Batman - The Animated Series: Justice For All (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Midnight in Gotham city.

The predator stalked his prey. The prey ran. The prey in question was
Elisabeth Chaucer. She was a young woman in her early twenties. Once, she
worked for Wayne Enterprises. She was a secretary there. She worked for
executive Michael Patinski. He was a respectable employee. A decent man.
She came onto him. He was quite handsome, after all. She was very surprised
when he rebuked her. She was furious. He was married to his longtime friend
and high school sweetheart Jessica Hamilton. They had two kids together,
Kyle and Mariah and wasn't going to risk losing his beloved wife and child
for a one-night stand or office fling.

Angered by his sharp rejection, Elisabeth Chaucer falsely accused Patinski
of assault and battery as well as sexual harassment. An investigation was
conducted and her claims were proven false. Michael Patinski was released
from custody, regained his job and returned to the arms of his wife and
children. Bruce Wayne, owner of Wayne Enterprises ordered management to
fire Miss Chaucer and filed a lawsuit against her. Convicted under the new
Gotham law especially made against false accusers, she was sentenced to
five years in jail. She would never work anywhere with a prison record. Her
life was over. She bought a gun and shot Nicole Morney, the district attorney
who prosecuted her. Now, she was on the run from the cops. If caught, there
was no doubt she would be convicted. She was a cold blooded killer. Sh
managed to elude the cops for three days. She would not get away tonight.
Tonight the Batman was on the case.

The Batman saw his prey move and leapt. He tackled her, sending her to the
ground. The evil murderess looked at the crime-fighting legend, and was
terrified. He looked less like a man and more like a demon, with his black
costume and billowy coat. "It ends here, Chaucer." he said. She turned
around, gun in hand. The bullets bounced off the Batman's armor. He gave
her a swift kick, followed a quick punch. She was out.

Twenty minutes later, Elisabeth Chaucer was in police custody. She would be
going to trial.

The Batman returned home. Elisabeth Chaucer was convicted of murder one and
received capital punishment. Death by electrocution awaited her at Gotham's
Women's Prison some years in the future. The Batman was satisfied. Justice
was done. He threw a grappling hook into the air and glided, using the cable
to help himself. He flew through the air, moving like no other human being
on the planet. He was a crime-fighting legend. A mythical man who craved
justice. The best there was at what he did.

This was the Batman.

Wayne Manor...

Alfred Pennyworth greeted master Bruce Wayne when the man woke up. Bruce
Wayne was a normal-looking man. 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 206 pounds.
He had black hair and blue eyes. He was 30 years old and the heir to the
Wayne fortune. A fortune worth billions. 12 years ago, Bruce Wayne put on the
Batman costume and a legend was born. He fought crime and protected the lives
of innocent men, women and children. He hunted the men and women who broke
the law and brought them to justice. He did a lot of good. He fought strange
characters. The Riddler. The Joker. The Penguin. Two-Face. Poison Ivy. Dr.
Freeze (aka Sub Zero). He also got to meet some good people like Superman,
the superhuman hero who fought crime on a world scale. Superman was based in
the city of Metropolis. Three hours drive from Gotham but a world away. It
was Superman who founded the Justice League, along with Green Lantern, the
Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman. They were the
greatest super heroes in the world. Superman invited Batman to join the
Justice League. Batman did.

In his own town, Batman had friends. Like Dick Grayson, a young athlete whose
parents had been killed by the murderous Two-Face. There was also Barbara
Gordon. They were known to the world as Robin and Batgirl. They were Bruce's
best friends. They joined him in fighting crime on a nightly basis. Barbara
was the daughter of Batman's longtime friend Commissioner Gordon.

Presently, Bruce was alone. No one really knew Bruce Wayne. In the eyes of
the world, he was a playboy and a joke. He was far more than that. He was
the brilliant engineer who built the Batmobile, the world's most resilient
machine and the Bat-suits. He also designed many gadgets to fight crime. He
saw himself as Batman. The Bruce Wayne persona was the mask, not Batman.
Bruce Wayne dated beautiful women. He hung out at the best clubs and
restaurants. He knew the best places to "chill." He was just a mask the
Batman wore.

Presently, Bruce Wayne had just broken off with supermodel Rachel Barrington.
The break-up was in the media for a long time. Before her, Bruce dated Linda
Harris, Jennifer Geryon and Dana Smith. All were beautiful models. Bruce had
a routine of dating a woman for awhile (maximum six months) and then dump
them. It was important for him to keep the world distracted with his playboy
image. No one ever got to him. Ever. But Bruce Wayne is still a human being.
He still needs to love and to be loved. He was so lonely sometimes. He didn't
know someone had fallen in love with him. That someone was Katrina Brunski.

Katrina Brunski was the daughter of Richard Brunski, a scientist who had
been exposed to radiation and died from it. He passed on his altered genes to
Katrina. She grew up more than human. She had special abilities. She could
lift 2000 pounds. She could run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Plus, she
could leap 100 feet into the air and still land on her feet. Her genetically
altered body could regenerate. Also, she had uncanny senses. She grew up on
the streets after her father died when she was 12. Since then, she had been
a thug. She stole money from people and joined a gang.

She became the right-hand woman of Metropolis mobster Michael Morrino. She
was with him for years. When she was 23, she ran into Superman. There was a
fight and she lost, of course. She tracked down Superman and nearly killed
him with Kryptonite and would have, hadn't Batman intervened. There was a
fight between her and the Batman. He defeated her. He came up with a toxin
that neutralized her powers. She had to do good deeds as an ordinary human
female for a long time. Then, Batman gave her an antidote to the toxin. She
went back to her old tricks. She took on the electricity-craving madwoman
known as Lady Spark. Batman and Superman took on Lady Spark. That day, the
Batman saved her life. She swore to him she would help him in the fight
against crime. She became Nightshade, a costumed vigilante operating in
Metropolis. For years, she did good deeds, helping people and eventually
becoming a respected superhero. But not in the eyes of the Batman. He still
saw her as an immature child with powers beyond her control. She wanted his
approval. It took her a long time to realize what she wanted was his love.
The love of the only person who never gave up on her. This was the reason
why she was in Gotham now.

Nightshade was hunting the Sisters of Fire or SIF. A group of pyromaniac
girls. They had already caused many deaths in their city-wide rampage. She
leapt from rooftop to rooftop. The SIF were on the run from the cops in a
getaway car. A Plymouth sedan. Nightshade gave chase. She was fast, as fast
as the car. She was capable of running at top speed for many hours before
feeling tired. She loved running. She had been faster than any human being
ever since she was a child. She suddenly saw the car turn into a quiet
street. They were gonna ditch the car, and the cops. She leapt onto a
building wall, her superstrong hands digging into the hard brick wall. She
was about to leap onto the wall when... out of nowhere, he came.

He swung onto the scene on a line, and dropped onto the car hood. He aimed
some device at the wheels, and they stopped. The girls came rushing out of
the suddenly immobilized car. There were three of them. Three latin girls
with psychotic urges. "Kill the hombre," said the big one. Nightshade
recognized her as Chandra. The other two were Nina and Micaela. Micaela
aimed a gun at the Batman.

He threw a batarang at her, and she screamed, dropping the gun. He approached
on them, larger than life. "Surrender," he demanded.

"Fuck you, freak," spat Nina. She came at Batman with a short sword. From
where she was on the wall, Nightshade gasped. The Batman swung around,
grabbed Nina and tossed her away. The others gave up after that. Batman
called the cops and they came and picked up the pyromaniacs.

Batman remained at the scene.

"You can come out now," he said.

Nightshade gasped. How did he know she was there? She had the ability to
keep very quiet, she knew.

"Your heartbeat," he said, as if he could read her thoughts.

Nightshade dropped from where she was, and landed 30 feet below, on the
pavement. "Hi," she said. Batman faced her. Nightshade couldn't help but
admire his lean muscled form in his black costume. "Been working out?" she

"What are you doing in my city?" he said.

Nightshade cocked an eyebrow. "Fighting crime, what else?"

Batman gave her a scowl. "So you say."

She smiled. "I've seen your work on the Chaucer case, nicely done."

Batman looked at her. To her surprise, he said, "Thanks."

Nightshade's jaw was flapping in the breeze. "Did he just thank her?"

"There is work to be done in Gotham," he said. "Good to know you're still
with us."

Nightshade had just recovered from the shock when Batman leapt into the night
sky. He flew, gliding effortlessly using a line. Soon, he was hundreds of
feet above, swinging and flying like a fantastic bird of prey.

Bruce Wayne was smiling. This was an unusual sight in Wayne Manor.

"Why the smile?" asked Dick Grayson.

Bruce looked at him. "Why can't a fella smile from time to time?" he said.

Barbara Gordon joined in the conversation. "He's got a woman on his mind,"
she said knowingly.

Bruce looked at his friends. Dick, a tall, slim young man with spiky black
hair and dark eyes. Barbara, a tall, curvy blonde with blue eyes. They were
his pals and partners in the war against crime.

"Katrina is back in town," said Alfred Pennyworth. "I daresay master Bruce
is quite taken with her."

Bruce glared at Alfred. "Alfred!"

The old manservant smiled. "What?" he shrugged and walked away.

Bruce sat down at the dinner table and ate his dinner. Some Italian special
Alfred had cooked up. "I am just so glad to see her on the right path," he
said. Dick and Barbara traded knowing glances.


Bruce smiled and ate his food.

The next night, Batman went on patrol. He saw a Latino gang at war with a
Black gang. The Red Blades versus the Black Tigers. Gang warfare was common
in America. In Gotham, it was brutal. Batman decided to put a stop to it. The
war had already claimed an innocent man. He swung around, and got ready to
jump into the fray. He was very surprised when someone dropped right in. A
tall, decidedly feminine and quite bodacious figure. Nightshade. She dropped
in the middle of the fire fight and began kicking ass and taking names.

"Impulsive," Batman muttered. He better get her out of there before she got
herself killed. He leapt in the night.

Nightshade had heard the gang war was going on. She thought she'd stop them
and hoped the Batman made an entrance. He didn't. She went in anyway.

The fight raged on. Nightshade grabbed a Red Blade gang member and tossed him
away. Another one fired at her. The kevlar lining of her costume stopped the
bullet but it still stung. She grabbed him and punched his lights out. Then,
she leapt to avoid gunfire. There were at least twenty gang members in total.
She saw innocent people that had gotten in the crossfire. A man, his wife and
what appeared to be their kids. They were exposed. She ran, lifted a
Volkswagen and tilted its side so that it acted as a shield for her and the
family. "Get out of here," she said. She looked at them.

They were frightened. "Can you help us?" asked the man.

Nightshade hesitated. She counted on her powers to get her out of there. But
how could she save them as well?

Just then, she heard a sound. It was Him! The Batman! He'd come out of
nowhere and was busy kicking the gang members's butts. "It's the Batman!!"
shouted a gang member.

The members of both gangs shot at the Batman and when the bullets bounced off
him, went fleeing in terror. "He's a demon. El Diablo."

Batman caught several gang members trying to flee and rendered them
unconscious. He walked toward them.

Nightshade watched him come. "Glad you're here," she said.

"You should have come prepared," he said in an accusatory tone. He looked at
the family. "Go," he said.

They began to move.

"Why do you always criticize me?" said Nightshade, suddenly angry.

"Because you act without thinking," said the Batman. The argument went on for
a moment until the two super heroes were interrupted.

"Are you two married ?" said the woman as she led her husband and children

Nightshade felt herself blush. Batman said nothing.

"This is my city," he said. "There are rules."

Nightshade glowered at him. "I don't need you bossing me around."

Batman said nothing. He suddenly leapt high into the air, to a building roof
70 feet straight up. Nightshade followed.

"Why can't you just...." she began.

"It's a dangerous job," he said. He began to walk away.

Nightshade's superstrong hand on his shoulder stopped him. "Don't patronize
me," she said.

Batman whirled around, a blur of speed too fast for her eyes to follow. He
swiftly tackled her, sending her on the floor where she landed square on her
rump. The next second, a bullet whizzed by. Batman took the blunt of it. The
bullet hit him. He grabbed Nightshade and leapt into a building, crashing in
through the window.

Nightshade rushed to his side. "Batman," she said.

He looked at her. "You'll have to take it out," he said. "High caliber
bullet. My armor barely stopped it." He gritted his teeth against the pain.
He turned and lay on his stomach. She took out a pincer from his toolbelt and
slowly removed the slug from his back, where it was stuck. Whoever had shot
at them was gone.

"Who do you think it was?" asked Nightshade.

"The Marksman," he said, "has to be a professional. I'll return to the lab
and have Penny work on it."

Nightshade felt an alarm go off in her brain. "Who's Penny?" she wondered if
it was a man or woman and what relation to him.

"My friend." he said. He got up.

"Batman, you're in no condition to go like this."

Batman looked at her. "Who's patronizing now?"

Nightshade smiled. "You saved my life. I have to make sure you're ok."

He glared at her. "I am leaving."

She blocked his way. "Not so fast."

Batman glared at her. So impulsive and so...nothing. Never mind.

"Let me look at that wound, Bats or I swear I'll follow you to your lair."

Batman smiled. "Ok." He unzipped his costume, exposing his wounded back.

Nightshade touched it. The bullet had penetrated his skin and bone. He was
losing blood. Hadn't it been for his armor, he would have been dead for sure.
"You are hurt," she said.

Batman grunted in agreement. He could call the Batmobile but not right now...
Nightshade's gentle fingers touched his wound. "You don't have an aid kit
with you. It is useless to remain here." he said.

Nightshade said, "I got all the aid I need right here."

She applied pressure to the wound, and Batman felt something rush from her
body to his. A certain energy he could feel. He felt his wound close and then
patted his back. It was gone! Healed!

"How did you do that?" he asked.

"Healing people is one of my abilities," said Nightshade. She was looking
very tired. "Unfortunately, it drains me." She suddenly got weak and he
caught her. "Completely drains me," she said before passing out.

He saw blood coming from her back. She had taken his wound unto herself,
transferring the damage done to him to her own body! Batman looked at the
body of his beautiful savior. He couldn't call an ambulance for her identity
would be revealed to the cops and doctors and her life as a costumed hero
would be over. The media would have a field day with this. He knew just what
to do. He normally wouldn't take anyone to the Batcave but he owed her...

Katrina Brunski woke up slowly and painfully. An old man was bent over
looking at her. "Hi," he said. "I'm Alfred Pennyworth."

Katrina gasped. Where was she? And her Nightshade costume?

"You are in good hands," he said.

"Where's the Batman?" she asked.

Suddenly, he was there. Standing tall and clad in armor that seemed to be
made of night. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. "I am here," he said.
"You are in good hands." He vanished.

It took three more days before Katrina could walk. Her body healed fast but
the wound she had taken was a rather dangerous one so it took more time than
usual. "What is your relationship with Batman?" she asked the nice old man.

Alfred smiled. "I love him like a son and taught him everything he knows."

Katrina grinned. "Like that, huh?" Alfred nodded. Katrina met the other
residents of the place. She was inside some kind of huge mansion. She met
Dick Grayson. "Are you him?" she asked. She added quietly. "Batman?"

Dick smiled. "I am Robin."

The tall blonde young woman next to him introduced herself as Barbara Gordon
(aka Batgirl).

The last person she met was.....Him. A tall, muscular, physically impressive
man with black hair and blue eyes. He was handsome. And looked kind of

"Bruce Wayne," she said. "Where's the Batman?" she looked at him. "Do you
work with him?"

Bruce Wayne smiled. "I am Batman."

Katrina stared at him. He was the right height, right weight and build. Yep.
He was the Batman. "You're the Batman?" He nodded.

They invited her for dinner. They talked to her. They talked about their
adventures as costumed superheroes and their ordinary lives as well. During
the dinner, Bruce kept sort of quiet. He didn't talk much about himself.
Barbra was friendly. Dick was enthusiastic. Alfred was polite and kind. Bruce
was tight-lipped. He was thinking about what he had done. Bringing her into
all their lives. He told himself she saved his life and he could not have
done anything else. But he was still annoyed with himself for letting her
know his secret... well... that was the Batman talking. The Batman was always
tactical and logical and clear-minded. Bruce was not. Batman considered
Katrina Brunski (aka Nightshade) a security risk. Bruce Wayne was glad to
have someone who mattered to him under his roof.

For the next few weeks, he went out alone.

Robin and Batgirl were in Gateway city, investigating a string of bank
robberies. Batman kept watch over Gotham. He'd hoped to get back to work, to
clear his mind. The lines between Bruce Wayne and Batman were blurred. That
was never good for business. Bruce Wayne was a sentimental fool. The Batman
wanted to fight for justice and do some good in the world. He did not care
for anything else. Except his quest.

Tonight, the night was quiet. Earlier, the Batman had gone into a house
to take a domestic call. A woman with anger issues shot her mild-mannered
husband in the chest. Batman stopped her and she was apprehended, to be
brought up in charges of attempted murder. The wounded husband was in stable
condition at the hospital. That was the only thing he did so far. And the
night was young. He was lost in thought when he heard a noise. Someone
dropped near him. It was her. Nightshade.

"Hi, Bruce," she said.

He corrected her sternly. "It's Batman."

She looked at him, puzzled. "Ok." She thought that all secrets were out
between them. She liked him, cared for him a lot and he knew it. She was
sort of hoping they might have a relationship. She pictured them, fighting
side by side against the forces of evil. Apparently, he did not see things
her way. "I am glad I see you tonight," she said. "I wanted to talk to you."

He looked at her. "What about?"

She grinned shyly. "Us."

Batman shuddered. There was a lot of emotion coursing through him right now.
He was divided. As Bruce Wayne, he was tired of meaningless relationships
with women he could never trust with his secret. He was glad to know a woman
who not only accepted him as he was but embraced the same thing he did: the
pursuit of justice. As Batman, he couldn't allow himself to get close to
anyone, only his mission mattered. He heard himself say, "I care for you,
Katrina, even If I can't show it."

Katrina's heart leapt in her chest. He cared about her! She said, "Don't hold
back on me, Brucie."

Batman stiffened. He wanted to yell at her to call him by the name he had
chosen twelve years ago. Batman. But he did not. He focused on the vast city
of Gotham, looking at its bright lights. At the manor, he had been friendly
with Katrina. He had been civil. It took a lot for Bruce Wayne to trust
people but he managed just fine. Still, he was not ready for the next few

"I think I love you, Bruce." she said.

Batman was still. Bruce Wayne said, "Back at ya."

Katrina smiled and put her arms around Batman's waist. "I knew you wanted
me," she chided. Her hands traced a path along his armored bodysuit and she
smiled. "I'm gonna enjoy getting you out of that."

Batman hesitated. To take what was offered to him... or flee... Was solitude
preferable to the possibility of disappointment and deception? Apparently
not for he turned around and embraced the young woman in the dark costume.
Katrina looked at him adoringly.

"Kiss me, Bruce," she practically begged.

He kissed her full and deep and in that moment the line between Bruce and
Batman was blurred. It was a wholly different man who kissed Katrina and
caressed her just as she hurriedly undressed in the cool night. He undressed
as well, and they were in dangerous territory. After this, they would no
longer be friends.

Katrina guided his hands on her body, and he caressed her as she caressed
his. He planted kisses on her breasts and suckled them before caressing her
navel and going to kiss her pussy. Katrina gasped when Bruce Wayne's tongue
and fingers began to stimulate her. He worked his magic, eating her out. "Oh,

He continued until a powerful orgasm rocked her body. She threw her head back
and screamed his name. When she recovered, Bruce was looking at her. "I am
glad you're happy," he said.

She kissed him, and he stood with his back against a wall. She wanted to
bring him pleasure as she had done for her, but he seemed unwilling. "Will
not let me love you as you have loved me?" she asked.

"Katrina. I want you, but..."

Katrina looked at him. "I am sure of how I feel, Bruce. I have been looking
forward to tonight for a long, long time."

Batman said, "This is so risky."

Katrina smiled. "Life's a risk." She got on her knees and was unzipping his
fly. Batman moved to stop her. Bruce stopped the Batman. A moment later,
Katrina took Bruce Wayne's cock in her hand. It was fairly thick, and long
too. She sucked it and caressed it. Bruce Wayne closed his eyes. Katrina
sucked him off, watching his face with her night-seeing eyes. She could tell
the effect she was having on him. She wanted to make him happy, to make him
feel as much pleasure as she could. She wouldn't refuse him anything. She
sucked him until a certain shaking of his athletic body told her he was about
to cum, then she drank his hot cum. Every last drop.

Bruce Wayne howled in pleasure. His knees were buckling, so overwhelming was
the sensation. Katrina resumed kissing him and they were rolling around on
the cold hard floor, both of them exceptional specimens of humanity and
oblivious to it. Bruce had Katrina on her hands and knees and positioned
himself behind her. She opened herself to him, and he entered her. Katrina
Brunski gasped when Bruce Wayne's massive cock entered her. He began to fuck
her, hard. She undulated her body, allowing him to go deeper into her pussy.
He fucked her until his pleasure became too great to contain and he unleashed
it. Katrina welcomed the hot cum that flooded her pussy.

She lay on the ground, and her lover joined her there. She wanted to give him
everything. He hesitated when she told him what she offered. She lay on her
back, letting her long legs rest on Bruce's shoulders. She took his cock and
guided him to a special spot. Her ass. Bruce Wayne pressed his cock against
Katrina's asshole. She gritted her teeth in anticipation. Bruce looked into
her eyes, telling her he could back down if she wanted him to. She gave him
the go-ahead. He did. Slowly, he entered her ass. He pushed and she opened
herself as much as she could until eight of his ten inches were inside her.
"Are you okay?" he asked.

Katrina panted. "Yes."

Having Bruce's cock felt like having a tree up her ass. He applied some of
his cum there for lubrication and then began to fuck her. Katrina grunted and
moaned as he plowed into her ass. He fucked her until the viselike pressure
on her ass brought him off and he came in long, hot spurts of cum. He pulled

Bruce Wayne kissed Katrina Brunski and they put their clothes back on before
taking the Batmobile to Wayne Manor. Katrina put her head on Bruce's shoulder
as he drove.

"That was amazing, Bruce," she said.

Bruce kissed her forehead. "I know, love, I know."

It was Bruce Wayne who kissed Katrina Brunski good night and even joined
her in several all-night sessions. But it was the Batman who weighed the
consequences of Bruce's actions. Bruce Wayne had finally found a woman he
could be with. She was every man's dream. She was beautiful, smart and sexy.
Also, she cared about him and was into the same things he was. They shared
a passion for justice and for each other. He could be honest with her about
being Batman for she led the same kind of life. It was a dream come true for
Bruce Wayne. But what did that meant for the future of the Batman?

The Batman was a solitary fighter in the war against crime. A lone avenger.
Grim and endlessly fighting in Gotham for a world that did not care about
him. Bruce thought about how many sleepless nights he had, pondering
questions of love and duty. Times when he wanted to scream. His life was
that complicated. He found someone who accepted him. That meant he wouldn't
have to be alone. This was both exciting and terrifying. For the first time,
Batman and Bruce Wayne were divided. The line was blurred. This meant trouble
for Gotham.

Katrina Brunski got up from the bed she shared with Bruce, the man she loved.
Not so long ago, she thought of him as only this costumed fighter. Now, she
was discovering he was a man with needs just like other men, except that he
was unlike any man she had ever known. Being with him was thrilling and she
had tender feelings for him. He was such a lone wolf and she so longed for
them to be a couple, to share life as a man and a woman by day as well as by
night. Bruce Wayne and Katrina Brunski. Batman and Nightshade. What a pair
they'd make....oh, God. what would the chidren be like?

She walked around Wayne manor, wandering through the vast palace-like house.
She imagined it full of kids. Her and Bruce's kids. A smile crept on her
face. She was getting way ahead of herself, she knew. But she couldn't help
it. She loved this man so much. She couldn't how he could be so distant
sometimes. She kept no secrets from him. Well, maybe one or two. Maybe all
they needed was time. Yes, time.

The End


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