the big house and introduced herself to the father Keith and his friend Taylor. She heard crying from downstairs and entered the huge room as Keith and Taylor were checking out her tight white ass.

There was a small crib on the far side of the room. As she approached the crib, all there was in there was a tape player of a baby crying. "What the..."

As she turned around Keith had a knife and Taylor had a video camera aimed at her. He told her to strip slowly or die. She slowly took off her blue shirt revealing her huge D cup tits. She then lowered her blue jean shorts with her creamy white legs. With her hands shaking and crying waterfalls, she took off her bra revealing her rock hard bright pink nipples. She lowered her panties showing off her beautiful black bush.

"Turn around." Keith said.

The camera focused on her tight creamy white butt. He cuffed her hands from behind and pushed her to the ground. Keith took his clothes off and went over to her. This was the first time that Mary Anne has ever seen a dick up close and it was huge. He then ordered her to suck his cock. She hesitated but started to suck. Her mouth was sweet and warm. He grabbed her pretty black hair and ordered her to suck harder making her gag.

He pushed her back to the ground. Her huge tits juggling up and down. He gets in between her legs and asked her, "Are you a virgin?"

Mary Anne cries harder and nods her head yes.

Keith then positions his cock and rams it in making poor Mary Anne scream as her cherry is popped. He fucks her real hard and fast. He reaches up and squeezes her tits hard and pulls on her stiff pink nipples. Mary Anne could feel her virgin blood oozing down her leg. He rolls her over and starts fucking her tight ass. Her sore pink nipples rubbing against the cold wooden floor making her nipples even harder. He finally gets up; Mary Anne thinks it is all over.

Taylor then steps up to the scared girl. He puts her back on her back and starts fucking her again. Mary Anne screams out "NNNNNNOOOOOO MMMMOOOORRREEEEE!!!!!!" as he fucks her again.

"God, she is incredible!!!!!" as she nears another orgasm.

Then Taylor has a great idea. He goes over and whispers to his friend. They pull out an old Chester drawer and sets the camera on it. Keith goes over and uncuffs Mary Ann. They roll her over to her hands and knees. Keith enters her sweet mouth and Taylor enters her ass.

They start fucking her both at the same time. They reach below and slap her belly, tits, and pussy. Both guys fuck her as hard as they ever did. They finally get off of her and make her kneel. They jerk off on her once innocent face and they cum all over her face and down her neck as Mary Anne cries in horror.

Keith then points to the camera and tells her, "If we ever hear that you have gone to the police; we will release this video all over the internet to all of the boys at your middle school and high school. And it will have your name, address, phone number and what school you go to. Everyone would want to rape your sweet body."

They take the camera and leave.

After a few minutes Mary Anne finally gets the strength to get up and grab her clothes. While putting on her bra, she thinks about the video and what she was forced to do. She runs out of the door and back to her house. She never tells a sole.

* * *

A few weeks later Mary Anne is at PE. She is forced to run laps at the end of the day. When she is finally done she gets undressed and heads for the showers. As she's rubbing the cloth over her breasts, she thinks about what has happened to her over the last few weeks and starts crying. As she rubs her lower back, she suddenly feels cold metal against her wrist and the clicking sound of something going around her wrist.

As she is forced to turn around, there is her PE coach Ms. Lynn completely nude. And behind her standing with a camera is a tall black woman also nude. "God Mary Ann, I've masturbated about this moment"!!!

Mary Ann's pretty blue eyes widen as Ms. Lynn closes in for a deep wet kiss. Mary Anne starts crying again as Ms. Lynn's hands roam over her young body. Her hand slides down her pretty neck to her huge tits.

Her mouth goes down to her very stiff hard pink nipples. She licks and sucks them to death as her hand goes down to her dark black clit. She pushes her down with a thump as the strange black women get into a new position. Ms. Lynn's hands then move to her tight ass where she starts to smack it real hard. Mary Ann's head goes down in embarrassment and this gives Ms. Lynn an idea. She grabs the back of Mary Ann's head and makes her suck her big brown nipples.


She then leans over and grabs a hold of Mary Ann's nose and squeezes forcing her mouth open feeling her little pinkish tongue. She makes her lick and suck both nipples till slobber ran down her chest. Ms. Lynn then lowers her hand and starts fisting Mary Ann's tight pussy.


As the black women focuses on both of Mary Ann's huge tits bouncing up and down and the fisting going on in her clit. She brings her as close as you can to an orgasm but she stops, saving it for her friend.

Coach Lynn and the mysterious black women trade places and the women picks up something big and pink from the floor. The woman puts on a strap on and tells the frightened girl, "I've been watching her for some time," as she smiles and strokes the long fake dick. Mary Anne is trying to back away from the women. She grabs her pretty hair and yells "SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE WHORE!!!!!"

All you hear is popping sounds as Mary Anne deep throats the large dick. This goes on for several minutes till it is nice and wet. She then pushes her to her back and mounts the terrified girl.

"AAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" the girl screamed echoing the large gym room.

"Yeah you like that you little cunt bitch!!!!!" she does this while squeezing and slapping her tits and pulling her nipples to the ceiling. Mary Anne tries to relieve the pain in her burning nipples as she is raped again.

"TELL ME WHEN YOUR CUMMING AND I'LL STOP!!!!!" the black woman yells as poor Mary Anne feels something that she felt the last time she was raped.

Mary Anne is squealing to God or whoever to make it stop. She then starts to bucking her hips and starts screaming, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

With a plop, the woman pulls out of the slopping wet cunt. Ms. Lynn turns Mary Anne over and releases the handcuffs and tells her "Remember we have a video of you telling everyone that you were cumming. We'll put that all over the internet and send it to all of the teachers and students here at the school if you tell anyone." She seals this threat with a hard pull on Mary Ann's very sore pink nipple and the two make a run for it.

Mary Anne pours her little heart out and cries for nearly an hour. She lives a sheltered life after this and is never heard from ever again after she moves out of town a few years later.

The End


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