This is my attempt to improve the similar story by skelyrata by fixing things like spelling, grammar, issues with the plot, and most importantly fixing Biff's name. I wanted to keep things short and sweet, since most people reading this probably already know about the Back to the Future storyline anyways. I hope you enjoy it!

Back To The Future (mf,exhib,nc-cons)
by Jax Blade ([email protected])

Just as Marty breathed a sigh of relief that he was able to get his mother to stop coming onto him, Biff's hand reached into the car Doc lent Marty and pulled him out. Biff grabbed Marty's jacket with both hands and pushed him against the car as he stared directly into his eyes, his breath reeking of whiskey.

"You caused 300 bucks damage to my car you son of a bitch! And I'm gonna take it out of your ass! Hold him!"

Biff tossed Marty to his three friends, equally stinking of alcohol, who dutifully held onto Marty like Biff told them to while continuing to sip beer from the bottles in their hands.

Lorraine leaned over to the driver side of the car and attempted to tell Biff off, not realizing that as she leaned over her breasts began to hang downwards for everyone outside of the car to see.

"Let him go Biff you're drunk!"

Biff looked over at Lorraine and ran his eyes up and down her before saying, "Well lookie what we have here."

Lorraine looked down at her own chest to see that her breasts were clearly visible to Biff and slowly reeled back further into the car before trying to open the passenger door and escape from Biff, who lunged into the car after her and prevented her from twisting open the door's handle.

"Oh no, you're staying right here with me!" Biff grabbed a hold of Lorraine and prevented her from escaping as the two traded requests to let her go and for her to stay before he pushed his lips against hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, causing her to gag slightly at both the taste of the booze in his mouth and that fact that she was being forced to make-out with Biff Tannen.

"Leave her alone you bastard!" Marty shouted at Biff.

"You guys take him in back, I'll be right there."

Just as Biff's gang began dragging Marty off, Biff turned to his friends.

"No wait!" The three friends stopped dragging Marty and looked at Biff. "Hold him there, I want him to see this!" The three friends smiled as Biff undid his belt and unzipped his pants, as Lorraine remained pinned under Biff's muscular body with a terrified look on her face.

"Let me go Biff! This is wrong! Please don't do this!" Lorraine pleaded.

"No, I think you've been teasing me long enough Lorraine, and now it's time for me to get what I rightfully deserve." Biff tore open the top of Lorraine's dress to revel her beautiful breasts and tits and began to take turns sucking on each one and making them stand up firm and stiff.

As Marty continued to struggle, all he could do was watch as the worst man that he had ever known in his life was raping his mom. As Marty looked away he saw George standing at the edge of the parking lot and looking at what was happening with a terrified look on his face before turning around and running away.

No dad! Marty thought to himself. You have to save mom! But it was no use as George ran away from the parking lot, and eventually out of sight into the darkness. Marty looked in horror as part of his leg and arm began disappearing at an alarming rate, but none of Biff's thugs noticed as they were too busy staring intently at Biff and Lorraine.

As Biff sucked on Lorraine's tits his hands wandered all over her body until he finally began to get bored with playing with her breasts and broke his tongue and lips away from her tits.

"I've had enough of this foreplay crap," Biff said. "I think it's about time I finally fuck you Lorraine!"

Biff's hand reached under Lorraine's dress and ripped away her frilly white panties as he removed his throbbing cock from his pants and pushed it forcefully into Lorraine's tight, hairless virgin pussy, causing her to squeeze her eyes and cry slightly as ripples of extreme pain, and oddly enough pleasure, began moving from her pussy throughout her body.

Marty couldn't watch any more and turned his face away from the sight of his mom and Biff. As Biff began raping Lorraine she started off by crying and begging him to let her go, but after about of minute of Biff thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, she began to involuntarily move her hips in concert with Biff's thrusts and push his cock further into her pussy as the pain faded away and was replaced with pure pleasure and lust.

"Ooooh, fuck me harder Biff!" Lorraine moaned out loud.

A look of curiosity appeared on Biff's as the girl that he had previously been forcing to have sex with him started to ask him to fuck her harder.

"Oh yeah?" Biff asked her. "You want me to fuck you like you've always wanted me to?"

"Oh yeah Biff, give me all of your cock!" Lorraine begged.

"Ok then sweetness, you've got it!" and Biff began to force his cock into Lorraine's pussy both faster and deeper, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure instead of pain.

Marty couldn't believe what was going on! His mother was actually begging Biff Tannen to rape her! Marty saw that his legs and midsection were begging to disappear even faster as he watched her mother beg for more of Biff's cock.

"What do you say you ride me now sweetness?" Biff asked as he got up off of Lorraine and laid down across the front seats of the car and let Lorraine climb on top of him and insert his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

Lorraine began riding Biff's cock as he just laid still and enjoyed the feeling of the hottest girl in school riding up and down his cock. Marty began to feel even more sickened as each of the members of Biff's gangs unzipped their pants and began to stroke their cocks as they watched his mom ride Biff's cock.

Biff could feel his climax approaching and proceeded to warn Lorraine. "Shit Lorraine, I'm about to cum!"

"I don't care, I want you're hot cum inside my pussy!" breathed Lorraine as sweat rolled down her body and stained her beautiful dance gown, or at least what was left of it after Biff tore most of it.

With a final loud grunt, Biff released several warm and powerful streams of cum into Lorraine's pussy.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Marty shouted as his body disappeared completely and Lorraine collapsed into Biff's arms with his cock still buried in her pussy.

"That was amazing Biff, I don't want anyone else from now on except you!"

"What did I tell you babe? You needed a real man like me," Biff replied. "Hey, where's that Irish bug Calvin Klein?" Biff asked as he looked towards his three friends who continued to stroke their cocks after their own orgasms.

The three looked around and didn't even notice that he had ran away as they were too busy stroking themselves to pay attention to what happened to Marty.

"It doesn't matter, I have all that I've ever wanted right here," Biff said as he stroked Lorraine's chin as he smiled at him before the two kissed.

The Future had forever been changed.


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