Batman - The Animated Series/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
Rise Of The Dragoness Part 5: The Cobra (FFFF,FF,inter,voy,anal,mc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Last year...

Kimberly was attempting to maintain focus for her next gymnastics competition
but it was getting harder. As she mounted the pommel horse, her hand slipped
and she fell, crashing to the ground.

"Damn it!" She cursed as she slammed her fist into the ground in frustration.

Kimberly hadn't noticed Jason as he came into her private gym.

"Kim, are you okay?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, I'm all right." Kimberly replied as she gave Jason a kiss.

"Kim, there's something we need to talk about." Jason said.

"What is it?" Kim asked, not liking the seriousness in his voice.

"Next month I start fighting in the Hong Kong martial arts circuits and you,
your going to europe to compete for three months ... I - I just don't think
we are going to have the time for each other any more ... I - I really hate
to say this but I think its time for us to break up."

"W - what?" Kimberly asked in a quaking voice. "But w - why? I - I thought
you loved me ... I thought..." Kimberly was stunned and in tears.

"I'm sorry, Kim," Jason said as he turned and left.

Kimberly rested her arms on the balance beam and rested her head on her arms.
She stood there, crying for no one knows how long. After she could not cry
any more she turned and looked at her pommel horse. She cleared her mind, as
best she could, and returned to practicing.

* * *

Dragoness watched her pets in amusement. Katie and Kelsey were in the 69
position, eating each other out, as were Ashley and Aisha. Aisha had become
so used to being forced to fuck Ashley that she did not even think twice
about what she was doing. In truth, Ashley was a nice girl, a pretty girl
and spending time with her was much preferable to spending time in the arms
of her hated mistress. Aisha squeezed and kneaded Ashley's ass cheeks as she
licked at and sucked on Ashley's clit. Katie and Kelsey's tongues explored
each other's wet pussies as the two girls moaned and grunted.

Each girl had cum at least twice already and each time they licked and
slurped up their partner's sexual juices like some sweet delicacy. Aisha and
Ashley adjusted positions a bit so that they were lined up mouth to mouth,
tits to tits and pussy to pussy. They wrestled with each other's tongues,
their tits mashed against one another, and their pussies grinding together.
Their sweat, girl-cum and saliva inter-mingled as the lovely pair fucked each
other to orgasm. Dragoness was getting hotter and hotter as she watched the
spectacle before her.

The doctor who had been working on Maya stepped into the room, rudely
interrupting the show. "I beg your forgiveness, mistress, but your Pet
Tigress is ready."

Maya strutted into the room wearing a sly smile. She wore a very tight, white
leather outfit with black stripes.

"She has been given many chemical and hypnotic treatments. She will now serve
you willingly, even eagerly. Also thanks to my DNA treatments she will be
able to turn into human/tiger hybrid in combat." the mad scientist explained.

Maya knelt before her mistress.

"Excellent, leave us doctor. Now my pet. I am going to place Kelsey, Ashley
and Katie under your command. Hopefully you will be able to capture the Cat
and the Crane in a more timely fashion than our idiot commissioner of police.
Each of your girls will wear a special collars that will send paralyzing pain
coursing through their bodies should they disobey you. Now before you begin
your hunt my pet, perhaps you could amuse me by fucking Kelsey, I would most
enjoy it if she were to suffer some pain." Dragoness ordered.

The Dragoness wanted to test Maya's obedience. She wanted to see if her new
pet would really sexually torture one of her friends. If her hypnotic and
narcotic treatments were insufficient then her pet would have to be broken
like the others.

"Yes, mistress," Maya replied, thrilled for the opportunity to serve her

Maya went to the wall that held various sex toys and torture devices. She
slowly and deliberately selected a strap-on dildo. She chose the largest in
Trini's collection. Maya casually stepped over to where Kelsey and Katie's
heads were in each other's muffs. Maya firmly grasped a handful of Kelsey's
hair and forcefully pulled her off Katie.

"On your hands and knees, bitch." Maya ordered.

Kelsey complied. Maya put the tip of the strap on to Kelsey's small anal
opening. Grasping a firm hold of Kelsey's hair in one hand and aiming the
shaft of the dildo in the other Maya thrust hard into Kelsey's tight little
butt hole. Kelsey shrieked as her asshole was violated. Maya pulled back
hard on her victim's head slowly forcing the rubber member into the former
yellow ranger. Dragoness motioned Katie closer. She spread her robes and
Katie instinctively knew her duty. As Dragoness watched Maya fuck Katie's
ass as roughly as possible she swooned to the sensations of Katie licking
and sucking on her clit. Dragoness rocked back and forth a little as Katie
pleasured her thoroughly. Dragoness pinched and twisted her own nipples
between her fingers moaning and grunting but never taking her eyes off her
pet tigress and Kelsey.

Kelsey for her part was screaming her head off as Maya forcefully thrust her
huge dildo into Kelsey small, tight hole. Dragoness screamed in orgasm as
she flooded Katie's mouth with girl-cum. The Dragoness shoved Katie away from

"Enough," Dragoness gasped. "You are fit to lead my hounds against the Cat
and the Crane."

* * *

Cassie's voice carried across the restaurant and coursed through the bodies
of the entranced audience Cassie's voice was so passionate that many were
almost moved to tears by her love songs or moved to throw everything out of
their way and dance by her faster music. She was also beautiful, her long
black hair whipped and swayed hypnotically as she danced and sang. She wore
tight white leather pants and a white midriff.

When she finished her cover of "American Pie" the entire restaurant erupted
in a standing ovation. Barbara, Katherine and Kimberly could only stare and
wonder why somebody with Cassie's talent and raw charisma did not have a big
record contract? Cassie thanked the gathered audience and now finished with
her set walked off the stage and made her way to Babs, Kim and Kat's table.
The three former rangers hugged and Barbara was introduced as the crowd began
to calm. Cassie sat down with the trio.

"So, what's wrong, Cass?" Kimberly asked.

"Well, I need help. A while back Ashley came down here to Angel Grove. While
she was here she was kidnapped. The cops aren't being useful at all. Ashley
is my best friend, I love her. You guys have gotta help me find her." Cassie
was on the verge of tears.

"Shit, Cassie, don't cry! Of course we'll help you find Ashley," Kimberly

"Yes, definitely," Katherine added as she put her arm around Cassie.

* * *

Detective Krowchek was about as dirty a cop as you could get. Dragoness had
paid him to work effectively as an assassin. He would be tailing a 'suspect,'
in actuality just one of Dragoness' rivals, or running drugs for her, or just
covering up evidence. This current mission was simply to provide 'muscle' for
a drug shipment that she was worried about.

The truck carrying cocaine pulled into the warehouse loading dock, dozens of
Tengus and several armed men stood guard. Krowchek walked around to the front
of the truck, and much to his surprise the driver quickly opened the door,
smashing him in the face. The Crane jumped out the door and flipped on top of
the truck. Shuriken flew from her hands and took out the gunmen.

Batgirl and Cat jumped out the other door and the obligatory battle with the
canon fodder commenced. Batgirl, The Cat and the Crane waded through their
foes with reckless abandon. Sais and katana swords flew left and right as
they cut down one tengu after another. Krowchek drew his gun and began to
fire. Kim and Kat each flipped away in different directions, as Krowchek hit
several of his own people but missed the agile Batgirl, Cat and Crane by a
mile. The girls having ducked behind crates. Krowchek knew there was a HUGE
bounty on the three bitches. Both the mayor and commissioner wanted them
dead. Both of them were on the Dragoness' payroll.

Suddenly Krowchek felt a very sharp pain as he was struck from behind by a
kick. The dirty cop crumbled to the floor to reveal a girl standing over him.
She had long gorgeous black hair and wore a snake-skin one piece bikini, a
mask made of snake-skin adorned her face and she held a staff.

"CASSIE!!??" Kim and Kat exclaimed.

"Call me Cobra," the Cobra smiled.

To be continued...



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