Batman - The Animated Series: More Than Friends (MM)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Night fell over the city of Gotham.

It is a big north american city. One of the largest in America. A city
like no other. It is the home of the Batman. The citizens of Gotham have
grown used to seeing a costumed vigilante fighting crime to protect them.
The world knows about the Batman. Many fear him. Some trust him. Some
don't. All respect him because he is brutally efficient at what he does.
The Batman hunts down the men and women who operate outside the law and
hurt the innocent. His actions are swift and merciless. He is ruthlessly
efficient. Nothing can stop the Batman.

He descends upon the city like a nightmare. A nightmare is what he is, for
those who hurt others. No man or woman who commits brutal crimes and hurts
the innocent can escape the dark justice that the Batman brings. The city
of Gotham knows this. It knows that its protector walks in the night and
hunts the bad ones. Every night the Batman goes out to fight. Criminals
fear him. The police are glad to know that someone else is out there helping
them out.

Not tonight.

Tonight, the Batman does not come out. Tonight, Bruce Wayne remains at home.

Bruce Wayne looked at Dick Grayson. The younger man looked at Bruce. He
looked like he was about to speak. Bruce Wayne silenced Dick Grayson with a
kiss and pulled him into his arms. They embraced passionately and fell upon
the bed. Bruce felt Dick's hard, muscular body press against him.

"I thought that I lost you." said Dick Grayson.

Bruce held his face in his hands. "You could never lose me." he said.

Bruce Wayne looks at Dick Grayson, pensive. The Batman faced some dangerous
foes last week. An all-female gang known as the Black Vipers wreaked havoc
on Gotham. The Batman hunted them down and finally brought their leader, a
beautiful and dangerous young woman named Natalie Smith a.k.a. Red Blade.
Natalie Smith was tried by the district attorney and found guilty of murder.
She went to jail for twenty five years to life imprisonment. No possibility
of parole. Justice was done for the families of the people killed by the
ruthless Black Vipers. Fifteen other members of the Vipers were tried and
convicted. The Batman had done good work. It almost cost him his life,

Batman had returned to Wayne Manor bruised and bleeding but not broken. He
had fought against Jennifer Dwight a.k.a. Slasher, the enforcer used by Red
Blade. Slasher was a dangerous opponent. Batman took her down using his
superior fighting skills. The battle ended when Slasher fell into the Gotham
river and did not resurface. Still, the bitter woman had injured the Dark
Knight before her death.

Nightwing had been far away when the Batman fought some of his most lethal
enemies. Nightwing was in the city of Metropolis, fighting side by side
with Superman and the Justice League of America against the latest
planetary invasion effort of the evil Darkseid, the dark god who ruled the
technologically advanced nightmare world of Apokolips. As soon as Nightwing
a.k.a. Dick Grayson heard from the butler Alfred Pennyworth that the Batman
had been injured, he returned to Gotham. Dick Grayson had been worried. He
thought that the man he loved was about to die. Bruce Wayne had sustained
some injuries but nothing life-threatening or even permanently affecting his
body's condition.

Dick Grayson nursed Bruce Wayne back to health. Now, here they were.

"I love you, Dick Grayson." Bruce Wayne said.

When he heard those words, Dick Grayson's heart skipped a beat. Had he heard
right? Bruce Wayne said that he loved him? Wow. Dick Grayson looked into
Bruce Wayne's handsome smiling face.

He kissed Bruce full and deep. Laughing, Bruce began to remove the clothes
from his lover's athletic young body. Dick offered to help but Bruce gently
pushed him back down on the bed. Bruce started to kiss and lick every inch
of Dick Grayson's body. He gently rubbed Dick's shoulders before caressing
his face and neck. He kissed Dick's chest and licked his pecs before kissing
and sucking down a path to Dick's belly. Dick grunted when he felt Bruce's
breath on his belly and then Bruce moved his head down to Dick's groin area.
He breathed in the masculine scent of Dick's manhood and took a tentative
lick. He held Grayson's cock in his hand and started to pump it. Dick gasped.
Bruce took Grayson's cock in his mouth and sucked on it. Dick had never
felt so good in his life. His hand gripped Bruce's neck and Bruce continued
to suck him off like his life depended on it. Finally, Dick cums and Bruce
drinks the seed of his lover's pleasure. His head bobs up and down on
Grayson's lap until the younger man can take no more and begs him to stop.
They look into each other's eyes and desire is mirrored in their gaze. A
passionate lovemaking session ensues.

A little while later, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson lie in bed in a chamber
inside the Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne is resting in Dick Grayson's arms. "I am
so lucky to have a friend like you." Bruce Wayne says.

Dick Grayson kisses his handsome lover on the forehead. "We're more than
friends, Bruce." he says.

"Partners?" Bruce Wayne asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Partners." Dick Grayson smiles. "I like the sound of that."

The End


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