This story features fictionalized female versions of Flash Gordon and
Buck Rogers, a non Cylon character from BSG, and a new version of the
grand-daughter of Maj. Anthony Nelson from 'I Dream of Jeanie' inspired
by Tyval. The characters are; Lara 'Flash' Gordon, Belinda 'Buck' Rogers,
Toni 'Genie' Nelson, and Sharon 'Boomer' Valeri. Other's will be added as
we hope this story will be only the first in a series. All characters owned
by their respective owners, etc. Warning, if you don't like lesbian BDSM
don't read.

Most chapters Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, hardcore BDSM, Rom., Rough.

Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers In The 25th Century/Buck Rogers/
I Dream Of Jeanie: Space Dykes: Menace Of Mongo! Part 1 (no sex)
by Shelly ([email protected]) and Vicki ([email protected])

Area 51: Now...

The newly elected President walked through the secret corridors flanked by
Secret Service, NASA brass, and 2 members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

"Never thought all those conspiracy theories about this place were true,"
the Prez joked.

"Well, 95% of what those late night wacko's believe aren't," Maj. General
Greer said.

"Any others that are?" the Prez asked.

"You'll learn all about them later sir," Gen. Trask said, "All I can say now
is '42'."

"Not that old joke," the Prez said.

"We wish it was," Prof. Balent said, "But it has nothing to do with why we
are here."

"Ah, here we are," Maj. General Greer said as they came to a blast door
guarded by 2 marines with automatic weapons.

There were 2 more guards in the first lab. Nerdy scientests were everywhere
along with the cliche' equipment that looked right out of sci-fi movies. The
entire room looked overcrowded despite it's large size. Just like a bad sci
fi movie there were 4 tubes filled with eerie glowing green liquid at one end
that held 4 bodies.

"They look like us," the Prez gasped, "Well, 3 of them anyway."

"They're all female," Prof. Zane said, "We'll explain that later. They
were young, mid-20's maybe. The feline looks more like some kind of
bio-engineering rather than evolution. Human posture, two breasts insead
of 6 like a real cat would have, long human like hair, 5 fingers, 5 toes,
fur so light it's more like skin, ears are pointed, but on the sides of
the head like a human. Smoke and impact is what klled them more than

"They're not quite human," Prof. Balent said, "Single forearm and leg bones,
no canine teeth on the 3 human females. Other than that we've found almost no

"Air in lungs showed almost exact Earth match," Prof. Chu said, "About 2%
more oxygen."

"What of the cat girl?" Gen. Trask asked.

"You wouldn't want to fight her hand to hand," Prof. Chu said, "Razor sharp
talon like nails, feline teeth, prehensile tail, feline muscle. She's
probably as strong as 3 men. She'd rip Jet Li a new one."

"A bodyguard? Slave?" the Prez asked.

"We don't know really," Prof. Zane replied, "They all wore about the same
amount of jewelry and clothing. That's over in lab 12, but since their silk,
gold, and jewels matches ours there's not too much it tells us, except that
their climate must be semi tropical as they were scantily clad."

"Dancers in Vegas scanty," Prof. Chu gave a half smile.

"Where's the ship?" Maj. General Greer asked.

"Which one?" Prof. Balent asked back smiling broadly.

"What? There's more than one?," the Prez asked.

"We've got ships from 11 distinct races," Prof. Zane said, "This was the only
one we got almost intact. We could joyride in their ship right now."

"If we were women," Prof. Chu.

"It's a little more complicated than that," Prof. Zane said, "The controls
only respond to female hands and brainwaves."

"And any man, as we've found out from some, unfortunate incidents, trying to
fly it dies," Prof. Balent shook his head, "Horribly."

"The other aliens, what about them?" the Prez asked.

"Mostly BEM's, that's short for Bug Eyed Monsters," Prof. Chu said, "Weird
collection, surprised some of their ships can even fly. We had stuff in the
1930's better than what some of them look like inside."

"Other's look like about our technology level," Prof. Zane said, "These
ladies, I'd say, 100 years ahead of us."

"On of the most remarkable things though, is the fuel," Prof. Balent said,
"They all use the same fuel. Every one of them."

"That means the fuel must be the key to interstellar travel," Gen. Trask
said, "Can you duplicate it?"

"We've been trying for years with no luck," Prof. Zane answered, "Whatever
it is it doesn't exist on Earth. Nor is it compatable with anyting we have.
We've tried generators, tanks, planes, cars, it doesn't burn like gas. We
fueled up thier ship."

"So, it kills men trying to fly it?" the Prez asked, "What about female

"It apparntly takes 4 to fly it, there's 4 seats, and some kind of, well,
control helmet, as well as some levers and buttons we've figured out," Prof.
Chu said, "We've got it a few feet off the ground, but it's going to take
better than we've been able to dig up, even from NASA."

"Actually, I have been working on that," Maj. General Greer said, motioning
his aide to hand him his briefcase, "This is above Top Secret, only we 6 have
clearance for this."

"We anticipatd this," Prof. Balent said, "We have a meeting room set up."

"I'd like to see the ship first," the Prez said.

"Of course, follow me," Prof. Zane ordered.

Security was very tight. They went through 5 armed security checkpoints to
get to the hanger. The ship itself was a swooping elegent design, about the
size of a 'Stealth Bomber'.

"We think this is actually just a yacht of some kind," Prof. Chu said, "A
couple of lasers, but they look defensive. They had no handguns, but they did
have swords and daggers. Ornate interior decoratins, bed, all that."

"It, suffered minor surface damage," Prof. Balent said, "We actually don't
know what brought it down."

"Well, there were certain, stains on the bed sheets," Prof. Chu blushed,
"Chemiclly the same as female, uh..."

"Dyking out and not paying attention is Prof. Chu's theory," Prof. Zane said,
"That seems to be the most logical conclusion as we've found very little
internal damage."

"Any idea where this, or any of the other ships come from?" the Prez asked.

"It's been difficult," Prof. Balent said, "The star charts from most of the
recovered ships have been pretty fragmented. This one seems to come from a
star system designated M-0N-G0."

"Somone had a sense of humor. The late Prof. Gordon and his son were razzed
their entire lives bccause of their accidental fictional counterparts," Prof.
Zane said.

"The Gordon boy was a great Quarterback," Maj. General Greer said, "Two
Superbowl rings, plus 3 Conferance championsips. This makes one of our
recomendations even more ironic."

"Can we go inside?" the Prez asked.

"If you want to risk impotency, be my guest," Prof. Balent said, "Something
about this ship is very anti-male. Which is weird because the remains of
everything else we've scavanged indicates males."

"What about any weapons?" Gen. Trask asked, "On any of the ships."

"Nothing we don't already have as good as, or nearly so," Prof. Zanesaid,
"The saucer types are heavly armed, but with canons, we had better during
WW2. The 'Delta' types are about our technology, or maybe just slightly
ahead of us, 5-10 years maybe. Speed and perhaps some kind of cloaking or
jamming seem to be their main weapon. The 'Delta's' are much superior ships.
This one makes both types look primative."

"And you think it's only a pleaure yacht?" the Prez asked.

"I'd hate to run into one of their warships," Prof. Chu replied, "Nothing
we've got has penetrated the hull. AP depletd uranium shells from an M-1 A-1
point blank didn't even scratch it."

"We are, reluctant, to try anything bigger on the only thing we've recovered
capable of flight," Prof. Balent said.

The men chatted some more, then went to the conferance room. Armed guards
stood outside. The Secret Sevice had done a 'bug sweep' just in case despite
all the layers of security.

"This room is quite soundproof Mr. President," Prof. Zane said.

"Well then, shall we begin," the Prez said sitting down.

Maj. General Greer handed out 6 copies of the 4 files then sat down. Each of
the 4 women had an impressive resume.

"I used every simulation, every profile, every shred of data I could find,
beg, borrow, or steal, from the F.B.I., NASA, C.I.A., Interpol, the remnants
of the KGB, MI-6, Chinese intelligence, Mosad, etc.," Maj. General Greer
started, "It was not easy getting it down to 4 to our surprise. Lara Croft
and Modesty Blaise from England, both highly capable women just barely missed
the cut. There were some Asian girls and 2 Russian's in the top 10 as well.
But the very top 4 scores were American. And by fortunate chance, 3 are
military. Gen. Trask..."

"Maj. Toni Nelson, USAF, just acepted into NASA," Gen. Trask said.

"Toni Nelson?" the Prez interrupted, "That name sounds awful familiar."

"It should," Prof. Balent said, "Her grandfather was Major Anthony Nelson,
one of the best astronauts of the late Gemini, early Apollo era. He would
have been one of our moon men if the program had gone one more mission."

"Well, that's impressive genes," the Prez whistled.

"Only active Air Force woman qualified for 'Thunderbolts' stunt team,
qualified 'Stealth' fighter, qualified 'Stealth' bomber," Gen. Trask said,
"Sniper class markmanship; black belts in karate, tae kwon do, and judo;
triathlete. Just qualified for Nasa training. And she just turned 26."

"Okay, so more than good genes," the Prez said impressed.

"She even has a fun call sign, 'Genie'," Prof. Chu smiled, looking at the hot
blonde's photo.

"Our next young lady is just as impressive," Gen. Trask said, "Captain
Belinda 'Buck' Rogers, U.S. Army. Graduated #2 at West Point. Qualified
pilot on A-10 'Warthog'. Qualified field medic. Qualified demolitions
expert. BA in chemistry. All Army pistol champion 3 times. Black belt
karate. Brown belt judo. She's only 25 years old."

"How the hell did she get the nickname 'Buck'?" the Prez asked as he looked
over the beautiful brunette's pictures, "Just having a last name of Rogers?"

"As a cadet she had a slight gap between her front 2 teeth," Maj. General
explained, "She had it fixed, but between her last name and the 'buck-tooth'
thing it stuck."

"So far I'm liking what I'm hearing," the Prez said, "Go on."

"Lt. Commander Sharon 'Boomer' Valeri, U.S. Navy," Gen. Trask said,
"Qualified 'Blue Angel's' stunt team. Qualified F-16 and F-18. Her parents
were both martial arts instructors, she has so many degrees in so many styles
we don't even know. Qualified martial arts insturctor of course. She's quite
good with a wide variety of weapons. She's only 24 years old."

"Valeri, sounds Hispanic, but she's Asian," the Prez said.

"Family first immigrated to Mexico from China in the 1890's, came to America
in the 1920's," Maj. General Greer said.

"Ah, okay," the Prez said, satisfied, "Those 3 are miltary, we can control
them, although I hope that won't be needed. What of our fourth?"

"I'll take this one, Trask," Maj. General Greer said, "This young lady is a
wild card. She's unpredictable, maybe even unstable. Lara 'Flash' Gordon,
daughter of no. 8 Gordon. If you think her father got teased, well, it's a
wonder this young lady didn't end up in a tower somewhere. Teased and called
'Flash' because she used to be so slow a runner."

"We all know what happened after that," Prof. Balent said, "Gymnastic
champion at 13, body changed, she became a world champion fencer, became
bored. Became a runner and really did become a 'Flash' and at one time
held the women's world record in the 100, 200, and 400. Learned to fly
after that, then took up mountain climbing. Then set Amrican records in

"She excells in a field, then goes on to someting else," Gen. Trask, "She's
learned circus acrobatics, earned a degree in electronics, and even designed
a couple of video games. She's 27."

"These are indeed some formidable young ladies," the Prez said.

There was silence in the room for a couple of minutes as nervous glances
were passed.

"Okay, there's something else," the Prez said, "Something else that makes
these women special. Out with it!"

"They're lesbians," Maj. General Greer said, "All 4 of them."

"Oh great, 'Space Dykes'," the Prez moaned.

"We don't have much choice Mr. President," Gen. Trask said, "These 4 women
may be the key to total American superiority. If we can mount a peaceful
mission to another world, think of the technology we could harvest. Not just
an invincible military, but also the medical advances."

"Do it," the President said, burying his face in his hands.

If it worked he knew he'd go down in history. If it failed the worst that
would happen was the loss of this asset. It was valuable, but expendable.


End Of Part 1:


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