Batman - The Animated Series: Dark Desires Part 4 (MM,trans,ncon)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Bruce Wayne tossed in his kingsize bed, sweat all over his face moaning and
finally sat up in bed. He went to take a shower. Why had this all came back
to him he thought, he thought he had figured away to surpress that. Could it
been when the Scarecrow sprayed him with his evil mist, that it hadn't wore
off yet, Bruce washed his chest then drifted down to his large cock, which
many women in Gotham City had felt. But something else was happening to him,
his cock was rock hard he stroked it he found a brush and bent over found his
asshole, pushed the handle up his ass as he jacked his cock. He let out a
groan as he shot his load on the shower wall. He fell to his knees, the water
spraying on him. He felt a lot better he stepped out to dry him self off.
Crawls into bed he drifts off to sleep.

He wakes in the morning feeling refreshed, goes about his day as Bruce Wayne,
when he hears of a robbery. Then once again he becomes the Batman. Setting
in the BatCave in his suit, the new one he had designed, he talked with
Comissioner Gordon. He found out some thugs stole a rare jewel. Batman went
to find out what the jewel was a giant red ruby.

He found out it was Rita Red, who had stolen the ruby, former spy who had a
accident, which changed him into a transvestite, frim tits and an ass his
cock got hard looking at her file. He then found a file of Rita's party
showing young boys being subjected to horrible things, one showed Rita
fucking a boy, his cock was at least foot long if that.

Batman knew how the young boy felt for he too had the same thing done to him.
While attending his private school some older boys found him in the bathroom.
They attacked stripping him of his clothes. They froced him to suck each one
until they came. Then they took turns fucking his ass cumming in it. Yes, he
knew all too well what that boy felt.

Two days later he was found dead with a overdose of heroine. An alert popped
up on the big grid of the city. He knew another robbery was in place. He sped
off in the Batmoble.

He just arrived to find them. He sprung into action with a batorang knocking
one out. Ducking one swing with a leg sweep his heel hit crushing the strenum
catching one, who rushed him, in the groin with a straight kick. He soon
falls, but Rita got away.

He took one of the goons he didn't kill back to the Batcave. There he had him
on a slab with a hood on him. "Where is Rita" he said.

He pressed a button and a jolt of electricity shot through him. the guy
screamed. "Go ahead! No one can hear you," he said "Where is Rita?"

Soon the guy gave up and told him. They left and he dumped the body for the
cops to pick up.

He went to the house on Canyon Way. He made his way into the house to find
a horrid sight. The lab of Rita and her victims. Young boys laid on tables
in different stages of being a transformed.

"Beautiful aren't they?" a voice said.

He turned and out of the darkness came Rita dressed in red leather. Her
breasts were barely covered and her nipples poking through. He could even see
the outline of the long cock.

"They will all pay for what they did to me. For all those boys are their
sons," she laughed, "of the men who sent me on the mission, not telling me
of the risk."

Rita flung the whip at Batman tearing his uniform. Again she ripped until she
saw blood. Batman took a better posture, but Rita was deadly with the whip.

"I learned from a famous Dom," she cut his leg. He was getting pissed.

He tossed a smoke pellet and then pounced on her. He punched her face. She
screamed and threw him off. Grabbing her face she turned. He saw it was
scared. She rushed him with a large blade slicing through the air. "I'LL CUT

He side stepped her hitting her in the back. She fell to the floor. He seen
her ass sticking up and took his blade slicing an opening. He produced his
large tool and stroked it a couple of times until hard. Holding her down he
began to fuck her.

"OOOHHH STOP!!!" she screamed for the Batman had a larger cock and he pounded
her ass.

He reached around for those nipples, which were hard. pulling on them. Rita
was now in the bliss that all the women he had fucked. Her ass was sore and
full of cum. She laid onthe floor bound. Batman went to each table. They
were alive, but could he change them back. A screen came on and a voice asked
Rita if his son was ready or his new house bitch. "MY GOD!" he thought,

As he heard the police arrive he set the lab to blow leaving all inside. For
he will not have those go through his agony.

The next day he sat poolside with a beautiful lady listening to the Gotham
news telling of the accident at Rita's house. They dove into the pool as he
dove into her.

The end?


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