*Please Note* This story is a complete work of fiction and just a pure deviant fantasy that I came up with and thought it was worth writing down and sharing with you all.

All characters involved are over the age of 18 in the story that follows. There is a little build-up until the sexual encounter happens, but that is only to make the story seem just a tad bit more plausible, even though it is fiction. In addition, all of my stories do tend to have incest themes and incestuous acts in them, so if that bothers you, then stop reading now.

One final note, while this will be the third story that I have written and submitted to this web site, this is the first story that I have written from the first person perspective, where I imagine myself in the shoes of main male character, Ben Wheeler.

Characters Involved - Ben Wheeler and his mom, Bonnie Wheeler

Timeline - During the first few episodes of the first season

Baby Daddy: Ben And Bonnie Incest Fiction Story (MF,inc)
by TriableCactus1 ([email protected])

My name is Ben Wheeler and it had only been a week, and I still felt like I had no clue as to how to take care of and raise my newborn baby girl, Emma. You see, for those that are not aware, Emma was left outside the door to my apartment by Emma's birthmother, Angela, who is an ex-girlfriend of mine. I share the apartment with my best friend, Tucker, and my older brother Danny, who both have agreed to help me look after Emma. Also agreeing to help me out with Emma is another good friend mine, a girl named Riley, and of course my rather overbearing mother, Bonnie. I know my mom means well, but still sometimes she can a pain in the ass. My mom does not believe that I will be able to raise Emma on my own, because as she continues to point out, she still buys my pants.

Picking up my cell phone, I hit the speed dial for Riley, and I am hoping that she will answer and does not have any plans for the night. I have a date tonight, and need someone to watch Emma. Both Tucker and Danny have plans, and I'm only going to ask my mom as a last resort.

"Hey Ben, what's up?" Riley says as she answers her phone.

"Hey Riley, I am so glad that you answered the phone. You would be the best and most awesome friend in the world, if you answer no to my question," I say.

"Well, since I already am the best and most awesome friend in the world. I will take a chance and listen to your question," Riley says.

"Okay, here goes. Do you have any plans for tonight? I need someone to watch Emma for me," I say.

Riley pauses and says, "Oh, I'm sorry Ben, but yes I do have plans tonight. Looks like you're going to have to call the one person that are trying to avoid."

"Okay, that's what I was afraid of," I say. Not having anything else to say, I hang up the phone before saying goodbye, and as soon as I do, I know that I will never hear the end of it from Riley.

Just as I was about to give my mom a call, she comes walking in through the door to my apartment. When I turned and saw my mom, I couldn't help but to stare at her, because I thought she looked incredibly sexy. I know it was wrong for me to think like that..., I mean she is my mom after all, but still I couldn't help it, because she is just so beautiful. I did not know if she knew at that moment just how great I thought she looked.

"Oh am I so happy to see you, Mom," I say, hoping she doesn't sense my ulterior motive.

"What do you want?" My mom asks me.

"Mom, I know it's last minute, but I've tried everyone else and you're my last option. Can you please look after Emma tonight, while I go out?" I ask my mom.

"Go out? As in go out on a date, or go out to work?" My mom looks at me as she asks this.

"Well, tonight it would be a date with..." I couldn't even finish my train of thought, because my cell phone rang. So, I answered it with my usual greeting.

"Go for Wheeler," I say into the phone. I won't bore you all with the details, but the call was from my place of work, and they want me to come into work tonight to cover for someone who is sick. Since it's my night to work, the boss said that I would get paid time-and-a-half plus my tips. I tell my boss that I will be there.

"Mom, that phone call was work. I have to go in tonight, so I will have to cancel my date. Does that make your decision any easier? Can you please watch Emma tonight for me?" I ask, and practically beg my mom.

"Yes, I will watch Emma tonight. Besides, like I really would have said no," my mom, says to me.

I take note of the time, 7PM, as I head out the door for work.

*Four Hours Later*

I walk into the apartment, and my mom is drinking some wine sitting on the sofa, watching some late night talk show with the sound turned off, but there are subtitles scrolling across the screen. I start to speak, but my mom puts her finger to my lips to keep me quiet.

My mom quietly says, "Emma is finally asleep. Please be quiet and don't wake her up. How was work?"

I take a seat on the sofa next to my beautiful mother and I say quietly, "Work was good. I made a lot of money in tips tonight, something in the $300 range. I think tomorrow morning, I'm going down to the bank to put that money into a savings account for Emma's college fund."

My mom then picks up her purse and says, "That is so mature of you, Ben. Here is another $300, for you to add to that account for Emma. I know that I don't have to, but I want to, so please take it."

I take the little wad of cash from my mother, and put into my wallet. "Well, I'm pretty beat. I think I'm going to turn in for the night. Good night mom, and thanks again for watching Emma," I say to my mom as I lean in and plant a kiss meant for her cheek, but she turned to face me just as I was about to make contact, and our lips instead made contact. I didn't pull away, nor did she push me away. Therefore, we shared a nice little kiss on the lips and then I broke the kiss, and didn't say anything, choosing instead to walk into my bedroom, calling it a night.

In bed that night, I tossed and turned throughout the entire night, because I could not stop thinking about that little innocent kiss that my mother and I shared. Thinking about it caused me to get an erection, which made me want to masturbate. While masturbating that night, I thought about what it might be like if my mother and I had sex, fucked each other, or made love to one another. I thought about all three scenarios. After masturbating and shooting the biggest load that I have ever shot in my life, I knew that it was because I had been thinking of my mother. I also knew in that moment, that I was going to do whatever I needed to or had to, to turn my fantasy into reality and actually have sex with my own mother.

*The Next Few Days*

I start laying the groundwork to make my plan happen. I start with little things, by being extra nice to my mother, helping her out whenever she needs it, and even some playful flirting with her. I was unsure how long it would take my mother to notice the changes, or figure out why I was now acting the way that I was.

*Two Weeks Later (Since the Night of the Kiss)*

I get home from work and my mom is waiting for me. I am about to say something, but my mom stops me.

"It's time for you and me to have a talk, Ben," my mom says to me, and continues by saying, "Emma is with Tucker, Danny, and Riley, and we don't have to worry about them coming back here, because I've asked them not to come back until they hear from either one of us. We need to have a serious discussion about what's been going with you lately, mister. Do you have anything to say for yourself, Ben?"

Not knowing what she is referencing, I plainly say, "Mom, maybe I would have something to say if you clarify what you want me to speak up about."

My mom realizing that I really don't know what she wants me to talk about, takes a breath and then says, "We need to discuss why you've been acting the way that you have. I am a little afraid that I already know why, but you still need to say something."

Busted, I think to myself. Two whole weeks, it took her to notice how I was acting and think that I had ulterior motive. "Okay mom, there is something that I would like to discuss. It is rather personal and I'm afraid to say it aloud, because I don't know how you'll react, and once I say it, I can't take it back."

"You're scaring me, Ben. I have something in my mind, but I truly hope that I'm wrong. I need to hear you say it to me," my mom says to me.

I take a few deep breaths. I look down at the floor, and start to speak. "Ever since that night that we accidentally kissed on the lips, two weeks ago, I've been overcome with emotions that surround you. Mom, I would like have sex with you. Is that what you were afraid that I would say?"

"Yes, that is what I thought you were going to say," my mom says and then continues, "I'm not saying yes, but I am saying that if you even want me to consider saying yes, you are going to have to plead your case and convince me that it's a good idea."

Stunned, I can't believe that my mom is even considering saying yes to my proposal of her and I having sex. Suddenly, I'm speechless and can't think of anything coherent to say or even think of what I would say to make my case and convince her to say yes to my proposal.

"Why are you being quiet, Ben? Can't you think of anything to say?" My mom asks.

I look at her and say, "You caught me off guard. Never in a million years, did I think that you'd even consider saying yes, so I'm not prepared to make my case to try and convince you to go through with this." Then suddenly an idea pops into my head. I decide to go with it and see what she says. "Okay, mom..., how about you and me play a few rounds of strip poker? Instead of playing for money, let's play for what I want and for what you want. To clarify, if we play a few hands and you should lose, and you take off all your clothes before I do, then I win and in return, you will have sex with me. Is that something that you think you can agree to?"

My mom stays silent for a minute, and then says, "Okay, I will play strip poker with you, and if I lose all of my clothes before you, I will have sex with you, because a bet is a bet, and that's only fair. However, if I win, meaning that you lose all your clothes before me, you have to do whatever I say; essentially you would be my slave for a whole month. Do we have a deal?"

I think about what my mom has just said, sort of hesitant because I'm not sure what kind of things she would have do as her slave, but the opportunity to have sex with her is all that's on my mind at this moment. "Yes, we have a deal, Mom," was all I could manage to say.

The Gods must have been on my side, because we only needed to play six rounds or hands of strip poker, and I won all six. I did not have to remove any of my clothing, but my mom had to remove all of hers, which included a blouse, a skirt, pantyhose, a bra, a thong, and her high heels, but that's not the order that she removed them. First, she took off her high heels, then took off her blouse, then took off her pantyhose, then took off her skirt, then took her bra off, and finally took off her thong. In a matter of minutes, there my beautiful mother stood completely naked in front of me, and she looked so sexy and even better than I had imagined.

I stood up and walked towards my mom, and pulled her into a deep kiss. I felt her hesitance at first, but after kissing for a few seconds, her hesitance seemed to turn into utter and sheer desire and lust. She was soon just as into the kiss as I was and was hungrily reciprocating my kiss. Our tongues intertwined and played with one another's. My mom started to lift my shirt off my body, and I lifted up my arms to assist her. Once my shirt was off, she began to kiss my chest. Soon her hands were on my belt buckle, and I felt her unbuckle the belt, unbutton my pants, and then unzip the zipper on my pants. She then knelt down on her knees and pulled my pants and boxers down in one motion. For the first time since I was a little kid, there I was nude in front of my mother. She started to lick my semi-erect cock, but I stopped her and said, "Mom, I appreciate what you want to do, but unlike most guys, I like to take care of the woman I'm about to pleasure first. Let's take this into the bedroom, and let me taste your sweet pussy."

Mom takes my hand and leads me into my bedroom. Once there, she sits down on the edge of the bed and then lies back. Her feet are still touching the floor, and she has her legs spread wide open, giving me ample room to take care of her needs. I kneel down on the floor between the legs of my mom, and slowly kiss and lick her inner thighs working my way towards her shaved pussy. I take my tongue and start to lick the lips of her shaved pussy from the bottom to the top by where her clit would be located, once I got her good, ready, and turned on. In my mind, I remember reading something online about how to perform cunnilingus to make a woman truly scream aloud in pleasure, and I start to mimic that motion. What do I do? Well, I use my tongue to draw the letters of the alphabet on the surface of her shaved pussy.

My mother recognizes the technique that I'm using on her and says, "Oh Ben, I always knew you liked to look at that stuff on the internet. I never scolded you, because I was hoping that you would pick up some tips and tricks, and I see and feel that you definitely did."

I take my time, slowly and deliberately drawing each letter as carefully as I can, and making sure my tongue licks every inch of her pussy along the way. As I get to the letter "M", I feel my mom begin to shake and her legs begin to tighten around me. I was waiting for her screams, but never heard anything, and got disappointed. However, not wanting to stop eating out the woman who gave birth to me, I kept going. Once again, as I near the end of the alphabet, I feel my mom begin to shake and her legs once again begin to tighten around me. After she settles down and lets her legs relax, I stand up and notice that she has the sheets of the bed stuffed in her mouth.

Once she opens her eyes, and sees me standing there before her, she says, "I know that you wanted to hear me scream, but what you were doing to me felt so damn good, baby, I didn't want to wake up everyone in the building, because that's how loud I would have been screaming. Take my silence as a compliment. Could you tell that you made me have two orgasms and that I came for you?"

I smile and say, "Oh yeah, mom, I could tell. By the way, you taste incredibly delicious, even better than I had imagined. Oh, and mom, I truly love that you shave your pussy. Is that something that you have always done?"

"No," my mom begins to say and continues on, "For the longest time I had a bush, but after my last birthday, I wanted to try something new and now I actually prefer having my pussy shaved. It is just so much easier to maintain and keep clean. Are you ready for me to return the favor of oral pleasure?"

Not needing to verbally answer, I just lie down on the bed on my back and point to her mouth and then to my cock. She smiles and then kneels between my legs, and starts to lick from the base to the head and back down again. Then she takes the head into her mouth, and starts to work every inch into her mouth and throat. Before too long, she was deep throating me and gagging on my cock, saliva getting everywhere. It was a remarkable sight, that's for sure. I put my hands on the back of her head, and pushed her down as far as she can go, which she seemed to love. My mom had my cock as hard as a rock, and I was on the verge of cumming. I told her just how close I was, and she kept on sucking, slurping inch by inch into her mouth. I said, "Okay, that's it, I cannot take anymore. Here my cum is mom."

Happily she swallowed every drop of my cum down her throat, and then licked the remaining off my cock. She then asked, "How long will it take before you're hard again? You know, I would like to feel that big cock of yours inside my pussy."

I smile and say, "Well, mom you're in luck. Remember, I'm a young man, so even though I just shot that massive load down your throat, take a look at my cock, I'm still hard and will be for a long time."

My mom just smiles and pulls me into a deep, slow, and tender open-mouthed style kiss. After pulling away, still with a wicked grin on her face, she asks, "Okay, son, how would you like to fuck me first?"

"Get up onto your hands and knees, because I'd like to fuck you from behind, doggy style," I tell my mother, with a sense of demand in my voice.

Happily and eagerly, she obliged, and I positioned myself behind her beautiful body. Just before I was about to penetrate her pussy with my big cock, I ask her, "Do I need to wear a condom? And, are you sure you want to go through with this?"

My mom turns back to look at me and says, "Yes I do want to go through with this, but not just because we made a bet. At first, that's what I was doing, but after you ate my pussy as great as you did, and after I saw just how big your cock is, I was overwhelmed with desire and lust. I don't want to stop, now please fuck me already. Oh, and no sweetie, you don't have to wear a condom, because I am unable to get pregnant, as my tubes have been tied for quite some time."

I feel no need to say anything, because both my mom and I know what's coming next. I place one hand on one of her hips, and the other hand I use to grip the base of my cock. I use my hand to help guide my member into the wet and waiting pussy of my busty mother. I do tease her pussy a little, sort of slapping and rubbing just the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy, until she and I can't take anymore. I ram the full length of my cock into her pussy, and she has to bite her tongue from screaming aloud. I just keep pumping my cock in and almost out and her pussy, going as deep inside and hard as I possibly could manage. I watched as my mom picked up part of the bed sheets and put them in her mouth, as she wanted to muffle her screams. After a few minutes of hard fucking in this position, I pull my cock all the way out of my mom's pussy.

She looks back and asks, "Is something wrong?"

"No, there is nothing wrong. I just thought that maybe we could fuck in a different position for a little while now," I say to my beautiful nude mother.

"You can fuck me in whatever position you wish to, my son," my mom says to me.

I think for a brief moment, and then instruct my mother to stand up with her back against the one bedroom wall, because I want to pin her against the wall as I fuck her good and hard. She happily goes to the wall, stands there, and watches as I walk towards her. I pick her left leg up and ram my cock into her pussy. I just pound her pussy as if there were no tomorrow. To keep her from screaming, I am passionately kissing my mother. I know that she loves what I'm doing to her, because the nails on her hands are digging into the skin on my back. At one point, I stop what I'm doing long enough, to pick up her right leg, so that both of her legs are wrapped around me, and I've my hands under her ass holding her up.

"Don't stop, don't stop, oh right there Ben, keep fucking me just like that. Oh, I know you're my son, and this is wrong, but my Lord how can something that feels this good be wrong?" My mom says aloud.

I had planned on lasting as long as I could, but my body had a different plan. I could feel myself on the verge of shooting a load, so to be polite I alerted my mother to this. She tells me to take her over to the bed and finish up in the missionary position, and to fill her pussy up with my cum. I get my mom to the bed, we are in the classic missionary position, and I continue to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. While in this position, I am able to last for another good fifteen minutes of hard fucking, before I can't hold back any longer.

"Mom, are you sure it's okay for me cum inside your pussy?" I ask my mother.

My mom just nods her head and says, "Yes, fill me up with your hot cum, son."

Not needing any further words of encouragement, I let loose and shoot a massive load of hot, sticky cum deep into my mom's pussy. I'm not doing this quietly either, because of how good it feels, I'm letting out moans, but trying my best to be quiet about it too. While I was busy filling my mom's pussy with my cum, she was busy with an orgasm of her own, which just made me shoot even more cum into her pussy. The walls of her pussy pulsating around my cock, was more than I could take, and I shot the biggest load of cum ever as deep inside of my mom's pussy as I could manage.

Spent, my mom and I lie there in bed together, neither of us speaking a word, instead choosing to bask in the glorious aftermath of what we had just done with one another. I pull my cock all the way out of my mom's pussy, and lie there on the bed next to her, but still holding her in my arms. It seemed as though a million seconds had passed, before either one of us, decided to break the silence.

"Well, that was different. A good different, don't get wrong on that account, by any means. When we first started, in my head I was telling myself that I was only going through with it, because I had lost the bet, but after you kissed me, touched me, and licked me, I was putty in your strong, confident hands. I truly loved what we just did with each other," my mom breaks the silence by saying to me.

I crack a smile and say, "It was great for me too, Mom."

*Final Note from The Author: I do have an idea for a second part of this story, and will start working on that when I have the time.


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