Our heroines leave Earth and discover that the planet Mongo is real and ruled
by Ming the Merciless! They also learn that Ming is an even bigger bastard
than his fictional counterpart

Codes: no sex. I am so sorry and ashamed, but after this all should be rated
NC-17 for F/F sex, Rom., BDSM, Rough

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 3
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

The sucker that Lara had swiped from a tech fell from her wide open mouth
onto the floor. Sharon hugged herself as a sudden chill of both fear and
excitement swept over her. Belinda was simply grinning like a 'cheshire cat'.

"Holy shit," Toni spoke for all of them as they looked in wonder at the
spaceship that would take them to the stars.

A month of training had led to this moment. Prof. Balent had informed the
president that they were ready. Far ahead of every schedule. Maj. General
Greer and Gen. Trask stood silently.

"Not exactly a pumpkin," Belinda grinned.

"Now do you understand?" Maj. General Greer asked, "This could be the
greatest discovery man has ever made, or our biggest mistake."

"Mistake?" Sharon asked, "Are we supposed to fight someone?"

"I hope not," Greer said, "No matter what anyone thinks even old wardogs
like me hate war. We want this to be a peaceful mission, but we can't take
anything for granted. What we could learn from someone, out there could
change our world for the better."

"Or they could decide we are a threat and stomp us into the ground," Prof.
Zane said.

"We added two 30mm GAU-8/A gatlings and a compliment of offensive and
defensive missiles," Gen. Trask said, "I believe Captain Rogers is extremely
familiar with this array, She the gunnery controls. But only, and I repeat
only, as a last resort. You have 10 minutes of ammunition, that's it. That's
all we could or dared give you."

"On Earth that could shred an entire battalion of tanks," Prof. Chu said,
"Out there though they may be useless."

"Way to build confidence," Lara said.

"We had to get rid of some of the luxuries in order to store a pair of small
arms lockers," Maj. General Greer said, "Each of you will have a sidearm and
500 rounds. In addition there will be 4 extra pistols. For close range we
have added 4 uzi's with 1000 rounds each. There will also be 4 m-16, over
under's with grenade launcher, 4 12 ga. shotguns, and we added a .308
automatic sniper rifle for Maj. Nelson."

"Also a variety of martial arts weapons, mostly for Miss Valeri," Prof.
Balent said," Miss Gordon, I believe you are somewhat of a swordswoman. From
what little we have managed to gather from the ship's databases , it appears
as if sword-play is still very much in vouge should our calculations prove
correct and you are able to land on this ships point of origin. Your skill
with a blade may be critical."

"I must again stress," Maj. General Greer said, "We are praying for a
peaceful mission. Contact with an alien race, similar in appearance at least,
could lead to a 'golden age' for Earth. It is totally up to you ladies, as to
if you choose to even carry arms. Should the alien's prove to be hostile try
your best to keep them away from Earth."

"What if they turn out to be lizards who want to eat our face?" Lara half

"Lara," Sharon said in chastisement, "I think we all know what happens then.
We either shoot ourselves and be cold cuts or we're a hot lunch if they take
us alive."

"I think we've all seen enough B-list science fiction moves and read enough
comics Lara," Belinda said.

"I sure feel like I'm in one," Toni whispered in wonder, "This is my dream.
Everything I always wanted. My dream. Not my grandfather's. His dream was the
moon, mine is the stars."

"There's still the small little matter of if it's going to fly," Prof. Chu
said, "We've never gotten it more than a few feet off the ground."

"I'm ready to give it a try," Toni grinned.

"Count me in," Sharon smiled.

"Ditto," Lara said.

"Gangway," Belinda said as she tried to get in the ship.

The 4 women took their seat and donned the helmets. Instantly images flooded
their brain's. Men with wings, a lush tropical moon, lion and tiger people,
other races that seemed fantastic. This was much different than the inferior
replica's they had trained with. The hanger bay had been evacuated, with the
brass already in the control room.

"Oh boy," Prof Chu said, "This is it!, All systems are coming on-line!"

"Did this happen before with other attempts?" Greer asked as the overhead bay
doors opened.

"Not even close," Prof. Balent said, slightly shielding his eyes, "A few
lights, then the ship rose a few feet. This is complete, or near complete
full power."

Then the ship did begin to rise, slowly at first, the G-forces inside far
less than anticipated. Maj. Nelson, the main pilot, firmly gritted her teeth
as the ship rose above the hanger bay, her hand gripped the and slowly moving
the lever. Twenty feet now, G-forces increasing, In the co-pilot position,
Lt. Commander Valeri flipped the switch for the booster rockets the simulator
had guessed. The scientists had guessed right as the ship took off.

"Woohoooo!!!" all 4 screamed out as the alien ship left the atmosphere.

Faster than the shuttle or any Earth ship it took only minutes to reach the
edge of possible communications.

"What should I send?" Lara asked.

"Tell them I have to go to the bathroom," Belinda joked.

"You want fries with that?" Sharon joked.

"To infinity and beyond," Belinda laughed.

"Be serious guys," Toni said, becoming very solemn, "We should say something
inspiring. You know there's a very good chance we're not coming back from
this. We're expendable. None of us has many ties or much to go back to. You
know they took that into account too. This whole mission is half crazy, half
suicidal. Take a look, 4 women are going to save the Earth. Rightttttttt."

"This whole thing may be on the up and up," Belinda said, "I didn't hear any
secret plans or orders and we've been together every second."

"Conspiracy," Sharon sang, "Okay, so governments aren't known for being
altruistic, the levels of secrecy to hide this thing, for who knows how long
is testament to that, but unless this thing is loaded with a secret bomb or
something I'd like to think that we're doing the right thing."

"It's really quite simple," Lara said, "If we fail, there's deniablity, but
what if, just what if, this long shot, 1 in a million thing works? If
American's somehow establish peaceful contact, who gets the Death Star?"

"If this nav-computer works like Prof. Chu said, it should take us right to
the planet this ship came from," Toni said," The one we're seeing in out
heads. So our chances of getting there may actually be only 100 to 1."

"Very re-assuring," Lara stuck out her tongue, "So what should I tell them."

"Drop dead," Belinda said unable to stop giggling.

"Um guys," Sharon said, "I think it's already too late. Unless I slept
through my astronomy class, which I didn't, we just passed Jupiter."

"But, that's impossible," Belinda gasped, " The G-forces, the asteroid

"We're picking up speed," Toni said, "This ship is obviously capable of FTL,
but it defies what we know of physics. Speeds like this should be tearing up

"Holy... we've left the solar system and still accelerating," Belinda cried

"This, this helmet," Lara gasped, "It's telling me something, listen."

The women did. The fuel was the key as the eggheads had theorized. It
converted the ship and it's occupants into tachyons! The exact process was
beyond what the Earth girls could fathom. The results spoke for themseves.
It would take an Earth ship 500 years to travel what this ship could in 5
days. Other images came to them. The various 'saucer' races had been the
first. Their civilization had been vast covering dozens of solar systems.
Yes, they had been to Earth, but their influence had been very limited.

The 'saucer' races had turned on each other, eventually becomming
barbarian's. Their weapon's systems regressed until now, except for their
FTL ship's they were behind Earth in almost every way.

"Guess that explains them," Lara said, "I'm not getting anything on the
'delta' ships."

"I don't know," Toni said, " Maybe the ship has an A.I. and it figures we
can only process so much at one time."

"This is one hell of a ship," Belinda said.

"I wonder why they crashed?" Sharon asked as she took her helmet off and
shook her long hair.

The military girls had been happy about the relaxed hair length standards.
That was one order, Sharon especially, always had trouble obeying. Her long
silky black hair caused arousal among other girls. Sharon knew it, she loved

"Is there a shower in here," Belinda asked, wanting to take Sharon and fuck

"It's sonic, and not big enough," Toni grinned, "You think you're the only
one with that thought?"

"No kidding," Lara said, "I want all of you, now. Every second we're not
naked and touching each other is pure hell."

"This is so frustrating," Sharon said, "We love each other and we've only
been able to have sex a few times. And our chances until we get to this
planet we're supposed to find are going to be nil."

"Just remember though Sharon," Belinda said, "We have this ship, and maybe
soon the means to go anywhere we want, not just where its programmed. We
don't even have to go back if we don't want to. What if it's an all girl

"Well, if we don't want a repeat of what happened to the women who owned this
ship we need to set up shifts," Toni said, "Someone needs to be pilot at all
times even though we're on some kind of auto-pilot."

"I'll go first," Belinda sighed.

"I'll take second," Lara said.

"Toni's the best pilot," Sharon said, "I'll take third so that Toni can be as
fresh as possible."

And so it went for the next 5 day's. On the sixth day the ship started to
slow. The girls were all getting tired despite the shift system. There were
7 planets in the approching system. The sun was Earth like. The third and
fourth planet's were habitated, although it was sparse on the frigid fouth
planet. The third planet had four moons, 3 had habitable atmospheres. The
fourth planet had 3 moons, one of which had atmosphere.

The third planet was closer to it's sun than Earth, so that meant that Prof.
Chu was right about it being warmer. The 3 moons themselves were lush, 2 were
tropical paradises 3/4 water, the third a temperate woodlands 1/2 water. The
third planet was also about half water, it was surprisingly mountainous.

"You are not going to believe this," Lara said as it as her shift, but
everyone was up, "They joked around and named this planet M-0N-G0; the helmet
is telling me it really is called Mongo."

"You're shitting me?!" Sharon said putting her helmet on, "Oh shit!"

"Population readings are coming in," Toni said as she had also donned her
helmet, "About Earth size, but only about 2 billion on the panet's surface,
the moons have a couple of million each. The fourth planet is called Frigia,
about Mars size, little bigger, population about 5 million."

"Lot's of residue from conflict," Belinda said, in the gunner's chair, "Kinda
looks like someone's been putting down revolts. Whoever did it on 2 of the
moons, on Frigia, and on the planet's surface was surgical. Whoever hit the
third moon, was a butcher."

"First moon, Ardenta," Lara called out, as informatin was relayed to her from
the ship's databanks," Population divided between the Lion Men and Tiger Men,
relationship to each other hostle. Climate, tropical. Second moon, Arboria.
Population, human. Temperate woodands. Third moon, Tropica. Populaion
consists of a black race comparable to Earth's Zulu's, and a thin, reptilian
race known as Vog's or Vogga's. Relationship, semi-hostle."

"What about Frigia and it's moon?" Toni asked.

"Moon is Akkare," Lara said, "Mostly mining. The inhabitants appear human,
but slightly altered."

"Mongo itself appears to have some diversity," Belinda said as military files
entred her head, "There appears to be some kind of, well, 'birdmen' for lack
of a better term. Also a small multi colored pygmy race, and these military
files also indicate some kind of,well,'sharkmen'. Human's are a vast

"Thank goodness Chu had a big mouth," Sharon said, "He made mention of
'genetic alterations' to me. I think he'd be surpried at the diversity

"The files don't say anyhing about any major conflict's," Belinda said, "A
few of them didn't get along, but no mention of open warfare."

"This ship crashed on Earth in 1952," Toni said, "Our grandfather's were

"Oh no," Lara moaned, "This I did not want to hear, but it certainly
explain's one mystery. I'm recieving something from Mongo itself about an
Earthman from the past is recieving fragmented mental flashes from now. An
Earthman named Alex Raymond."

"Isn't he the one who, oooooohhhh," Sharon said as it hit her like a 2 by 4.

"Oh, come on! Do you think there's a 'Ming' down there," Beinda said, "I've
had to put up with some crap too you know."

"Well, I don't believe this can all be chance," Toni said, "And he got a very
inaccurate reading. For one thing 'Flash' Gordon's a girl!"

"This is some weird shit though," Sharon said, "They said it was our choice,
I'm not leaving this ship without a gun."

"It all makes sense though," Lara said, "Some of what Raymond saw is
obviously real, or, we are dead and in hell."

Sharon kissed Lara, then said, "I liked that, we're not dead or in hell."

"Oh, this is so weird, weird, weird," Belinda said, "If Rod Sterling popped
out right now I wouldn't be surprised."

"Guys, we have to keep ourselves together," Toni said, "No matter what the
origin, this planet is real, a few of the literary races are real, but there
are a lot of differances too. There were no 'tiger Men', or 'lizard men', or
dwarf race, nor was there even a black race. So yea, maybe Raymond is somehow
getting flashes somewhere in the past, but I'm betting there was a lot of
imagination in there."

"Seem like there were also adventures on Mars, Saturn and places like that,
that we KNOW, are impossible," Belinda said, "I read the strips, lots of
stuff is differant. All that 1930's science."

"But there could be a guy named Ming down there," Lara said, "And he could be
a psycho. I'm packing."

"We'll see," Toni said, "I wonder just how advanced they are? Can they detect
us? Will they send interceptors?"

"We're still pretty far out," Sharon said, "I think if they were looking for
us Earth might be able to. I wouldn't bet money on it though."

Unfortunately for the Earthwomen, Ming was real, and more ruthless and
psychotic than his fictional literary counterpart.

* * *

The Palace of Ming:

Ming dismissed the slave girl as he started to dress. This one was quite
special. Most of his slave girls lasted only a few weeks before he tired
of them, their fate determined by how well they had pleased, or displeased
him. This one, Corina, had been one of his most frequent sex slaves for
almost 2 years. If he had any love in his heart, or even a heart some would
say, Ming would almost love her.

Ming stroked his beard as he looked at his reflection. Yes, Corina alway's
satisfied him, a rare enough thing indeed. Ming was over 100 years old, but
on Mongo that was 31. He was thin, not ovrly muscled, but he was wiry and
skilled in both unarmed combat and swordsmanship which many an assassin had
learned to his, or her sorrow, thinking him easy prey.

While not his planet's equvalent of Asian, he had a certain eastern look that
caused many to think of him as such. While not truly pointed, his ears did
have that shape, and Ming cultivated that myth in having artists renderings
of him as such. Ming always thought his eys were his best feature. They were
deep and piercing and he had learned how to use that to his advantage and
learned hypnosis and mesmerism as a boy.

In fact, Ming had been in an exceptionally good mood this week. Rather than
let his daughter do it Ming himelf had crushed a minor uprising on Tropica,
delighting in the slaughter of people who had already surrendeed as well as
some villages not even involved. Torture had followed and Ming had personally
supervised rather than let his 'Grand Inquisitor' Klytus do it as normal.
Ming had even participated on some captured children. This had led to Ming
having one of his best sex weeks in along, long time. And tomorrow was one of
his favorit days of the year. The day that all the conquered people's paid
tribute to him wth rare and priceless artifacts.

Ming loved watching these proud rulers grovel, especilly Prince Vultan, the
extremely proud ruler of the Hawkmen. Prince Vultan was the only one that
Ming himself had some fear of. The Hawkmen were numerous and strong and with
their natural power of fight were dangerous opponents. Only their lack of
heavy weapons kept them in check. In fact Vultan's own intelligence and
cunning worked against the Hawkmen. Prince Vultan cared for his people and
was unwlling to risk them in a war he knew he could't win. He could be
infuriating as he was the only one who was brave enough and good enough to
beat Ming in Mongo's version of chess.

If Ming had any goodness in him he would have liked the boistrous hawkman.
Ming was almost hoping the hawkman would provoke him. Then there was the
problem of his daughter, Princess Aura. Princess Aura was no pampered
princess. Princess Aura was a trained warrior, skilled in archery, sword,
and various guns. She was a brilliant stratigist and excellent pilot.
Princess Aura was also his most trusted and loyal general. Ming wanted her

Princess Aura was loved and respected even by those she fought against. She
targeted only legitimite military targets and never commited any atrocities
or allowed anyone under her command to do so. She personally led her troops
into forces into battle inspirng by exampe. She had even finally ended the
cenuries long war between the 'Lion Men' and Tiger Men'. Her mercy and
godness disgusted Ming. as did her preferace for her own sex. She wan't a
good daughter because she wouldn't have sex with him.

Princess Aura was engaged to Prince Barin, who was acually the rightful and
lawful ruler of Mongo. Princess Aura was, of course, far more interested in
his younger sister Princess Barona and refused all proposed wedding dates.
Prince Barin was another little irratant. He was brave and noble and also too
smart to openly oppose Ming. He was an excellent fighter and leader. He ruled
Arboria where Ming had exiled his family after overthrowing them some 70
years ago. Because of their populaity with the common people he had allowed
the family to live in exile rather than risk constant revolts on Mongo

Arboria was the wildest of the 3 moons with many great preditors. Prince
Barin's 'Ranger's' were a capable fighting force. Excellent hunter's and
trackings they were trained swordmen. But they were few, numbering only a
few thousand at full force. Without ships and also without heavy weapons
Arboria also was held in check.

Even in an age of laser rifles and spaceships, swords were still vital
weapons in the Mongo 'empire'. Planetary warfare where you wanted to preserve
the planet's resources, as well as dealing with geneticlly modified races
such as the Hawkmen and Lion Men made melee weapons still neccessary. The
fact that the Hawkmen could bring down a ship with swords alone. There was
also a long dueling tradition that Ming encouraged.

Mongo was not isolated. They traded with other systems, particularly the
'Delta' races. The mountains of Mongo were rich in gold, silver, gems, and
many other minerals. Especially a superior metal used for spaceships and the
special liquid fuel the ships used. Bug eyed big horned sheep like creatures
were plentiful, easily domsticaed, with tasty meat and wool that was more
like the finest silk. The oceans were especialy plentiful.*

Even those that hated them, which was everyone, except his daughters, had to
admit that Mongo's economy had boomed under Ming. Princess Aura was unaware
that Ming had other daughters. In fact, no one but Ming and the other
daughters knew it. They were a secret weapon. Ming wondered why all of his
daughters were lesbians who loved BDSM. None of them had anywhere near
Princess Aura's skill a a warrior and leader. But Ming liked them better
because they would order the deaths of innocents while Aura would not, and
would go out of her way to protect innocents.

Princess Suki was of Mongo's Asian stock, small and beautiful as a doll.
Princess Tara was tall, busty, and blonde. Princess Livia was between the
other 2 in size with long brown hair. Ming kept trying for a son with no
luck. Well, at least the other 3 were rutlhess. He was going to have fun
watching them war among themslves to be his heir. At the moment they were
united against the loved by everyone Aura.

Grand Inquisitor Klytus met Ming at his throne room.

'Yes, they will war against you as well scheming Klytus,' Ming smiled to

"My lord," Klytus began, "There is something that you must know. It is
something of great importance."

"It always is Klytus," Ming said, using his name because he knew Klytus hated
that, wanting to always by known by his title.

"This is far more important than a simple traitor great lord," Klytus said.

"Oh really," Ming said, intrigued despite himself.

Usually Klytus would start out with a list of people he wanted rmoved. They
were almost always innocent but neither one cared. Because they shared a
mutual love of murder and torture Klytus was probably the closest thing Ming
had to a friend.

"Our long range sensors have picked up an incoming ship at the edge of our
solar system," Klytus said.

"What's so unusual about that?" Ming asked, "I wasn't expecting any traders,
but it could be that or even a ship in trouble."

"We have identfied this ship milord," Klytus said, "A pleaure yacht from

"Okay, that's interesting, but also not unusual," Ming said, "There are
dozens of such ships."

"This one is the 'Crimson Dream' belonging to Princess Nikola," Klytus said.

"What? Are you sure?" Ming said rising, his good week kept getting better.

"There is no doubt milord," Klytus said, "Signature match is 100%."

Princess Nikola was the only member of the 'Royal Family' that had liked
Ming. She had unwittingly helped Ming and betrayed her own family. Ming's
memory was wrong but differant. he thought she had been on his side. His
memores of her were all fond. Princess Nikola had vanihed on vacation just
before Ming's revolt.

"That is interesting news indeed Klytus," Ming said smiling.

"There is a bit more great lord," Klytus said, "We have traced the ship's
route back to a planet called Earth. It would make an excellent candidate for
us to conquer. A water world, compatable atmoshpere, large work force, human
population, very advanced in general technology, but no space travel or

"Have you established communication?" Ming said, "I would like to know if the
Princess is aboard, or if she lives, or if perhaps these Earth people have
learned to fly it. While I would greatly prefer the return of Princess
Nikola, there is no scenario that doesn't help me."

"Still out of range milord," Klytus answered, "Should we try to establish

"Hmmmmm, no, radio silence unless it is the Princess. We'll let them land,
see who they are," Ming ordered, "If it is Earthers I will wish to know if
they murdered Princess Nikola."

"As you wish milord," Klytus said backing out of the room.

No sooner was Klytus out of the room when the Royal Doctor entered the room
with an unusual smile on his face. He bowed low.

"You have some news for me?" Ming asked.

"I have some news that I believe may please great lord," the doctor said.

"This has been a very good week for me," Ming said, stroking his beard, "If
you can add to it you will be well rewarded."

"Your favorite slave girl Corina is with child, it's yours, and all signs
point to a son," the doctor said.

"Wooohooooo!!!" Ming shouted coming out of his chair and dancing, "Oh yeah,
oh yeah!"

Someone could have shot him and he would have died happy. Ming's good week
was officially his best week since he had taken the throne.

* * *

Attempts at commuication had failed for Lara. They could pick up numerous
radio signals. It appeaed as if Mongo had numerous syles of music and lots of
differant stations. They had musical styles similar to rock, soul, jazz, hard
rock, and country.

"Thank God no rap!" Lara cried out.

"Don't you mean crap?" Sharon asked.

"The 'c' is silent," Belinda smiled.

"Getting visual signals," Lara said, "They have tv of sorts, 98 channels,
most of it's, hey, most of it's porn!"

"That's great!," Toni said, "Any all girl channels?"

"Looks like 25," Lara smiled, "Almost all are BDSM. Holy, they start out
young too. I was younger."

"So was I," Toni said.

"Me 3," Sharon chimed in.

"Ditto, me 4," Belinda said.

"How long before we land?," Sharon asked.

"Are we there yet, are we there yet?," Belinda joked.

"About 5 hours," Toni answered.

It was a long 5 hours later when the ship finally landed. The 4 women
suddenly recieved an electrical shock through their helmets.

"Owwww! What the fuck was that," Belinda asked.

The helmets respondedby telling tem they could now spea and understand the
languaes of Mongo. The said it was sorry, but that that was the only way.

"Crimson Dream," Toni said, "This ship is called 'Crimson Dream'."

"Hey, that's kinda nice," Lara smiled.

"Princess, she was a princess," Sharon said.

"Princess Nikola," Belinda said, "And those were her friends."

"Now what?" Lara asked, "I don't see anyone. That largest city is about a
mile away, and I'm seeing what looks like a well maintained road outside."

"We're all exhausted," Toni said, "I would love for us to sleep first, but we
don't know what kind of reception we're going to get. I'm ranking officer,
but I'll go by what everyone wants."

"No, you're right," Sharon said, "We have no intelligence, no knowledge of
the local politcs."

"I think we're about to find out," Lara said, "And it aint good."

"Guess that answers that," Belinda said, "We're surrounded. Bogey's, dozens
of them in the air with guns pointed at us."

"Looks like tanks and hundreds of troops," Toni said, "They were waiting for

"They must think we're pretty damn dangerous for this kind of reception,"
Sharon said, "I'd rather go down fighting, but this is pretty bad."

"I'm not suicidel or stupid," Toni said, "We can't run, we can't fight our
way out. We do what we came here to do. We talk."

"How about we hide our guns?" Lara asked, "If there's a Ming, or someone like
him, and we get a chance to escape, having a stash of weapons, well, may not
do any good, may not even have a way to get to it, a search may find them,
but it's a chance."

The women raced to hide their weapons. Loose panels, overhead light fixtures,
anywhere they could think of. Their hearts sank. Their best efforts wouldn't
stand up to even a standard search. They would not have had time to do that
except that Klytus had lost track of time as he enjoyed a torture session
with a couple of Vog's that had been arrested for no reason.

"Earthlings!" Klytus called as he got out of his personal craft, "You have no
chance, do not throw your lives away! You will not be harmed! Believe me or
no, our first desire is to learn the fate of our Princess. If you have
learned how to bring it back to us you should be able to understand our
language. Your com-link should work now, set to 23 to answer."

None of the women did believe him, they knew sleeze when they heard it, but
they had no choice. Toni, as rankng office set the comm control.

"Maj. Toni Nelson, USAF, assigned to NASA," Toni said, "We did not harm your
Princess, she died in an accident on our planet. Our mission is peaceful."

"That we shall determine," Klytus said, "The ship's databanks will have
recorded it if it was an accident. You will come out of your ship naked. And
that means barefoot, and no undergarments. While not impossible it is much
harder to conceal weapons that way. Slippers will be provided. You will be
taken to our Lords palace, there, after a complete search, you will be
allowed to bathe, eat, and rest. You will be dressed and presented to our
Lord this evening. Your fate is in his hands."

"Shit, he would have to be competant," Belinda said, "That counters every
trick I can think of."

"Well, I wasn't looking forward to shoving a stilleto up my ass anyway,"
Sharon sighed.

"Oh, I hate men," Lara sighed.

"We don't have much choice unless we want to be Swiss cheese," Toni said as
she started to disrobe.

"Idea," Lara said, "If we throw all our clothes in one pile, all of them,
maybe these male creatures won't look around so much."

"Any distracton will help us," Belinda said, "May not help, but couldn't

Even Klytus was surprsed to see 4 beautiful nude women walk out with their
hands up. Two guard ran in, but quicky exited with the ship's memory core.
Attaching some kind of device to it Klytus read or saw something.

"You speak truly about our Princess," Klytus said, "That may be enough to
keep you alive. At least for a litte while."

The slippers were thin yet surprisingly strong. Designed for running over
sharp rock, but under dozens of guns each, none of the Earth girls thought
flight was a good option. The gleaming capitol city looked like it came out
of a fairy tale. The air sled they were on took them quicky to the royal
palace. The Earth girls didn't have much chance to see much of the city or
the people. before they were led, in cuffs to a women's quarters. All the
women, except an elderly matriarch were beautiful. Their clothing was indeed
'Vegas' showgirl scanty, many looked almost nude.

"I'm sorry," the matriarch said, "I do have to check you. You look too smart
to try a foolish attack on the master, but you understand?"

"Not crazy about it," Toni sighed, "But we understand."

The matriarch did a total metal scan, then some kind of x-ray, followed by
the cavity search. The woman was as gentle as she could be. Unlocking their
cuffs they were led to an exotic bubble bath where the other women bathed
and pampered them, rubbing them with exotic oils in a sensual massage. Food
was set out for them, hunger overwelming reluctance.

'If we get poisoned we get poisoned,' Toni thought, 'They can kill us any
time they want anyway.'

After eating their fill they were led to a windowless bedroom and locked in.
They had tried several times to ask questions, but none would answer them.
The beds were soft and the women were asleep quickly, too tired to even make
plans. The sun was going down when female warriors roused them. These women
were tall and muscular, yet still beautiful. Princess

"Up Earth girls," Princess Tara, known to the elite female guards as Captain
Tara ordered, "You will have a quick fresh up, then you will be dressed and
presented to our Lord. Who among you do you call leader?"

"By rank I am," Toni said, "T. Nelson, Major, United States Air Force, serial

"No need for the bravado Major," Tara interupted, "No one can hold out
against the mind worms. If we want to know something, well, no ones ever
lasted more than 15 seconds no matter how tough or bad-assed they think they
are against the mind worms. I'm Tara, Captain of the Guardswomen. We don't
have to be enemies."

Tara offered her hand. Toni thought her beautiful, but she saw the crulty in
her eyes and lips. The little gleam in the eyes and slight smile when she
spoke of the mind worms. Not wanting to piss her off she went ahead and took
the women's hand.

"Toni," Toni said taking Tara's offered hand.

"And your friends?" Tara asked.

"Sharon," Sharon said, "Sharon Valeri."

"Belinda Rogers," Belinda said.

"Lara Gordon," Lara said.

"The slave girls will do your hair and make-up a you wish, clothing has been
provided," Tara said, then for some reason decided to reveal a few things,
"Our lord prefers as close to naked as possible. Do not trust Klytus. He is
an animal, a maniac. You are fortunate he can not alter the databanks from
'Crimson Dream'. Everyone already knows you Earthlings did not harm Princess
Nikola. Also, our lord is in an extremely good mood, better than I have ever
seen him. If you value your lives, don't piss him off!"

"Um, I just have to know, since no one will tell us, is your lord named
Ming?" Lara asked.

"Why yes," Tara beamed, "Emporer Ming will be pleased that you Eathling know
of his fame."

"We're fucked," Lara moaned.

"Probably," Tara grinned, "If you know of him I gather you Earthlings are
more advanced than I thought."

"That's enough Lara," Toni ordered, "Our mission is peaceful. No matter who

"You are a wise leader Toni Nelson," Tara said, "Make sure you stay that

They were led back into the bath area where the slave girls again pampered
them. The Earth girls kept it simple. Toni kept her hair long, Belinda did a
bun, Lara did a long ponytail with a small tiara, Toni did a side part. They
were then led to the clothes. There was a wide variety of sizes and styles.
All were reveiling, but then again, except for the matriarch every woman they
had seen, including the warriors had been wearing dental floss and jewellry.

Barefoot, since the castle floor was covered in a deep rich carpet, bare
breasted, just a sting that hid nothing as panties, but with gold waist
chains, armlets, anklets, and neckaces they were led to the throneroom of
Ming the Meciless!


End Of Part 3

* Would anyone be interested about me doing an appendix on all these ideas
I'm making up off the top of my head about Mongo's economy. None of this is
Raymond's idea's as no one ever goes into these things. But it would be a fun
thing for backround purposes. With just 1 panet why would Ming think he ruled
the universe? I'm going fewer moons and an extra planet, rather than try and
fit everything on Mongo itself. Just the teacher in me. Not Shelly's doing.



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