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Babylon 5: The Chosen Ones (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

John Sheridan sat behind his desk in his office. He was a tall man in a dark
blue suit. The commander of the Space Station known as Babylon Five. He was a
busy man with a lot of work ahead of him. It took a special kind of person to
command a place like Babylon Five. The people of Earth felt like John
Sheridan was the right man for the job. He attained this position after the
departure of Sinclair. Sinclair was a war hero like Sheridan himself. He was
once the leader of the Rangers, the legendary explorers of space. Recently,
Sinclair had gone to the planet Minbar as the Earth's ambassador to the
Minbari people. Sinclair was perhaps the only human being in the universe
whom the Minbari people trusted. There was still a lot of controversy
concerning John Sheridan's appointment as the chief on the Station. Many
people, both human and alien, had misgivings about him. John Sheridan tried
to shoulder his responsiblity... it was not easy.

Babylon Five was a very strange place. A gigantic space station shared by
many beings from across the galaxy. Aliens and humans living together. They
were brought together by trade, commerce and exploration. Babylon Five was
the planet Earth's last best hope for peace after the war that opposed the
humans of Earth with the humanoids of the planet Minbar. The Minbari were a
technologically advanced humanoid species. They had surrendered to the people
of Earth after a decade of war in deep space. Now, the Minbari and the humans
were trying to cooperate in the interests of peace. That was the purpose of
the Space Station known as Babylon Five. The humans did not get along with
the many species of aliens that visited the Station. There were the war-like
yet deeply spiritual Minbari. Also, the brutish Narn. The shrewd and
treacherous Centauri. There were many other alien species. None of them were
as mysterious as the Vorlons. The Vorlons were a strange race. One of the
oldest of the sentient species in the galaxy. No one knew where they came
from. Their technology was far better than anything possessed by any other
race. Their knowledge of space far more advanced than that of any other race.
The Vorlons were beings right out of the stuff of legend. One of them came to
Babylon Five and became the ambassador of his people to the New Alliance.

All of these beings as well as those they represented fell under the
responsibility of John Sheridan. This was a very stressful job for any man to
have. John Sheridan was a smart, capable man but he had his limits. He'd had
the job of commander of the Station for a year and already it was taking its
toll on him. John Sheridan was a very stressed out man. He needed to relax.
Fortunately, he had...options. As he was in his office, going over some new
security protocols, he heard a knock on his door. Someone strolled in. The
man who entered the office was of average height, dark-haired, with light
blue eyes and really pale white skin. He had a suspicious air about him and
looked alert in his dark gray uniform. The man's name was Michael Garibaldi.
He was Babylon Five's chief of security. A very suspicious man by nature.
Garibaldi was a native of the human Colony of the Planet Mars. The humans of
Mars were a strange lot. They did not seem to care for wide open spaces. They
liked dark places. They did not fear confinement. They were sturdy, tough and
resilient. They also seemed to hate the water, as well as cold temperatures.
Old habits died hard. Garibaldi had served Sinclair as chief of security
since the old days of Babylon Five. He'd had to adjust to having a new
leader. Fortunately, John Sheridan and Michael Garibaldi got along quite
well. Incredibly well, in fact. Still, Sheridan kept many things to himself,
if you catch my drift.

John Sheridan was a busy guy. Still, he always managed to take some time off
from his busy schedule to spend some time with his friend. His 'friend' was
none other than ambassador Delenn of the Minbari people. Delenn was a tall,
attractive brunette with dark eyes and fair skin. She was also a
human-Minbari hybrid, the result of a very slow transformation that had been
prophesized in her people's legends since ancient times. John Sheridan was
new to Babylon Five and Delenn was one of the first friends he made. She was
pretty, but also smart and quite wise in the ways of the world. Many times,
he sought her company because of that. They had become rather fond of each
other. They kept their relationship secret, of course. Many people, the
humans of Earth and the Minbari people among them, would not approve of a
romantic relationship between the two of them. These were dangerous times but
the two of them would not let these obstacles stop them. He had been in his
office when he received a secret message on his comlink. He recognized it
immediately. It was Delenn, telling him that she would meet him at one of
their secret hiding spots. John Sheridan had found a small apartment-type
place somewhere between the human quarters and the alien sector. He'd had it
renovated and now spent much of his spare time down there. No one knew about
this place. No one knew he spent time down there. He called it his "Fortress
of Solitude." John Sheridan always had a thing for comic books. He waited in
the apartment.

Half an hour passed. Finally, he heard three discreet knocks on the door and
opened it. He smiled. It was Delenn. His wonderful Delenn. "May I come in?"
She asked.

"Sure." He stepped aside and let her pass.

John Sheridan looked at Delenn, and smiled. She returned his smile, and he
shook his head almost imperceptibly. She was so lovely. He had never met
anyone like her. Ever.

"Hello, John." Delenn said.

"Hello, my dear." He replied. He approached her and they embraced.
Passionately. "It's been a week since I've seen you." He said.

"Too long. Too long." Delenn embraced her lover desperately. "Forgive me, my
love. I couldn't get away sooner."

John held her face gently in his hands. Her big brown eyes stared at him.
"Why?" He asked.

"Politics." She replied.

He didn't really care why she was detained. Or with who. All that mattered
is that he was with her. They started to undress each other right then and
there. John Sheridan admired Delenn's naked form. She was so...appealing.
Delenn looked at John. He looked very handsome when he was naked. His broad
shoulders, muscular build, strong arms and legs, not to mention his hairy
chest. Minbari males didn't have chest hair. Delenn was fascinated by John's
chest hair. It made him seem all the more primal, all the more virile. She
wanted him. Now. Their naked bodies pressed against one another. He caressed
her. She gently touched him. They kissed. They rolled around on the bed,
laughing as they frolicked. John found himself on top of Delenn. She looked
at him and smiled. "Make love to me, John." She said.

"Yes, dear." He replied. He kissed her forehead, then gently kissed her
throat. He caressed her firm breasts and licked them, pausing when he heard
her throaty moan. He made his way down to her belly and finally down to her
pelvis. He looked at her hairless mound. He gently reached with his hand and
caressed it. Delenn closed her eyes. John buried his face between her legs.
He started to lick her pussy. Delenn whimpered softly. He continued to eat
her out, parting her pussy lips with his fingers and teasing her with his
fingers and tongue. Delenn moaned softly. John licked and probed her gently,
teasing and caressing for a long time. Delenn moaned in pleasure as he did
what he was doing, and finally she screamed at the top of her lungs.
Ecstatic. A great trembling overtook her body. John Sheridan held her in his
arms until it passed.

Delenn opened her eyes and looked at the man who had brought her such
pleasures. John smiled at her. She looked lovingly at him, who had wanted
nothing more than to please her. She wanted to please him too, to make him
feel the same pleasures he brought her. He looked at her. She smiled at him
and told him to relax and enjoy what she was gonna do to him. John lay on
the bed and Delenn gently kissed him, all over. She watched the effect of
her kisses and touch had on him. He was immediately very much aroused. She
continued to kiss him and gently touch his chest, belly and groin. His body
was enflamed with desire. Finally, her eyes focused on his groin. She took
his erect penis in her hand. Gently, she stroked it. John groaned softly.
She looked at him then. She saw a man she loved so much that there was
nothing she wouldn't do for him. Nothing. She lowered her face in his lap.
John watched her. Was she going to do what he thought she was going to do?
Although they'd had sex a few times before, she'd never done that for him.
He watched as she took his cock into her mouth. He groaned when he felt her
warm mouth around his manhood. Delenn sucked his cock and licked at his ball
sac. John moaned softly. He'd gotten such favors from other women before but
never like this. Delenn was something else! She got him hard as a rock in a
matter of seconds. She continued to suck him off. His hands gripped the
sheets. She sucked him until he couldn't take it anymore. His cock begged
for release. He warned her that he was about to come. "Do so." She said.

John screamed in pleasure as his cock spat its juice. Delenn gulped it down.
Not a single cumshot escaped from her. She licked and sucked him until he was
drained. She looks at John as he sighs happily.

She smiles at him. He looks at her. She can tell that he likes what she just
did to him. He wants more. She licks his dick until it's hard as a rock, and
then she climbs on top of him. He places those firm hands of his on her hips.
She rests her hands on his shoulders for support. Slowly, she lowers herself
onto him. She feels his hard cock underneath her. He can feel her moist pussy
aching for him. He enters her with one firm thrust. She gasps when she feels
him inside her. He savors the moment by thrusting into her with deep strokes.
She wants more. He gives her more, going as far as he can. She moans, her
fingers digging into his shoulders. He grips her hips harder and thrusts as
hard as he can into her. She welcomes him, like the body welcomes the hand
that soothes the ache or scratches the damnable itch. He grunts as he thrusts
into her, she screams his name. She abandons herself to the passion he has
awakened inside her. It's like riding a powerful wave. He too lets go and
rides the wave of passion. They make love like they mean it, tenderly and
roughly at the same time. The heat of their bodies smolders as they buck on
the bed. Screams of passion fill the room. He is embedded deep inside her.
She has welcomed him there. It's where he belongs. They are one. Their joined
bodies are rocked by an intense wave of ecstacy as they achieve climax
together. Their screams take on a whole new tune. It's never happened to them
before. They collapse in each other's arms as the sensation reaches its peak,
then winds down slowly. John Sheridan looks at Delenn. He doesn't know what
to say. She doesn't either. Her sleek index finger presses against his thin
lips, gently silencing him. There is nothing to say. They know now that
everything they've ever wanted, they've got right here. All of it can be
found in each other's company.

They spend the rest of the night in each other's arms. Tomorrow, John
Sheridan, Commander of the inter-galactic Space Station known as Babylon Five
will resume his duties. Ambassador Delenn, the Chosen One of prophecy and the
great representative of the Minbari people will also resume her duties. They
are the best that their respective races have to offer. Yet those same races
which they so proudly serve would frown upon their union. That is why they
keep it secret. They hope, like all true lovers do, that someday, they will
be able to be together and openly share their love without fear of reprisal
by society. It's a distant day and they don't like to talk about it but it's
what keeps them going. They're happy to have each other. It's enough. For

The End


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