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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: I Got Your Back Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Santiago was acting weird. It was getting so obvious that even Scully and Hitchcock were noticing, and it was only a matter of time before somebody figured out why. Honestly Rosa was a little ashamed that no one had correctly guessed what had happened already given the way that Santiago reacted every time she tried to talk to her. They were surrounded by detectives for God sakes, why could none of them put two and two together? Not that Rosa actually cared if they actually did figure it out, it was just... she could do without the lesbian jokes. Besides, she knew how much it would upset Santiago, so Rosa decided to do Santiago another favour.

Unfortunately Santiago didn't make it easy on her, girl was avoiding her like the plague and every time Rosa tried to talk to her Santiago would suddenly engage someone else in conversation or more often than not simply make some excuse to leave and then run as fast as her dorky little legs could carry her. Rosa really shouldn't find it cute, but she did, and she had no one but herself to blame. She should have predicted Santiago would act this way. In fact she was pretty sure she had and just ignored it because she wanted to keep her promise, and to fuck the annoying girl out of her system. Oh well, Santiago was still mostly to blame for what happened next.

* * *

"You're acting weird!" Rosa said in her usual monotone when Santiago finally opened the stall door.

To her credit Santiago managed not to scream her head off, although she did have an adorable 'deer in the headlights' look for a few seconds before pushing past Rosa and huffing, "Do you mind?"

"If you'd just talk to me anywhere else I wouldn't have to do this." Rosa shrugged, "Now like I said, you're acting weird, and if you don't-"

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, AH!" Amy cried out like an idiot before looking under the stalls, like Rosa had done moments before, and then apologising, "You're right, I'm sorry, it's just that-"

"You're embarrassed, I get it." Rosa huffed, "But we're surrounded by Detectives Santiago, and sooner or later someone is going to work out what's going on with you."

Lowering her head and turning to wash her hands Amy softly said, "Maybe, but... I'm not embarrassed, okay? I just... I just need to get time to get use to this."

"Get used to what?" Rosa frowned.

Amy smiled softly, "You liking me."

"Hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves." Rosa scoffed.

"Oh." Amy mumbled, looking disappointed.

Against her better judgement Rosa sighed, "Hey, it's not like I hate you. You're hot, smart, good at your job-"

"Ah-huh!" Amy whirled round and pointed at Rosa in an admittedly dorky fashion, "So you do like me."

"Don't push me." Rosa scowled,.

Taking a deep breath to muster up all the courage she possessed Amy replied, "Couldn't I just do you instead?"

"What?" Rosa said, genuinely surprised by the other woman's uncharacteristic boldness.

Of course it didn't last long, Amy immediately blathering, "Or not, it's cool. Totally cool. Like 110% cool. It's just that the other day you were talking about having each other's backs, and then you... erm, 'had my back' but I didn't really get yours in return, and I just thought... I, I could... you know, but I don't have too if you don't want too, it's totally fine. Sooooo fine."

Rosa enjoyed watching Santiago making a total fool of herself, and then as the other brunette gave up on words in favour of nervous giggling she shrugged her shoulders and nonchalantly said simply, "Okay."

"Okay?" Amy parroted.

Grinning wickedly Rosa nodded, "Okay."

Amy gulped, and then squeaked as she was grabbed and then pushed into the nearest stall, "Hey, hey, HEY! What are you doing?"

"Taking you up on your offer." Rosa answered simply.

"This is the bathroom! I can't have sex in a bathroom. Please Rosa, if we're going to do this, can't we do it right?" Amy pleaded, looking at the other girl pleadingly.

After staring into those doe eyes for a few long seconds Rosa sighed, "Fine, but only if I can ride your face next time we have sex."

"Fine." Amy blushed furiously, although to be fair that was one of her fantasies, "But you buy me dinner first?"

"Fine." Rosa grumbled.

"Fine." Amy smiled, before Rosa gave her a kiss which left her breathless and needing a second or two before she could return to her normal chipper self and face the rest of the precinct like nothing had happened.

* * *

The rest of the day was uneventful while the meal itself was surprisingly bearable. Santiago didn't complain that Rosa didn't take her anywhere special or that she didn't give her a chance to go home and change. Maybe that was because Santiago was equally as tired from work as Rosa, but Rosa suspected that at least part of it was because Santiago knew what she was like and was deliberately trying to please her. Rosa liked that. She liked that a lot. And hopefully that would be true of the sex. In the meantime she found herself actually listening to Santiago in a way she didn't normally do with her dates. Not that this was a date, but whatever.

Rosa had become an expert at pretending she was listening. It helped that she wasn't very expressive by nature, so it meant people couldn't tell when she was zoning them out. Santiago couldn't tell, so Rosa wasn't entirely sure why she listened. It wasn't even that interesting, Amy talking about the incompetence of their co-workers and, for the millionth time, how she wanted to make Captain. But she was cute and funny and Rosa found that she didn't want to ignore her. The downside was that she felt uncomfortably close to the other woman, but there was an easy cure for that. She'd just fuck Santiago like a slut. That would solve her problem.

They were on their way to solve that problem when Santiago, clearly uncomfortable with the silence which had fallen between them, pointed out, "You missed the turning for my place."

Rosa shrugged, kept her eyes on the road and simply said, "That's because we're not having sex in your apartment. I'd feel like I was fucking a grandma."

Amy raised an eyebrow, "Who said anything about having sex?"

"I did. Back at the station, remember?" Rosa pointed out, "And you agreed."

"I said you had to buy me dinner first. I didn't specify how many dinners." Amy pointed out.

"Fine." Rosa shrugged, "You don't wanna fuck? Say the word and I'll drop you at your place."

There was a brief pause and then Amy softly smiled, "Your place is fine."

Rosa smirked.

* * *

It was a well-known fact that Rosa lived somewhere nearby the precinct. No one had ever been invited to see it, but there had been plenty of all-night cases where Rosa had disappeared for about an hour and then reappeared freshly showered and looking amazing. She always looked amazing, but amazing as in refreshed, and she was almost as punctual as Amy, and Rosa was not the type to go to great lengths to sell a ridiculous lie. Peroalta would, but not Rosa Diaz. So it was kind of exciting to be the first to see it. Even kind of an honour. Amy was especially happy because she was beginning to think the only way she would get to see Rosa's apartment was if the other woman was planning to murder her, and she was like 90% sure that wasn't going to happen. Well, maybe 85%.

Of course after all the build-up the actual apartment would have been a let down no matter what was in there. As everybody had realised that about the same time Peroalta had taken it upon himself to make things interesting, and while Jake Peroalta's bets were normally a source of annoyance and/or amusement for Amy this time she was over the moon, because she'd nailed it. She had successfully guessed the 'boring and obvious' choice, namely because she was the first to called dibs on it, Amy unable to stop herself from fist pumping like a moron the moment she saw the inside of Rosa's place.

"Yessssssss!" Amy gleefully exclaimed as she took a look around the nice but minimalistic apartment.

Rolling her eyes at the cute display Rosa delighted in busting her co-worker's bubble, "You're not allowed to tell anyone you've been here."

"Oh come on!" Amy whined, before brightening up as she offered, "I'll go halfies with you."

Closing the door behind them Rosa looked thoughtful for a moment, and then as she walked past Santiago she smirked and told her, "You know, sometimes you sound exactly like Jake."

"HEY!" Amy screamed angrily, "You take that back. You take that back right now, or else we're not having sex."

"Still sounding like him." Rosa called over her shoulder as she walked into her kitchen.

Following her Amy whined, "Seriously, take it back."

"Ugh, someone needs to step in and stop you two from procreating." Rosa grumbled, taking two beers from her fridge, opening them with the nearby bottle opener and handing one of them to Santiago before taking a swig of her own.

"Ewww gross, that's never going to happen." Amy swore as she took the beer, then after taking a swig she asked, "Why do you say that?"

"Don't know." Rosa shrugged, then when it was obvious that Santiago realise she was lying she took another big swig of her beer and sighed, "I just thought you were like one of those lame will they, won't they couples who are constantly fighting and breaking up with each other, and complaining about the other, and all that crap."

Amy just stared at her co-worker for a few long seconds, then she laughed, "Oh, I get it. You're jealous."

"What?" Rosa growled angrily.

"No, it all makes sense now. You got this weird idea that there was something going on between me and Jake because really, you want me all to yourself, and can't stand anyone else even being near me." Amy grinned in that tone she used when she cracked open a case, proudly taking a victory swig of beer as Rosa stared at her angrily.

After a few long seconds Rosa closed the distance between them and growled, "If I truly wanted you like that Santiago, you would have been mine years ago."

Amy gulped, finished her beer in one long chug, and then after that little confidence boost forced herself to confidently tell the other woman, "I'm yours now."

"Yeah you are!" Rosa agreed with another growl, before she bought a hand up to the annoying girl's face and pulled her into another passionate kiss.

Amy happily kissed back, dropping her empty beer bottle on the nearest flat surface so she could wrap her arms around Rosa's neck and pull her closer to her. Around about the same time Rosa moved her hand down to Amy's waist, although annoyingly she didn't put the bottle in her other hand down. Even more annoyingly she actually stopped the kiss to finish her beer, but Amy was pretty sure that Rosa did that mostly to irritate her, so she tried her best not to react and simply waited for Rosa to refocus on what was important. Best of all it kind of backfired on Rosa, as she finished her beer quick, proving just how eagerly she was to get back to the kissing.

Further proving just how much she wanted her Rosa began sliding her hands all over her body, barely taking any time to tease Amy before beginning to gently caress her boobs and butt in a way which had Amy melting even more into the kiss. So much so that Amy didn't even notice that she was being pushed towards Rosa's bedroom until the deceptively strong woman pulled her upwards and carried her the rest of the way, and even then Amy just wrapped her arms and legs around Rosa's strong body and continued kissing the other brunette. Then all of a sudden they were at their destination, and Rosa was tearing Amy's close off of her body, and her own off of hers, barely giving Amy the chance to help in between kisses. Then things got really, really good.

Rosa struggled not to literally tear their clothes off during this process. It was incredibly hard, but she just about achieved it, and even managed to spend a few long minutes making out with Santiago once she had pushed the other brunette down onto her back and then crawled on top of her so she could press her naked body down on top of hers. But they had made a deal, one which Rosa was eager to see fulfilled, so it wasn't that long before she broke the kiss, and slowly crawled her way upwards until her cunt was hovering over Santiago's face. Rosa then pause to savour the moment, and give Amy a chance to back out, before she began lowering herself downwards.

Which surprisingly made Santiago smirk, and even quip, "I should have known that foreplay wouldn't be your thing."

"Shut up and eat me." Rosa growled, pushing herself down the rest of the way.

Of course Amy was mostly right, but Rosa wouldn't want to admit that. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't do foreplay. In fact if she was in the right mood, the mood to be teased, she rather enjoyed it. But she had already been teased by Amy refusing her in the bathroom, and just by Amy being Amy, which Rosa really, really didn't want to admit, even to herself. Luckily before she could admit that and give Santiago some embarrassing information about her the other woman obeyed her command, instantly sliding her tongue over her cunt the second Rosa pressed it against her lips, causing Rosa to let out an embarrassingly loud cry of pleasure in the process.

Those embarrassing cries continued to slip past her lips as Amy settled into a steady rhythm of sliding her tongue over Rosa's pussy, which was so frustrating that Rosa almost considered getting up and off Amy's face. Almost. But no, the pleasure she was feeling was far too good for that. Besides, when she started grinding her teeth and pressing her lips firmly together at least those cries were somewhat muffled, and from her current position Amy probably didn't hear them. Although just to make sure Rosa pushed herself more firmly down onto that pretty face, which of course encouraged Amy to lick even more enthusiastically, thus making it harder for her to stay quiet and causing the vicious cycle to repeat itself, which frustrated Rosa even more.

For a while Rosa stopped caring, at least for the most part, as she became lost in what she was feeling, but then the urge to cum quickly awoke her from that trance and she was furious to learn that she was now frequently moaning, groaning and crying out in pleasure. Even worse, she was letting out these really high-pitched whimpers and gasps which made Rosa literally want to break something. Maybe even Amy. Except no, because then she wouldn't be receiving this kind of pleasure. Also she didn't really want to hurt Amy. So Rosa simply refocused on keeping as quiet as she could, which wasn't very, and more importantly resist the urge to cum. Or worse, beg for it. Both because cumming too soon would ruin her image, and because she wanted this to last longer.

Amy was almost painfully proud of herself at getting this kind of reaction out of incredibly scary and sexy Rosa Diaz. It wasn't like she thought she couldn't, as she did good with tests, and she treated this just like any other test. She had researched it hard, constantly thought about it, and psyched herself up to do it right. The only difference was she hadn't taken a practice test, as that would have been difficult. And awkward. Because what was she supposed to do, explain to some random women, or worse, Gina, that she needed the practice on the off chance that Rosa would allow her the privilege of pleasing her? Because yeah, that would go down well. Although the unlikely scenario had featured in a few of her fantasies lately, albeit not as much as Rosa.

Detective Rosa Diaz had been starring in Amy's fantasies since they met, but ever since that time in the bullpen Amy had been able to think about little else. And now she finally had the chance to return the favour she used every piece of research she had found, and what she could remember of their first time together, to make her friend feel good. Okay, it might have been a bit easier if Rosa hadn't chosen to sit on her face, but Amy always tried to be prepared for anything, and she definitely considered this possibility and researched it, so she was ready for it as anyone could possibly be in her situation. And the results spoke for themselves.

From the very first long slow lick Amy got results, perhaps a surprising amount considering Rosa wasn't normally that expressive. Oh yes, she got Rosa to moan in pleasure right from the start, and while the other woman was able to keep herself mostly quiet after that Amy could still hear the sound just loudly enough to know she was doing a good job. Then those sounds gradually became more frequent as time went on and Amy started to experiment with what she was doing, which just pushed her even more. After all, those clear sounds of pleasure were great, but Amy wanted to make Rosa cum like her friend had made her cum.

So while initially she ignored the other woman's clit to concentrate on warming her up Amy gradually began to gently caress it with every other stroke of her tongue, gradually increasing the amount until it was on every single lick. Then she started focusing on that clit, and on the entrance to Rosa's pussy, which not only got some extremely positive sounds out of the other Detective but got even more juices flowing pretty much directly into Amy's mouth and down her throat, causing Amy to moan just as happily as Rosa. Because wow, she hadn't been sure she would like the taste of pussy, but wow. God, Amy couldn't get enough. And she couldn't wait to see what Rosa's cum would taste like.

Rosa wanted to cum so bad it was becoming painful, but she just couldn't ruin her image by doing it too soon. She just couldn't. No matter how badly she wanted it. Also if she was honest with herself, she wanted to savour sitting on Amy Santiago's pretty little face. Oh yes, now every time Rosa was forced to work with Santiago all it would take to shut the talkative girl up would be a knowing smile, or some other gesture. Or the right words. Maybe Rosa would even go so far as to whisper into the other girl's ear what a wonderful seat her face made, and maybe even admit how good she was with her mouth and tongue. Which Rosa could later claim was just to mess with her, even if that would be a lie. Otherwise holding back wouldn't be so hard.

Imagining taunting Santiago about this later didn't make it easier on Rosa, but once she began imagining it she just couldn't stop, and it made the whole experience so much better, and yet so much worse. Especially when she imagined upping her game, and teasing Santiago whenever she was passing her in the hall, or even when they were surrounded by their colleagues. Oh fuck yeah, the next time they were in a briefing, or better yet out drinking with the guys, Rosa was definitely going to have to sneak a smirk at Santiago. And a few words whispered into her ear. And if the right moment presented itself, slide a hand over the other woman's thigh, at first just leaving it there, and then slowly pushing it upwards. Oh God, Rosa could just imagine how Amy would blush at that.

Of course it had been hard enough not to push Amy into the bathroom, or back into the bullpen, so she could eat her out before she had actually experienced it. Now there was no way Rosa could resist making Detective Amy Santiago eat her pussy in public, especially if she did half these teasing things to her. And there was no doubt in Rosa's mind that Amy would do it. Sure, there might be a little half-hearted protesting and blushing, but more than ever before Rosa was confident that she could get Amy to do anything for her if she just found the right way to ask. The girl was just the perfect little bottom, and the thought of bossing her around like that was just too much for Rosa to take.

"Fuck me!" Rosa growled, angry with herself for letting those initial words slip out, and then after they had slipped out a few more times she followed up with, "Fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck me Santiago! Mmmmm, if you know what's good for you you'll ooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd yessssssssss, oh fuck! Oh shit! Ohhhhhhhh, God Amy!"

Thankfully it wasn't long before Santiago pushed her tongue inside her. More importantly Rosa didn't cum right away. Things might have been different if Santiago had penetrated her pussy faster and harder, and while part of Rosa was frustrated at that she was equally grateful, not just for saving face but for being able to savour the feeling of the other girl's tongue slowly sliding into her. Santiago then kept it still wants it was completely buried for a few long seconds, then she started pushing it in and out, almost instantly making Rosa cum, and cum wonderfully hard. She then came over and over again, at first thanks to the other Detective, and then Rosa took matters into her own hands.

Amy loved being right. God, she loved it so much. But again, wow. She just had no idea how right she would be about loving Rosa's girl cum. The flavour was just on another level, and she immediately became obsessed with swallowing every drop. Amy unfortunately failed at that, but that was because she wasn't used to this, it was an awkward position, and her tongue had been buried inside of Rosa when the first orgasm had started and she just hadn't been able to remove it in time. But despite all that she got a decent amount, maybe even the majority of it, and there was always next time, which Amy was determined to make happen as soon as possible.

That was why the second she had collected what was left of Rosa's cum and swallowed it Amy shoved her tongue straight back inside Rosa's pussy, this time slamming it inside her with every ounce of her speed and strength in the hopes of making her cum again. Sadly it didn't happen right away, but it happened thanks to Amy continuously thrusting her tongue in and out until she got what she wanted. Then she removed her tongue quickly enough to again get the majority, but still not every drop, and it was the same story for the following climaxes. Which was frustrating, but hopefully Rosa would let her do this over and over again until she got it right. Either tonight, or better yet tonight and in the days, weeks and months to come.

Before Amy could get distracted by thoughts of the future Rosa started roughly grinding down onto her face, making it harder for her to breathe, let alone swallow girl cum. Initially she tried to protest this, but that just made Rosa face fuck her even harder, so ultimately Amy just went limp and just let Rosa have her way with her. Which seemed to become a pattern with them. Although she had yet to swallow more girl cum that way, and even breathe. Most importantly of all she was pleasing Rosa, even if it was remaining still while the other woman literally rubbed her cunt all over her face, which Amy enjoyed more than she could ever have imagined.

Just as she was worried that she would pass out from the lack of oxygen, or end up with an unfortunate bruise, Rosa lifted herself off Amy's face and gave her fellow Detective some much needed time to breathe. Although that lasted for a few seconds before Rosa was on top of her again, this time lying flat, the scary woman briefly staring into her eyes with a hard to read expression before almost literally shoving her tongue down her throat. Amy had never been kissed this roughly before, at least not right from the start of a kiss, and it took her a moment to get used to it, but this was so worth it, because Rosa was such a good kisser, and the idea of the other woman tasting herself on her lips and tongue was so hot. Unfortunately it didn't last nearly as long as Amy would have liked, even if she welcomed Rosa's next words.

"That was fun." Rosa said dryly.

"It was, wasn't it?" Amy said the first part proudly, and the second part questioningly, as she just couldn't stop second-guessing herself.

Which caused Rosa to sigh, "Yeah Amy, it was good."

"Oh." Amy beamed, unsure whether she was happier about the compliment, or the fact that Rosa had used her first name for once.

Realising her mistake Rosa quickly followed up with, "I mean there's definitely room for improvement, but for a first time. Not bad."

"Oh." Amy mumbled, feeling a little deflated.

Rosa rolled her eyes, sighed, and then grinned, "Cheer up Santiago, it's your turn now."

"Really?" Amy grinned.

"Uh-huh." Rosa confirmed with a wicked grin, beginning to get up, "Wait here. I'm going to get a toy."

Rosa had been expecting Amy to complain about that, or at least be a little hesitant, but she almost seemed to be relieved. Which made sense, as no matter how prudish she seemed to be Rosa would have been truly ashamed of her if she hadn't at least got one vibrator at home. However if Santiago thought that this was at least something she was used too she was in for a surprise. The thought made Rosa grin with wicked delight, which became even wider when she pulled out her strap-on. But to Santiago's credit, while she was clearly surprised again she didn't complain, and even looked intrigued as Rosa slowly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist.

"I'm guessing you've sucked cock before, right?" Rosa questioned as she returned to the bed, and then when the other girl gave her a look she smirked, "Well then, get to work."

This time Santiago did open her mouth almost certainly to announce a little hesitance, but all it took was one look from Rosa to stop that in it's tracks. That same look then had the other girl crawling off the bed, Rosa struggling to maintain her cool as Amy Santiago got down on her knees in front of her, cautiously took her cock in hand and then with one final look up at her wrapped her lips around her cock. Fuck, that was hot. And it only got hotter as Amy started to bob her head up and down that dildo, even taking more of it than Rosa thought she would. Then when there was about half of it in her mouth she looked up at Rosa and again Rosa struggled to keep her cool.

If Amy had been able to take the dildo into her throat Rosa would have lost it for sure, but it didn't even seem to occur to her, which Rosa actually kind of liked. One of the things which was so attractive about this whole situation was the idea of corrupting prudish little Amy Santiago and turning her into a slut, and teaching her how to deep throat would be a joy. Also on a very petty note, Rosa liked the idea that she was packing a bigger cock than any guy Amy had been with, and while she had been close to 100% sure that was the case before it she was definitely 100% sure now. Which made the blow job more fun, but not as much as what happened next.

Wanting to be a good friend and thoroughly prepare Santiago for that, and give the other girl her first taste of deep throating, and just to push her, Rosa took a firm hold of the back of Amy's head and pushed downwards. She didn't use a lot of force, so the dildo didn't go very far, but it was far enough to make Amy's eyes go wide, and then narrow and scowl at Rosa as she tried to pull up. For a few long seconds Rosa stopped her, and even considered slamming every inch of her dick down Santiago's throat. Of course she would never be that cruel to an inexperienced stranger, let alone a friend. No matter how hot it would be. So Rosa reluctantly let go of the other brunette's hair, who pulled back and then after a few gasping breaths complained about it.

"Hey, what was that for?" Amy tried to snap angrily, although she was worried her voice sounded whiny.

"Just testing a theory." Rosa shrugged, and then smirked as the other girl continued frowning at her, "That I'm about to fuck you better than you've ever been fucked before."

Amy blushed slightly, and then huskily sing-songed, "Promises, promises."

With another smirk Rosa quipped, "Can you remember me not keeping one?"

"No, but-" Amy admitted.

"Then shut up and spread 'em." Rosa ordered, before clarifying, "I want you on your back, on the bed with your legs spread so you don't forget who's fucking you."

Amy didn't see any possible way she could possibly forget that, or ever forget any occasion she had any type of sex with Rosa Diaz, but she knew pointing that out, or saying anything, would only get her scolded, or worse being kicked out just because Rosa would get some sick satisfaction out of denying her, Amy instead just did as she was told. She wasn't particularly happy with the 'shut up' part, and would never take that from a male lover, but there was just something about Rosa bossing her around which made her melt. Especially as instead of looking silly Rosa Diaz never looked hotter than with a cock dangling from in between her legs. Which was weird, but whatever.

Luckily Amy got distracted from that train of thought because as soon as she was in position in the centre of the bed Rosa was slowly crawling on top of her and pushing a finger back inside her needy pussy. Which was kind of surprising, but Amy was big on preparation, and at this point she just wanted something. Anything. And this was Rosa, far more than a dildo. Plus it was soon followed by another, which only gave her more satisfaction, especially as Rosa seemed to be studying her face the entire time. Then of course just as Amy was really getting into it Rosa pull those fingers out and instead of replacing them with her strap-on right away rubbed the head of it up and down her pussy lips in a way which had her whimpering pathetically.

Just in case Rosa wanted her to beg Amy obliged without needing to be asked, "Please Rosa, fuck me! Please, ah fuck! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, oh Rosa!"

Before Amy could even really get started Rosa pushed the dildo into her needy fuck hole, causing her to cry out joyfully. Despite the fact it was only the first few inches Rosa gave her a few long seconds to relax before pushing forwards. Which actually turned out to be a good thing, because of course Rosa had picked a dick which was even bigger than it looked, something Amy thought she had learned when trying to stuff it into her mouth, but wow. It stretched her pussy just a little bit more wider and deeper than any other cock before it. Especially deeper. Although she tried not to make that clear to Rosa, who would never let her forget it. Still, it was a little overwhelming, and Amy was grateful for the initial pause and Rosa pushing the rest in slowly.

She was also grateful for the few seconds pause once Rosa's dick was completely inside her again because it gave her a chance to relax, but also because it just allowed her to savour the moment, and just concentrate on the woman staring intensely at her. For a few long seconds Amy thought Rosa was going to kiss her. She even considered leaning up to initiate it herself. Sadly before she could Rosa slowly pulled out a few inches of her cock, the sensation causing Amy to cry out again. Then of course she pushed those inches back in and repeated the process, giving Amy such wonderful pleasure she didn't care if she was being kissed or not. Although she would welcome those lips if they would only come down to her.

Rosa did eventually lean her lips down to Amy's, but when she did the kiss was rough and passionate, just the way she liked it. Wanted it. And maybe even needed it. Kissing this girl any other way would give the impression this was more than a casual hook up, which could have disastrous consequences. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny part of Rosa wouldn't have exactly hated that, but the timing would have definitely been all wrong. And yet, for a moment there this girl, who she reminded herself she had only hooked up with once before, and outside of that was a platonic co-worker, seemed she would have like to rush into some kind of relationship with her, which would have just been all kinds of dumb.

The rough kiss, which thankfully Amy didn't hesitate to return, was meant to distract Rosa from the stupid feelings and savour the moment. The moment in which they were having their naked bodies pressing against each other while one was thrusting into the other. Sometimes in more ways than one, as after initially shoving her tongue into Amy's mouth Rosa started pushing it in and out in time with the thrust of her hips, causing the other Detective to chuckle and gently suck on her tongue whenever it was in her mouth. Which made it hard for Rosa to maintain her steady pace instead of going all out, but she just about managed it.

She had too. She wasn't about to give Amy Santiago a hard fucking and make her cum on her cock. Not without Amy begging for it first. Oh yes, Amy Santiago begging to be fucked hard and deep so she could have the privilege of cumming all over Rosa's big cock was literally the stuff of Rosa's wet dreams. Both the kind that she had at night without her consent, and those that crept into her mind during the day when Amy was looking fuck-able, which was always. Although even then it wasn't her fault she was fantasising about Amy. It was Amy's. Or at least that was the excuse Rosa liked to tell herself, even if it did sound like bull-shit a sexual predator would come up with.

The point was Amy had to be the one to break first, and to ensure that would happen Rosa reluctantly broke the kiss and moved her attention to Amy's neck, licking, kissing, sucking and even biting the soft flesh she found there. Anything to make sure Amy was marked as hers. Or just that prim and proper Amy Santiago got laid for once. Anyway, as it didn't prove enough to get Rosa what she wanted she carefully moved her hands from either side of Amy to cupping her friend's tits. Playing with them wasn't easy while she was still fucking the other girl with her strap-on, but luckily Rosa Diaz was awesome, and did this kind of thing without breaking a sweat.

Amy was sweating, she was sweating a lot. She was sweating, panting and gasping in exertion, but most of all, she was moaning, groaning and whimpering in pleasure. And need. Oh God, Amy needed to cum so bad it was practically becoming painful, and yet she just couldn't beg for more as it would mean bringing an end to the heaven that was Rosa Diaz fucking her with a strap-on dildo. Luckily, she had a plan to extend that paradise, at least for a little while. Even if it would make her way more sweaty than she already was, although she seriously doubted that Rosa would mind giving what they were doing, and the way the other woman was looking at her. Especially as Amy wasn't going to ask, she was just going to do it.

Sure enough Rosa looked flat out impressed when Amy rolled them over so she was on top, and then before the more dominant woman could flip them back started riding her. Riding her big cock. Fuck, Amy was riding Rosa's big strap-on cock, and the mental stimulation was fucking mind-blowing. Combined with the physical pleasure it was a miracle Amy prevented herself from increasing the pace for as long as she did, which wasn't long, maybe only a few minutes. Although she only got a few minutes of that increased speed before Rosa cruelly grabbed onto her hips, forcing Amy down onto her lap and then making her stay there.

"Rosa please..." Amy whimpered.

"Tell me what you want." Rosa growled, and then when Amy hesitated she pushed, "Say it!"

"I... I, I wanna cum." Amy admitted softly.

"You what?" Rosa pushed.

"I wanna cum." Amy repeated more firmly.

"Look me in the eyes and say it." Rosa snapped.

"I wanna fucking cum!" Amy finally snapped, boldly looking Rosa in the eye. Then she continued to do so as she added, while only occasionally blushing, "I wanna cum on your cock! I want to ride your big hard cock until I cum all over it. Then I want you to fuck me so hard I can't walk properly tomorrow. Please... Rosa, let me cum. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Make me cum, ooooooooooh Goooooooddddddddd! Mmmmmm, yes, or let's do it together, that's good too. Great actually. Oh God, or just let me do it. Oh please, please Rosa, let me fucking cum! I need to cum! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I need to cum, I need-"

"Shut up and cum!" Rosa growled.

That was one order Amy was very, very happy to obey. Of course she'd always been good at following orders from her superiors, and Rosa seemed so superior to her right now. Even on her back she still seemed so much more in control than Amy ever had been, and in the middle of begging for what she so desperately needed Amy had started whimpering and crying out as Rosa began pushing her up and down with an effortless strength which was almost scary. Then when she gave her final command Rosa started thrusting up into her, instantly triggering the most powerful climax of Amy's life. Or at least as good as last time Rosa had fucked her.

Just like last time that powerful climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Amy's poor little mind melted away and she was nothing but a happy little fuck toy which Rosa seemed content with getting every little bit of enjoyment out of. Which was more than fine with Amy. In fact, she liked the idea of being Rosa's fuck toy. Oh God, she'd never thought of herself that way for anyone else, and almost certainly never would, ever, but imagining herself that way for Rosa made Amy cum even harder. In fact, just the thought of that title becoming official, along with a lot of others which made her blush to even think of, was enough for Amy to lose the ability to think coherently.

Rosa had been pretty set on wanting to fuck Amy missionary. At least for the first time they did this. After all, it was probably what Amy was used to with the losers she dated, and Rosa wanted to fuck her better than any of them. The sudden switch in positions had honestly been quite a nice surprise, but she couldn't allow Amy to think she had the upper hand, at least not for too long, so inevitably she had taken back full control over the situation. Then, just because she was really having fun, Rosa kept her in that position for a long time, at first bouncing Amy up and down by hand, then just lying back and folding her arms behind her head as she watched the other girl do it herself.

Of course while that made for a few extra glorious minutes Rosa was itching to return to fucking Amy more directly the entire time, especially as it became harder and harder to hold back her own climax. Too hard, as it turns out, the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, the sheer mental high of fucking another girl with a strap-on, and watching that girl ride her just too much for even Rosa Diaz. If she was honest with herself, it was the fact that it was Amy Santiago riding her strap-on cock and covering it with her cum which really prevented Rosa from being able to hold back, but this wasn't the time for honesty. Hell, this wasn't the time for thinking at all.

No, this was the time for hard strap-on fucking, and Rosa was so done with letting Amy... Detective Santiago ruin it with her lameness and prudishness. So Rosa reached up, grabbed a tight hold of the annoying woman so she could hold her in place long enough to flip them back over so Rosa was in her rightful place, on top. As she always should be. Then Rosa started to pound into that sweet little pussy and considering the amount of time she had to rest that was one hell of a pounding. It had to be, as the flood gates were open, and Rosa could no longer stop herself from cumming. Which had nothing to do with anything feeling she might have, and everything to do with biology.

Which didn't explain why Rosa growled things like, "Cum for me Amy! Cum! Yes, just like that. Good girl."

Luckily Santiago was too busy cumming like the submissive little bitch she was to notice. It was pathetic really. Rosa even felt sorry for her. Hell, she'd probably thought this meant something. Like it could ever mean something. It didn't. No, this was strictly a friends with benefits deal. That's why Rosa pounded Santiago like she was nothing but a little fuck toy. Like her friend, no, work colleague, was nothing to her but a hole to fuck. A tight, perfect little hole, which got Rosa off oh so wonderfully. So much so she actually found herself using every ounce of her strength to fuck the other woman and then collapse down upon her. Which again, didn't mean anything. Just like the fact that she let Santiago snuggle up to her afterwards.

"So..." Amy said after she had been lying with her head on Rosa's chest for a few long minutes, "Can we do this again?"

"Sure, whatever." Rosa shrugged noncommittally.


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