Smallville/Birds Of Prey: Kryptonian War Part 1 (Ff,mF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Inside the Kawatche Caves, something stirred. The ancient Kryptonian
machine residing inside the walls of the Cave reactivated one of its pawns.
It reactivated the bio-mechanically altered body of Lindsey Harrison. Lindsey
Harrison was once a normal girl. The Kryptonian machine transformed her into
Kara Zor-El. A female entity with extraordinary super powers. Kara Zor-El was
activated to lure the last true Kryptonian into fulfilling his destiny. The
last true Kryptonian was none other than Kal-El. Kal-El had been born on
Krypton, the son of Jor-El and Lara. They sent him to Earth.

Kal-El was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent of Smallville. They raised him
as they would any human being. They named him Clark Kent. Clark Kent looked
like an ordinary human being but he was not human. He was a member of a
species of energy-based humanoid lifeforms that evolved on the distant planet
Krypton. Clark Kent was as different from everyday humanity as the humans
differed from apes and other primates.

Kara Zor-El took flight right out of the Caves. She flew over the town of
Smallville. She soared into the heavens and rose higher and higher. She was
no longer human. She was a piece of a machine that was programmed to seek
and control the Last Son of Krypton. She had one agenda in mind. She was to
locate the last survivor of the Kryptonian race. She somehow sensed that he
was no longer in Smallville. She would just have to find him, wherever he
was. The Kryptonian machine had altered her and given her special powers
just for that purpose. She had the powers of Flight, Super Strength and
Invulnerability. Since she was earthly in origin, the bio-mechanical complex
inside the caves had been unable to fully transform her into a Kryptonian.
It compensated for her lack of certain Kryptonian powers such as Heat Vision
and X-Ray Sight as well as Super Hearing by giving her the ability to
generate large quantities of energy that she released in the form of
fireballs through her hands. Kara Zor-El would be a powerful opponent for
anything on the planet Earth.


Clark Kent looked at the young woman who stood before him. She stood there,
smiling in a decidedly beguiling manner. Helena Kyle was her name. She was
tall and slender, with jet-black hair and bone-white skin. She wore a black
leather outfit. Anyone looking at her would have thought that she was just
a tall and beautiful young woman. She was so much more.

Clark Kent had come to the city of Gotham on a field trip. He was there with
his history class. His friends Pete Ross, Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan were
there too. Young people from Smallville come to visit the city of Gotham.
Clark Kent had gotten separated from the group of kids when he saw a bunch
of hardened criminals attacking an old man. He rushed to the rescue. Someone
got there before he did. A tall, gorgeous dark-haired young woman. She waded
into the men. Her strength and speed were amazing to behold. She was an
expert fighter as well.

The young woman was Helena Kyle. She was also the crime-fighting vigilante
known as the Huntress. The Huntress was known to prowl the night in Gotham.
The police as well as the civilian population knew about her. She was
amazing. The city did not know what to make of her. A young woman with
strength and speed that no ordinary human being could match. Many in Gotham
thought she was an urban legend, and so did Clark Kent. Until he saw her in

The Huntress fought the men and quickly took them down. Still, she made one
mistake. One of them was hidden in the shadows and fired at her with a gun.
An automatic assault rifle, to be exact. The Huntress had not seen this
hidden enemy. Clark Kent did. He moved at super speed, easily catching the
bullets before they could reach the Huntress. The Huntress did not have
Clark Kent's kind of power but her senses were sharp enough to see him as
he moved at super speed. What she saw amazed her. An ordinary-looking man
catching bullets and then stopping to grab an armed thug and throw him into
a trash bin. The young man stopped and looked at her. She stared at him.
They were momentarily distracted by the old man whom the thugs were intent
on robbing. "Thanks, kids." he told them.

Helena Kyle stared at the young man. "Who are you?" she asked. "How did you
do that?"

Clark Kent stared at her. "I could ask you the same thing." he told her.

"Obviously some kind of metahuman." Helena said.

"Something like that." Clark Kent said. "Who are you?"

Helena Kyle shook her head. "They call me the Huntress." she said.

He glared at her. "Nice moves."

She smiled. "Likewise."

Clark Kent looked at her and could not see what made her so different than
other humans. Somehow, she had naturally superior strength and speed. Like
him. But she was still human. A genetic mutant, to be exact but a human being
nonetheless. Unlike him. He was completely alien. Helena Kyle stared at the
young man, her eyes boring into his soul. He did not appear comfortable. They
just stared at each other. There was tension in the air. Like there was about
to be a fight.

"What is your name?" the Huntress asked.

"CK." Clark said. She cocked an eyebrow. Clark sped away.

The Huntress blinked. One minute he was there, the next he wasn't. He
vanished. Utterly. "Nice moves." she said.

The Huntress returned to the Gotham Clock tower. By the time she got there,
it was quite late.

"Where were you?" asked Barbara Gordon.

Barbara Gordon was a beautiful red-haired woman. She had been Helena Kyle's
guardian since she was a kid. Barbara Gordon was once an acolyte of the
Batman. Batman was a legendary superhero. He fought crime in the city of
Gotham. He paved the way for many costumed crime-fighters. He was also
Helena Kyle's father. Her mother was Selena Kyle, formerly known as Catwoman.
Catwoman was a woman with extraordinary powers. Superior strength and speed.
She was the Batman's lover. Helena Kyle was the result of their union.
Catwoman was killed by the Joker, Batman's deadliest enemy. After the death
of Catwoman, Batman left Gotham city. Forever.

His daughter was raised by Barbara Gordon. Barbara Gordon had been shot
by the Joker and the bullet almost cost her her life. She ended up in a
wheelchair. Helena Kyle inherited her mother's extraordinary super powers
and her famous father's sense of justice. She eventually became the
superhero known as the Huntress, under Barbara Gordon's tutelage.

"I had some odd business tonight." said Helena Kyle. "I met a guy."

Barbara Gordon looked at her ward. "Really?" she said.

Helena shook her head, grinned. "It's not like that." She shrugged. "He's a
young man and I think he's a metahuman." she said. "He was real strong and
very, very, very fast."

Barbara Gordon smiled. "That's not always a good thing in a man." she smiled.

"Excuse you?" said Helena

Kyle, smiling. Both women looked at each other.

"He was fast enough to stop bullets." said Helena Kyle. "I've never seen
anything like it." She paused. "If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here."

Barbara Gordon looked at Helena Kyle. Helena Kyle said nothing. They were
interrupted by very light footsteps. Helena turned to look at Dinah Lance.
Dinah Lance was a tall and slender young woman with blonde hair and pale
blue eyes.

Dinah Lance was a young metahuman girl that Helena Kyle met not long ago.
She'd been with them ever since. She had Psionic powers. She could see the
future, she could also move objects with her mind. Dinah's mother was the
superheroine known as the Black Canary. The Black Canary recently died at
the hands of a dangerous foe. Dinah wanted to be a hero and follow into her
mother's footsteps. "Is he cute, this guy you met?" Dinah asked.

"He's okay." said Helena Kyle.

"You make him sound like he's more than okay." said Dinah Lance.

"He's a new metahuman and a potential foe." said Helena. "We've got to find
out where he is from and who he is." Helena grinned.

Barbara Gordon shook her head.

"Is that the only reason?" asked Dinah.

Helena Kyle rolled her eyes. Dinah Lance and Barbara Gordon exchanged a
smirk. Helena looked at them. "What?" she asked.


Helena Kyle retires to her chambers. She takes off her uniform and heads to
the showers. She showers for half an hour and then returns to her bedroom.
She still cannot believe what she has seen that day. She stands in front of
her mirror in the dark. A noise. Her incredibly keen senses tell her that
she is not alone. She feels someone coming closer to her. Someone small and
clumsy. She knows who it is. It is Dinah Lance.

Dinah comes up behind Helena Kyle and puts her arms around the Huntress.
Helena sighs. She always felt safe in Dinah's arms.

"I missed you." said Dinah.

"You did?" Helena asked, faking concern.

Dinah gently cupped her breasts and kissed her neck. "I love it when we're
alone in the dark." said Dinah.

Helena smiled. Her superhuman physiology had its perks. She could see very
well in the dark. Dinah kissed her and Helena sniffed. She could feel sexual
heat coming from Dinah. The heat of desire. She turned around and held
Dinah's face in her hands. Her amazing eyes could see every detail of Dinah's
beautiful face.

"Come to bed." Dinah says.

Helena obeys. As Helena goes to her, she remembers when they first became
lovers. Helena Kyle had recently discovered her bisexuality and Dinah Lance
had chosen that time to tell her that she was a closeted lesbian. Had been
one all of her life. Helena is drawn to the bed and into the open arms of
Dinah, whom she embraces. She feels Dinah's mouth sucking on her nipples and
her soft hands caressing her. Dinah is an expert. She knows exactly where to
touch Helena, how and how long.

She pushes Helena back on the bed and kisses her from her neck to her chest
to her belly. Her warm mouth and slippery tongue are tracing a path down to
the space between Helena's legs. Dinah parts Helena Kyle's legs and starts
to lick her pussy. She breathes in the smell of the other woman's pussy and
gives it a good lick. She likes the taste and then her tongue slips inside
Helena. Helena gasps. Dinah is fingering her and at the same time using her
tongue to fuck that pussy. She dips her fingers inside her own pussy and
brings them back to Helena's mouth. Helena eagerly sucks on Dinah's fingers.
She likes the taste of Dinah's pussy. Helena moans as Dinah makes love to

Dinah sees this and wants to make her lover happy. She licks her up good.
Her slim fingers slide into forbidden territory, deep inside the Huntress's
rectum. Helena audibly gasps. Dinah smiles and continues to fuck Helena's ass
with her lubricated fingers without stopping her intense tonguing of Helena's
pussy. She slips two fingers inside Helena's pussy and then one more. Helena
screams. Dinah thrusts deep inside Helena. An intense shudder takes Helena's
body and Dinah knows at once what is happening. Helena cums and her body is
overtaken by a powerful orgasm. Dinah watched as the beautiful young woman
she loved screamed at the top of her lungs in sheer pleasure.

A little while later, Helena Kyle rested in Dinah Lance's arms. The young
blonde looked at her beautiful lover. Helena's eyes were closed. She looked
at peace. Dinah gently kissed her lips. Helena stirred in her sleep. Dinah
smiled. Helena was dreaming, of a stranger that soared in the heavens and
awaited to take her into his embrace. It was not an unpleasant dream.


Clark Kent sat on the bus with his fellow classmates. He sat there with his
best buddy, Pete Ross.

"Where did you disappear to?" Pete Ross asked.

Clark stared at the black boy. Pete Ross was the only person who knew that he
was not from the planet Earth, other than his parents. Clark told Pete about
his encounter with the Huntress in a dark alley in Gotham city.

"Was she hot?" Pete asked. Clark shrugged. "Whatever." said Pete.

Clark Kent turned to look at the back of the bus and looked at Lana Lang.
The beautiful brunette sat way out back with the blonde girl, Chloe Sullivan.
Clark's heart beat faster when their eyes met. She waved at him. He smiled
shyly. Clark Kent always wanted a normal life. He wanted a job and to find
love and happiness with a girl like Lana Lang. Yet, she could never accept
that he was not human. She would probably freak out if she found out that he
was an Alien with super powers. Lana Lang was a normal girl and could never
accept him. Maybe another girl could. Clark's mind wondered to the
dark-haired young woman he saw in the alley. She had been breathtakingly
beautiful and also, savagely powerful and dangerous. Wow!!! Maybe he should
see her...nah.

What kind of person wore a flashy costume and went around fighting crime?
Probably some kind of weirdo. Clark Kent didn't like weird chicks. At all.
He just wanted to make it home and have himself a nice weekend. No more
adventures... for the moment.

They arrived at Smallville high school. Clark Kent gathered his stuff and
prepared to speed through the road. He had the power. He was very surprised
when a small hand gently touched his shoulder. He turned... to see Chloe.

"Hey, Clark." she said.


Kara Zor-El had been flying around when she felt something... the Alien was
back in Smallville! She could feel his presence. She went to the Smallville
mental hospital and found some potential allies. She found Sean Kelvin, a
young man with the ability to Absorb Heat from any source. He could drain
entire rivers or the human body. He could kill a human being with his touch
by Absorbing all of the person's body heat. He had been bested by Clark Kent
years earlier and was eager for revenge. He joined her eagerly. She found
Jodi Melville, a beautiful young woman who needed to eat human flesh in order
to survive. Jodi had gained enhanced strength since she had been genetically
changed by Kryptonite. Her enhanced body required human flesh to stay alive.

There was also Jeff, a young man with the ability to become Invisible.
There was also Eric, a young man with the ability to absorb the powers of
metahumans he touched. Wade Mahaney, a man with the ability to phase through
solid matter and even walk through walls. Tyler Randall, a young man with the
power to cause rapid disintegration in organic matter with a touch. Justin
Gaines, a young man with the ability of Telekinesis, the power to move things
with the mind. Kyla Willowbrook, a young woman with the ability to become a
wolf. Tina Greer, a young woman with the ability to shapeshift at will. Seth
Nelson, a young man with magnetic powers. Alicia Baker, a young woman with
Teleportation powers.

The Kryptonite-affected metahumans stood around Kara Zor-El. "I am your new
mistress." she told them. "You will obey me."

They looked at her. A bunch of men and women who had been genetically altered
by Kryptonite and developed strange new abilities as a result. "Why should we
obey you?" they asked.

Kara Zor-El smiled. "Because I will give you the head of your most hated
enemy on a silver platter." she said. "If you do as I say, you will kill
Clark Kent."

A universal cheer rose from the metahumans. Clark Kent had hurt them all.
None of them had been powerful enough to stop him but together, and under
Kara Zor-El's leadership, they stood a chance.

Kara Zor-El looked at her little army. A bunch of super-powered men and
women. They were earthlings and limited in power but still powerful
nonetheless. They would make a great bait for Clark Kent. He would come
to her and she would take him and use the Kryptonian machine to permanently
transform him into Kal-El. Kal-El, the mighty Kryptonian warrior and
conqueror. Together, they would take over the world of the humans. They
would transform Earth into a new world. A new Krypton.

The Kent Farm

Clark Kent walked out of the Kent farm. His parents were away for the
weekend. He had the place all to himself. He did all of his chores at
super speed. He was done with all of them in twenty minutes. The farm
looked spotless. It all looked good. Clark Kent took a look around and
smiled, proud of himself. He turned around to see... them.

A bunch of people. Young men and women that looked familiar. He recognized
them all instantly. They were Smallville folks that were genetically altered
by the Kryptonite. They had become super-powered freaks with malevolent

"Hey, Clark." said a tall and slender brunette.

Clark recognized her as the shapeshifting freak named Tina Greer.

"You're gonna pay for what you did." said Tyler Randall, the Reaper.

"He's gonna pay fpor what he did to me!" cried out Kyla Willowbrook as she
changed form, changing from a girl into a wolf.

Clark Kent could not believe his eyes. It seemed that almost every
super-powered villain he'd ever faced was there, trying to get a piece of
him. He watched as the wolf Kyla had become charged him. Clark ran toward
the beast and caught it in his arms. He threw it against a tree and the
animal yelled in pain. The wolf fell and lay still. A moment later, it
changed from wolf to girl. Jeff, the Invisible Man came at Clark. Clark
could see him thanks to his X-ray vision. He threw Jeff away. Alicia Baker
used her Teleportation powers to appear right behind him and tried to stab
him in the back with a Kryptonite rock. Clark sensed the danger and panicked.

He turned on her with his Heat vision and the girl screamed as her body
caught on fire. This display of heat and power attracted Sean Kelvin, the
heat-seeking freak. Sean latched onto Alicia Baker and absorbed the heat of
the flames. The girl lay on the ground, unconscious. Empowered by the heat,
Sean tried to latch onto Clark Kent but Clark threw him aside. The others
rushed him. Jeremy Creek, a young man with electrical powers struck Clark
with enough electricity to destroy someone even as powerful as him. Clark
screamed in pain. Eric smiled and picked up the piece of Kryptonite that
Alicia Baker had been carrying. He held it against Clark Kent as Jeremy
Creek zapped him. Clark screamed. He knew what Eric was trying to do. He
tried to get away but Jeremy Creek's electricity made him unable to move.
Seth Nelson used his magnetic powers to hold Clark Kent in place.

Eric yelled in pure joy as Clark's powers left his body and went into him.
The great powers that were Clark Kent's birthright left his body and entered
that of Eric. Eric smiled as he felt Clark Kent's powers fill his body. Clark
fell on the ground, unconscious.

Kara Zor-El had watched the attack on Clark Kent from a distance. She saw him
fall. "Stop!" she commanded.

The metahumans stopped. Now that Clark Kent was on the ground, a lot of them
wanted to kill him. Make that all of them.

"He's down, let's kill him!" said Kyla Willowbrook.

"He hurt me!" Alicia Baker wailed.

"I'll kill him for you!" said Tina Greer.

The shapeshifter tried to reach Clark but someone violently caught her and
threw her aside. It was Eric.

"Clark Kent is mine !" he said. "I will kill him!" He grabbed Clark Kent's
body and prepared to launch it into the heavens using those very same powers
he had stolen from the Last Son of Krypton.

Kara Zor-El was suddenly standing next to Eric. "Put him down!" she said.

Kara Zor-El's plan was to capture Clark Kent and use the Kryptonian machine
inside the Caves to transform him into Kal-El forever. As Kal-El, he would
fight the rulers of the Earth for control of humanity and take over. She
would be by his side. Thus the Machine commanded her. She hated using
duplicity against Clark Kent but he was acting too human and she needed to
turn him into the war-like conqueror he was meant to be.

Eric looked at Kara Zor-El defiantly. Ever since that bitch freed him from
the slammer, she thought that she was the boss. Oh, well. He was gonna show
her... He smiled at her. "I will gladly put him down." he said.

He put Clark down on the ground, hard. Kara Zor-El looked at Clark. He was
still alive. Good. She didn't know what she would do if he was dead. "Now,
leave this place and don't return." Kara Zor-El said.

Eric grinned. He slammed his fist into her face. Kara Zor-El reacted by pure
reflex and caught his hand in hers. "That." she said. "Was foolish." She used
her strength to hurl Eric into the heavens. "Good riddance." she said. She
looked at the metahumans that served her. "Anyone else oppose my rulership?"
She asked.

A masculine voice came from behind her.

"I do." said Eric.

Kara Zor-El gasped. Eric had come down from the heavens. He was standing
right behind her.

"Hello, bitch!" he said.

Kara Zor-El knew what powers Eric had. Super Strength. Super Speed.
Invulnerability. X-Ray Vision. Heat Vision. Super Hearing. He did not have
the power of flight. A mental impediment caused Clark Kent to be incapable
of Flight while his darker, more primal side, the irascible Kal-El could Fly
like a bird. Eric smiled and came at Kara Zor-El. The two super-powered foes
traded blows.

Kara Zor-El was hurled backwards by Eric. He was strong. She was just as
strong. They fought each other and the earth shook. The other metahumans
screamed and scattered in all directions. Like titans or gods they dueled.
Finally, Kara Zor-El caught Eric in her arms and threw him into the air.
He landed far away with a thud.

Satisfied, Kara Zor-El turned her eyes on the remnants of the Kent farm,
which had been destroyed during the battle between her and Eric. "It's not
over yet." said a voice.

Kara Zor-El turned to see Eric. He was looking at her, a nasty smile on his
handsome face.

"I got something for you." He had something in his hands which he held
clasped behind his back. Kara Zor-El readied herself to hurl fireballs at
Eric in the hopes of putting him down. He was Invulnerable so that would
prove to be a challenge.

Eric grinned. He knew what Clark Kent's weakness was. If Kara Zor-El was a
Kryptonian, then she would have the same weakness. He shoved a piece of
Green Kryptonite into her face. Kara Zor-El screamed. She felt herself become
drained of all powers. Eric signaled Jeremy Creek and the young metahuman
came and zapped Kara Zor-El with electricity. The combination of electricity
and Kryptonite served as a conduit for Kara Zor-El's powers as they left her
hybridized Kryptonian/Homo Sapiens body and went into Eric's. Eric felt a
rush of power the likes of which he had never felt before.

He rose off the ground, surprised by his Power of Flight. He looked at his
hands and saw fireballs ready for throwing. He had the powers that Clark
Kent had. Super Strength. Super Speed. Invulnerability. Heat Vision. Super
Hearing. X-Ray Vision. He also had some powers that only Kara Zor-El had.
Like the power of Flight!!! Yeah, and the ability to generate Fire in his
hands. Energy generation and manipulatipion !!! He laughed. There was
nothing in the universe as powerful as he was. He had the powers of Clark
Kent, a natural Kryptonian and those of Kara Zor-El, the half-human,
half-Kryptonian, bio-mechanically enhanced and genetically altered freak
of nature and technology.

Eric crumpled the rock of Green Kryptonite in his hands. He did not have the
weakness of the Kryptonians. Kryptonite could do nothing to him. He was not a
natural Kryptonian whom the Earth's Yellow Sun would endow with super powers
like Clark Kent nor was he a bio-mechanically created freak like Kara Zor-El.
He was... himself. Somehow, he had the powers of the Kryptonians and none of
their weaknesses. That's what's up!!!

Eric looked at the other metahumans as they gathered fearfully around him.

"What do we do now?" they asked him.

Eric smiled. "Now, we take over the world." he said. He laughed out
loud. They joined him in laughter. With him as their leader, the
Kryptonite-enhanced metahumans of Smallville would be a force to be
reckoned with. Eric could sense their eagerness. He communicated
telepathically with the Kryptonian machine inside the Caves. The
machine obeyed him, since his thought patterns had become Kryptonian.
Eric and the other metahumans marched inside the Caves. The machine
used its power to transform them.

Since their bodies had already been altered by Kryptonite, the machine read
their life signals as imperfect Kryptonians. It corrected that mistake. The
metahumans screamed as they were drawn into the Walls of the Caves. The
machine used its power to genetically alter them. Human DNA was combined
with Kryptonian DNA to create new lifeforms. They changed from organic Homo
Sapiens to energy-based Kryptonian. They lost their original powers. Every
trace of their humanity was erased completely. They had no memory of their
lives as human beings. At all. All except for Eric, whom the Machine altered
in a different manner. The mind of Eric was completely destroyed and the
thought patterns of a true Kryptonian were imprinted inside it. The thought
patterns of Jor-El, the war-like Kryptonian who fathered Kal-El. When Krypton
was destroyed, Jor-El downloaded his thoughts and memories inside a super
computer and sent it to Earth. The Super Computer saved Jor-El's mind even
though the Kryptonian had been dead for a long time. It preserved it inside
the Caves. Jor-El's mind could only inhabit a Kryptonian body. For a long
time, the machine tried to capture Clark Kent and download his biological
father's mind inside his body. The transfer of minds would destroy Clark
Kent's mind and leave the young man's alien body empty of consciousness and
a perfect host for the war-like mind of Jor-El. Jor-El would live again.

The mind of Jor-El now inhabited the hybridized Kryptonian/human body of

The other metahumans who went inside the Caves were gone. Inside their
minds were the directives of the Kryptonian machine. They were to obey
their leader. The machine gave them intelligence. Vast intelligence. It
did not give them self-awareness. They were like robots. Highly
intelligent, extremely powerful bio-mechanical entities but yeah, like
robots. The bodies of the former metahumans had been transformed. Their
Kryptonian DNA reacted to the Sun outside the Caves. Their powers came
to them. Each and every single one of them developed the Powers of Super
Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Invulnerability, Super Hearing, X-Ray
Vision and Heat Vision.

Jor-El looked at his followers. "We await your orders, master." they said.

"Today, we conquer the world of Man!" Jor-El said.

With that, they took to the air.


Clark Kent woke up slowly and painfully. He looked at the devastation around
him. The farm was in ruins.

He was lost. He did not have his powers anymore. The home of his parents was
gone and it was his fault. The others had come and destroyed it. He was lost.
He looked at the body of Kara Zor-El. The young woman was unconscious. He
recognized her. She was the half Kryptonian, half-human bio-mechanical wonder
created by the Machine to seduce him into turning into Kal-El and taking over
the world. She had failed. Still, he could not let her die. He could not let
any man or woman die, not if he could help it. Clark Kent took Kara Zor-El
into his arms and carried her to the distant Caves. He went inside.

"Where are you, Jor-El?" he asked.

Nothing but his own voice answered him. The machine was dead. Clark Kent saw
that the look of the Caves had changed. He put Kara Zor-El's body on the
ground. He watched as some tendril of energy came out of the Wall and took
her body. He tried to stop it but the energy sent him flying. Clark screamed.
He begged the machine to use the Kryptonian technology to restore his powers
so that he could stop those metahumans that destroyed his parents's home.
The machine came to life and spoke to him.

"There is another." It said.

"Another what?" Clark Kent asked.

"There is another site where the technology that will restore you to your
true Kryptonian self rests."

Clark grimaced. "Where is it?" he asked.

The machine flashed a map right into his brain. Clark Kent knew at once where
the second site was. It was in Gotham city. Clark Kent knew what he had to
do. He would go to Gotham city.

Gotham City

The Huntress was having a busy night. She was fighting a lot of people. Men
and women who were more violent than usual. Regular people. She had fought
several gangs. Everyone seemed to be going nuts. When the escalating violence
proved to be more than she could handle, she walked out of the fight. This
was not normal. She returned to headquarters. The Gotham Clock Tower. She
went back there and checked in with Barbara Gordon.

"It's crazy out there." she said.

"No kidding." said Dinah Lance.

Helena Kyle looked past the young blonde girl and locked eyes with her former
guardian. Barbara Gordon was looking at the tv.

Helena Kyle looked at the tv. She could not believe what she was seeing. The
news footage was unbelievable. The cities of the world were under attack. All
over North America, there were sightings of men and women clad in black and
red bodysuits flying around. These super-beings were incredibly powerful. The
U.S. Army tried to stop them but they were incredibly powerful. They could
fly, they were very, very strong and conventional weapons were useless
against them.

"Are these metahumans?" asked Dinah Lance.

"I don't know." said Barbara Gordon. "They are the most powerful things I've
ever seen." she said.

The three women watched as, on tv, a young woman clad in the black and
crimson bodysuit of the super-beings lifted a tank and threw it into the sky
like a toy.

"Whoa!" said Helena Kyle.

"I wish I could do that!" Dinah Lance grinned. "Girl power!" she said.

Barbara Gordon gave them both a look of scorn.

"Sorry." the two younger women said sheepishly.

Barbara Gordon began making phone calls and typing into her vast network of
computers. She was looking for information on those super-beings. Where did
they come from? What were they? On tv, she watched them literally lift
buildings out of the ground and carry them into the sea. These things had
god-like powers. She didn't think of anything on Earth that could take them
on. Still, she had to find out. If these things or people or whatever they
were couldn't be stopped, humanity's days could be over.


Clark Kent arrived in Gotham city. The city was big, one of the biggest in
the United states of America. He had the map burned inside his brain. He
was looking for a certain site. He knew that a Kryptonian person had come
to Earth thousands of years ago and set up the site. The repository of
Kryptonian technology and knowledge. He had to find it. Lately, there was
footage of some alarming stuff on the news. The cities of the world were
under attack by a strike force of super-beings. He had to stop them. These
were monstrosities. Abbherations created by a maddened, sentient machine
in its quest for power and desire for survival. These half-breeds as he
thought of them were a threat to national and even global security.

He watched as the men and women of the United states army tried to fight
these beings but were easily destroyed. A single super-being was more than
a match for any power on earth but the combined might of several of them
was unmwatched in the universe. Clark Kent watched cities being destroyed.
People being killed by what appeared to be relentless, unfeeling monsters
on a rampage. Clark Kent had to get to the Clock Tower. He had no idea when
these things would try to destroy the city of Gotham. He wondered where
were the city's protectors. Gotham was famous for having many metahumans
lurking around after dark.

The Clock Tower...

Helena Kyle walked down the stairs. As if driven by some instinct, she went
down to see something. She entered a top secret chamber in what was one of
the dark knight's secret rooms. The places where the Batman hid his most
secretive things. She went inside and found a something unusual. A strange
artifact. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before... when she
touched it, it glowed. She had no idea what it was.

The artifact was a Kryptonian device designed to show its users visions of
possible futures...

Helena Kyle found herself transported to a different place and but the same
time where she was. She was with a young man, a very special young man. His
name was Clark Kent... Somehow, she felt as though she knew him... and he
knew her well. They were in his room. She approached him. He looked a bit
sad and she came to comfort him.

Across the city, Clark Kent felt suddenly strange. He felt dizzy. Like he
had lost his mind. He could see himself... elsewhere. He was in a room,
with a girl. A very unusual girl... and she held the key to his future...
or something like that. He knew that she was very important to him... he
could see himself and her... in a room.

Clark looked at Helena. She smiled at him.

"What do you want, Clark?" she asked.

"I don't know." he said. "Sometimes I just want to be normal, and sometimes
I think that's impossible."

She came closer and gently stroked his chin with her surprisingly gentle hand.
"You and I are not normal, Clark." she told him. "We have never been."

He looked at her. "I don't think that I want to be running around the world
using my powers in public." he told her.

Helena grinned. "Why not?" she asked. "There are plenty of people out there
like us. Maybe we should start a club or a league or something."

Clark looked at her. She was serious. Clark grinned and let himself fall on
the bed.

"A whole league full of people like us?" Clark asked.

Helena looked at him and nodded. "Yep." she said.

He looked at her, thinking that she was kidding. She was not. Clark Kent
just lay there and Helena came to him. She held him in her arms. Rocking him
gently. A lover's embrace. Into the bed they fell. He was aroused by the
sight of her and she was greatly affected by the sight of him. They silently
undressed each other. Passionately they embraced. Clark sucked on Helena's
tits and caressed them. She moaned under his touch and caressed him. Her
touch enflamed him with desire.

He started to kiss her and lick her throat. He kissed a path from her neck to
her shoulders. Helena smiled. She could feel his mouth kissing her, sending a
thousand different sensations into her body. She felt... great. He pushed her
back onto the bed and parted her legs. That mouth of his found her pussy and
he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and started to lick her. The moment
his tongue darted inside her, Helena Kyle let out a low moan. Clark licked
her pussy and fingered her. He slid his fingers real deep. Oh. She could feel
an orgasm coming... oh... yes.. here it is... oh... oh... oh.. OHH!!!

Clark Kent finished her off and then held her in his arms. They held each
other. She was pleased....and eager to return the favor. She made her lover
lie down on the bed and took his cock into her mouth. Clark moaned as she
sucked his cock. She licked the shaft and then teased his balls with her
tongue. She licked the foreskin of his cock and pulled it back. Clark
grimaced. He was practically dying of pleasure. With his cock in her mouth,
Helena Kyle looked up into her lover's beautiful face. He was in heaven and
she had brought him there. He came into her mouth and she drank his seed.
Until he was drained.

He had the urge to possess her and she longed to be possessed. He entered
her and she gasped as his cock filled up her pussy. He thrust into her and
she embraced him, yielding to his strength as he took her. They made love
like this, rolling around on the bed, their bodies joined. It was the most
incredible sensation either of them had ever experienced. Their bodies
entwined in love. Desire and passion colliding without restraint. When he
came inside her, they screamed in unison. They lay in each other's arms...

Inside the secret chamber, Helena Kyle shrieked. She looked around,
disoriented. She let go of the Kryptonian artifact... and it fell. She got
her bearings and knew at once where she was. She was in the Cave. Down there.
Yeah. She should not be down there. She belonged upstairs. Yes. Upstairs.
Definitely. She went to bed, where Dinah Lance waited for her. As she slept
in the blonde girl's arms, Helena Kyle thought of the handsome young man she
had just had a vision of. Clark was his name. Hmmm. She wondered if he was
real... he bore a disturbing ressemblance to the young metahuman who saved
her life in the alley...

Clark Kent screamed at the top of his lungs in the middle of Gotham city. He
was vaguely aware that he was in the city... yet his mind had been elsewhere
for a moment... he was in the throes of passion with the most beautiful
girl... it was amazing. She looked so much like the metahuman girl whom he
helped in the alley. Was she real? He looked around... he could see the
Gotham Clock Tower. Yeah, he would go there and find the hidden Kryptonian
technology. He would get his powers back and become himself once more. Also,
he would have to stop the Kryptonian Invasion of invasion
spearheaded by the reincarnation of his war-like father Jor-El of Krypton.

To be continued...


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