Buck Rogers In The 25th Century:
Colonel Wilma Deering And The 7 Strange Little Men
by Deanna Troi

Buck had found the seven strange little men adrift in a space ship while on
patrol the day before and brought them back to the ship for Wilma to deal
with. She stood in her quarters surrounded by the seven "height challenged"
beings, none of whom was more than three feet in height.

"What are your names, and where are you from," she asked them.

The seven little men looked at one another nervously for a few seconds before
one of them shuffled forward, cap in hand to speak for them. "Er, my name is
Dick, and the others are Willy, Wonky, Rooster, Peter, Rod and Sleezy. As he
gave each name, he pointed ot one of the other dwarves who bowed at Wilma.
All seven were as far as Wilma could tell identical. Three feet tall, long
beards and dressed in drab work clothes. The only difference was in the
colour of hat they wore.

"Sleezy?" said Wilma raising an eyebrow at the unusual name.

"Er, we don't like to talk about him," said Dick in a wretched voice and he
twisted his cape in his tiny hands.

"Ok, " agreed Wilma. "That is your business. How did you end up adrift in
that spacecraft then?"

"Well," said Dick on firmer ground now. "We contracted out to do some mining
on Arisia 3 and after we finished we were heading back home when the ship's
engines failed. We thought we were goners until Buck came along and rescued

Yes, well, he is good at that," muttered Wilma.

"Um excuse me," said Willy who shuffled forwards. "But you seem different
than Buck and the others we have met. More, er rounded?"

"Rounded? That is because I am a woman," replied Wilma. When the seven little
men continued to look puzzled, she added "You know, a female of my species."
They still looked puzzled. "You must have females of your species donít you?
You need them in order reproduce and have children." For some reason Wilma
blushed as she said this.

"Female? Children? I am afraid we donít understand," said Dick. "The seven of
us are the only members of our species that we know about and we have lived
together for over a thousand years."

"A thousand years without sex?" blurted Wilma and blushed again as she
realized how crude that must have sounded. But as she looked at the seven
little men, she realized the comment had totally escaped them.

"Sex? What is sex?" asked Wonky in a puzzled tone of voice.

"Well, er, um," managed Wilma. "It is when a man and a woman er well they um
rub their bodies together in a special way to make children."

The little men looked more puzzled than ever before. "Your ideas are strange
to us Wilma Deering," said Dick. "Perhaps we would understand them better if
you showed us the difference between men and women. Then we might start to

"Sorry guys, but I am going to have to turn this one over to someone who
can explain it better," said Wilma and she headed for the cabin door. Just
before she reached it, however, the door swung closed with a clank and locked
itself. Wilma fiddled futilely with the lock for several seconds and could
not open it. When she turned around, she found the seven little men had
formed a semi-circle around her and were all staring at her intently.

"Off think, Off think, Off think," they chanted and suddenly Wilmaís belt
undid itself and flew across the room.

"What the heck are you doing?" began Wilma and she faltered to a halt as the
seven little men continued to chant and stare at her.

"Off think, Off think, Off think," continued the chant and suddenly Wilma
realized the buttons on her blouse were starting to undo themselves one at
a time and popping off. As more and more soft cleavage was exposed, Wilma
clutched at her blouse. Just in the nick of time she managed to grab the
edges of the blouse and hold them together as the last button popped off.
Clutching her open blouse with both hands, Wilma tried to back towards her
desk and the communicator and blaster she kept there. Tantalizing glimpses
of her large well tanned boobs peeked through the opening in her top.

"Off think, Off think, Off think," continued the chant. Wilma heard a ripping
of stitches and looked down in horror as her blouse and skirt came apart at
the seams and in seconds she found herself dressed in only her panties, bra
and boots..

"Off think, Off think Off think," droned the seven strange little men and
her boots literally disintegrated on her feet and Wilma stepped out of the
decaying pieces of leather as she continued barefoot towards the desk.

"Off think, Off Think, Off think," chanted the seven strange little men and
Wilma felt her panties start to rip and her bra clasp undo. Despite her best
efforts, the last of her clothes fell off and she stood there naked, trying
to cover herself with her hands.

"So that is what a woman looks like" said Rooster as he and the other dwarves
gathered around the flustered Wilma.

"She doesnít have one of these," said Wonky in wonderment as he rubbed his

"Wonky," there is something the matter with your thing said Rod as he
observed the hard-on that Wonky had.

"It has gotten all hard and stiff," agreed Wonky. "Do you think this has
something to do with this sex thing that Wilma was talking about?"

"Does it Wilma?" asked Dick turning to look at Wilma with lust, or what would
have been lust if he had known what lust was. On the other hand, he was a
fast learner and seeing Wilma naked was inspiring his education no end.

"Yes," gulped Wilma. "Those things," and she blushed again, "are called
penises or cocks" and they are used when men and women have sex. The man
inserts it into the female and er that is how babies are made."

"Where exactly do they insert their cocks," asked Dick as he looked Wilma

I don't think I should be telling this to seven little guys who haven't had
sex for a 1000 years thought Wilma. She couldn't help but notice, however,
that the bulges in the little men's pants seemed quite large in proportion
to their bodies. "Er, mostly men place their cocks in the woman's vagina or
pussy," she admitted reluctantly and removed her shielding hand from in front
of her pussy so the dwarves could see it better. "And er sometimes they
insert them in the anus and mouth of the woman as well though reproduction
can only occur when the cock is placed in the woman's pussy." I can't believe
I am giving sex education lessons to seven horny little men thought Wilma,
but maybe if she told them the answers that would satisfy their curiousity.

"I want to put my cock in her mouth," interrupted Sleezy and he pulled his
dick out of his pants. Wilma gasped. He might be a dwarf, but Sleezy had a
cock that was a good nine inches long.

"I think that would be interesting to watch," said Dick and he turned to the
stunned Col. Deering. Please get on your knees and open your mouth so we can
watch this."

"No way," cried Wilma. "There is no way you can make me take his cock in my

The seven little men looked at each other and then back at the naked Wilma.
Suddenly Wilma found her body moving without her will and she found herself
crawling across the floor towards Sleezy and his monster dick, her boobs
rubbing on the soft carpet and making her nipples erect. She quickly found
herself staring right at Sleezy's cock which had a drop of precum oozing out
of it. Without any control over her body, her mouth opened up and her tongue
flicked out to lick the head of his cock and the drop of precum.. Wilma had
never felt so ashamed in her life, but there was nothing she could do as she
opened her mouth and engulfed the dwarf's big cock in her soft mouth. As the
other six dwarves watched, Wilma's head began to bob up and down on the cock.
Sleezy had never had a blow job before, but he was quickly getting the hand
of it as pleasure washed over him and he grabbed the back of Wilma's head
and began to pull it down on his throbbing cock. Sleezy was now gasping and
moaning as he fucked Wilma's face with his cock. A thousand years of celibacy
could not be contained any longer and suddenly Sleezy moaned loudly and shot
a load of cum into Wilma's mouth!

Wilma felt the cock in her mouth start to swell up and she knew what was
going to happen but there was nothing she could do. Helpless she suddenly
felt the splat of cum hitting the back of her mouth and she was forced to
swallow it. Then Sleezy pulled his cock out her mouth in wonder and another
wad of cum splashed her face and another coated her tits. Sleezy had a
thousand years of cum saved up and he was letting it go all over Wilma
Deerings face and boobs.

"That looked like fun," said Dick and as an astonished and outraged Wilma lay
there on the rug with cum dripping off her face and tits, the head dwarf came
over and replaced Sleezy's dick with his own. His cock was not quite as long
as Sleezy's, but it was thicker ane soon it was thrusting in and out of
Wilma's mouth.

"Oh my god," thought Wilma in shock. "Are all seven of them going to take
turns fucking my face. She needn't have worried about that though, as the
other dwarves moved towards her in mass.

"Let's try those other places," shouted Rod and he wiggled under the colonel
and with a thrust slid his dick home into her pussy.

"I want to try her ass," cried Rooster and he crawled on top of the cock
sucking Wilma and parted her ass cheeks and shoved his hard cock into her
anus. Wilma gasped and moaned around the cock in her mouth as the other two
cocks slid into her and began to fuck her. Her tits jiggled up and down as
she was tripled fucked by the three little men who after some energetic
thrusting began to cum in her. She got her second dose of cum in her mouth
and felt identical spurts in her pussy and ass as the other two dwarves came.
Overcome with pleasure, the three little men pulled out of Wilma and
staggered away, eyes glazed over. Before Wilma could blink, however, Peter,
Willly and Wonka replaced them and the colonel once again found herself being
violated by three cocks at once.

To make matters worse, Sleezy was hard again (or was it still?) and he
wandered over to the heaving pile of bodies and began to rub his cock on
Wilma's bouncing boobs. "I think it would fit between them," he announced and
proceed to put his cock between Wilma' big tits. Wilma now found herself on
her back, one dwarf under her fucking her ass (was that Willy or Wonka?), one
riding her pussy, another shoved into her gaping mouth and now sleezy was
straddling her tits and fucking them. Rod and Rooster wandered back and
decided that her hands would hold their cocks quite nicely and soon the cum
slippery dicks were sliding in and out of her fists. Dick came back to
complete the picture and began to rub his dick on her leg. This can't be
happening thought Col. Wilma Deering in desperation as the seven strange
little men all fucked some part of her cum covered body. But it was happening
and then one after another, the seven strange little men began to cum. Seven
loads of cum splattered onto and into the helpless Wilma.

Exhausted, covered in cum and sweat, Wilma lay on the rug unable to move. The
seven little men, however, were just getting started. A thousand years is a
long time to go without sex and they were determined to make up for lost
time. They planned to fuck her all night long and sample every hole she had
to offer. Maybe two or three times in each hole.

The End


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