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tv-show. I am just borrowing them for a little while. Enjoy.

Battlestar Galactica: The Prisoner
By Lost Soul ([email protected])

She felt like crying. There was no escape, there was no pleading no asking...
nothing. After the crash-landing on this Ice planet, after the hours in snow
and ice, they had captured her and taken her to their authorities. There she
had told them that she was from the human fleet, that she was from the
Battlestar Galactica and that she had crashed after the thrusters on her
shuttle had malfunctioned. Athena has assumed that the people of this world
were reasonable, that they would help her to get in contact with her people.
But they were not.

They had brought her to their court. They had accused the young lieutenant of
espionage, and every pleading every word from her that she was not a spy...
wasted breath.

And after hours of hoping they had found her guilty.
Athena had been speechless. The sentence was - lifelong dungeon.

And she was still numb while the guards pushed her down the dark corridor.
She just couldn't believe it, could not comprehend the situation.

Nobody knew she was here. Of course her crew would start looking for her.
But, hey, this quadrant was huge.


Tears were rolling down her cheeks when she walked through the flickering
lights in the corridor. The dungeon was half buried beneath the planets
surface. Only small windows let in the pale light reflected by masses of

She heard voices, screaming voices. Insanity, crying. She was in a place
where there was no hope of ever getting out. She was a prisoner with no

And it was hot in the brick building. She was sweating, and her skin tight,
light brown uniform pants were sticking to her muscular thighs. But Athena
did not pay any attention, she was lost in her thoughts about spending the
rest of her life in a dungeon.

The guards were bulky, muscular men, dressed in some kind of leather
harness. She knew she had no chance to escape them. And then, after minutes
of stumbling one of the guards put a huge hand on one of her shoulders.

"Hold it."

The other man pulled out some old fashioned keys and put a big one into a
massive, wooden door. He opened it and Athena was led around it, so that she
was finally standing in the door frame.

It was dark in there.

After a while she made out a bench on her right.

"Go in ..."

Athena stepped into the cell and with a bang that vibrated in her head, the
massive wooden door was slammed into the stone frame. Athena was locked into
the cell where she would spend the rest of her life.

The young woman stood on shaking legs in the darkness. Only pale light came
in through one of the small windows. And...

"Oh God..."

She made out the outlines of a massive creature, sitting on a second bench,
just underneath the window.

It, or he, did not move, did not say anything and Athena did not know
whether she should say something or ...

"Drop your pants."

A voice, loud like the thrusters of a viper, loud and dark. Athena was

"I said drop your pants. I want to see your pussy..."

She did not move. His words were like a sledgehammer. And they implied what
he wanted to do with her next. She did not move...

But the massive creature did.

With a speed she had not thought possible, the creature...the man jumped up
from his bench and then was suddenly right in front of her.

She saw him.

It was like time had frozen over.

He was a tall, hairless and very, very muscular man.

His huge fist buried itself into Athena's stomach and she went down.

The hit had robed her every air in her lungs. Pain shot through her slim
body and tears shot out of her eyes.

"Oh God..."

And for a moment she fainted out...

When she came back to consciousness her eyes instantly found the man. She
was afraid to death. Athena knew she was totally helpless. The guards would
not let her out and the man was at least four times her weight.

"Get on your feet, woman."

This time he was only whispering those words, but Athena put herself
together and got on her feet, holding her stomach in pain.

"Come closer"

It was warm and it got warmer by the minute in the dark, massive cell ... or
so she felt. Maybe it was the sheer thought of being together with this
creature. In a very small cell with no hope of escape.

And this man would rape her.

"Oh God..."
Athena stepped closer.

She was shaking and tears were streaming down her face. She was so

"You have a nice body, woman. And now drop your pants."

She looked at his face; hard features, a big nose, massive eyebrows. And she
did not know how long that man had stayed in this cell. But she had an idea
what he was missing the most.

-Oh God...heaven...he will...-

The fist hit her face.

Athena flew backwards and hit the door.

This time she fainted out.

Again the young woman with the long, black hair, in the skin tight pants and
the rough, dark brown leatherjacket came back to life.

Her face felt like it was three times its normal size. It burned.

"You woman will stay with me in this cell for some time. Now is the last
time where I am telling you the rule," his voice thundered through the cell
and it hurt even more in her head, " will do whatever I am asking for.
When I say drop your pants, you will comply. When I say...suck my
will comply. When I say spread your will comply. Is that

Athena slowly got on her feet again.

"Come here."

She stepped closer.

"Did you understand what I told you?"

She had no hope.


The man grunted.

"Drop your pants."

She gulped and slowly her hands found the way to the belt around her waist.

Athena's thin but durable uniform pants were laying around her ankles, the
tall boots were standing beside her. She did not wear panties and so the
cell-mate was starring directly at her pubic hair, at her vagina.
And then she saw his huge cock.

The man was wearing some kind of loincloth. And he already had it pulled
apart. His penis was pointing at her.


He held out his muscular arms, his hands...and Athena stepped closer till he
laid his hands on her buttocks.

She jumped.

She sheer touch of this creature on her naked skin made her wishing to faint
out again. His grip was hard and she was screaming in surprise when he
lifted her from the ground.

Before the young woman knew what was happening, he had put her down on his
bench. She was now in a riding knee on his right, the other
one on his left.

His cock was in front of her, only inches away.

"Oh my God..."

"Put your hands on my shoulders."

She did as she was told.

"Now, move closer and push your pussy over my cock."

-Oh God, no...this can't be"

Athena closed her eyes and lifted her pelvis, pushed her knees closer to him
and knew his penis was now directly over his penis.


Then Athena got down.

The huge penis pushed Athena's lips apart. It was gliding into her vagina
till it hit the inner wall.

A sound of disgust and pain escaped her mouth and Athena had him in her

It was like time was standing still.

Athena's mouth dropped open but she couldn't breath.

Some saliva was dripping from her upper teeth and her fingers were digging
into the mans shoulders. She felt his grip on her pelvic bones, felt his
thumps digging into the flesh ... and it hurt.

And the next instant she was lifted from his lap.

The penis went out a bit.

She was dropped back.

It entered her vagina again.

Sounds of pain and lust escaped the young lieutenant's mouth. She felt the
huge cock getting in and out. She was constantly lifted and dropped back.
The man was strong. It was like he was lifting a paper-doll.

And so Athena of the Battlestar Galactica rode the prisoner in a dark, warm
dungeon cell.

Her pelvis hurt and her vagina went red from the ride.

The small cell was filled with the sound of heavy breathing mixed with pain
and pleasure.

It got faster. The man held her up and pulled her down. Only so far that his
long penis was still in her vagina. Again and again Athena rode the man.

Till he screamed a loud, mindbuggling scream that let Athena's face change
into a grimace of torture. A flood of white sperm spilled Athena's vagina.
Most of it came back, ran down her muscular thighs. Some of it stayed in her

Athena screamed...

The man did not want to end this, and so he kept on lifting and pushing the
young woman till it hurt him too much.

Then he let her down on his lap.

He starred into Athena's face and saw despair. He saw pain...and his face
turned into a big smile.

He lifted Athena for the final time and then threw her through the cell.
Athena crashed into the opposite wall and fell down.

A young woman, half naked lay on the warm floor of a dark dungeon cell. She
had her face buried into her hands and she was crying.

Little droplets of white sperm covered her pubic hair and the lips of her
vagina were red. She was moaning in pain while she tried to get to her feet

The creature on the bench beneath the small window did not move. He just
kept on watching the young slim woman.

Finally, Athena managed to stand. She supported herself with one hand
against the warm stone-wall and started coughing.

It took her almost half an hour to get dressed again. As soon as she had
pulled up and closed her thin skin tight uniform pants, she felt the
tingling sensation that told her that the spray she had used did its work.
It dissolved any liquids and so a moment later there was no sperm, not
fluids whatsoever in her lap.

Her vagina, her whole lower body hurt like hell, and she had to press her
flat hands onto her belly. Slowly she was hobbling over to the bench which
was closer to the door and laid down with a grimace on her face.

Athena knew there was no sense in whining. She bit her lower lip and tried
not to think about the man, the monster who had just raped her.

After a while the young lieutenant fell into a dark sleep, filled with

She felt something hitting her head but she ignored it. She just turned onto
the other side and tried to pretend that nothing was wrong, that she was
sleeping peacefully in her quarters aboard the Battlestar Galactica. Nothing
was wrong. There had been no crash-landing on an ice planet, there had been
no court, no finding her guilty...there was no monster in a cell. She never
had been raped.

Tears were running down her cheeks.

Again something hit her head.

Athena moaned in her sleep.

Again, this time harder.


Athena awoke and was a moment without orientation. She turned, too fast and
almost fell off the bench. Then she realized that everything had happened.

She was a prisoner.

She had been raped.

Again something hit her.

Athena sat upright and looked over to the huge man on the other bench.
He was just a shadow in the dim light.

And he threw little stones into her direction.

"I'm glad you're awake."

Athena felt her heard sinking.


"Come here."

Her heard was racing like crazy, her pulls went through the roof.

Athena knew better then to disobey his orders.

The man had already beaten her.

And so she went on weak knees over to the small window, over to the other
bench, over to the man who had violated her already.

When she reached him she felt her own body shivering. It was like she was
standing in a cold breeze, although it was very warm in this dungeon cell.


"Get on your knees."

A thundering voice that predicted doom

"Why, I...I don't know why...I..."

"Do I have to beat you again, bitch?"

Athena went down onto her knees.

"Come closer..."

She went closer, till she was between the huge mans muscular legs.

"Pull off the loin cloth."

Athena knew what he had in mind.

-Oh God, I can't do that. No...-

Never in her life had she given any man a blow-job, never. She found it

disgusting, pervert...

But her hands did as she was ordered. She removed the loin cloth and saw his
huge cock, pointing at her face.

"Take him in your mouth and start sucking."

Athena of the Battlestar Galactica felt like fainting out again. This
moving, smelling penis, wet from his last rape of her...

-No, God...-

She felt great despair...but she also felt fear. And it was the fear to die
in this cell.

And so Athena opened her mouth and her head moved forward, moved into the
muscular mans lap. She felt the urge to vomit...but...

The red penis found its way into Athena's mouth.

Her lips closed around it.

Tears shot out of her eyes, she smelled the man, tasted his cock on her
tongue, felt her stomach tighten...

-Don't vomit girl....oh God...-

"suck it....use your mouth as a pussy...-

Athena's head moved forward and the penis was rubbing over her lips and the
tip of it touched the back of her mouth.

It was so huge that it made her jaw hurt.

Her head moved back and it got out a little.

Slowly Athena gave the monster a blow-job.

Again and again the cock went into her mouth, again and again it went out a

Athena fell into a state of trance. Her mind shut down and she was just
acting. She tasted his cock, felt him in her mouth and she performed her

For minutes the cell was filled with the sound of lust again.

The man finally laid his hands onto the back of Athena's head. He pulled her
close, pushed her. Not Athena gave him a blow-job now, it was the prisoner
who fucked Athena's face.

And it went faster and faster.

Her hair flew around her head and she laid her hands onto his knees and kept
on sucking the penis.

Her nose was very often touching his lower body, his pubic hair. She pressed
her lips around the penis, tightly and sucked...

Time went by.

Minutes passed.

And when Athena felt like this nightmare would never end, it happened.

A flood of stinking, smelling white sperm, shot out of the monsters huge

It rushed through her mouth, rushed down Athena's oesophagus, down into her

It was so much, it was like a flood, it filled her stomach and shot out of
her mouth again.

Athena screamed in pain and surprise.

She let go of his knees, opened her mouth and fell onto her back.

"Noooo !"

The man was grunting his satisfaction and a moment later his face turned
into a mask of joy.

"Yes, I like this."

Athena lay on her left side and wanted to get up when...

She started vomiting.

Everything, every sperm shot out of her mouth, out of her stomach and
spilled onto the warm stones of her cell. The young woman was coughing, was

She was moaning, rolled herself together, wrapped her arms around her legs.
She closed her eyes and was now only shivering.

The flood of sperm did not subside. It was running over her swollen lips,
out of the corner of her mouth. Athena was laying on the ground, just
breathing, moaning. She did not think anymore, she just lay there.

It was quiet, only the sound of her breathing filled the warm, small cell.
The girl fell into some kind of stasis. She tasted the sperm on her tongue,
felt it running down the corner of her mouth. She had closed her eyes.
After two hours Athena lifted her head and then sat upright.

"Did you enjoy your meal, slave?"

She looked at him and could not say a word.

He had raped her vagina, had fucked her face. Athena, raised in a loving
family, normally lived with friends among caring humans, was in a state of


A nightmare.

"Get on your feet, slave."

Athena coughed and loud moaning escaped her mouth while she wordlessly
followed his orders.

She stood on weak knees, shivering.

"Now, slave, get some sleep."
Athena walked over to her bench and sat down, leaning against the wall she

was breathing heavily.

She starred into eternity, not thinking, nothing...

It had been so terrible ... the taste of his cock, the smell, the
texture...the sperm that had spilled into her stomach.

-Oh God... is there really no escape, so solution...nothing. Lords of Cobol,
do I really have to spend my life with this monster? Will he rape me every

Slowly the young woman in the warriors uniform fell into a long sleep.

When Athena awoke, she saw that someone had brought her food. She leaned
over and took the plate. It tasted bad, but she was so hungry.

A moment long she did not think about her fellow prisoner.

But only for a moment.

When she saw him move on his bench, instantly the memories came back. The

She ate up and was about to lay down onto the stones of her bench, when the
voice boomed through the cell.

"Undress yourself."

She sat up, turned and her jaw dropped down when she looked at him. Athena's
heart was racing again.

" please..."

"I said...undress yourself. Right now, bitch. Or do you want me to break
your left arm?"

She jumped to her feet.


Slowly the young, slim woman undressed.

Her thick leather jacket hit the floor...

Her boots, one by one...

Her pullover, ... her firm breasts were revealed...

And then... the thin, skin tight, uniform pants...slowly...her vagina, her
pubic hair...

There Athena was...


The man seemed to smile. He was breathing harder now and Athena could
imagine his erect cock. She knew, he would stick it into her body. He would
rape her again.

"Lay down..."
Athena sat down onto the floor, felt the warmth, felt it hard...

Then she lay back.

Athena was laying naked on the cell floor, breathing hard, feeling fear,
feeling disgust, feeling shame...

The muscular form stood up and walked over to her.

Athena saw him, saw him undressing himself, saw his penis..errect.

Then he came down, kneeing in front of her.

The man grabbed her knees and lifted her legs.

He lifted them upwards, spread them.

He did not stop, he lifted them higher, pushed them so hard that Athena
finally was laying only on her upper back, almost on her shoulders.
And he had the legs spread...

So her vagina went open.

"What a wonderful pussy...."

He let go of her left leg that went down, only to be stopped by his broad

The monster took his right index finger, moved it till the tip touched her

"No, leave me alone..."

He pushed the finger into Athena's ass.

Hear heard stopped beating. Her eyes went wide open...


The pain was massive, it forced tears into her eyes were not tears were left
before. She was blinded, was shivering was....

The monster held her right leg up, the other on his shoulders ... he pulled
the thick finger out, pushed it in...

The finger was big and the small opening in her rectum got wider with every
push, with every move into her hurting ass.

Athena tried to keep balance, pressed her arms, her hands flat onto the big
stones of her dungeon cell. She tried to ignore the pain...

Then he pulled his finger out.

Athena was relieved for a moment...

When she lifted her head, when she tried to see what her devil would do to
her...she saw his cock, saw his lower body moving closer...

The penis touched Athena's already red anus. It pressed against the opening.
The man retook the left leg, now holding both, lifting the young woman even
more from the ground, so that she was now laying only on hurting shoulders.


The man, the monster, the prisoner pressed his cock hard against her ass,

A huge cock entered Athena's ass.

It went deeper and deeper, it pushed the sensitive flesh aside, it forced
blood out of little wounds, it went deeper till it went no more.

The broad, long cock was totally buried into Athena's ass.

Time stood still.

Athena saw the air she was breathing, she saw the stones surrounding her.

She saw the texture of the mans skin. She felt...

She felt a huge, warm and hard intruder in her anus.

She felt her own weight pressing her onto the hard ground. She felt the
monsters weight...

And the monster started fucking Athena.

He was breathing heavily while he pushed his long cock hard into Athena's
ass. He pushed, pulled, grunting.

Athena could not think, could not form a word, could do nothing. She was a
puppet, she was a doll, used. Her ass hurt like the all mighty hell. She
knew her ass wasn't meant for this. Her vagina wasn't meant to take this
huge cock... it was too big.

He pushed.

It went in her ass, it went out..

Blood ran out her ass...

Minutes passed while the tall, muscular man fucked Athena's rectum.
Minutes of hell.


Her back, her shoulders hurt.

He went faster...faster...faster...

Screaming out his satisfaction. And his voice filled the cell, made the
howling of the snowstorm outside subside...

Harder, faster...again and again.


A flood spilled into Athena's ass

Athena lay naked on the massive, warm stones. She felt hear heart beating.
And the pulsing of her ass fell into the rhythm of her heart. The throbbing

Minutes passed.

The man had already returned to his bench. He just starred at his victim,
feeling satisfied for the first time in month.

A room, flooded with light. Monitors and computers filled it. Two men sat
there, watching the visions, watching what happed in the dungeon.

"You know, the people will like this."

"I know."

"Do you think she is ready?"

The second man just nodded.

The massive, wooden door opened. Athena was laying, dressed on her bench but
when she saw the guards she jumped to her feet.

This was it. They would bring her to some place else. Any place. Every place
was better...


One guard grabbed Athena's right arm and pulled her out of the cell.

The monster on the other bench did not move. He knew better.

"Thank you...oh God...thank you from saving me from him...oh God..."

Tears of joy filled her eyes. She was so grateful. She did not know what was
about to happen, but she did not mind. Everything would turn out fine.
And so she and her guards went through the dungeon. And after ten minutes
they stopped again. Athena found herself standing in front of a gate of some
kind. It also was made out of wood.

One guard held up his rifle while the other one opened the gate.

Athena did not know...she...

She saw a huge room.

She saw fireplaces, saw small windows on the opposite side. She looked into
faces, looked into faces of dirty people. She saw men, on the left, women on
the right.

One guard pushed her.

"Now, this is your new home girl."

She turned back to the guards, but saw the gate being closed.

Where was she?

A woman came over.

She was dressed in a brown dress, smiling.

"Welcome. You are our new bright."

Athena shook her head.


"You know, girl, the rule is...every new bright will be used sexually by
every other prisoner as often as he or she likes. You our new possession. We
own you and your...," the woman laid one arm around the shaking your woman,
"your pussy."

Then she led Athena into the crowd.

It was not the end of Athena's hell. It was the beginning.


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