Big Wolf On Campus: Mass Appeal 2 (mf,mm,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Tommy Dawkins walked down the hallways of Pleasantville high school. He was
a tall young man with dark brown hair and pale green eyes. A handsome guy at
that. Tommy looked like the quintessential high school jock but he was not.
Not really. He was a young man with a complicated existence.

He was both man and wolf. At will, he could transform himself into a hairy,
man-like creature with razor-sharp claws and fangs, the Werewolf. As a
werewolf, he had strength and speed far greater than any human being could
ever have. He could also heal faster than a human being could. Ten times
faster. Tommy used his abilities to help his fellow man. The town of
Pleasantville thought of the werewolf as some kind of monster. They thought
he was a freak and wanted to kill him. Tommy Dawkins actually lived in fear
of being found out for what he was. Only two people knew. Lori Baxter and
his best friend Merton Dingle.

Tommy's friends complicated his life even further. Tommy and Merton had been
best buddies for years. Since meeting Merton, Tommy discovered that he was
a better person than he thought he could be. Merton brought out the best
in him. Merton had been there to comfort him when his first love, Stacy the
beautiful cheerleader left town. One day, Tommy Dawkins and Merton Dingle
became lovers. Tommy never thought of himself as Gay but he had fallen in
love with Merton. Merton was an avowed homosexual, albeit a deeply closeted
one. Tommy and Merton hung out and were best buddies. No one knew they were

Things got more complicated by the arrival of Lori Baxter. Lori Baxter was a
cute tomboy. She was also an accomplished martial artist. She had her eyes on
Tommy since she transferred to Pleasantville high school from her catholic
school. She wanted Tommy quite badly. She discovered that he was the town's
legendary Werewolf. He was also a darn nice guy. She befriended him and
Merton. One day, she discovered that Tommy and Merton were lovers. Lori was
quite disappointed. She learned that Tommy once loved a girl named Stacy. So,
Lori thought that if Tommy could love one girl, he might love another. Maybe
he wasn't one hundred percent Gay. Yep, he wasn't. Tommy Dawkins was

Lori was ecstatic when Tommy told her one day that he still had erotic dreams
and fantasies about girls. She helped him explore his bisexuality. She had
sex with him. This was Tommy's first time with a girl. Up until he and Lori
experimented, sex with Merton was all that Tommy Dawkins knew. She wanted
Tommy for herself. For the time being, she and Merton along with Tommy formed
a love triangle. Both Lori and Merton loved Tommy. Tommy happened to be
sexually attracted to both of them. Merton was not exactly thrilled to share
his boyfriend with a girl. Lori was not happy to share Tommy with anyone,
period. But, they managed. For Tommy's sake.

Currently, Tommy was heading toward his next class. He bumped into someone.
He turned to look at a slender, cute girl with blond hair cut short. Lori
Baxter! He smiled at her. "Hey, Lori." he said.

Lori smiled and looked at Tommy. God, he was so damn cute! She came and gave
him a hug. He hugged her back. She kissed him. He looked at her. "Walk with
me." she said.

She clasped his hand and they walked together in the hallways. People turned
to look at the tall jock walking around with the pretty girl. Guys were
envious of Tommy. Girls wanted Tommy and hated Lori for getting him.

"Everyone's looking at us." Tommy said.

"I know." Lori told him.

They walked to the chemistry class. Lori kept stealing glances at Tommy. They
looked so good together.

They entered class and sat close together. Tommy is trying to pay attention
in class. He sees Lori smiling at him. He smiles back. His mind is elsewhere.
He is thinking of Merton Dingle. Merton has left town for a couple of days.
He and his sister Becky are going to Boston. They are visiting relatives of
theirs with their parents. Tommy remembers Merton fondly. He thinks of the
adorable geek he fell in love with. His best friend in all the world. The
first person he made love to. Tommy trusted Merton Dingle with his life and
Merton never disappointed him. Merton was his eyes and ears and not just when
it came to finding out information about supernatural dangers but in the day
to day dealings of life. Merton was always so full of good advice. Tommy
liked him that way. Merton, who gave so much but seldom asked for anything
in return. He sighs.

Lori Baxter is sitting in chemistry class. She has trouble focusing. She
can't believe that Tommy is hers. Finally. Merton has left town and wouldn't
be back for several days. Tommy is all hers. She looks at him. He is so
wonderful-looking. She smiles. It had been some time since they made love. A
week, in fact. Lori Baxter found that she ached for him. She was so pleased
that his first time with a girl had been with her. Now that Merton was
temporarily out of the picture, she would make sure Tommy stayed with her.
She smiled at herself when she thought of ways of binding him to her. She
was gonna sex him down so hard he would be dizzy by the time she was done
with him...


Merton Dingle sat on the train with his sister Becky. They had just taken the
train to Boston. It was a six-hour trip. Merton started the trip by reading a
book. He got bored real quick and started talking to his little sister Becky.
She was like most teenage girls that he knew. Interested in boys and clothes.
Merton grimaced. He and his sister had so much I common! Of course, Becky
Dingle had no idea that big brother Merton was Gay. Merton had no intention
of telling her.

He sat down, bored. He looked out the window and watched the North American
landscape go by. His mind drifted back to Pleasantville. He thought about
the school, the Gothic Fantasy Guild, and of course, his boyfriend Tommy.
He smiled when he thought of Tommy. Tommy Dawkins, the handsome high school
football player. The person Merton loved the most in the world. Merton
remembered the first time he saw Tommy. He had fallen in love with him right
then and there. Tommy Dawkins looked so fine. Merton didn't mind that he was
a Werewolf. Merton didn't mind at all. They became good friends. Tommy used
his Werewolf powers to help people and fight the supernatural forces that
regularly assaulted Pleasantville. Merton was his guide, the person he could
turn to for advice and guidance. Merton Dingle had an encyclopedia of
knowledge about the things that go bump in the night. Merton remembered the
first time he and Tommy made love.

It was a cold and rainy day. Tommy Dawkins wasn't at school. Merton was
worried that something might have happened to his best friend. Tommy showed
up on Merton's doorstep that night. It was cold and dreary. Tommy was wet
and disheveled. "Hi, Mert." he said.

Merton had looked at him. Tommy looked sad, and Merton could tell that he had
been weeping. "Are you okay, Tommy?" Merton had asked.

Tommy sighed. "Do I look okay?" he asked. He almost fell.

Merton supported him and brought him inside. The young jock was dog-tired and
half asleep. Merton took him to bed. He busied himself taking off Tommy's wet
clothes and tried not to notice Tommy's hard, muscular body. Merton left
Tommy naked in bed and went to get him some hot tea to try to make him feel
better. When he came back, he found Tommy sitting up in bed.

"You should lie down." said Merton, bringing the hot tea.

"I'll be fine." said Tommy. "Oh, wait. I won't. Stacey left me."

Merton sighed. So, that's what all this was about. A girl. Merton always
thought that Tommy could have any girl he wanted. Apparently, that wasn't
the truth. Looking at Tommy right then, Merton did not see a macho superstar
football player. He saw a scared and vulnerable young man. A very handsome
young man who sat naked in his bed. Merton came closer. He couldn't help
himself. He was drawn to Tommy like a moth to the flame. "It's gonna be
okay." said Merton. "You'll find someone else."

Tommy shook his head and closed his eyes, despair and sorrow coursing through
his body. Merton came closer to him and, after a brief hesitation, he held
Tommy in his arms. To Merton's surprise and relief, Tommy let himself go.
Merton held Tommy in his arms. He was very affected by the proximity of
Tommy's body. Tommy wept in Merton's arms.

"You're safe now." said Merton. "I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you."

Tommy just held onto him silently. Holding Tommy in his arms, Merton made
himself a promise. He would never let anyone hurt Tommy. Man, woman, child or
beast. Ever. Merton was just holding onto Tommy and feeling things that he
had always repressed. Merton loved Tommy. He didn't know how Tommy Dawkins
would react if he knew. Tommy was a straight guy (presumably) and an athlete.

The world of athletics was not exactly friendly to Homosexuals. Many
athletes, both male and female athletes had some homophobia toward gays and
lesbians. Merton decided to take a chance. The words were out of his mouth
before he realized it.

"I love you Tommy." he said. He froze, waiting for an answer.

Tommy looked at him. Merton held his breath. He was both excited and
terrified. What was Tommy Dawkins gonna do?

Tommy said nothing and simply reached out with a large hand. He gently
stroked Merton's cheek. Merton sighed. He looked at Tommy and smiled. It was
astonishing how much he loved this boy. He pulled Tommy closer to him and
kissed him. Tommy kissed him back and they embraced. Before long, they were
rolling around on the bed. Merton's hands explored Tommy's hard, muscular
body. He touched Tommy's face, neck and shoulders. He kissed Tommy on the
lips then licked a path down his neck to his chest. His hands caressed
Tommy's flat stomach before finding Tommy's erect manhood. Merton kissed
each and every inch of Tommy's body. He held Tommy's cock in his hands and
buried his face into the young man's groin. He breathed in the masculine
smell of Tommy. Tommy moaned under Merton's touch. Merton looked at Tommy's
face, and saw the young man's half-closed eyes look at him almost dreamily.
Merton felt a wave of love for him deep inside and a burning desire to
please him. He took Tommy's cock into his mouth. Tommy seemed tense at first
but Merton's expert mouth soon calmed him down before bringing him to high
heaven. Tommy felt something being drawn out of him, and he came in a
irresistible and mighty wave of hot manly seed. He cried out in pleasure and
surrendered to a sensation that overwhelmed his senses. Surrender, what it
was all about...

Much later, Tommy Dawkins and Merton Dingle lay in bed, their bodies sore
about a night of lovemaking.

On the train, Merton shuddered inwardly when he thought of that night. It
always had the power to send some extra weight to his sex. Hmm. He smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Becky.

"Nothing." said Merton innocently. "None of your biz."

Becky shrugged. "Fine, don't tell me." She went back to talking on her cell
phone to someone named Alan.

Merton grinned. He couldn't wait to get back to Pleasantville. The sooner
this trip to Boston was over, the better.


The school day ended. Lori Baxter and Tommy Dawkins walked out of class.
"What are your plans for the weekend?" asked Lori.

"Nothing." said Tommy. He had that faraway look on his face again.

"My parents are gone for the weekend." said Lori.

"Oh." Tommy said. He didn't get the hint.

Lori decided to be blunt with him. "You can come over if you want." she said.

Lori and Tommy undress in silence. Tommy looks at her. Her body is
nice-looking, really. Slender, with nice, perky, cone-shaped breasts and a
flat stomach. Her pussy is shaved, save for a neatly trimmed bush. She turns
around and he looks at her ass. It's nice and round, gorgeous. She has a
truly nice ass. She faces him and he looks at her face. She is pretty. There
is a gleam of mischief in those eyes of hers. They look at each other. She
heads into the shower. He follows. They stand together underneath the jets
of warm water. The warm water caresses Tommy's body. He takes soap and
applies some on himself. Lori Baxter does the same. She turns around and he
applies soap on her back. She giggles when his large hands touch her.

It is clear that she is enjoying this. He rubs the soap on her breasts, her
belly and between her thighs. She fixes him with a hard stare as he does
this. It is his turn. She reaches out to touch him. She takes her time to
touch and explore his virile, masculine body. She rubs the soap on his chest
and belly. She gently caresses his face. She stands on her toes to kiss him.
He kisses her back. She smiles. Her hand reaches between his legs and her
slim fingers play with his cock. It is obvious what she wants. Tommy knows
what she wants too. He has something else in mind. He pulls her closer to
him, under the warm water and whispers something into her ears. She is
surprised. She hesitates. He caresses her firm, sexy ass. He looks at her.
There is a demand in his eyes. Without a word, she complies.

She drops on her knees before him and takes his cock in her hand. She licks
the head of his cock and starts to suck on it. Tommy feels her tongue licking
the length of his cock and feels her warm mouth sucking his balls. He thrusts
his cock deep into her mouth. She does the best she can. She is not that good
at it. She has only been with one person other than him, a boy named Charles.
Tommy relaxes and soon the only thing he can feel is her mouth working him,
the slurping noises she made and the sound of warm water falling on them
both. Soon he comes all over her face. Normally, Lori Baxter would not allow
that but she does an exception for Tommy. She drinks his cum and licks him
off until he is clean. He pulls her up and they kiss. He can taste himself on
her soft lips. Lori is drawn into the arms of Tommy and they embrace. She
loves to be touched by him but wants more. She can feel his still-hard cock
pressing against her.

"Fuck me." she whispers into his ear.

Tommy grins. She tries to grab his cock but he pushes her away. Once again,
he has something else in mind. He whispers it into her ear. She is surprised.
He is looking at her with those intense eyes of his. He is the man she loves
and she just wants to make him happy. She wants him but he is gonna have to
work for it. He smiles and pulls her to him. They kiss and he starts to lick
and suck on her breasts. His sleek fingers penetrate her pussy and start to
play with her insides. His touch makes her get aroused and she is surprised
by that. She normally doesn't get aroused so quickly. She wants to make him
happy, even if it means doing something she once thought was beneath her.

She gets on her hands and knees and Tommy admires her sexy ass. Damn, she's
fine. At once he feels deeply aroused. His cock swells to its full size and
length. Lori is on her hands and knees before Tommy. She wonders if he knows
how much he had asked of her. Does he know how vulnerable she feels right
now? In that position? She turns her head around and looks straight in the

"Wait." she says. Tommy was already getting into position. "Tell me you love
me." she says.

"What?" Tommy asks. Lori looks at him and repeats her request. He looks at
her. "Of course I love you, Lori." he says.

She smiles at him. "Fuck me, love." she commands.

Tommy puts his hands on her hips and admires her sexy ass. He parts her firm
butt cheeks and rubs his erect cock against her pink little asshole. He takes
some wet soap and applies some on his cock as well as around her ass. He puts
his cock against the entrance of her anus and pushed. Lori gritted her teeth
when she felt Tommy's cock push its way into her asshole. He entered her ass
slowly. The wet soap they used facilitated passage but Tommy's cock was both
long and thick so she still felt some pain. Tommy pushed his cock into her
ass slowly, letting her get used to its girth. Lori tried to open herself up
as he penetrated her. He managed to get in five of his nine inches before she
couldn't take anymore. He slid his cock into her rectum and started to go in
and out of her. His pace was deliberately slow. Lori winced as he moved
inside her. Tommy is amazed by the warm tightness of her ass. It feels so
wonderful around his cock. He thrusts mightily and she screams. He stops.

"Be careful." she says.

He slows down the pace. He moves deliberately slow, going deep inside her,
making it last. Lori is grunting as Tommy's cock fucks her tight ass. She had
never had anything inside that place before. She was all in pain at first but
the pain is quickly replaced by a curiously pleasant feeling. She is actually
experiencing pleasure from being anally penetrated. Behind her, Tommy Dawkins
grunted. She could feel his body tremble. He shuddered...and the next second,
Lori felt a rush of hot liquid flooding her anal canal. Then, he suddenly
pulled out of her. She cried out in shock. At the same time, she came as
well. The two lovers screamed in pleasure as an incredible sensation rocked
their bodies. Lori almost totally lost control and was about to fall on the
floor of the shower but Tommy caught her in his arms.

"You okay?" he asked her.

Lori just nodded. She couldn't speak. Tommy just held her. They remained like
this for a long moment. Eventually, they came out of the bathroom.


Tommy Dawkins is lying in bed. He is fast asleep. Lying by his side is a
beautiful young woman. Lori Baxter. His lover. She is gently touching the
hairs on his chest. He is fast asleep. She looks longingly at him. She feels
that tonight, they have cemented their love for one another. She thought
about Tommy's boyfriend, Merton. The fruity little geek made a big mistake
when he left Tommy Dawkins in Pleasantville with her ! She had Tommy all to
herself and she was gonna keep him that way. By the time she was done with
him, he would have forgotten all about Merton. She gently caressed his cheek
and leaned closer to plant a kiss on his lips. He just lay there, fast
asleep. He was just the most beautiful boy. Lori Baxter loved Tommy and
wasn't losing him to anyone, especially not Merton Dingle or anyone else on
the planet for that matter.

The End


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