Big Wolf On Campus: Mass Appeal (mmf,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Night, Pleasantville.

Tommy Dawkins ran home. He had just come through a drilling practice for
football. This was the middle of senior year and he had to shine out there.
Ever since he became a Werewolf, his life had changed. There were perks that
came with being a creature of the night. He had the strength of ten men,
amazing speed and reflexes as well as the ability to heal rapidly from wounds
that would kill an ordinary person. This made Tommy's football career a lot

He was, thankfully, not alone in his plight. Two people shared his secret.
The first was his longtime best friend Merton Jay Dingle. Merton was a cute,
if slightly nerdy young man. He had been Tommy's loyal pal for the longest
time. He was Tommy's best friend and sometime Gay lover. The second was Lori
Baxter. Lori was a cute girl who transferred to Pleasantville high school
from a catholic school nearby. She was an athlete and an activist. She had
figured out Tommy's secret and befriended him. They were three best friends
trying to lead normal lives while facing things that went bump in the night.
Tommy had become the town's guardian, defending it against all kinds of
supernatural evil. Right now, Tommy was beat. He just wanted to run home and
take a shower and go to sleep. Being a Werewolf gave him superhuman endurance
but he had limits.

He entered his house, thankful that his parents and brother had gone away for
the weekend. He ran up to his bedroom, and switched on the light.


Tommy Dawkins looked at the smiling faces of Merton Dingle and Lori Baxter.
He was quite surprised to see them there. Tommy had become sexually involved
with Merton not long ago. Merton was gay but Tommy Dawkins considered himself
bisexual. He had decided to come out to Lori Baxter, someone he kind of
trusted. She seemed to take the news rather well. She had been supportive.
Heck, he was really surprised at that. He thought she had a little crush on
him or something. Now, here she was. Sitting in his bed with his boyfriend.
Tommy looked at every bisexual man's dream. A handsome man and a beautiful
woman in his bed....waiting.

He paused to admire their lithe young bodies. Both of them looked so
attractive in their own way. Merton was tall and slim, he looked pretty damn
sexy with his black hair and dark eyes. Lori's dirty blonde hair contrasted
with her pale blue eyes and slightly bronzed skin. She was a beautiful and
sexy young woman. They smiled at him.

"Come join us, Tommy." Lori teased.

Tommy came to them hesitantly. He looked at them. "You know I love you guys,
right?" he said. "I love you Merton and I love you Lori. I mean it!"

Both Merton and Lori looked at him. "We know." They said in unison. "We love
you too, Tommy."

They pulled him down into the bed with them. Lori kissed Tommy on the lips
and caressed his chest. Merton started to pull Tommy's pants off. Tommy knew
that resistance was futile. He was pretty soon naked, surrounded by the two
people that he cared about the most. He watched them as they stripped. Merton
took off his clothes and Tommy admired his sexy, masculine form. Merton was a
guy with nice muscles and sexy abs. His face was cute and his butt wasn't bad
either. Lori had it going on. A cute face, perky cone-shaped tits, a slim
waist and round and sexy ass. She displayed her assets for Tommy and Merton
to see and both young men were incredibly aroused by her.

Tommy looked at Merton who glared at him with a mischievous gleam in his
eyes. He kissed Tommy and Tommy kissed him back. He felt Merton's hands brush
his chest and Merton started licking a path from Tommy's neck to his chest.
Lori was not inactive. She held Tommy's cock in her hand and started running
her hand up and down its length. She licked the head of Tommy's cock after
pulling back the foreskin. She licked it. She had sucked her share of cocks
before but this was something else. Tommy had a raw, deep smell and taste to
him. Lori sucked his cock and started to take as much as she could into her

Tommy looked at Lori's beautiful face as she sucked his cock. He watched as
she was joined by Merton and the young man and woman combined their talents
to suck on his erect manhood. The sensation of two warm mouths on his cock,
one male and one female drove Tommy Dawkins wild. Lori and Merton sucked his
cock and licked him up pretty good, sucking at his balls and doing their best
to pleasure him. Pretty soon, he was rock hard. They looked at what their
combined labor had done to him.

"I want him first!" said Merton. He pulled Tommy's legs so that Tommy came
toward him. He spat and rubbed the spittle on his cock. He rubbed some on
Tommy's crack. Tommy knew what Merton had in mind and was eager to try it.
Merton parted Tommy's butt cheeks and held his big cock in hand. Lori watched
with interest as Merton rubbed his cock against Tommy's asshole. Tommy jacked
off his own cock furiously. Merton entered Tommy's ass with a swift thrust.
He started to go in slowly at first then rammed his cock inside Tommy's ass.
Tommy grunted but did not scream. Merton held Tommy by the hips and Tommy's
legs rested on Merton's shoulders. Merton shoved his cock deep inside Tommy's
ass and pulled it back almost all the way out, only to slam it right back
inside. Tommy grunted. He was getting really excited. The deliciously hot
pain in his ass felt great. Merton kept fucking him. Tommy's ass was so damn
tight. Finally, Merton surrendered to the urge that had been building inside
him for some time and came, filling Tommy's ass with his cum. Tommy grimaced.
He came soon after, shooting his load into the air and splattering it all
over his chest.

Merton pulled out of Tommy and the two young men lay side by side, panting.
Their bodies were covered with sweat.

"Can I have him now ?" asked Lori.

Merton nodded. Tommy grunted. Lori didn't give him time to recover....geez.
Merton momentarily stepped out of the room, leaving Tommy Dawkins alone with
Lori Baxter. Lori looked at the gorgeous hunk who sat on the bed. Merton was
gone. He was all last.

Tommy Dawkins sat down on the bed and watched Lori as she started sucking his
cock. She sucked his prick hungrily, as if she wanted to devour him. Tommy
closed his eyes. She was a decent cocksucker. Nowhere near as good as Merton,
but yeah, she was good. She licked his cock and slurped at his balls. She
even stuck her tongue up his ass and licked his ass clean. He moaned in
pleasure as she licked his ass like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever
tasted. Once she was done licking his ass, she returned her full attention to
his cock. She sucked his cock so well that he ended up cumming all over her
face. Although initialy shocked, she didn't seem to mind too much because she
licked his cock clean. She cleaned him up, not leaving a drop of cum behind.

Tommy looked at her. She smiled a mischievous grin. He was done with
preliminaries and wanted the main event. Lori laughed and tried to pull
away from him. He went after her and she pretended to fight him. He had
her immobilized underneath him rapidly due to his superior strength. Once
she was underneath him, she stopped fighting. She looked at him with
desire in her eyes. Her expression was one of deep longing and desire.
Gently, he parted her legs. He smelled the aroma of her pussy. He felt
his cock thicken in anticipation. He rubbed his hard cock against her wet,
soft pussy. Lori moaned. She begged him to take her. He slid his cock
inside her pussy. She screamed as she was penetrated. He started to give
it to her, shoving his cock deep inside her pussy. He fucked her hard and
fast. He wanted to make her pay for being such a tease. He thrust deeply
into her. Lori Baxter was loving this, she spread her legs wider, wanting
to get as much of Tommy's cock inside her as she could. He plowed into her,
working that hard cock inside her pussy. He fucked her like this for some
time before cumming, filling her pussy with his seed. Lori Baxter shrieked
at the top of her lungs as her lover's seed filled her insides.

As soon as he had cum, Tommy pulled out of Lori. She lay panting beside him.
He felt...strange. Merton came back into the room and slipped into bed with

"You guys had fun while I was gone?" he asked.

"Sure." said Lori. "I rocked Tommy's world."

Tommy grinned. Tommy hadn't been with a girl since his first love Stacey
Hanson left him. She was a beautiful cheerleader and the first girl he had
sex with. After she left, he discovered that he had a sexual attraction to
guys. He liked both men and women. He was confused about his sexuality.
Merton had been there for him. Merton, his closeted Gay lover. Sex with
Merton was fun and fulfilling but Tommy still had desires for girls. He
had been worried that his sexual desires for women would wane and that he
would cease to be bisexual and become completely Gay but clearly, that
wasn't happening. He had just had sex with a girl. He still liked girls
and could "do" them. He was bi. Not Gay. Bi.

He just lay there, his mind wandering and racing. He felt Lori Baxter put her
arms around him and plant a kiss on his cheek. She nibbled on his ear but he
still did not move. Merton looked at Tommy and smiled. He kissed Tommy on the
lips. Looking at Tommy, Lori wished him a good night and went to sleep. Tommy
lay on the bed, between his lovers. A bisexual young man sandwished between a
gay guy and a straight girl. Lord ! He looked at their sleeping faces. Both
were beautiful. He couldn't imagine life without them. Apparently, both of
them loved him very much and wanted to please him. Tommy felt like the
luckiest guy in the world. He wouldn't have to choose between them. He could
have his cake and ice cream too.

The End


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