Back To The Future: The Erotic Stories Part 1 (FF)
by Stephen Mills

Jennifer, Marty's girlfriend, had been with him now for almost 3 years. She
couldn't think of anyone else she'd rather be with. He was everything she
ever wanted; kind, generous, loving, and he satisfied her sexual appetite
well. But, still. She felt oddly unfulfilled, like she was missing something;
there was a part of her incomplete. One day she realised what it was.
"Marty," she said.

"Yeah, Jenny."

"Do you ever think what it would be like to make it with another guy?"

Marty was taken aback. "Uh, no, no, I haven't," laughing, "What makes you

"Oh, I don't know." Jennifer suddenly seemed very hesitant. "It's just
that...nothing." Marty went back to tuning his guitar, whilst Jennifer kept
her desires to herself. She often used to fantasize about making it with
another girl, before she met Marty. Any girl would do, one from high school
maybe. She just wanted to know what it felt like and how satisfying it would
be to have sex with another female. But who?

As Jennifer walked through her and Marty's new home, her thoughts were all
about sex. Passing one of the bedrooms, she looked to her left, and saw,
sitting on the bed was Clara; Doc's wife. She was knitting something;
Jennifer couldn't tell what it was. A thought flashed through her head...
but, no, surely not. She couldn't. Standing still, motionless, Jennifer
studied Clara; she was definitely older, at least 25 or 30 years. But there
was something very sensual about her, something Jennifer had never notices
before; she had a kind of quiet dignity and class that none of the girls in
high school had.

"Clara, hi!" said Jennifer, sounding as friendly as possible.

"Hi Jennifer," she replied. "Want to help me with my sewing?" This seemed
like an almost flat out invitation to Jennifer, who leapt at it, and sat
very close next to Clara. "Now," said Clara, guiding Jennifer's dainty,
soft hands, "you have to make sure to be firm but gentle when sewing...'
Jennifer looked as Clara's hands covered and touched hers. "You need to...'
Clara looked up into Jennifer's eyes, who was now gently, lovingly caressing
Clara's left hand. Looking deep into Jennifer's deep, blue, caring eyes,
Clara found it unavoidable.

Leaning forward, she coupled with Jennifer's lush red lips. Clara's mouth
and Jennifer's were joined in bliss. Clara tasted the lipstick on Jennifer's
mouth; Jennifer tasted the flesh of Clara's lips. Mouths still closed tight,
Jennifer let her sexuality take control, opening her mouth fully, imploring
Clara to place her tongue in her mouth. Clara realised the request, and did
so, forcefully, ramming her tongue into Jennifer's salivating mouth. Both
women embraced, arms round each others waist, Clara's tongue began to explore
the vast space inside Jennifer's mouth; the walls, the roof, even licking
Jennifer's own tongue. Both women's tongues were now interlocked. Jennifer
began to hungrily suck on Clara's impressive tongue. Like fellatio. Clara
made sure to open her mouth wide, as wide as possible. Both Clara and
Jennifer now began to feel the feminine sensation between their legs. Clara
and Jennifer continued their warm embrace and kiss. After what seemed like
several minutes, Jennifer slowly pulled away. Suddenly with a new sense of
shock and embarrassment, she looked at Clara and said; "I'm, I'm sorry, I
don't know what came over me, please don't tell..." Then, all of a sudden,
she noticed a sly grin had drawn across Clara's pretty face.

"I'm not going to tell anyone darling. Why don't you sit back down and we can
get to know each other a little more." Jennifer didn't believe what she was
hearing. But she knew that she wanted Clara; she was burning for her. Clara,
still fully clothed, lay back on the bed. "Come over here, and touch me.' She

Jennifer walked slowly over, and sat on the side of the bed. Then, with
both hands, she began to feel her way around Clara's perfect body. Jennifer
started at Clara's feet, stockinged, and sexy. Rubbing both of them, it gave
Clara a strange sensation. Jennifer knelt down, and ran her tongue sensually
over Clara's feet. One by one, then licking her toes through her stockings;
Jennifer had always thought that feet were one of the sexiest parts of the
body. Jennifer rubbed Clara's thighs hard and firmly.

Then moving up, she lifted up the lower end of Clara's blouse. Underneath she
saw some old fashioned, long, frilly knickers. Jennifer slowly eased them
down, round to Clara's ankles, and then placed her head between Clara's legs.
Jennifer first took a moment to examine Clara's vagina. It was, unlike hers,
fairly hairy and not well trimmed at all, and this turned her on.

Spreading the pubic hair apart, Jennifer looked at Clara's slit. It was
tight, and her lips could not be seen, still, Jennifer leaned over with her
head, and opening her mouth, began sucking on the pubic hair, which was soon
wet with saliva. Jennifer searched through the growth to find Clara's vagina
once again, and upon doing so, lapped around the outside of it with her spear
like tongue. Dabbing around her mound, Jennifer then looked up at Clara, who
winked at her. This was all the motivation Jennifer needed, and she then
began to lick between the slit of Clara's vagina.

Clara's lips were now much more fully exposed, and, looking underneath,
between her legs, Jennifer now saw Clara's clitoris in full view. Jenn
continued to methodically taste Clara's womanhood with her mouth. Clara
began to let out low, discreet moans of pleasure, and Jennifer could
tell that it was working. Jennifer's eating of Clara's vagina went on,
and for several minutes, nothing happened. It was only after about 5
minutes that Clara finally came in Jennifer's face, exploding with
force, drenching Jennifer in vaginal juice. From the scream of ecstasy
as she did so, Jennifer could tell that Clara had not had this done for
a while.

"Did you like that?' asked Jennifer.

"Yes, yes, very much Jennifer."

"I want you to call me Ms. Parker from now on, ok?"

Clara, realising the kinky aspect; "Oh, yes, I am sorry, Ms. Parker, of

From this point on, the rest of the day had been transformed into an orgy of
sexual passion and addiction. What happened then may be read in following
sequels to this story.


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