´╗┐Batman - The Animaed Series/NCIS: The Body In The River Part 2 (MF)
by Hamster

Special Agent Ziva David was able to flash her badge and get passed the
guards, and into Anechka Galenka's hospital room. Once inside she made her
way to the woman's hospital bed. A bribe of a large cup of Caff Pow had
been all that Ziva needed to convince Abby to secretly have the pictures
of Galenka's wounds examined. It was pretty obvious that a pitbull did not
attack her, as she had claimed, but by something larger. Ziva's new secret
partner, the Batman had managed to learn on the street that the doctor was
under the Croc's protection and that was why the gangsters had been killed.
Apparently Killer Croc's protection was a tenuous thing. She went to the
window and opened it.

"Ms. Galenka." Said Ziva.

"Doctor. Dr. Galenka, please."

"Of course, I'm sorry. I want you to tell me something. What was it that
really attacked you? No dog could have done that." Ziva said.

"Your right, but why should I tell you anything? You government is going to
send me to my home country where I will be tried as a war criminal and put to
death." She said.

"What if I can promise you a place in the witness protection program?" asked

"Why would you do that?" Asked Galenka.

"Two reasons. First: The creature that did this to you is a threat to
national security. Second: I believe that you were forced to commit your
crimes against your will." Ziva said.

"He called himself the Killer Croc." Galenka started. "He is a monster."

"We know that Croc was working for some one, do you know who it might have
been?" Ziva asked.

"He kept mentioning somebody called Bane." Galenka said.


It had been three days since he had started working with Special Agent Ziva
David and the woman was growing on him. She had many of the qualities that
Batman found attractive she was intelligent and beautiful she also possessed
qualities that he did not like to admit that he found attractive. She was a
little crazy and was more than capable in a fight. He waited outside the
hospital for her.

Ziva stepped out of the building stepped over to the large black car with
the tinted windows that were tinted to the point of being opaque and the bad
embossed on the hood. The passenger side door opened to allow her access.

"Subtle, I'm sure that when you are tailing a car you just blend right in."
she said as she got in the car.

"What did you find out?" Batman asked.

"Do you know who Bane is?" Ziva asked.

"He's a hit man who thinks he's a crime lord. He has an affinity for a drug
that gives him enhanced strength and reflexes. He's very dangerous." Batman
said. Batman actually considered Bane the second most dangerous of his
enemies. "If he is involved then things are more complicated. Together Bane
and Croc are much too powerful for me to put you at risk."

"That is bullshit!" She cried. "You cannot leave me out of this. It's my

"You don't know what these men are like." Batman said.

"You can work with me. Or you can risk me trying to find them on my own."
Ziva said.

Batman scowled.

"Would you like to know what the doctor told me about Hutchins?" Ziva said

Batman turned to her. "What did you find out?"

"The Petty Officer was selling Croc weapons and ammunition." Ziva said.

A warehouse...

Bane was angry. His instructions had been clear but had not been followed.
Hutchins was dead and so was his supply of weapons. Croc entered the room and
Bane only barely managed to keep his anger in check at the sight of him.

"Your weapons are here Bane, where's my money?" Asked the Croc.

"I am not paying you, animal." Bane said calmly.

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" Demanded the angry Croc.

"You heard me. You killed my supplier, and your eating habits have drawn
unwanted attention." Bane said.

"I did what I needed to. That idiot took a look at me and started shooting."
Said the Croc.

"And what part of that primitive reptilian brain of yours failed to
understand that you were to wait for him to drop off the crates and leave
the premises and only then were you were to show yourself?" Bane demanded.

Croc stared at him hard for several minutes. The goons all waited tensely
holding their firearms as the two villains stared each other down.

"I'm going to pretend we didn't have this conversation, now give me my
money." Croc said.

"Get out of my sight." Bane said.

The Croc snarled viscously and then launched himself at Bane. Bane was ready
and slammed his fist down onto Croc's back hard. Bane pumped the 'Venom' into
his veins and nearly doubled in size. He was now actually larger than the
Croc. The Croc roared and bit Bane in the arm. Bane's men did not dare to
fire on the two brawling men. Thy may accidentally hit Bane. They only looked
on as blood flew and flesh tore. Suddenly several of the goons cried out in
pain as their hands were struck by batarangs. The Batman leapt from his
hiding place atop some crates and planted his fist in a goon's jaw. There was
a loud crack as the man's jaw broke. Meanwhile Bane had crate full of
ammunition lifted high over his head and he brought it crashing down atop the
Croc. Croc staggered backwards and Bane was able to kick him in the ribs.
Unfortunately there was no sound of breaking bones. Croc jumped on top of
Bane and opened his jaws wide then bit down on banes head. Bane pumped more
Venom into his blood stream. One of the goons took aim at Batman but he was
kicked in the nuts from behind. He collapsed to the floor with a loud groan
and then was knocked out clean when Ziva kicked him in the head. Bane elbowed
Croc in the ribs, this time there was a cracking sound. Croc roared in pain
as he released Bane's bleeding head. Bane found a crobar and used it like a
baseball bat across the croc's snout, he hit him again and again. But on the
fourth strike, Croc bit down on Banes arm and made him drop the bar. Bane
grabbed the Croc's nostrils and pulled up, forcing the Croc to release his
grip. By this point all the goons had been beaten to submission by Batman and
Ziva. Ziva took aim and fired several shots at the Croc which did little more
than get his attention. But his sudden change in focus was all Bane needed.
He lifted his leg and brought his boot crashing down on top of the Croc's
skull. That was finally enough to knock him out. Bane turned his attention on

"Run." Batman said to Ziva.

He used his grappling hook to swing atop a stack of crates then leap down
behind and pick up the discarded crobar. Batman swung the bar and connected
with the of Bane's knee. Bane tried to punch down on Batman but only cracked
several knuckles when Batman rolled away and all Bane hit was the cement

"RRRRRRR Batman!!! You should have stayed in your precious Gotham City." Bane
shouted as he took another swing at Batman.

Ziva had not left. While Bane was busy with Batman she got closer and closer
to him. She jumped on his back and grabbed hold of the two tubes that piped
the Venom into his blood. She planted her feet on the small of his back and
bulled as hard as she could until there was a loud pop and the tubes came
free and spilled the Venom everywhere.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" He cried as he reached around and grabbed Ziva. "You will

He wrapped his hands around her throat and started to choke her. Batman ran
at Bane quickly then did a baseball slide and swung at the man's ankle. Bane
cried out in pain. Bane dropped Ziva and tried to hit Batman but once again
missed the elusive caped crusader. Bane was losing strength and was bleeding
from Croc's attacks. Batman threw a batarang that connected sharply with
Bane's head and finally brought him down.

Batman strode over to Ziva and helped her stand.

"That was much easier than I thought it was going to be." Batman said to
Ziva's annoyance.


Ziva sat comfortably in the passenger's seat of the Batmobile with her hands
behind her head. Batman had delayed his return to Gotham so that they could
meet one last time. The truth of it was that He liked having her around. The
Croc and Bane where both taken to a super-high security facility designed for
people with their abilities.

"So you go back to Gotham City and I never see you again?" She asked. Batman
didn't answer. She turned and rolled over so that she straddled his lap and
faced him. "I will leave you with a goodbye present then."

Ziva kissed him. Their tongues twined and batman held her tight. She took off
her jacket and then her shirt. Batman helped her take off her sport's bra.
Now naked from the waist up she continued to kiss him as she tried to find
the buckle of his utility belt. Batman reached down and unfastened it. With
great difficulty he managed to pull his pants down to his knees before
unzipping hers and pulling them down to her ankles. Batman then pulled her
panties down. She straddled him and impaled herself on his hard cock. Batman
could only stare into her beautiful wild eyes as she pushed herself up and
down on his manhood. Batman reached up and began to squeeze her breasts as
she slid up and down over and over. She was moaning softly with each stroke
and had her eyes closed as she enjoyed being filled by him. Them both began
to cum together. She rolled off and sat on the seat next to him, still mostly
naked. She looked at him and smiled.

"Maybe now you have motivation to come to DC again?" She asked.

"I don't think I can rule it out replied the Batman.

The End

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